Very eloquent proofs about a fact that mankind is in service of dark identities which in fact have influnce far beyond our Earth, are stored on this website in the folder/tab „Science and universe“.

Watch the video carefully (situated under an article „Unknown flying objects – UFO“ ) and you will understand many things!

We called those who has buried their free will unflattering in this folder: „parrots“, and this expression maybe became irritating for majority, but unfortunately it had to be and it is the most fitting expression, which characterizes the so-called people perfectly.

The parrot is a creature which has adapted itself to its own cage in the most perfect way, cage inside of which it feels comparatively satisfied, and even environment of the cage is sufficient for it so as it finds fulfillment of necessities of its life easily inside of the cage. It even also can observe its environment satisfied, suck information from it, and it can also reproduce the information gained in this way with satisfaction sa well and to disturb its environment with it. Surely everyone has already met this phenomenon!

Majority of mankind population is in such cage now, so we can find a cage for groups of scientists, teachers, politics, all of churches and then for all the population in reality, which is brought up by this leading indentities.

But one and very important group in this video has decided that it wants to leave the cage in which members of the cage have been kept against their free will in reality, as they had to suffer its restricts in order to remain alive. But it is deplorable when majority of population has chosen this cage and they even also remain in it voluntary without being forced to do it, i.e. they choosen it and remain in it of their own free will. What can be done in a case like this? Well, only one thing can be done, which we tried to do, i.e. that we will try to help members of this great group in a way, that we will disclose their inconsolable position to them, without gold-foil, i.e. so open and uncompromisingly as it happened in this folder, that is also with the suitably chosen name, which expresses this state perfectly.

How long do you still want to remain in this cage voluntarily, when even also those who have been forced to remain in it against their free will, have already been showing you the right way?

Cease to do shame to humanness in refusing the own and valuable expression MAN voluntarily, and you rather satisfy yourselves in service to your comfort with that expression, which is fitting, but which humiliate all of you very much, and you remain in the cage which suffice you!!!


July the 10th, 2014

The Last Judgement – The End of the World


These phrases are already well known to many people but not in their meaning and hence the correct term. These phrases are actually related but they are not identical and their meaning is different.

There have been declared many deadlines for the “end of the world”. Therefore any warning toward this direction becomes now only unattractive phrase or even an object for mockery. The latter was actually the reason for determining these deadlines as a precise target move from darkness. So when the right time comes nobody will pay attention to these prophesied dates and even worse – there will be no attention to the event itself, just a mockery move of hand.

But the mockery will turn into the biggest fright within a short period of time!

Therefore, for those who do not take these words as completely misguided, it is necessary to bring into this area some light and bring closer the serious seekers of truth to it alone. It's not easy now just because of the existence of many false information and the deadlines.

I wrote that „I spoke with aliens“ in the previous post. But even here we can find plenty of possibilities who aliens actually are. There are many among us who listen to them even without knowing about it. Our lives are constantly interfered with entities / beings from finer levels, where also human spirit lives – the deceased ones, which foregone us and are no longer among us. But when we talk about the finer levels it is not always well advanced and sophisticated level. Darkness is also active in the finer levels, which still belong to the world of matter. Moreover, elemental beings are all around us, taking care about the implementation of  the laws of nature and also they govern the nature itself. We can meet "the good" alongside with "the evil" in the world of matter and thus our spirit is shaped, developed and improved. Thus, here in our world of matter, beings of good and evil are active. The science finally also acknowledges the existence of parallel worlds. Unfortunately we haven’t still take these findings seriously into notion and we still live the old-fashioned way, i.e. as if these findings and knowledge about them does not exist. Contrary to that, there are still other higher beings ready to help all those who are interested. These beings are of those parallel worlds or universes. They can be alike us, i.e. similarly „materialized“ as we but they can also be even more etherial (having only finer uppermost covers/bodies of their spirit, or just spirits alone), looking from our current point of view. Moreover, there are beings who originate from even more finer levels. The content of previous sentences had to be written, so the reader won’t be lost again in errors.

Now, I have to add to my previous statement „I spoke with aliens“ that these aliens were from the finer levels. My body as a temporary tool (like bodies of everyone) participated only partially on the communication. It means that only certain part of my tool (body) – specifically brain was involved in the communication with aliens. Each of us is equipped to receive also the other frequencies apart from those that we constantly use. Thus, I’m no exception, I just pay attention to „tuning“ also the other frequencies, i.e. not just those ones that permanently annoy us mostly with nonsense and trumpery. Although certain preconditions have to be fulfilled in order to be able to receive the other frequencies. You have to be able to „tune your receiver“ same way as we tune all our earthly radio-electronic receivers. Actually, it is always the same principle based on the simple nature law of homogeneity.

The previous paragraph as a little “detour” was also necessary in order to let the reader understand what all is able to approach him under the validity of already mentioned law. That is also the reason for the variety of different terms and information regarding the expressions that were used in the beginning of this article. They come from different levels and have different directions according to the targeted purpose and level of their origin. Today, it is not easy to be acquainted among all these and therefore certain criterion of plausibility should be taken into account, namely the TRUTH:

True knowledge must remove every doubt and give answer to every question!

And such knowledge we have repeatedly received, even several times it had to be supplemented by our new lessons learned from our progress. Humanity is moving increasingly to new knowledge and the spiritual progress must correspond with it. All religions are already outlived and obsolete lessons for the indolent spirit! The spirit that is not indolent – that spirit is not part of any church and is staying close to the TRUTH!

Therefore, the Church has never known God’s messenger with the new Word of God that corresponded to progress that humanity have reached at particular time.

The following parable serves for a better understanding:
All religions are natural stages of maturity as well as the maturity of a man who has to go through kindergarten, and elementary school, then middle school and finally the University, or the doctorate.

Therefore, we learn and gain something valuable at each step of education and then we realize that every step in the education was necessary because it’s not possible to provide an explanation and gain an understanding about the functioning of nuclear reactor in kindergarten.

However, not every student finally reaches the doctorate. And so it is also the same in the spiritual area of education.

Therefore, we must also be aware of the similar procedure in the spiritual area of education and thus understand the various spiritual movements, which often contain Truth, though often misused and distorted over time.
We must be aware that it is precisely the spiritual area that is more important than the doctorate or university diploma, because there everything started and will end. The Ethereal World, which we still do not recognize and accept preceded our Gross Matter, which we only accept yet. Our science is only immature and mutilated kindergarten without knowledge of the Ethereal World and the construction of the Creation of God, hence the higher levels / worlds and laws applied within these levels.

In those areas of human material progress, we are quite adaptable and materially advancing mankind, only in the spiritual areas - more important ones we disproportionately stagnate and this is perfectly reflected in all religions.

Priest, guru, rabbi and every spiritual leader uses  and even abuses the achievements of modern technology and progress but in the more important – the spiritual matters they completely ossify and cling to the old and long time outlived traditions that are harmful to spiritual progress. But more importantly, they are harmful to the TRUTH and thus in particular to HIM, pretending they are HIS ministers.

And everyone will be held accountable for his or her deeds within a short period of time.

If everyone who boasts about his or her service to God wouldn't acted in a mentioned way, the God willed unification between the spiritual area and science disciplines (those, which claim to carry out research in natural sciences) would already happened a long time ago. Following this way also the science would gain an inspiration because gradually there would be discovery after discovery that would complement each other and formed a logical whole. But now we can experience the opposite. Discoveries mostly contradict and tolerate each other only in an act of false courtesy. Just because everyone has a mass of followers behind. Although these followers are completely confused and distant from the Truth and therefore distant from God as well as from natural – God’s laws, which are uniform for all and everyone. Followers who hate each other, keep fighting using as words as guns and give evidence every day of overpassing laws of God and even trying to exterminate each other. All that by tacit or even public support of their spiritual leaders.

After this factual „detour“ we continue in delineated topic.
In addition to direct emissaries from God always other prophets acted among us – human spirits. These prophets were human spirits, which have already achieved the necessary degree of spiritual progress. And these prophets are precisely the ones who are able to tune their tool to receive the finer frequencies and communicate with higher beings, who fulfill the Will of God. Therefore, nothing subject to arbitrariness and „act of luck“.

On the other hand, there are variety of those who communicate with levels and beings that go in opposite direction and fulfill the will of God apostate – „the prince of this world“ (as Jesus called him) – Lucifer. He was supposed also to be helpful to human spirits but he failed in his mission. Failed and seduced many beings from different levels of the creation/world.
That all was necessary to be noted as a lesson because for the right explanation of the initial terms (shown in the beginning of this article).

I was provided with instruction based on my knowledge gained by experience. It happened after my studies of all spiritual disciplines, which are known today and prevale in today’s society opinions. After some expierence, I searched for explanations to questions that my life put into my way, but also my neighbourhood and experience of others. After a long search, I discovered The Absolute Truth – The Grail Message (spiritual doctorate), which answered all my questions and helped me establish a connection that followed and which I described before. I started to communicate on frequencies that I have already known thanks to the instruction provided before. Therefore, I was able to distinguish their origin. Although it should be added that it is not always so easy to distinguish them. Seducers are also very intelligent and are very well aware of the necessary instruction. There is always The WORD (Grail Message) for everyone as a tool for guidance and help. THE WORD OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH. It is the salvation from getting lost.

From this finer level also the specific date (deadline) was given to me. This deadline will be for us – the mankind very important and I must point out that the date is very close. I will not specify it just for the reason already explained and it is not important for the spiritual progress and salvation itself. The deadline itself played for me only an indicative role for the assignment, which was given specially to me.

Lastly, everywhere in the old promises you can find the following note: „On that day and hour knoweth no man, but the Father alone!“

Neither I do not know about the day, nor even the hour. Only the year was „whispered“ to me. And even this year is not important for spiritual progress but its role could be some kind of an warning signal. This is the only reason I speak about the deadline. It should be considered as a warning for all those who are indolent in their spirits. For all those careless and indolent ones who only strive to gain things of temporal value. These things and values will be taken from them one day for sure one way or another but certainly by death. Even all the rich and famous ones are now in the place or level where all the material fortune they once possessed is in no use for them anymore.

Thus, the deadline is not important but the important thing is something else. It is important to know the meaning of the real events, which awaits us in near future.


The Last Judgement – The End of the World

These phrases should not be replaced by each other because they are not identical even if they are real. Each phrase has a different meaning and even different deadline (time of happening).
“The Last Judgement” is very close ahead but “The End of the World” is still very far from now.

“The Last Judgement” is a collocation for a concept that also semantically corresponds exactly to its title. Therefore, it should be a “judgement”, followed by the separation of those who are able to integrate into society from those, who on contrary should be isolated. Thus, exactly as it is already in our society.

All those, who will be spiritually mature up to the level where they would be able to adapt to the newly established „spirit society“, they will be also rescued with their gross-matter bodies. Although it must be added that they will be partially „subtly refine“ for a new way of existence and the newly established gross-matter of the Earth. Refined for the new frequency that occurs as a result of the changes in radiation. We can already feel and experience it in the form of disasters and catastrophes.

Others will be separated and placed on levels and planets where they will reincarnate and will have to mature even in harder but homogeneous conditions, which they prepare for themselves already by their current life and therefore, they are homogeneous to them. Thus, they will have to get rid of their existing depravities precisely according to all the old prophecies and in a way that many artist provided to us in a form of paintings, called and described as „purgatory“.

So, after this separation – „the judgement“, the time for repair of what we did wrong will be provided in the „detention facility“ until „the end of the world“, which also will occur one day. But again – not for everyone but only for those who have failed in the „school of life“ and therefore, they did not adapt their spirits with right development in order to be able to exist independently. Thus, be able to live at the level from which it once as unconscious spirit germ came out – i.e. from Paradise.

Therefore, no one will escape the separation process!
There is no place in the Creation of God where someone could hide and be rescued before that separation!


During the above mentioned „End of the World“ only mass will cease to exist, i.e. all the worlds of gross-matter and even ethereal matter, where human souls live after death. Spiritual world together with the higher levels are those, which only remain. The mass was needed only temporarily for the development of the finer substance – the spirit. The mass has a limited duration and in certain time it will become overripe, useless and unnecessary. But not in the whole Creation of God because another worlds are constantly emerging, maturing and also cease to exist elsewhere in Creation.

Therefore, open your eyes and ears all you careless ones! Wake up your spirit, which you weary and you let the spirit of yours be sleepy by today’s mass media and churches. They promise you impossible things because as well as in school those, who relied on favouritism let the others to act in his or her name. Thus, they had not obtained the necessary knowledge for real life. In today’s human society it is possible to live at the expense of others and most people do not hesitate to utilize this way of life. Rejoice the righteous! Your time is coming and the end of suffering comes with rightful suffering that settles everything. And the old but even the new prophecies will fulfill. Prophecies, which we have forgotten or we have never looked for because we have not need them. On contrary, we obeyed those, who promised us prosperity at the expense of honest people.

When the time of dismay comes, when the suffering visit the right ones, then the following will come true:

Powerful ones remain powerless; educated ones remain clueless; some careless ones begin to be curious and seek the TRUTH!
Then many begin to desire for RESCUE!

And the rescue will be for them in the WORD, which they themselves have to bring to life!


September the 21st, 2014




Here on our website, we have already drawn attention into various directions where activities of darkness is clearly observable. Even internet is beginning to fill up with information that shows how the nature is deliberately deteriorated and so thus the environment for the healthy development of man and his activities.

However, the ignorance still celebrates its victory even now in „modern“ time in the same way as in the past, to which many regard with contempt. But target this contempt unto yourselves and then many things will change.

There is no single activity and industry that is not controlled by darkness and thus nourished by resources of this darkness that are necessary not only for the functioning of our society but even worse, for the life of every human being. It’s a perfectly woven cobweb where everyone who wants to survive must get catched and stuck himself into. But the term „survive“ is not the correct one. Instead, the term „to endure in a short period of time“ is more suitable. There is now only one way to salvation: breakage of that cobweb and deliverance from it! But that is something that no one is able to do without the help of a FORCE MAJEURE – the one TRUE LORD! Exactly like the old prophecies have promised.

Therefore, all the advice and guidance are only the result of human ambition and pride if not directed the right and only direction.

All these wrong and even deliberately malicious activities are financed by those who are trying to „clean up“ the planet Earth for those who would like to obtain a suitable environment for themselves and get rid of the original inhabitants. Even with a little effort anyone can find out easily that there is someone who owns the financial resources that make possible all that was mentioned before. All countries are in debt and the creditor remains unknown. Search after him and you will find out that all roads lead into one direction and it doesn't matter whether we speak about fake conservationists, scientists, doctors, engineers, media, churches, schools or even politics. They are all individual threads or fibers of cobweb, already mentioned before. Cobweb in which we are all trapped within.

It was already mentioned before that there remained only two ways:

Service to the Truth – holes in the cobweb – empty pockets!
Ignoring the Truth – cobweb maintenance – full pockets!

There are only a few who choose the empty pockets and thus service to the Truth – the Absolute Truth!
However, it should be kept in mind: The term „Absolute Truth“ is necessary to understand in terms of its origin, i.e. from the perspective of the Creator of all creation. Only in His understanding the Truth is really „absolute“!

From the perspective of the recipient of this Truth the term ceases to be valid because understanding of the recipient is not „absolute“!

The recipient moves forward on a spiral of four words: doubt – protest – knowledge – truth! Within the dimension of time the spiral's curve repeats itself and it all starts again: doubt – protest – knowledge – truth. However, „The Absolute Truth“ dwells only at the very top of the spiral!

The fact that the recipient is unable to gain or understand the Absolute Truth, does not exclude the existence of this Absolute Truth. Only recognition of this fact causes that its recipient becomes wise and humble at the same time. And that is the purpose of „Absolute Truth“! The intention of this term is to point out the existence of „Absolute Truth“. Thus, not the attempt to boast about that the Truth is property of the person who is trying to receive it (recognize its existence). This term is not new and has been known for five thousand years.

It is impossible to live without means in today‘s society and therefore the service to the Truth remains only the rare exception among people. Only a man who is a little dependent on the society can afford this service. Even the directions are only a few in which he may be independent. There are only a few of those who know to whom and which objective they serve. Others are only the exploited victims of their own stupidity. Thus, holes in the cobweb are in direct proportion to empty (and leaky) pockets. Dark elite easily finds out the weak spot in the cobweb and immediately decreases or even stops the flow of resources towards this direction. It is the same as with the spider, which easily finds out the hole in the web or that a prey get caught in the web. These victims of dark elite are leaders of instigation against other victims; they are exploited in every field of human activity, in all sorts of ideologies, in various churches and sects, in political parties and in every fiber of the cobweb mentioned above. It „boils“ in every corner of the Earth in various forms and activites for the sole purpose only – to prepare the place for new tenants!

But in the Truth we were advised: „Darkness will ultimately only serve the Light“! And it goes perfectly by this prophesied way. In all those activities (mentioned above) only the inferior individuals are actually removed. Those individuals who are not ready for the new era after the purification! Thus, darkness itself makes all the dirty work as a service to the Light. Therefore, you who let themselves be set against each other under the command of your leaders, you take a think and cease to serve them under the darkness of ignorance. Stop nurturing the cobweb that does not allow you to release yourselves from its toils until you die within it.

Thus, one could go on forever and enumerate all cobweb fibers. However, it is useless because the cobweb is already spread all over the Earth. All individual fibers form a perfect whole that must be destroyed globally. And show me such a leader who is able to do it. We showed HIM to you and we lead you to HIM constantly. But it is still to no avail! Do not try to flick in the cobweb but it is sufficient to wake up your spirit instead. And even though in silence, the spirit itself will begin to prepare for a NEW ERA.




October the 18th 2014


People experience their stories every day. Majority of them even do not know that they experience effect of their previous faults in return. And they even do not understand what happens around us at all. We are witnesses of decline and failure, no matter if it is related to economics, politics, health service or to educational system, briefly to every field of life. Mankind has arrived to the point, in which it can see the decline. We can see as if whole material world falls to pieces, dies away. If man makes effort and starts to observe this happening, he or she will understand that it is true. Now, please, let me share my own observations of present time with you.


I work in economical field and my duty is to observe changes of the laws that are approved, because I need it to my work. But I realized it is not possible to observe all laws, by-laws, ordinances, methodical directions, which still will be in validity only for a short time and others will replace them. Our economic is dead. What they call economical growth is fall into a chaos, where various financial groups have possibility to „earn some money“, but fair and honest businessmen are victimized by offices and therefore big majority of them rather stop their business. I have a client, his company covers and cultivates around 1000 hectare of soil, he has herd of cattle, he employs 25 people. He is forced to live from money from a loan for which he pays back from grants of state. He has no debts, he pays all taxes and payments in time. He needs to buy seeds for sowing, chemical sprays, diesel, machinery in order to start new agriculture season. He can, of course, deduct a witholding tax from these shopping, what means that the state has to give it back to him. As he had no own invoicing in the month, because it was time before harvest, calves only were growing and they could not be sold, inordinate budget of quite high amount arose to him. He still had to pay this tax to his suppliers, because they had to give it to the state. So he has to wait till tax office will send him money back. Man has to wait for about three months. He already could not wait to get the money, but he did not receive them. A week before the time when money should come, information about tax control came. But not from our tax office, but from the regional one and the reason was high amount of money that should be returned. Questioning of the businessman started there, as if he was accused of hard crime. He had to describe his work to lady from tax office in details, i.e. why such high deduction of tax arose to him, why he did not give any invoices to someone and when a controller asked him finally to explain what the basic industry means, he resigned. She had no idea about what he explains to her. Now, more then half a year later the control hasn‘t finished yet, because they have one year period to finish it. There are even also such people who did not get their money for more then one year. That is the reason why I think that our economics is dead. The state brakes the law of balance and the rule is in validity for the state as well, the rule that only when we give, we can get and we can reach prosperity only in this way. 


Health service
I have a friend whose husband died. It struck her very much, because he was ill only for two months. He had lung cancer. More than 4 years have passed since he died and she still suffers as much as when it happened. She placed her above the Will of God through her selfishness, the Will of God, which said that her husband has to go away. She expressed her desire to go after him, in her despair, when we spoke together after funeral, because she can not live here without him. I warned her that she sows dead. What can she reap? Today, after 4 years she has cancer too. She became ill less then one month ago and they have already detected the last stage of illness to her. She caught the “last rescue“ which doctors have offered to her – i.e. chemotherapy. But what may be the outcome? Without awakening at first place there is no recovery of health. But doctors do not explain this thing to her. That is the reason why I say that our health service is dead. Man can not heal through any medicament, when he or she does not purify himself or herself spiritually, because man has to reap what he or she sows. Till doctors will not accept it and till they will not explain it to patients, they will not recover health, they only will heal again and again and people will die. Therefore I only observe sadly, how my friend is leaving.

Every man is in certain stage of spiritual knowing. That means that everyone is unique personality, so there can not be the same procedure of healing for everyone. Man accepts and receives also procedure of healing in case of ill body according to his or her spiritual height. Man who is filled by fear of himself or herself, his or her thinking is directed on material things only, he or she receives procedures of actual scholar medicine. The more open is man to accept also higher knowing, the sooner he or she accepts also alternative procedures of healing and so he or she has possibility to get himself or herself out of the illness as well. Such a person takes his or her illness as a way of atonement of his or her previous wrong-doings.

Unfortunately, actual reality is that majority of people accept and receive procedures of official medicine. Society pays for the ignorance of natural – God's laws. People are ill not only physically but mainly psychically. We explained what psycho-somatic problems are in article „Schizophrenia“  (Note: The article is placed in folder „Effect of darkness“).  The case of young Czech woman who has this diagnosis and who killed 16 years old boy, is the best example of present days. The woman attacked young girl in school as if without any explainable reason. The boy defended girl and this was a reason why woman stood against the boy and she stabbed him. A research is running now, why woman was let out from psychiatric healing.

A culprit who caused that is searched, but whole society with its ideology is guilty, society that does not accept bigger and more important part of the creation of God – i.e. the ETHEREAL MATTER! Mankind will wander, till this knowing will not be a part of our ideology. Mother of psychically ill woman consider her daughter as „lost and pained soul, who does not realize her illness“. Yes, she does not realize, because someone else has control of her body, some who appropriated her soul. She is not ill, she is only possessed by spirit who already does not have its own material body, through which it could express its own will and so it finds someone who is so weak in spirit, that will enable this possession to happen.


We observe daily how conflicts acute, conflicts on political field of our country just as on the field of world-wide politics. Man really has to be blind or deaf, if he or she does not see it. Fanatics with desire for power govern us. We live on the edge of world-wide conflict which could destroy life on Earth if it escalates into war. In spite of a fact that people know it, they vote the same people again and again if they do not vote worse ones and they expect that it „will be better“. But it will not be better anymore. Laws are made and approved in order to fit the needs of some strong people, politics are corrupted and they „play theatre“ in their false acting and expressions, theatre in which they show themselves as the biggest guardians of people. Politics do not know how to manage values of the state that are entrusted to them and they lead the nations to collapse, out of which they want to lead people through stupid reforms, through run into debts and eternal „tighten of the belts“.

That is the reason why I say that politics is dead.


Educational system
Educational system of today is led to teach useless things. Teaching material is aimed to one thing, i.e. that children have frontal, intellectual brain in activity. Man always says that children should not sit many hours in front of the computer and on contrary teachers burden children with senseless projects, which need to be done just on computer. Children can not prepare themselves to school without using computer today. Children put such information into their brain, which they will never need in real life. They learn dead phrases. Then there does not remain time for such childhood for the children, like we have experienced fifty years ago. Streets were full of shouting of children in that time. Streets are empty and calm today, because children sit in front of the computers at home, burdened with homework, they attend various hobby groups and take extra classes, they have to continue in study at gymnasium mostly, because according to philosophy of today only he or she is capable and valuable man who has done at least one university. Young person who is educated in this way has not even a notion that also other world exists, which is more important for him or her. Young people often escape to worlds that are made up from thinking of men with the help of encouraging substances as alcohol and drugs are, and it is very hard to get free from these worlds. There are no role models of parents, grandparents, teachers for young people.

Dear friends, if you read these lines to the end then please, look around you, open your eyes and understand the seriousness of time period which we experience now. We are at the end of one era after which either ascend or fall will come. According to what everyone of us deserve. A time in which we can make very much for our spirit is here. It depends only on us, if we look at happening around us passively and rely on a fact that the „strong ones will solve it instead of us again“ and we will live calmly also further and destroy whole planet gradually, or we will find a strength inside us and we will change our lives by changing of our thinking, we will get rid of our bad character attributes, but mainly we will not do the same mistakes again and again – eternally. A rescue, which our radio offers is here for us also for that reason. We all who contribute here, find inspiration in one source, in Word which is alive and our duty is to find it and to live in accordance with it.    


Next lines are view on art from the perspective of another contributor to our website Radio Rescue.

„Art is an activity of spirit“. „An art shall uplift spirit of the artist and audience up to luminous heights.“ It should be in this way. Only this is the right ART! But is it really so??? The intellect that wants to put the spirit aside in every field intruded and snaked even also to art in the beginning of 20. century. Distorted, deformed shapes of people, animals and things came in and various questionable splotches for which the blunted or conceited people clap in favor. And when simple and direct person says that he or she does not like it, they look at him or her proudly, because according to them he or she is a poor man who does not understand the art. This is it, he or she still senses through intuitive perception and not as they do – only through distorted intellect!

Of course, not every actor is fettered by intellect, many ones still perform and create a real art. But let us look what art is offered to us today, mostly?

When you come to theatre, you will realize that it is quite normal that half naked women and men run on the scene, the performances are often superficial, just for the effect and audience does not receive any values from them, but just the contrary! I do not speak here only about drama, but even also about dancing theatres and also about opera. And actors always adapt and conform themselves to no end, just in order to do what they desire to do and in order to receive applause from audience, they sell themselves and their talent too, which should be their gift through which they should serve others – on the way to hights!

In addition, so-called „backstairs influence“ and contacts rule everywhere. In reality, everyone who pay or deal with it in some other way can be an actor or a singer today, without taking into account whether the person has talent for it or not. It all comes to a point where it does not matter anymore whether audience like it or not, because audience often is so dulled that receive everything that is offered to.

We rather will not open the theme of TV and its programs. There is only brutality and reality-shows that insult humaneness and stupid, superficial TV-shows.

How great it is when man watch valuable film or nice fairytale here and there! Fairy tales ... In former Czechoslovakia many nice fairy tales were made. Did anyone of you think about why the modern ones are not able to be so nice? Why they already do not have that atmosphere? Well, a princess who shall be good often has a sight of coquette! Knights and even princes are not much better. How they should be examples of some virtue in this way, a virtue that shall form children and makes adults also happy!?

I will try to choose only some of many of my experience now. But first of all I would like to say something in addition, i.e. that not even I acted always totally correct and I would already do many things in a different way today. For example, my bachelor thesis „Ethics of actor as part of his or her profession“  is worth mentioning. It was not even me who came up with that theme, it was between those offered and it interested me. I chose an approach that I took Ten God's Commandments as a base, which I analyzed – with the help of explanation of Abdrushin in the Grail Message in two ways – a.) generally (with quotations from the Word); b.) in relation to dramatic - theatrical profession and I tried to find an ideal of the actor through this work. The consultant supported my work, he was a professor – linguist. The opponent – professor of acting, however, wrote a very bad review of my thesis, in which she said things that I did not write at all and, she came to conclusion that I am strong „parish clerk“ – religious woman. When I came to examinable room, I had a feeling as going to advocate myself in a trial and that my life is at stake. I said at the beginning that I do not belong to any church or religion, that I am not even baptized, but that I accept and honor everything truthful, no matter in what religion it can be found. Amazement of professors followed, because they did not supposed it. Suddenly, I felt a great strength in myself and I advocated the work vigorously and objectively, I said what I wrote about, what I comprehend, what I perceive inside me and what I think. Finally, I got the „A“ and even one old man came to me, a specialist on Slovakian theatre who was invited, in order to congratulated me personally and, he said that he had not read such a work of a student hitherto. And then he said: „You have to study a lot, haven't you?“ Such question is a perfect proof that people believe that values can be reached only through long study. I only answered him amazed: „Not really.“ What a pity that I did not answer to him pertinently: „The only one book is sufficient for me to reach this knowing and the book is The Grail Message!“ But man learns by his or her own experiences!

I got an offer in fourth grade of university, an offer in theatre to replace a perfomance role that already have been played, i.e. an offer to replace one actress, because she was leaving. I agreed spontaneously, thoughtlessly and with zeal. Then they gave me a CD with that play in order to watch in advance. The play was dull, depressive, dark and its point was not instructive and, not even brought any value. Moreover, actresses wore mini shorts and netted pantyhoses as „fast woman“. I said to myself - I would be able to fight that I will not be exposed in this way, but what about the content... Finally, I went to see the director of the theatre, saying that I apologize her, I changed my decision after my consideration. I tried to explain my attitude to her, but she was not able to understand me even is spite of my effort. She did not understand how an actress who is still young can deny such dramatical opportunity and she was convinced that it had to be connected with some trauma, that I had according to her and, with which I probably would have to confront myself in my performance. I said her that I do not have any trauma, that I have neither been abused nor something similar happened to me when I was a child and, I do not have any problem to play about these themes if the point of the play is something valuable.

An offer to play in one TV show came after my study at university and I took it as a chance to learn about film acting. And I also learned something gradually. But I learned more about how it works there. There still are a few hearty and brilliant people, who do not promote themselves and who are willing to help a new person. But majority of them look to the other people from above and almost nobody trust anyone. They act even more in that way when they feel and know, that you are different in something. That is just my smile – for example. I belong to people who simply smile quite often, i.e. always when they feel happy. And there are always many reasons for being happy, even in time when man feels also a pain. And so I met the fact in the beginning that I was considered as such woman who simulates and pretends. Even if I saw just that in others! But after approximately one month that we spent together, everyone manifested and showed himself or herself gradually and so his or her true personality was showed. I think that many ones comprehended that I do not simulate at all even also through this happening, and they just started to like me, because I always improved their mood reportedly. But there were also such people who always were provoked by my differentness and I was informed later, that they called me „Joan of Arc“ with ridiculing between themselves.

Today I already work as the actress only minimally just because of the reason, that I do not have opportunity to spread what is right, in this way. I teach at primary school of art and I try to bring children and young people to moral values through theatrical art and I try to offer them some antipole of a „normal school“, where they work only by intellect and where remains no time for that what is important.

So I can confirm by my own experience that art is in disintegration as well. Where the intellect did not take governance over the intuitive - inward perception – i.e. creating by spirit, there it let all depravities to intrude into, in which creators indulge themselves under cloak of art as well as audience. It can not bring anything else than decay, destruction.


* * *


Next lines are supplement to the article „A present reality“, in extension to other, but related fields of human activities. Even if we have already paid interest to these information on our web-side, now the time has come – the reality offered proofs which is not possible to overlook -  even by blind people; and if competent ones know it and observe it, they themselves would have to change their mistaken opinion too.

The farmers are people who feed the nation and they have the hardest position in comparison to other fields or divisions. I do not belong between them, but I always co-operated with them, I was in touch with them and I know what problems they have to solve, problems which always was connected and merged to my activity and also will be in the future.

Except of troubles from state offices and except of disfavour of weather of last years, the life of farmers is made hard also by foolish regulations, which some individuals have done, individuals who are only ambitious and who titled themselves „conservators“ – protectionists! The farmers have to bear enormous damages from protected species of animals, i.e. bears to be concrete, that are protected by laws which are outdated for a long time and which should be changed already long time ago. Bear stands at the top of food chain and it has no enemy, except of man. The situation today is already such, that not even man is its enemy, but it is the opposite and the consequence is that even also man – hunters are afraid to go hunting to hunting ground, i.s. to hunt in accordance to the law, but they have to use cars from which it is not quite legal to hunt, because it is dangerous to go out from high observation seat in the evening by walking through dark night.

The great teacher of humanity – Jesus has already instructed us that one shall help to weak ones and not to strong ones, because they do not need help. Bear is not the weak one certainly and now it is not endangered by anything at all. If all those whom damage has been caused would require a compensation and conservators could not use sources of those damage ones and also us – others for compensation in reality, then it would come to correction very quickly. Damages which they have to bear and evidence of such damage can be found at the end of this article. These damages are not still of extreme nature, but they are sufficient certainly. Behind the corn that has been damaged even also plum trees have been destroyed, which bears have broken in state of immaturity of the fruit yet and they picked everything. Seeing it makes you cry for those who have to bear it.

Not knowing of God's laws causes all problems, experiences gained during ages were changed by stupid newness which no-one tested in praxis yet, and therefore everyone who wants to live and earn honestly have to pay for that and, such situation does not matter only to those, who live at the expense of others and we can call them parasites of the society courageously. Let yourself open your eyes at last, you all who sit at the table filled by food and try imagine yourself in a position of the farmer, who is owner of the corn, or of the plum orchard that was described and who sits at the table that is much more poorer. No-one stands up for him and everyone even tries to take advantage of him and to „give him advice“ how to become more poorer yet.

We threw a boomerang and we shall await for its return.
We shall reckon with the fact that it will hurt us!


November the 28th, 2014


The following article is useful especially for those of you who has not been involved in event of 1998, either you were to young or you „missed“ this important event, respectively you didn't pay attention to it.

At the same time it can serve also for those who had been involved in this event but they didn't accept the gift offered to people, due to various reasons. Or even for those who accepted this gift at that time but later, they ran in different directions and they forgot about this gift. Alternatively, various quarrels occurred among the readers of the Grail Message and even among the readers of Eternal Laws.

Now, we are going to try to bring closer briefly that event in 1998 for the sake of readers and their easier ability to understand consequent coherences.
The first volume of Eternal Laws by Mrs. Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova was published in 1997 in Slovakia. Later, with great difficulties but indescribably bravely and successfully she wrote the second volume and finally even the last, i.e. the third volume – where she revealed Third Prophecy from Fatima, which church had kept hidden hitherto. Her exceptional personality caused a big fuss in Slovakia and its surroundings. On one hand, she had many supporters – readers who thanks to her books did understand their own purpose in life, together with functioning of Eternal – God’s Law and this filled them with indescribable happiness. On the other hand, the Church proclaimed her as a false prophet and disparaged her behind her back because her acts were „uncomfortable“ in the eyes of Church. However, publicly, any ecclesiastical dignitary never had a courage to participate in direct discussion with her. It was obvious that he couldn't stand a chance against the Truth and concrete evidence.

Eternal Laws, the first, second and third volume, are actually a shortened version of the Grail Message, a Word vested in a more modern robe that is easily understandable for today’s man. In addition, the new relevant information and prophecies were complemented.

The new information is that she explained „coming in the clouds“ logically and in accordance with the eternal – God’s Laws, i.e. the fact that extraterrestrial civilizations will participate on this event. The author of the Grail Message mentioned these civilizations only briefly because it was clear that during His former incarnation this event will not happen. Thus, it will be postponed for future and therefore, a more specific information will be left for the new – future fulfillment realized later by a promised person.

Finally, Mrs. Makedonova on her own recognised and announced her higher spiritual origin and confirmed it with the Bible. As Primordial Queen, in 1998, she is supposed to give birth to the Son of Man – Imanuel who shall become the ruler of the Kingdom of the Millennium, after the final judgement on Earth.

Many readers of the Grail Message disavowed her because they were not able to accept the same Truth, although said in a different way and complemented with new information.
Slovakia, the chosen nation, was a place for her acts, as she wrote directly. Her mission was closely linked with the work and service of the political leader of that period, respectively a higher spiritual personality who acted inside the body of this political leader at that period. Even though they never met in person, she sent him a letter and what is essential, both of them acted aright and in accordance to their missions. The political leader had to protect Slovakia on material level while she helped people to woke up spiritually with her books. Moreover, she herself was supposed to be a bridge for the Son of Man – Imanuel.

