December the 27th, 2016



For all those who consider themselves to be believers, but also for readers of the Grail Message who are refusing Eternal Laws and the author of this book, even for those who are not thinking about relevant connections between all the promises and events that mankind has experienced hitherto, we now try to submit some evidence of one of those who has received evidence through his personal experience. The beginning is almost always similar with every individual - it starts inconspicuously with the first experience or an impulse, which subsequently leads to a journey of seeking in the desire for uncovering the Truth.
Yet, even here one rule exists, which is confirmed by experience: Result of such seeking is in direct proportion to the purity of the endeavor, but particularly to the willingness of the other party (that is a subject of exploration and seeking)!

All my evidence clearly proves it. When I purposely tried to get evidence, I failed. On the contrary, I got some when I was not expecting to get any. Besides, some of them I discovered only after some time, as if by accident, or other person when going through my records discovered some of them.
For example, I spent many nights watching the Moon, hoping that I would find undeniable proof of activity on our closest celestial object. Even though I discovered many interesting things while watching the Moon, I didn't succeed to record what I desired the most. However, I was never satisfied only with what I heard from others, but I had to experience it on my own. Now let the readers themselves assess whether I managed to get enough convincing evidence, and not necessarily for myself. And if it is not enough, everyone can still try to get evidence on his own, same as I did!

 Now, let those who do not have experience in this field try to convince me
that there are no extraterrestrial activities!
At the same time, let them try to explain the reasons behind such extraterrestrial activities!
For as much as everyone who recognized the Truth must be able to incorporate all his experience, as well as experience of others, into events in Creation and in compliance with its laws.
Finally, all those who proudly recognize themselves as those who know the Truth, how can these be able to incorporate my and others’ experience (in UFO and extraterrestrials) into events in Creation that are in compliance with all Promises that also originate from the Truth Itself?

 Now, already having certain experience, I can say that our strong thought or desire, is “recorded” indeed very far from its source (i.e. from an individual as the originator) so that those we want to see, they are aware of our thoughts/desires and they set up the situation for themselves, according to their volition and not ours. Then there is also the second condition for success during the observation: It is useless to expect success in observing the Moon when conditions for the observation are favorable, because in such time they restrict their activities in order to avoid attention from our side. Both my successfully obtained evidence of extraterrestrial activity within the moon's vicinity I recorded when I didn't expect it; first time still during sunlight when I was setting up my observation device, second time when the moon was very low over the horizon and I just wanted to record its shining through the tree-top.
Yet, there is a big difference between what they (extraterrestrials) allow you to record and what they allow you to experience!
If I were allowed to record everything I experienced in my life, it would cause dizziness and headache to all believers, even those seeking the Truth but at the same time rejecting extraterrestrial activities, or the opposite could happen and they could eventually change their negative opinion.
Below you can find the particular evidence with appropriate comment.

(The 1st video)

Apart from the presented evidence, the first video also serves as an example how I was able to watch moon's surface for hours, using the 160x magnification on my device. During those observations I felt like I was on moon's orbit. It was even better because using the telescope I was able to refocus my attention everywhere on the visible part of moon. That is something, which is not quite possible on the orbit. But it is also evidence of how the findings of science are forwarded to public! I regretted only that I was unable to watch the far side of the moon because there I would find even more valuable information. Reciprocally, observation of the far side is advantage of orbital flights, but only for those who are there.
This video gives also evidence of something that the powerful on this world do not want to disclose. On the left, lit by the Sun, only the right half and the left half in the shade, is Mare Imbrium (a.k.a. Sea of Showers); on the right is Mare Serenitatis (a.k.a. Sea of Serenity). On the surface of Mare Imbrium there are three craters: the biggest one is Archimedes, above it and towards right are other two - a smaller one called Autollycus, and the bigger one called Aristillus. Exactly in their axis and downwards is Montes Apenninus (a.k.a Apennine Mountains). And on the upper right side of the mountain there is an interesting object. And exactly there, where in my video the object casts its shadow, is an area that was chosen as the landing site of NASA's Apollo 15!I even have in one textbook a picture from the orbit during landing of Apollo 15. On the picture are those two smaller craters but the interesting object is out of the frame and I haven't found it anywhere else but in my video; other times I only found adjusted or modified pictures with the area where the object is situated on my video. Why is that? Well, because right there stands and raises to a great height exactly that interesting object. I have more videos like the one below, because as I wrote above, I spent hours "floating" on the moon's orbit with my telescope. I watched and explored the object also when it was lit by Sun from another directions, and even from a different position and angle of the moon. Now it is up to you to come with your own conclusion whether my sessions behind the telescope were worth the time and effort. My intention was to see what the powerful of this world do not want to show us!
It is necessary to add something, which I do not want to be taken as praise, but as a fact that this information does not come from a conspiracy theorist or any "babbler". All information provided comes from someone who experienced on his own everything he writes and speaks about, and kept it to himself for a long time because to the public all is still unbelievable. Moreover, if I had published everything I experienced, I would be included among the insane and taken into a mental institution where I certainly do not belong. On the contrary, I dare to say that majority of today’s population belongs there. But now comes the time of Truth, even the opposition has begun to manifest itself and lures onto wrong path and unveils what it has tried to hide hitherto. That is the reason behind my decision to publish my findings.

Videos that are contained within this article were uploaded firstly on YouTube. However during the uploading and conversion process from the side of YouTube there was some distortion and loss of quality. Therefore, we recommend that those who are interested can download videos in their original size and quality. There is a download link under each embedded YouTube video.

Video is available for download HERE

Below you can find highlighted images of objects that can be seen on the video:

Note the highlighted object, having the shape of pillar with abnormal height.  However, it should be noted that the moon has a lower gravitation than Earth; therefore pillar of such height is possible on moon. The fact, that it is a tall and slender structure, is evident from the shadow that casts.


The upper highlighted object is certainly not natural, because one can see two right-angled sides together with two completely horizontal.
The lower highlighted object is the same as from the previous picture.

There is already a lot of proof on the Internet, which support these objects. Surely, there are also fake ones and photomontages among them. But at the same time, there are also genuine ones, as well as it is evidenced in these images and videos from the moon. We guarantee the authenticity of those that are published in this article and we could also provide others like these.
There is no doubt about activities on the moon, even constructions on far side of the moon also proves it. However these constructions differ significantly from those on the side that we see. Thus, constructions on the visible side are more adapted to look like natural objects. There is even evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial objects on earth and even in the ocean! And even that there are so many different races of extraterrestrial beings here on Earth, and this is also in line with predictions and promises of the final events, because our world is enrolled as the last one, which will undergo the act of purification. Many dark entities are now hiding on Earth and in its surroundings. Our governments know about it but are silent when it comes to this topic.

The 2nd video)

Video is available for download HERE

Watch carefully the video at 00:22 (here you can see the departure of the object) and also between 00:41 – 00:42 (there you can see quick arrival).

(The 3rdvideo)

Video is available for download HERE

The flying object is a small moving white dot at time between 00:01 to 00:11 from the bottom third of moon towards top left of the video (it flies outside moon on its northwest side that is in shadow). This video was recorded approximately five years ago, i.e. in time when there was no human mission on moon. Although the age of the record cannot be proven, one fact is for sure - such large object is surely not a work of earthlings.

(The 4thvideo)

Video is available for download HERE

You can hear Slovak audio commentary in the video, describing where to look for the unknown interesting object. Below, you can find a shortened version of the audio commentary in English:
At time between 00:56 to 00:59 you will be able to see on the surface of the lake, which reflects the sky, an interesting phenomenon. During the bright day and in the afternoon at 1:27pm, in the sky and for a short period of time, white clouds go apart from each other and between them you will be able to catch a glimpse of the star, in the upper third of the video image.

(The 5thvideo)

Video is available for download HERE

At time 00:42 note the light flat object that appears briefly below the skydiver.

(The 6thvideo)

Video is available HERE

In this video it is not difficult to find the light shining flying object. For those who do not see it, here is a little hint: At time 00:39 look at the sky in the top of video.

If we want to capture the flyover in separate images, it looks like this:

Quote from Eternal Laws, part II:

“Q: Have you also later seen the star, which showed you the cross before fulfillment of your mission in order to remind you of your role?

A: Yes, I have, but only now, recently. One night I suddenly woke up and, through partially revealed curtain, I saw intensely brilliant star in the window. I immediately knew that this was the Star of the Son of Man, and I quickly leaped to the window with joy that I saw it again. However, in that moment it quenched brightness and flew away. I only managed to notice when it rose up over our housing that its contours shone like a giant golden bell or hat*. I saw it quite vividly.”

* note the shape of thy flying object in the 6th video.

 Isn't the 6th video a perfect proof of the truthfulness of the words of the author of Eternal Laws?

According to our opinion, the shape of the flying object in the 6th video is not random. Also the place of its occurrence is not random: it is the place where Abdrushin wrote the Grail Message, and it is also the location of the pyramid with his mortal remains.
We think the shape is also related with Space connection (by G. Adamski). Below you can find one quote from this work:
“We show our faces to nobody, without a preparation, even to our elect people, our own people, who live with a mission on Earth.”

Their discovery was therefore for a purpose, and at the same time a help for us! Help for those who reject the book Eternal Laws because of the author's arguments and explanations of extraterrestrial life. It's also a reference to Space Connection and related coming of the Son of Man in the clouds. It is also a help for members of the Grail Movement who feel to be followers of Abdrushin, yet they reject His other Messages just for the fact that in these Messages are explanations on what flies over our heads and what they do not believe in. And it's also a beautiful proof for all people that can become the right impulse to start asking the important questions and seek answers to them.

Picture of UFO in TATRA Mountains

In these observations and also in observations by others, it is possible to note that there are two main types of these objects. Also there are two main types of those who drive these flying objects. There are the light–“good” ones, and then there are the dark –“bad” ones.
The good extraterrestrials are those who are already aware of uniform Laws of the universe - God's Laws. Since they know that the main reason of people's lives in the gross matter is the development of their essence - the spirit, then all their effort is directed not only towards the gross matter but also towards the recognition of God and therefore towards the spiritual. Their flying objects are therefore less tangible (or of less material essence), on the contrary they radiate like stars. Various observations around the world show that often they have the shape of a “bell” or technically this is called “diamond shape”.

Flying objects that belong to bad ones are mostly of dark, denser essence, as well as their effort and education is directed towards the matter and is not in balance with the spiritual education.

 Quote from the Grail Message, Answers to Questions (Question no. 80):
It is man’s most sacred duty to move forward in the recognition of God, as well as in his spiritual development. Any hindrance in this, and any shackling to what exists, is standstill, which brings about retrogression. Scientific investigation and discovery through the intellect always advances steadily; if spiritual investigation does not keep pace with it, it must in time be shaken violently and begin to waver, because the balance necessary for harmony between these two different kinds, which are meant to go hand in hand, is lacking. The end will then be the inevitable collapse, because intellectual science lacks the necessary living spiritual support; for mysticism cannot give this to intellectual knowledge.

December the 31st, 2016



It is now necessary to supplement the evidence of extraterrestrial activities on Earth and its vicinity, which we provided in previous article (titled ‘UFO over Slovakia’), with important facts that are still unknown to many people due to their indifference. Moreover, this article should also be inspirational to those who consider themselves as spiritually advanced. For the latter group, i.e. those who already know the Grail Message, it's necessary to note the following fact:

The Grail Message was written in first third of the past century. Since then, the scientific and technological progress, i.e. scientifically rational knowledge of mankind advanced so rapidly that our today's world could have seemed strange and incredible for contemporaries of the author of the Grail Message. Now, let today's readers of the Grail Message ask their own conscience and let them try to find an excuse for their actions, according to our recent advice, but mainly according to the original advice provided by the author of the Grail Message, which follows below:

Quote from the Grail Message, Answers to Questions (Question no. 80):
It is man’s most sacred duty to move forward in the recognition of God, as well as in his spiritual development. Any hindrance in this, and any shackling to what exists, is standstill, which brings about retrogression. Scientific investigation and discovery through the intellect always advances steadily; if spiritual investigation does not keep pace with it, it must in time be shaken violently and begin to waver, because the balance necessary for harmony between these two different kinds, which are meant to go hand in hand, is lacking. The end will then be the inevitable collapse, because intellectual science lacks the necessary living spiritual support; for mysticism cannot give this to intellectual knowledge.

Our time is characterized by rapid leaps forward on the scientific - intellectual field; therefore, new Messages had to arise.
Vatican astronomers have publicly declared the following: “Even extraterrestrials are part of God's creation!
Yet, readers of the Grail Message, who were advised about the whole creation exactly in that book already in the past century and nowadays proudly proclaim that they are followers of the new WORD OF TRUTH, now reject any extraterrestrial activity, even the most important one, which is The Coming of the Son of Man in the clouds! In other words, they reject the Lord of the vineyard, i.e. exactly the one whom Jesus Himself promised that He would come in the clouds together with His heavenly army. And exactly He is the only one who is Lord of creation and owner of everything. And powerful ones in the world now steal “everything” from the Lord.
The ones who were supposed to announce His arrival became adversaries and got stuck spiritually and refuse all new Promises! After all, various churches already got ahead of them, even if their “advancement” was in opposite direction. They already know what is ahead of us. Therefore, they also know that they are standing on the opposite side, like some extraterrestrials - those bad ones. All these are interconnected through one aim only - lust for power and easily obtained means of living! And those who were supposed to proclaim the coming of the true Lord and sole ruler together with His heavenly army, they are now silent, they refuse this help, and even condemn those with this knowledge! Then, to whose benefit do they now act with such attitude? Which side are they now and to which side will they lean, once the promised events occur?
It's unbelievable, yet it's real and many act in a way as if they did not know the Word of Truth at all, because they got asleep and missed a recent help and guidance about the upcoming events. Moreover, they overlooked the most important warning (for their own salvation) from the Word of Truth; the Word they allegedly acknowledge.


If you knew how long a grief could push you down for the acts you committed in callosity and even in judgmental arrogance, then you would probably be more prudent. I wish you could see how bitter is the regret of those who condemned the person, who is in kindness of Light and is in service of the Lord without being aware of what such person really is from “inside”. If you were in constant alert and full of selfless love, then you would recognize a misery of those remorseful ones who do not see any remedy to what they caused. Precisely the same for those who in turn have to see how their wrong opinion bears still a bad fruit of condemnation and insensitivity. Never again should you yourselves dare to judge without true knowledge! And to know everything - that is something you will never be able to achieve. Every time you judge another, you judge yourself. It will strike you back because you were not appointed to judge your neighbors.
Watch out! What you can expect must be terrible. When you attack the servant of the LORD, it is the same as if you would attack the Lord HIMSELF! Have you clarified this in your mind? And those who are truly in the service of the Lord, who are truly obedient only to His Will, you cannot see. They are often precisely those inner, silent ones, those who do not stand in foreground but have reached a high degree of inner devotion to the LORD. They are prepared to undergo every sacrifice, learn humility, which makes them able to fulfill their service. Those who fulfill their task only ostensibly but in fact they are not in the service of the Lord at all must step aside! He will uplift the most capable and use their gifts regardless of their previous position among you. Refrain yourselves from any judgment! It is not for you. And if you uttered a false judgment before, seek redress now, while you are still on Earth! It is much easier here than in the other world (afterlife). You can save a lot in doing so! So, act in accordance with it!”

We have already advised repeatedly on our webpage that all critics of Eternal Laws, and mainly its author, should have remained rather silent, and thus ignore the event that they do not understand, rather than becoming critics and even opponents according to above quoted Warning! Unfortunately, many of them forget this really serious warning of the Lord!
Those of us who didn't condemn this person (i.e. author of Eternal Laws, who is in Light's good grace) yet could still cause a disappointment in the past in a similar way, for which we now suffer and bitterly regret our past deeds. Now we want to spare others of such suffering. Moreover, we want to prepare them for the most important event that awaits us, which also includes the heavenly army with whom some of us have come into contact before. Today, the public is already being prepared secretly for the event that is closely ahead of us. Unfortunately, today's rulers and servants of darkness are presented as saviors of mankind and true rescue help is defined as invasion. Therefore, decisive is the point of view:
From the point of view of unjust and powerful ones who still serve the wrong ruler, the event will truly be an invasion. On contrary, for the just and weak ones, it will be the desired and promised help and RESCUE, and at last, the beginning of formation of a fair society (as presented in all genuine Promises), which should have been here already for a long time. As for the genuine Promises, we have been trying to point the attention of everyone towards them already for some time. Fair ones have long been experiencing an invasion, and even oppression of the powerful and those who lust for power (on the side of earthlings as well as extraterrestrials), therefore a settlement and reformation must happen. Greedy rulers and their lust for power is the reason behind all conflicts in the world. And you fair ones; try to think about how you are satisfied with the current rulers? Are their deeds in compliance with advices contained in all spiritual books and promises? Just follow the daily news and events. The conclusion is obvious - no election can change the course, not a single church can save you! Rescue lies only in each one of us - by accepting the true Messages of Truth!

