It is necessary to state that the broadcast will be in frequency 7.3 MHz, i.e. in Short Wave (SW) range. Time of broadcast in other languages other than Slovak will be confirmed later. It will surely be published as soon as we know the right time.
The radio-receivers we use today are often not able to receive broadcast in this frequency. We therefore give below a sample of some radio-receivers, which are able to receive in this frequency.

Eton FR160 Microlink ordering this radio receiver, it is necessary to mention the required frequency that means, you have to state that you would like to have a radio which is able to receive radio waves in frequency: 5.8 – 7.7 MHz!); if unavailable, you can also use:
Kaito KA 500
Roadstar TRA-2988
Trevi 741
Orava T-120
  TESCO world band radio   (This radio receiver should be available in every Tesco store, depending on stock availability of the particular store.)

Naturally, there are many other radios, which are able to receive radio waves in this frequency. But it is necessary for the radios to be independent from power produced by electric power stations, i.e. has an inbuilt facility for batteries, or has inbuilt mini solar panels as the source of energy.
We also would like to focus our attention to reception during the broadcasting too, that means to ANTENNA. We offer a simple schema below that explains what you need to do in order to achieve better reception from the radio.

Expressed in words: For better reception it is useful to stretch approximately 10 meters of wire (e.g. copper cable without insulation), in a manner that the cable does not touch something electrically conductive (for example tree, wall...). The cable should also be curved near the middle. It is also necessary to connect the cable to antenna of radio-receiver and the reception will become better and clearer.