November 1998 came closer and closer. Although the political leader won the election, he didn't get enough votes to govern. As a result, other political parties ruled him out and he wasn't part of a government anymore.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of excitement in Slovakia because (still undetected in world of matter) intangible pregnancy of Mrs. Natalia had advanced. Finally, this pregnancy should lead towards the birth of Imanuel – rightly into the world of matter. Some people believed her because they did understand her mission and their spirit had awakened. Some, who were spiritually even more advanced, were able to justify logically this intangible pregnancy in accordance to God’s Laws – the laws of nature. Therefore, they were aware that these laws weren't circumvented in any direction. Others thought that she was a fool or cheater but none of these opponents did not understand how she was able to claim with such certainty that Imanuel will be born in that particular month, i.e November. They did not understand how she could keep her confidence with such a calm in regards to this date of birth and how she could be so certain about it. Despite everything, she spread the Truth up until the last minute – she brought people in contact with the books Eternal Laws and the Grail Message. She also announced the future birth of Imanuel and reasons why this birth must happen. At the same time, these actions of her are also the proof of all her declarations. She repeatedly and publicly did present her declarations on TV, radio and during her public appearances.

What did happen afterwards? Mrs. Natalia left this world on December the 4th, 1998 as a participant of a strange – peculiar car crash near the village named Slovak Lupča.

And here, further fragmentation did occur among people – in understanding and misunderstanding of what really has happened at the proclaimed date of birth of Imanuel, i.e. on November, the 28th, 1998?

The opponents were happy and took this car crash as a „proof“ that she was false prophet and the accident was a punishment. Her supporters became fragmented in their opinions. Some of them left and came into conclusion that the birth did not happen.

Then, one reader of the Word, wrote a book where he tried to clarify all these facts. The book is called The Prophecies in the Light of Truth.
He will continue from here with this article:


What are the facts that should be known for every critic of the author of Eternal Laws:
She is the foremost reason that critics as well as every Slovak have now the possibility to get and read the original and pure Word of the Grail Message.

She was the ONE who stirred a quiet but muddy surface of opinions formed by readers of the Word! At her instigation some people started to look for answers to questions that had not been answered by the Word hitherto known. Moreover, some people, as well as me myself, saw the reason for misunderstanding inside themselves.

While in search for those misunderstandings and important information, I personally found out that there are several versions of the Word where majority of those misunderstandings are explained. In addition, the omitted but very important parts of text are complemented within these versions.

Therefore, first only for myself, I personally compiled a new Word, which consisted of all texts of Word hitherto available. The different versions were written in different fonts. This multileveled Word opened my eyes and shed light on the events that led to this fact. At the same time, this compiled Word gave answers to the questions which had not been hitherto answered.

I used this multileveled compilation of Word in order to persuade the translator of the hitherto known and only available (i.e. three volume) Word that we must embarked together on an important and challenging work – to make the original Word available for everyone and thus fix what was altered.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the author of Eternal Laws didn't know about the existence of various versions of the Word, but at the same time she brought precisely those information that were contained only in the Word hitherto unavailable!!!

This fact represented for me a clear evidence that she stands right at the source of living and surely clean water, which she let us drink from. Therefore, my belief in her authenticity is no doubtful theory but my own personal experience of the facts. And there were those facts, which decided about that I provided this cleansed Word to everyone else who honestly seek the Truth! Therefore, in my case, it was neither theory nor speculation of indolent spirit that decided about my direction, but it was the pure desire for the complete Truth that drove me, supported by the hard work on compilation of the Word. I personally wrote the entire compilation on computer, based on the original Word whose translation I received from translator.
There exists a written evidence as the veracity of my words.

Since, many current critics as well as those from past, take over only opinions of others instead of their own, they have been not and still are not in need for the complete and pure Word. Their spirits are indolent to make an effort for seeking the Truth on their own!
In doing so, they do not stop themselves from throwing stones at those who just try to open their blind eyes!

Many of those who call for tolerance just beget intolerance - mostly coming from their ignorance but sometimes from their ambition.

There is a group of those who reject the author of Eternal Laws just because her promises regarding Imanuel’s birth were not fulfilled as well as some forecasts, which she took over from others.

All alike those from the group mentioned above, forget that mankind has always a free will and a choice between two scenarios and only mankind itself, based on its own actions, is the one who decides, which scenario will be fulfilled. Therefore, each envoy of Light formulated his or her promises in accordance with both scenarios and even he or she did not know in advance how the situation will develop, i.e. how mankind will act. And we acted always in a way that we chose the scenario less suitable for us and thus promises were inclined to the less favorable side. But at the same time, we expected the fulfillment of those promises that were prepared for us only in case we choose the more favorable scenario. Subsequently, the promised events must be postponed to a distant future because there were none who can be rescued in accordance with the Laws.

Thus, as critics could find arguments against the author of Eternal Laws, they might as well criticized the author of The Grail Message. At the beginning of his mission, he also considered two scenarios and foremost the fact that the promises will be fulfilled already during his former incarnation.

That also did not happen either due to our fault only!

Likewise, the birth of Imanuel would have been actual on Earth only if mankind would have obeyed the call of Light and would have received the Word! Only then the following events would have occured – our bodies would have changed and became more finer up to the level where Imanuel was born. This should have been done under altered radiation, with the participations of the elemental beings. All these information are available and explained perfectly in The Grail Message.

But again, there is one problem – the perfect explanation is available only in the complete and undistorted version of The Grail Message.

Since, we chose the scenario less favorable, we can’t expect the fulfillment of promises for the favorable scenario.
To support what is written above, now follows a few quotes:

Quotations from the book Prophecies in the Light of Truth:

And now back to the Old Testament and prophecy of prophet Isaiah. In chapter 66, verse 7 and 8 the prophet says the following:

„Before she was in labour
   she gave birth;
before her pain came upon her
   she delivered a son into the world.
Who has heard of such a thing?
   Who has seen such things?“

What would be your answer to Isaiah’s question? Can you answer him?
I think that his contemporaries would hardly be able to find an answer to his question. But, we who know the Word of Lord, we should be able to answer his question and moreover, we experienced this event.
Son of Man has warned several times that „before mankind there always lies two ways and it’s up to us, which one we choose“!
At this point, I would like to incorporate a text, which my „inner voice“ dictated me a few days after the Primordial Queen had left the gross matter of our Earth.


Dear editors, Dear readers,

Allow me to pass you and your readers a following messages. Those who should understand, they will understand who is the originator of these messages!
I hope that you will remain objective and you will publish these messages, which I attach. Those who strive the least of all, the easiest is for them to appoint someone as a false prophet.
The Truth is so simple that we will all stand in awe when it reveals completely before us. I can only give as much as I get.

     The Lord called his servant who faithfully fulfill her role.
     Her task was to unseal the Word of the Lord for many and made His arrival possible.    

     We had a free will till the day of her departure,
     to adapt the „soil“ in our hearts for the sake of the Lord’s coming.
     But we truly failed again, lost the confidence of God and now we must wait the day of His wrath!     

     Imanuel, the Son of God, was born!
     Let us rejoice!

     He was born in November!
     Let us rejoice!
     He was born in the sign of Aries!
     Let us strive now!
     Only those who survive the great purification will be able to see Him ... Amen!

     There are always two possibilities when raising a child:
     If a child obeys than a 1st scenario will unfold
     If a child disobeys than a 2nd scenario will unfold

We disobeyed again,  therefore, a 2nd scenario will unfold. God and His Son knew which scenario we choose. Therefore, Abd-ru-shin predicted already 65 years ago the final events and determined the scenario based on which the events will unfold!
Thus, let's study this scenario because only a very short time remains there for us!

In Resonances to the Grail Message, lecture No. 40 - He, who for the sake of another, does not wish to know my Word, him I will not know in the hour of his need!, Abd-ru-shin wrotes:
The Spirit forms and forms, and even thereby forms in advance the earth-name which he must bear in his next life on earth.


I admit that the text written above, I could not quite satisfactorily explained to correspond to my own logic. The brain was not satisfied with what I had written so I started very diligently and tirelessly to seek an answer in the Word of Lord, which I recognized at that time as the one and only standard of Truth!

The biggest problem for me was the following part:

     He was born in November!
     He was born in the sign of Aries!

Other plumbless part of my worries was whether my „inner voice“ is not a „trick of darkness“ and therefore, I very eagerly looked for an answer within the Word of Lord. One night before going to sleep, I asked for help and advice so that I can publish this text and would not be forced to keep it only for myself.

Now imagine what I dreamed at that night. I had a very vivid dream that I will never forget:
„I came to clean room, freshly whitened. There was a child playing on the bed. It was a boy! Although I clearly can remember his appearance I’m not going to describe it because I do not want to baffle the joy of someone who likes surprises. The boy had a huge willingness to be recorded on the camera. Since I had one with me I pressed the record button and filmed the child.“

I was very happy in the morning that I got the answer to my question from previous night. So then, I published the text written above together with another text, which I picked up from the Word of Truth. Latter one I am going to publish now.

(End of quotes)

Quotation from the work of Abdrushin – Resonances to the Grail Message, lecture – Christmas:
And such great revelations on earth can never take place other than through a few chosen for the purpose! Remember this always! For the lawfulness in Creation cannot be annulled on your account! Therefore do not build up any fanciful pictures about various happenings, which can never be as you imagine them to be! These are unspoken demands, which never emanate from genuine conviction, but they are a sign of hidden unbelief and spiritual indolence, which has not absorbed my Word of the Message in such a manner as it demands to enable it to come to life in the human spirit.“

(End of quotation, next follows the quotes from the book Prophecies in the Light of Truth)


Scenario No.2:
„Above all the call is directed to womanhood once more! Through their more delicate intuitive perception womanhood has the ability to distinguish with infallible certainty who belongs to Light...“

Through their actions men can only make the earthly path of God-sent Messenger more difficult up to a certain point, forcing Him to wander on by-ways and make detours. However, it will be the Will of God that will upraise the Son of Man in the hour of fulfillment.

I will come soon!

„Viewed from below upwards, there are the species of gross matter, the species of ethereal matter, the species of animistic substantiality, and the species of spiritual substance as the highest. Each of these species is again divided into many levels ...(7) The transitions are quite subtle. Man has a cloak of each species of Creation below the spiritual. Each cloak is equivalent to a body.“

Primordial spirits and divine beings can incarnate and act at various levels of Creation.

„It has been prophesied that the foot of the God-sent Messenger would not step into the dust of that which has-been! ... The expressions “dust” are inserted in the place of the conception “gross matter”! “.

„There is nothing on earth which has not already been fashioned beforehand in an even more beautiful and more perfect way by the little elemental beings in medium gross matter!“

At the finer levels the events come into realization beforehand than at our gross matter level.

„This is the reason why during the upcoming upheavals on this earth your earthly bodies will have to change as well, otherwise you can no longer exist! They change with the changing workings of the elementals! ... Under the new rays of the Light!“ ... Evolutionary leap.


And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was taken up to God, and to his throne.

And the woman fled into the desert, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand, two hundred and sixty days.


Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers, long have I been deciding whether to confide in someone with a problem, which so often and for a long time I have bear in my mind. Finally, as you can see, I decided so, although obviously with concerns of a simple man.

It all started sometime in year 1986 while watching television travelogue from Tibet, in where I learned that the lucky number of Tibetans is 108. Although the travelogue did not provide an answer why it is so. Since then, I searched wherever I could in order to find out the essence of such counting of Tibetans. I wrote to several editors, even to the acclaimed authority as Mr. Däniken surely is, but I did not receive any answer and my mind could not rest. Therefore, I was left with no other choice than to try to solve this mystery on my own. Moreover, I experienced an event in the above-mentioned year 1986 that even aroused more my willingness to solve that mystery. It was the first time when I saw the UFO, during hunt. Henceforth, I began to study all the texts available, which were related to universe and man. The results of my effort was the formula that I called „the formula of life for the planet Earth“. The result of this formula is number 108.

The formula is simple and all the variables included in the formula are necessary for creation of life in a form we know here on Earth.

The formula is as follows:

dH – diameter of Sun
dP – diameter of Earth
lHP – average distance from Earth to Sun

I am not going to explain further that all these variables are crucial for creation of life on Earth. More competent people than me did it before and I would have to quote them.

Here are the parameters required for inclusion in the above formula:


When we put into formula the parameters of other planets of the Solar system, it is obvious that the result is another value. Therefore, we can say that every planet in our Solar system has its own unique identification number. For planet Earth it is the number 108. We could say that „the number 108 is the object of our gratitude for the fact that we are here and we are what we are“.

So, we have the number 108, which is lucky number of Tibetans and the number 108, which is the result of my formula. Let’s assume they are both identical and are not the result of chance or luck. If so, we must ask ourselves where from the Tibetans knew variables needed to calculate the number 108. If they received it as something that is „already calculated“ then the question is – by whom? We would have to ask even more questions but I leave it up to each of you alone. I just tried to compare the lucky number of Tibetans with the result of my formula, whereby I believe that it is also my lucky number. Whether it is also your lucky number,I leave it up to you. If we place the lucky number of Tibetans on one side of the equation and the result of my formula on the other side, we can talk about the equation of happiness or equation of life.

Dear readers, I wrote to you with the view of bringing some small stone into the mosaic of history of ufology. I found my courage to do it so only recently when I realized what ufology provides to humanity. Allow me to say that in my opinion the ufology gives humanity a much more than today’s politics. After all, the main problem of mankind today is the morality. People act differently when you see them and act differently when you not. You can hear the following saying very often: „since there is nobody who can see me now...“. And this is a big mistake. Man still bears within himself „the camera“, which produces evidence against or for himself. Thus, man bears within himself also „the policeman“, which upon the given evidence proves you guilty. Finally, man bears within himself „the judge“, which upon given evidence and his own conviction finds you guilty! The moment when humans realize this and also bring it to life then moral value of humanity will increase. Mankind lost its morality together with spirituality because of its focus on the matter. The way back to spirituality is now possible again only through matter. And the UFO plays a vital role here. UFO is the subject where matter meets with spirituality and do not exclude each other like it is the case with us – earthlings. However, if we compare politics and ufology, we can find one more difference. Politics can elevate mankind only materially, while ufology is able to elevate mankind spiritually. I am glad that today there are many who prefer the latter one. Magazine like yours can be seen as evidence.
Thank you.

P.S: Originally, I wanted to speak about the formula written above at one congress meeting. Since it did not happen this way I am sending the formula to your magazine.

Jaroslav Koškár, Podhradie


Once again, I will follow up on my previous article and return back to the topic of the planets of our solar system. I am aware there is no need to appoint them for you and therefore, i focus my attention directly to the issue of planets‘ name and their genera (editor’s note: all information about names of planets and their genera are derivated from the rules of composition of slovak language and we do not know whether it is the same in correlation with other languages). Two planets have feminine names, six planets have masculine names and one planet has a neuter gender name. So, we can find in our solar system three genera, such as it is with us – humans. I know that many of you will argue that it must be so because men are those who gave these names to planets. That is true but it can be also said that each planet could have a feminine name since the term „planet“ is feminine. Nevertheless, only Venus and Earth have feminine names! And some of you may say again – it’s a coincidence. And „coincidence“ is also the fact that the identification number of Earth and Venus is divisible by 12. And „coincidence“ is also the fact that the term „day“ has a masculine name and „night“ has a feminine name. Eastern cultures recognize two principles and man represents a duality principle – supposedly, extraterrestrials also say that. But do not always believe the opinions of others while you can reach the same opinion with introspection.  

A man lives two lives: one of material nature – the male (daily) one and the other of spiritual nature – the female (nightly) one. Nightlife is more emotional with more intuitive perception and is closer to the feminine principle. Due to the fault of man the nightly – spiritual life has become more distant and was moved to the area of foggy dreaming.

The Earth, the woman and the night has become only a foggy area of dreaming separated from real life. The daylight finds humans that are spiritually and emotionally unconscious – the daylight blinds the man. Man is hiding away from light and the good mother Earth helps him in doing so – she (mother Earth) moves away from the light, too. Wasn't the lucky number of Tibetans in their days of happiness strictly equal to number 108? Nowadays, our and their lucky number is already 108.3! Don't we lack precisely those three tenths to happiness? It is up to each man alone to answer this question.

I believe that the formula, which was published in UFO Magazine No. 1995/11, applies not only to the planets but also to the solar systems and galaxies. It is a criterion of spiritual level, i.e. the intelligence of individual civilizations. The following ratio is valid: the lower identification number, the more advanced civilization!
Thank you.

Jaroslav Koškár, Podhradie


And here I would like to stop for a moment and say that with this formula actually I had already proved exactly the same what The Grail Message confirmed me later and the author of the Eternal Laws claimed the same, too. In the past, our Earth circled tha track closer to Light, which was a sign of a higher spiritual level of humanity. It was also related to the lenght of life but also to the way how the Earth was governed and the extra-planetary communication, to which all the old files and texts point.

Here, I want also point out that the identification number of the Earth and Venus is divisible by 12. If you read carefully the chapter where Primordial Queen is mentioned, you surely noticed that the number 12 is the number of Primordial Queen. I intentionally draw the attention to this fact because later we will explore it further.

Perhaps some reader did not understand where exactly the above mentioned formula proves the fact that Earth is drifting away from the Light. There are three variable used in the formula but only one of them could have changed. It is the distance of the Earth from the sun. The diameter of the Earth and the sun have remained apparently constant. Therefore, the distance between the Earth and the sun is the only one that have extended. Thus, the Earth have moved away from the sun!

Now, I would like to offer you one of my articles, published in UFO Magazine No. 1998/7, which is related to our topic. For me, it is interesting that right after the first night of a personal acquaintance with Mrs. Makedonova and the evening experience with UFO, I had an interesting experience during the night. I woke up around three o’clock in the morning and an interesting text came across my mind. I wrote it down immediately so I do not forget it. Later I sent it to UFO Magazine and here it is:


Beautiful and fertile vineyards we got to rental. We were instructed how to cultivate this vineyard in order to be beneficial to its master and also to our own benefit. We sealed all this with Laws in contract.

However, we badly farmed the vineyard. We did not send the rental fee to the Lord and we ignored His Laws. When the Lord sent his messengers to collect a rental fee, we have decried and stoned His messengers.

He sent us His Son for our salvation and remedy. We insulted and nailed Him to a cross. Even so, He had mercy with us and came to us to recall and explain the laws and the contract. For our salvation He hit darkness harshly with a lesson. However, we did not recognize Him and did not care about His Laws and the contract..

Rental period is coming to the end! Eternally valid laws remind themselves to us again!
Let's use the last chance to salvation and respect His messengers because they are proclaiming His coming!

He is coming to purify the vineyard; borrowers to condemn and establish the new farmers!

Jaroslav Koškár, Podhradie


I would like to briefly return one more time to the topic of lucky number 108 and its divisibility 12. I have also mentioned when we substitute into the formula the values of other planets, we get always another number. Venus and her lucky number 96 should be also an object of our interest. Likewise with our planet, her number is straight no more but rounded is 96.37. We can see that also her value has increased about the same amount as the value of our Earth. However, the essential part is that the number of Venus is lower than the number of Earth.

So, both numbers are divisible by 12. This principle is valid only for these two planets and it can’t be applied with remaining planets of our Solar system.


Please note, that combination of numbers 9 and 8 is year (19)98.
By adding and multiplying these two numbers
you get numbers 17 and 7!
Now, it should be added that
the Primordial Queen was born on 17. 7!!!
These are the facts and not some conspiracy theory!


Clearly we see that the number of Venus is lower than the number of Earth, of wich we can conclude that Venusians are closer to the Light than earthlings and therefore, they are more spiritual. And some may see even something else, maybe!

Some of you may smile now and say that there is no life on Venus. But to these smart guys I can only recommend to fly to Venus and see it with own eyes. Life has taught me that there is no need to do precipitous closures and everyone should rely on one’s own feelings and not receive blindly everything from others. Therefore, do not take also my words completely as they would be yours own. Take them only as a certain way of opponency against those who are already convinced that there is no life on Venus. Why shouldn't we believe Adamski and his Orthon?


Let’s remind ourselves the quote from THE BIBLE, THE NEW TESTAMENT, REVELATION OF JOHN, CHAPTER 12, VERSE 5 – 6:
And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was taken up to God, and to his throne.

And the woman fled into the desert, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand, two hundred and sixty days.

Desert has been always considered a hot landscape without life. As you know, planet Venus is considered by earthlings as such place. I leave it to your consideration whether it is a coincidence. In regards to those 1260 days – I will get to it, later.

„The birth of the Son of Man on Earth falls necessarily into sign of Aries!“
Again, we have here one „coincidence“! Imagine that in November 1998 the sun was in sign of Aries for the Venusians! I am not going to comment it further at this point, but I promise I will get to it, later, too.

Someone should now be asked a question like: „Did Son of Man mention Venus at some point?“
You may be surprised but yes!

Furthermore, I was surprised even by something else. I found the mention about Venus only in a czech edition of the Resonances to the Grail Message. In slovak version of this book you will not find the text I am going to mention below. It is because the whole lecture is missing together with the text mentioned below as its part. The title of the missing lecture is: Easter 1933.
The daystar (Morning Star) of the promised Kingdom of the Millennium is rising up. It has now shine to all nations with the help of those richly endowed, who wear a cross of Truth as a sign of their conviction."

Everyone, whose hobby is the universe or at least sky observation, he or she knows that Venus as the inner planet (between the Earth and the Sun) can be visible either in the evening sky – at this time Venus shines right after the sunset and we call her „Evening star“ or shines before sunrise and then we call her „Morning Star“.

(End of quotes)


Then there is another group that does not want to hear anything about extraterrestrials or if they do, they do not want to acknowledge that there are some extraterrestrials who are more advanced spiritually.

But for those I personally have to mention that extraterrestrials were exactly those who brought me to the Grail Message. And there are others like me and were even supposed to be many others if the dark did not distort and alter this channel of Light for humanity. Again, I will use facts from our history in order to support this argument:

(another quotes)

„...we will continue further in order to touch the issue of communication with another hierarchy. During my frequent nocturnal wanderings in nature I often saw flying objects, which were beyond the horizon of our thinking. This „hierarchy“ established a channel of communication with me. They drew my attention to a number of important facts. Precisely through this channel I was alerted to the book, which gives a complete picture of God and his work, as well as the laws that govern His creation. Paragraph No. 62 of the Space Connection says this: „Old Testament was the first book, New Testament was the second book and the third book is in the process of being written for you!“ I only add that this was written in the 60’s and the third book for us has already been written ...

I mention this text for the sake of one very important reason. I want to prove that relevant information are constatnly being hide in front of us. The highlighted paragraph No. 62 of Space Connections was published also here in Slovakia in a form of book in several editions. I personally have three editions of this message from our „brothers from universe“. Each edition differs from each other in content and in one very important paragraph particularly – in No. 62, which is the most important one.

The oldest version of this book that was published under its title “Gift of the Spirit” in Slovakia in 1994 in the publishing house called “Brieždenie – (in English: Dawn)”. However, this text comes from a much older time. In this version, the paragraph No. 62 has form as follows: “Old Testament was the first book, New Testament was the second book and the third book is in the process of being written for you!” And truly, this third book was written for us. It was a book written by the Son of Man and therefore, brothers from universe placed this book between the two that humanity received from God.

In the second edition of this book that was published in 1996 in the publishing house called “Eko-konzult”, the paragraph No. 62 came with already modified text as follows: “Old Testament was the first book, New Testament was the second book and the third book will be written for you!

However, the same message that appears today on the internet does not mention the third book at all. Isn’t it strange? In 1994 the book was in the process of being written for us, in 1996 there was a promise for us that the book will be written and now there is no mention about the book. But the most interesting part of this problem is the fact that I have been reading this promised, third book since 1992.

(End of quotes)


Now, I shall quote directly from the Grail Message, which includes the sentence used by an extraterrestrials in order to call our attention to the third important book for humanity. It’s precisely that sentence that was also removed from the censored Grail Message, so we won’t be looking for this book and won’t be able to find an explanation of God’s laws. Here it is:

Quotation from the work of Abdrushin – The Grail Message, lecture – Lord’s prayer:
„... His Will, firmly anchored as It is in Creation. Man utters a lie with every word when he dares to say this prayer! He stands before his God as a hypocrite and a fraud! He keeps on adding new sins to the old ones, and when he breaks down ethereally, as he must under this burden in the beyond, he even feels he ought to be pitied. There have already been three opportunities for man to recognize correctly the Will of God! Once through Moses who had been enlightened for that purpose. The second time through the Son of God, Jesus Himself, who bore the Truth within Himself, and now for the third and the last time in the Grail Message which again has been drawn directly from the Truth.

Thus, one could go on and on and provides the evidence of Truth but it is useless, because each group will still defend only what they gained from only their available information.

And this is the way how hatred arises!

Followers of the author of the Eternal Laws cannot be criticized of intolerance because they do not judge readers who read only The Grail Message, since the author of the Eternal Laws led them to The Grail Message. This was her main intention and foremost to bring people to Imanuel who comes to fulfill the old, but also the new promises. Afterall, The Kingdom of the Millennium is recognized also by those readers of The Grail Message who refuse Eternal Laws. Therefore, these readers recognize Imanuel as the king of that kingdom but somehow they all forget the one important „little thing“, which the author of the Eternal Laws has updated:


There are many readers of the Grail Message who certainly do not believe in the coming of the King of the millennial kingdom, or even in the realm itself! But, it is precisely the social structure of the future – universal social structure that the King himself must establish!

And He shall come into the gross matter in accordance with the God’s – Natural laws that won't be, even upon his arrival, circumvented in any way!
But many will not understand His arrival since they declined last lessons or messages!


After finishing and publishing the book Prophecies in the Light of Truth, there was a schism among some readers of Eternal Laws, not only of opinions but in some cases even attacks has occured, together with jealousy and vanity.

In particular, one mister (and others) did not agree with an explanation that the birth of Imanuel, due to our failure, did not happen on Earth but somewhere else – on Venus. They failed to understand that the author of the book Prophecies in the Light of Truth doesn't degrade in any way Mrs. Nathalie, on contrary, it was she who contributed to the act of birth on Venus. The finer covering of her body. This mister – the opponent claimed, on the advice of some lady, that the birth took place in ethereal matter. This same mister then also cause separation between the author of Prophecies in the Light of Truth and another mister who also was not able to accept the birth on Venus. However, he was active in numerology and since then and even nowadays he includes Venus into his calculations. So, the essential part is that he provides with his calculations more and more evidence of where the birth truly happened.

An old weakness of humanity, together with the actual one that we have spoken of here on our website, can be seen on this example. Besides, this serves as a proof that we want our neighbours to be exactly as we are, and when they do not want to surrender we get offended and angry. And that is a big mistake.

This topic is also related to the most recent experience.
On a website of certain mister of czech nationality, which seeks to spread the Grail Message but rejects Eternal Laws, a post was added in the following sense. At the request of readers, he offers for download the uncensored version of the Grail Message in slovak language. We downloaded it and joyfully found out that it is truly the uncensored version, so well known for us. We wrote in the discussion under his post, that readers have the possibility to download this uncensored version of the Grail Message in slovak language also from the webpage
www.absolutnapravda.sk. In addition, also the uncensored version of the Resonances to the Grail Message in slovak language is also available for download at the same page for all those who are interested in. It was an offer for all those who want to have the complete, uncensored version of the work of Abdrushin in slovak language. Our comment has been deleted within a few minutes by this mister and he also has disabled us to contribute with other comments in the discussion on his webpage. The next day he added on his webpage a new post where he slandered followers of Eternal Laws, together with a quote from a text, which was written by Mr. Hermann Wenng – a person within a close circuit of Abdrushin. The quote was about Slovaks and warnings regarding their weaknesses. But select only part of the text that fits a certain purpose is irresponsible, if we exclude at the same time other important facts that are linked to other happenings experienced through some events. And in this case, it did happen!

Now, we are going to complement the information mentioned above with another text from the same source (i.e. written by the same person – Mr. Hermann Wenng). This addition proves the information about womanly nation – nation of Venus. This fact cannot be denied, which was confirmed by the already lived through events.
The act of arrival of each emissary from the Light into the matter is possible only with the participation of the female kind, namely the the Venus feminity and, therefore, a nation must conform to this principle. And so it was!
The new facts remain often unknown for the majority and, therefore, the necessary logical connections are getting lost. Thus, doubts and condemnation occur even among those, where understanding should reside.

However, at first, please notice the mutual similarity on the following two pictures.


Picture No. 1) Abdrushin’s mace, a symbol or figure from the headstone board of Abdrushin from the time of his incarnation 3.500 years ago, as the ruler of the tribe IS-RA
Picture No. 2) The Slovak emblem


Hermann Wenng, About Slovakia:

„4. The nature of these people (of course, where individuals have differences) reflects something from the rivers and their waters, which intensively stream and flow down from mountain peaks to valleys. Slovak nation is pretty much the same – fierce, passionate and lively, often stormy and almost devastating as those mountain waters. But, generally, its nature is mild, because it is a nation of Venus, which is the main star of the Earth. This means a womanly nation – a female element has a strong influence. Since this element is more pure than everywhere else, the effect is calming and educational. But too much of unpredictability can also be found in  the nature of these people. They are peaceful, yet always willing to take a fight, they can easily blaze out and are enthusiastic by strong arbitrary behaviour. Homogeneity of individual personalities is significant; therefore a mutual understanding, which reflects the homogeneity, is burdened by the fact that each individual professes its own rightfulness. Eventually, however, all misunderstandings grow into - such as waters in Slovakia rush away from the Danube - into one and the same method of effort in pure heights of life. Unknowingly they all are waiting for their leader, as human herd, which needs the leader and which they are willing to follow.

God sent leaders on Earth for human tribes, which lived in mutual separation in the very beginning of the human race. The equilateral cross of justice, love and purity did illuminate also paths of these tribes. And this symbol is still anchored in the title, in the name „Slovakia“, and name is like „Amen“, which means „so be it!“

Now comes the time that brings the end, which is also the beginning. The time, in which all human destinies must conclude in the circle within the large event, when the end is subordinated to beginning, and when the God-sent leader dwelt on Earth and later was eliminated by Lucifer-sent „leader“ just because mankind failed (the chosen German nation). Precisely in time like this, nations such as Slovaks can stand as a example for many other nations.

They do not want to lead but they want to be led, contrary to Czechs, who have, for example, a strong desire for power. (the proof for this statement is the fact that Slovaks let themselves to be misled by the „leader“, or rather said „seducer“, against the true feelings of the majority of the nation).

9. Love is the essence of Slovakia's heartbeat, but love for the country and purely earthly matters must be transformed in this nation. Transformed into the love towards the spiritual. Love fills the entire nation, love is everything for this nation! This nation fights for its love and only through love you can come in closeness with this nation. However, a great danger surrounds this nation – south of the slovak nation is a nation that falls under the influence of „dark loves“, and at north is the night!

Thus, Slovaks, proud to their mountain origin and their peculiarities, must fight strongly for free expression of their will. Slovak nation has always been unfree and has became easy prey for unscrupulous and astute neighbours. And precisely this fight will become the great help in the next fight, the correct one. The fight for the spiritual freedom. At the same time, this will be also the great help for transformation of its (nation) love towards the Divine, towards the Truth! Many souls in this nation are prepared to embrace all that is great, noble and beautiful. Slovak man is always excited about big things – it is anchored within its hard nature.

This nation loves calmness and peace, and yet it is a nation of tough warriors. Love is the symbol of this nation as its land is enriched with love. Love is the sun for this nation and only through love you can come in closeness with this nation - otherwise, the nation is full of resistance! There are many treasures that lies within the souls of Slovak people. Treasures that are going to be uplifted (same as treasures in the Slovak mountains). Slovakia with its shape recalls a chrysalis that is turning into a butterfly!

The last sentence is very eloquent because „a chrysalis that is turning into a butterfly“ – it says something and certainly means something! Those, who try to advise the Slovaks, should on contrary ask themselves and think if they alone are not those seducers, who act only out of desire for power. Slovaks already have „the cleansed“ Word of Lord in their native language. Moreover, we can confidently say – this cleansed Word is in a quality that is lacking everywhere else, because individual lectures are arranged in chronological order, i.e. as the Lord Himself lectured. On contrary, those who try to advise, they have all the lectures as well but chronologically disordered and, therefore, to understand the exact context of such arrangement is impossible. Same as is impossible to know a man from his curriculum vitae where particular events are disordered, too. And Slovaks often look for the pure Word at those who do not have it, whereby the most perfect form of the Word is available for them in their homeland.


However, the Jesus Himself has taught us already: „No man is a prophet at home!“

Therefore, let us again take an advice from the above written that there is no need to interfere in any way against the free will into beliefs of others. It is because these various beliefs originates from a different maturity of each individual. Although many individuals speak loudly, the truth does not need to be on their side. Let ourselves be tolerant towards them and let them walk their own way, whereby you must be able to defend your way if the others try to condemn your way, but especially to condemn those who walk on this way. Mrs. Natalia has done as much for the Truth and Word and its spreading as none of Her critics ever did. Moreover, she has brought on the altar of the Truth a sacrifice of such scale that critics also cannot bring. And the sense of jealousy and inferiority irritate the most those critics! After the crucifixion of Jesus, Jews were also convinced that He could not be the Son of the God, in regards to the way His life ended. We witnessed the same happening even with the Son of Man. But nobody has taken a lesson from it. On the contrary, it becomes a stone, which is thrown down on the followers of the Truth! All those, who were supposed to recognize the NEW one by now (but they did not), are exactly those who now lift this stone the most often in order to cover up their own guilt. Their defence is only the OLD one, toward which they were only brought by someone else as disobedient or unconscious children. These words may sound a little harsh, but actually they are soft towards those who offend us with their own words. We don’t address nobody directly and we only respond to those who consider us as dogmatists. But the dogmatist is exactly that man who stands to what is old. Therefore, people like these should think about it!

Quotation from the work of Abdrushin – The Grail Message, Answers to Questions:
„The one touched by the Truth, is absolutely obliged stand up for the Truth, otherwise he or she is not worthy of the gift of enlightenment! He or she is not supposed to arque or argue, and is not supposed to impose his or her own belief to the others. On contrary, he or she should let all others to walk on their own way peacefully; but at the same time, he or she must not allow the others to derail him or her from his or her path. What he or she applies in contact with others, he or she has the right to demand that the same would be applied also to him or her. If he or she makes a servant in front of the others, then he or she does deserve nothing less but the fact that the gift will be removed away from him or her.“


The act of birth of the emissary from the Light into the matter is always annunciated also by artists – visionaries. They can „capture“ these events and mediate in an appropriate way for humanity, e.g. in written form (poems) or through a painted image.

Likewise, the painter Raphael did. He painted the image of Madonna di Foligno. On this image, Imanuel with his mother – the Primordial Queen / Madonna is portrayed, upon their leaving to the higher levels of Creation.

Editor’s note: There follows a poem written by Slovak poet, on slovak version of our site. However, due to our imperfect knowledge of english language we do not dare to translate this poem with its finesse into the english language.
At least, we can say, that the author of this poem is Jan Botto and the title of the poem is „The Sign“. Based on its own context the poem could also be considered as „the poem of the last judgement“.

December the 14th, 2014

(Selection of quotations from the Word)


The following selection of quotations from the Word "In the Light of Truth" is the resolution of many misunderstandings, which must provide an answer to uncertainties hitherto existing for every living human spirit. Therefore, it will be selection only from the first part of the Word of the Lord, whose content remained unchanged as signed by Him Himself. Therefore, this content is the absolute true.

It is only the cycle of Creation, in its continuous coming into being, disintegration and re-formation, that is eternal and without end, thus infinite.
All the revelations and prophecies, too, are fulfilled within this process. Finally the “Last judgment” for the earth will also be fulfilled in it!

The Final, that is, the Last judgment, comes one day for each celestial body or form, but it does not take place simultaneously in the whole of Creation.

The time for spiritual vagabondage is over, those days are past when men took their ease and comfortably awaited what the future would bring them. It will not be long before a terrible Nemesis will overtake them; a gruesome fate awaits all sluggards and sleepers, even the dullest must then awake.