Quotes from the Space Connection:
- “The name of the message - “Space Connection” means that, in due course, there will be connected Earth by Space rescue operation, with higher worlds of matter.
- The appearance of superhuman aid in crisis is expected around the world differently, although it is the same aspect, according to the Bible “the second coming of Christ”, or “appearanceof the Son of Man in the clouds”.
- According to the Bible I will come in the clouds with the heavenly army.
- I promise you that each spaceship will be within one tenth of a millimeter exactlythere, where is supposed to be before we start our rescue operation.”

Some of us, who want to be helpful during this event, we named our project Radio RESCUE. We realized that every Emissary of Light had his own clearly defined assignment and field of activity at many levels of God's creation, according to gradual maturity of human spirits. We also realized that the person of the Holy Spirit - Imanuel - Son of Man was active in bringing all genuine Messages. His activities were direct (in His two incarnations) and also indirect, through other beings. Activities of these beings were also direct, i.e. through their incarnation among earthlings. Here they served as intermediaries under His administration, although sometimes they were only part of the long chain of beings, hierarchically ranked from top to bottom, i.e. by their origin from higher levels of creation towards the lower ones. In this way we have recently received the ‘Space connection’ and the Eternal Laws!
Our generation is now in an easier position. Thanks to availability of the true Message of Light, i.e. the Grail Message, which we have received directly through the incarnation of Son of Man on Earth, we can evaluate also the authenticity of indirect Messages that we received only through other emissaries of Light. They all were important measures, and at the same time they also served as our preparation for the decisive act (promised in all older Messages) of THE COMING IN THE CLOUDS, i.e. The Last Judgment that awaits us, and indeed is very close.

Now follows the quote from the Grail Message:
“The original beauty, purity and health that always result from a swinging in the Primordial Laws of Creation were gradually distorted and perverted through the wrong volition of this humanity. Instead of a healthy maturing towards perfection, nothing but caricatures could still form in the unceasing process of development!
Just picture to yourselves a potter sitting at his wheel, before him the clay, pliable enough to be molded to any shape. The wheel, however, is not turned by the potter himself but by a driving-belt, which in turn is kept in motion by the power of an engine.
By a pressure of his fingers the clay is now shaped in continual rotation, carried out by the wheel on which the clay was placed. Now as the finger presses so the shape develops, beautiful, plain or ugly.
The spirit of man also works in the same way in this world, in Subsequent Creation. Through his volition he exercises leadership, thus as spirit he exerts pressure upon certain animistic substance, which shapes both ethereal and gross matter. For a spirit, animistic substance is the finger that exercises the pressure according to the spirit’s volition. The clay is ethereal and gross matter; but the movement, which is independent of the human spirit, comprises the automatic movements of the Primordial Laws of Creation, which like currents ceaselessly drive towards the development of everything man forms in his volition.

The above quote should serve as evidence and an example for comparison of parables, which the Son of Man was able to use in a time during which He was among us. The following quote is from the Eternal Laws, i.e. the Word that was written after the Grail Message, i.e. this Word dates during our time. Therefore, in order to explain how eternally valid God's Laws work, a newer metaphor, more suitable to our time, is used therein. These two examples - parables (the one above, and the one that follows) clarify in the most perfect way the difference, which has arisen due to the rapid scientific - intellectual progress since the time when the Grail Message has been written. By comparing these two parables, everyone must admit that the parable used in Eternal Laws fits better for man of today. However, frankly speaking, there are still many people even today who reject all that is new, thus even a computer. These are, actually, like above-mentioned ones who are being stranded spiritually.

The purpose of the Grail Message is not to return us back in time when this Message was brought to humanity, but quite to the contrary - its purpose has been, and still is, to teach us how to properly adapt to all that is new, every invention the human brain is about to invent, thus to every progress of humanity!

Quote from the Eternal Laws:
“Practical life gives us many examples of the connection of the principal power to matter. One example is the computer. This object does not work without being activated, as the matter has no life. In order to activate it, it needs energy. We have to connect it to electricity. That is not sufficient for it to work and express its intelligent abilities. It needs a software program that will direct its usage according to certain rules. Who created the software? – a certain intelligence, i.e. author of the software. The interrelationship works as follows:
             Computer - electricity - software - author of software.

Let us compare the computer chain with the whole of Creation. The computer box, as the most material part, can be compared to the Universe. The electricity which activates the computer can be compared to the Animistic Realm, as it drives and animates the Universe.The Universe is also controlled by software - the Eternal Laws. It has its creator as well – the author who is the highest Source that created these laws and applies them. The interconnection can be expressed like this:
             Universe - Animistic Realm - Eternal Laws - Creator.

The whole of electronics and technology, all instruments and machines, work on these four basic levels. We now see that although materialists do not know and do not acknowledge an intelligent Source or Eternal Laws, they are still subjected to them and the Creator.

“Computer - electricity - software - author
  Universe  - Animistic Realm - Eternal Laws - Creator
  Human body - soul - spirit - Creator”

And the following quote from the Grail Message is important for either all who reject the new coming of the Son of Man, or, for those who expect His coming but reject a fact that the coming will be in the material body:
Thus God’s Will Itself will be sent in flesh and blood which all of mankind’s volition cannot effectively oppose and which, through the very fact of Its being, will remain sole ruler and leader in Creation, because according to the Primordial Laws of Creation, everything must adjust to It, because everything originated from It, and is and remains dependent on It.
Therefore, the Will of God Itself is present among earthmen during the Judgment. He automatically releases the Judgment for a quick resolution and will also personally lead the new up-building the way it should be for the benefit of all creatures, of the entire Creation, so that mankind may learn from this through experiencing it!
Thus the Millennium will become a school for mankind, in which they must learn how they have to stand in this Subsequent Creation, how to think and to act in order to fulfill their appointed task correctly, and thereby to achieve happiness themselves!”

“As King Imanuel in the universe, as Parsifal for the Primordially Created ones and in the spiritual realm, and finally, as the Son of Man for the world of gross matter on this planet Earth: three in one, working simultaneously, a Divine mystery. It is a process which is incomprehensible to developed human spirits, in which the primordially created ones, however, already have a part; for they, too, are able to work here on Earth while, at the same time fulfilling their service in the Grail Castle on high.”

“And the Light will proclaim it in a short time and people who do not believe, will be scared!
And the promise of the prophet will fulfill. Promise about me coming in the clouds. And they will see my name and they will recognize me!
And I will build for you the temple of your GOD and the LORD here on Earth. And I will be your King, connecting you forever with the power of the Spirit if you are able to bear in yourselves the will to rise. Come and follow me, because I am here!”

How many of us did follow Him and are still following His Word?
The answer to that question is the reason why the fulfillment of Promises had to be delayed, i.e. set in future, and even new Messages and help had to be provided!
Let us use them; it is about time!
The free will still remains preserved to everyone!


January the 11th, 2017



After series of recent and a bit courageous articles, we need to add something important. Moreover, some of our experiences and events from the end of the year 2016 supported our opinion that time has come for humanity's awareness of necessary connections that the powerful ones of this world conceal, because even they themselves do not have perfect knowledge about them. All these were confirmations for us that we seized the right time for information provided in our articles. Why? Well, because finally some media in Slovakia have dared to publish recordings of UFO that was recorded over one Slovak city, although the recording was presented in an ambiguous style, and again with an ironic subtext. However, our intention is to direct every seeker towards the Absolute Truth that can save him. Yet again, it should be noted that the term “Absolute Truth” is to be understood only as follows:
The Truth is absolute only from the view of its origin, because It comes from the SOURCE of all existence. In our understanding, i.e. from the view of human spirit, It can never become absolute because it would mean that on our end we should understand It also absolutely. And that is something impossible for human spirit. Why? You will come to know it from this article. Yet, human spirits are able to recognize the Truth as absolute. Moreover, this recognition is necessary for us, since only the Truth can remove all disagreements and splits, thus to unite humanity! As to where everyone can seek the Truth, we have explained several times in previous articles.

For a better understanding we now add the following parable:
One day a wise man was being asked the following question by his friend: "How's your wife?"

The wise man replied with following counter-question: "Compared to which wife?"
Similarly, those who are aware of Absolute Truth know very little in comparison with the Truth Itself, but they know a lot compared to those who are not aware of the Truth.

Even if we can never be able to fully understand the Truth, we can enrich ourselves by finding the Truth, and educate ourselves with wisdoms contained in this Truth in a way that will help us find a way of saving our straying spirits and direct us back to our home - to Paradise! The home we once left as spiritually unconscious germs, so we could acquire the necessary knowledge in various levels of Creation on the basis of our own experience, and later through this Truth.
Now, it is again necessary to establish a link with one quote, which we have already published several times; yet, the quote still remains misunderstood by many; there are even some who observe within the quote a certain contradiction. However, for knowing ones, such quotes with alleged “contradictions” can provide the most important answers. The same is true with the above-mentioned, and now the following quote:
“And the Light will proclaim it in a short time and people who do not believe, will be scared!
And the promise of the prophet will fulfill. Promise about me coming in the clouds. And they will see my name and they will recognize me! (*)
And I will build for you the temple of your GOD and the LORD here on Earth. And I will be your King, connecting you forever with the power of the Spirit if you are able to bear in yourselves the will to rise. Come and follow me, because I am here!”

If we want to understand this quote, we must first try to understand ourselves, that is, our own origin and the kind we belong to as human spirits, evolving in various levels of Creation. When one recognizes oneself properly, only then will he begin to understand correctly the universe as a place of his action, and after that the whole Creation of God and all the necessary connections. So, first we have to start the explanation from a wider perspective.
The essence of each person is spiritual germ, which upon improvement and development through experience and learning about itself, and later with the help of above-mentioned Truth, can develop into an immortal spirit that may return back home, to the place of its origin, as mentioned before. It may, or may not be exactly as Jesus explained to us also in the Absolute Truth through parables. Mainly in the one about the sower who sows seeds; yet some of the seeds do not develop to become plants, for they shall fall on rocky places or they shall rot, others shall be eaten by birds, and so on.

We, the human spirits, we have developed our spiritual seeds into various stages of spirit and accordingly we are born into appropriate and fitting conditions; thus, we are sorted and live on a variety of planets in universe of different maturity and even different level of matter density, even on Earth we are sorted into races and nations of different maturity. The universe is full of life, full of human spirits of different maturity, and consequently, is full of higher, as well as lower, beings. For the purpose of our explanation we now stick only with humans, that is, with ourselves as human spirits living on planet Earth and also in matter universe, yet in different levels of its density. Our Earth belongs to a level of density in Ephesus that can be rescued together with evolving human spirits living there, as the last and the densest level. Our spirit, however, is covered with cloak of each level (of different density) below the level of spirit's origin. Each such cloak is in fact a body, having appropriate sensory organs for the appropriate activity in each particular level. Therefore, a human spirit living on Earth, in fact at the same time lives and operates also in other levels, because it has a body and its sensory organs of each particular level above the Earth and below the spirit's origin. Unfortunately, human spirit either has no knowledge about this fact or only a vague idea, depending on how a human spirit has developed its sensory organs for finer (higher) levels. The truth is that majority of these finer sensory organs are currently under-developed due to none-use. Therefore, it is exactly in compliance with natural laws, as Darwin found out and our science has described it. We know the birds that can no longer fly because their wings are not used. That is also the reason why our dreams (and our experiences within those dreams) are often confused, and our wandering in finer worlds is unclear, while these are our real experiences and actions in particular finer worlds. These are as real as those we know the best, i.e. those here on Earth. Consequently, our action beyond the earthly body, that is, in finer levels, is different because our brain is less active in these finer levels, and on the contrary, “tools” of soul and spirit become predominant, i.e. more active. There are also several levels of gross matter, and a person is active in each one of them, but as was mentioned before, differently in each individual case.
Each person, through his actions, builds and develops a particular level, which will become his new home after he departs (dies) from Earth. Apart from Earth, we are most active in our nearest level. Some of us are able to perceive with their finer sensory organs our activities in this nearest level. Actually, we all participate in shaping this level, although mostly unconsciously and in different “jerseys” and for different “teams”. To our own detriment, we are mostly on the side of the wrong team.

Each one of us is therefore not only an earthling, but in the correct understanding of his kind,
also an extraterrestrial!
People hold aloof, even try to avoid talking about extraterrestrials, yet they are not aware of the fact that they themselves are also extraterrestrials!

Mostly, we do not want to know about extraterrestrials, as well as about our origin, merely because the origin is the same in both cases!
Isn't it ironic?

We have repeatedly recommended that for our own good we should get rid of the geocentric view, which still predominates within our opinion about the world. Planet Earth is not our permanent home, but only transient for a short period of time. Although it's beautiful, its beauty is not eternal, same as our own beauty; those higher, i.e. finer worlds are even more beautiful, and our finer bodies (cloaks of the spirit) can be more beautiful as well. Doesn’t the entire political, scientific, protectionist, military and religious activities seem to be trivial in light of this knowledge? These are like activities of children in kindergarten, yet oversaturated with pride, which small children still do not possess in the kindergarten!
Some of us are aware, we even remember our past experience and therefore, we know that we participate in the event, which is the preparation of a big turnover - a mutational leap of mankind. In human's history there have already been several mutational leaps that even our science has confirmed; however, the mutational leap, which is ahead of us, will be the most important and even crucial to every human spirit. It will determine whether a human's germ will die in gross matter or return as mature spirit to Paradise.

A human spirit, which is covered with all cloaks, i.e. bodies of each level that is less dense (and thus finer) than the outermost one - a gross matter one, is called soul.
As long as a spirit remains in the stage of soul, it must also remain in level of matter, because with those cloaks (bodies) of spirit, it cannot return to the spiritual realm - to Paradise!

But the level of matter is not eternal; it is subject to formation, i.e. evolution and extinction.
A spirit, however, comes from a level that is eternal!

With this knowledge, everyone can realize what a decisive step awaits us in the near future; it is the long promised Last Judgment, that is, sorting of human spirits according to their maturity. Depending on which particular cloak (as a part of multiple cloaks that form a soul) a spirit has developed, there (at that particular level) a spirit will be assigned.
Our spiritually more evolved brothers will cooperate on this event; they live at higher (finer) levels of matter because they became spiritually advanced. However, also other spirits that are spiritually less developed, but intellectually more developed than us, interfere in this event, and have tried for a long time to be rescued to our level and on planet Earth. Many, who now rule our lives, came originally from those dark levels. Moreover, for a long time they have cooperated with those spiritually homogeneous to them, who are out there (outside Earth), and together they inhibit spreading the right knowledge and the salvation of others who are spiritually advanced. They also try to prevent the rescue of planet Earth, as they tend to become dominant here. They behave in a way to postpone the event, and they are successful in doing so; thanks to our (unconscious) help because they need ignorant people, from whom they can suck the energy and take advantage of. Our planet allows them such kind of experiencing, which they have already lost on their home planet. They keep secret about their and extraterrestrial activities because they cannot disclose they are on the wrong side and that they abuse others (us). It's not a coincidence that Earth today is so overcrowded, that is, there have never been so many human spirits on Earth as it is nowadays. (1) Don't you see that this is happening, and this thread runs through the entire history of our planet? They still needed and need servants and lackeys! And we put ourselves to this wrong service willingly via our ignorance. Out of our free will we refuse to educate ourselves about Creation, we even reject gifts from the right Donor, in exchange for the slavery under power-hungry rulers, whom we elect “freely”.
This lengthy explanation was needed for the understanding of the quote in the beginning of this article, since the Emissary of Light, whose origin is far above our own, also has to have and has cloaks (bodies) of all levels below His origin. His cloak, homogeneous with origin of our spirit, is a spiritual cloak. Moreover, he also has to have cloaks of other levels (below the spiritual realm) that are his soul; therefore he is also active in these levels with his cloaks, same as human spirit, hence in a way that is described above.

Unlike us, he operates in all these levels with full consciousness,
i.e. at the same time he consciously operates in, and experiences each level.
Thus, his activity is never one-sided but all-embracing, that is, uniform in all levels below the level of his origin.

For him, the process of action - thinking - intuitive volition is consistent (i.e., constitutes one whole) in all Creation!
Therefore, he is also able to view from outside, since his origin is from the level above Creation.
Our process of action - thinking - intuitive volition is not homogeneous, and therefore consistent.
We lack the important perspective from outside, as we are only part of a subsequent creation - for now.

As a supplementary aid to understanding, it is still necessary to add the following: Each of us has his own, genuine - spiritual name, recorded in the book of life and the current earthly name is only a temporary one, indeed, each of us already had multiple earthly names. (*)
So, when He acted in our level He brought us the Grail Message, but also not under His earthly name because the Word was at the same time written for those finer, more advanced levels. At these levels, He consciously adapted His action for each particular level, i.e. according to maturity of evolving spirits in each particular level. And from there, the “Space Connection” was established down to Earth. Yet again, it wasn’t provided under an earthly name. And at the level, from which help would have come during His presence on Earth, He acted and was preparing a rescue event. Moreover, from there He established the above-mentioned “connection”, and both His parts were supposed to merge into one, according to the quote from the beginning of this article, as well as old and new Promises, that is, the coming of the Son of Man in the clouds. This way, we would have completely recognized Him, if we had followed Him (His guidance)! But we haven't done so; hence we have condemned ourselves appropriately! Now, we must await a close fitting retribution through the event that is ahead of us! Contrary to us, spirits from the more advanced levels did not fail and they accepted the help.
During the awaited rescue event that is ahead of us, we will receive also an explanation about the happening that was prepared for humanity during His presence on Earth in the last century. The same also happened in 1998, when in gross matter on Earth, we again rejected the prepared help and therefore, Promises have again taken place elsewhere, where human spirits - our more mature brothers, have opened themselves to the Truth, and have accepted the offered help. And that happened on the level from which the help of the Son of Man will come, together with the heavenly army of spirits, who are more mature, not only intellectually, but mainly spiritually, and also live in compliance with the accepted Truth. Many will be surprised, because there we have our loved ones from the past!

