November the 10th, 2020


Dear readers!

 We would like to briefly inform you that the current difficult events that are happening all over the world, as well as our own everyday experiences, have led to our decision that it is an appropriate time to publish the article “Introductory Broadcast, which we have been holding ready for some time for the purpose of radio broadcasting.
Although the soil” is still not entirely suitable for starting the radio broadcasting, we are sure that the help that is in its content is already due at this time, as indicated in the following sentence that appears right at its beginning:

“And suffering has visited us and prepared our souls!”

The Introductory broadcast will be published in the following article both in text version and also in the audiovisual form, thus enriched with relevant pictures that will help to supplement the important content of the broadcast.
So, for us, this is the FIRST STEP of help that we can afford for the time being for the benefit of seekers - especially those who are unaware of the necessary connections.
This help is surely not a salvation from a pandemic, but a spiritual salvation from what will follow next.
Nothing more can be added at this moment because the time has not yet matured for the subsequent steps, but for now everyone must prepare according to his own intuitive perception.

Radio Rescue team

November the 16th, 2020



“Well, nothing is happening”, is the answer that most people say to themselves.
However, those are the type of people who live completely detached from the useful life and live only at the expense of others. Such a situation is very well described by a proverb from the Slovak region called Zahorie. A member of the Radio rescue team heard it from an older and experienced person, and the proverb says:

Regardless of whether it is a lord or a beggar, everyone lives on what a farmer produces!

Yet today, as always, the most important part of our life process, that farmer, is the one who literally lives from hand to mouth and those who live at his expense, act as if they are the lords. No wonder that such "lords" are ignorant of the diseases like African swine fever, the bee plague, bird flu, poultry ticks, many plant pests or the fact that our beautiful forests become cemeteries due to harmful insects and ourselves, and those “lords” are ignorant of Covid-19 as well. What we have been saying already for some time is now confirmed and has come back to us. We wonder whether we would now behave in the same way when facing today's problems, as we have behaved before and still treat our forests. Are we going to be as indifferent to human destiny as we have been, and still are, to the fate of our forests? Are we going to let human corpses lay on the streets, the way we leave those trees to lay in our forests? Would such an approach be the best way to prevent the spread of the COVID-19?
An open-minded person, not detached from ordinary life, however, asks frequently to himself questions such as those from the title, but does not find a satisfactory answer. And for such people come again our help, as it has always been here on our webpage, yet still remains unnoticed. Now it comes in a comprehensive form, that is, one that reveals the true cause of all our current and countless problems. We think the time has come for this delicate step!

So far only for this our first step!
He who has the necessary courage, but also the sensitivity of the spirit, 
let him hear the important answer!
Or he may read it!

The Introductory broadcast in the written version can be downloaded hereTHE INTRODUCTORY BROADCAST

The Introductory broadcast in the audio form, supplemented with the photographs and pictures can be seen in the video below:

July the 5th, 2021



* Dear readers,

We will publish the "Third Step" additionally, as the situation regarding the translation of articles as well as current events led us to choose such an order of the publication of new articles.