The serious longing for Truth and Light will, by virtue of the change it works in him, make each person spiritually purer and thus more luminous, so that this condition must naturally detach him more and more from dense matter, and drive him upwards in proportion to his purity and lightness. However, he who believes only in the world of matter keeps himself bound to matter by his conviction, remaining chained to it, and thus cannot be driven upwards. Through the deliberate decision of each individual, a separation therefore takes place between those striving towards the Light and those connected with the Darkness, in accordance with the existing natural Laws of Spiritual Gravitation.
This separation is the final judgment!

Thus it becomes clear that one day there will be a definite end also to the possibility of development through the purification-process in the so-called beyond for those who have departed this earth. A final decision! Men in both worlds will either be so far ennobled that they can be uplifted to the Regions of Light, or they will remain bound in their base nature through their own volition and thereby be finally hurled down into “eternal damnation”. This means that together with matter, from which they cannot detach themselves, they will be drawn towards disintegration, will themselves suffer painful disintegration, and therewith cease to be personal. They will be scattered like chaff in the wind, crumbled to dust and thereby they will be erased from the Golden Book of Life!

An effort of a magnitude far beyond man’s power to comprehend has been necessary for the Judgment that is now at hand. But it works precisely so that in reality there are no delays except for those points where human volition is required to co-operate. Men alone, with foolish obstinacy, forever try to remain outside every fulfillment, or even to malevolently interfere with its accomplishment in earth-binding vanity.
But fortunately this was taken into account after the great failure of mankind during the life on earth of the Son of God. Through their failure men can only make the earthly path of the Son of Man more difficult up to a certain point, forcing Him to wander on by-ways and make detours. They cannot, however, prevent the happenings ordained by God, nor in any way postpone the predestined outcome, for the backing of the Darkness, which gave them strength for their foolishness, has already been taken away from them.

This separation of spirit from matter, taking place by reason of quite natural processes and Laws is the so-called “Last judgment”, which is connected with great upheavals and transformations.
Surely everyone will readily understand that this disintegration will not take place in one earth day; for in Cosmic events a thousand years are as one day.

But we are well into the early stages of this epoch. The earth now approaches the point at which it diverges from its previous course, which must also become strongly felt in gross matter. Then the sifting of all men, which has already been prepared for some time, but which until now has only manifested itself in “opinions and convictions”, will set in more sharply.
Every hour of an earth-life is therefore more precious than ever. He who earnestly seeks, and is willing to learn, must exert all his strength to tear himself away from base thoughts, which must chain him to earthly things. Otherwise he is in danger of remaining attached to the World of Matter, and of being drawn with it towards complete disintegration. Those who strive for the Light, however, will gradually become detached from the World of Matter, and will finally be uplifted to the home of all that is spiritual.
Then the definite division between Light and Darkness will be accomplished, and the judgment will be fulfilled.

Like everywhere in Creation, this is a cyclical process. The Godhead descended to humanity through Jesus, in order to bring the Truth and sow the seed. The seed sprouted, and the fruit ripens toward the harvest. At the present time within this cycle, humanity, matured through the Truth brought by the Son of Man, shall foam upwards to the Godhead in the Son of Man, and through Him reestablish the close connection to God.

Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Easter Festival where people of many nations were represented. The people sent out messengers to Gethsemane in order to fetch Jesus. It was the time when through their messengers, humanity, filled with hate and brutality, sought the emissary of God. Now observe the moment when He stepped from the garden and they were standing before Him with weapons and torches with thoughts of destruction.
When the Son of God spoke the words: “I am He!” and thereby delivered Himself up to mankind, the immense karma with which mankind burdened itself set in. From that moment on it weighed upon humanity, and in accordance with the inexorable Laws of the Universe forced it lower and lower to the ground, until the final resolution draws near. We are now close to it!

It will close in an elliptical cycle. The resolution comes through the Son of Man!
When mankind will have become disheartened, desperate, demoralized and small, so very small through the severity of events, then the hour will have arrived when they will yearn for and seek the Envoy of God! And when they find Him, they will, as before, send out messengers. They however will not bear thoughts of hatred and destruction. But this time, through these messengers, humanity, broken down, humble and pleading but filled with trust approaches Him who has been chosen by the highest Ruler of all the worlds to free them from their bondage and to bring them help and deliverance from spiritual and earthly distress.
These messengers will also bring questions. And just as the Son of God once spoke: “I am He!” at Gethsemane, whereby the karma of humanity began, so this time God’s Envoy will again answer with the same words: “I am He!” whereby this terrible human karma will be resolved. The same words which once burdened a hate-filled humanity with great guilt will remove the guilt from a humanity which now approaches again with the same question, full of fear yet trusting and pleading.

The Son of God became the mediator between the Divine-Unsubstantiality and Pure-Spiritual-Substantiality. He crosses from Divine-Unsubstantiality over to Spiritual-Substantiality, just as once He came into the world of matter. The coming of the Son of Man brings on the consummation of the High Divine mission of the Son of God. Following the fulfillment, the Son of God will return wholly into Divine-Unsubstantiality, while the Son of Man will take on the function of mediator in His stead, thus becoming the leader of the guardians of the Holy Grail, the King of the Grail, guardian of the Holy Vessel.
Then the Son of Man will be the alpha and the omega for the human spirit because He is the beginning and the end for the capacity of human spirits to comprehend; because He is capable of crossing over the boundary to Divine-Unsubstantiality and thereby to overlook everything.

It is nauseating to see how much good, that would in propitious surroundings have blossomed and borne good fruit, must be lost with the rest; and how many must suffer from this grievous state of things. Spontaneously the prayer rises to one's lips: “Make Thou an end, oh Lord, to this; we cannot!”

Even the so-called seekers after the truth are seldom on the right path; nine tenths of them turn into Pharisees and arrogantly look down on their neighbors whilst quarrelling among themselves. Everything is all wrong. The prophecies concerning the dreadful end must be fulfilled before a few of these at least are roused from their sleep.

More than half of the present inhabitants of the earth do not belong here at all but should be maturing in much lower and darker regions!

The Mission of the Son of Man is the continuation and consummation of the Mission of the Son of God, since the Mission of the Son of God could only be a transient one. Hence in the continuation and completion it is at the same time a reinforcement of Christ’s mission.

Nor do I speak to churches and political parties, to religious orders, sects and societies, but only in all simplicity to man himself. Far be it from me to pull down what exists; for I am building up and completing the answers to questions as yet unsolved, questions that must arise in everyone as soon as he thinks even a little.
Only one basic condition is essential for every listener: earnest seeking for the Truth. He should examine the words and let them come to life inwardly, without regard to the speaker. Otherwise he derives no benefit. All who do not aspire to this are simply wasting their time from the start.

It is incredible how naively the great majority of people cling tenaciously to their ignorance on such questions as whence they come, what they are, and whither they go!

And when the great purification begins man will have no time to rebel this time, or even to stem this happening. The Divine Laws of which man so much likes to form a wrong picture will then take effect inexorably.
It is just in the frightfulness of the times, the worst which the earth has ever experienced, that humanity will at last learn that God’s Love is far removed from the softness and weakness which man presumed to ascribe to It.

More than half of all the men living at the present time do not belong on this earth at all!
Already for thousands of years men have sunk so low, and live in such dense darkness, that through their unclean volition they have built many bridges to dark spheres which are far below this earth-plane. In these dark spheres live those who have sunk low, whose ethereal weight never permitted the possibility of their rising to this earth-plane.

When the time is fulfilled and the circle complete, the harvest will be gathered in — the harvest, for this section of Creation is the first that has ripened — and then the grain will be separated from the chaff. That has never been done before since matter has existed. Our section of Creation takes the lead of all the others in the great eternal revolution, and our section will be the first to undergo this experience.
It was for this reason that the Son of God incarnated on this earth two thousand years ago. It was a cosmic event which took place in the most mature and most advanced portion of matter, one which will never be repeated, for the effect of what has happened here will go on influencing the succeeding sections. Thus this section, as the first one, is about to enter a new phase of existence hitherto unknown, but which after us will always be repeated. It is the natural dissolution of formed matter which follows on maturity.
All has been accomplished. The way to the Light, to Eternal Life for the individual spirit is pointed out. Let human spirits take thought and decide in this last hour whether they will take the path to eternal damnation or to everlasting joy, for God Almighty has given them free choice.

So it gradually became possible for the ethereal environment of the earth to grow ever denser and darker and thus heavier, so heavy in fact that it even keeps the gross material earth itself from a course that would make it more accessible to higher spiritual influences. As the majority of all incarnated souls actually belong to regions that lie much lower than the earth itself, it will therefore be but Divine Justice if such souls are swept away and sink back to where they properly belong; to the region where, due to their absolute homogeneity, they have no further opportunity to burden themselves with new guilt; consequently they are better able to mature toward an ascending change through the suffering in their spheres.
It is not up to human will to someday elect the Son of Man sent by God, but the Power of God will uplift Him at the hour when a helpless, whimpering mankind begs for deliverance. Then all blasphemy will cease, because horror will silence these mouths, and they will accept willingly all the gifts the Creator offers His creatures through Him. But he who will not accept them from Him shall be cast out for all eternity.

Do you understand now that the events of the last years had to come? That they will continue to come to the point of annihilation? A World Judgment, which in accordance with the existing laws of karma cannot be avoided. As with a gathering thunderstorm, which must finally burst and bring destruction. But at the same time also purification!

For in the utmost heights of this same nature of the human spirit, there lives for everything in existence a perfect ideal of what the evolution from out of Spiritual-Substantiality holds. This also includes the eternal, Pure-Spiritual-Substantial ideal of all femininity, as queen of womanhood as it were, with all the living virtues. Each female spirit germ bears the unconscious yearning within it to emulate this pure living ideal in its most noble form.(*)

The magnet and the focal point of this noble yearning for the female virtues is the queen of womanhood in the eternal Kingdom of the Father, the Pure-Spiritual-Substantiality. The Divine-Unsubstantiate core of the second Messenger of God was now embedded into this Spiritual-Substantiate ideal of womanhood and raised by her as the Spiritual-Substantiate mother in the eternal Kingdom of God the Father with the Grail Castle being the home of His spiritual youth. (*)
(*)       Let yourselves, you readers of the the three-volume edition (or so-called "edition from the second hand") of the Grail Message, try to find these two quotations in your version of the Word and try to think why these quotations had to be excluded from the Word of Truth!

Therefore the time draws near when for a while this earth must be left to the reign of the Darkness, without direct help from the Light, because humanity through their volition forced it upon themselves. The consequences of the volition of the majority were bound to bring this ending. – It is the time which John was once permitted to behold, when God hides His face.—
Night is all around. Yet in the deepest distress, when everything, even that which is better is in danger of sinking, at that same time a new dawn will break! But the dawn will first bring on the labor pains of a great purification, which is unavoidable before the salvation of all serious seekers can begin; for a helping hand can not be offered to all those who pursue base ends! They shall fall headlong into those terrible depths where alone they can still hope for an awakening through such torments that they must come to loathe themselves.

Those who with sneers and apparent impunity have hitherto been able to hinder the upward striving ones will become silent and more pensive, until finally, whimpering, they will beg for the Truth.
Then it will not be so easy for them; they will be relentlessly led through the millstones of the inexorable Laws of Divine Justice, until in experiencing they come to the recognition of their errors. —

Spirit does not speak through the intellect but through intuitive perception, i.e. Spirit expresses itself in „heartiness“ (or in „cordiality“, i.e. „from the heart“ or what the Germans call Gemuet), which the intellectual man of today loves to ridicule and deride. In so doing, he scorns what is most valuable in man, what makes a man a human being.
Spirit has nothing to do with intellect. If men seek and desire general improvement, they must think of Christ's words: “By their works ye shall know them.” The time is approaching, when this will happen.

The spirit has no relation to the human intellect, it has affinity to all those feelings that come „from the heart“. Therefore, being "spirited" (i.e. filled with spirit) is the same as being "kind-hearted", but it is not the same as being intellectually bright.

The intellectual man of today is no longer normal. The principal part of the brain of every perfect human being, having been neglected for thousands of years, is absolutely undeveloped. The normal brain of every intellectual man is crippled without exception. Just think of it! Men with crippled brains have been ruling the world for thousands of years; they look upon a normal man as an enemy and seek to subjugate him. In their blindness, they imagine they are accomplishing wonders, whereas a normal man could do ten times as much, and besides his work would be lasting and of far more value than the work done today. The way is open to every serious seeker to acquire this ability.

Here no help can be of avail; one must patiently wait for the tottering building to fall. Then the day of resurrection will come for the spirit and with it a new life!

Therefore, be keenly watchful! -
This does not mean that man is to belittle his intellect; he is to make it the tool that it is, but not the ruling will, not the master.

Men of the coming generation will look upon the present time with disgust, horror and shame. Their feelings will resemble ours, when we inspect a torture chamber of old times. There again we see the deplorable results of the rule of the intellect. It cannot be denied that no human being whose heart is ever so little enlightened by the spirit could ever have conceived such horrors. Still, generally speaking, conditions are not very different today, although things have been whitewashed. The misery of the masses is the same rotten fruit, as the tortures of individuals at that time.

Men lament, are disgusted and cry out at the incredible and deplorable excrescences and eccentricities of materialism. They pray for deliverance from these evils and to be rescued from sinking in this swamp of degeneracy which proudly styles itself progress. The few who escape suffocation, feel like outcasts and aliens, and are laughed at as such by the soulless followers of modernity.
Those who have had the courage to refrain from joining the masses, who proudly remained on the steep upward path deserve a laurel wreath!

You who are walking in your sleep and complaining, open your eyes! Do you not see that what is oppressing you is the beginning of the end, the sudden end of materialism, which is now only apparently ruling? The whole building is crumbling and this without the agency of those who suffered and are still suffering under its dominion. Intellectual mankind must now reap what it brought forth, nourished, bred and admired for thousands of years.

Yet something is astir in many souls in all parts of the world. Moreover the glorious truth is but covered with the thin layer of erroneous views. In the general regeneration coming the first breath of fresh air will clear it away and expose the spiritual light within. This will unite itself to many others and they will form a complex of radiation that will mount, a thankoffering, to the realm of pure joy at the feet of the Creator.
That will be the time the glorious promise of the longed-for Kingdom of the Millennium will be fulfilled.


Today, unfortunately every religion is but the rigid, lifeless, outward form of some meaningless and dull doctrine, which it tries hard to retain and foster. After the necessary coming change, this inertia will be animated, the kernel will burst its shell, the cold, lifeless, rigid form, and will break forth jubilant and eager, impetuously overrunning the whole world and all its peoples!


The time for dreaming is past. The Word brings Judgment with it! All this is so simple, to most men too simple, so that they cannot conceive that this is the beginning of the great Reckoning, of the awful Day of Judgment.
It is the first sorting and separating of human spirits. Each is sentenced and judgment passed according to his attitude towards the New Word of God. Judgment does not lie in the ensuing events, for every man is obliged to pursue the paths that he chose and determined on to the end where he will find his reward or his punishment.

Once more occasion is offered for man to awake, that is when he is shaken by the coming catastrophes of such an enormous scale that men have no capacity to imagine. The great tribulation may compel him to serious thought, and possibly some may lay hold of the rope thrown out to save them from sinking further in the quagmire they are in. How easily that might have been avoided, but now it is too late! May it happen that these terrible events be the saving of those who will in time see the nothingness of their false prophets and leaders in whom they so firmly believed and trusted. Truth alone will survive these coming events and make known the leader chosen and sent by God who alone will have the power to help in the desperate spiritual and temporal need of man!


And when judgment has humbled and broken them, they will quickly kneel in the dust, but if you will picture the situation to yourselves today, how do you see them kneeling? In spite of their pitiable condition, still they will be exacting, lamenting and asking to be helped.
That the heavy load with which they burdened themselves shall be removed: that is their prayer. Do you not hear it? They will pray to have the torment removed, but give not one thought to their inward improvement. They would not honestly express the intention to renounce their mundane ambitions and turn from their evil ways, nor frankly admit that they wished they knew better and bravely confess their former errors and faults.

And when the Son of Man stands in their midst at the time of their biggest suffering, all hands will be stretched out to him, whining, beseeching, all in the hope that he will help them and that in the way they wish, that is, that he will take their torment from them and lead them to new life.
But for the most part He will repulse them and repudiate them as beyond the pale, for these petitioners after being helped would immediately relapse into their old faults and poison all their surroundings. He will only accept those who beg him for the strength to rise and better themselves permanently, those who will humbly discard and repudiate their stubbornness and will gladly welcome the Word of Truth coming from the Light as a deliverance.

Should men be helped — as they will pray to be helped — in the hour of danger and dire necessity, all would soon be forgotten as soon as their fear had left them. In their folly they would not scruple to begin to criticise instead of to reflect, and such men can no longer be admitted for reprieve. That time has gone already!
Waste of time like this will be impossible in future, for this section of Creation is hurrying on to its end. Every human spirit must now decide whether it is to be yes or no, whether it is to be deliverance from self-made fetters or whether it is to be destruction in the same. Man has free choice! The consequences resulting are, however, definite and inalterable. To delay is tantamount to choosing destruction. All will be blotted out except those who are really good and have discernment, to whom those do not belong who consider themselves good.

When the happy ones are relieved from the great oppression, when the noisome creatures of Darkness have been put to flight by the power of the Light and have sunk back to the region to which they belong, then liberated man will be able to breathe freely and he will exult exceedingly, for the earth will have become virginal, pure from every evil thought, and men can live there and men be at peace with one another!


Men! When the hour comes in which God wills that the great winnowing, the sorting and separating of mankind is to take place on earth, look up, ye men, to the heavens for the signs of which you have been told!
Do not let yourselves be deceived by men or by the Churches: for they have long ago subjected themselves to Antichrist.

And as it was then, so it is now, only much worse. Many a religionist will arise and fight a bitter fight to keep up the worldly ordinances of the temples and churches.

You who are not yet spiritually deaf and blind, listen to this warning. Give yourselves the trouble to think with careful attention: this will be required of you. If you continue indolent and careless, you voluntarily give yourselves up as lost.

Therefore, watch for the signs that have been promised. It is the last opportunity for each individual to decide his fate: safety or destruction? This time it is God's Will that those who dare set themselves against Him and oppose His Messenger shall be lost.

Every act of negligence will rise up and accuse you before the Judgment Seat. God will not cause his sign to appear above some church, nor will a church dignitary be accredited as a Messenger of God by a sign. It will only be He who is inseparably bound up with the sign, who carries it about in him as a living shining light as did the Son of God when he was on earth. It is the living shining Cross of the Truth, and above him the Dove. It will be visible to all those who will be blessed to see spiritual things, that they may give testimony of it to all the peoples of the earth, for this time there will be seers among all the peoples of the earth as a last Divine Grace!


And God's Envoy came to earth to execute His Will in the person of a Prince of the mightiest of Egypt's neighbours and his name was Abdrushin, which means Son of the Holy Spirit.

This must be so and cannot be otherwise, for Abdrushin bore in himself the living Will of God from which the laws governing Creation proceed. He is the Will of God incarnated in man, and thus his coming and his presence alone bring about the fulfillment, the discharge of these laws.

Even if a road to this end seems to be very distant for every human soul, so they think that they have enough time, nay much time for the last and final decision, which should have a definitive validity ... but when Abdrushin as part of the living Will of God comes among them, then all roads will arrive at their end on their own accord, without transition, as manifestation of natural law, and that is in what the last judgment lies!
Abdrushin's radiating, magnetic power compels, summons or provokes the end. The human soul can no longer pursue its accustomed course as heretofore. The fruit of what it sowed must be harvested now without delay. All its deeds will be summoned before the High Tribunal; its work will prosper and thrive if it is in harmony with God's Will, or fail and break down if in discord with it.

This applies to all a man's undertakings whatever they may be; whether they concern his family relations, his marriage or his vocation, be it in trade, manufacture, commerce, agriculture, or in a government office. Here nothing can be delayed, diverted, veiled or hidden; man must unconditionally submit without resistance to whatever true justice decrees, even if the sentence passed on him does not always coincide with his own opinions.
The Will of God in its human form is like an electric current, wherever it touches, living sparks dart out. The presence of the Will of God compels the settlement of the Great Reckoning. All hurry to learn their fate, for this is the last settlement.
Thus wherever the Son of Man goes, he is Retributive Justice personified, although he need not sit in judgment personally. By virtue of his origin he is the master-key to the final settlement of all happenings. He may be compared to a sword standing upright but motionless in the road; all men must pass, and everybody and everything must decide on which side it will do so. They separate of themselves because of the sword standing in their way!

He who is gifted with greater knowledge than the average man, should pass it on to help others, for to him also it was given — of himself he could not have acquired it. This is specially the case with revelation. They lay an obligation on the receiver. What is trumpeted out into the world by minor seers is not only useless but harmful, for it discredits the words of those who are really enlightened, for then, all seers are measured by the same measure and rejected as valueless. For this reason, many of the really enlightened, who might otherwise speak, remain silent.

His name is King Imanuel for the universe in general, and Parsifal for the pure beings in the spiritual world, and finally the Son of Man for gross matter on this earth: three in one and all three in activity at the same time — a Divine mystery, a potentiality or condition, that even matured human spirits cannot understand, but which to a certain degree is shared by the primordial spiritual beings of the pure spiritual world, for they also can work on earth and do their service in the Castle of the Holy Grail at the same time.

Thus at last the longed-for Kingdom of God on earth will be established: the Kingdom of the Millenium promised to the righteous. It will be forced upon man with the Divine power which is given to the Envoy of God to fulfill the promise!

And every promise will fulfill from now on, in an unstoppable and unchangeable manner, as it is in determination of God! Not even one of them remain open, because the ring slowly begins to close already. And even also his God's part connects with part Abdrushin-Parsifal in earthly body itself from now on, and so Imanuel arise in this gross-material world now, who already was promised by the prophet Isaiah to whole mankind. The fact that people tried to mark promises of the Imanuel, the Son of Man as the same one as promise of Jesus, the Son of God, it shows only insufficiency of man's understanding of also the most clear and define descriptions in the Bible. When the mistake could be done already,that man wanted to see the concept of terms Son of Man and Son of God as one, because no-one was familiar in it and the believers were too fearful to receive and accept the thought at two persons in it, then still clear reference at two totally different names in promises would have to bring them to conclusion that there is talked about two persons unconditionally. Therefore bliss to all people who can come to cognition, come to knowing, in themselves in the last hour yet.


Hence what is called the Day of Judgment, is but the result of the intensified pressure of a Divine ray, transmitted through the mediumship of an envoy from God, who has been incarnated in physical matter for this purpose and to whom God has given a spark of His living Energy. The pressure exercised by this living spark of energy cannot naturally be so powerful as the mighty pressure of the Living Energy of God the Father Himself. Only what vibrates in perfect harmony with the laws under which Divine energy operates, can hold out against such power. Here the pressure is intensified but not brought to white-heat, for which the strength of the spark is insufficient, but it is amply sufficient to unhinge all disturbing and disquieting elements, to overthrow, to crush, destroy, and disintegrate them. Thus God's great Reckoning will come about automatically and will in no wise depend on an arbitrary act of the Divine Envoy. The Winnowing is simply the result (the necessary consequence) of the operation of the law which regulates the radiation of God's energy. All that vibrates aright in thought, word and deed emits violet rays in physical matter, but what is dark and evil, whether in thought or in deed, emits rays of a dull yellow colour.
These two colours are fundamental in influencing the final verdict. Radiation is either weak or strong in proportion to the energy of a man's will or actions. With the coming of God's envoy, an unbroken ray of Divine Light shines down into Creation and thus onto earth. As Divine Light strengthens and uplifts all that is good, it strengthens and uplifts all that is violet in colour, but it disintegrates and destroys all matter of a dull yellow colour.



A) Based on above mentioned quotes, is there a spirit (alive inertly) who is still able to admit that these promises has already occurred, i.e. that everything is already over?
B) Is it possible to replace the person of Imanuel - Son of Man - Holy Spirit - Abdrushin with someone else?

Only man of intellect, i.e. man whose spirit is asleep and thus it is not possible for him to understand the living Word, can say that everything is already over, beyond us. After all, it is clear from the Word:
Spirit expresses itself in „heartiness“ (or in „cordiality“, i.e. „from the heart“). And such a person who is under the rule of spirit, will never harm his neighbour, will never say gossips about him, will never intrigue against him, but will ever only provide a help. Such a person is also able to sense where the Truth is!

However, man of intellect is not capable to do it, even when he holds the Bible or the Grail Message in his hands. The dominance of intellect dictates him only to be cagey, which in turn affects his thinking, actions and thus the intolerance and quarrels proliferate.
There are many people who still avoid the spiritual simply because they see these quarrels among various spiritual movements. Such inconsistencies are good reason for "discourage" and bad example to inspire someone "to follow". People with inertly alive spirits hold aloof such "spiritual" because they sense the essential inhomogeneity. Therefore, in time of need and suffering, these spirits will show a genuine interest for Truth and they will open themselves in order to receive this Truth. In time such that, all those who are under the rule of intellect and caginess, they will have to collapse and die!

Colour of the coverings of spirit will sort everything justly!

If you think that such sayings are exaggerated, look at recent events in the christian church but with the perspective when your spirit takes control and your intellect has its proper use as a tool of spirit.
Pope criticized the church for accepting bribes for services. The spokesman of our ecclesiastical elite said in the media that from the perspective of the church these are not bribes but only "benefactions", which are given voluntarily. Like if someone is there who gives bribes involuntarily? If so, it simply would be an act of blackmailing!

But then, the same could declare a doctor, lawyer, worker in forrest, every merchant and artisan and all those who are now condemned for receiving such "benefactions", as if they commited a criminal act, i.e. for accepting bribes.
Every giver gives voluntarily, as he gives to the churches voluntarily! Yet, the church is the only one who has such tolerated privilege that those benefactions are not considered as bribes. Why is it so?
From the perspective of God's laws behaviour of the church is even worse because it accepts bribes for something that is not within its power to accomplish! All others do something in return for received benefactions! But not the church! Church only promises what is not within its power to fulfill and even will not fulfill because it does not have the necessary authority for such fulfillment. Laws of God exclude that!!!
The churches and spiritual movements are ruled only by intellect and spirit sleeps! Spirit is manifested only by what they violate the most! This is the criterion for measuring spirituality and honesty that we shall not ignore.
This little "detour" was only necessary to prove the difference between compliance with human's laws in cotrast to natural - eternal - God's laws.


Therefore, it is not headed toward people of intellect who will never be able to understand the living Word
even if they study It.

And they themselves call themselves servants of God!



I am Son of Man, Immanuel, Parsifal, Abdrushin Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, April the 18th, 1875 incoming.
I am addressing earnest seekers only. They must be able and willing to examine this matter objectively! Religious fanatics and irresponsible enthusiasts may hold aloof, for they are detrimental to the Truth. As for the malevolent and prejudiced, they shall find their sentence in the very words.

Name of the Son of Man is "New Name" from Revelation of John the Baptist, of which the "first among men" nevertheless "the last in Empire of Heaven" from Primordial Creation, the origin of his home, proclaimed this:
„Listen to me John! I am Alpha and Omega; I am beginning and I am the End, eternal, almighty! I am that, I am. There is nothing without me. I have the keys of hell and of death, I have to bind what is damned and I have to free what has become better. But who will overcome and will last until the end, he will receive strength to remain a warrior of Light. I will make him or her the pillar in a house of my God and he or she will not leave it anymore. I will write the name of my God on him/her and name of new Jerusalem, the new City of God, which will come down from heaven from my God - and I will write my name, the new one.“


Voice of Imanuel to the human being:
I am who I am!
I am the Will of God, your Creator and Maintainer, I am your Lord! I am eternal forever. I am the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega! I am your mediator to the throne of God, the seat of Almighty - the one and only Unsubstantiate!
I came to prophesied the Truth! I came for the sake of bringing the Light  to you and allow you to free yourself on your own from the shackles of evil, while you will follow my Word in your good will.


„His name is King Imanuel for the universe in general, and Parsifal for the pure beings in the spiritual world, and finally the Son of Man for gross matter on this earth: three in one and all three in activity at the same time — a Divine mystery, a potentiality or condition, that even matured human spirits cannot understand, but which to a certain degree is shared by the primordially created spiritual beings of the pure spiritual world, for they also can work on earth and do their service in the Castle of the Holy Grail at the same time.

The above paragraph is very important and instructive because it is an answer to many unexplained and important questions. Imanuel is trinity for whole Creation and only two of His persons (manifestations) have been incarnated so far. Direct personal incarnation of Imanuel has not taken place yet and is only about to happen. It will be the Energy of such kind that Earth and matter have not experienced so far. Same importance has also the other information, i.e. that primordially created spiritual being can also be incarnated on Earth and also be able to fulfill his task beyond boundaries of Earth at the same time, because his energy allows him to act in such way. The above written is also the explanation of the work of one such being - he worked here on Earth in human body while at the same time he also worked on his mission beyond Earth and established "Space connection".


(short selection)

This short selection is the evidence for some about the fact that even this channel was originally created by the Light and was assigned as help for all those seekers of the Truth. Consistency of information in crucial parts is the evidence of the above written.

- I am Alpha and Omega for this Earth. I am real although I come to you from heaven. I will free you from your misery. I will bring you peace.
- Everyone gets the light of Truth when the time comes. Nobody can avoid my will. Nothing can prevent me to finish my work.

- New Generation has many reasons to be happy no matter what others will happen. Those who will be returned to Earth get a new way of existence. Those who will die, they will continue in a development in the next incarnation on lower planets.
- On Earth, there will become things that will seem to be cruel for many; however, they are a natural process, because they will cause spiritual purification of humanity.
- Many people, on Earth, will be surprised when they meet face to face with one of our women, whose origin is not terrestrial.
- The Church was established on Earth in order to herald my words. However, it led my work poorly. It was not mine; only some people in it are mine. Church faces its end.
- My church, which will be established on Earth by me, will be created only by true believers, not blindly faithfuls. It will not be only a house close to the road, where people go on Sunday. It will form a part of daily life. Everywhere, there will rule only smile, happiness and justice.
- My arrival will be revolutionary; nothing will remain from what exists now.
- On Earth, you will be lucky to live for one thousand years. I will be always with you, and I will show you the way of development.
- There will be introduced an entirely different way of life that you are hard to imagine.
- Nothing on this earth can stop my plans.
- You must know, understand, and implement Cosmic Laws in real life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is supposed to occur, now on Earth, in those who strive for it.(*)
- When the keys get into the right hands and the gates are wide open, then my expression becomes act.
- Mankind will not be attacked by other civilizations; we would not admit it. It will be attacked by its own means and errors. Only in the extreme situation, mankind will understand its mistakes and powerlessness, and it will accept our cosmic assistance with gratitude and understanding.
- Time of our arrival is not possible to be exposed to humanity. It is our secret, and it will remain so until our arrival. Time of our action is not known also by those who are involved in it - I only know the exact hour. In any prophecies, there is not given a precise time.
- Everyone has the absolute freedom; no spiritual pressure will be exerted on anyone, and nothing will be imposed on anyone.
- Connections that I have made with Earth, they are perfect and straight.
- My plan is perfect; everything has been carefully prepared for this action. Each will be placed in the position, to correspond with his or her spiritual level. In my Father’s house, there are many dwellings. I have a place for everyone, but it must be established some grading of individuals.
- Those who do not want to accept a new spiritual knowledge will bear an enormous spiritual and physical suffering, because it helps them to spiritual growth.
- I promise you that each spaceship will be within one tenth of a millimetre exactly there, where are supposed to be before we start our rescue operation.
- Your Earth is not the only inhabited by human beings in this solar system. There are more planets there than human science admits.
- Transformation occurs not only spiritual but also material.
- The name of the message - “Space Connection” means that, in due course, there will be connected Earth by Space rescue operation, with higher worlds of matter.
- For those who failed in school life on Earth, time of learning has elapsed. They will not develop further, since they have fallen behind.
- All religions will merge into one, because only those purest, capable of spiritual transformation, will be saved.
- Science is aware of radical changes that have occurred in the evolution of plants and animals, but it could not explain how it happened. They were called mutations, which consist of rapid jumps up. A similar change - mutation - will become of humanity now.
- The appearance of superhuman aid in crisis is expected around the world differently, although it is the same aspect, according to the Bible “the second coming of Christ”, or “appearance of the Son of Man in the clouds”.
- According to the Bible I will come in the clouds with the heavenly army.
- The Law of karma is that every action returns to its originator. Thereby it, there is automatically managed school life. People collect their experiences by means of mistakes that they do. The key to liberation from karma is knowledge of the Laws of life.
- If, at this time, we made a change that we intend to do later, it would not last even 10 years, and mankind would fall on the same level as now. Therefore, the change will be taken place only when mankind being on the verge of despair and hopelessness. Their condition, to which they themselves have led, they will understand by the new spiritual knowledge.


(*) „Old Testament was the first book, New Testament was the second book and the third book is in the process of being written for you! “ – (*) This important paragraph was excluded from the Space conection!

„There have already been three opportunities for man to recognize the Will of God! Once through Moses who had been enlightened for that purpose. The second time through the Son of God, Jesus Himself, who bore the Truth within Himself, and now for the third and the last time in the Grail Message which again has been drawn directly from the Truth.“ – Similarly, like above mentioned excluded paragraph from Space connection, also this quote was excluded from the Grail Message, i.e. from the Word of the Son of Man (if you compare excluded paragraph with excluded quote from the Grail Message then you can clearly see that they are mutually consistent). Why is it so???!!!

- You must know, understand, and implement Cosmic Laws in real life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is supposed to occur, now on Earth, in those who strive for it.(*)

Here lies the message for us - how important are the cosmic - eternal - God's Laws!
But there was an effort to conceal the reference to those books, the books where we are supposed to look for those Laws! It is the most perfect evidence that both MESSAGES originate from one source of TRUTH! Simultaneously, it is the proof of Truth about the book Eternal Laws!  Exactly this book is the one, which now explains again these Laws. The Laws, which were the subject of great effort of being hide from us! Moreover, the book Eternal Laws also points out the unity of those both mentioned Messages!

There follows an advice at the conclusion of this article. This advice comes from the true ADVISOR and we have received it already more than once. Namely, in all three books, in which the Will of GOD is explained to us. The Holy Spirit alone explained the commandments for us!


The Seventh Commandment: Thou shalt not steal!

A thief is considered to be one of the most despicable of human beings. The man that appropriates to himself what belongs to another without his permission is a thief.

Have any of you who wish to keep this commandment, realized what are the possessions of the other and what it is that you must not take away from him?
A man possesses money, jewelry, clothing, perhaps also a house, a farm, and cattle. The commandment, however, does not say that only material things are meant, for there are treasures far more precious and of much greater value. A man's possessions include his good name and reputation, the authority he enjoys in the public, his thoughts and principles, his individuality as well as the confidence that is placed in him, if not by all, still by this man or by that man. Having got so far in our enlightenment of this commandment, the proud assurance of having kept it will perchance be somewhat shaken. Now I will ask you, have you never tried, even in perfect good faith to shake the confidence one man puts in another? Even if you but express a warning to be careful you may undermine it altogether. If so you have robbed the man who enjoyed the confidence, you have stolen it from him or have tried to do so.


The Eighth Commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!

Should you assault your neighbour, beat him, wound him and perhaps also rob him, you know that you will be punished by mundane law.

But listen and learn: The harm done by physical assault is more easily redressed than injury done to the soul, for the latter suffers in the loss of its good name.
Therefore, avoid all reputed tale-bearers with their venomous tongues as you would common murderers!

They are just as bad and sometimes more dangerous. As these malignant gossips have no pity for the victims they pursue here below, no helping hand will be held out to them in the next world. This craving to discredit others, though they may be strangers is cold and merciless and cold-heartedness and mercilessness, multiplied a hundredfold, will await these tale-bearers when the time comes for them to leave their physical bodies!
In the next world they will be outcasts and utterly despised even by robbers and thieves. A common feature of spiteful malice characterises the whole class, from the tea-party gossips to the depraved wretch who offers to testify on oath to the truth of false accusations that he brings against a neighbour to whom he has every reason to be deeply grateful.

And if such harm is caused to the Envoy of Light,
the guilt is far more bigger!