Our consciousness and our planet must be elevated to the level in which our finer senses can be of use,
and in which Promises have been fulfilled (the birth of Imanuel)
and even will fulfill for us (coming of the Son of Man in the clouds).
Therefore, let us use the remaining time!

We can do it only with the help of the Absolute Truth!

Epilogue - Confession:
I have decided to write this article only after my recent experience in the finer level, although I had multiple experiences therein in the past. However, only the last experience has enabled me to understand more perfectly the above-described happening. Therefore, I add the following:
I realized that when I, only an ordinary human spirit, am from time to time able to consciously experience the finer level, and even consciously be active therein (which is something I personally ascertained myself), then how more effectively and significantly is it possible to the very Emissary of Light - Son of Man???

His Word:
“Thus, in my Message I only show the way, so that the one who follows it may go through the experiences, which will bring him the knowledge. Man must first “experience” Creation, if he really wants to know of it. Through my knowledge, I make it possible for him to experience it, since I myself continually experience Creation!”



February the 1st, 2017



Every human spirit that lives in gross matter world, and is at least slightly “alive” (meaning his spirit is not completely asleep), later comes to realization that there is something wrong with our society and thus with human activity. Consequently, he starts seeking and tries to discover the cause of this condition. However, exactly there and then appears on the scene some “finer auxiliary troops” targeting this particular seeker, and trying to bring him on the right track. If the seeker's effort is pure and honestly seeks for solution, then the help comes to him from the right side and he gradually approaches the Truth. However, the dark troops are also always ready and prepared to operatively intervene at any stage of maturity of the seeker. So everyone must be aware that he is never without help, but at the same time never without bait or trap prepared by the dark side. But when the ambition and personal ego starts to prevail within a seeker, and then that ego starts to dictate that it is he (seeker) who can help humanity, and even that he now knows the way to do it, the dark troop enters with its lures and individuals who correspond in quantity and quality, to that level which the particular seeker has ascended. Therefore, the higher a human spirit ascends, the harsher the fall that threatens him.

Hence, we can always observe two types of direction taken by those who begin to seek:
With the first direction, ego of the seeker always gets on the way and after some time the “rebel” in his natural defiance against the neighborhood begins to act in a way that in the name of his ambition he becomes either a revolutionary or just a reformer in form of a politician, a priest or any other type of a leader. But all these seekers have already jumped onto a prepared trap of darkness. Therefore, they have ranked on the incorrect side because following that path they all serve a false ruler (although unknowingly for many) who offered them his own path, i.e. a path of the apostate that leads away from the service of True ruler since all those aforementioned are not able to serve, but are led by some form of ambition in service of their own ego.   

The second direction is in the beginning identical to the first one, but the honest seeker retains the purity and withstands a pressure from his ego. In his seeking he comes to the understanding that he is not of the kind that is designated to govern, and if so, only within boundaries of his own kind. On the other hand, Laws of Nature in their own terms allow him to serve only the True ruler, and at the same time such service enables him to govern himself in a way that he would be able to govern the less knowledgeable ones within boundaries of their own kind. Therefore he is not left without help on his path but, at the same time, he is exposed to possible influence by dark seducers who in comparison are homogeneous and equal to him in terms of maturity.

Therefore, in the Grail Message we can also find an advice that those who come together and become homogeneous in seeking the Truth, should collectively try to create a kind of protective wall against lures of darkness, and in the process eliminate those pressures of darkness. Moreover, in their seeking they should try to avoid relations or contacts that are not homogeneous. At the moment, we all feel how the pressure is increasing, and therefore we strive for a common approach in dealing with the tasks we have set ourselves in compliance with the Word, in a way as it is advised. We strive to accomplish the objectives set, namely to serve the True Ruler, however not just with words but with deeds. As a form of support on what is written above, we now provide an important quote from the Word of Absolute Truth – The Grail Message:
“However, this only proves that the explanation about the ethereal happenings is correct. Especially women (*), gifted by nature with a stronger intuitive ability, first and more deeply absorb this poison of the tainted ethereal world of thought-forms, albeit quite unconsciously.” (*) -  this applies to men as well.

“Pressure and condensation produces the quality of a magnetic activity, in accordance with the Law that all that is stronger attracts what is weak. Similar thought-forms are thus attracted from all sides and retained, constantly reinforcing the power of your own, your original thought, yet working in such a way that through the joining of other forms the originally produced form is refined, changes, and takes on different shapes until it comes to maturity. Indeed you sense all this inwardly, but you always think it is entirely your own volition. But you never give purely your own volition in any matter, there are always other influences as well!

Moreover, the happening explained above is necessary to supplement by another important fact; that not only the thought-forms are so dangerous, but also particularly the human souls of the dark spirits. These are far more dangerous because they now operate very intelligently and cunningly! Many readers forget above quoted advices from the Grail Message. Therefore we advise constantly to check ourselves with this Word; it's the only way to avoid permanent seduction. Again, we use another quote from the Grail Message:
“A possessed person, however, is intermittently or continuously really “possessed” by a malicious, low, thus dark human spirit in the beyond. This means that during the period of possession, his own spirit within him is pushed aside and paralyzed, while the intruder takes not only the possession of the body and its brain function - even though only in part, but completely so of the day brain.”

It does not need to be an obsession from the start but only the occasional unobtrusive navigation in the wrong direction. Happenings like these happen everywhere around us, and moreover, many of us who had such experiences can feel it. We are pleased that there are still more of those who are becoming awakened and had such experiences, although pressure from outside has hitherto tried to silence them; yet some of them have spoken about it anyway. One way or another the time has come to the point where those with experience of activities of the dark power have begun to talk; either because at the brink of their own death they ceased to feel being threatened or after they felt they must speak out. However, afore written guidance is usually rejected by those who are most affected in this way, as if this does not concern them, but do believe us when we say that it concerns all of us. We are also aware of that!

It now comes to the surface that there are two sciences, two governments, two armies and two kinds of technological progress, or even two kinds of “churches” - believers. Although from the aspect of denomination there are many churches, yet basically there are only two. Those heretofore known churches are just organizations ruled by slyness and lust for power, though even among them are some individuals who are trying to find and worship the true Lord. Those who already know the True Lord, and try to live in accordance with His Word, are very few and are in no officially organized church. The official army is just ‘children playing soldiers’ because their potential is at the level of a slingshot and bow, as compared with that secret one. There is the “elite” having its origin outside the Earth. However many of them are now living among us as ordinary incarnated earthlings, yet with earlier commitments and in the service of their own group; they cooperate with those from their group that are outside the Earth and whose science and even technological progress exceeds the earthly officially recognized one by a considerable technological gap, which may seem fantastical or unbelievable to an officially educated scientist or to an ordinary man. The dark elite has a secret base on Earth, Moon and Mars, and even maintain regular contacts with those from their level, based upon their mutual homogeneity, and which are now incarnated on Earth. The dark elite even prepare them for the crucial battle between darkness and Light that is very close, although there are some who still do not know about it because they do not understand the meaning of events they experience. It's kind of a secret space-army, aware of the fact that they can survive the longest on earth and in its vicinity. They violate God's Laws in a way that they act against the free will of us earthlings. The light - the good civilizations do not act in this way; they leave it up to us alone, i.e. on our decisions and which side we choose.  Even those fantastic films on space wars are thus not purely fiction. Since we now live in times when many of the actual documented events are being declassified and are already available in the documentaries, everyone who shows interest in this kind of information can find them. These confidential reports contain evidence that the official army has a ban to interfere in flyovers and actions of UFOs belonging to the secret army because those can eliminate all weapons of official military and these UFOs are able to protect themselves with some kind of energy field; there were even cases where a shot or a missile was fired on such an object but this shot/missile was returned back towards the object that fired it before hitting the target; so the attacking object was destroyed by its own shot/missile. This secret fleet can activate or deactivate our own cruise missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads, as they demonstrated repeatedly in actions by using a radiation - beam of some kind, i.e. in the same manner as we remotely control our appliances. Soldiers operating these weapons lost control over them always when UFO has appeared over their base. Precisely for this reason, the official army remained, and even remains only a silent observer of these events. Each counterstroke was either impossible due to system malfunction or sometimes even self-destructive. This is no fiction but they are documented and now even declassified facts! For majority, however, these are just fabrications. However, we will pay for these “fabrications” in a short while. Our indifference will backfire on us bitterly.

As good (light) civilizations are connected with good (light) spirits on Earth through a service to the True Lord, the same applies for dark spirits and dark civilizations, connected through a service to a false leader, whom Jesus has already called the “prince of this world”! The perfect explanation about who it really is can be found in “Eternal Laws” and the “Grail Message”. Also found in the two sources is an explanation of who the True Lord is!  

When someone who does not belong to dark elite has an experience with UFO, then “dark agents” that have already been called “men in black” come to the scene; they use intimidation, threats, liquidation and secrecy in order to hide these facts about UFO. Official scientists have become slaves of own ambition under the influence of ego, as explained in the beginning of this article. They ignore experience of those who are not in the service of darkness; they even obey those (dark elite) who are miles ahead in terms of acquired knowledge and technologies. These advanced dark ones are keeping those official scientists backward and with outdated theories and theses. Official scientists search for possible life in the distant universe by using expensive telescopes while already for a long time UFOs are flying above our heads and even above their telescopes! These new and correct theories are being concealed and denied to official science because their members do not belong to the dark (homogeneous) level; otherwise it could lead to a weakening of secret science if the side of official science acquired a higher/advanced knowledge on the subject. Therefore, it could lead to disruption of superiority of those on the dark side by those who are not yet in the service of darkness. Many American presidents have promised before their election that they will declassify UFO activities. However, after being elected, they had to change their decision once they learned the real facts, and that way they do not come into consideration in terms of rescue and service to the Light. Moreover, they also learnt that they had come here with a dark mission to be fulfilled, or in case of their non-cooperation, they would end up like Kennedy. None of them has chosen an earlier demise, unlike Kennedy and his sacrifice. Partial disclosure was made possible only by the fact that today there is a high percentage of those who had experience with these objects and the number is still growing. That is also reason behind the growing fragmentation of society, which will escalate up to a decisive conflict.

All those, who are in service to the Light, abide to Laws of Nature - Laws of God, and respect the free will that is part of these Laws. But the other side does not, and therefore an intervention will have to happen, orchestrated by those advanced brothers of ours who serve the Light. We are no longer able to survive without their help because power is in the hands of the dark ones. God's law of reciprocity (settlement) shall also be applied here as well, and access to advanced technologies must become available to all.

The indifference that now dominates the majority only plays in favour of these dark elite that benefits from our ignorance and leads us where they need to, - to our destruction. And when there is someone who tries to open eyes of those unconscious ones, everyone in neighborhood literally pounce at him; they start to ridicule him, later try to dissuade him from his path, and when he still perseveres, they start within boundaries of their abilities with some form of coercion. When it still does not serve the purpose, they resort to the worst: to liquidation, either of moral kind or sometimes even of physical kind. Therefore, many prefer to remain silent, even if they have experiences that they either hide or reveal in the most intimate moments during subsequent unpleasant or sometimes even pleasant events in their lives.

You people! Treasure therefore any help that is coming your way!
Already many have had to pay dearly for this service!
And still many will have to!


February the 15th, 2017



During a discussion with a person who is very close to me, there developed a conflict that might now help to solve problems for others who may be longing for justice. The discussion was about how we are today, in comparison with the past.
To one of my answers, she argued back with one of my responses in an earlier debate and her statement was as follows: “Last time you told me that we are doing well for now and yet this time round you are saying that we are doing very badly.”

Personally I have already come across this view several times; interesting is the fact that such view has always been presented by those very close to me, but what is worse is the fact that they already knew where it is explained, i.e. in the Word. This literally hurt me. Therefore I will now use a short quote directly from this Word, which points to that particular issue, and show why the readers of this Word should have already understood it. 
“Therefore simply let people squabble about the Grail Message. In blind rage many a zealot even wants to find contradictions in the Message just where the most logical objectivity is most clearly apparent. But if a serious reader goes to the root of such contradictions as opponents assert, he will soon see that these assertions of contradictions have been only a reflection of the particular attacker’s inability to understand, or testimony of how stubborn he has become in the absurdities of his own opinion, which in defiant obduracy he is not prepared to give up. Thus on scrutiny the attacks merely reveal themselves as evidence of the spiritual poverty of those who wish to let their wisdom shine forth through them. In most cases these people have not read the whole of the Message at all, but after only a fleeting glance at individual parts, simply give tongue as an expression of fear and anxiety that their hitherto-imagined greatness might suffer through one who knows better.”

In regard to the subject of contradiction, I answered as follows: “It is sad that even those who have already read the Grail Message can provide such degrading certificate of their own ability to understand this Word!
Next, I went on: “We must always distinguish between two kinds of man's experience – i.e. a human spirit's experience. Then you can see that what we experience materially, i.e. from outer or external point of view, is now better compared to the past, but the experience of the spirit, i.e. the inner or internal one, is on the contrary, now much worse! Yet for our salvation, the inner experience is the essential one, and this can only be improved when our outer experience becomes unbearably hard and hence tough!

And it should be added that this conversation took place in a family whose income is minimal. But it must be added also that the spiritual wealth is the crucial one!
Similarly, we must differentiate, even separate, the material from the spiritual in the Grail Message, or between that which is given from top to bottom, to what on the other hand, is given from bottom to up, i.e. what is coming from us to above. Now I use the following parable for a better understanding:
Anyone who has used a drill machine knows that the rotation of its drill is clockwise. However, this is true only from the point of view of the one holding the drill machine. Looking on the drill from the perspective of a wall, the rotation is opposite, hence counter clockwise.
So what are rotations of a drill? Always the same, what is decisive is only our point of view!

Now we are getting to the heart of the matter, which decides about the ability to understand the Word of the Grail Message; indeed even more, it is also about the ability to use this Word in our own lives! At this point, it is possible to use for clarification one important misunderstanding of several readers of this Word. Many now refuse to accept “the Son of Man coming in the clouds” in the way we explain here on our web, that is, in the flying objects. Let them try to ask the right questions and seek answers to them:
When that “dark fleet”, i.e. servants of the false lord flies in such advanced machines, which have been confirmed from many sides, then in which way should the fleet of the Son of Man arrive? It is beyond dispute that also here it's necessary to separate the spiritual from the mundane, i.e. ethereal matter from gross matter, as the Law of Homogeneity remains valid
Do those who refuse our explanation now think that the Son of Man will come in a way that He will “sit on the cloud”, as pictured on some paintings, which, however, originate in distant past when the human understanding was still at a primitive level? Unfortunately, such understanding remains within many even today.

And yet in the past some artists – visionaries, created paintings on which UFOs were painted; also Isaiah, the prophet from Old Testament, mentions them as Lord's chariots! (Those who care for further explanation about chariots of Lord we refer to article “Surely they fly” in the folder “Science and Universe”, published on October the 26th, 2014).

This fleet of Light is also very close and has already provided a sign for us. At this moment it is stationed in vicinity of the light of our Sun, indeed we already have evidence of their presence, that is, those of us who truly seek.


Another question arises: When these objects around the Sun are real, then what is their purpose? Perhaps nobody thinks they came there for sunbathing!

We have often pointed out that even those "extraterrestrials" are good and bad, same as people on Earth. Those “bad” ones that serve the false lord are making long and great preparation for what humanity awaits in the near future. It is the Last Judgement, promised in all religions. As we pointed out in previous articles, they even build bases outside the Earth because they know that here on Earth it's starting to be dangerous. Since many church-dependent believers serve them as a good breeding-ground, they plan to maintain Churches, even unite them, as we explained in the article “Classification”, published on December the 1st, 2016.

The neutral Divine Power flows through Universe and people can direct it upwards, in order to support Creation as gratitude to Creator, or they can direct it downwards. When directed downwards it also serves as support, but this way it supports dark worlds, spirits, and beings that also survive on this power.
The Creator who is also the Source of this power, likened this leakage caused by the wrong volition of people, to a bleeding wound. In this way the power does not return to its Source, unlike in blood circulation, but unfortunately it nourishes those that are detrimental. It's like when a parasite depletes nutrients from the body, and eventually kills the body completely.
The very same neutral Divine Power, which in our world is the bearer of life in the form of spiritual power as the highest in our world, is also used in its lower forms as the power source of all these flying objects. It originates from the Source of all existence, and if used improperly, its inflow can be cut off; or on the other hand, if necessary, the Creator can multiply the inflow. Therefore it is not difficult to understand, who is going to be the winner in the battle between Light and darkness. Those who come from the Light to help are the bearers of this power for our Universe. So, how can these be beaten by the one who only uses the power that they donate?!

What directs this power downwards are emotions like fear, stress, hatred, envy, hostility and others similar to these. That is why the darkness is trying to agitate these emotions in people.
Therefore, evidence about UFOs are slowly uncovering, so in the near future, earthly rulers will be able to declare that the world must unite (religions and governments) against the fear of attack by extraterrestrial beings. And the time for this is not far off.

However, at the same time the good extraterrestrials are also trying to help us. Unlike the bad ones, they never act against the free will of the people. They also have long been preparing for our rescue from the Earth when it becomes uninhabitable for us as a result of our wrongful activities. But it is logical that only people with certain spiritual values will be rescued, in order to prevent the desolation of the new existence, which the rescued ones will receive. That is, to prevent a similar end like with those Romanies who destroy their homes, then get new ones, which they later destroy as well.
Therefore, the Spirit of Truth - the Comforter, promised by Jesus Himself, came on Earth about 100 years ago in order to bring for us the Word of Truth, same as Jesus did at His time. The Spirit of Truth brought us advices on how to live in today’s chaos because Jesus' Word was intended for another previous period; moreover, during the last two thousand years, the Church has made a lot of distortions in this Word. The Comforter's earthly activity was announced to humanity in Fatima apparitions, which are from the Light and whose genuine content is hitherto concealed. The extraterrestrials on the side of the Light also established a “Space Connection” with the Earth. In the “Space Connection” they reminded us WHO on Earth acts at that time, and they also promised us their help at our time of need, but only under certain conditions!

Now we are going to quote directly from the Space Connection where, for us, the most important condition was mentioned:
You must know, understand, and implement Cosmic Laws (Laws of nature = God’s Laws) in real life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is supposed to occur now on Earth, in those who strive for it.

Since mankind largely failed, that is, it didn't recognize the Emissary, and instead of world peace (that this Emissary was intended to set up) the world war broke out instead, and because there was almost nobody who had fulfilled the above mentioned condition, meaning that there would have been no one to rescue, the final events have been moved to a later time in order not to completely lose the possibility of salvation. During that period, the darkness managed to distort even the Grail Message, which the Emissary had left us with. Therefore another being from above came and purified the Word of the Son of Man in the same way, as the Son of Man did with Jesus' word. This higher being was female because she had to reach out mainly to women, whom one can say, should have always have been an obvious bearer of moral values and the guardian of their application in life. But neither did we recognize nor accept Her or Her Word - The Eternal Laws.

Therefore let us remember that our indifference will not be tolerated forever!
We ourselves are the only ones who will pay for it!

Hence it is sad to see that the dark ones, who are deceived by Lucifer – “prince of this world”, serve in unity and fulfill their plan, both in Universe and on Earth, while only bitter weeping will be their reward. On the contrary, those who have come on Earth with a mission from the Light, spend their time with dull amusement at a time when they, too, in unity should be helpful to the Light and its rescue work on earth, which in return would have “earned” them life in joy and Light. However, those who love to help others do not expect such remuneration at all, because they know that they have once been given the same help as they offer now.
The “final event” too, is not possible to postpone indefinitely and there really will be left none to rescue, and humanity will end badly, unless people alone in themselves become alive and awake their inner intuition - the spirit - the human's very essence, which seeks only the good, and which nowadays seems to have died out.
The Grail Message and The Eternal Laws are exactly such works that address and awaken the human spirit, and provide the necessary knowledge to overcome the difficulties associated with internal changes, because today we are so entangled in the cobweb of darkness that without the help from above our inner awakening is almost impossible.
These works do not form any church or sect; they are here for us in order to provide knowledge of the laws that govern the whole of Creation, and to ensure that man will learn to use these laws to his advantage. If this happens he will no longer cause any damage, he will not need any leaders and will seek only peace, love and justice in his daily life, and out of the most sincere gratitude, he will only worship the Creator of these laws.

Therefore, you people, there resounds the calling for you: Wake up from the unhealthy spiritual sleep!
In your vain activities you celebrate on daily basis the material in the name of personal gain, entertainment and resting of your body, yet the spiritual, the only one that is true and eternal, you have kept in slumber in yourselves for an unreasonably long time.
But keep in mind that you can't linger forever, and the time for a final decision is running out.
Just as it is better to wake up full of energy, naturally and spontaneously into a new day, as opposed to a situation where someone wakes you up with a violent shake, or you are woken up by a sound of loud alarm, it is also better to undergo a change in the orientation of your values towards what is really real, right and essential before the misery pays you a visit.
There is only one difference, albeit a crucial one; in the morning you wake up “only” into a new day, but with the decision to change your values, your inner self, you become able to wake up into an eternal life!



One private Czech television channel recently aired the documentary “Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed”, in which some of us again got some evidence, or it could be said that a serious disclosure of the Truth was made.
We recently posted one photo of the Moon (and for the purpose of this text we re-post it again below with an interesting object captured on it, and together with information in the above-mentioned documentary – “Aliens on the Moon”, it is all even more eloquent and it becomes the ultimate proof of Truth! I personally had this idea long ago, but for some concern, and also the objectivity of this very incredible matter, I have kept it to myself. (There is my one personal experience at the end of this article related to this topic).
What is interesting about this object is the fact that the landing site of Apollo 15 mission in 1971 is within its vicinity. The landing site was photographed during the Apollo mission. However, those official photographs of the site differ significantly from what I have captured on the photo. There is a tall object, which has a height of 25 km. The information about the height was also confirmed in that documentary, and also at the images captured by the Soviet probe, there is a note about the height of the object as 22 miles. This object is positioned on strategically favorable position of the Moon, and from the object's peak there is in sight a large portion of the moon. Yet it is interesting that on the images released by NASA, the object is missing. There are only two possibilities why this is so:
1. The object was deleted in post process - this is something that is done commonly.
2. During the Apollo 15 mission the object really wasn't there.

I personally have tended to incline to first possibility, but now, after watching the documentary; it is the latter I find more probable.
Well, because in the latter part of the documentary an interesting case was revealed, which we now describe in brief:
To Phobos, one of the Mars moons, the Soviet probe of the same name “Phobos 1” was sent, but afterwards mysteriously disappeared. The Soviets therefore sent to the same moon the second probe “Phobos 2”; this time the whole flight was under close supervision. Yet the probe ended the same way as the first one, except that an interesting fact was discovered: This probe was destroyed by a flying object of huge proportions, which had shape of 25km high cylinder or a “tower”, that is of similar shape as an object I captured on my photo of our moon surface. Therefore this fact can put everything into a new perspective. The object that I captured on my photo can be a huge flying object parked on the Moon, the same that was also recorded at Mars Phobos. Moreover, I had an interesting experience with something similar in the past and it's described below. But at the time of Apollo 15 mission, either this object wasn't on the Moon or it was deleted from the photo afterwards in post process, hence concealed. Allegedly, US probes had the same fate and thus billions of dollars were spent uselessly. Both cases if anything, confirm what has long been known: the concealment of the Truth!

Below is the photo that I took, where a “tower” can be seen - object of a shape of a high cylinder:
(the photo is from the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6GNCW9SE1E ):


And here is the image of the same part of the Moon; this is the official photo from NASA during the Apollo 15 mission. Here the object is not visible:



This elaborate example and proven experience only confirms my own personal experience from the past that happened somewhere around 1989 - 1990. It should be added that it was after the Velvet Revolution, and at that time there was a better access to relevant information, as confirmed by my experience:
At the time, I was not only a passionate hunter but also an ardent sky observer. These two activities beautifully complemented each other because during the night when I prowled and waited for wild boars, I had a great opportunity to watch the night sky. One night I spotted in the sky an interesting object that behaved very strangely. I saw two floodlights positioned side by side; they suddenly began to shine from a great height down to earth, but the rays from these floodlights did not shine in front of a mountain ridge in my sight. Moreover, the incidence angle of light beams indicated that those floodlights had to be very high and even far away from the mountain before me. Lights were spaced at a distance larger than the full moon, which led me to conclude that the object must also be huge. Later at home, while still thinking about the object I drew a sketch, complemented also with the necessary values from maps and the angle upon which those beams shined down to earth. After making some calculations I came to very interesting, yet almost unbelievable numbers. The object must have been huge - approximately 25 km and its height was somewhere between 40 to 60 kilometers above the ground.

I shared my experience at my work - a forest administration, and I reaped only ridicule or contempt. But in the morning of the next day our company's economist waited for me impatiently and he said to me excitedly: “Recently I saw in the news that a Soviet aircraft spotted the same object as you claimed yesterday”. Therefore I also watched TV news where the report was later repeated, and read as follows:
“A plane, flying from Kiev to Minsk came into contact with a huge object, of dimension like half of the lake Pskov (its diameter is 60 km). According to the pilot of the plane, this object flew at approximate height of 60km, and it shined beams down to earth with two floodlights. The light was so strong that houses and cars were clearly visible.”

What else is there to add to my past experience? Only the following; for sure today you wouldn't hear of such news in the radio, or if so, only with an ironic subtext. Personally, I felt a certain satisfaction that in the eyes of that economist I wasn't a liar, and perhaps I alone learnt a lesson that again has now been confirmed.
Again, experiences like these confirm the truth contained in ancient Vedic texts. In there you can find information of flying objects about the size of a city; moreover the Bible's promise about “heavenly Jerusalem” that comes down from heaven is also confirmed herewith.

How the above-written affects readers is again very subjective.
Those who had no experience will remain skeptical,
but those who had a similar experience will gain something in return through this text!

February the 21st, 2017


Quote from the Word:
“By your behavior however, you add to the burden of your guilt; for you thereby prevent all those spirits from ascending, whom you bring up as your children for the same empty purposes!”

“But I say to you that you are now awakened from the intoxication, the oppressive delirium that is already holding you in its iron grip. You must awaken against your will, be it only to recognize with the most terrible despair, even at the last moment, all you have freely abandoned with such wanton indifference, before you are thrust into the bottomless pit that seems so desirable to you! This earth and the whole world is now being purified! No longer shall any of the filth remain; so that the creatures will be able peacefully and joyfully to serve their Lord, the Almighty God, Who in His Love once granted them the conscious enjoyment of all the blessings of Creation.”

Now we continue with another quote from The Grail Message, also published at the end of a previous article, “The Soul”, on January the 11th, 2017:
“Thus, in my Message I only show the way, so that the one who follows it may go through the experiences, which will bring him the knowledge. Man must first “experience” Creation, if he really wants to know of it. Through my knowledge, I make it possible for him to experience it, since I myself continually experience Creation!”

The essence of our last articles lies in the fact that when a person begins to truly desire and seek honestly after the discovery and knowledge about his own essence, the help will come to him in a form of experience that will lead him towards the Truth! The first quote is the most perfect example for the one who only reads The Grail Message, but does not transform the guidance contained therein into everyday life. Such a person will never be able to understand the Word. The rational thinking as a product of the forebrain simply cannot be able to comprehend the Word fully; hence the hindbrain is also necessary, that is, the experiencing and living the Word. And here lies the advice and essence of a whole spiritual progress.
Every person already has a certain experience that forced him to ask within himself the question “Why?” One has a very vivid dream which may even predict his future, the second one has an intuition that is able to warn him, the third one is just simply asking about the meaning of life, the fourth one about his role on earth, others have more or less common personal experiences, and we could go on and on. There are only few people who do not have these or similar questions, arising from various experiences or from the desire of a spirit. Yet it is very sad that there are also very few people who even do more than just simply asking questions, that is, who also try to find answers. This time we are not going to explain why it is that way, and who is responsible for it; let's stick to the fact that if people would honestly seek, they would find, despite the fact that many may have to go through various disappointments because the path to the Truth is for many a very difficult and rocky one, as Jesus had already warned us.
But if the seeker endures in his striving, one day he will have to come across the Grail Message, given to us directly from God as the New Bible. Here the seeker can find answers to all his so far unanswered questions. His spirit will rejoice because of the feelings associated with its origin; his mind also will rejoice, for receiving clear and logical answers to its questions. But! There is a difference between reading the Word and living according to it in everyday life, as the Author Himself had warned us. This is very crucial for man himself; because if one only reads the Grail Message and tends to live in a seemingly comfortable assumption that he has already found the Truth, and that he already knows all that is essential, he puts himself in a similar danger as a church believer - that he may not need to seek further! Such people are already feeling proud, like those who have purchased a ticket on the train under the flag of some church or association, thinking the train will certainly ride them into heaven, and the only thing they need to do is to sit in the train, or hold the ticket in their hand, where the ticket has some form of directives of a particular association. Therefore, the one who only reads the Grail Message differs in nothing compared to the above-mentioned! Outwardly he can shape himself in accordance to the Grail Message, but inwardly he remains the same old one, even though he thinks otherwise, (e.g. he may try to change his habits, his behavior, but unless he really brings to life within himself advices in the Grail Message, then all such changed habits remain only an outside form without inner life).

Such readers do not fully understand probably the most important quote from this Word of Truth:
Therefore, in order to be human it does not suffice to carry the spirit within, rather a creature becomes a human being only if and when it allows the spirit to work as such within!

Even knowing the whole Message would be of no use to man if he doesn't allow the spirit to work as such from within, due to obstacles from external environment such as the opinion of a close person, colleague, friend, or the fear to leave behind the old, etc. One does not have and cannot have enough strength to throw away the old and wrong habits as long as the spirit doesn't start to desire to walk towards the Light, doesn't start to live in accordance with the Word after he has read the Word - unless the love for the Truth, the Creator, for the whole of Creation and for all people has aroused in him. And if he felt it, then as a natural fulfillment of his love only a desire to spread the Word may form within himself, the Word that can awaken the spirit, help man to understand life in any situation, and also gets him high up to his home and live in happiness and joy forever. It's beautiful to live the Word; it's more beautiful and powerful than anything else that a person had ever experienced while his spirit was asleep.
The help to spread the Word among the people will be the biggest happiness for such a person, and there will be nothing to stop him. Such desire is the only one he will have; only this desire alone will form a meaning to his life and his whole life as such. He will not seek places where many people are gathered together; rather he will seek solitude and peace to hear what his spirit is saying in a low-pitched voice. He will be filled with true happiness, even though the neighborhood oftentimes will not understand him. Yet, he alone will understand everything, and therefore only in humility and gratitude will he continue in life, with a new perception of the world, with a new feeling, although oftentimes his outer form does not need to change.

This is the purpose of the Grail Message, together with all other true Messages from the Light. Unfortunately, those who receive such knowledge often do not let this Word penetrate within them since they lack the courage to abandon the old, and thus remain only in the position of readers. It's the same as if a man who is dying of thirst just watches the water but he doesn't actually drink, just because more effort is required from him, and perhaps the releasing from old habits that have led him to this state. And the one who has already drank and refreshed does not just sit by the water, which he tasted, so that he may drink again when he desires. Neither should he ponder whether he is worthy of such gift or not, whether he is one or other. He will receive much more joy when he starts to carry the water to others who are thirsty. And if he does it with love, he won't feel indifference whether the water he distributes is pure or not. He will try to distribute the pure water because he alone was allowed to drink it, and he will not allow contamination of the pure water. His life will be joyous and filled with profound living of every moment; he will see and understand the mistakes he committed in the past, will see all the suffering of those that came from Light to help us. Finally, he will also see how abominable the darkness we have created is.

Therefore, many who still haven’t come into contact with the Message yet, but allow the spirit to act within them, are closer to the Truth than those who already possess the Word but they haven't yet allowed the spirit to work as such within them!

Work of the spirit! But what does it really mean? When one allows the spirit to work as such within him, it means he acts in compliance with his intuitive perception, his inner voice, and his heart, which almost always says the opposite of what the intellect says, as it is well known from many fairy tales. A person who allows the spirit to work as such within him, such person certainly does not decide under selfishness or calculation. No, he decides simply with a sense of justice, of love, even though he knows that he will have to overcome the resistance of the people who do not tolerate precisely such proceedings, maybe he becomes even the object of ridicule or sows a misunderstanding from a materialistic oriented majority. Who strives for goodness, justice, purity, and love with respect to all around him and not just one or a few people, a life of such one has never been easy, but such one does not live his life on Earth in vain! For such one The Grail Message or The Eternal Laws presents a perfect aid because they provide him strength and necessary guidance to understand from where and why the wind blows; the wind which at first seems to cause him harm, yet at the same time it seems to help those unfair. With this guidance that became knowledge, he spares himself of many sufferings and becomes much stronger in his endeavors. With the knowledge about the Creation and its laws, his eyes open to many things that he hasn't seen before, even though hitherto he has experienced those things on daily basis. All this brings him only joy and increased zest for life. And to those who such moral values still haven't come to life, the Message brings encouragement and gives sufficient reasons for a man to begin to do so. 

For in the Word I give you the way, the nourishment, and the strength, and therewith you have everything you need for your existence and for your ascent! The Word however, I am myself, and with It you receive a part of me into your spirit!