February the 1st, 2015



Once again we were recently witnesses of human stupidity, which caused suffering for some, but for others it served as a mean for human ambition to came to fore.
However, both of these groups carry the same part of fault on that tragic event.

That guilt has a root which feeds a tree, bringing the everyday fruits of suffering. The guilt also lies in hands of those who now try to take a stand on the side of justice. Now we will try to explain briefly the essence of that improper soil, which feeds the root that is a cause of all evil:

Today, all existing religions and communities have the same handicap -
- they cling anxiously and stubbornly to the false traditions fabricated only by humans and today, these traditions have nothing in common with the teachings of God's Envoy, to whom those people refer now in their ignorance.
- therefore these traditions lack the Truth brought to us, which has always been and still is in close relation to the knowledge of nature - cosmic - God's laws that are valid in th whole of creation - in the universe - in the nature, are completely logical and easily accessible to everyone who is humble and without desire of power and easily obtained livelihood.

So, there is a quite simple remedy but unfortunately it is not still available for today's civilization on Earth!
The Truth requires that all religions as well as all the disciplines of science have become uniform!

If not, we will witness again the same happening as we witness nowadays in various forms according to the type of ignorance of participating groups and communities.

Therefore, the way how to fix our problem is very simple but at the same time the most difficult for practical realization because ... !
Primarily, the "because" has to be explained in such a way the majority will understand and agree. Once the belief of majority becomes a reality they shall try to bring it into real life. And for this reason the more detailed explanation is necessary. The simple one (highlighted with the bold style) is only for those who are more mature.
And such mature ones are not in large number nowadays!
Now it may sound as a possible praise of one group and insult of all others but you will find that it is a fact after further explanation below.

However, we must reach again for the Word of Truth for a more complete understanding and recall the following (not a verbatim quotation):
All life in Creation of God is of two kinds: that which is self-conscious and that which is unconscious. Consciousness is advancement for all that is unconscious. In this unconsciousness, which has the same qualities as consciousness, there lies dormant the natural urge for further development. The development from unconsciousness to consciousness is driven by the Law of Motion. This Law prevents the unconsciousness as well as the consciousness to stop. On contrary, during the process of reaching the maturity it manifests in various conflicts that we call „fights“.

Humanity is at a stage of development where some individuals on their own path of development reached the point when they're becoming conscious, while the majority still remain unconscious. The immaturity of majority is the cause of suffering of those who have reached putative knowledge and maturity. These individuals see the tragic event from their current perspective as an act of cruelty and injustice that brought suffering. Thus, they usually accuse those who are at the same stage of development as victims themselves and, also contribute to escalation of fighting moods together with attackers in their mutual common ignorance up to the point where they together will produce a global conflict. We have witnessed such actions many times before. Unfortunately to no avail because we have learned nothing from the past. Now, consider if those words from the beginning of this article are insults or just a pure facts.

There is again a simple explanation, which can help us to understand.
As written above, the Law of Motion is valid in Creation as a mean to help for all living beings. This law, within its own function, helps the living beings keep in moving and after reaching a certain maturity helps to realise them that they are precisely the ones who keep this law in force because the rules are set in a way where every being has another superior being above him, whom must be afraid of but at the same time, there is a possibility to learn in order to avoid serious mistakes on the path of development. Thus, there is a superior being for every lower being and this superior one keeps the lower one in a necessary move. At the same time the superior one helps the lower one to avoid mistakes, which can plunge the lower one into complete ruin. Although, sometimes it seems to us as cruelty!

Therefore, we can observe in the nature that birds help to keep flies in necessary motion and farther, birds are keep in motion by predators. Thus it goes from one stage to another up to a point, where a man stands. We can take any creature and we find that everyone of them has some superior one above, which keeps it in alertness and movement.

Only man as the "crown of creation" - somehow thinks, there is no one superior above him.
And such thought is the greatest stupidity a man came up with.

Thus, man pays for this stupidity in all his activities because he overrated himself and is not afraid to commit all those atrocities we can witness and yet he is able to justify everything in his favor, as it suits to his purpose.
Being so as it is written above, we will provide two very well-known examples as a proof.

First, let's focus on area where man faces and confronts with animal, i.e. an area that is marked as "biodiversity" by so-called environmentalists or protectionists. A noble expression for human stupidity!
They are trying to interfere in what is perfectly controlled for millions of years and still have lasted in the greatest perfection. Their interventions led to a point where a creature of lower position on a scale of beings (and which was placed on this position by the most superior being so it could be subordinated to man and should feared him) was placed unfortunately by our free will on a superior position. Thus, we turned everything in favor of a minority but on the other hand to the detriment of majority. The minority takes advantage and lives on account of it but the majority suffers! On behalf of their own ambitions, conservationists achieved the state, when a creature such as bear, which should be kept in motion by the help of man according to God's Laws, was placed on a non-suitable position, i.e. above the man. Today, situation is clearly the opposite - bear is the creature, which keeps in motion a man as a being that is subordinated to a bear. So we turned everything upside down with our ignorance. Then we wonder that it hits us back in various forms of suffering. The bear was supposed to be kept in motion with the help of a man and be hunted according to a planned schedule just like any other animal. Of course, together with maintaining the right to life.

Now we can show to ourselves how we pay the price for our mistake, once we promoted ourselves as the "crown of creation", i.e. a creature that is placed above all others, but the crown is only imaginary!
There are so many superior beings above man that the moment he becomes aware of them, he will be forced to cover his prideful face, so his great disgrace would not been visible!

Man committed the greatest mistake the moment he promoted himself as a being, which allegedly should not fear anybody else and now pays the price for this mistake. He complains about destiny and does not realize that people around him are not those who cause his suffering but on contrary, he is the one who is the originator of everything that affects him now. He is not looking for the cause, forgets his Master and even those who help him. However, they seem only those who are hungry for power and do not intend to give it up. Therefore, their effort is to conceal those who try to help and diminish the highest being - the God down to level of various idols, whom they allegedly serve but in reality they live in their internal belief that their particular idol is the one who will reward their „service“.
These are a poor people and we shall feel sorry for them but also warn them at the same time! Let us not provide them a space where they can freely commit injustice on majority and can conceal important lessons and, even real facts.

And it leads us to a cause why there is necessity to conceal information above UFO objects, because those objects are operated by beings that are more conscious, you might even say that they are superior to us, yet they are still only servants of the Highest!
If we recognized the existence of a stronger being, we would deprive ourselves of our own power!

But be aware!
To be precise, there are also those, flighting over our heads, who serve the desire for power as well. They made a pact with those on Earth, who are equally power-hungry and therefore, this needs to be hushed up. Those power hungry benefit from our indolence of spirit, not searching the relevant answers and concealment of information that lead towards necessary degree of maturity and the attainment of wanted knowledge.

Thus, it leads to conflicts among groups of those power-hungry and they drag those unconscious with them. They fool them with their theories, which suit the purpose of attainment the power. They need their supporters only as a way to rise above majority, of which stupidity they will benefit.
In our case, ignorance causes inability to understand past experiences in terms of justice and according to a law, which operates everywhere in terms of eternity and, only thus push all events into right perspective. It applies also in relation with animals. It is a similar nature since animal has a soul, which is also evolving to perfection, same as soul of a man. The body is only a temporary tool - in animal for a soul and, in human body for a spirit. Coverings of a spirit are also called soul. They are only of temporary nature, until the spirit improves and reaches necessary maturity in order to return to his home - the Paradise.
The ignorance of a terrorist's spirit as well as a victim's caused that both of them gained the missing lesson. The Law of God will not allow such a situation, where any happening would be out of control of justice in terms of eternity. Although in our misunderstanding, it causes us a lot of trouble and an experience of sufferings of various kinds. But affected spirits can always gain another necessary experience towards perfection and maturity. Thus they will be able to avoid the same mistakes and wrongdoings in their next incarnations. Any concerned spirit may thus obtain and move forward or lose and fall even deeper according to the degree of maturity of each spirit.

Concerned spirits lost their gross material bodies, yet they were protected against a spiritual fall even deeper because their earthly activities would have led them towards real spiritual death , i.e. disintegration of a spirit. Our conception of death is wrong. In reality, the death is only a change of state of a soul and consequently of a spirit. Therefore from the perspective of eternity and Light, the accident was help for both parties involved and, not a situation as we see it now.

From the perspective of Light are often equally guilty those who walk with machine guns and grenades, as well as those who wear pen because according to the Law of God, man can kill also with pen and this written form is even worse.
It's also violation of the commandment: "Thou shalt not kill!".

It seems strange to understand this, but only from our today's ignorance because from the perspective of eternity, everything is put in an entirely new light.

After all, those who now walk with machine guns, are trying also to serve a pen, i.e. to the word once written in ignorance!

History taught us that many of those who worked only in words or in characters, i.e. with a pen, had to die at the stake. And all this is only the result of our ignorance! Let us get rid of it and the peace and calmness shall visit us then.
Therefore, you shall search for the Truth, which will teach you how to become conscious, so you shall no longer have to suffer under false rulers who lead you into destruction under their desire for power, which they still won't be able to reach because they do not have the necessary competence. What they have now is only temporary and contingent only by your will because you do not want to know the Truth and recognize the true ruler. 

His help has come to us many times in His Word and in the laws explained. However, these remain useless for you because you jumped on the bait offered by your hunters. They have caught you long time ago and have no intention to release you from their hands, until you yourselves gather your strength for this leap.
Observe what is happening around you and dare to raise your head up to stars, to Light, to Him whose gifts you still use, while still forgetting about Him. Learn to live according to His rules and not those offered by hunters of your souls and now even your bodies, which you lent them. You will loose everything, same as your leaders!

For the time being, the peace is only at hands of those who not only know these laws, but they also live in accordance with them!

March the 23rd, 2015



The previous article (Right referendum - folder: Church and politics), namely image No. 69, triggered a debate among members of our Radio Rescue team. Specifically the discussion was about the Venus and its zodiac signs - Aries and Libra. Certain difference of opinion resulted from the assignment of these signs to male principle, or vice versa, to feminine.
Eventually we realised, that the discrepancy did not occur randomly. On contrary, it is related to our problem, to the very cause that we addressed in that particular article - namely the distortion of souls and consequently also the gross matter bodies.

One can find the explanation in that article - that the consequences, which we witness and which cause us suffering because of our ignorance, cannot be removed unless we remove the cause. Unfortunately, in order to remove the cause, first we must get rid ourselves of many wrong opinions, which already are in control in all fields of human knowledge. We can start with science then education, politics, all churches, which in the name of one God can murder also another believers in God, whose ignorance is little different. Then we can continue with all sorts of spiritual and other related directions, which also includes astrology. And here we must now pause for a moment again, so that we can explain the area that is now topical.
Astrology has a very important origin and astrology could also be of use, if we did not distort almost everything related to it, as we had done in everywhere else. Therefore, we must step back in time when we were not distorted yet; darkness yet did not poison everything that was aimed to serve us and also be here for our help and the brain still did not have control over spirit. Those were the times when people still perceived and took the finer matter - higher levels as something totally obvious. These higher levels were not some fables and superstitions for them, like they are nowadays.  Those who have left the original lessons in various records and references for us, they understood them more completely than we now, because they all experienced it and even used for survival, not as we do now, as we move away from natural laws, through which speaks to us our Creator - God. Now I will use my former article that was published on my site: www.absolutnapravda.sk; and which had the following name:

„The Ancient astronomers, part II.

Such is the title of my essay. The impulse to write it came from one TV show. Now I saw the later episode of that show. The content of that show was more specific and as a guest was present there the very Schantal Volterierowa - a scientist who is pioneer of opinion presented here. Now I'm not going to return to the issue in detail, because it is still possible to find it on the page mentioned above. However, a brief reminder of the essence will be provided here, together with the quotation of myself:

„Then, all you have to do is to imagine the following image: The artist is looking through the glass pane and he draws on pane exactly what he sees in the sky behind the pane. When he draws the image on the day of the vernal equinox then the location of the constellation would accurately reflect the way these constellations were in mutual position on this day. Their orientation, proportional values and everything related will be observed properly. So, our predecessor stood in front of rock wall, looking through this wall with his ethereal sight on vast distances of Universe. There he saw the position of zodiac, which he consequently immortalized into the stone. Therefore, it is exactly the same as if he was looking through the window pane! Thus, all necessary parameters of the drawing were in order. Such accuracy is yet incomprehensible by our science. Some may find this explanation dubious, but let them try to find a more complete explanation of this "mystery". Nevertheless, the zodiac itself is the best proof that man was once quite normally clairvoyant. Otherwise, how is it possible that Sumerian people for instance, who lived at a considerable distance from the cave Lasco (or Lascaux), and even other ancient nations such as Egyptians were able to find a match in pictures constellations in the sky? Drawings in the cave Lasco are said to be around 30,000 years old! The only possible answer is that these ancient people actually see them in the same manner. Thus, they depicted the seen reality, which on contrary we ourselves are not able to see anymore and therefore, we are not able to understand many things.
So that is the way how drawings of one kind were created and we also have explained their very practical purpose at the time they were created in. However, there is also another kind of drawings of that time that we can see in caves. Likewise those also remain mystery for todays' scientists. They are "images of animals", which served to another, very practical purpose. Nevertheless, those images can only really understand the man who himself was a serious and intense hunter and even has other abilities. The drawing itself is the best proof of that - in some cases the drawing shows outwardly protuberant internal organs of animals. I have considerable experience in this field; some of it I have already mentioned here on page. Even my discovery of the natural law, which can be found on the website under a separate title, is also another perfectly fitting proof.

Just as the man of past era was clairvoyant, animals are still clairvoyant. Then it should be noted the following: a man, who is at the top of intelligence chart among all gross materially beings on planet Earth, is able with his abilities, you might say, to hypnotise the animals, i.e. to influence animal in a way, that the animal is as if subordinate to will of man. That is actually a way how man domesticated animal. Man of past era knew this ability and he even used it perfectly during hunting. Then drawings in the cave served for him as a kind of some tool, which helped him to reach some state of trance meditation. When he was in that state, he was able to influence animal in a way it did not run away. On contrary, animal approached the man. Again, it seems unreal or even impossible. However, I have similar experience. Many times during my "ritual" imaginings, I put myself into a state, when at night as if it was in a sleep I was "ethereally" on a successful hunt, which then took place the next day in gross matter exactly in the same way and with the same successful result. Sometimes, even such situation happened when I was forced to drive away those animals I had no intention to hunt that day. It seems unbelievable but it's a fact. Our ancestors used this ability in acquiring the livelihood. Therefore, they were able to hunt with primitive weapons those kind of animals, which todays' hunter are not able to hunt with their modern, perfect weapons. Such was the purpose of drawings in prehistoric caves and such was the ability of our ancestor.“
So, this was my explanation of abilities of our prehistoric hunters and astronomers who were able to record on a rocky walls of cave the zodiac constellation with precise proportional size values.
The author of the theory itself (Schantal Volterierowa) in that second document used a following comparison:
„If the cave walls were of glass substance then we could see in the sky precisely these star constellations how they are overlapped with drawings on the rock.“

At this point it must be added that I didn't know about the argument of that author in time, when I formulated my comparison to a glass pane. I had formulated the comparison in my first article, approximately half a year before I saw the second document, in which the author used the very same comparison that I published half a year before.
One way or another, I'm saying that drawings in Lasco cave were really painted as if the author looked through the glass pane, because he was clairvoyant. This is the only correct explanation, which is also the core of conflict (or difference in opinions) and its result is the fact that the theory of the above mentioned author is rejected by other scientists. They argue that man of that particular past era was unable to transform, calculate and reduce appropriately the distances, which are required for the reproduction of these drawings. It's a pity that the author herself doesn't know about Grail Message, which is the reason why she is not aware about the fact that man of past era was clairvoyant and therefore, she is not able to defend her theory effectively. However, it is questionable whether she would be able to defend her theory and arguments with the knowledge about the clairvoyance of man of past era since this knowledge belongs to an area or field, which could be called a "secret science" and is not wanted. I myself have equally insurmountable problems with publication and origination (i.e. put to use in everyday life) of my discovery of natural law, which concerns the communication between living organisms. Simply, it is an area of a distant future, although at the same time it is an area of a real understanding of God - natural laws. However, if also she knew about this, then it would be further vote and argument in support so far only a modest stream of opinion, i.e. in support of the Truth of tomorrow.
It's also the same with the second kind of cave (rock) drawings. I explain them as a certain kind of „magic“ (natural) vibrational communication between man and animal. My explanation is based on my own huge experience gathered over the years of hunting. The above mentioned document also supported my explanation in regards to this second kind of drawings. A scientist named Jean Clottes, which in turn defended his theory on these drawings unrelated to the sky, he explained his theory about those drawings almost correctly. He claimed that the drawings are related to shamanism, i.e. with a more subtle (finer) level and communication between them. The only thing that he lacked was the specific purpose of these drawings. These two scientists are actually the vanguard of a new scientific thought, which must necessarily push out the existing old that is not able to explain emerging facts. The existing old only postpones, ignores and ridicules. However, intimidation of those who dare to bring the new to the public, will become obsolete. It will not last long and finally it rolls over.
After all, how many experts of various kind (e.g. economists and financial brokers) do we have nowadays and yet they do not know the final solution. On contrary, they are the originators of todays' crisis and they do not know how to cope with it. While a person with common sense and no education would be able to solve it easily. However the problem is, if he started with solving then he would be „stoned“ or, to say it with more modern vocabulary - he would be "removed". So we should not cheer and wait for remedy to come from their side in near future! The help will come - but from „above“ and it will have global impact! As a confirmation of above written I will use now one example from the past. There lived a rich man in african town Timbuktu in 17th century. The city had long been famous and rich; it was located in southwest of the Sahara, until it suddenly began to decline because the trade routes had opened in new direction. That was a moment when the rich man took all his possession (lots of gold and valuable stones, even the censers and other valuables) and loaded it on camels and embarked on a journey through entire Sahara. He headed towards east, to Egypt. Here, he gave away all his possession in the street. Thus, the capital came into the wrong place and wrong hands and led to all-out crisis of the Egyptian economy, which lasted for many years. The same problem also bothers us - capital in the wrong hands. I have already pointed out this fact, and again another document gave me for the truth.

A following lesson come to us from what was written above: the ancient „astronomers“ were still spiritually healthy. It means, they were still able to perceive and thus use the finer (more subtle) levels and therefore these can be taken as a fact - undistorted by the intellect as it is today. The originator of darkness - Lucifer is ruler of everything on Earth today, even in all level of matter and his dominance also has reached up to altars, which original purpose was to serve God. Today, the intellect put all the old knowledge into categories such as rumours, fables or even delusions, yet it is exactly the opposite. In the past the ancient astronomers gave name to constellations precisely according their appearance in the sky. For our matter - universe, the constellations are primal forms according to which all subsequent forms. The lower intelligence observes everything above its level as a form of radiation. However, the higher intelligence observes everything below its level already in forms and shapes.
So, when they have given a certain constellation name „Taurus“, it certainly is a Taurus (i.e. bull) and not a cow.
On the other hand, todays' astronomers are so confused, so distorted by intellect, but do not possess the most necessary equipment that is needed for proper work in their job. They are not able to perceive the finer level in forms and shapes. Even worse, they are not able to perceive it in a proper radiation, for each space object radiates differently in colour and even produces a sound tones. Therefore, they have made mistakes and confusion and they rely on „dead“ computer calculations that can't reach the Truth.
Modern day astrologers are so far away from knowing the laws of nature that many of them are not able to define correctly term for something that originates in nature. A normal and standard ability of man received through time a proud title „astronomy“ and even later it was partly divided into subcategory called „astrology“ and yet the true ability, the essence has vanished during that time. Intelectual delusions are the only ones that have been left.
If I had asked todays' astrologers a question from the popular TV show „Nobody's perfect“ then I do not know how many of them would have answered correctly. The question would be like this: „Explain the meaning of following terms: bull - ox - heifer - cow - calf!"
An ordinary peasant who still knows the laws of nature would provide the correct answer as follows: A bull is a male bovine animal, but still with preserved genitals. An ox is the same species as bull but already without genitals. A heifer is a female bovine animal, but still immature (juvenile) - a virgin. In other words, heifer has not had an offspring yet. A cow is the female adult specimen of the same species as a heifer, which already gave birth to an offspring - a calf.
Therefore, if Taurus had been a female - negative sign of the zodiac then a prehistoric astronomer (who was still clairvoyant) would have chosen a name „cow“. In Indian vedas, a cow is worshipped creature for its usefulness but it is not one of the sign of the zodiac. It is Taurus (bull) because even at levels of the throne of God has its place, as it is an important primordial form for whole of Creation.

Since, our ethereal type (exemplar) for the form of male and female is already distorted in astrology, we must not wonder that human souls and consequently physical bodies are subject to distortion as well.
Thus, it is the same in every area of todays' human life, i.e. even the economic crisis has its cause in a way that has been mentioned already. To be specific, capital is in wrong hands, i.e. in such hands, which do not produce any values for eternity, not even for the life of a man. On contrary, majority of the capital is placed and "frozen" there, where it is not necessary at all and therefore is put to no use.
We could go on like this with every area or industry, where man has spread his distorted activities. Everything is heading towards denouement promised already long time ago, so at least a some (if they will be able to do so) will find a way out from this maze. A maze, which have been built by all those who have some sort of governance.

The last article (Right referendum) irritated some who became bitter after the failure of their activity - a referendum. However, as long as they do not adapt their proposed laws to those Laws of God, such failure will occur again and again, and any multitude of people will not change the result.

We are aware that pointing out the essence - the cause - the Truth does not generate a lot of followers, because the cause lives hidden in the consequences, and humanity have become accustomed to a lot of unnecessary words just about nothing. This is a way how to gain popularity, and thus actually masses all those who are indolent in spirit and already even in intellect. But that is something that was, still is and will be for some time exactly the proof of Truth itself and even the proof of Emissaries of Light, which accompanied the Truth. Not a single emissary of God has been accepted by masses. On contrary, every one of them suffered attacks. The Truth has always required the effort and change from everyone who came in touch with It actively! And only a few were able to do what the Truth required.
But in a time, when all the old and new promises begin to fulfil, then the pure Word of Truth will emerge on the surface of all dirt - babbling - discussion - the roar of destruction, and Truth will be celebrated in Word with the help of our Lord. Then all mouth in silent astonishment and fear will become speechless; exactly the same mouths, which have hitherto been listened by the masses and been left in admiration of their „own“ wisdom. Then many will turn into a direction where they will recognize the Word of Truth, which will be celebrated in this way. It will be exactly the same Word they hitherto have overlooked and refused in their pride or a cheap benefit from everything old.
Heretofore, mostly leaders and followers of all religions are those who feel to be threatened the most by the Truth, because they think that God and the church is the one and the same! However, if all churches had been on a right path then there would have to be only one church. The true church! An only then the principle would apply that God and the church is the one and the same! Afterall, God is also just one! All churches are actually talking about the one God but each of them abuse Him in their own manner, and expect from Him that He will serve them in a way that suits the best each church separately. The right and only church will not expect the service but on contrary it will require service to God! That will be a time when man realizes that God really does not need our service to Him, for He is the only independent, but requires a service to our neighbor. Thus, He requires the proper service, which is selfless!
Evidence that the above written is correct is the mere fact that all Christians believe, even more, they expect that Son of God, Jesus has redeemed us from our sins with his death. That is the way how we apologize our guilt for murdering Son of God! Instead of awareness of our great guilt, we expect the service of the greatest kind - that someone else should die for our laziness and comfort! Therefore, we expect the ultimate sacrifice yet we are not able to undergo even the smallest one - to recognize God in His Word, which He has sent us many times for the sake of our rescue through His Emissaries, which we have not recognized and thus we have not recognized His Word! It is exactly the same Word that offers us answer to all our questions; questions that with such great fanfare we show in front of the masses. All who behave in this way require admiration only for themselves. Then we should not be surprised that we wander each time some problem arises.

Again, as evidence of above written I will use now a parable, which is actually real life experience:
Once I had a colleague in my work and he mastered a way how to lay his hands on everything that he liked or suited his purposes. It should be added that there were a lot of things, which suited him and yet at the same time they belonged to someone else. Since it was impossible not to overlooked his deeds, he did not try to conceal it and even he somehow boasted about these „skills“ of his. Indeed, he was a master in this field, because he was never punished for these deeds. It was something unimaginable and inimitable by anybody else.
During one teamwork activity I asked him a question, which had been worrying me already for some time:
„Adam, I would like to know the reason why you are still attending a church?“
His answer surprised me a little and even forced my to a greater consideration. The answer was:
„I visit church deliberately in order to redeem my sins!“
When I contemplated a while about his answer, I had to admit that there was a logic in his deed. Indeed, when the backbone of the Christian church is an idea that Jesus Christ took on himself all our sins and guilt, and even this very church regards itself as being competent to forgive our sins as well, then his thinking and deeds are in line with what one can hear in church.
I do not claim that deeds of every christian believer are the same as the one described above, but according to everyday reports from various media there are quite a lot of people whose deeds are in that manner.
What triggers such deeds is again the same undisclosed cause, which the Church does not intend to uncover and recognize as a mistake because in doing so, the Church would deprive itself of cheap advantages that come from this ignorance.
A similar ignorance is the idea of some Muslims who see themselves as a suicide bombers only because of a heresy promise that in the hereafter are such their deeds richly rewarded. So, these are the undisclosed causes among members of the two big Churches, which generate a lot of suffering. There is no need to continue further but on contrary, it is necessary to prove wrongness of such thinking and deeds.
In His Word, Jesus Christ never claimed that he sacrifices his earthly life in order to redeem the sins of humanity! It's true that one can read in gospels that "He died for our sins"! But it must be understood quite differently. He died for our sins because we haven't recognised Him in His Word and we haven't lived our lives in accordance with this Word! We even murdered Him for His service to God in favor for us. Thus we loaded the heaviest sin on our shoulders. And this heaviest sin of ours is the reason why he had to die for. So the truth about his death is quite the opposite!
His Word is the proof that above written is the truth: „Think not that I have come to abolish the law - the Old Testament; I have come not to abolish them but to fulfil them“. To „fulfil“ means to explain correctly! And we can read in the Old Testament: „An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth“. His explanation of this sentence is following: „Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap!“ That is the explanation of the same eternal law - the law of reciprocal action, which no creature in Creation can bypass. On the other hand, it should not be understood (and as it was commonly understood and explained prior to Jesus coming) that the man is the one who is entitled to take the law into his hands. No, Jesus explained us the law of love to your neighbour that the justice belongs only to a God and ours is only the forgiveness! „Vengeance is mine; I will repay!

After we distorted the words of Jesus a lot, the Son of Man in His Word provides us with even better explanation of that Law of reciprocal action:
„For it is Love, when He cleanses the earth of this stench and frees you from it, so that you may stand joyfully in Creation, which He graciously gives you for a home!
Render to Him that gratitude which is due to this Work of Love by keeping your thoughts pure, and by considering only the welfare, the peace of your neighbor, and not how you can harm him!“

„The Law of Almighty God for you is:
You are permitted to wander through Creation! Go in such a manner as to cause no harm to others in pursuit of your personal desires! Otherwise threads will be woven into the carpet of your paths which will hold you down and prevent you from ascending to the Luminous Heights of conscious and joyful activity in the gardens of all the Realms of your God!
That is the basic law containing everything you need to know. If you follow this nothing can happen to you. You will only be led upwards by all the threads created by your thinking, volition and actions.
That is why the Son of God once said in all simplicity: “Love thy neighbour as thyself”! Fundamentally this has exactly the same meaning.“ 

Whole Gospel of Love but also Justice is for us in these short lessons of both sons of God!
Who is able to understand this Gospel and tries to live in accordance with it and not in the drowsy interpretations of the Churches, such man has already found his way to the HIGHEST!

Can anyone still believes, after reading these Words brought from God that someone else beside you may atone your own sins?
This fallacy has already caused much suffering!

And it will cause even more in the future!

Moment of that further suffering will come when concerned soul in its ignorance leaves its gross material body and enters the afterlife. Over there, law of reciprocal action takes immediate effect and everyone starts to expiate his or her former sins. However, how harder it will be for those who caused  the suffering and even gave advice in this manner to his or her neighbours? Exactly like contemporary ignorant representatives of the Churches!

Believers, let us remind ourselves!
Let us find the way to God and not to Churches!

Celibacy, sexual abnormalities, excessive sexual awareness are all going astray and are declination from natural - God's laws.

Celibacy is as unnatural as exaggerated sexual instinct and both cases lead to disharmony, which is more and more present in society. In both cases it is the unhealthy eccentricity. Even exaggeratedly escalated sexual instinct ultimately brings numbness of natural activity, which ultimately becomes a barrier to reproduction. Gradually men are becoming inactive in numbness and this phenomenon is clearly noticeable for everyone who is aware of the situation. Especially shameful undressing of women in public is the cause of mens' numbness.

If humanity continued to live this way then it would eventually turn out as follows: at one side, there would be a lot of priest living in celibacy and on the other side, there would be family of sexually deformed individuals. In the beginning, priests would adapt to this situation and again they would not mind that those distorted individuals would work to cover also livelihood of priests - after all, they would be mutually homogeneous. Even the Pope himself confirmed it by his statement that „every person, who is believer is important for the Church!“ However, it would all ended in a way as already mentioned, i.e. our civilization would lost completely the ability to reproduce and thus the Church would have to start looking for followers on another planet.

And some of us can witness that it is already happening on our planet now!
That applies to those who are not blind and with eyes fixated only inwardly towards themselves!

Because the blind ones are not able to look up to stars anymore and they only cast their eyes toward their idols!

On the other hand, we can observe even the gentle "spiritual wake-up call" for some who are waking up under the events they experience and thus they themselves begin to perceive that humanity is rushing into destruction. There are already other websites with such similar themes and our Radio Rescue team is really happy for their existence. We will not interfere with others work and again it only proves what we here on our website aimed at - the missing harmony. Even the Word itself proves it with its perfect explanation: „humanity is divided into groups“ and each group requires a slightly different way of approaching the Truth. But at the same time, the Truth itself must remain identical for all groups. And the Truth must unite us all and not divides us, as it is now!
Also this article was written only as a reaction to a member from the ranks of the Church who felt offended. However, we do not address our articles to a specific person and let each individual whether he finds this article and information contained within it or not. If the question is not direct or personal then our answer is always also largely unaddressed and personally unspecified through this site.
All hitherto existing religions are divided because they serve only their own power and ambition, but not to God, and yet they all call themselves as his servants. But a true servant serves and not governs!
There can occur no necessary harmony among them because they do not know His laws and therefore, their deeds are not in accordance with those Laws!
At this time, Radio Rescue team has chosen method of spreading the truth in a form that intractable problems of society is trying to help to remove by using the only possible activity, i.e. by using the unknown Laws of God as the cause of all causes. The only way to cure and repair all that is wrong can be done only by becoming aware of this cause and then by removing this cause.
Therefore, this is the method that will always dominate on our website and thus we will endeavor to bring closer and widen the knowledge about the missing Truth! You could also call and describe it this way:

Practical use of Truth that speaks to us
in laws of nature – God’s laws!

However, when we open our mouth of Truth through the air, then only Truth itself will dominate for all those who still have not recognized It. That will happen after the „hard spiritual wake-up call“!
Until then, the complete and undistorted Truth is still available here for everyone. Take it seriously because later there might be no time for receiving the complete Truth. Now many still consider this complete Truth as fallacy and delusion because they have only the distorted Truth. As always in the past, the distortion was also made by human hands some time ago.

Therefore, use your every moment already now in order to obtain the Truth!
Now the Truth is still more accessible and easier to obtain than it will be later. 


April the 3rd, 2015



This article is again another one that describes the actual personal experience, which for sure happened by no chance in a appropriate time that brought to daylight events whose were witnessed by members of our radio team recently.
It was triggered by a priest who responded to our article about the distorted souls and unsuccessful referendum. As expected, he refused cause of the problem, which we pointed out together with the proposition how to solve it. His refusal was in accordance with outdated ideas, which still determine reaction of churches and prevent the resolution of many „mysteries“ that cause headaches not only the churches themselves, but also ordinary people.

Consequently, it all unfolded in a way we downloaded and heard an older discussion that took place on internet radio station „Slobodný vysielač“. The topic of that discussion was the recognition of reincarnation by our christian community and above mentioned priest was one of two discussants. Although the discussion was logical and even factual, both discussants agreed that there is something like a „God's mystery“, which is not clear or can't be explained and according to them it needs to remain that way. However the discussion was not factual thanks to that priest but to his counterpart, although it should be added that the priest could end up worse if he had to go in discussion with more experienced opponent. Personally among other things, I was irritated by priest's note of very stupid kind that one can find no joke or humour in the work The Grail Message. For me that was the biggest sick humour of whole discussion. Why?
Imagine a situation, in which the priest would be asked to visit a dying man in his bed. Would he dare to tell jokes to dying man as consolation on his last path?
When Son of Man came with the last advice to humanity that suffered terminal illness, humour of any kind was the last that humanity needed in that time. He came to save us with His word the same way Jesus came to us and one cannot find many jokes in New Testament either. The only thing that the priest gained with his note is the fact that he himself became a target for jokes in eyes of every reasonable man. This tone of previous sentences has now been chosen in such form only because the concerned priest is so fond of humor.
Above mentioned is confirmed by our own human history. Two world wars took place during life of Son of Man just because humanity have not recognized and therefore not accepted explanation of the Laws of God in the Word that brought us the Emissary of God. Many lives ended during those two world wars, yet again it was not God's work but only human. Again the church took side of enemy of God's Emissary, blessed his weapons and allowed cast into prison this Emissary from God's realm. These are not false rumors but facts corroborated by our history.
Nevertheless, jokes and humour are good things and we can find in Grail Message wisely written sentence that the priest for sure knows nothing about because it's highly possible that he just only browsed the Word without any careful reading. Here is the quote the priest haven't found in the Word:

Cheerful, hearty laughter is the strongest antidote to darkness. Only it must not be a laugh of malicious pleasure!

These two sentences say it all. Yet only for a wise man, it must be added.
Above mentioned discussion was actually related to a question whether God is fair since we can see so much suffering and evil in society and even vices at places where they are expected the least.
God does not care about our problems and these are not his work, but only our work, i.e. work of human. The life bursts out everywhere around us, not only here on earth but also in space, even throughout God's creation. God has put into his work simple and unchanging, everlasting laws that affect incorruptibly throughout His work. Therefore He need not worry about who, when and how those laws are abided or violates on the contrary. These laws themselves govern everything to perfection and where imperfection occurs it's only a work of human spirit. However, to oversee the implementation of action of these laws, there are large number of beings who cooperates this way out of their own desire to help. Yet on the contrary, there are also beings who violate these laws and even seduce others to act likewise. Some beings are even the direct executors of these laws. We will not go into further details since it would lead us away from bedrock of this article. However, above mentioned was necessary to define as a part of introduction. There is also another reason why we are not going into more details since complete understanding requires some input and relatively comprehensive information that is prerequisite to understanding. Everyone who wants to gain such information will be instructed where he can obtained them. We have already explained before that one cannot get information about the principle of a nuclear reactor in kindergarten. Thus, the spiritual knowledge also requires a certain level of maturity.