Thus the Message can only bring benefits wherever it touches what is alive, It can only create peace, understanding, independent people without bonds to various leaders; It can create people with their own thinking and a live spirit within them.
Unfortunately, many who seek the Truth want to be either the first to find it, or they want to find it alone, or on their own field of activity and therefore they deny that we have already received answers to everything that is important.
Today's science and also official church are a perfect example. Both parties claim that they seek Truth but they lack the humble and sincere desire to do it, or this desire is muffled by ambitions or by desire for easily obtained livelihood. Therefore the Church doesn't want to integrate into its stagnated theory the fact that laws of nature that science examines are in fact God's work; on the other hand, the science is not willing to accept the fact that the examined laws were indeed created by God. Whereby, if they did so and sincerely sought answers, they would have come across the Grail Message, since this Message truly gives comprehensive knowledge about how the Universe works, and about the simple laws that govern everything from a level which no man would ever been able to reach. Thus, if they adopt the Message, they might find UNITY. Afterwards, the result would be as described above. It would bring mankind the unexpected happiness and progress. Yet we must also say that there are certain individuals in those two parties, who refused to walk with the crowd and their desire to help and to know the Truth is genuine. Therefore, some scientists haven't listened to what they were advised by predecessors and explore even the reality that is not tangible. They alone said that there are some in their ranks who act like in the church, i.e. they are dogmatic, fearful to accept something new, and fear to think outside the box of their education. Thus some scientists even managed to discover and confirm that the consciousness of the man is not bound only to mind and that there are more subtle levels of existence.
But again we are missing the simple fact, which we described in previous articles. All is in fact very simple, yet this makes it the hardest to accept: Only when man recognizes himself properly, then he will understand the universe, creation, and even necessary context. We search in the farthest corners; we build expensive apparatuses, yet we forget about ourselves, about the fact that within us alone we can find answers to every question. We only need to ask the right questions and seek the simple, yet factual answers.

However, today such a change of mind and attitude is possible only for individuals and not for the masses; therefore the “evolutionary - mutant leap” must happen, otherwise further development for the spiritually healthier people would be impossible!

At the end, we quote from the Grail Message, Answers to Questions:
“Question no. 64:
I can say that in my seeking I have examined, as seriously and objectively as is humanly possible, the various fields of occultism, and have eagerly studied theosophy, and later anthroposophy.
Everywhere I found beautiful and true furthering things, but only the Grail Message through Its clarity, and above all Its simple conclusions, brought me the crown. The good that I had found in all the others I found all over again in the Grail Message. Hitherto I had received everywhere only disconnected piecework, but now I saw something complete, clearly arranged in understandable sequence, which gave me a clear picture, and only through that the certainty of my knowledge. All the hitherto separate parts have become one living whole, through the right connections and the filling-in of the hitherto-existing gaps.
I have spoken of this with theosophists and anthroposophists whom I had known from earlier times, but none of them had any wish to understand me. Despite the many new things that had never before been uttered by anyone, they saw nothing new in the Grail Message. They felt the simple clarity to be inferior. What can be done about it?
After all, people must realize that they cannot accomplish much with individual parts, however good they may be; and that only he who shows us how they are put together, and thereby reveals their full application, as it is in the Grail Message, must be the Master. Not since the pure Teaching of Christ have I found again such clarity and depth.

Why do you still need a reply? You give it to yourself in the very question. Calmly leave these people to go their own way. The Message is not for them! Moreover, the Grail Message has not been put together, but It is by Itself alone, completely separate, independent. I have already spoken about this a number of times.
Nor are you alone with your letter; for several others of a like nature have arrived, even with similar wording. Your experiences only confirm that to be understood the Message demands greater earnestness and diligence than superficial people think, and that It always speaks solely and directly to the individual soul alone, giving it just what it needs for itself in order to ascend.
Through this vitality, which follows no set pattern, It is naturally bound to break asunder any sect and thus becomes a great danger to its existence, because the Message forms independent people, free in themselves, who must be opposed to all sectarianism. It is a foreboding instinct of self-preservation when organizations, societies and sects oppose the Message by ignoring, mocking or disparaging It, or by showing hostility to It.
The Message, however, “is” and “remains” when all else falls apart, and will allow nothing to hold It up on Its way, which every attack must even further.”

“Question no. 65:
What is serious seeking?

It is precisely not all that which is designated as such today! He who seriously and therefore honestly seeks the Truth must first cleanse himself completely within. That is to say, he must empty himself of all that he has so far learned and read, putting it completely aside, as well as shutting out every person; and then he must intuitively experience the “Word” quietly within himself, like a child standing before something new. Not for nothing does man often find in children the most unerring judgment of things and people, because they face everything impartially and innocently.
It sounds easy, but it is actually the hardest thing for the man of today. There is no greater obstacle for him than just this. And since I demand serious seeking as the basic condition for being able to absorb the intrinsic contents of the Grail Message, I therewith make on man the greatest demand that can ever be made on him. Thus I also simultaneously and quite definitely exclude from the outset all those who pride themselves on their own knowledge. A sifting, by which only the humble can receive the palm of true recognition in logical reciprocal action, while the others leave empty-handed.
To recognize all this intellectually will be reserved, with a few exceptions, solely for the new generation which will survive the present time; for only the purified intellect, which has been forcibly cleansed of all the dross of the present errors and vanities through experiencing, will bring the uninfluenced potentiality necessary to grasp it!
This new generation, however, is not to be expected only in centuries to come, but is already living, and will become new only because those of various ages who belong to it will emerge purified from the wheels and stones of the mills that even now are beginning to grind! While all others will be crushed in them.
Such a serious seeker will not look for alliances, he will not join any sects, nor feel the urge to unite with others. He will inwardly digest everything by himself, since no one else is able to help him to do so. Only in this way will it become alive within him, and be his possession, which he cannot share with others. —"

* * *


I would like to share some personal experience, which may help some who have already discovered the purity in the Word of Truth, and that is why they despair of impurity in neighborhood and maybe even in they themselves.
As a young man I lived a normal life of today's era, I chased earthly possessions and pleasures. Yet, a certain curiosity had still remained in me and I was interested how it actually works on Earth. I knew that neither media nor politicians tell us truth hence I sought it on my own. I found and understood, sufficiently for me, that Earth is under the influence of certain dark elite, it controls the system how our society works and many people literally turned into slaves. 
However, after some time, it wasn't enough for me because I was looking for some kind of deeper meaning of life; something that would fill man not only on logical level, i.e. intellectually, but also on a deeper, spiritual level. I recalled the book Eternal Laws, with which I had come into contact in the past, and its content really touched me. I read it and, consequently, also its “original source”, that is, the Grail Message. These were the first two books I read by choice, and indeed, I haven’t been looking for other books ever since! I was very pleased, and cheered when I learned in simple form about all the connections in life, which I experienced on a daily basis, yet I wasn't aware that the Truth is so simple and beautiful. “Truly it cannot be otherwise”, - my inner self cheered. This finally enabled me to understand the Church, particularly why this institution always repelled me, even though I believed in the existence of God. I also began to understand the science, human's way of life, animal behavior, origin of man and also so-called “supernatural phenomena”; it all finally merged into one whole. I understood where our home is, that it is not on Earth but higher above, and I longed to get there. That, however, required something from me, i.e. I had to change and therefore I started working intensively on that change. I also longed that other people could recognize what I've realized, hence I tried to spread this Truth in my neighborhood. I was rejected, and if somebody accepted it, it was more because of me and not out of the desire for Truth, hence the relationship (connection) between me and such person quickly fell apart. I understood that nowadays it's not possible to spread the Truth because only one in a thousand, maybe a hundred thousand, and perhaps even less, is honestly seeking the Truth. Therefore a profound happiness emerged in me once I learned about the Radio Rescue project, and its goal to spread the Truth through radio broadcast in time when misery is going to press people down. Only then people will start to seek the Truth; however internet will be gone and therefore from my point of view radio broadcast at that time will be the only way to spread the Word among masses. And more importantly, at that time it will make sense and even bear fruit. So I contacted the founder of Radio Rescue team, and offered my help and my will to do anything that would be of any use and will do my best. My desire to help was so strong that I stood up against my parents, to their astonishment; parents to whom I had been hitherto afraid to defy and thus I turned my whole life in order to fulfill my desire - towards the service. After some time, out of necessity of other works at that time, I met with other members of the closer circle of Radio Rescue team.
But how surprised I was when I met with the founder of the project! My image of him, based on my erroneous assumptions and misunderstanding of the Word of Truth, did not correspond with reality at all since I missed the most important fact - I was trying to be “perfect” only on the level of reason, but somehow I forgot about the simple naturalness of man that emanates only from within man.

Why am I writing this? Because at that time I also somehow mourned at impurity of my neighborhood; but here I have learned that much more benefit comes out of a man who prefers to spread the purity with his natural humility, love, gaiety, understanding and with good counsel, even though in impure neighborhood, compared to a person who only mourns about the impurity in neighborhood, or in him alone.
I understood that one does not need to care about himself, but only about others and provide help. Although it sounds very simple, for most it is now very difficult to stop caring only about themselves and also care for others, but humbly, that is, through the view of Absolute Truth, that means true love but also justice! Thus, taking care about the whole, and not only about relatives.
At the beginning I also agonized over whether correctly I understand the one or the other part of the Word, yet I did not understand it at all, because I was still looking only on myself.
This experience of mine, I wrote as a form of certain support of other people who may be in a similar situation as I once was too. However at that time a lesson, some help, was provided to me and therefore I too, wanted to pass on this experience to others.
Of course, one need to care about him and examine the Word for its understanding, and for one's own change. However, when one begins to desire to serve God, once he has comprehended the Word, then subsequent reading of the Word and one's own change should mainly be for the sake of one's pure service, and one's ability to help others with this Word! Not just for being the first who gets to God. The first shall be last!
We need to keep contact with the Word, but we must not forget that the Word as such is alive. His form changes with the development of society - of humanity. Similarly, the Laws of nature are still the same, but the particular form of nature alone undergoes changes under the continuous development. Let us just recall the creatures and plants that lived on Earth thousands of years ago. They are completely different than today, and how they will be later. Actually, they are even different today from the way they were 10 years ago. Yet, that does not mean that the Laws of nature have changed. Therefore also the Word of God would today have a different form than at the time when the Eternal Laws were written, and even another difference if compared to the time when the Grail Message or the Bible were written. Indeed, many would even have found possible contradictions in It, compared to previous ones, if It were to be written today. Therefore there is no need to convulsively stick to an outer form, as the church does, but it's crucial to understand the essence.

Those who have understood the essence of Laws of nature do not need to know the form of God's Word,
and yet they live in accordance with It!

They are the last ones who shall be the first!


April the 14h, 2017; update on April the 17th, 2017



Notice: After this article had been written other related experiences followed; you can read them after this article, separated by ***. Moreover, we also complement the experiences published so far.

Dear readers - listeners,
In the previous article we informed you that we will not add new ones, but recently we experienced an event whose depiction and sharing it here is our duty!
Two members of Radio Rescue team met for the purpose of the installation of a third antenna at a mountain location of our radio. In the evening when they were preparing to go to sleep they suddenly heard a whirring sound of a woodcock (resembling the sound of a cluck) and so they quickly went out in order to see it. But they saw something else! There had emerged a star, significantly more radiant than Venus at full moon. It moved in a direction from southwest to northeast. This “star” suddenly paused its movement and we saw it through a triangular space between the trees. If it had paused more to the right or left, we would not have seen it, but it stopped right in the middle of the triangle. Soon after, colors started to circle around it like on a carousel or a merry-go-round. They were all colors of the rainbow, which spun round this star. The show lasted a few minutes and then the light around it slightly dimmed, and the object started to behave really like a star. It was a busy time in the sky with multiple aeroplanes in the air. The object remained in the same position, masquerading as a star for a long time; it even changed its position in the night sky exactly in line with other stars. At that point those colors of rainbow spinning around it were not visible by naked eyes, but they were visible through binoculars and there was an obvious difference from other stars. We then went to bed, but the object was still there.

On the second day, encouraged by the events from the previous night, we began with antenna installation. In the evening the same day, lying in a bed, one member laid in a position where he was able to see only a small part of the sky through the window due to trees growing everywhere around. Yet, what a surprise it was for him when exactly just over this piece of sky flew again the bright light like the day before! We quickly ran out with our binoculars, wondering if it is again the same object! Even without binoculars it was evident that it was the same object, because once again around the object shined radiant colors of the rainbow, and it halted again exactly on the same position in the sky as the day before.
It is interesting that these our “space brothers” flew in a way that we were able to see them, or one can say purposely in a way that allowed us to see them. Two days in a row the object halted in the same position (although it flew in slightly from a different direction); therefore there is no doubt that it was not an earthly aeroplane or work of man, but on the contrary in both cases it was the same vessel. In this way we received a confirmation of what was heretofore only our feeling that our space brothers are aware about our activities; indeed, one can even say that the whole project of Radio Rescue had been based on a similar experience!
The above written experience of two members of Radio Rescue team is indeed an encouragement to all those who have the Word of Truth in their hands and believe in extraterrestrial activities; moreover they put together related activities of such kind with promises coming from the Truth. For the others, it's an incentive to wake up!

We know it is hard for someone to believe such experience, but it is a fact and an experienced reality!
If only one of us had this experience, we surely would not publish it
because authorities regard such cases as a hallucination.

But when two people can confirm this experience, it gets a certain form of factuality!



When I became aware of the above-mentioned experience of two members of Radio Rescue team, I immediately realized that my recent experience had something to do with it as well, especially when I realised that it happened during the same evening and even at the same time, though at two different places. Therefore I would like to share my experience with you as well and I describe it below:
I live in a city of East Slovakia. It was in the evening on March the 31st, 2017, around at 8 PM. I suddenly got an inspiration that I should go and have a look upon the sky. So I got up, opened a window and I saw a flying object that radiated a lot and very clearly. It flew exactly in the view angle of the window. I often watch the sky and I like to observe planet Venus that always has a beautiful glare, and therefore I immediately thought that the object is similar to a flying Venus, only bigger and even more radiant. I also was able to determine a flight direction of this object for myself; it was exactly from southwest to northeast. So I took a pair of binoculars and when I was no longer able to see the object, as it was flying above the block of flats where I live, I ran to the other side of the block so that I could see it. From there, I only saw it disappearing in the distance. I started to process this experience internally when the object was disappearing. I was asking myself if they were light (good) friends and where they came from. I got a perfect answer immediately, as I felt some short but very pleasant vibration in the solar plexus. It is interesting that both experiences have the same description of the object, time of appearance, the flight direction, and thus both experiences gain on their trustworthiness.
I immediately told my mother and brother about this experience. My brother experienced the same two days later. The next day, on a Monday, together with my cousin, we were curious if it would appear again and therefore we went to a meadow at the usual time in the evening. But they did not appear. We were however not sad as we knew that what needed to be seen had already been seen. Appearances of such kind are not random and are never one-sided. Therefore they appear in time when it is necessary and not when man wishes it.

One eloquent quotation came to my mind when I was thinking about these experiences. It is from the book The Eternal Laws, part two – The space connection:
“I announce to you my help now in order for you to be ready and confidently waiting for it. We show ourselves to nobody without a preparation, even not to our elect people, our own people, who live with a mission on earth.”



I'm one of the team members of Radio Rescue. My experience started in the night from Monday to Tuesday, April the 4th, 2017 at 3 AM. I call it experience because I perceived it more as an experience than as a dream. The experience lasted as if in three phases till morning. I perceived it this way: I received a message in this experience, which I was supposed to deliver to members of the Radio Rescue team.

Experience: I was at a place, where I communicated with extraterrestrials. I did not see them, but they communicated with me telepathically. I knew that I was speaking with them. It is hard for me to describe all that I felt and how it has proceeded, because I cannot find words for such a description. I will do my best to describe precisely what I experienced. It was as if they wrote a message for us inside me, and at the same time I was reading the message. I saw it written by glaring letters in front of me, and the letters created words in such a tempo like the way you write on a computer.
Message: “Tell them that you all fulfill the mission. First task you have already fulfilled.” The second task they showed me, or more precisely, they allowed me to feel the amount of time (with a sense of a longer period and tougher conditions we had to overcome) during which we have also fulfilled the second task.

Finally they said: “Now comes the time when fulfillment of a third task of your mission awaits you.” Also this time they allowed me to feel that it will be even harder compared to the second task, and they are full of expectations how we will manage.

Feeling very happy I ran out from the room in which I was. When I went out in order to pass the message to others, I realized, that I was in a building, as if in space station, and I felt sand under my feet. Then I realized I am on a desert.
Then I found myself in a bed. “Found myself” is the exact term, because it was not the usual waking up. I perceived during all the time, like I did not sleep at all.

One more thing I want to add. Two days before this experience, throughout the whole day, I had such a strong, curious and strengthening feeling, which I did not know how to explain to myself. Today I know, it was related to the above-written evening experience.
Next morning I sat at a computer and wrote my experience and mainly the message to all members of Radio Rescue team.

Throughout the whole day I felt that I was still connected to them, as if they kept me connected on a certain wavelength. At one point during the day suddenly one other word emerged in me. I admit that I did not understand at all its meaning and I am not sure if I ever heard it before. It was difficult for me even to pronounce.
The word was: “RETRANSMISSION”. One member of the Radio Rescue team later wrote me the meaning of this word: “relay (retransmission) station is an equipment that enables to spread the radio signal to distant locations, or over longer distances.”
This only reaffirms our own intuitive perception about the help from above.

At the end I want to say, that I am convinced that the experience of the two members of the Radio Rescue project described in the beginning of the article is closely related to my experience. I do not want to repeat what is written at the end of that part of the article, i.e. it will sound like a fantasy for some people, but it is only a confirmation for those who have read the Grail Message, and also believe in life beyond the earth. It is still necessary to consider, upon the base of these experiences, where and what is the real and the only one TRUTH!

Hereby I would also like to thank our Creator for His great grace and help for us; my gratitude also goes to our space brothers.


Do not take above written experiences as self-praise but as a logical result of our effort, which actually was initiated from above, even though it was still only a hunch after a previous contact with the space-brothers. Then it just came only as a certain inspiration, or own idea, but which appreciably was not quite solely our own. Therefore we were constantly working to improve the coverage of signal reception through our own effort, but with internal anticipation for help in the right time.
Now, when the idea - the intuitive perception of one of the founders of the project was confirmed by a similar experience of another persons from the team of the radio, we are no more in the state of an “idea” but we have advanced to the position of conviction on future assistance, so that we would be able to fulfill the promise of the Word of the Grail Message on a global scale when the time comes.

All transmitting stations of our civilization work on covering more territories in a way it was mentioned when describing our last contact, i.e. through relay stations or satellites - earth satellites. Radio RESCUE will also broadcast using this method. Of course, it will be possible only with the help from above, because we would never have received such help from our level, as we are and remain illegal broadcaster, similar to those that were active in some nations during World War II.
Our goal with publication of our recent experiences is that now we need the cooperation in the field of audio recordings of Eternal Laws and the Grail Message, particularly in Spanish or in French, Portuguese and German. Preparing these recordings is the third and the hardest task, as described in the above-mentioned message. Therefore we humbly ask those who can speak these languages, or may provide a contact on others with language skills in the particular language, to let us know. If we continue to remain only silent, we will never succeed in accomplishing the third task. Precisely for this reason we received encouragement through experiences that we described above.

December the 9th, 2016



Long experience, even various theories and explanations of future events that supposedly await us, inspired us to formulate a certain explanation because many readers denote themselves as the “experts of the Word”, and they distract or lead away readers with their explanations, and even have no idea that in doing so they are preparing the soil for darkness. Therefore, not only servants of the churches seduce their sheep onto wrong paths, but also those who were already supposed to provide rescue for them at this time!
Now we live in times when doubt spreads in various forms and therefore, the following article could be useful to someone!

We have already pointed out that the darkness has prepared the perfect bait for all groups of human spirits, according to their individual maturity. Thus, even those who hold in their hands the Word (whether it is the Bible, the Grail Message or Eternal Laws) are not fully free of danger being trapped in the prepared bait.
Many readers of the Grail Message recently rejected the same Word in new clothing called Eternal Laws, as well as those who previously had in their hands the Bible but refused to accept the Grail Message!
And this sickness of the human spirit manifests itself constantly, and people still remain in captivity of traditional and outlived opinions, while rejecting the new that is necessary!
Today there are many readers of the Grail Message who refuse Eternal Laws, and proudly claim for himself or herself the title “expert of the Word”. Moreover, they try to support their claim with evidence, since they allegedly possess the complete Word, and even have more lectures than others. Unfortunately, their deeds rather point out the fact they do not understand the Word. It is exactly as written in the very Word (open quotation): “Even if you would know to recite by heart my whole Message, it is of no use for you as long as you do not act in accordance with it!” Indeed, the deeds of those above-mentioned speak truly eloquently!
The result is that they create theories about events that supposedly await us, but which have nothing to do either with the Truth or with the Word, to which they refer. Some do this accidentally, others only from ambition, but others consciously; however all in unison, as servants of darkness. They jumped at the prepared bait of darkness!

Such misguided predictions include also the following: “that Imanuel will come in the clouds for the Judgment; therefore they claim that this means that He will come spiritually and people will see Him with spiritual sight.”
It is claimed that: “of course it is not the arrival in gross matter body.”
If only it were that simple, there would be no need for any act of incarnation from the Light, i.e. incarnations of the Son of God and the Son of Man and even Primordial Queen!
Refuting these arguments is possible with many quotes from the Grail Message, but it is unnecessary, same as to convince believers that actually they are in service of the wrong ruler. Therefore, we choose other - related argument from the Word, but the most convincing, however, only for logically thinking person who is still spiritually alive and therefore intuitive volition is dominant within him or her. This argument also helps the right readers actually get closer to the Truth! Here it is, the most important quote that at the same time is the most convincing argument:
“People did not know nor did they believe that I am the living Law myself as well as the Living Word, the Word of God, which does not prophecy but is creative, primordially creative: deed!
And if the whole world had continually showered me with scorn and derision, and if all had turned away from me in doubt, I would still have spoken, without leaving out a single word, just as I did; because these words contained holy fulfillments!
What is humanity’s derision to me, when I work in the Will of God, which I am! What do I care about doubting earthly pettiness, about indulgent sneers or even the hatred of earthly humans!
I only know the mandate from my Father, and nothing else! And I with or without acceptance by the people will fulfill this mandate.
I have often said: My Word is deed! Yet no one ever developed the right concept of this. That was the fault of the people themselves. Whenever I spoke of the Judgment, they assumed that it was only a prophecy and waited for a speedy fulfillment as they trustingly listened to my words. Others, however, were only waiting to attack me when nothing was fulfilled in the timeframe that they had imagined.
Not one of these people knew that with my Word the happening was initiated immediately, that thereby it was born and had arisen in the mechanism of the cosmos! For it was not merely a human word but the Word of God which works creatively the moment it is spoken, and which, in its working, never ends until it is completely fulfilled!”

“The Word needed the lawfully required time to run through all the worlds before returning now to its origin, the earth, in the closing of the cycle, bearing and bringing final fulfillment.
The final effects will now strike mankind until even the last of my Words has been completely fulfilled!”

Over the course of the years I had to speak at specific times about all the happening which was to come so that it might be fulfilled. It was not meant as a warning to men, as they imagined it to be. Rather it was Deed, Fulfillment, which I brought therewith!

For this reason I already had to speak years ago, progressing along with the development, again and again firmly anchoring new things in this gross materiality through the Word. In all my lectures you only have to separate what I spoke creatively from what I spoke instructively; for you will easily discover that I have used two types of speech which you can recognize exactly if you make the necessary effort.
Thus my Word became deed and brought the Judgment in all the worlds, as it will now bring the Judgment to you on this earth!”

When you read these words, the reader, who does not feel the need to know the exact scenario of events that await us, and were given to us in the living Word, such a reader no longer has the intuitive volition, i.e. the living spirit!
Neither does he or she need to know the exact sequence of lectures, as they were expressed in this living Word!
Such one will never know the scenario that awaits us to experience!
Such one will never understand the living Word of the Grail Message!
And such one can never claim that he or she is fit to teach others!

Darkness always finds a way to distort the Word and thus debase It. It also happened with the Grail Message and a big effort was needed to obtain the currentcomplete Word. But even that was not a guarantee of Truth, because it was necessary to organize the Word in proper order, so the scenario expressed in the living Word approached reality. It is not enough to have all lectures ifthey arenot in the right sequence (chronological order), because in that case the scenario is debased and the reader cannot get the correct picture, that is, one that is gradually formed in the individual lectures, under the previous quote.It can be compared to a curriculum vitae, which would indeed have contained all the information but the order would have been altered in a way that experience from productive years and retirement would have been written in the beginning, and education obtained and school years would have been mentioned at the end. And precisely those who possess the Word in such disordered form, even though complete, try to teach others, hence includingthose who possess the complete Word and in the correct chronological order.
What else can we say on this topic? Let each reader answer himself this question. Nevertheless, the following may serve as a small hint:


The following three essential conditions have to be fulfilled in order to obtain the correct scenario that awaits humanity:
1. Know the Word of the Grail Message in complete form, where lectures are in the proper chronological order!

2. On this basis, know the latest form of this Word under the title Eternal Laws! (**)
3. These two conditions then allow one to accept even the crucial third condition: the acceptance of the Space Connection, as an important part of that Word. (**)

These three forms of the same Word fit perfectly within the frame of the old promises that were available to mankind in the past but were “imprisoned” in various religions! (*) - The evidence about this allegation was submitted in the previous article titled ‘Classification’.
Consequently, those who meet the above three conditions are able to accept the existence of other human spirits evolving through living on various other planets within our gross matter, who spiritually are either more mature or less mature than us earthlings. Finally, when somebody has absorbed the above-mentioned as his own experience, then indeed there is none among the inexperienced ones who should refute such knowledge or experience!
As spirits are in general grouped in nations according to maturity on planet Earth, so it is throughout the material universe - except for the fact that there is no other planet like the Earth, where spirits of different maturity can live side-by-side, (i.e. today the situation on Earth is such that there are spirits who rightly belong here, but there are also other spirits who are incarnated from other lower planets. That’s what makes the Earth unique in a wrong way. That is also the fundamental condition that has to be changed on Earth, and that is the important point of the scenario that awaits us (i.e. lower spirits will no longer be able to incarnate on Earth, but will evolve on lower planets that are homogeneous with their low level of spiritual maturity).

For those few who may be surprised, we now provide as support for this argument, a quote from the Grail Message, lecture no. 64: “What separates so many people from the Light today?
“Therefore the time draws near when for a while this earth must be left to the reign of the darkness, without direct help from the Light, because humanity through their volition forced it upon themselves. The consequences of the volition of the majority were bound to bring this ending. – It is the time, which John was once permitted to behold, when God hides His face. — (* Old promises)

Night is all around. Yet in the deepest distress, when everything, even that which is better is in danger of sinking, at that same time a new dawn will break!But the dawn will first bring on the labor pains of a great purification, which is unavoidable before the salvation of all serious seekers can begin; for a helping hand can not be offered to all those who pursue base ends!(**) They shall fall headlong into those terrible depths where alone they can still hope for an awakening through such torments that they must come to loathe themselves. Those who with sneers and apparent impunity have hitherto been able to hinder the upward striving ones will become silent and more pensive, until finally, whimpering, they will beg for the Truth.
Then it will not be so easy for them; they will be relentlessly led through the millstones of the inexorable Laws of Divine Justice, until in experiencing they come to the recognition of their errors.” —

“But woe unto him who, in order to attract followers, falsifies or alters the Truth, because men find a more convenient form more pleasant. He not only burdens himself with the guilt of falsification and misleading but in addition he also bears the entire responsibility for those whom he was able to pull along by making it more convenient or acceptable. He will not be helped when his hour of retribution comes. He will fall into the abyss from which there can be no return, and rightly so! – This too John was permitted to see and warn against in his Revelation.
And when the great purification begins man will have no time to rebel this time, or even to stem this happening. The Divine Laws of which man so much likes to form a wrong picture will then take effect inexorably.
It is just in the frightfulness of the times, the worst which the earth has ever experienced, that humanity will at last learn that God’s Love is far removed from the softness and weakness which man presumed to ascribe to It.
More than half of all the men living at the present time do not belong on this earth at all!(**)
Already for thousands of years men have sunk so low, and live in such dense darkness, that through their unclean volition they have built many bridges to dark spheres which are far below this earth-plane. In these dark spheres live those who have sunk low, whose ethereal weight never permitted the possibility of their rising to this earth-plane.
This formed a protection both for all those living on earth and for these dark ones themselves. The natural Law of Ethereal Gravity separates them. Down below they can give full vent to their passions, and all baseness, without doing harm. On the contrary; there, their unrestrained indulgence strikes only those of a similar nature whose base way of living in turn affects them in the same way. Thus they suffer mutually, which leads to maturing but not to further guilt. For through the suffering, self-loathing may awaken in time and with it the desire to escape from this region. The desire gradually leads to an agonizing despair, which may finally lead to the most fervent prayers and therewith to an earnest volition to do better.
This is how it was meant to be. But through men’s wrong volition things developed differently!
Through their dark volition men built a bridge to the region of darkness. Thus they held out a hand to those living there, making it possible for them to rise to the earth through the power of attraction of similar species. Here they naturally also found the opportunity for a fresh incarnation, which was not yet intended for them in the normal course of world events.
For on the earth-plane, where through the medium of gross matter they can live together with those who are more luminous and better, they only do harm and thereby burden themselves with fresh guilt. This they cannot do in their lower regions; for to their homogeneous kind the depravity is only beneficial, because ultimately they only recognize themselves for what they really are, and come to abhor their baseness, which abhorrence helps towards improvement.”

“Thus one can recognize it only as Love when at last the final effect of the Laws sweeps away from the earth-plane in full justice those who do not belong here, so that they fall into that realm of darkness to which they belong according to their nature. Thus they can no longer hinder the ascent of the more luminous ones, nor burden themselves with fresh guilt, but perhaps they can still, after all, mature through disgust at their own experiences.” — —

We are living exactly the time where darkness is at its peak and we are left without direct help from the Light, just as it is described in the first sentence in quotation above. And what will follow, it's briefly outlined also in the above quotation and it is the scenario that awaits us. This scenario is described in the same way also in Eternal Laws, Space Connection and actually in all religions. Or is there a person who believes that this dark elite, the vermin, that now reigns on earth, will give up their power only through the spiritual education and without the help of direct intervention in gross matter? Hundreds of years of human history confirms the opposite!

Among us are already a large percentage of humans who have experience with extraterrestrial civilization! Majority of these are asking the following question: “What is their intention, i.e. the reason why they are here, these extraterrestrials?” The answer is as we've just provided above! It is the preparation for the Last Judgment!
Those who are proud that they are close to the Truth (and many readers of The Grail Message say that they are), let them try to answer that question to all those who have the experience with extraterrestrials! After all, in The Grail Message it is written: The Truth excludes every unanswered question!

For some it might have been appropriate to add something, even though we already did so in our previous articles, specifically that not everything that comes from the clouds is of good essence and thus from the Light!
The True saviour will be blessed with a sign that is beyond imitation:a Golden cross of Truth will radiate from Him, and also the dove as a sign of the Holy Spirit!
Most readers of the Grail Message lean towards an opinion that is outlived and inflexible, as if they still did not understand the structure of Creation and living beings within it. They refuse to accept the new and are still confined in the same earth-centered model, like all churches. They do not know that there are also some readers who have been brought to the Grail Message by the very extraterrestrial activity and by our brothers who live outside the Earth. Therefore, they should not try to change such ones (who have experience with extraterrestrials) to their image!

(**) Quotes from The Space Connection:
- According to the Bible I will come in the clouds with the heavenly army.
- My plan is perfect; everything has been carefully prepared for this action. Each will be placed in the position, to correspond with his or her spiritual level. In my Father’s house, there are many dwellings. I have a place for everyone, but there must be established some grading of individuals.
- I promise you that each spaceship will be within one tenth of a millimeter exactly there, where it is supposed to be before we start our rescue operation.
- You must know, understand, and implement Cosmic Laws in real life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is supposed to occur now on Earth, in those who strive for it.(***)
(***) Now compare this quote with the one from The Grail Message, which is placed here, in editorial under the folder “News - the latest articles”.

For those who strive honestly to seek the Truth, following words may provide some help: The following quotes were excluded from the Word of Truth; the first one from The Grail Message (lecture The Lord's Prayer) and the second one from the Space Connection. Why? Because both advise us how important it is to know the space - God's laws! By excluding these quotes we were withheld from the importance of seeking these laws and where we should search in order to find them. This single act of darkness already affirms the unity of these two Messages!

(***) There have already been three opportunities for man to recognize the Will of God!Once through Moses who had been enlightened for that purpose. The second time through the Son of God, Jesus Himself, who bore the Truth within Himself, and now for the third and the last time in the Grail Message, which again has been drawn directly from the Truth.(This quote was excluded from the three-volume edition of the Grail Message)

In Space Connection, paragraph no. 62 says the following:Old Testament was the first book, New Testament was the second book and the third book is in the process of writing for you!(This quote was excluded from the Space Connection)


December the 1st, 2016



On our website, we have often pointed out what awaits humanity! The result has always been the same - indifference and lack of interest, sometimes even ridicule towards us.
But current situation will not last long and will disappear quickly, since events around us begin to give evidence that we were right. Yet, everyone who would undergo the honest effort could find out in various old promises what awaits us, because all religions say the same thing. This time we'll explain the expected event with a quote from the book Prophecies in the Light of Truth. However, the original quote comes from the Indian Vedas, and perfectly captures the essence:

“Unfortunately, influenced by the deluding energy, the living being becomes a false enjoyer under the dictation of the modes of nature. Puffed up by a false sense of becoming God, the deluded living being increases his material strength by so many activities and thus becomes the burden of the earth, so much so that the earth becomes completely uninhabitable by the sane. This state of affairs is called dharmasya glánih, or misuse of the energy of the human being. When such misuse of human energy is prominent, the saner living beings become perturbed by the awkward situation created by the vicious administrators who are simply burdens of the earth, and the Lord appears by His internal potency just to save the saner section of humanity and to alleviate the burden caused by the earthly administrators in different parts of the world. He does not favor either of the unwanted administrators, but by His potential power He creates hostility between such unwanted administrators, as the air creates fire in the forest by the friction of the bamboos. The fire in the forest takes place automatically by the force of the air, and similarly the hostility between different groups of politicians takes place by the unseen design of the Lord. The unwanted administrators, puffed up by false power and military strength, thus become engaged in fighting amongst themselves over ideological conflicts and so exhaust themselves of all powers. The history of the world reflects this factual will of the Lord, and it will continue to be enacted until the living beings are attached to the service of the Lord.”