So when we see injustice and suffering, let us search for cause inside ourselves or in others like us who just go astray, or hitherto have been going astray in their ignorance.
I personally would like to ask the priest a following question:
What the Church intends to do with those people who are aware of their past life and know whom once were? There are quite a lot of such people and I am one of them. Will the Church burn to death also people like me, like it did once with those who proclaimed that the Earth is not the center of the universe?
Yet, all one has to do is only keep looking for answers. Therefore do not be satisfied with what he once learned in the seminary from similar ignorant priests as he is now. There are many such cases very well documented and known. But only for those who seek the truth and are not proud and cocky for their alleged knowledge that is unfortunately the greatest ignorance. Moreover, they hallow themselves as saints!  They will find soon enough how big audacity it is.
What would be the outcome if every student should be satisfied only with things he learned at school? There would be no advancement at all because we would be content with stagnation and we would remain at the same level. During some time, we would fall even lower, precisely as it can be observed in the Church.
When I look back on my life, my own experiences, all my inventions, suggestions for improvements and all that I've acquired by my own exploration, it does not have much in common with what I learnt in school. Why clerics are satisfied with what they had learnt a long time ago and they try to compress the real life into already outdated forms?
Now I will write about my latest experience, which affects me only indirectly, since I was invited to this case, which takes place in a family that lives in my surrounding area:

In this family, there are three children - one boy who is 20 years old and two girls, the older one is over eighteen years and the younger one is at the age of eight. All three children have the „gift“ we partially mentioned already above, and which is more curse for our understanding and neighbourhood due to our ignorance. The younger sister at the age of five was able to see the soul of her great-grandfather after his death on his funeral. Moreover, after the funeral she described the fact that the soul of her great-grandfather wore shoe only on one leg and papouche on other one, because one leg was swollen and people in morgue were not able to put shoe on that leg after his death. Obviously, she did not know about it, yet she was able to see it and described it later.
I mention it only because her older stepsister has also such ability to see souls of deceased since her birth. It comes to my knowledge only now, when her mother approached me and asked me to come and visit them at their home. Although we have known each other already for a long time, yet they have concealed this fact from me until now. They began to seek help only when situation grew into a serious problem. And it is the same with our whole society. It will seek help only when humanity becomes desparate and terrified.

It was only after my arrival into their house when I found out that the older daughter has a problem, which causes a nuisance to everyone in the house. They all hear sound of strokes and other kinds of sounds, which annoy them during nights; the daughter should prepare herself for school exams while reportedly a young lady wake her up in night, keep her awake and bothers her. The daughter is the only one who is able to see this young lady. She sees the young lady the best through water, i.e. when she is in swimming pool or is having a bath in home.
Since they knew that I have interest in such cases and knows a little about it, they asked me to help them somehow. They even remembered, I had tried to give them advice several times in the past, out of my own will. Unfortunately, to no avail.
That's why I went to see their daughter in her room and hear her out. She told me the following:
Allegedly she have seen the soul of young lady since childhood and she still sees her from time to time, but now the situation have escalated to a point when the daughter is becoming aggressive, as the parents also confirmed. The young lady is reportedly a long-haired blonde with blue eyes, the same height as her. I must mention that she (the daughter) is also a long-haired blonde with blue eyes.
I advised her what to do, i.e. she should have an open discussion with the soul of young lady. She should explain her that the current state, i.e. body which the young lady wears now is not immortal yet, and that there is also a spiritual death, which can be the end of her current life and also of her body she wears now as the uppermost cover of her soul, if she does not advance further to higher levels and remains just at the current level. It was the moment the daughter began to cry and said that the „vision of young lady“ has to and wants to stay here because she (the daughter) is allegedly in danger and so the „vision of young lady“ has to take care of her. I also said to the daughter that alternatively, she should radically change her diet and thus radiation of her blood, so the „vision of young lady“ won't be able to manifest herself henceforth. Nevertheless, what is even more serious is the fact that the daughter alone feels as if she is part of her „vision“, i.e. as if the „vision“ is she (the daughter) herself and also actually refuses their separation in tears. Therefore, she feels to be a part of her „vision“.
Finally, the daughter told me in tears: „Please, you personally tell all that to my „vision“, since she is standing right beside you and the closet“. And it were her tears that made possible the daughter was able to see her „vision“ so clearly in my presence and during daylight. Therefore, I talked to „vision“, although I was not able to see her. I advised her what is also mentioned above, and even more - where to look to find guidance and help. I advised her a book where it is perfectly explained: In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message. I also told her that she surely can find this book also in her world, she just has to keep looking. I even added that an important milestone is approaching, and exactly because of this milestone there is now a possibility of such convergence, because our world of matter is changing.
I myself just sometimes can hear those from the other side, so I asked for help in order to understand whole situation to best understanding and closest to the reality. I was told that these two girls (the daughter and the „vision of young lady“) were identical twins in their past lives and they were very close. However, only one from them got the chance to incarnate here on earth because the other one was in worse situation. She did not deserve to be incarnated here on earth due to her deeds in her previous life on earth, and she even still continue in conducting those same deeds in her current life in other world. I explained both of them, they now wear multiple covers of spirit, i.e. several bodies, which are called a soul. Each of those bodies has its senses and organs for their perception, and therefore now they communicate via the finer ones, which both of them have. More importantly, their current condition is also not eternal yet, but ephemeral as well. They will be forced to plunge deeper and deeper and not ascend up to their true home unless they get rid even of their current covers with their own activity towards goodness.
I advised mother of the girl to keep an eye on her, so she will do nothing bad under the influence of her "vision" either to herself or to her younger sister, as she behaved very bad and became aggressive to younger sister recently. Many disasters has their origin in such advices from the other world. Medical science calls those people who have the ability to see finer levels and creatures as schizophrenic and ill. Truth is, it is common and former ability of each of us, which in time ceased to exist because we had stopped use it. Thus, it is not a disease of those affected but a common ability in the past, which almost completely vanished during time. On contrary, those affected are normal and we, together with theologians and doctors are not normal. If above mentioned facts were commonly known and youth in school, church and family were led in right direction, i.e. in terms of the unrecognised laws, then on contrary, such cases would be a great blessings for mankind, as well as shamans are for a nations that are still in closer connection to nature. If it were that case then we would receive edification about existence of elemental helpers, angels, extraterrestrial brothers and many more. We could see sinners, criminals and everyone else as they truly are, and there wouldn't be any fraud. Now imagine what it would mean for policy makers, science, the church and all the crooks and liars.

So that was the true story of twins who were forced to say goodbye to each other in a finer level of matter because one of the twins still got a chance and the other one not, or not yet so to speak because according to law she has not deserved it, or she doesn't deserve it yet. I would very much like that this story will open eyes of those many who are now still making jokes from such stories and experiences.
Surely everyone understood that this story will continue for this family and therefore for me and maybe for readers as well. I myself have already decided to watch how it evolves, and even help both girls by offering them the Word of advice in audio form. So these twins can listen to the Word since I am aware what is the relation of young people to reading.
When I suggested to both ladies a lesson from Grail Message I knew in advance how it ends, and even I myself wanted to learn from it. It's not easy and on the other world is even more difficult to come into contact with the Word of Truth because on other side a soul is already more under influence of intuitive perception. And if one has distorted this perception already here on earth and even in other world as well then the turnover of soul is on the other world much more difficult compared to situation on our level of matter. Therefore, remember you all who are still here that on the other world everything is more difficult and help will come to you only when you truly long for it, i.e. when you become disgusted of the way of life over there.
My above mentioned assumption was confirmed when I brought the sound recording to that young lady. I asked what her "vision" had told her after my first leaving. She answered me: "It's hard!". I expected nothing else since it's equally difficult here. Once, even her parents rejected the same lesson and indeed it still does not attract them, even if their daughter has such a experience. Then I asked the young lady another question, whether her "twin" is going to listen the audio recording of the Word together with her. She replied positively because her twin can hear everything equally as she herself.
I am very curious how the story will continue. I am sure that each participant will gain something, regardless what happens next.
Many are experiencing the same visits from finer levels of matter at this time, when worlds are approaching the big event. Coming as an initiative from such lost souls, those people who encounter such visits can cause even much suffering to others. We can witness various unexplained shootings, and even other murders and suicides under the influence of such lost souls who indulge themselves in such horrible deeds. Therefore, do not make jokes out of these things but on contrary, try to educate yourselves. You can find in the offered Word of Grail Message also explanation of such situations, i.e. that prior to the final events these beings will be released in order to hurt where they find uniformity.
Try to imagine yourselves in a situation, where your descendant would receive an advice from the finer level how to solve particular problem, for example in school. Moreover, he or she would even be informed that there are no schools in the other world, only one's own interest. Therefore, there is no need to strive so much. It should be added that above mentioned young lady has some problems in school.
Therefore, people rather should be educated and not to be referred to "unpredictable paths of God" according to the instruction of churches. We should seek instructions in Laws of God, which are accessible to everyone of us already for a long time. It's only our fault, which strikes us back in near future if we do not know these Laws of God. Now, let the reader decide himself, where in fact he is offered with bread and water of life and where only promises are offered. Ergo, where they are only "fooled with fake bread" although soaked in wine!


October the 15th, 2015




This word scares the public of nowadays through all of today used options, which are suitable for manipulate the public. However there is nothing wrong with this word and even dangerous as majority perceives it. Just those, who don´t understand it and have big influence on public, have put a wrong label on it.
And this wrong label is made by only those who has wanted to impose their opinion to others by force!

Man is allways able to abuse everything, even the best thing, and at the same time to vindicate it. And not only in front of himself but also in front of public. We´ll use proofs from our history and present time to illuminate the truth. 
According to majority, an extremely thinking man is that who think and act extremely different from that majority and its exerted opinions and ideas. His thinking and activities are beside a certain exerted form – former of the whole. But it doesn´t mean he doesn´t have the truth, because there is needed time to agree with that extremist and to adjust the opinions of majority to extremist´s ones. The former is always gradually repaired and adjusted to natural laws, which are adapted to progress. All prophets of Old Testament were such resented extremists and even liquidated as enemies by, unfortunately, false acting society.
Even the Jesus was marked in this manner by ruling hierarchy and he had to be crucified because of his confidence the Truth! Many other prophets came next and recently the Son of Man, the Holy Spirit, votary by His predecessor Jesus. Also, this Adviser was marked in the same manner and even as dangerous being to society of wchich idol was Hitler. And this society put a label extremist on the Son of Man! And it deal with him according to that!

All true emissaries of Truth never forced their opinions to anyone and they didn´t know the violence, because they served also the true love!

If there is no love in extension of Truth, violence takes a step, but the violence doesn´t come from the extreme opinion, because extremist lacks the power! The power belongs to majority, which abuses the violence in the name of their own ignorance. And so the roles are exchanged eventually, when the majority learns from it.

Only in these days servants of darkness have managed to change the meaning of this expression completely and therefore the exerted course of human society. „Extremists“ has started to stand against the majority and abuse not only people from the past, but even the God himself to defend their actions. But such activities have nothing to do with the Truth. Individuals try to assume power and change the direction of majority by violence.

And the extremists have become terrorists, who certainly do not deserve to wear the honest expression – extremist, which was the privilege only of bearers of progress and TRUTH until now!

Which of these terrorists is worthy to stand on the same level among those who were able to sacrifice everything, even the most precious – life, to that progress and Truth?
Just darkness has managed to impress the human stupidity, that terrorists want to be included among those, who have sacrificed their life to Truth, on account of their doubtful death. And this is how opinions has been mixed up and that primary expression has been changed. Now the true extremists, who spread the progress and defend the Truth, are perceived as the same as those terrorists, who lack love and generate the violence.
Darkness has arranged it like this in order that now it´s very easy to put a label „terrorist“ on true extremist who brings the Truth and progress and then to deal with him according to powerfuls. And this has prevented the spreading of Truth and the power of majority has been sainted. But also this is only a cover or refined camouflage, because majority is leaded by that greatest terrorists who pretend to be devoted servants of humanity.

They publicly declare love and peace, but they feed hatred and war within themselves!

Where violence is leader, there is no love and it´s not in line with the TRUTH!

„Vengeance is MineI will repaysays the Lord!“

The violence is permitted only to GOD!

So you should learn to distinguish between extremist and terrorist and don´t forget that opinion of majority doesn´t have to be in accordance with Truth. Our history gives an evidence about it. You should use feeling of your spirit to guide you to the Truth and don´t be afraid to leave the group, which has never lived in accordance with the Truth.
If it was like this, we wouldn´t know the misery, sorrow, suffering, starvation, war, or even death!

The best proof is to clarify the problem, so now we´ll give you a concrete case directly from our history, which perfectly explains everything:
When some extreme thinking individuals shifted their logical thinking in accordance with natural laws so far, that they started to think that a man can fly as a bird, they were accorded ridicule, rejection and concern over their health. But these individuals were convinced that their thinking is right and in accordance with natural laws so they didn´t give their dream up. But they needed money to realize their dream. They were looking for those who would have the greatest benefit from their invention, so they turned to Generality army in hope of finding the understanding and necessary funds. After presentation of their invention in front of some commission they were accorded derisive rejection and the most competent general said:

 Leave that air for birds!

Disappointed inventors yearning for demonstration of their truth, replied:

„And earth for cattle!“

Now we know who was wrong, and how the army can use an airplane. And now on the contrary the statement of conservative fool who was at power at that time seems to us ridiculous. And it's always the same with a liberal-minded individuals who try to shift humanity further in terms of natural laws and closer to those aims which can be understood only by gifted individuals.
And it´s the same also with every progress, thus with spiritual too, every thinking that emerges from a group of conservative thickheads and gains a  stamp of extremism.

So as the opinion of those conservative generals is smiling now, it will be the same with opinion on today's spiritual movements and all religions in near future. On the contrary, it´s regrettable that the Truth from eternity is already at command for us, but we still refuse it because of our stupidity, just in the same manner as those generals rejected flying. And this precisely is an area for us, who already today want to prepare the ground for that upcoming period and look for ways to human spirits and try to awake them from their spiritual sleep and conservatism. It´s also exactly the same with our project Radio RESCUE, which is rejected by majority and also by those who already know the Word of Truth and think they understand it. But how is it possible then, that they completely ignore the most important quotes? They´re proud of their supposed progress nad knowing the Word, but they manage to put their spirit to sleep again and totally forget to live according to this Word! 
It´s necessary to open their eyes by an important quote, which they can´t see again:

What, on the one hand, causes the laziness of spirit, that, on the other hand, can be managed by calculating mind. Now humanity is enchained by these two enemies of spiritual freedom in its decision making nobbut there are few of those who labour to break this shackle within themselves in order to become real people by following the God's laws.

Unfortunately many people have got to know the Word and overcome laziness of their spirit only because of their calculating mind! Those people did the same in the period of the Son of Man and also of the Primordial Queen. Thus where are now those who were closest to her? It´s not necessary to blame them, but only to keep the logic and Word. Therefore there is a question for all those who already know the Word of Son of Man:
Do they think that there would be a possibility to spread their confidence on the radio Lumen or some other radio?
The answer is clear and certainly not positive for them!
Christians can spread their ideas among the public. Also political parties and even different doubtful associations and groups can do it. But all these issues are already that conservative outlived opinions, which can be spread publicly. But supporters of the most important Word, which can unify the mankind and rid of all its problems, don´t have this possibility, and even they wouldn´t accept it. Majority has put that label „extremist“ on themBut actually they respect it in the manner how we´ve explained it above. There are many medias trying to spread their beliefs and opinions, which don´t have any value for proper development of man, nor society. The period when these labels will be replaced will come! And it´s not too far.
Our radio can not only help a man to solve all his problems, but even it´s able to save his soul and spirit for eternity thanks to the Word. However, people will understand it when it will be too late for them! But before it they would be able to save themselves with tha true Word, which will be spread by this radio.
And it´s necessary to remind those blinds something again:

„This false consideration for the doubters cannot be excused by saying that to the “faithful” the subject is “too sacred and too serious” to allow it to be exposed to possible ridicule. Nor can one call it modesty, but merely base cowardice! Speak up at last and show your true colors! Fearless toward every man with the pride befitting every child of God! Only then will the doubters be finally forced to bridle their sneers, which only betray their uncertainty. At the present time, however, their mockery is only fostered and encouraged by the timid behavior of many of the “faithful“.”

We can demonstrate our Truth again and again by the Word itself, but it´s useless, because many people keep themselves close to the Word only because of their brittleness. But let them all to not forget the Words of Jesus:

The first shall be last!
Those newly awoken spirits will act without that brittleness!

Their own volition will change them and it will become their conviction!

February the 1st, 2016



Recently I had a discussion with a man who showed interest in learning more about Radio Rescue and I explained him a purpose and contents of this project.

But the next day he asked me:“But what´s the point to proclaim the truth to people to change themselves before the end of everything, when they won´t be able, for example, to drive a car less in order to protect the environment?“ In other words, what's the point when that change of people won´t help anything at the end? And this question flows from the first one - unmentioned - why will you proclaim it just at the end?

First, I was surprised that he still can´t see connections when he believes in the fact that people don´t live once on earth thus he believes in reincarnation and also in God, but he doesn´t know the essence of man yet and what we´re trying to save.
It can be similar with many visitors of our website, so I'll try to summarize it, even if it´s clear in every article.

It´s not about saving a human body or atmosphere. This is about saving a spirit of man – an own core of man who will be awakened after a long sleep by heavy shocks and will be ready for recieving. The spirit remembers strong experience from all of  his lives and he acts and improves himself accordingto them. Expression of the spirit is called a feeling, an intuition. We, our brain, don´t remember our past lives because brain belongs to body, which always changes, but the spirit, the essence of man still remains. We remember everything internally what we actually experienced. Therefore, for example, some people are afraid of things which seem harmless to others. If someone drowned in some previous life and now he is afraid of water, it´s ridiculous for others, but this man feels the fear – that experience, very clearly. And it´s the same with filths and bad qualities, which we should eliminate during these lives by living a bad consequences of our bad action, and it´s tha same with good qualities as well, which we should cultivate in turn. This is the purpose of our development in gross matter world.
But as it´s modern to use only forebrain and a mind rising from it, the spirit hasn´t come to work yet and now it sleeps, because if something is not used, it becomes deficient as provided by law of creation. But this Word - this rescue - is dedicated to the spirit and people can´t take time to stop and start to listen to quiet voice within themselves and thus force their spirits to action - awaken. Now, unfortunately, there is no willing in people for receiving the Word, and even desire and time to change themselves according to it.
So that's the answer why we´ll broadcast just when the final events for gross matter world on this planet will occur.

But it should be understood correctly, therefore in the way how it is. We´re not going to save people. We're just trying and we will still try to mediate a knowing of life and laws that regulate everything and form not only the nature and universe, but also lives of people. To mediate the universal and absolute Truth beyond all churches and sects, groups and associations. It´s the Truth, which is a part of life, the life itself actually, because life arises from it, and which is recognizable for everybody who observes the life. And here is a guarantee of authenticity! This knowledge was brought from above for us as it was promised and already completed in the past.
If a person accepts this knowledge and changes himself according to it, he has already done enough so that it makes a sign within him. That's the main thing, because the inner core of man really express itself and he gets into line with those who will be able to continue their development in lighter levels - thus who will be able to live joyfully and to progress. However, if he refuses to know or receive this Word for some reason, he can´t expect a salvation and he´ll go where he´ll have to experience the reason, which restrained him from the accepting this Truth, in bitter suffering; he won´t be able to go higher, simply because he refused to accept it. Similarly, if someone refuses the learnig of high school, he can´t go straight to university.

The salvation is undistorted Word of God which was brought to us again, but we don´t know it because of our lack of interest in self-improvement, but also because of secrecy.
It's the last chance not only for human spirits on this earth, but also for humanity in general. This is about our species which failed for so many times and therefore it´s threatened with destruction! And God can´t save us that He changes the course of His laws, because they are perfect and don´t require any change. He can only give us instructions how to live according to them so that nothing bad can happen to us.

It's like when you give a person, who takes a path, the ability to feel internally, whether he goes correct, or not, in order to reach a wanting and joyful destination. If he doesn´t use this ability properly, you send him prophets and your sons at last to give him a map, where fertile and barren areas are marked, and even the pits to which if a man falls, he must suffer or die. This is real help, not the kind that the gravity is erased so that a man goes wherever he wants and he can´t fall into a deep pit at the same time.
It's ridiculous when it´s written like this, but this is exactly what kind of help a man requires from God. And God will never help us like this. Then a man would become only weak puppet who would wander, not a strong and experienced entity. And there would be no internal development and improvement, which the only can be guarantee of true and lasting happiness.
Let´s realize that people live on many planets and in many levels of Matters. Prophets, Moses, Jesus, the Spirit of Truth - Imanuel, Primordial Queen and many others came because of our rescue, they all brought us an absolute and universal Truth and instructions how to live. However, we didn´t listen to anyone of them, we killed them all and we distorted their teachings so that we could listen to it much more easier. And now it's last chance for humanity to accept the Truth.
Human species is threatened by extinction. The entire Matter, thus gross matter and ethereal matter world, were created only for the purpose of developing of human spirits. Thus, if people aren´t still interested in Truth even in this „last promise“ and a man fails again, „repairaton“ will be not allowed to him and our whole species will be excluded from the creation. But then neither those matters nor many beings, which vitalize those matters and prepare an environment for our development, wouldn´t be needed, because they will lose purpose of their existence.

In support of my only human word now I´ll use the Word of God and I´ll cite The Grail Message:
“Just administer all the knowledge faithfully, because never again can the earth go through such salvation and such blessing.  As I reveal all this to you, you become the guardians of all the keys! If you allow blemishes to come upon them or twist only a small part, they will no longer open these secrets of Creation, and the gates will again remain locked. –“

“When all the props among the peoples now suddenly collapse, when belief in the power of money disappears, and likewise faith in the knowledge of the intellect, and above all, when the last shadowy semblance of human dignity fades away, then ... then your time will have come, you bearers of the Holy Cross! Then, you will and must proclaim the Truth which you have received; for men will expect It from you, will ask for It, indeed will demand It, if you should hesitate!
Therefore, be now prepared! The time will bring mankind near to you! It will come about for you as though of itself, through high spiritual guidance. If you do not shun the stream, you will fulfill your duty! It will come towards you. Be courageous, proud and free! You are not to court the favor of men with begging, but only to grant where it is asked of you!”

“Through severe suffering peoples souls will now be loosened and prepared to receive the Word I bring to them from God! And only the willing ones will emerge from all these tribulations to a new existence.
God is the Lord, He absolutely alone, and whoever does not want to acknowledge Him humbly, just as He really is, not as you imagine Him to be, has been judged!
Imanuel is as inseparably connected with God the Father as is Jesus and this has to become knowledge for you in this time of the Cosmic Turning Point!
Thousands of tongues on earth will now be loosened to proclaim Imanuel to all the peoples as He has already been proclaimed by hosts of angels in throughout the whole of creation; because it is the Will of God the Father.”

“If you fail, the world will fall!”

It wouldn´t be a big loss for Creation – let´s not make believe in it, but it would be a pity all those victims who have already had to bring a Light for us. There are many worlds and levels above those Matters and countless amount of creatures live there, who have already understand God's laws that govern the creation, who have managed to submit to them thus to use them for their own welfare and the welfare of their fellow.
However, if people can handle it, our species will be maintained. It doesn´t mean only possibility for further development and continuation of life for millions of spirits and beings who live in this cycle of matter. It means also the next generation of spiritual seeds which would have possibility for their development in the next cycle of matter. If this - the first generation of human spirits, manage to break away from the dark, to know the Truth and put it into action, then all other generations will make it as well, because they will be able to learn from our experience and mistakes and they´ll see their consequences. Then only Light and joyful life without suffering and darkness will rule the creation. And the only tears that people will shed will be tears of joy and especially of gratitude that they can be in such beautiful creation and they´ve got a chance to rescue themselves despite of so many mistakes. We would, however, already be able to learn from the past, because we had a lot of possibilities for it, but unfortunately we didn´t use them.

Therefore we carry a huge responsibility on our shoulders. It's also why we still point the Word out that only this is salvation, because whatever will happen with Earth or human body, the spirit of a man who´s accepted a Word, will continue to live, but already informed and ready to take advices from higher and superior beings and spirits. These advices will be in accordance with that Word, because unity rules everywhere in creation. This spirit will develop himself, so he´ll be completely purified from mistakes and will be able to enter the realm of Light, home - a so-called paradise, from where he as unconscious came out once.
Just the earth is the turning point, because it´s farthest from the Light and the dark influences here in the most powerful way currently. Today it´s extremely difficult, almost impossible - to break away from the dark, because darkness has actually caught the majority of people and also devices, and thus there´s no time to deal with the fact where the Truth is.

We don´t want to exaggerate ourselves by this article. We want only to point out the matter of fact, which is very simple. When people accept right and undistorted Word of God and they show it in action, the help will be there for them at the time when people will reap what they sow. But today we can´t proclaim the Word globally, because representatives of darkness wouldn´t allow it and we would end up before we would even start. And at the time, that will come, only few people will be able to spread the pure Word from a technical point of view. Especially when we see how difficult is to get necessary things and particularly to prepare everything for broadcasting already at this time, when all works yet, we can say.

Today the Radio follows this role and the old experience is confirmed here that when a man is alright, he doesn´t have time for his own salvation and spiritual progress. Moreover that important Word is available for everyone today, so why it´s not used?! And here is the answer for all those who asks this kind of questions, but actually they don´t have neither time nor a taste for it and wait for the time when suffering will awake them!

There´s no need for waiting for broadcasting of the radio! But it´s necessary to reach for that long offered Word.

Don´t go through these lines perfunctorily. It´s possible that those who put aside it "for later" now, they will have no possibility to change it! Try to consider this long offered Word and if it appeals you, change yourself according to it. There is nothing more to be wanted! The eternal salvation, joyfulness and life consists in it.
And those who already know the Word and are inclined to this project, don´t lose your commitment to spread the Truth further and keep your assiduity.

God's help is close. Let the blessing rest upon all righteous people of this nation and other nations as well!

The team of Radio Rescue wishes you this!

March the 13th, 2016




The beginnig of this year was very special, and namely for everyone, who still manages to preserve a healthy judgment and that already illustrated rigidity hasn´t took control of his spirit and also his tool – a mind completely yet!
On the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the editorship of Charlie Hebdo, humorists working there even after last year's misstep, which we criticized at that time, because it emerged only because of human ignorance, already committed another even bigger misstep in the beginning of this year! They dared to insult the supreme authority, not only Muslims, but also christians, and all people indeed, who haven´t fallen into an absolute ignorance!

Because of more complete understanding we´ll introduce a parable:
Try to imagine that you are a merciful Samaritan or at least a person, who is willing to help anyone who is in need. Money have become the power of today´s civilization and they can save every unfortunate man, who is not that type, which can be ruined by money.

Then you, as a donor, are really sincerely happy that you could save such unfortunate man.
But eventually you´ll find out that you start to have some problems, and these problems come precisely from that man, who cause them in turn just because of that power, the money.
What will you do in the future? Will you become even more generous donor, or contrary?

We guess there is no need to seek the answer to these questions for a long time!
And imagine that Donor of all of us, still send his strength for us, even if we behave in the same way as that unfortunate man from the parable!

And how does our behavior seem to already spiritually healthy man of today?
Well as the sickest impertinence!

But be careful!

We´ve been warned for many times and from many sides, and the time is coming, when our Donor will want to keep his promise and to intervene to open our closed eyes, to save those who deserve it and to punish those who abuse His power.

This is only one New Year's offense, which we´ve already commited in this new year.
But immediately there is another one, which is even more serious, although its consequences are not very well-known.

In Germany, a book of Adolf Hitler was published and, we could say, popularized. And subsequently the whole world has learned about this gaffe and an act of human stupidity. But nobody knows that in Germany is long forgotten book which would be able to save our world before the final and terrible course of events that await us. And this book was written just by a contemporary of that Hitler, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH - the Son of Man, and the book's title is THE GRAIL MESSAGE.
Churches are silent now and they were silent just in time when they should try to save the world and help the Son of Man in world reversion, but they flattered a man, who fling the world into war and suffering. But the church did something more awful, because  it helped to destroy the Son of Man who came to save the humankind.
Churches are silent now and even all military conflicts in the world can be daringly attributed to religions that are so many and so confused that a peace is impossible. And it will be impossible for a long time, but on the contrary!
And politicians are silent as well, because they are unnecessary and even harmful too for a healthy society that awaits us in the future. And in this important but silenced book for us we can find perfect information about it and even about what awaits us, if we will not change our direction.
So who else can open the blind eyes which don´t want to see anything and ears which don´t want to hear anything. It seems now that humanity doesn´t care about its own fate. Finally, we´ll find out that migrants in Germany will read that Hitler´s book during their integration into society.
An education of today´s human society, which leads only to entertainments, games and other distractions can seem to a healthy individual just as if we sing or play a „Man, don´t be angry“ game with a cancer patient instead of giving him a necessary medicines.
It's funny, but laugh will pass away soon, but then it will be too late for the most!
In a movie with ecclesiastical theme, a following statement appears, which is quite instructive: Stupidity is the greatest weapon of the devil!"

It's really enlightening statement worthy of notice, but the biggest irony is that the most perfect application of this statement goes just towards those who have determined it to the others!

For all churchmen, we have a wise statement:

And just then a life on earth would have become a paradise!

Our advice for this time is a quote from already noticed, but little-known book. From The Grail Message, lecture „World events“:
„THERE IS NO greater danger to a cause than to leave a gap which, as may often be intuitively sensed, needs filling. It is of no avail to pass it over because such a gap hinders all progress and any building erected over it will inevitably collapse sooner or later, even if the greatest skill and best materials have been used.“

„And yet the humankind can rise up only by a full understanding, never by a blind, unaware faith!"

„He, however, who makes an honest effort to recognize his Creator in His Work will, when he follows the certain road of the Natural Laws, has received a convincing idea of the far reaching events that have their beginning in the Primordial Source, i.e., the starting point of all happenings, whence they spread through Creation like immovable railway tracks, along which all further life unfurls according to the position of the switches. The setting of the switches, however, happens automatically by the human spirit on its journey through the World of Matter. Unfortunately the majority allow themselves to be induced through Lucifer’s principle to set the points wrong; and so their lives, in accordance with the immutable laws of continuous development which run through all material Creation like railway lines, roll more and more downward towards a very definite final destination depending on the setting.
The setting of the points by the free decision can be exactly observed or intuitively perceived from the Point of Origin, making it possible to clearly recognize the further course, which can only run along those lines which the Laws anchored in Creation have laid down according to the decision taken. This circumstance enables many events to be foreseen, because the Laws of Nature or Creation never deviate in their drive to develop. Here millennia play no role. In these foreseen, definite final destinations, there arise the great revelations shown to specially blessed ones in spiritual pictures, which through transmission become known by mankind. One thing, however, cannot be accurately predicted: the earthly time at which these revelations and promises find their fulfillment!
This will come to pass at the hour when such a life, travelling along the line it has chosen, reaches a foreseen intermediate station or the terminus. The fate of man as well as that of a nation, indeed of all humanity, may be compared to a train standing and waiting on a single track connected to lines leading in all directions. Man sets the switches as it pleases him, jumps on to the engine and turns on the steam, which means he animates it. As he turns on to the line he has chosen one can tell each station and the terminus only, but never the exact hour of arrival, for this depends on the speed at which the train travels, and that may vary according to the nature of people. For it is man who animates the engine, and he will drive it forward in accordance with his own nature, either with steady consistency or impetuous fervor, or alternating between the two. The nearer such a train of individuals or nations or of humanity gets to a station of the direction on its track or of its fate, the more surely can its impending arrival be foreseen and foretold. However, the network of tracks has a few connecting lines which, by turning their respective switches during the journey, can be used to change direction and thereby reach another terminus than the one first headed for. It is obviously necessary in this case to slow down when approaching such switching-points, to stop and then to reset them. Slowing down represents reflection, and stopping the decision taken by man, which he is always free to make until he reaches a last opportunity to choose and reset the switches which is the deed that follows this decision.
The Divine Will which, like railway tracks, traverses the World of Matter in the form of the firmly established Natural Laws may also be called the nerves in the work of Creation, which detect every unevenness in the gigantic body of Creation and report it to the starting point, the Creative Primordial Source.
The certainty of this overview up to each end is due to the immutability of the laws causing the Creator to supplement His revelations with promises proclaiming the advent of helpers to be sent by Him at a time, when a train is seen to be approaching the most dangerous curves, intermediary stations and termini! Such helpers are equipped by Him, to open the eyes of those human spirits who are travelling along the wrong track, by proclaiming the Truth shortly before inevitable catastrophes and dangerous changes take place. This serves to enable mankind to change the switches in time, thus avoiding the increasingly dangerous places and also escaping the fatal terminus by taking a new direction. Woe to him who, here or in the beyond, overlooks and misses the last of all switching points thereby ignoring and missing the possibility of setting a better direction! He is hopelessly lost.
As the Creator cannot alter the Perfection of His own Will, He will also, in connection with these helpers, keep exactly to the existing laws. In other words: His Will is perfect from the very first beginning.“

„In this foreseeing as explained there arose the promise of the Son of God becoming man, so that by proclaiming the Truth He would induce mankind to reset their switches. The act of resetting the switches is reserved to the human spirits themselves according to the laws. As a result it is not possible to foresee the kind of decision they make; because it is only those lines already chosen by the human spirits, for which they have already set the switches according to their free decisions, which can be exactly surveyed with all the stations and curves right to the terminus. This naturally excludes those switching-points which are still to be determined by a free decision of mankind.“

„It is only the consequence of such a decision which He can clearly recognize up to its end, because it will then have to take its effect within His Will which rests in the laws governing Ethereal and Gross Material Creation. If it were otherwise the reason could only be found in a lack of perfection, and this is absolutely out of the question.“

„He (a man – a notice of translator) should look upon himself as a steward who has the right of free decision-making in certain matters, but who also bears full responsibility, who thus enjoys great confidence, but who must not abuse it by being a bad householder.
And it is just this perfection which makes it necessary that, when sending direct help to mankind travelling on a wrong course, the Creator must reckon with the possibility of mankind failing in their decision-making. In His Wisdom and Love, inherent, lawful and natural attributes of the Creator, He has still other ways of helping in readiness which then link up as a continuation of the first path which might have been cut off through the failure of mankind.