“Therefore, the earth or any other planet or universe is the absolute property of the Lord. The living beings are certainly His parts and parcels or sons, and thus every one of them has a right to live at the mercy of the Lord to execute his prescribed work.”

“But at times, due to the influence of the ignorance mode of material nature (tamo-guna) or the lowest of the material modes, kings and administrators come into power without knowledge and responsibility, and such foolish administrators live like animals for the sake of their own personal interest. The result is that the whole atmosphere becomes surcharged with anarchy and vicious elements. Nepotism, bribery, cheating, aggression and, therefore, famine, epidemic, war and similar other disturbing features become prominent in human society. And the devotees of the Lord or the faithful are persecuted by all means. All these symptoms indicate the time of an incarnation of the Lord to reestablish the principles of religion and to vanquish the maladministrators. This is also confirmed in the Bhagavad-gíta.”

Therefore, attention to this important milestone of humanity is found in all religions, though now hidden or distorted in many, or is ignored by "elite" of spiritual leaders. In a recent article (Tenth commandment of God and migrants) we published also quotes from the Quran, where the true Leader is called “Merciful” and the very author of Quran wrote the following about him:
“What will be the appearance of the Master?
Muhammad claimed that the divine light will radiate from the Master and his garments will “spread the Light among the people.”

But what about characteristics of the physical body of the Lord, which Muhammad saw in his vision?
According to Muhammad's vision of the Master, he won't be very high, he will have thick hair, thick and dark, which will extend to the shoulders (i.e. it will be a crown of hair, which is mentioned also by St. John and by Indian medicine man and holy man - Black Elk). His broad forehead will be clean and concave. He will have connected brows and dark brown eyes. His nose will be simple with a small recess near nasal cavity, and there will be a gap between his two front teeth. He will have a significant sign on his cheek, “bright as star”. Will have no chin. The color of his face will vary - sometimes dark, sometimes as coins and golden brown, and at some times so bright that it won't be possible to recognize its true color. Finally Muhammad teaches that the “Holy Spirit” will have garments to toe and it will have the color of fire, i.e. the red - orange, as well as other predicted visionaries.”

The quoted text shows that even the American Indians are aware of this upcoming event and the person and the spiritual book PopolVuh (the sacred book of Maya civilization) confirms it. The Holy Spirit is promised as much in the Bible and Jesus called Him: Counselor - the Spirit of Truth - the Son of Man.
Buddhists called him Tathagata - the Saintly King, and all the promises provide explanation about His role and what awaits us. It's the bible's annunciation of the Last Judgement!
All the Churches either are ignoring or explaining falsely this most important event, or even take side that is in opposition to the one that was Promised and sent by God! It's true, and today it can be said without hesitation because they are silent when it comes to speak about this person, even though they were called upon to inform about Him, prepare the soil for Him and serve Him. But they want to govern and thus took side of the opposition in service of the “prince of this world” - as Jesus named him, but Holy Spirit already gave him the right name, which is Lucifer!
Therefore, today, all believers also stand on the side of opposition to the Promised One, i.e. God Himself. Yet, they are proudly thinking that they are marching with the “right team”. But there are as many teams as there are many Churches, in mutual opposition. Yet, God is only one! Therefore, those who haven't swallowed a bait of any Church yet, have a better chance to recognize the Truth and True Lord. Figuratively speaking, they are not hooked and restricted with nylon string of any rod, contrary to other fish in the river or lake. Of those who are already hooked on some bait from Church, i.e. Lucifer, there are only a few left, which are still able to regain their freedom and to get closer to the Truth. Probably they are only as many as the fish that succeed to loosen from the hook during fishing.
On the other hand, Church leaders know what awaits us, and therefore, step-by-step, they are striving for unification against the Promised One. Thus, in doing so, to rob of eternal life as many human spirits as they can; the eternal life, they already lost a long time ago!
This statement may upset some, but Church leaders themselves give supportive evidence. We name only some recent that are also known from mass media:
- September the 20th, 2016, the interreligious meeting called “Thirst for Peace” in Assisi took place. The Pope met with leaders of other various world religions and churches. (1)

- September 24, 2016, the Pope met with relatives of victims of terrorist attack on July the 14th in Nice. As it was pointed out in various articles, among those who were invited were Christians, Muslims and Jews. According to Pope's words “strong relationships among particular religions would enable to ease the pain, coming from that dramatic event”. (2)

- September 26, 2016 the Pope welcomed members of the World Jewish Congress in a private audience. The main topics were peace in the world, dialogue between Christianity and Judaism, which according to the Pope means to walk together, to move closer to one another, get to know each other better, talk, and walk forward. Another major theme was the relationship with Islam. (3)

- October 1, 2016, Pope congratulated Jews on their forthcoming feast and again focuses attention on the good relations between them. (4)

- On October 2, 2016, the interreligious meeting was held in Azerbaijan to be attended by the Pope together with leading representatives of other religions. From the Pope's speech in the mosque:
“The Catholic Church, in continuity with the Second Vatican Council, heartily “exhorts her sons and daughters, that through dialogue and collaboration with the followers of other religions, carried out with prudence and love and in witness to the Christian faith and life, they recognize, preserve and promote the good things, spiritual and moral, as well as the socio-cultural values found among these men and women””

“Today, we are challenged to give a response that can no longer be put off: to build together a future of peace; now is not the time for violent or abrupt solutions, but rather an urgent moment to engage in patient processes of reconciliation.”(5)

- On October 5, 2016 in Rome was signed a Common Declaration between Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and they sent out on mission together 19 pairs of Anglican and Catholic bishops from countries around the world. (6)

- Between October the 31st and November the 1st, 2016 was Pope in Sweden on the occasion of the opening ceremony in order to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Top officials between Catholics and Lutherans prayed together and the Pope called for the unity between the Catholic and Protestant Christians. The Pope and the President of the Lutheran Association jointly signed a statement aimed at the unity of Catholics and Lutherans. Below is a partial quote from that statement:
“While we are profoundly thankful for the spiritual and theological gifts received through the Reformation, we also confess and lament before Christ that Lutherans and Catholics have wounded the visible unity of the Church.  Theological differences were accompanied by prejudice and conflicts, and religion was instrumentalized for political ends.  Our common faith in Jesus Christ and our baptism demand of us a daily conversion, by which we cast off the historical disagreements and conflicts that impede the ministry of reconciliation.”

“Many members of our communities yearn to receive the Eucharist at one table, as the concrete expression of full unity.  We experience the pain of those who share their whole lives, but cannot share God’s redeeming presence at the Eucharistic table.  We acknowledge our joint pastoral responsibility to respond to the spiritual thirst and hunger of our people to be one in Christ.  We long for this wound in the Body of Christ to be healed.  This is the goal of our ecumenical endeavours, which we wish to advance, also by renewing our commitment to theological dialogue.” (7)

Pope Francis also gave interview ahead of his trip to Sweden. Below is one particular question and the following answer from the interview:
“…Speaking about the mutual enrichment possible between Christian communities, the Pope was asked what Catholics could learn from Lutherans.

Two words come to my mind:  ‘reform’ and  ‘Scripture’,” - Pope Francis said. (8)

And now let us remind the already quoted main idea of Luther's reforms (in article called “Genuine prayer”, published on November the 17th, 2016), which is:
“One does not need any intermediary between himself and God!”
The Pope certainly did not have in his mind the reform of such kind! Proposed reform for Church is no reform at all, only a form slightly changing its outside appearance. However the core of it is still the same desire for power!
Yet, the Holy Scripture is again and again distorted and explained in a misleading way, while the pure - newly brought Word of Truth is rejected and being defamed!
Let us now quote from the Holy Scripture, from the Bible, and let us ask ourselves a question how this quote is explained by Catholics and Lutherans! Why do the parts of the scripture quoted below still remain overlooked or bypassed by both parties?

(Gospel of John, chapter 14, verses 16-17)
And I will ask the Father,
and he will give you another Advocate to help you
and be with you forever — the Spirit of Truth.
The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him.

(Verse 26)
But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name,
will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

(Chapter 15, verses 26-27)
“When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—
the Spirit of Truth who goes out from the Father—
He will testify about me.
And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning.

(Chapter 16, verses 7-15)
But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.
When He comes, He will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment:
about sin, because people do not believe in me;
about righteousness, because I am going to the Father and you will no longer see Me;
and about judgment, because the prince of this world now stands condemned.
“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.
But when He, the Spirit of Truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come.
He will glorify me because it is from me that He will receive what He will make known to you.
All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will receive from me what He will make known to you.

In these verses it is clearly written that Jesus sends someone else; someone who will explain everything and Who will judge the world. It is the description of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit - the Son of Man - Imanuel. And he really came; he was born on earth and in the 20th century wrote the purified Word of God, the work In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message, which He issued under the name Abd-ru-shin.
Yet, hitherto there is no Church which would recognized Him as the second son of the Creator; even though there is evidence of His authenticity, and the biggest proof is in His work itself, because in there He explains fully the laws of Creation, which are in complete accordance to natural laws and thus they are identical. In His work He interprets Creation and gives us clear guidance on how to live and evolve, so the human spirit could return once, after his evolution in the material world, to the spiritual realm - to paradise. He speaks in His Word about judgement and teaches all things, precisely as Jesus promised. Luther's idea, that one does not need any intermediary between himself and God, is in line with the Truth and it is also present in the Grail Message, which addresses each person separately and requires his independent work on oneself.

Church, however, tries to interpret these verses to mean that Jesus announces Himself. Therefore, we ask:
1. Why is it written that the Father will “give you another Comforter” (another Advocate) if it should still be Jesus Himself?

2. Why does Jesus say in one place in the first person singular - (I will pray, etc.) and then speak about “someone” in the third person singular?
(“Whom I will send to you from the Father...He will testify about me...But when He, the Spirit of Truth, comes...He will glorify me”)
3. What is meant by: “When He comes, He will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment...” (future tense). - Some explain this in a way that Jesus announces his death and subsequent resurrection. But when Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples, did he talk hopefully about all this???

All current Churches have one common sin, i.e. guilt; none of them recognized and accepted the promised arrival of the Judge - the True Lord. Quite to the contrary, each one rejected Him! And now it's too late to rectify this rejection.
Moreover, some Churches are already in expectation of the “Second coming of Christ”, on the ground of Bible's promise about the “coming of the Son of Man in clouds”. But even here it is not about Jesus, because in the quoted verse, Jesus clearly says: “I am going to the Father and you will no longer see Me”.

In denying these facts from the Bible and their illogical distortions, Churches and their believers fulfill the following that is written in the Bible:

(Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13, verses 14-15)
With them indeed is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which says:
“You shall indeed hear but never understand,
and you shall indeed see but never perceive.
For this people's heart has grown dull,
and their ears are heavy of hearing,
and their eyes they have closed,
lest they should perceive with their eyes,
and hear with their ears,
and understand with their heart,
and turn for me to heal them.”


Quote from the work Eternal Laws, by Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova:
…The expectation of the repeated coming of Christ. By replacing or fusing, respectively, the person of Jesus with the Son of Man, the darkness succeeded in maintaining of this error, not only in the Gospels but also in the Bible, which has brought and will bring fatal consequences for mankind. With Jesus turned into the Son of Man by the Church, the identity of the true Son of Man has been lost and the Church will again and again wait for Jesus as for an expected guest who will never come.

Those who contributed to this mistake will come in his name, and they will mislead people with his sayings, miracles and promises only to gain power and their trust.
Regarding the Judgment, Jesus warns in the Luke´s Gospel 21:8: “Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name...”
The seduced ones do not realize that with denying the true Son of Man they deny their own existence in his future Kingdom. Thereby, they sell their souls to the Envoy of the darkness who will introduce himself in the name of Christ or as his admirer or representative.
In spite of the fact that the John´s Gospel 14:17-26 contains a long text about the true Son of Man in which he is mentioned as the Spirit of Truth, there are many spiritual movements which do not accept the Trinity. They deny the Holy Spirit being the person, too, who came on earth as the Spirit of Truth, the Judge, the Counselor and the Comforter. Thus, they only show their narrow-mindedness and also manifest the fact that the darkness lurks among them. Denying the Holy Spirit as a person and interpreting the given text in the Bible in such a way that it is only a figurative notion, then the real delegate of the Son of Man – Abd-rushin, is to be denied. The darkness maintains this error further on for people not to recognize and accept the true Son of Man in the future and still expected events.

Why does the darkness care about that a lot? In reality, it is more than evident:
The ruler of the new kingdom – Son of Man – Imanuel will destroy everything that is dark so that peace and justice may definitively rule on earth.

Why should the darkness give up beforehand? Until the very last moment, it will be hiding the true Son of Man who shall become its conqueror. Since Jesus will not come any more he cannot be the direct enemy of the darkness and that is why his person is stressed and emphasized.
If the majority of believers finally accept that Jesus is not the Son of Man, darkness will immediately be able to reorient and will proclaim his servants to be Imanuel's envoys. Some dark leaders have already started using certain expressions and notions from the Message; they mix them with Christ's sayings also they perform “miracles” and heal.
In the same way as the experts of the Old Testament did not recognize the expected Messiah Jesus, even though they met him and his teachings as well, so did the experts of the Bible not recognize the Son of Man the Spirit of Truth at this time although, he manifested himself in a similar manner as Jesus did before. He was not criticizing the faults of the Church because of the dishonor of the Church, but he did so for the awakening of its representatives from the spiritual superficiality.
If the Church admitted its faults and errors which Abd-ru-shin had carefully pointed out initially, it would have manifested that it cares for the real recognition of God, not only for the worldly influence. With the silence also the refusal of the Son of Man, the representatives of the Church proved that their position in society was more important for them than God's Truth that is to say they are only the servants of people, not of the Supreme Being.”

“The dark ones have the greatest fear of Imanuel who is supposed to rule in the Millennium. Before its founding, there is “ the fettering” of Lucifer, the elimination of darkness for one thousand years. However, even before, many fallen Angels who are not able to rectify themselves will perish in the purification. Therefore, main goal of the dark ones is the negation of an existence and an arrival of Imanuel as a person and inducing a mass illusion that Imanuel is not the second Son of the Creator, neither the Holy Spirit nor the Spirit of Truthand thus the next person of the Holy Trinity.”

- November the 3rd, 2016 - As part of the Jubilee of Mercy, Pope Francis met with around 200 members of different religions at the Vatican. The representatives included Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and others,.... (9)
And it is in the Quran where the Judge is called “Merciful”, as we mentioned it in the beginning of this article and in detail we wrote about it in the article “The Tenth Commandment and migrants”. (10)
So, Christians celebrate this year, the Jubilee of Mercy and in the Bible they have the promise about the coming of the Judge who brought us the important Word for the Judgement. Yet, neither Muslims nor Christians recognized the promised Judge - the Merciful! So should now join together to conscience!

The fact remains that many news together with the behavior of Church leaders indicate that leaders of churches and religions really make certain steps towards unification for “certain goal”, while not a long time ago they slandered each other and behaved arrogantly towards those with other belief. Suddenly, they are able to unite and not to see the differences! And believers that joined certain religion out of their “conviction” suddenly have no problem with such turnover. That only shows how serious their “conviction” truly is!
Based on experience and in accordance with current practices of the powerful, it is more likely that some information are not meant yet to be publicly known for “sheep”, but right now only for “shepherds” who then cautiously have to start leading those sheep on the paths previously checked by shepherds!
But the reason behind the unification is not peace, like they are trying to communicate it, because peace would be possible only if all the churches lead themselves and the faithful ones towards the true recognition of Eternal - God's laws and towards living in accordance with these laws. But it would also mean the immediate renunciation of all their power, true service to God, acknowledgment of all their mistakes and misdemeanors and uncovering the Truth about the creation, about the Son of Man - Imanuel and His coming for the Judgement, about the Primordial Queen, about the Word of Truth - the Grail Message! However, even the first one, renunciation of the power, serves as the proof because no church is willing to give up its power. Thus, the rest of aforementioned will not happen either.
Above-mentioned activities of Church leaders clearly aim to unite believers under one, yet wrong banner. Unfortunately, under which they will all serve to that one, which will falsely declare himself a new Messiah - Jesus, because they know that Jesus will not come to the Judgement.
Those who expect him and lead believers towards Jesus are on the wrong side and now they are trying to join forces against the true messenger of God - the Son of Man. This world religion, which they try to establish gradually and inconspicuously - is becoming only a sophisticated way of how to turn coats!
Over time some new information will surely begin to surface, and indeed we believe that the church will gently lead their sheep towards the intended unity. And that is precisely the essence of what is impossible (the unity) as long as they do not acknowledge the Truth! The unity can't happen because all the churches act in a way as already explained by Jesus in the parable of the unworthy tenants in the vineyard of the Lord! They simply rob Him and also their sheep.

It's true that the world, in the promised Kingdom of the Millennium, will be united and all religions merge into one, but not by the agreement of powerful people. After Judgment and purification, when only the purest ones stay and accept the undistorted Truth, the world will be united directly by the author of this undistorted Truth, i.e. Imanuel - the Son of Man who is the son of the Creator.

Once again, people tend to put themselves into position of God whom they want to replace, and whose representatives they proclaim to be; in doing so they seduce their sheep towards them, instead of towards God!
According to what was promised in regards to Judgement, Imanuel will come “in the clouds”, and it will be the gross matter arrival onto Earth, as we have written on our page several times before. Therefore, it will be the arrival from the Universe, with His army of Light Beings, i.e. higher beings incarnated for that purpose into gross matter. They will be accompanied by our "space brothers", i.e. extraterrestrial beings from planets of higher level of matter than our own Earth.

The existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is still a topic that divides society. One can say that despite the overwhelming evidence it is generally perceived as nonsense, as science fiction. However, more evidence is accumulating and what is important, they are gradually being available to the public, so it can be expected that already in the near future this issue will not be belittled, but extraterrestrial life, as well as contact with an alien civilization, will be publicly confirmed and recognized. (11)
But from the perspective of all those who do not expect the arrival of the true Lord/Ruler and they do not want to know God's laws (who are now mainly all politicians, all Churches and many religious leaders), these will not put any relationship between above-mentioned facts about extraterrestrials, and the Final Judgement and coming of the Son of Man, but instead it will be described as “invasion”! And this term, the invasion will be used as a means to frighten people, and it is already happening.
But from the perspective of those now suffering and are righteous, who expect the true ruler, know the Laws of God and are willing to live in accordance with them, it is not the invasion, but the aid that will restore justice and social structure, which is required for proper development of every being living in God's creation. Therefore exactly as it is written and explained in the Vedas (quoted at the beginning of this article), and this text is 5.000 years old!

In Eternal Laws, written by Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova as the most recent promise about the arrival of the true ruler, information about the aid of our space brothers is given with more specification.
Quote from the work Eternal Laws, part II, Answers to Questions, by Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova:

Nostradamus prophesied that, at the turn of the millennium, our Earth would be visited by extraterrestrials. Do you know from which civilization or star, they will come?

Our Earth is sporadically visited by various civilizations, from above also below. But these are small testing visits, which do not have a global impact on people.The cosmic visit announced by Nostradamus will have a worldwide character and key importance, since it will be the “coming of the Son of Man in clouds.”

“…The appearance of the Son of Man in clouds is not only a symbol of God´s help but it is its act. In the most critical moment, many flying discs will emerge, in the sky, to save the New Generation. The Son of Man – ethereal Parsifal, into whom the spirit of Imanuel will descend, will manage the entire rescue operation, on the Earth.

Therefore, homogeneous dark ones strive to unite and for that they seek support also in the homogeneous universe (level) - the dark one, because they also know what awaits them/us. That is why we are trying to broaden the knowledge of the events, because in these last days of human existence, all beings are going to be categorized according to everyone's own decision. And believe us, there is really a lot in stake, it's more than people usually say: “It's larger than life”. It's true because it's the eternal life that's at stake, and what we still call death is only a change of “cover or clothes” for the soul.

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(10) You can find the article in the folder CHURCH AND POLITICS, published on August the 13th, 2016
(11) It is true that right now the information is largely given in a “sensationalist” manner (e.g. in form of a documentary TV series like Unsealed: Alien Files - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2433570/combined), such that it seems as if it is something that's should not be trusted. But if one honestly seeks honestly the Truth and can accept information (not just) from Space Connection and is able to connect the dots, then he will find out that this method is sequentially providing the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations to the public.





  March the 21st, 2019



After recent intense experiences, I am forced to start with the following exclamation: “Woman of today, WAKE UP, WAKE UP YOUR SPIRIT!”

These words touch on the most painful place in our subsequent creation; a point that needs the greatest change in permanent purge.

Where is the woman who had and should wear the jewel given to her by the Creator; a jewel represented by the greatest finesse of intuitive perception that had and still should be used only for the blessing?! Where are the high values of true femininity?!

On Earth, we have women who hold guns in their hands, teach their little children to hate and kill, and send them into the arms of senseless death! Women who are active in places and professions where they should not be!
Look around you and you will see a shamefully dressed up woman, almost naked, wearing translucent clothing, her behavior, appearance and talking are either artificially and falsely beautiful, or full of nasty dirty words and curses. And it is better not to talk about her bad upbringing of children and keeping and protecting the family hearth!
Every day I see how mothers walk their children to school, how they talk to them, how they raise them - and it's terrible! It has nothing to do with the greatest finesse of intuitive perception, nor with spiritual purity. Likewise, better not to talk about how kids behave to their parents, how they yell at them when they do not get what they want, even using a bad language! You have certainly noticed this. Where is the respect for the elders!? Children are no longer eduacated, but they are owned like nice toys!
My recent experience only solidified my conviction.
A couple of days ago, a lady manager in a school dining room told me what kids do with the food they receive and how they behave to their classmates. It made me cry.
Children do not like salads, so they throw them away; don't like fish, and throw them away as well; don't like fruit, so they throw it away or trample it under their feet, etc. 
Later the dining room manager was invited to attend the parent/teacher association where the parents, mostly mothers, told her that she ought to cook what their children like, e.g. pizza, burgers, fries, etc... The manager was shocked and told the parents that such food is not healthy, and if parents want their children to eat these kinds of food, they can cook it at home, and that she has school guidelines to stick to. She told them how the children were throwing their entire lunch into a waste bin, and asked them to address and explain to children what is healthy and good for them. Finally she told them: “the children are obese! They have no movement because they are either sitting by computer or cell phone. They do not talk with those classmates who do not spend expensive summer vacation by the sea, or do not have the same expensive shoe brand as they do, or have no branded pen, etc...” It's terrible! Let's realize that parents raise their children! Therefore, the parent, mainly mother, is responsible for the upbringing of the child in the eye of the Creator!

At that moment I realized that in all the chaos, in what is happening on earth, in all nations, in society, in families, there is a WOMAN to be blamed for all that!
If it goes like this any further, and in the first place the woman does not come to her senses and take the right place that belongs to her from the Creator, then the whole nation, all mankind, will die!

Woman’s most sacred vocation, however, lies much higher, lies in the spiritual!

As a confirmation, below follows the quotations from the Word of the Absolute Truth: 
“Although man of Subsequent Creation has made himself the slave of his own intellect, woman has transgressed to a far greater extent.
Equipped with the greatest delicacy of intuitive perceptions, she should easily swing herself up to the purity of Luminous Heights, and form the bridge to Paradise for all humanity. Woman! Streams of Light should flow through her. Her entire physical, gross material nature is adapted to this. Woman only needs to will honestly, and all the offspring from her womb must be strongly protected and encompassed by the power of the Light even before birth! It could not possibly be otherwise, because every woman through the wealth of her intuitive perception can almost entirely alone influence the spiritual nature of the fruit! Therefore she remains primarily responsible for all her descendants!

In addition she has been richly endowed with unlimited possibilities to influence the entire people, indeed even the whole of Subsequent Creation. Her starting-point of the greatest power is, for her, home and hearth! There alone lies her strength, her unlimited might, but not in public life! In home and family her abilities make her queen, at the speakers’ podium, however, she is a caricature. From the quiet, intimate home her incisive virtue extends through the whole people, present and future, and pervades everything.
There is nothing upon which her influence cannot absolutely be brought to bear, if she stands in that place where her inherent womanly abilities fully unfold to blossom. But only if woman is truly womanly does she fulfill the mission which is assigned to her by the Creator. Then she is completely what she can and should be. And it is only genuine womanliness that silently educates the man who, supported by this quiet activity containing undreamed-of power, is able to storm the heavens. Out of an inner naturalness he will then gladly and joyfully seek to protect true womanhood as soon as it only shows itself to be genuine.
But womankind of today trample underfoot their real power and their high mission, they blindly overlook them, wantonly destroy all the sacred gifts they carry within them, and instead of being an up-building influence they bring about disintegration, thus being the most poisonous element in Subsequent Creation. They push man as well as children down with them into the abyss.
Look at the woman of today! Just let a ray of Light fall upon her with all the relentlessness and dispassion which are always accompanying conditions of Purity.
You will hardly recognize the high qualities of genuine womanhood, those in which there can be unfolded that pure might which is given only to the finer sensitiveness of womanhood, to be used solely as a blessing.

A man can never develop this pervading nature. The silent weaving of that invisible power which the Creator allows to move through the Universe, first and completely seizes the woman with her more delicate intuitive perception. Man receives it only partially, and then converts it into deeds.
And just as the Living Power of the Creator remains invisible to all men, while yet upholding, nourishing, moving and driving the whole Universe, so the weaving of all genuine womanhood is intended to be; it is that for which she has been created, and that is her high, pure and wonderful goal!
The queen of Primordial Creation is woman! All-mother is another name for her. She is the high ideal of genuine womanhood.”

“What has thereby become of these images of queenly womanhood! One must turn away from them with horror. Where does one still find in the woman of today the genuine feeling of shame, which is the expression of the most delicate intuitive perception of noble womanhood. It is so grossly distorted that is must be exposed to ridicule.
The woman of today is certainly ashamed to wear a long dress if fashion decrees a short one, but she is not ashamed to expose almost three-quarters of her body, offering it to the glances of all on festive occasions. And of course not only to their glances but also, when dancing, unavoidably to their hands! Without hesitation she would also uncover still more if fashion required it, probably even everything judging by present experiences!
This is no exaggeration. For hitherto we have had enough of this disgraceful conduct.”

“Besides, delicate intuitive perceptions also demand a sense of beauty! Unquestionably. But if today the delicacy of womanly intuitive perceptions is still to be assessed on that basis, then affairs are in a deplorable state. Indeed, the type of dress often and plainly enough tells the opposite, and these thinly-stockinged legs of a woman, or even of a mother, are very difficult to reconcile with womanly dignity. Bobbed hair and modern sports for women are no less harmful to genuine womanhood! Coquetry is the inevitable accompaniment of vain fashion follies, which result in grave dangers for body and soul, to say nothing of the simple domestic happiness. Often enough many a woman prefers the coarse and really insulting flattery of some idler to the faithful labor of her husband.
Thus much, very much more could be cited as visible evidence that a woman of today is lost to her real task in this Subsequent Creation! And likewise all the high values entrusted to her, of which she must now give an account. Accursed be these empty human beings! They are not the victims of circumstances, but they have forced these circumstances into being.”

“Already they have all buried their real values. The majority of womankind no longer deserve to bear the name of honor, woman!”

“Of all the creatures in Subsequent Creation, woman stands least in the place where she should stand! In her way she has become the saddest figure among all creatures! She simply had to become corrupt in soul, since she wantonly sacrifices her most noble intuitive perception, her purest power, to outward, absurd vanity, thereby ridiculing and scorning the decree of her Creator.”

“Thus out of the horrors the new, true woman must first arise, who has to become the mediator, and therewith also provide the foundation for the new God-willed life and human activity in Subsequent Creation, the woman who will have become free from poison and corruption!”

WOMEN! WAKE UP YOUR SPIRIT, and in doing so, you will save all mankind, the whole earth!


The following lines are not meant to injure the reputation of the woman, but through a personal confession, it's the mirror set for every woman's reflection. I myself am a woman, and this should serve as evidence that I am not biased, neither do I need to feel sorry for myself, nor wear sackcloth and ashes; I only write about what I have known as the TRUTH. I have also experienced situations when men condemned the woman and blame her for everything bad, yet somehow forgot that he has free will to make his own decisions, and was not forced to let a woman drag him down the wrong sidewalks. But it is necessary to reflect on what the Bible says - that the woman was the one who succumbed to the serpent's temptation and gave the “apple” to the man. It's a simple fact beyond any doubt and if there is a male who wants to use it as an excuse in every situation, well, it's something that any woman does not need to worry about because – for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Everyone should sweep his or her own door before sweeping someone elses. And when a woman finally sweeps her own door, then a man can do the same with his own!
The following quote from the Grail Message reflects perfectly the above-written paragraph and at the same time, it can serve as an inspiration for every man who longs for the Light:
“Yet this enormous guilt does not fall upon woman alone. She will always be only the true reflection of that world of thought-forms which hovers over her people. This must not be forgotten. Respect and honor woman as such, and she will form herself accordingly; she will become what you see in her, and in this way she uplifts the whole nation! However, a great process of transformation must first take place among women. As they are now a cure can only be effected through a radical intervention, by a forceful and merciless cut, removing every tumor with sharp knives and casting them into the fire! Otherwise they would still destroy all the healthy parts.”


I long for purity, righteous true love; I try to live in accordance with the laws of God, trying to comprehend what it truly means.

I like laughter, humour that does not hurt anyone but elevates a soul without the fear that it can gradually change into an indecent insinuation that obscures ones smile. Sometimes I'm afraid to laugh at the presence of those I do not know because many times what has started as a good-hearted human encounter turned into a disenchanted cloudy result. But fortunately I often experience the warmth in the eyes of others, and to keep that alive and for its further improvement, I would do everything.

I long for purity with my whole heart; I long for knowledge and living in accordance with the true and strict love that would tear out everything in me that depreciates all the good I feel and which, despite the fact that it is the most beautiful and the highest of what I ever felt and lived, is still not enough and must become NEW like everything else!

I know that I'm not able to reach up the “new” immediately, therefore I have to be patient but especially persistent and constantly alive and active. Hence not indolent and half-hearted because the Word says it clearly that it is “either – or”!

I am very happy when I see goodness in the eyes of the others, when they do thousands of small things (that are actually big) for others; seeing any kind of goodness brings me indescribable happiness. I myself try to do good deeds to others and support the best in them. Being useful to others makes me happy.

On the other hand, I feel really bad when I witness or see any kind of violence, evil or injustice committed against people or other beings. I feel miserable when I see hypocrisy, selfishness, recklessness and deeds without love and justice.

Most of all I am very sad about how people disregard the greatest gift that we have ever received - the Word of God, which is the only rescue in every need and which shows us the way and gives us the chance to purify ourselves from our own mistakes and guilts and thus give us the possibility to evolve our own spirit and to once return to our true home, to the spiritual kingdom, to the paradise.

In spite of that and while being able to see and understand the situation we people have come to, what we are capable of and how deep we have fallen, the Grail Message clearly speaks the Truth that the earthly woman is the saddest creature in the whole Creation of God. For no other creature fell as deep as she did, even though she was endowed with precious gifts thanks to which she could have easily become a spark that would create a fire of development, beauty, blessing and joy in all the worlds where human beings reside, and for all creatures, to live in perfect harmony.

It may sound audacious for me to say that I fully realize my personal responsibility for all the decadence and maleficence or harm that I see around myself. Only a woman who has purified from everything and has evolved as she ought to can fully realize the personal responsibility. But I feel the responsibility more and more, even though I understand that I am still only approaching its full understanding. The worst part is how I am terribly sorry for all the evil that I have done and what I have sowed, and now I have to reap the fruits of my past deeds through living and experiencing the world around me. Not because it hurts me so much, but especially because it hurts others and pulls them down.

And the consciousness of the failure before our Lord is something I do not want to write about, for every woman has to experience it on her own.

It's okay to feel shame and pain because these feelings are justified. Setting up a mirror for yourself is the first step. But a woman who truly longs for Truth, Love and Purity has to quickly brace up and start changing and redeem herself, regardless how endless on the first sight such change may seem to take. And this is the vocation of today's woman. To straighten up and with her strive to change into a better woman not only ceases to create another chain of evil, but also starts to sow the seeds of good, and to become an inspiration for a man to the great and dear to God deeds.

Where to begin? First and foremost, a woman has to become the true woman, therefore neither a masculinist nor a reasoning woman, but a fine and delicate being. Hence neither rough and masculine nor unnaturally softened or fragile, nor dressed provocatively and in lascivious or indecent style, nor seductive and flirting, trying to use her unpure influence on the man to achieve her selfish goals and satisfy her vanity. On the contrary, a woman has to become pure, clear as the cold water of the mountain spring whereat beautiful flowers grow and refresh pilgrims. Therefore she must never again become the one that artificially excites the man's instincts that turns him into a heartless and calculating beast.

The True woman is the one who is the guardian of home's heart and happiness. Not a careerist who doesn't have time for home and who doesn't create the warmth of home. A woman who, if she becomes a mother, will take her role responsibly, knowing that she has taken with her partner to their home, a new guest with commitment to give him or her the best care so he or she may become a valuable person, ready to be useful to others and thus spiritually advanced. Not a woman, a mother who has no shame to expose her breast on the street for the eyes of the public, or also during the session of Parliament where she would like to be a part of the participants. In addition, she even feels proud and big because she shows herself publicly to everyone as a nursing mother, whereas she is only reducing the image of noble maternity below the level of the dairy cow.

No woman should spend her time on the so-called “For a decent Slovakia” protest actions because if she truly desires for her homeland to be a decent country she has a lot of work to do, but first and foremost – she first has to redeem or straighten up herself alone!

Where to begin with the change?
Every woman can find in the Word of Absolute Truth - the Grail Message, and in the Eternal Laws.

And while it is not easy to follow this path, let it be an encouragement for us that every small but honest step that you successfullly manage on this path will bring you the joy and fulfillment that any treasures of the earth cannot outshine! Not to mention the high aim of this chosen path!