Thus before the Son of God was incarnated upon earth, another Messenger was being prepared in the Eternal Kingdom of the Father for another mission, in case humanity should fail in spite of the Father’s great sacrifice of Love. If mankind did not heed the warning of the Son of God, in His Pure Divine nature, to the extent that they reset the switches in the direction He showed then, but blindly continued on their course leading to destruction, then another Messenger was to come forth Who could stand closer to the innermost nature of mankind than did the Son of God, so as to once more warn them and lead them in the last hour if — — — — they desired to listen to His call of Truth. That is the Son of Man.“
Christ, as the Son of God, knew about this. Upon recognizing during His Mission just how choked and parched were the souls of men, it became clear to Him that His Ministry on earth would not bear the fruit which, should have ripened had the volition of mankind been good. He grieved deeply at this, for, knowing the Laws of Creation that bear the Will of His Father so well, He could clearly foresee the way things were bound to develop towards the inevitable end, which the nature and volition of man were certain to bring about. It was then that he began to speak about the Son of Man, Whose advent would become necessary because of the course which events had taken. The more He fulfilled His great Mission, which left two ways open depending on the decision by mankind either for a great following of His teachings with subsequent ascent and avoidance of all that brings destruction, or for failure and continuing to rush on the downward track which had to lead to destruction, the more clearly He saw that the decision of the great majority of mankind was inclined towards failure and thus towards destruction. Consequently His statements about the Son of Man formed themselves into direct promises and proclamations, such as when He declared: “But when the Son of Man cometh ...” etc.
Therewith He referred to the time just prior to the danger of destruction, which was bound to be the ultimate end according to the Divine Laws operating in the World of Matter, because of the failure of mankind in connection with His Mission and their insistence on continuing on their chosen course. This realization caused Him intense suffering.
Every transmission insisting that Jesus, the Son of God, at the same time called Himself the Son of Man is wrong. The Divine Laws cannot hold anything so illogical, nor can it be ascribed to the Son of God Who Himself knew the Laws and carried them within Him. The disciples were not familiar with this, as was evident from their questions. They alone spread the error which has prevailed up to the present day. They thought that the Son of God meant Himself when He used the expression Son of Man and, acting on this assumption, transmitted this error to posterity, which did no more concern itself with the inherent lack of logic than did the Disciples themselves. They simply glossed over it, partly from diffidence and partly from indolence, although the all-embracing Love of the Creator would have evidenced itself all the more clearly and powerfully by a rectification of the error. Following in the footsteps of the Son of God, that is, the taking up and carrying on of His Mission, the Son of Man will meet mankind on earth as the second Envoy of God the Father, so as to pull them back from their present course by proclaiming the Truth, and inducing them to voluntarily decide on a different setting of the switches that will lead them away from the points of destruction that now await them.
Son of God – Son of Man! It is surely not so hard to discover that there must be a difference between these Two. Each of these words has its own clearly defined, absolutely distinct meaning, which must brand as indolent thinking any mixing and fusing into one. Hearers and readers of the lectures will be aware of how the natural process of development, beginning with Primordial Light, which is God the Father, descends right down to the globes of the Gross Material World.“

„As mankind neither heeded nor treasured this gift of Divine Love but, through the natural instinct of all Darkness, met the luminous Son of God with animosity and hatred, a second Envoy had to come in the Son of Man, who is better equipped for the World of Gross Matter. The Son of Man is also an Envoy of God and has issued from the Divine Unsubstantiate. Before beginning His Mission in the World of Gross Matter, He, however, was incarnated in the World of Pure-Spiritual Substantiality, and was thus closely connected with that spiritual species in which the seed-germ of the human spirit originates! Thus the Divine Unsubstantiate core of this second Envoy comes nearer to the origin of the human spirit, thereby gaining greater protection and direct power against it.“

„Because, as opposed to the Son of God, He spent His spiritual youth in the Spiritual-Substantiate, i.e., the origin and starting point of the human spirit, He is therefore rooted at the same time not only in the Divine-Unsubstantiate but also firmly in the Spiritual-Substantiate. Because of this He, in His nature, comes closer to mankind and in the combination of origin and youth He is effectively God-man! Issuing from the Divine-Unsubstantiate as well as the Pure-Spiritual-Substantiality, which is the origin of man. It is for this reason that He is called the Son of Man, instead of the pure Son of God, to whom the path to the Divine-Unsubstantiate is open due to His origin! That is why He bears within Him divine strength and power and is thereby well equipped for the battle with mankind as well as with Lucifer.
Therefore, be on your guard, so that you will recognize Him as soon as His time is come, for that will also be your time!“

All events, which we live over now and to which we still refer in every article on our website, are the proof that humanity is approaching the final station, that each individual is standing before the last „switch“ when he can choose the path – a track leading to the rescue or he will be rushing to a station of destruction!
It´s also described in a dream of a lady from the team of radio and which is in accordance with the quoted lecture from The Grail Message:

„I was at a large station, where was a lot of railway tracks and trains, but I perceived the tracks and switches more intense. The main thing was that, suddenly, from all sides enormous trains with incredibly large locomotives in the foreground began to get closer to us. I stood and looked at it and I knew it was over. I turned around and from behind the curve a giant Train - black, monumental, massive, was approaching us inexorably. I saw how people ran in panic to save themselves. They were jumping in small trains which were ridiculously tiny in compare with that giant one. When that Giant black train was getting closer to us I said: „It seems to be like a Russian train, because only Russians can produce this kind of strong, powerful and invincible machines.“ The station was a huge, dark place and full of peolpe and chaos. I woke up.
After reading a lecture called „World events“ I realized what this dream means.
It is really the highest time to remind people through this lecture „World events“ that it´s the ultimate time for those, who want to save themselves to change the switch and escape from the devastating final destination. I really wrote exactly what I saw and felt in my dream. It can´t be described, it can be only lived through. It was strong until I sat down and wrote everything on paper. What a pity that people can´t see what I saw and felt, I believe that they would wake up from their sleep immediately.“




Three months ago we said goodbye to the year 2015. New Year knocked on our door and demands to enter. Wishes, congratulations and euphoria from an arrival of the new year have already damped out. In this time, people take different resolutions, which most of them usually break. Beginning of the year is usually like that.

However, in the beginning of this year many people feel an undefined prevision of something important that will change our previous life forever. Tense situation in the world is a proof of it. We witness rapidly changing events especially in a political field, as if they are served for us through world media controlled by a dark hand. Political leaders can´t find a common speech and settle the tension in the world anymore. They distort reality to prevent civil wars, but then they become even more tangled in a web of lies and problems. Everyone who percieve these events  just a little bit, he can see that a situation is unsolvable, even in the question of influx of refugees. We are experiencing a great migration of nations. Much more greater than in the past when the Earth was not so populated and territories weren´t divided as they´re now.

Looking back on 2015 we find out that it was a year full of disasters in every area of life. The world has found itself in a point of global changes and on the brink of military conflict. We lacked a little to be in the beginning of the Third World War in 2015. Changes of governments in accordance with a scenario of the highest, hidden power of the planet were rampant. Today it´s common that a strong state overthrows the government of other state by violence, sometimes with weapons. It Overthrows a president or a monarch, who is branded as a tyrant by that strong state, it stages a takeover in the country and establishes a puppet government, which is controlled by it in order to have benefits from the country's wealth. The irony is that this strong state cheekily demands a confirmation of a rightness of their actions from all around the world. Then a false freedom is underthrusted to people in affected country, which leads them to escape from their country in search of a better life, thus to another country labeled as a paradise on earth, to Germany. These people, cut off from their environment, which was the only authentic one for them, are lost in their new life and they´ll never be able to adapt to life, which is lived in the country, where they´ve arrived.

Besides political and economic disasters we´ve experienced weather changes as well. The whole year was marked by the constant fluctuations in the weather. We´ve got used to talk about change of climate not about climatic changes anymore. Maybe we already live in an era, in which our children will not know the seasons such as we experienced them in the past. Incoming changes and disasters that will continue in 2016 have to be even more condense and matured to the point where it won´t go any longer, because we´ll find ourselves in the end, when no correction will be possible and it´ll inevitably come to collapse. Maybe the year 2016 will complete one era of humankind and conclude a phase of a „modern man“, as it´s explained in the article called „Rigidity“.

The year 2015 flew in vertiginous speed and it wasn´t interested in whether we are able to adapt our lifes to this speed or not, because a balance of Earth has been corrupted. As if a day has been shortened and lacked its 24 hours. Time, as we perceive it, exists only in our grossest Matter and doesn´t exist in the higher worlds. Just we fight with time, which we have less and less.

In my neighborhood, I can see two groups of people. The first group of people feels the lack of time and realizes that hours of the day are not enough for them to fulfill their obligations. These people, however, don´t know to stop to think about the meaning of life or just to be. They don´t even try to slow down this pace, they want to make everything on time, and they are succesful now, until they reach the point when they´ll be unable to manage this pressure and a violent breaking away from this roundabout will come by some disease or other serious life situation. At such a life occasion a man gets a chance to settle his relationship with himself, with his inside and especially with his God. Whether a man realizes it and changes his attitude, it depends on a state of his spirit. If a sparkle of light still smoulders in the spirit, there is a hope of salvation, a man starts to see the world through different eyes, he sees the connections, distortions in all areas of life and he begins to rise slowly. But if the spirit has already fallen into dangerous sleep, then there is no chance of salvation, because he sees his run-life as a correct one, however, he feels the changes around him. Potential life blow is an accident for him, for which he doesn´t want to take responsibility.

The second group of people spends days in doing nothing, boredom and passivity. These people don´t see and even don´t feel the changes around them. They would like just to „survive“. But what do they want to survive? They are even unaware that after this „survival“ there is a real living through the laws of our Creator, which will mercilessly integrate them where they belong according to the state of their soul. Whether there is an immature spirit in the body we can see from behavior of people, their attitudes. They accept everything, what is offered by media, without their own opinion, they don´t try to understand the seriousness of time that we live through now. They behave like sheep going to defeat without conviction,  freedom and without faith. In ignorance they drag through this decisive life, and they don´t know that the end of the old way of life and also their existence can occur in every moment. Some people can argue that they are doing fine, they are relatively healthy, some of them are material well-being and maybe they say they are happy as well. Today the most people think in this way. Well, they have been led to this condition for centuries by the „supreme“ lord of darkness, who wants to have the whole humankind under his control. And they willingly let themselves to be guided into more and more deeply darkness. People close their eyes before reality, they don´t see all these changes around us, they don´t see how the Earth has been changed, how the whole vegetable and animal species disappear, they don´t see how the Matter disintegrates in incomprehensible pace for us.

Maybe the year 2016 will be the year that will end this devastating condition. Perhaps in this year people will finally fall to their knees and will beg God for an end of this suffering. Then all those who will be on their path to Light can look forward to the coming of Imanuel.

Radio Rescue wishes to all, who have sufficient awareness within themselves that the year 2016 will be the year of their salvation, to find their lost direction and to be relentless in their conviction in every single second of their life. Just for these people we introduce a fragment of the lecture „The Great Purification“, which let's be an encouragement for us in coming days of 2016:

You who strive upward, you will become free from all vermin and all tools of the Darkness, as you have already been delivered by the Holy Light from the Prince of Darkness himself for a long time to come! So that you may again become so strong that you need fear him no more. Soon the whole earth that bears you will swing upwards with you into purer and more luminous realms. And when you can once more breathe puritywhen everything around you that barred your clear view to the Light has fallen away, only then will you recognize as you look back how revolting was the swamp in which you have lived until now. Only as you look back will you be overcome by nausea and horror … and … perhaps … then there will also unfold within you a part of that gratitude which you should already be giving to God today, for the great Work of Love that He is fulfilling in you with this purification.”


July the 14th, 2016



Many people tried to discover the Truth, to understand it and to learn if it exists and what it is, actually. Therefore we´ll use a definition right from this TRUTH:
You seek the Truth! What is Truth? What you still feel to be truth today you will recognize even tomorrow as error, in which, however, you will later again discover grains of truth! For the manifestations also change their forms. Thus your seeking continues, yet amid these changes you mature!

Truth, however, remains always the same, it does not change, for it is eternal! And being eternal it can never be clearly and truly grasped by the earthly senses, which are familiar only with the change of forms! Therefore become spiritual! Free from all earthly thoughts, and then you will possess the Truth, will stand in the Truth, and will bathe in it, constantly surrounded by its pure Light, for it will envelop you completely. As soon as you become spiritual, you will swim in it.

Then you need no longer study so painstakingly what science has to offer, nor need you fear errors, but you will already have the answer to every question in the Truth itself. Moreover, you will no longer have any questions, because without thinking you will know all things, will embrace all things, because your spirit will live in the pure Light, in the Truth!

Therefore become spiritually free! Burst all the fetters that hold you down! If obstacles present themselves welcome them joyfully; for they show you the way to freedom and strength! Look upon them as gifts from which you will benefit, and you will overcome them with ease.

Either such obstacles are put in your way to teach and develop you, in which case you add to the means of your ascent, or they are the reaction to some debt you have incurred, which you can redeem in this way and thus free yourselves. In either case they help you to advance. Therefore set out to meet them with a bold heart, it is for your own good!

In this definition is actually hidden that sought answer to a question: "Does the Truth really exist?"
Those people who tend to ask this question nowadays, they do it mostly with derision, because they themselves are not able to get closer to the Truth. And only very few human spirits, who have come here on Earth to develop as people, are able to do it.

Those, who ridicule from the Truth, let´s think: You can know the answer to every incoming question already now, becasue this TRUTH is available for us for a longer time. So now only you alone, who don´t know it, are a mockery for all of those knowledgeable poeple, because there are already no mysteries for them! Thus, just like it´s explained in that definition of Truth! People who already experience it would confirm it, even if it seems impossible to many of you, but you don´t believe them and don´t want to understand them.
Also me myself have often looked for an answer to a question that has bothered me, and when I observed my fellows I was unhappy when I saw a great indifference and a sort of impenetrable wall, which always raised in an attempt to help a fellow in his despair just because of his ignorance. When I pointed an essence of his problem out, immediately there was a sort of wall crash, that he couldn´t overcome, even if there wasn´t any wall, indeed. The wall was only in his mind!

So I was looking for an answer to the question:
What must be done to overcome this imaginary wall?!

I delved into my own past, when I was in the same position, and I was searching within myself. I found out that I got great help on my path of the TRUTH! But then I thought what did I do to deserve this help? Whether is it ready for everyone, or am I an exception? Eventually I realized that I´m not the exception, because many people already discover this Truth!
Therefore I delved into my innermost core and looked for a start of my turnover, thus a beginning of my path of the Truth. I understood and now I´ll use it as a guide for all those who tries to get closer to the Truth as well. I know there will be not many of them, and even not all of them will reach the destination. But nevertheless, someone will achieve it. So now here is my advice comes from my own experience, and even confirmed by the Truth itself.

Two important characters are necessary on the path of the truth, for a seeking man. We can call them virtues:


And these characters – virtues come from the feeling, thus from the spirit!

Who own these two precious virtues, he immediately obtains a connection with the Light, the spiritual realm, from where he as an unconscious nucleus came out, and there are helpers sent to help him, who gradually bring him to the sought Truth through his various and often very painful survivals. To the Truth which subsequently liberates him from all previous sufferings obtained on his false path of  recognition of the creation.

However, help is in front of us, which will awake these two virtues in some people through their suffering! And this will be the time for Radio RESCUE!

A long and hard journey is behind us all, and we´ve already caused each other much suffering  that we have to atone in the future. And who is affected by retribution, he starts to grumble and rebel against the laws which are perfectly fair. But he sees them unfair, because he refuses or at least reluctantly accepts his wrong-doings.

But justice is justice for all!
Not only for those, whom it wants to be liked unilaterally!

Conceited, educated, also equally powerful or power-hungry people, among whom is most of spiritual directions, can´t get closer to the Truth, even though they think they own it and they are the only ones who already know it. All these groups will disappear in a short time and only the Truth will stay and those who truly and humbly desire for it or who already know it. Some of them will be able to change themselves, become more humble and will long for a true knowledge about true meaning of their lives, even if in great suffering. Only then the help for them will come. Not earlier!

Everything old and improper will be vanished!
It's most of what we consider correct today.

What seems to us incredible today, it will happen!
Churches, political parties, science, different communities – all will cease to exist,
because true lord will come, designer of what the science tries to understand,
He will come with his eternal laws, which are united,
and which has become false distorted just because of a number of different churches.


August the 9th, 2016


Death – an unpleasant word inducing a goosebumps, fear, worry, uncertainty, and many related questions. Yet, to handle all that was mentioned before, only one is really necessary - our will to sincerely recognize the only Truth about what is happening with us and around us in time of death. A genuine volition and desire for knowledge would lead every honest seeker towards the real Truth, which has been here on Earth for 2.000 years to our aid, thanks to the great grace of our Lord. Only everyone's genuine volition is necessary! Then, it is no longer difficult to find the Truth about our being and also of the much dreaded "death". After all, today we have such advanced technology and science that we can prove that life itself on earth is not only one, but it continues in a form of the finer substance after death.
(See video link below of how the spirit leaves his body after death *)

Knowing the Truth - many people with this knowledge would live an easier life without fear of death and all related negative emotions. On contrary, people would be filled with a peace, harmony, humility and a sincere thankfulness for such perfect guidance throughout our life. However, with this knowledge comes also great responsibility - as during our whole life as in the moment of our death and our departure into a more subtle world. And precisely at the moment of our death lies a point of so much fear and concern that people have partly from ignorance of the laws of our Creator and, second, because in the last moments of earthly life when a soul is leaving a body, each one feels that came a moment when he must "settle an account" for whole his life on earth. He feels that it is not so easy as he thought, i.e. that there is only one life and once it's over everything else ceased to exist. Or, according to Church's teachings everything is fine because God is merciful, forgives everything and every Christian will go straightly either to Heaven (Paradise) or hell.

Well yes, God is merciful and forgiving but not in a way as people imagine or yearn!His great Grace and Love, which at the same time is strict, lies in Justice!
Hence, even in moment of our death everything happens according to His righteous and immutable laws, which are valid and works in the same way in all levels of Creation.

In the Light of Truth: Lecture Death (excerpts)
„Death is one thing in which all men believe, without exception! Everyone is convinced that it will come. It is one of the few facts about which there is no dispute or ignorance. Although everybody from childhood onward reckons with the fact that they must die eventually, the majority always tries to ward off the thought.“

„There is hardly any other event, which is so inevitable, and yet so constantly pushed aside in their thoughts as is death. And with the exception of birth, there is hardly so important an event in this earthly life. It is a striking fact that man wishes to concern himself so little with the beginning and the end of his earthly existence, whereas he seeks to ascribe a deep significance to all other events, even to quite trivial matters. He examines and ponders all intermediate happenings, much more than that which would enlighten him on everything: the beginning and the end of his life on earth. Death and birth are so closely linked because one is the result of the other.“

„The vague fear, which accompanies man like a shadow during his whole life on earth largely, originates in the fact that he is fully aware of all that is wrong in his frivolous and degrading actions. And if man cannot find peace in any other way, then, as a last resort, he frantically and artificially clings to the delusion that death is either the end of all things, thereby consciously fully acknowledging his inferiority and cowardice at possibly being called to account, or to the hope that after all he is not much worse than others.
But all the illusions do not alter the fact in the slightest degree that earthly death is approaching them, coming nearer day by day, hour by hour! It often appears pathetic when the majority of those who so rigidly tried to deny any responsibility in connection with a life after death, begin in their last hours, to fearfully ask the great questions, thus proving they have suddenly begun to doubt their own convictions. But their questioning is of little use then; for again, it is only cowardice which, shortly before the great step out of this earth-life, suddenly lets them see the possibility of a continuation of life and of being called to account therein. But fear, dread and cowardice no more allow for a lessening or redemption of the unconditional reciprocal action arising from every deed than does stubbornness.“

„They gain nothing from this! They will reap what they sowed through their thoughts and deeds during their life on earth. Nothing has been improved or changed in the slightest degree! They will be irresistibly drawn into the gears of the strictly operating Laws of Reciprocal Action, so as to experience in the Ethereal World all the errors they perpetrated in thought and deed as a result of wrong convictions.“

„It is doubly, even ten times as sad, for those who spend this time of grace of an earth-life in frivolous self-deception, as if intoxicated. Thus for many there is every reason for alarm and apprehension.
The case is quite different for those who have not wasted their existence on earth but who, although at a late hour yet still in time and not prompted by fear and anxiety, have set out on the road to spiritual ascent. They will take their serious seeking over with them in the Ethereal World as a staff and support. Without fear and anxiety they can venture from the Gross Material World into the Ethereal World, which is inevitable for everyone, because all that is transient, such as the physical body, must sooner or later perish. They can welcome the hour of this release, for it means definite progress for them, no matter what they have to experience in the ethereal life. What is good will then bring them happiness and the difficulties will be made surprisingly easy for them, for their good volition will help them in this far more powerfully than they could ever have imagined.
The process of dying is in itself nothing but birth into the Ethereal World, similar to the process of birth into the Gross Material World. After the separation the ethereal body remains attached to the physical body for a time as if with an umbilical cord. This attachment is less firm the higher the one thus born into the Ethereal World has already developed his soul towards the Ethereal World as transition into the Kingdom of his God during his life on earth. The more a man’s volition has chained him to this earth, i.e., to gross matter, thus refusing any knowledge of a continuation of life in the Ethereal World, the more solid will be the structure of this cord which binds him to his physical body and thus also to his ethereal body, which he needs as a garment for his spirit in the Ethereal World. However, the denser his ethereal body is the heavier it is according to the prevailing laws, and the darker it must appear. Such great resemblance and close relation to matter makes it very hard for the ethereal body to detach itself from the physical body, so that it happens that he must still undergo and feel the last physical pains as well as the whole process of decay. Neither does he remain insensitive to cremation. After the final severance of this connecting cord, he sinks to that level in the Ethereal World where its surroundings are of corresponding density and weight. There, in this environment of equal weight, he will find only those of similar tendencies. It is understandable that conditions there are worse than when on earth in the physical body, because in the Ethereal World all intuitive feelings are experienced and realized fully and without restraint.
It is different with those people who during their life on earth have already begun to strive for all that is noble. Because they bear within themselves a living conviction about the step into the Ethereal World, the severance is much easier. The ethereal body as well as its connecting cord are not dense, and this difference in their mutual otherness from the gross-material body permits a very quick separation, such that the ethereal body, already for some time, stands next to the gross material body throughout the entire so-called death-struggle or the last muscle twitches of the gross-material body, if one can even call the normal dying process of such a person a ‘death struggle.’ The loose and less dense condition of the connecting cord prevents the ethereal being standing beside the body from feeling any pain because this loose cord in its less dense condition cannot transmit pain from the physical body to the ethereal body. Owing to its finer nature such a cord severs the connection more quickly, setting the ethereal body completely free in a much shorter space of time to soar to the region consisting of this finer and lighter substance. There it too can only find kindred souls and gain peace and happiness through the higher quality of the intuitive life. Such a lighter and less dense ethereal body naturally appears brighter and more luminous, until finally it becomes so rarefied that the inner Pure-spiritual core begins to break through radiantly before it enters the sphere of Pure-Spiritual-Substantiality, completely luminous and radiant.
Those, however, who are present at a deathbed, should take warning not to break out into loud lamentations. When the grief at parting is too strongly expressed, the person in the process of detaching himself, or who is perhaps already standing beside his body in ethereal form, may be touched, i.e. hear or feel it. If pity then awakens in him, together with the wish to say a few words of consolation, this desire binds him more strongly to his physical body again through the need to make himself understood by the grief-stricken mourners. He can only make himself understood to those on earth by the use of his brain. This effort, however, makes for a closer connection with the physical body, necessitates it, as a result of which not only does an ethereal body still in the process of detaching itself re-unite itself more closely to the physical body again but, if it is already standing detached beside the physical body, it will even be drawn back into the gross-material body once more. The final result is that he will once again feel all the pains from which he had already been delivered. The process of renewed detachment is much more difficult, and may even last for some days. This brings about the so-called prolonged death struggle, which becomes really painful and difficult for the one wanting to depart. The blame lies with those who, through their selfish grief, have called him back from his natural course of development. Through this interruption of the normal course, be it only in the weak attempt at concentrating on making itself understood, a new and forcible connection has taken place.“

„Therefore, absolute quiet should reign in the room of the dying person, a dignity and seriousness appropriate to the importance of the hour! People who cannot control themselves should be forcibly removed, even if they were the nearest relatives.“

We live in a time of great turnover of the world. So much it's happening; so many people are dying at different age - be they children, youngsters or midlle-aged adults. Thus compared to past times, fewer people live longer to become elders when the death and departure from this life feels more natural. All events show us that it is high time that we really should start to address the issues of our existence, our being.
For instance, we can start by asking the following questions: Why are we here? Where we came from? What is the point of our lives? Where are we going? Who is the one behind this great beauty and perfection in the world?
If we ask these questions and seek for the answers with humility we would begin to live, think, feel and act differently as hitherto we used to. We will feel the great responsibility for all our deeds and our life.
Eventually, we would feel the responsibility for taking care of our Earth that in the grace of our Lord we were given under our maintenance and to our benefit in order to ascend spiritually.
We would feel responsibility and great humility before our Creator, which let us to exist in His kindness!
And then even death will not be a scary thing. On contrary, it will be a humble and joyful departure into a finer and lighter spheres of our being!



It is useful to add a note to aforementioned video link.
Many experts could protest against the possibility to record with camcorder a soul leaving a body. Based on validity of Eternal Laws they would say it's not possible because "other worlds" are of a different composition and are invisible to earthly eyes. A reader of the Grail Message is aware of the law of homogeneity, according to which a gross matter substance can be perceived always only with a gross matter equipment; ethereal matter only with ethereal equipment, spiritual with spiritual, and so on.

The Laws of Creation are working constantly; cannot be bypassed or bent. They are perfect and valid eternally.
Therefore, there are only two possible explanations of this video. Surely there is a possibility that the video is the work of visual effects, which are now at a high level and for the ordinary person indistinguishable. But just as real and fully in conformity with the eternal law is the fact that this video is genuine and truly captures a departure of human soul from a body in moment of death. Moreover, this video is not such a "novelty" since a same moment of dying and process of departure of a human soul from a body was recorded already a long time before, on so-called Kirilian photography (more about this Kirlian effect you can read also in publication Prophecies in the LIght of Truth). In addition, there are known photos (as from present time as from past time when visual effect were not on such high level) were  faces and figures of "spirit" are visible, i.e. souls of people after death.

How is it possible?
Camcorders and cameras capture radiation, which consequently record in a form of picture, eventually also a sound. These equipments are able to capture gross matter of a little finer substance compared to a one we perceive with our gross matter senses of our bodies. Yet, still it is the same kind - the gross matter! Therefore, we are suddenly able to see a figure on a photo that we were unable to see hitherto in a moment of taking a picture. Thus, on aforementioned video is not recorded a non-homogeneous ethereal spirit of man because ethereal matter is a totally different kind compared to our gross matter bodies. Ethereal matter can't be captured by gross matter device. One needs to realize that each realm in Creation is composed of several layers - i.e. levels (there are seven) and thus gross matter also has more levels. Therefore within the area of gross matter we can capture such images with gross matter devices, which consequently can mediate this information (image or sound) to our senses. A soul after leaving a body has still a cover - so-called astral body (or cover of a finer gross matter) and this astral body is possible to record under certain circumstances. This has to do with an electromagnetic field.
Therefore, the Eternal - Natural - God's Laws are valid and cannot be bypassed ever. It is only our own fault if we do not understand them.
It's time for ourselves to embark on path of recognition and understanding these laws, so we could change ourselves in a correct way and thus become humans who will help to develop our surroundings and whole Creation into beauty, and not push it down into mud as we have been doing hitherto.


August the 21st, 2016



Recently, at a place called Turany near Martin town in Slovakia, a local young evangelical pastor was excluded from the Evangelical Church after he expressed a different opinion (compared to the Church doctrines), on the subject of marriage. He said that marriage, or a bond between two persons, may not be exclusively a relationship between man and woman. This incident, i.e. the difference between his opinion and that of the Church, stirred up a passionate debate among the public. In various discussions that have arisen after this event, only the effect is analysed, and the hidden and true reason is once again not recognised.
People take different sides; some are in favour of gay marriage, others are not. Nevertheless, at first and in the deepest sense, we have to clarify what is actually a gender, and who is a man and who is a woman, what is the difference between them and what kind of man and woman they should be. Only afterwards should we focus on the relationship - a marriage that is consistent with the natural laws of God.

In 2015, we addressed this issue during the referendum in Slovakia on the subject of “Marriage as the relationship solely between man and woman.” Readers can therefore find more about this topic in the article named Scientific/Spiritual progress”, located in the folder Science and Universe, and in article named “Right referendum”, located in the folder Church and politics.

Let us take a look at this event and the problem from the point of view of eternal laws of God.
We can only comprehend the reason only in respect of the finer parallel worlds. Enlightenment from the Word on this subject is important, mainly for those who are attracted to individuals of the same gender, and also for those who want to decide their fate, but unfortunately do not yet understand the cause of the problem!!! We now offer an explanation of the problem, not through the human word, but through the Word of Truth itself.

Quotes of the Grail Message and the Resonances to the Grail Message:


“We call the concept of female and male simply two different genders or sexes. To the majority of people, however, the word sex is drastically misleading from the beginning since in their thoughts they automatically connect the word sex with procreation. And this is wrong. In the great conception of Creation, the separation of female and male in that sense plays a role only in the outermost and densest gross material part, but not in the principal happenings.
What is gender/sex? When the spirit-germ issues from the Spiritual Sphere it is genderless/sexless. Nor does any division occur, as is often assumed. Divisions are special exceptions which I will discuss at the end of this lecture. Fundamentally a spirit-germ always remains self-contained. In becoming conscious during its wanderings through Subsequent Creation, i.e., through the self-acting replica of original Creation, as I have mentioned several times already, the spirit-germ takes on, according to its degree of consciousness, the human forms known to us, which are replicas of the images of God, of the First Created Ones.
Here it is the nature of the spirit-germ’s activity which is decisive, i.e., in which direction such a spirit-germ, in becoming conscious, mainly strives to develop the abilities resting within it, whether in a positive, vigorously driving manner, or in a negative, quietly sustaining way. Wherever its principal desire urges it.
According to its origin it can do both, because a spirit germ contains within itself all capabilities, one like the other, unabridged. It is complete within itself. It only matters which one of these it develops. And in this activity of the spirit-germ, even if it consists at the start of no more than strong desires which increase to an urge, the form shapes itself. That which is positive shapes the male form, and that which is negative the female form. Here masculine and feminine are recognizable already outwardly through their forms. Each is in its form the expression of the nature of the activity which it chooses or desires.
Feminine and masculine therefore, have nothing to do with the usual conception of gender/sex but merely indicate the nature of the activity in Creation. It is only in the World of Gross Matter, so familiar to man, that these forms develop the procreative organs which we designate as male and female. Only the physical body, i.e., the earthly body, needs these organs for its procreation.
Thus the nature of the activity in Creation shapes the form of the actual body, male or female, of which the gross material earthly body is again but a coarsely constructed copy.”

“The spiritual, animistic and ethereal form of the body changes as soon as the spirit-germ changes its activity. If it changes from a negative to a predominantly positive activity, then the female form must change into a male one, and vice versa, for the predominant nature of the activity shapes the form. The transformation of the physical shell, however, cannot follow so quickly. It is not so readily changeable, and is therefore only intended to last for a very short time. Here the change manifests itself in reincarnations, of which in most cases there are many.
Hence it happens that a human spirit quite frequently wanders through its lives on earth alternately in male and female bodies, depending on its changing inner attitude. And this is necessary so that all the capabilities of a spirit germ are developed gradually.
I have already pointed out that the prevalence of the desired activity determines how the form develops, since a spirit germ will not necessarily be active in either an exclusively positive or an exclusively negative way.
The capabilities that are not made use of remain dormant but can be awakened at any time.
If however it happens that a spirit germ does develop all the positive parts then this will have so strong an effect on the negative undeveloped capabilities that they may be expelled and thereby become cast off. This then results in division. Those parts of a different nature thus cast off are then forced to awaken onto themselves and will naturally, in their wholeness develop the opposite, i.e., the female form. These are divided germs that have to find each other again in order to become a whole. Generally, however, such a process cannot be assumed.
Man’s view of a complementing soul existing for each person is correct as such, but not in the sense of a division having preceded it. A dual soul is something altogether different. I have already pointed this out in my lecture “Marriage”. The dual soul is merely one that is compatible with another soul, that is, a soul which has developed just those capabilities which the other soul left dormant. This then results in full complementation, in a united working together of all the capabilities of the spirit, both positive and negative. However, such complementation exists not only once but many times, so that a person seeking a complementation is not limited to merely one other particular human being. He may meet with many during his life on earth, as long as he keeps his intuitive capacity pure and alert.
Thus the conditions for a life of happiness are not nearly so difficult to fulfill as it appears at first glance to those who have only part-knowledge. Happiness is much easier to achieve than many think. Mankind simply needs first to know the laws which rest in Creation. If they live accordingly then they must become happy! At the present time, however, they are far removed from this. It is for this reason that, for the time being, those who come closer to the Truth in Creation will have to feel for the most part lonely. This, however, does not cause them unhappiness, but instead bears great peace.”



“Finally, for a better understanding one can also express it differently without altering the actual sense: the great all-embracing Divine Substantiality has divided itself into two parts, into an active part and a passive part, or into a positive part and a negative part.
The passive or negative part is the finer part, the more sensitive, gentler part; the active or positive part is the coarser and not so sensitive part!
The more sensitive part, i.e., the passive part, is, however, the stronger and predominant part, which in reality has a leading effect. Through its delicate sensitiveness it is more capable of absorbing and is more responsive to pressure, and consequently qualified to stand and act more securely in the power of the Holy Will of God, this being the highest pressure. Pressure here means the lawful impressing of the higher species upon the lower species, but not perhaps some arbitrary act of force, no pressure of a violent and unstable craving for power. —

Therewith you see the great picture before you, coming from above, and it is no longer difficult to comprehend that the after-effects in Creation are always and quite naturally repeated in the same way, and are ultimately also to be transmitted to the split-off parts, the human spirits of Subsequent Creation, being the effect of one uniform Law which penetrates the entire Creation. Only it is named differently on the various planes and cooling-off stages.
Thus in the grading the human woman of Subsequent Creation embodies the more sensitive element of Substantiality as being the negative, passive part, and the man embodies the coarser spiritual as the positive, active part; for the splitting that has once set in is also further repeated in the parts which already split off ever again and continuously, so that one can say that the entire Creation actually consists only of splittings! That part which is really stronger, which actually dominates, is at the same time always the more sensitive part; thus among human beings it is womanhood! According to her nature it is much easier for her intuitively to perceive the pressure of the Will of God and to obey it. Thereby womanhood has and provides the best connection with the only real Living Power!”

“You will now perhaps ask yourselves why the human woman is the more sensitive part. Therefore I also want to answer this right away:
In the separations or splittings-off the woman forms the bridge between Substantiality and Spirituality! Therefore the Primordial Mother also had to come into existence first, before further splittings could follow or take place.
And always the woman of the particular separated plane is the bridge between the next higher form of Substantiality and the Spirituality which has emanated from the latter. For this reason woman has still kept within herself a special part of the higher Substantiality which is closest to her own plane, and man lacks this part.”

“You will now, of course, ask yourselves how it can then happen that many a human soul can be incarnated on earth alternately, at one time as a woman and at another as a man. The solution to this is not as difficult as you think; for a woman who is genuine in every respect will never get into the position of having to be incarnated in the gross material as a man.
Such a happening is again merely one of the evil consequences of the domination of the intellect, strange as this might sound.
The earth-woman who subjugates herself to the intellect, just by doing so represses her genuine womanliness. This becomes suppressed because the delicacy of perception which it represents is walled in by the cold intellect. The threads of fate are thereby so knotted that such a woman must be incarnated as a man the next time, because after this repression and walling in only the coarser spiritual element prevails, and in accordance with the Laws in Creation the threads simply cannot be knotted otherwise. Such changes in incarnation are then necessary because everything that is touched in the spiritual core of man must develop. In particular the present unnatural imitation of men by women, which is contrary to the Laws of Creation, as well as the pronounced intellectual work, are bound to have serious consequences for womanhood because they disturb the harmony in Creation!
All such women suppress their genuine womanliness and must thereupon be incarnated in male bodies the next time. This in itself would not be so bad, but although the circumstance is such that the soul of the woman through this distortion of her task may well work cleverly in the male body, nevertheless this is only physical, and she will never be a truly genuine man in spirit and soul! It is and remains an aberration.
In the distortion of Creation these things have happened hitherto, but it will no longer be possible in the Millennium; for then all such souls of women who have walled in their womanliness will be absolutely unable to incarnate on earth but, being useless, they will fall into the category of those masses which are drawn into disintegration during the Judgment. They are all lost unless they remember their task as women in time and work accordingly.
But the reverse is also true. The soul of a man which through weakening has inclined itself too much towards the female species in thought and action, has thereby forced itself through the threads which have thus come into existence to enter a female body at a later incarnation. But here, too, it was just as little possible for such souls to become genuine women, because they lack that part of the higher Substantiality which belongs to womanhood.
For this reason we often find on earth men with predominant feminine characteristics and women with predominant masculine qualities! In neither case, however, is the respective species of soul genuine, but it is distorted. In Creation itself they are useless except for the possibility of physical procreation.
In this also the first resolution of the spirit-germ is decisive and fundamental for its whole existence; this resolution, however, is not made consciously but lies only in an inner, awakening urge! If this urge leads to a more delicate activity, then the existence of the spirit-germ is determined to be of a female kind; for thereby it keeps or holds a part of the higher Substantiality from which it severs or splits itself off. If it is inclined towards the coarser, active or positive working, then gradually the delicate and finer part of the higher Substantiality entirely severs itself and stays behind; in fact it is automatically cast off, so that for such a spirit-germ the masculine nature has therewith been determined as fundamental.“



“And after my last lecture there indeed arose questions within you again! Questions which are bound to bring a certain oppression even though an answer is easily to be found in the Message; for there it states consolingly that each consequence of a wrong action also contains the possibility of release and thus of redemption, as soon as the human spirit learns from it and recognizes the wrong.
And yet a certain anxiety exists when a person with advanced knowledge says to himself that he is a distorted human soul, if once he was a woman on earth and the next time a man, or vice versa. His soul becomes oppressed.
That, of course, is wrong and once again throwing the baby out with the bathwater, for what lies nearest to this is the recognition that such a person had distorted his soul! The distortion does not necessarily still exist. In reality he has only changed his garment, the body! But in spite of all the changes the spirit itself always remained that which it had originally resolved upon at the start of its wanderings through Creation; for in this respect there is also for him, as with everything in Creation, only one single and decisive free resolve to which the spirit then remains bound.
Thus the oppression arises only from a too superficial absorption of the Message; for everyone should know from the Message that just such a change could be of benefit for the one concerned. It does give him the possibility of putting things straight again; it induces him, indeed it helps him in the strongest way to make everything good again. The soul can even grow strong through compulsory experiences of this nature.
Now it must not be imagined again that those whose path remained straight have missed something. This is not so. But where a distortion occurred through one’s own wrong volition, only there can the change mercifully become beneficial in order to strengthen this distorted soul which showed such a weakness, to strengthen it to such an extent that it will not repeat the mistake. With this, of course, the fault has also fallen away from it.
Now look around you for once and observe your fellow-men! You will soon find among them women who bear masculine characteristics in their nature. Just today there are more of them than ever. One can say that much that is womanly appears to be absolutely infected with this; for it is not difficult to understand that a woman or a girl of this kind has and must have something in her nature which is distorted, because a woman naturally neither can nor should be a man.
With that, of course, I never mean the body; for this is almost always markedly female with the exception of the hips, which in most such cases are reminiscent of the male through their narrowness, which is therefore actually not womanly.
I mention this purposely because I immediately name therewith a distinctive outward mark. In most cases the female body harboring a distorted male soul will have this distinctive mark of the narrow hips inclining towards the male structure, in contradistinction to those whose soul is just beginning to strive towards the masculine in some way, be it in their opinions or in their activities, causing a propensity through which the threads develop for the next incarnation into a male body.”

“The attraction of the homogeneous species is not the only kind which seems to have an attracting effect. There is a great difference in the process of the apparent attraction. The attraction of homogeneous species, this great Law of Creation, however, is fundamental for everything striving for union in Creation, no matter how this happens. This great Law as such is the cause of all these happenings, brings them about and also regulates them. It floats above everything and works like a motive force in them and through them in the entire weaving of Creation.
Therefore I first want to separate the species of attraction according to the character of their actual working, i.e., according to their manifestation, into the genuine attraction and into the desire for a union of split parts of a definite species, such desire being forcibly brought about by this great Law which overtops and conditions everything!
Consequently there is an attracting and a desiring for union in the working of Creation! The effects of both processes appear to be the same outwardly. The inner motivating power for this, however, is entirely different.
The attraction results from similar species which are complete within themselves, and the desire for union arises in the split species which continue to strive for the formation of a species again!
The assertion made by people that opposites attract each other but like poles repel each other is therefore only an apparent contradiction of the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.
In reality, however, this holds no contradiction; for this man-made assertion is valid and correct for the process in which there is the desire by the various split species for union into a definite species of full value. But only in this! Only among the complete species themselves does there come into force the actual Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, which in addition calls forth the motivating effect of seeking union to establish a definite species of full value. It swings above and in it.
What man has hitherto recognized through his science are but the small happenings among the split species. He has not at all so far discovered the effect and manifestation of the real species, because on earth and in its nearer circle there exist only split species, i.e., small parts the activities and effects of which he was able to observe.
Thus the female spirit and the male spirit are also nothing but a split species each, which in accordance with the Laws of Creation strive towards each other seeking a union, i.e., they are only small parts which by their union in turn furnish but a part to the real spiritual species!
What is here stated, however, concerns only the fundamental feature between the female and the spiritual; whereas the soul-cloaks and finally the gross material cloaks are much smaller parts of consequent splittings from other species which, according to their particular basic species, produce a desire for union and therein show definite results.
The human being himself, for example, is no definite species, but only a splitting which carries within itself the desire for union.
But his evil thoughts or evil deeds are a definite species which attracts the homogeneous species and is attracted by it! From this you see that from a split species there can issue not only split parts but a complete species.
Let me give another hint here: There lies a very definite and immutable limitation in the attraction of homogeneous species. This also holds a greater power which is anchored in the basic law. The desire for union on the part of the split species, however, contains a greater freedom of movement granted through weakened power. For this reason split species can unite in various ways, and thus result in changing effects and forms.
Today I can only give a brief illustration of this because all these points vary a thousand fold and we should find no end. Unless I open up for you a very definite path in this, which is ad-apted to your human capacity, you would never be able to receive a really well-rounded picture of the happenings in Creation!
Therefore you must also follow me slowly. You must not try to go one step further before you have inwardly absorbed everything I explained to you correctly and ineffaceably; for otherwise you could and would become helpless on your way despite my guidance. You will derive no benefit from an unconscious following.
Reflect that you are following me along a path on which I do not return with you! We climb up a ladder together on which there must be no single rung missing, and thus we go up rung by rung.
If you do not experience each rung in the right way so that they become really familiar to you, it may easily happen that you suddenly lose your support on your way and must fall. If the rungs have not become familiar to you, have not become your own, then someday perhaps you may already stand at a considerable height, but confused; you can no longer continue upwards because you lack the secure support for this beneath your feet. But neither can you go back any more, because the rungs have not become sufficiently familiar for you to do so, and thus you must crash headlong down in a sudden fall.
Do not take such a warning and admonition too lightly, for your entire existence is at stake in these final earthly hours of a Cosmic epoch.”


September the 9th, 2016


* Wikipedia defines Schizophrenia as:
[1]a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real.
[2] Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation

Our announcement (in folder “News - latest articles” in green box) about the direction of our efforts to help and instruct the neighbour is almost our desperate decision to discover a way to get closer to the inner nature of man, and change his present indolence into an interest for the TRUTH!
Still, we do not have high expectations because we know even from our own past, how difficult it is for a person to leave misconceptions acquired via traditions, and even overcome the fear of the unknown and be able to accept the proposed New!

Thanks to our own experience, we have learnt that only someone who on his own has experienced that he has something more than just an earthly body can do it. That is, the earthly body which he can see, (and thanks to its senses he can perceive the world around him), is only the outermost tool like clothing, but the man's true essence, i.e. the core itself, he has not recognized and has not been aware of it.
But the true knowledge of WHO he really is, the environment in WHICH he actually lives, only this knowledge subsequently enables him to acquire the next knowledge about HOW he should direct his actions in order to be happy, and finally even reach the desired ETERNITY!

Therefore, whoever does not experience it on his own, any edification or lesson remains only in a position of an uncertain theory, on which (and various others) he already has stumbled upon before in his life, without significant impact. Thus, when he can finally reach the last and certainly the correct theory, there is a high probability that with equal certainty, he also condemns this one as not useful.


Subsequently then comes also the help from the finer (more subtle) levels, which you do not want to recognize so far. You will experience things, which in turn will enable you to understand what has not been understandable before, i.e. those unseen connections that will begin to compose the perfect whole picture, in which you have been living unconsciously and thus overlooked so many gifts, which on contrary you have considered as your curse. However, honesty and humility must lead your desire to acquire that knowledge!

Jesus himself has advised us the same before:
“Seek and you will find!”
“Knock and it shall be opened!”
“Ask, and it shall be given unto you!”

Thus, you yourselves must be the ones who will ask the right questions. And believe us when we are saying that we have been granted already with the right answers. Following set of answers to real questions of life that we have gained in the WORD OF TRUTH should serve you as an inspiration.


After this necessary prologue we can focus to another very actual problem, which is also quite often being presented in media:
Now there are other relatively common ailments of mankind that in the first appearance are similar to acts of terrorism, but nevertheless in their essence and origin, are different problems though with the same consequences (as the acts of terrorism):

These are those unexplained and frequent murders that are given the wrong relationship with the “cause”, which is contained in the title of this article.
Yet, not only murders but also other bad deeds such as arson, and many other acts of violence.
Happenings like these have also been promised to us during the time of final events. It is another confirmation that the time has come because the promises have also been fulfilled, or are coming into fulfillment!

But the genuine cause is of a different kind. Again, it has remained unrecognized to us, even though it has been here for our guidance already for a long time. Now it becomes again the proof of Truth. Murders and acts of violence can be seen in media on a daily basis. To our detriment, again the cause is being presented under a wrong name, so that its root cause was not and could not be revealed because it is in conflict with all explanations so far given by any experts and branches of science that proclaim they know the genuine cause. Unfortunately, the opposite is true and the genuine cause remains hidden on purpose, although we could have been aware of it a long time ago. For now, everyone is satisfied with pretentious, yet non-factual expression “schizophrenia”, which can hide under its wings all that is so far unknown.

Again the origin of these happenings have their roots where neither science nor the church, nor politics do not yet have access, but it should be added that only through their own fault! That is by them unrecognized the finer (more subtle) matter, i.e. rejected parallel worlds!
Whereby humanity through such wrong deeds receives again the proof that existence of such worlds is true, and we will receive such proofs as long as we finally recognize them!

Or we PERISH due to our own ignorance!

Quote from the WORD OF TRUTH - The Grail Message:
“There are probably many people in whom the questioning thought arises: And the furies? Do they not also have female forms even though their activity is of a very positive nature?
Therefore I will already deal with this subject now and explain to you:
The furies exist in both male and female form, yet both have one aim alone in spite of their diverse effects: destruction!
The furies, however, are not substantiate beings. Such a thing does not originate from the Will of the Light! Furies are nothing but the products of men’s volition. They belong to the demons that must immediately perish when men’s volition improves and turns to the Light!
True, they are very dangerous, and in the Judgment they are set free so that they can rush upon all mankind. But they can only do harm where they can attach themselves, i.e., where they find homogeneous evil or fear in a person.
Through this the furies must also serve the Light, for they do away with evil men on earth and thus further the great purification. As soon as this is completed the furies also obtain no further nourishment, and must automatically perish.
But whoever has fear in the Judgment lacks conviction about the Word of Truth, and thus also confidence in the Omnipotence of God and in His Justice, which so often manifest in the helping Love!
Such a person will then rightly fall victim to his lukewarmness or indolence. He is meant to be seized and destroyed by the furies during the Judgment! Therefore in the end that is also a simple happening which in its dreadfulness must proceed along the paths of the Holy Law of God!
The furies unleashed! This means they are not restrained, but for a time will be allowed to have completely free reign.
Men will not be protected from them, but will be abandoned to the raging.
However, it is quite natural that those people who have the right inner conviction and who are connected with the Light cannot be attacked, for no resonance can be found within them to which the furies can cling in order to confuse them.
During this upheaval those connected with the Light stand as if in a cloak which cannot be penetrated, and upon which every attacking evil volition injures itself. This cloak has grown automatically during the hours of danger through the firm trust in God.
But men who in their conceit or presumption think they are faithful, and yet have faith only in their church but not in God, and who are thus not inwardly alive, will be tossed hither and thither like a withered leaf in a storm. They must also perish in this turmoil unless, through this happening, they recognize in time that they have been hollow in their rigid belief, and ardently exert themselves to absorb life from the Light of Truth which shines above all the storms.”

“As the product of the earthly brain, thought volition, in contrast to the volition of the intuitive perception, does not have the ability to make direct contact with the neutral principal power resting in Creation. Therefore these forms lack the self-acting core of the intuitive forms, which in comparison to animal souls can only be called “animistic soul shadows”. Thought-forms remain absolutely dependent upon their creator, with whom they are connected in a similar way as the forms of the intuitive volition, that is, through a feeding cord, which simultaneously constitutes the road for the returning reciprocal actions. However, I have already spoken about this species in the lecture on “Thought-forms”, and therefore I need not repeat it here.
In the Law of Reciprocal Action thought-forms are the weakest gradation. Despite this their effects are still disastrous enough, and can not only bring about the doom of individual human spirits, but even that of great masses, and can even contribute to the devastation of whole parts of the world as soon as they are over-nourished and over-cultivated by men, thus receiving undreamt of power, as has happened in the last few thousand years.
Thus the whole of this evil has been brought about by men alone, due to their uninhibited and false intuitive volition and thought volition, as well as through their carelessness in these matters!

Remember these words when the suffering visits humanityand do not dare to blame God for it!

In conclusion, it is necessary to explain that in God's creation nothing is without form. Hence also the negative human thoughts have their own forms that are connected with their creators or sources. It leads to creation of whole centers of negative energies, which are constantly fed by a new supply of negative energy of all those that engage their minds in thoughts of murders and other evil.
Therefore it must also been taken into account that the blame for the final evil deeds do not hold only those who commit those crimes, but even more those who fathered these forms and also nurture them. In many cases, those who commit the crimes are also merely victims. They have a little impact and guilt on those crimes, since their delicate sensitivity (i.e. the ability to detect, react and in conclusion to receive “information” from the finer matters) is developed naturally for some of these people. Eventually they will pay their price for it - though it should be added that only because of their own ignorance. If they had approached the Truth and gained the knowledge, their aforementioned ability would have been of certain form of advantage for them. They could be able to help their neighbors and they could receive only from the right, i.e. light levels. However, due to the world we live in as well as their own fault, their sensitivity has become a curse, leading them into perdition. Moreover, not only them but also their victims! Exactly in a way it is explained in the Word of Truth. At the same time it must be noted that many others have caused their own problems on their own, when they developed their ability unnaturally, either by various “spiritual” exercises or with the help of alcohol, drugs and etc. As it is known and also proved by knowledge of various wild tribes - they often use for contact with those finer worlds of some plants such as Ayahuasca and many others.
In regards to the world of men the above written is just the closest level in hierarchy of darkness, however the most influential one nowadays. As for the other levels, we have already provided information about several times, thus we skip them this time.
The great guilt also lies on shoulders of those who tries to ensure that knowledge about aforementioned things do not find their right recipients, and therefore it was not broadened in a such way as it was wanted from the Light and by God's true emissaries. Foremost guilty is the Church, since it hitherto has acted always in the same way in regards to the true knowledge and right progress, i.e. it burned all innovators in fire. Nothing has changed in its relation to everything that is new and what comes from the Truth.
Then there is science itself, though some individuals from this group understand already certain "mysteries", but more or less, in the name of ambition, they only try to benefit from it and thus make a name for themselves, and not for a edification of humanity in particular area. Some are afraid of ridicule, others of the fact that they could lose easily acquired means how to earn on their daily bread. We do not need to be afraid in that way because we have to work honestly on our daily bread, and we are also not afraid of ridicule, since we have what others are missing:


And this is the reason why now on our site we want to provide people the necessary information so that they can still avoid the worst - to gone astray in their ignorance.
Alternatively, to avoid becoming a victim, similar as those, which we know from the media!

And so in this way we want them to learn to discover and know themselves!


September the 28th, 2016



The term “Fatima” may be familiar to many people but at the same time it remains unknown to many others. The Catholic Church in Slovakia celebrates its “Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows Day” every year on the 15th day of September. The Church calls this person “the patron of Slovakia”.
For everyone with logical thinking, this title sounds ridiculous and defies common sense in all aspects. How can such a serious term be brought into life unilaterally, and without the consent of the other party? Who among representatives of Slovak churches spoke with “Mary of Seven Sorrows” in person, and received such consent from her? Nobody! So who was able to take such responsibility for the whole Church and make such a decision? All “such ones” will soon be ashamed and forced to take responsibility for these activities!

Out of “respect” for that person, Slovak national TV did broadcast in the evening on last September the 15th, a movie with the title Fatima, same as the title of this article. But not only is the movie itself a misleading work, which without doubt is the work of the Catholic Church, but also the person celebrated by that movie is totally misrepresented. Unfortunately the intention behind the movie was successful because the audience was brought into confusion; the actual event that took place in 1917 was under the direction of an entirely different person (compared to the “version” the Church tries to impose on us). Moreover, the actual event took place quite differently!
It is true that on May the 13th 1917, the three shepherd children in the Portuguese village of Fatima had witnessed the apparition of a being. Afterwards, the same being again had appeared to these children during the next 6 months on the 13th day of the each month. Each time she gave certain advices or prophecies, and more and more people came to the place where the apparitions took place. For the final apparition that was about to happen on October the 13th, she promised to give evidence that could be perceived by everyone who came, because up to that point no one believed that the three children actually see and interact with someone.
However, this being wasn't Mary of Nazareth, the earthly mother of Jesus, but she was the highest female being in Creation, i.e. the first being after God Himself - Primordial Queen (or Primordial Mother). With her apparitions she was trying to prepare humanity for the most important event of that time, during which the Church was supposed to cooperate and offer help to THE ONE, who was already incarnated on Earth during that time. (You will find more about this in other paragraphs below).
Now we focus on the event in Fatima itself and the above-mentioned movie, which is the work of today's Church. The intention of making this movie was to completely falsify the real events, continue with lies already existing then, and even directly mislead today's young generation so that they do not to look for the third (and most important) Fatima prophecy; and thus not to be able to come closer to the TRUTH. (Again, you will find more about it in paragraphs below). 

First we must explain the difference between the person of Mary of the Seven Sorrows (praised by the Church) and the being that appeared in Fatima. We have to start right from the source, i.e. The Word of Truth, from which we extract one substantial quotation, in which the highlighted first sentence is worth to take note:
For in the utmost heights of this same nature of the human spirit, there lives for everything in existence, a perfect ideal of what the evolution from out of Spiritual-Substantiality holds. This also includes the eternal, Pure-Spiritual-Substantial ideal for all femininity, as queen of womanhood as it were, with all the living virtues. Each female spirit germ bears the unconscious yearning within it to emulate this pure living ideal in its most noble form. Unfortunately, during the journey through materiality, this subconscious yearning often degenerates into vanity, which, in pretense and in self-deceit, is meant to replace much that never came to life, although it was yearned for. However, this yearning becomes more conscious during the ascent to the Light while still in the fine-material world. As soon as the base desires begin to fall away, this yearning breaks through more and more vigorously in order to finally invigorate and energize the virtues. The magnet and the focal point of this noble yearning for the female virtues is the queen of womanhood in the eternal Kingdom of the Father, the Pure-Spiritual-Substantiality. The Divine-Unsubstantiate core of the second Messenger of God was now embedded into this Spiritual-Substantiate ideal of womanhood and raised by her as the Spiritual-Substantiate mother in the eternal Kingdom of God the Father with the Grail Castle being the home of His spiritual youth.”

In the above quotation two things should be noted:
- The highlighted (in bold) first sentence refers not only to events that have already happened, but at the same time (and from the point of view when the lecture was written) refers to events that were about to happen in the future (which proved to be crucial in years 1997 - 1998).
- This quotation is not about the Primordial Queen, i.e. the first being after God (when viewing from top to down), which dwells in the Divine sphere, but the quotation describes a different being!

Therefore, it is necessary to add another quote:
“The eternal Elders in the Divine, who were able to become self-conscious at the boundary of the Divine Sphere because the great distance from the immediate proximity of God then permitted it, could not have come into existence, and just as little could the Archangels have been formed, unless the Primordial Queen representing Primordial Womanhood had stoodin advance as the mediator for them, as the necessary bridge for this change and forming.”

“Elizabeth (i.e. Primordial Queen, note of the author of this article) is the very foremost Divine-Substantiate embodiment of radiation, the form of Pure Divine Love, which as the only one therein took on the most ideal womanly conformation. Thus She is the Primordial conformation of the radiation of the Love of God which, as the first, is embodied in Her!”

“You who are able to see after your eyes have been opened through the discipleship which gave you a spark of Pure-spirit, are gifted to behold her at times. And now you will understand why you always see the face of Elizabeth shrouded by a more or less dense veil! The veil is not in front of the face of the Primordial Queen, but it is placed before your spiritual eye, which is not capable of beholding the Divine clearly, but only as if through a veil, at times when it is meant to see, and is specially gifted for this.”

Now, after those necessary quotations we can say that Jesus’ mother Mary was not the one that appeared in Fatima, but it was the Primordial Queen herself, i.e. All-mother (i.e. Primordial Mother). Yet again, we need to be aware that this personality, like any other high personalities (from Primordial Spiritual realm or Divine realm) that incarnate or has a mission in the world of matter must use many cloaks for its innermost essence (i.e. the uppermost being). And each cloak (from the Spiritual realm and higher) of such high personality is actually a self-aware or conscious personality that acts in the particular level of Creation. Moreover, something else is very crucial to understand; there exists a necessary cooperation between Substantiality and Spiritual. Since this fact also raises a lot of misunderstanding, we confirm it again by the following quote from the Word of Truth:

“I must not go into details today, for this diverts too much from what I want to say in this lecture. I will only remark in passing that from the radiations of this heroism a share was also given to the spirit of those earthmen who were active as real heroes.
This was well known to the ancient Germanic people and to the Greeks, as well as to many other earlier human races who still maintained a conscious connection with the Animistic.
At the earthly death of such a hero the animistic beings guided the animistic radiation-part of the heroism to Valhalla, the uppermost Castle in the Animistic Ring of Creation, whereas the spirit had to go to his assigned plane. In spite of this, if the spirit had been active in the good sense, both parts would have remained connected with each other by threads.
These two parts were only separated when the spirit stepped downwards, so that the animistic part could not be dragged along. Otherwise the two parts would flow together again at earthly incarnations.”

In addition, we give two more quotes that are appropriate and underline the whole event for all serious seekers:
“Now many of you will probably understand why, at the time of the most sacred fulfillments on earth, when the Rose and the Lily dwell on earth, a Swan Maiden from the Isle of Swans is also needed as a connection, in a physical body prepared for this purpose, in order not to leave a gap in the vibrations.
God’s Mercy is so great that He allows wonder upon wonder to arise, so that the help for mankind in the Kingdom of the Millennium may be absolutely complete!
Bow down in humility before His great Goodness.”

“Elizabeth, the Primordial Queen of Womanhood, embraces in Her perfection all the virtues and all the qualities.
The radiations corresponding with Her nature proceed from Her further downwards within the Region of the Divine, and also emerge into the Pure Spiritual Realm, where there are many gradations of all the Primordial Beings.
At each stage downwards the radiations are split into various individual species, which are forthwith embodied in the substantiate as reproductions of their origin, i.e., as reproductions of Elizabeth, the point of origin of these radiations. This takes place in the Substantial and in the Spiritual, because both kinds of radiation emanate from the Primordial Queen and are united in her.
Their forms mold themselves exactly according to the very definite and individual kind of the radiations, which they embody and are themselves. Therewith naturally various deviations occur in the appearance or in the manifestation of the reproductions, which always clearly and distinctly express that which the nature of the particular radiation contains and produces.”

These quotes are important for those who rejected and did not understand events in 1998, and either did not understand the bond between Primordial Queen and Swan Maiden. We also wish to add the following:
The one who appeared to those three children in Fatima was Primordial Queen, using her particular cloaks of her true essence. Moreover those three children were the only ones that were able to see her. They were carefully chosen (in respect of their true origin) for this purpose. Thus their gross matter bodies were properly equipped for this purpose. The Primordial Queen through these children left for us an important message (promise), which the Church has kept in secrecy hitherto. The mentioned movie only emphasized this fact and even distorted it into a direction that is completely against any logic. However churchgoers do not think about such matters; they are not allowed to think on their own, because instead, the Church is the one that does the thinking on their behalf! All this is for the Church's sole purpose - to maintain all its earthly power, gained centuries ago. For that power, they are willing to take all steps to ensure that the truth cannot float to the surface.
“Holy Mother of God” entrusted to the three children a great prophecy of what Truth is. However the church should publish this prophecy and even as mentioned above, the church should also help to reveal THE REAL RULER who lived and worked on earth during the same period. In the movie the opposite happened - that she forbade the children not to talk about it or publish what she had said to them! But such a command goes against any logic and would put all effort of the Light to no avail. Just think about it - for what purpose would the Light invest so much effort into those apparitions? It simply could not have been only for those three children, when two of them died shortly after, while the third one was excluded from the world by the church; she was detained in a monastery and therefore could not disclose what she experienced and heard in her childhood!
During the apparitions at Fatima, Imanuel - the Holy Spirit truly lived on earth. He was supposed to and actually brought to humanity the right knowledge. He was the person that Jesus had promised us when he spoke about the Comforter - the Spirit of Truth - the Son of Man. At that time he was 42 years old and soon began to fulfill his mission; he started to write his work for us, which should have led humanity towards the complete Truth, as Jesus promised. Yet again, the church could not accept His Word for fear that it would lose its power. For the same reason the church could not (and even now cannot) publish the fact that it concealed His  mission and that it finally got rid of Him through the person of Hitler, the same way as the Jewish Church got rid of Jesus.
Subsequently another action was taken by the Church in order to prevent humanity from becoming aware of the last aid, i.e. the coming of the person who appeared in Fatima. Her coming was also later annunciated in the Word of the One whom She Herself annunciated in Her apparition in Fatima. Later, He himself annunciated Her in His Word, from which again all of those annunciations were later excluded from the Word through the influence of the Church. Many honest seekers of the Truth have discovered that many quotes and lessons were missing from the Word of the Son of Man. Thus on realizing this fact of exclusion, honest seekers indirectly received evidence about what is most important and necessary, but had been excluded from, or modified in the Word by the side of darkness; those excluded parts were the ones which darkness needed to hide the most - mainly the true identity of the author of The Word of Truth, and insinuations of future important events.
Due to these excluded quotes, again no one recognized even the last help in the right time, presented in the person of Primordial Queen! This was and still is the permanent intention of darkness, in whose service is all the Churches; at times without understanding, but often deliberately and consciously. This is the way in which darkness works through its “instruments”, among which the Church has a pivotal role because it is now impossible or too late for the Church to stand by the Truth since it chose the opposite side.
Now we provide what was concealed by the Church, the third prophecy of Fatima, as revealed during 1997/1998 by the same person Who had dictated it to those three children. We quote only a small part from this prophecy; i.e. what is essential and what awaits us, regardless of the fact that mankind overlooked it. However, the promised happening had to be altered due to mankind's indifference and had to happen in a slightly different way as it was expected. But as always, humanity has a right to choose, and its free will has to be respected. Because of that fact, two scenarios are always prepared for the fulfillment of each promise. The first scenario unfolds when mankind recognize, obey and believe in the promise; second scenario unfolds when mankind acts in opposite direction, and thus fails to complete its mission. We do not want to focus our attention to events that happened in 1998, but only to what had preceded them. The events themselves require lengthy and comprehensive explanation, knowledge of a lot of information, and even certain experience.

Quotes from the Word of Primordial Queen: 
“According to the Bible, many false revelations and prophets are supposed to appear close before the Judgement. But how can people recognize them, when Church interprets them incorrectly in order to hide from them the pure teaching of the Sons of God who explain the Cosmic Laws in many points other than the way the Church authorities do?”

What does the author of the false revelations intend?
His aim is too distinct - to distract attention from the genuine Gods revelation in Fatima. It occurs to nobody that the rest of the revelations do not come from God but from the greatest illusionist on Earth, who uses his superhuman magic abilities for leading people away from the true knowledge.”

How do the true Fatima revelations differ from the false ones?
The revelations in Fatima differ from all other revelations by these three facts:
1. The content of their messages is quite different from false revelations. The dark church priests and writers have distorted the original Fatima messages and conformed them to the content of other false ones so that the difference does not seem to be too great. The most important - third message, which announces the birth of Holy Spirit on Earth, could not be changed by the Church; thus, the Church has rather hidden it from the public for almost forty years!
2. In the Fatima revelations the spiritual appearance of the Primordial Queen - the real God’s Mother took place, and not the appearance of the Virgin Mary and Jesus like in the other, false revelations.
3. The revelations in Fatima were accompanied by extraterrestrial phenomena, which are not in the false revelations because the terrestrial magician cannot imitate them. Though he can work with human imagination and impose his illusions - images of spiritual persons, he is not able to move with a celestial body - the Sun because this can only be performed by the Creator. Close before the revelation of the Queen in Fatima the Sun started to oscillate in several directions and its 15 minute dance was observed by all people present, the non-believers too, so not just those who had seen the revelation. This proves that the movement of the Sun was not an illusion but a reality.”

What does the Church try to hide from the public?
God the Creator and the church are not one and the same thing!
Before his death, Jesus announced to his Apostles that after him, close before the Judgement, the Comforter would come, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit in order to instruct people about God’s Truth. None of the ancient prophets announced Spirit of Truth before because his coming was a compensation for the premature end of the mission of Jesus. In spite of this fact, this part about the next God’s help has always been described in the Bible, and it is still there until now (The John ́s Gospel, chapter 14, verses 15 to 26). However, Church interprets its clear content in different ways, but not as a description of the coming of the real God ́s person to the Earth. Only after Jesus death is the Holy Spirit coming to Earth confirmed also in the Apocalypse.
In the year 1875, Abd-ru-shin incarnated into the most spiritual nation; in those times, it was the German nation. His name, when translated, means Son of Light, i.e., Son of God. He has written the book “In the Light of Truth” with the subtitle “The Grail Message”. The author has brought, down onto the Earth, the complex knowledge about the Eternal Laws and about the composition of Creation, which was unknown and incomplete until then. Although he has explained in the book that he came to the Earth with the mission as the Spirit of Truth, i.e., the Holy Spirit - Imanuel, the Church authorities did not want to accept his work and person. How could they, when he has directed attention toward how they distorted the teaching of Jesus and how they mislead their followers to the false ways by doubtful interpretation of the Bible?
The Church also “crucified” the second Son of God through the denial of the Spirit of Truth, even if not physically, but at least morally;that has the same effect according to the Eternal Laws.”

“Spirit of Truth should have been announced in advance like Jesus before by selected people, or the way Bible announced Holy Spirit, so that spiritual searchers might recognize him. Unfortunately, they forgot about their tasks because they did not awaken spiritually in a sufficient way.
After the failure of announcers, Creator wanted to compensate people for the frustrated help with an unearthly way - the revelation of the Primordial Queen. She appeared, for a short time in a Portuguese small village in Fatima in 1917, in order to announce a message that, on the Earth, there lives and works Spirit of Truth, announced by Jesus, who would write the New Bible. Although she had announced it already in her first message and repeated it every month, i.e., six times, the false Church authorities ruined this God’s help by hiding and distorting its content.”

“When the dark representatives of the Church deceived the world again and made the recognition and the work of the second Son of God impossible, Creator announced a new coming of the Holy Spirit to the Earth in the role of the future King of the Millennium. The Primordial Queen in the Third Fatima message submitted this message. The oldest of the children, Lucy, should have written it in the letter and given it in 1917 to the Pope in a closed envelope so that it might not be misinterpreted. His successor should have opened it and made it public to the world only in the year 1960. The new Pope together with some Church dignitaries, have opened it, but they have never announced its content to the world.”

Primordial Queen published the entire content of the revelation. Nevertheless we are not going to quote it because mankind again acted in a way as hitherto always, and thus events had to change to our detriment, i.e. the second and unpopular scenario had to unfold. Thus the latest chosen nation acted the same way as previous chosen nations before, and failed!
In today's state of mankind and its maturity, quoting the whole revelation would not be beneficial for the intended purpose of this article (although the whole revelation is accessible for the serious seekers). The text of the revelation is suitable only for a few, those who witnessed and experienced, but mainly achieved the necessary maturity in order to be able to understand events in 1998 from the right perspective and full spectrum.
However, neither the dark elite in the Churches nor science and/or Lucifer himself as the peak of all evil, can distract the final events. Let this article be an inspiration for some readers in their own individual seeking that is inevitable!


October the 17th, 2016



The issue of bullying is widespread nowadays and also often analyzed in media. Therefore we have decided also to look closer on this issue and hopefully help potential seekers to find the right approach how to deal with it. Above all, our goal is to help those constantly punished for their wrong attitude or on the contrary, to help those with “different” opinion and who see the world around them differently, and because of that, they are the object of ridicule and attacks.
I myself am still quite young; school memories are still very fresh and I witnessed bullying in our class quite often. Sometimes, I was the only boy in class who had the courage to stand up to the oppressors, and it had consequences for me. Since I was not as strong and big as the oppressor my only chance was my fast legs, which with some luck rescued me from being beaten several times.

These memories are still very vivid. Today, looking back with the knowledge about Eternal Laws, I see those situations in a new perspective that I would like to share. “The true problem is not children but mainly their parents” - it's a phrase that is now often heard and I would like to expand it with the following small addition, “...and their ignorance!” Until the maturity of the body, when the inside nature of man, i.e. the spirit itself starts to fully manifest, a child is subjected to imitation instinct. This instinct compels children to seek “an idol”, which they try to imitate in an environment that allows them to stand out in this way, therefore, most often in schools.
With children, judging the others and subsequent bullying has its origins in behavior of adults and their judging the others. However actions and consequences of adults are not called bullying, but according to the form of expression received other names, such as defamation, while inner motives remain the same. And this evil, i.e. condemnation of others, can have two origins. People either condemn others because of errors that they themselves possess and they do not want to admit them, or they avail themselves into the service of darkness and gratuitously attack anything that is not willing to go in same direction as the majority that is controlled by darkness.
Moreover, the child has a more sensitive reception of impulses from finer levels of Creation that are inhabited by various beings that can act on our level and on many people living here. It concerns not only small children, but especially growing children around the age of puberty because exactly in this age comes the change in the radiation of blood, which is crucial for such ability. The more sensitive the child is, the more difficult it is for him/her to bear with it, especially without the necessary support at home. And they can find real support in the home only if their parents would have the knowledge about Eternal Laws and tried to live in accordance with them. This way parents would be able to consciously protect their children the best possible way in today's world. They also could see the real reasons behind the improper behavior of their children and thus should be able to judge their manners fairly.
We have already written in our past articles about the aforementioned sensitive reception of impulses from finer levels of Creation. Indeed, many children but also adults have this ability. Many times it can be a problem when they act under the influence of finer levels and beings that live there. Even the Church itself publishes occasionally some information related to this topic, and even tries to help those affected when such incidents can't be concealed, however not always to the satisfactory end. It is because the Church itself openly admits that it does not know where those beings/demons come from and to where they consequently go. In other words, the Church does not know about their place in Creation and the particular levels of Creation as well. It is the same Church that once refused those explanations brought in the Word of the Holy Spirit, because Church did not accept Him and His Word as well.
Another factor is the ignorance of parents about the process of incarnation of a soul and how they personally can affect what kind of spirit will incarnate into a physical body, which is the result of their physical love. Truth is that the attitude of two adult people, how they see and perceive the sexual intercourse, their feelings and people in their surrounding - those are all factors that could affect the process of incarnation. If one or more mentioned factors are not of pure essence, then there is no wonder that a darker spirit (or less developed spirit) can incarnate, and later will have tendency to behave badly towards his contemporaries or even parents.
This topic is also closely related to education and a lack of true and just love. However, the main cause, as with any problem, is the ignorance about Eternal - God's Laws. Since our aim is to inspire honest seekers, we will now quote some of those advices and guidance from the Creator of those laws Himself. If adults try to learn and act in accordance with those advices, as in relation to their own lives and also in relation to education of children, then behavior of children will consequently change automatically. There will be no bullying; no disrespect for parents and interpersonal relationships will finally begin to straighten. Until then, we are condemned to remove only consequences instead of changing the true essence of man!
For those who in advance would like to argue that there is no way to reform a society in wide range, we suggest reading/listening the article “True revolution” on the homepage.

Now follows aforementioned quotes:
“Just as a thought when it arises is simultaneously perceived intuitively with greater or lesser intensity, so will its ethereal form bear equivalent life. This world of thoughts is densely populated. Through the mutual power of attraction complete centers have formed which, by means of their accumulated energy, exert their influence upon human beings.
In the first place those persons will always be influenced who tend towards a similar nature, i.e., who bear something similar within themselves. Such persons will thereby be strengthened in their corresponding will, and encouraged to continue producing new and similar forms which, working in the same manner, enter the world of thought-forms.
But other people who do not possess these characteristics can also be disturbed by these influences and gradually be attracted to them, if these centers are continually reinforced and so obtain unimagined power. Only those are protected who possess something of a different nature in greater strength, rendering impossible a connection with what is dissimilar.
Unfortunately, however, it is hate, envy, jealousy, lustfulness, avarice and all other evils which, through their greater numbers of adherents, form the strongest power centers in the world of thought-forms. Far less great are those of purity and love. This is the reason why evil is spreading with such incredible rapidity. In addition, these power centers of thought-forms in turn obtain a connection with homogeneous spheres of the darkness. From there they are specially fomented to ever-greater activity so that as a consequence, they are able to create downright devastation among mankind.”

“You yourselves create these consequences, and that is why I exhort you: Keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, you will sow peace and earn happiness!”

“Take a calm look at the people as they currently are! Look carefully among the more mature young adults for the coming race, the next German generation. It is fundamentally poisoned in body and soul. The few noticeable exceptions stand out as eccentrics; however, for an entire people, they are insignificant.
The few exceptions to the ever further declining environment seem so starkly exaggerated that they begin to look grotesque and are close to falling victim to general ridicule. They are considered abnormal, morbid, useless dreamers and fools!
The grotesque contrast however is not due to the few laudable exceptions but to the sinking environment, which in its hopeless fall becomes ever further removed from the more or less normal condition of the soul. People no longer perceive that it is their own fall that removes them from the sound and solid ground where the few are still standing. Instead they have the false impression that these few are abnormal and have their heads in the clouds of childish fantasies from where they will soon fall, disenchanted, only to become everyone’s laughing stock.
However, it will not be too much longer and their eyes will lose all derision, only to make room for the horror of finally having to realize that the ones they have mocked until now are holding the correct and solid position, while they themselves are sinking into the worst excrement and will gradually suffocate. They themselves prepared this excrement and will now be inexorably engulfed by it!”

“And now you, who have allowed yourselves as well as the generations that will follow you to be bound in chains in this way; you have the duty to break these chains yourselves, rather than expecting a solution to come from your successors!”

“Question no. 61:
What are slanderers?
They are people who cleverly distort facts in order to give them a wrong meaning to the detriment of other persons. Those who invent new stories and spread them abroad for the same purpose are not slanderers but liars. According to the Divine Laws, the one is as reprehensible as the other. They are classed with the attempted or committed moral murders in which the karma is just as severe as with murder committed in the gross material, in most cases even more severe, because injuries to the soul are more lasting, especially since in many cases other persons are suffering as well. Moreover, it is karmaically difficult to redeem any attempted or committed moral injury, whether substantiated or not. This should be easily understandable, because such a deed in itself always presupposes an unclean character; for a pure or simply a noble character would not commit it, and out of a healthy abhorrence would completely reject thoughts of that kind. Hence in such things the uncleanness will naturally always be on the side of the perpetrator, who thereby automatically brands himself as such.”

“It thereby becomes evident where the darkness lurks. And what the darkness hates and pursues with its hatred is only the Light, and all that is light. This in itself indicates to any calm observer where the darkness is anchored, and where the Light.
Following my Message, this can be explained explicitly according to the Laws of Creation. For the darkness hates the Light, and tries to attack and defile It wherever it can!
Wherever darkness attacks, there Light values are present! In the near future men will understand this, and will judge and act accordingly in order to eliminate the evil entirely, which must always characterize itself through this!”

“The inane inferiority of the attacks is always quite strikingly apparent from the very fact that these are never kept purely objective! They are always overt or covert smear campaigns against the person of the Truth-seeker. Someone who is incapable of replying objectively only does this. After all, a seeker for the Truth, or a bringer of the Truth, does not give himself personally, but he brings that which he speaks.”

“All this will now be revealed in the Judgment! But on men themselves who have thus sinned against the Spirit, Who has again and again given to all of them only the one teaching, as a basic concept of a God-Willed existence in this Creation: Love thy neighbor, which means respect him as such! Therein lies the adamantine command: that you must never consciously harm him, either in his body or in his soul, either in his earthly possessions or in his reputation!
He who does not keep this commandment, and acts otherwise, serves not God but the Darkness, to which he gives himself over as a tool!”

Genuine love will not consider what is pleasing and agreeable to the other, what brings him joy, but will only consider what will benefit him, regardless of whether it affords him pleasure or not! That is genuine love and service.
If, therefore, it is written: “Love your enemies!” Then this means: “Do that which will benefit them! Discipline them if they cannot otherwise come to recognition!” That is serving them. But justice must prevail; for love cannot be separated from justice, they are one! Misplaced indulgence would mean fostering the faults of the enemies and thus letting them slide further on the downward path. Would that be love? On the contrary, by acting thus one would burden oneself thus with guilt!”

The fourth Commandment
Thou shalt honor father and mother!

God gave this Commandment to mankind at one time through Moses. But it has caused unspeakable anguish of soul. How many a child, how many an adult, has struggled desperately not to offend most grossly against just this Commandment? How can a child honor the father who degrades himself to the level of a drunkard; or a mother who grievously embitters the hours of the father and the entire household through her moodiness, through her unrestrained temperament, lack of self-discipline and so much else, making a peaceful atmosphere quite impossible! Can a child honor its parents when it hears them roundly abusing and deceiving each other, or even coming to blows? Many a marital incident has often made the Commandment a torment for the children, rendering it impossible of fulfillment. After all it would indeed be nothing but hypocrisy if a child were to assert that it still honored a mother when she behaves in a much more friendly way towards strangers than towards her own husband, the child's father. When it observes her tendency to superficiality, when it sees her lower herself in the most ridiculous vanity to being the weak-minded slave of every fashion fad, which so often can no longer be reconciled with the concept of earnest noble motherhood, and which deprives motherly dignity of all beauty and sublimity,... what is left for a child to base voluntary reverence for its mother on? What indeed lies in the one word: “Mother!” Yet, what does it demand! A child that is not yet contaminated must unconsciously sense within that a person of mature, serious spirit will never be able to choose to expose her physical body merely for the sake of fashion. How then can the mother remain sacred to the child! Natural reverence spontaneously deteriorates into the empty form of a dutiful habit, or depending upon the upbringing, into commonly accepted conventional politeness, and thus into hypocrisy, which lacks all upward buoyancy of the soul. Just thatbuoyancy which holds warm life, which is indispensable to a child! And which accompanies him like a secure shield as he grows up and sets out in life, guarding him against temptations of all kinds, and remaining a strong inward refuge for him, whenever doubts of any kind assail him. Right up to old age! The word “mother” or “father” should at all times call forth a warm, fervent intuitive perception out of which the image arises before the soul in full purity, dignified, warning or assenting, as a guiding star throughout his entire earthly existence!
What a treasure is now taken from every child when it cannot honor its father or its mother with its whole soul!
Yet the cause of these torments of the soul is again only men's false interpretation of the Commandment. The hitherto-prevailing view was wrong; it limited the meaning, making it one-sided, while nothing sent by God can ever be one-sided. More wrong yet, however, was the distortion of this Commandment, in that it was to be improved according to human discretion, made more explicit by an addition: “Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother!” In this way it became personal. This was bound to lead to errors; for the Commandment in its right form is only: “Thou shalt honor father and mother!”
Hence it does not refer to particular, specific persons, whose nature cannot be determined and foreseen at the start. Nothing so illogical ever occurs in the Divine Laws. On no account does God demand that something be honored, which does not absolutely deserve to be honored!
On the contrary, this Commandment embraces the concept of fatherhood and motherhood instead of the individual personality. Therefore it does not primarily address the children but the parents themselves, demanding of them to honor fatherhood and motherhood! The Commandment imposes absolute duties upon parents, always to be fully conscious of their high task, and therewith also to bear in mind the responsibility it involves.
In the beyond and in the Light one lives not with words but in concepts.
For this reason putting these concepts into words can easily lead to a restriction occurring, as becomes obvious in this case. Woe unto those, however, who have not respected this Commandment, who have not taken the trouble to recognize it aright. It is no excuse that hitherto it has so often merely been misinterpreted and wrongly perceived. The consequences of not keeping the Commandment are felt even at procreation and with the entry of the soul. Things would be very different on this earth if the incisive Commandment had been understood and fulfilled by man. Quite different souls could then have incarnated, who would have been incapable of permitting the corruption of morals and ethics to such a degree as exists today! Just look at the murdering, at the wild dances, look at the orgies into which everything is building up today; the crowning as it were of the triumph of sultry currents of the darkness. And look at the uncomprehending indifference with which the decline is accepted, and even encouraged as being right or as always having existed.
Where is the man who takes the trouble to recognize the Will of God aright, who, swinging himself upwards, seeks to grasp the comprehensive greatness, instead of ever again stubbornly compressing this great Will into the wretched limitation of the earthly brain, which he has made into the temple of the intellect. He himself thereby forces his gaze to the ground, like a slave who walks in chains, instead of lifting it upwards, expanding it with radiant joy to meet the ray of recognition.
Do you not see the pitiful position you place yourselves in with every conception of all that comes to you out of the Light! Be it Commandments, the Promises, the Message of Christ, or indeed the whole of Creation! Nothing will you see, nothing will you recognize! Indeed, you do not even seek really to understand a single thing! You do not take it as it is; rather you seek desperately to reshape everything ever again into the inferior opinions to which you have succumbed for thousands of years. Free yourselves from these traditions at last. You do have the power to do so at your disposal. At any moment. And without your having to make sacrifices. But they must be thrown off with one push, with one act of will! Without eyeing it longingly, and trying to retain any of it. As soon as you try to find a transition you will never become free of what has been, but the old will ever again tenaciously drag you back. It can be easy for you only if you sever all the old with one slash, and thus step before the new without any old burden. Only then will the gate open to you; otherwise it will remain firmly shut. All that is required is one, really serious, volition. It is the happening of a single moment. Just as the awakening from sleep. If you do not rise from your bed at once you become tired again, and joy in the new day's work flags, if it is not lost altogether.
Thou shalt honor father and mother! Make this now a sacred Commandment for yourselves. Bring honor to fatherhood and motherhood! Who today still knows what great dignity lies in them. And what power to ennoble mankind! Human beings who unite here on earth should become clear about this; then every marriage will be a true marriage, anchored in the spiritual! And all fathers and mothers will be honorable according to the Divine Laws!
For children, however, this Commandment will become sacred and alive through their parents. They will simply be unable to do anything other than honor father and mother from out of their souls, regardless of the individual nature of these children. Indeed the very quality of their parents will compel them to do so. Woe then unto those children who do not absolutely fulfill the Commandment. A heavy karma would fall upon them; for which they would then provide ample cause. But in the reciprocal action obedience will soon become a matter of course, a joy and a need! Therefore go forth and heed the Commandments of God more earnestly than hitherto! That means, observe and fulfill them! So that you will become happy! —”

Therein, in this Word, are also in the same way explained thoroughly remaining Commandments. Many people, even those who know text of each Commandment very well, will be surprised by those explanations because they do not know the true meaning of each Commandment.

Thou beholdest the mote that is in thy brother’s eye and considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye!
… However, man can and must use these words of the Son of God only as a measure for his own faults. If he looks around with open eyes, and also observes himself at the same time, he will soon recognize that the faults, which most irritate him in others, are present in himself to a particularly high degree and in a way that is annoying to others.
In order to learn to observe properly it is perhaps best if you first closely observe your fellow men only. There will hardly be anyone who doesn't find this or that fault in another, and who openly or covertly expresses it. As soon as this happens, you should place this person, who is so critical or even indignant about the faults of others, under close scrutiny. Before long you will be surprised to discover that the very faults he so sharply censures in others are present in him to a far greater degree!
… And so it is in a thousand and more different ways. Learning this and recognizing it will be easy for you. Once you have reached that stage, also have the courage to assume that you yourselves are no exception, since you found proof in all the others. Then at last your eyes will be opened about yourselves. This means a great step forward towards your development, perhaps even the greatest one! You thereby cut through a knot that today holds down all mankind! Free yourselves, then joyfully help others in the same way.”

“A great task rests therein for everyone overseas: To let each people there become great within itself entirely out of itself, through its own abilities, which vary so greatly among the many peoples of this earth. All must come to full blossom according to the nature of the soil upon which they have developed. They must remain adapted to this soil in order to unfold that beauty which swings harmoniously upon earth with the others. It is just through the difference in kind that right harmony comes into existence, and not through uniformity among all the peoples. If this had been willed then there would have been only one country and one people. This, however, would soon bring about a standstill and ultimately decay and death, because the refreshing influence of the complementary would be missing!
Here again just look at the flowers in the meadows, which stimulate and refresh and indeed spread happiness around on account of their variety!”
/ And as it is with nations, so it is with people. /

Those who are object of ridicule and are attacked the most are often those good exceptions, as it is clearly seen from aforementioned quotes. When a person ceases to feel oppression of masses then he should pay particularly close attention because mostly it is a sign that he is going with masses towards downfall.
Those who have a more sensitive reception of impulses from finer levels of Creation find in the Word the perfect cure and guidelines on how to ascend into those finer levels in a way where their gift or ability becomes a blessing and not suffering as heretofore.

Word of the Grail Message is the ultimate cure and is here as means of assistance for each person.
Let's use it in a good way, because it was brought to us for our well-being!


November the 17th, 2016



This time round we start unconventionally with quotations from The Grail Message at the very beginning:
But then men will fulfill that which they should fulfill in Creation. They will be the connecting-link, will through their quality draw from the Spiritual, that is, will let themselves be guided by the purified intuitive perception, and translate this into the Gross Material, thus into the earthly, to this end using their intellect and accumulated experiences only as an instrument, in order to carry through these pure intuitive perceptions in gross material life, taking into account everything earthly, whereby the entire Gross Material Creation will be continually furthered, purified and uplifted. This will make it possible in the reciprocal action for something more healthy to flow back from the Gross Material to the Ethereal; and a new, uniform and harmonious world will arise. In the proper fulfillment of their activity, however, men will be the longed-for complete and noble human beings; for through the right adjustment to the great Work of Creation they too will receive quite different powers than hitherto, which will let them intuitively experience contentment and bliss unceasingly.

“Watch and pray” is therefore nothing less than the demand to refine and strengthen man's ability to perceive intuitively, which is equivalent to vitalizing the spirit, which is the only eternal value man possesses which alone can return to Paradise, the Primordial Creation, from which it issued. It must return there, either matured to self-consciousness, or in an unconscious state again; either welcome to the Light as a living ego which has become useful in Creation, or as a dismembered and dead ego if it has proved itself useless.
The admonition to “Watch and pray” is therefore one of the most serious which the Son of God bequeathed to mankind. At the same time it is a grave warning to stand as useful beings in Creation, lest damnation inevitably follows through the automatic working of the Divine Laws.

Do not think that during the Judgment you can step before God’s Throne and repeat some such brief scientific formula! Deeds are demanded of you in Creation. With your false knowledge, however, you are nothing but sounding brass, whereas your task in this Creation is to live vitally and build up. The man who enjoys each flower of the field, and who lifts his eyes to Heaven in gratitude for it, stands much higher before God than he who can scientifically analyze each flower without recognizing the greatness of his Creator therein.

Any discussion of prayer is of course only addressed to those who personally concern themselves with prayer. He who does not feel the inner urge to pray may well refrain from doing so, for his words or his thoughts would inevitably dissolve into nothingness. If a prayer is not felt deeply within, through and through, it has no value, and therefore will have no effect. The best foundation for a prayer, which may be expected to have an effect, lies in those moments of spontaneous thankfulness arising out of great happiness or of deepest pain resulting from heartfelt grief. In such moments a person is filled with one particular intuitive perception, which dominates all else. This enables the main wish of the prayer, be it gratitude or a request, to receive undimmed power.

The feeling of well-being will rapidly disappear on passing into the Ethereal World, where the inner intuitive perception, which is scarcely sensed here, will come to the fore, while the feeling hitherto mainly produced only by thoughts will be scattered to the winds.

The effect of these simple Laws brings every human spirit exactly to the place where he belongs according to his inner attitude. Any error here is impossible, because the manifestation of these Laws can only be set in motion by the innermost condition of a human being, which will set it in motion without fail in every case! Thus the lever for activating the reciprocal effects requires man’s innate pure-spiritual power of intuitive perception! Nothing else has this effect. For this reason only the real volition, man’s intuitive perception, is decisive for what develops for him in the world that is invisible to him, and which he must enter after his earthly death.

In this sultry environment the thunder-cloud grows ever more dense and ominous. At any moment now the first flash of lightning may be expected, cutting through and lighting up the darkness and brilliantly illuminating the most obscure corner so relentlessly and sharply as to bring liberation to those striving for light and clarity, but destruction to those who have no longing for the Light. The longer this cloud has time to grow in darkness and density, the more dazzling and terrifying will be the lightning it generates. Gone will be the soft enervating atmosphere whose sluggish embrace hides a lurking sensuality; for the first flash of lightning will quite naturally be followed by a current of fresh, bracing air, bringing new life. In the cold clarity of the light, all the products of a morbid imagination will suddenly stand stripped of their dazzling falsehoods, before the eyes of horrified humanity. The awakening will strike the souls like the shock of a mighty thunderclap, so that the living spring water of undimmed Truth can pour forth and rush over the soil thus loosened. The day of freedom dawns. Deliverance from the spell of an immorality that has existed for thousands of years, and that is now reaching its climax.

The above quotations also clarify what was written in a previous article - that only the innermost intuitive perception that affects and transforms the gross matter, is a prayer; unlike the murmuring of mindless words without conviction and inner life that according to God’s laws become only calculated hypocrisy, which is a founding stone for complacence.
It's like expressing condolences while the intuitive perception is in contradiction with the spoken word.

Therefore, everyday events in our life in matter are only testimony of our intuitive perception,
i.e. our true prayer!

Only the power of the spirit, which through the intuitive perception may connect with God’s neutral power, is able to ascend to the realm of the spirit and then influence and transform the matter retroactively. However, our thoughts and speech can also affect and transform the matter and even ourselves. Yet, those are not direct acts of spirit itself and therefore have no connection with eternity. Thus, those who dwell and express only through thoughts and speech remain only within their boundaries and thus fail to prepare themselves for the Spiritual realm and eternity.
Man and his work must come to an end with the destruction of matter. However, do not comfort yourselves that there is still a lot of time left or it does not concern you. Afterlife, i.e. the ethereal matter is still matter, which will also cease to exist and the time for this is not so distant, but quite to the contrary. But first, sorting of human spirits must happen in the same way as human spirits are sorted out in the ethereal matter. Nowadays, our planet is under the governance of dark spirits that are supposed to mature on darker planets, and within a short time they shall! No one will be able to avoid the sorting. If it does not happen in this earthly life, i.e. in this gross matter, then it will happen in the afterlife, in ethereal matter.
For majority of people it's hard to believe, but they should believe those who have experienced it and therefore know that death is not the end, and quite to the contrary, it's the beginning of what is important! Otherwise in the hour of your death you will find out that you have paid your price for your pride and arrogance, learned and obtained either at home or in school, or even in the church; you will find out how easily you were caught through an easily accessible bait, which you have not been able to give up even in the moment of your death.
Unfortunately, the most cunning move of darkness is the fact that it (darkness) has already reached up to the altars in church, and today all the churches are also mostly in the hands of the darkness. They distorted the word of Jesus or they explain this word in a wrong way. However believers do not see and even do no understand this fact because they were “unteached” how to think and walk independently towards God, His Word. Another fact is that majority of people rather avoid aforementioned subject and related information.

While knowing today's behavior of mankind, it forces us to ask the following important question:
What prevents today's “educated” ones - scientists and various rulers to recognize the existence of God and extraterrestrial civilizations as well?
The answer is simple: Nothing less than fear of degradation of their own alleged “wisdom”, but also degradation of their power!!!

Luther's reformation is already an anachronism for his followers because of his 95 theses by which he actually defied the Pope; but today's Lutherans do not even know about them. Moreover, some of those theses are less known because their own church cut out 49 of them, and no one even misses them! If there is at least one among them who shows true interest to know them, we are able to provide them all! (*) Therefore, today's leaders of Lutheran church can shake hands with the pope and with smiles on their faces, talk about “removing boundaries” between them. The sole reason behind such behavior is the eternal lust for power! Pope's recent visit to Sweden fully confirms it.

Today, the greatest misfortune of all churches is that they missed the biggest and most crucial reformation, which came to them in the person of the Son of Man!
Even the last recognized reformation (that is Luther's) was abused by his followers!

After all, Luther during the reformation of the church made the following statement:

“One does not need any intermediary between himself and God!”

Today, the pope is trying to fraternize with Luther's church, and this is normal because Luther's church is already at the same level and has become also unnecessary intermediary like all other churches.
They say that what allegedly connects them is Jesus!
However, from His word they have made a tool of their own power and not an instrument of power and celebration of the TRUE LORD!
But many among them are already aware of what awaits them for such deeds, and therefore they are trying to unite under “one flag”, in an effort to withstand more easily the TRUE RULER, whose coming is very close!


* - At the moment, we have those statements available only in Slovak language.

March the 9th, 2017


Today's Western - Christian culture is characterized by the fact that many of those who were baptized and even brought up as Christians, eventually change their spiritual orientation because their acquired world-view is unable to fulfill their desires for the right values, desired by such individuals alone. This is happening for several reasons:
The first one is that experiences of such individuals are no longer consistent with their previously obtained faith!

The second one is that they were disappointed by the behavior of the Church they heretofore had respected.
The third one is the fact that they are unable to satisfy their intuitive perception by their current world-view.
The fourth one is the desire for discovering new things.

Therefore, it can end up either with their spiritual ascent upon discovering the right path from the Light, or on the contrary, with the descent to dark spheres of no return!

However, usually such ones end up being stuck with the chosen spiritual direction, which may even seem as a new one and attractive to their own intuitive perception, yet from the perspective of the true development of the human spirit, as well as maturity corresponding to our time and intellectual progress, it is much more primitive than that of their original confession.
In today's European community, already for some time, there are modern certain eastern “movements” with the predominance of Buddhism, and especially very popular technique - the meditation. It's a big drop in our time because there is a rule: The older the spiritual movement, the more primitive it is, because they all were adapted from the Light to the maturity of mankind and even culture, that is, to the particular area where they were born or received on Earth. Moreover, there is also another fact that all spiritual movements were distorted over time, either in ignorance or on purpose, out of calculation of followers! Not a single movement has avoided it.

Out of this reason we now provide the overview of adoption of particular spiritual movements on Earth:
Timeline of arrivals of Emissaries of Light

This overview is lacking one important emissary of Light although least known, because he and his guidance were adopted as an additional, in case of peak of the Last Judgment. He was adopted simultaneously with the one that is under no. 14, marked in red. The event (peak of the Judgment) has been postponed due to our fault since there was none who should be rescued. The guidance that is not listed in the above written overview we received under the title “Space Connection”. During the activity of the true Emissary of Light on Earth, promised in all movements/religions, humanity had survived the first phase of a major purification in two world wars, and even the Spanish flu. Many and many people had died during those events when humanity, mainly the Churches, had rejected this Emissary that was also annunciated in the third prophecy of Fatima.
Among these major milestones of mankind we would still need to enter several other names like Lorber, Steiner and Helena Blavatsky. These were supposed to prepare the way for the main Emissary of the Light, that is, Son of Man - Imanuel - Abdrushin. Jesus had promised Him to us and evidence about it can be found in the Bible, mainly in the Gospel of John, chapter 14 - 16. Unfortunately, these merely harbingers became self-appointed, yet false Emissaries; they even overshadowed the Emissary of Light, either out of ignorance or ambition, and not least out of calculation. Moreover, their followers finished the wrongdoing that they had started. Anthroposophy aroused this way, recognized as a new and even modern spiritual movement, which also has to its credit a lot of individuals that have gone astray.
That is the reason why the Primordial Queen had had to come. In 1997 she started her work publicly in Slovakia, since the events of the Last Judgment had clearly approached! Her main task was to correct what was already distorted, and also to bring humanity to the forgotten Lord of Creation - the Judge, who is also the annunciated rescuer of humanity, that is, Imanuel! She wrote the Word of Truth - Eternal Laws, a shortened version of the Grail Message, yet enriched with modern comparisons, and mainly enriched with a new dimension/information, which at that time we already had it in form of Space Connection. Yet again, the Space Connection was at that time already distorted and perfectly hidden before the majority.

But now we return to a topic that indicates the modern detour of western civilization, that is, Buddhism and its accompanying misdemeanor - meditation! The following quotes need to be brought forward:
Quotes from the Grail Message:
“Even so much appraised meditation, diving into one's inner self, is mostly nothing else than ambitious observation of oneself, dreaming, however it's not a worship.”

“Question no. 37
I use a pendulum! Not in the ordinary way, but in serious investigation. I know that I can rely absolutely on my results. So, in addition to many others, I have also used the pendulum in connection with Christ, Moses and Buddha, with striking results. …

But with deep earnestness I warn every reader and every listener for the last time also against the pendulum, and advise them henceforth to turn away completely from every experiment with any of the means employed by the occultists, spiritists, anthroposophists, etc. No matter what it is, it can be the most harmless thing, even the so-called meditations, from now on everything will be harmful to those who deal with such things! They will be seized by the Darkness and dragged down without being aware of it, because what is light can no longer come near them.
Every single individual is himself to blame for his spiritual downfall; for henceforth what is light is withdrawn, and a free rein given to the Darkness. It will not hesitate to seize upon those who through such pursuits hold out even one fingertip to it with beautiful, hypocritical words, which allow no inkling of the spiritual fall. Whoever did not wish to hear will from now on have to feel; for the beginning of the end has already set in, which every observer who is only to some extent uninfluenced must recognize.”

Clairvoyance! How much glamour has been woven around it, what ridicule can be heard from one side, while the other side shows timid curiosity; the rest is respectful silence. Those who are clairvoyant strut about proudly like peacocks in a chicken yard. They imagine themselves to be endowed with Divine Grace, and in their conceited form of humility feel far superior to others.”

In reality they know no more than the hammer and the chisel which a sculptor uses to form a work of art.”

What these people see is, at best and in the most advanced cases, the second step of the so-called beyond. If one were to divide the beyond into steps (not spheres), the step of the Light is about the twentieth step, just to gain an approximate picture of the difference. People, however, who are really able to see to the second step, imagine they have achieved something stupendous, while those who can see only to the first step are in most cases even more conceited.”

“Mediums and clairvoyants of all times are actually meant only to serve the purpose of helping mankind to ascend more and more through their gifts, not as leaders, but as instruments. Mediums could never be leaders because they are much too dependent upon currents and other influences. They are meant to be doors which open from time to time for the purpose of furthering development, rungs in the ladder of ascent.”

Quote from the Eternal Laws:
“Let’s now examine Buddhism, which is very popular. Its adherents mostly live their lives in meditation, to understand that all parts of the personality - body, soul, consciousness and sub consciousness, etc., are transitory, unsatisfactory, they create suffering and so are unnecessary. They want to dissolve in nirvana - emptiness that is to make them immortal, by getting rid of all transient parts of their personality.
Why, since the time of Buddha and his closest disciples, no other One has come to the fore? Was his teaching incorrect? Not at all, it was just distorted. Buddha and his disciples understood the purpose and the transitory nature of all parts of a personality. But today’s follower does not want to know about this not even when and what these parts are useful for. He or she does not need any knowledge; it disturbs them, for them meditation alone is sufficient. During meditation apparently everything will be revealed to them. Even after decades, he or she has not lost the hope to become another Buddha.
Yes, the coverings of the spirit - the soul, the astral and material body, they all truly are transient parts of man, but they are not superfluous. They serve a purpose until a certain time - to the point of maturity of the spirit, in the same way as a nut needs its shell until the core is ripe. Only after the core has formed and hardened, the shell becomes obsolete and falls off of its own accord. Up to that point, however, the shell is useful.
But our European Buddhist wants to discard his shell prematurely, before his spirit is ripe, as he does not acknowledge any spirit. He does not want to be a spiritual personality; he only desires to dissolve in nirvana, in nothingness, although he claims he wants to live forever. But what is supposed to live forever if he does not believe in the spirit and his personality is to dissolve in nothing?!
He does not realize that he behaves like a novice winter swimmer who flies to the North Pole and immediately removes his clothes, as he wants to become hardened. Because he does not acknowledge his body, there is nothing to freeze. He does not want to harden his body gradually, first to remove his fur coat and, only later, the rest of his clothing so that the body strengthens, grows accustomed to the environment. Hardening - maturity comes gradually, with familiarization and experiences. Only then can the spirit release the coverings, which have served it during development.
A ripe apple falls from the tree of its own accord; it decomposes and only the seeds remain, which live forever as new life sprouts from them. But if we pick an unripe apple and destroy its body - the flesh, thinking that it is useless, we shall find only unripe seeds, which will not be able to sprout, as we have prematurely exposed them. The same applies to a person who gives up his or her coverings - soul and body, and thereby real life on Earth, in favour of meditation too soon. He or she could end up as an unripe apple, or a mad winter swimmer.”

The greatest danger of meditation is that there are already a lot of forms, techniques and even sitting positions, for example cross-legged lotus position, aimed to help connect with more subtle worlds, and which really happens. But today, these techniques, at a time when the Judgement is already set in motion, establish a connection with the finer world nearest to our gross matter. However, this connection is usually sought and also reached by those who still have not advanced so high spiritually that in this area they would be able to act consciously and even boldly, since they do not act naturally but only use various techniques. As a result, the dark forces in these areas are now very active and productive, and thus pull down all the meditators to a darker level, which is now manifested daily in various forms of failure of human beings. They don't notice at all that it is the darkness that is leading them; on the contrary, often they feel a pleasant inner feeling that gives them confidence that they are acting correctly, under wise leadership, but at the end of this road is just crying. One is seduced by darkness to infidelity, another one to murder, drugs, larceny, lying, arson, alcohol and various vices that are of large numbers in their kinds. Daily media reports only confirm it. And then husband, wife, parent, friend and even the child wonders the source of the problem of his or her loved ones that caused him/her so much suffering that sometimes even the executor of this suffering alone starts to regret his deed; indeed he even begins to wonder how he could fall so low.
Everyone can find such examples in his neighborhood; many of us were even affected by such misdemeanor of a fellow neighbor.
Technique of meditation attracts mostly people who are too weak, or too lazy for a normal life of today. Meditation suits them since in the East there is a different climate and also a different way of life, which is certainly detrimental in our conditions (in Europe). Here, in our conditions, only millionaires can afford such a way of life, or artists already with easily raised capital. However, also many ordinary indolent people end up this way. At the end, these meditating moneyed persons also end up with not only a spiritual harm, but also with a serious physical - gross matter one. Many even commit suicide or end up in a mental hospital. It is a spiritual movement of weaklings who seek an excuse for their mistakes in their karma. They do not know that they were born in order to close the chain of their mistakes and their imperfections, in order to finally straighten up and break the adverse fate in the course of their karma.
Their motto is: one needs to think positive! The point of the motto is nice, yet they also decreased the value of this and dragged it down to darkness, because to think positive is nowadays possible only to the one who does not need anything to do in order to have material security, that is, as already indicated before - the one who lives at the expense of others and uses them. He does not need to think about and solve important and necessary life problems!

We describe one case from a close neighborhood:
A reformer of the spirit dedicated himself to this spiritual movement and before long, he became manipulated by dark forces that are in the finer levels in different forms. He began to lead a double life, and increasingly diverged from the reality of life up to a point where he ended up in a psychiatric ward. Today he is back at home; however his parents of advanced age must take care of him. Yet he lives his dream because his motto about thinking positive has become true for him - he does not need to take care of his livelihood because he is living at the expense of the state, that is, at the expense of all other normal people who cannot think positive because they must earn money for themselves, and also for him. Similarly the parents must take care of him as if he were a little child while he meditates, does nothing, sometimes plays the guitar, and sometimes he even cuts curtains on the window because “he can't see what's happening on the street”. His positive thinking allows him to do all such things!
Recently there was another case of marital infidelity, again under the influence of dark environment where the person involved (the wife) gave her hand to the dark influence by her deeds, thereby causing a great suffering to many people, especially of her offspring and even herself. Darkness has a fully developed network to capture human spirits at all levels of matter. It begins with subtle suggestions from finer matter; later a lazy human spirit is forwarded in the gross matter directly into the hand of some fortuneteller, and darkness this way finishes the “work of destruction”. Also in this case the marriage ended on the advice of a fortuneteller; she advised the wife about divorce because allegedly she will get acquainted with a rich older man in near future! As an excuse for divorce she committed adultery with another man; he was only a temporary instrument of separation from a legal and loving husband and family, because they already had a child together.
Laws of God, even the Ten Commandments mean nothing to these stray souls; the morality of the wife, fortuneteller and even the lover is zero. They worship money or other inexpensive ways to fulfill their lusts! Ten Commandments are known not only to Christians from the Bible, but also to Jews from the Torah and to Muslims from the Koran; we can even find the perfect explanation of these Commandments in the Grail Message, as well as in the Eternal Laws and the Space Connection. Both, actually all the three stray souls are unaware of what awaits them because they spun the wheel of their karma in a way that they will soon curse themselves and regret the reprehensible idea. They violated several Commandments of God at the same time: first the fourth commandment, then the sixth, followed by the eighth and ninth. In case that it is also about money, which certainly is in this case, they also violated the tenth, and surely also the fifth “Thou shalt not kill” because the husband loved his wife and son a lot.

A short quote from the Grail Message:
“For the Commandment does not say one-sidedly: Thou shalt kill no gross material earth-life! But in a broad, comprehensive way, it says succinctly: Thou shalt not kill!
This also applies when a man in some way deceives true friendship or the confidence someone gives to him. He therewith kills and injures in the other person something that bears real life! It is transgression of God's Word: Thou shalt not kill! It brings him bad karma for which he must atone.”

We can only add the following: This applies more to true love, which is placed highest in every spiritual direction!

Now let everyone who is still at least able to independently think a little, ask the question: what guilt awaits the wife and the fortune teller when they violated even the basic Law of God: restriction of free will of the human spirit?!
If the reader finds this text exaggerated or unnecessary for publication, we can only add that the Radio Rescue team is small, and yet we are already aware of five marital or partner bonds in our closer neighborhood that ended due to this malady of our society. But this fact hits the surface only now. We also can provide certain statistical evaluation, since so far there has been no case of fulfillment of prediction in a way where even only one woman, deceived by the enticing prediction of a fortune teller, would have gained a partner loaded with money. Rather it was the other way round, that is, the new partner tried to steal money from them. This fact confirms the urgency of its publication as a form of Warning!

For an explanation and understanding of the event described above, which at the same time proves two important facts, it's necessary to provide a quotation from the Grail Message, while we provide only one fact. The second one remains on the reader himself or herself; the above-described experience proves that the time is almost fulfilled!

“But you will be unconditionally affected as first. Thus you will be strengthened or wounded by it, entirely depending on how you stand against this command, which has now become a powerful force in unaffected final fulfillment!” (Note of the translator: the command is “Everything must become new!” - this is also the title of the quoted lecture).

The scariest thing in such behaviour is the fact that the affected person doesn't know at all, and even doesn't want to admit that his or her body acts under the governance or influence of a foreign spirit that many times has led astray the affected person. Some may even have brought this excessive openness towards subtle perception from a previous life and consequently they still suffer for it in this life in order that they may, through this suffering, look for and discover the reason for their past error and thus change themselves. The original (affected) spirit alone is indeed acquitted of guilt and responsibility for some actions carried out under the rule of others. However its responsibility lies in the fact that it enabled the foreign spirit to act in the wrong way; sometimes even attracted the foreign spirit with a thoughtless act and inclination to false spiritual movements, various spiritual exercises, or by directly summoning those foreign spirits. We have often been advised how to avoid it, even here in our articles. The same goes also for this article and mainly the quotes at the end.
Then, also those who are hurt by such deeds and suffer, that is, the innocent ones here, often gratify themselves that what they experience is a result of their karma. But this is nonsense and also even the result of improper upbringing of our offspring - human spirits, for which we are responsible, as emphasized in the quote from previous article:

“By your behavior however, you add to the burden of your guilt; for you thereby prevent all those spirits from ascending, whom you bring up as your children for the same empty purposes!”
And this is our biggest guilt for which we will soon pay for!

The suffering we experience is thus intended to push us towards the right activity, that is, to look for the cause but not in the false humility to seek justification in karma, not even to gratify ourselves merely with plain recognition of situation and with the disclosure only of consequences! Once we are satisfied with just an excuse for the unfavorable karma, our spiritual ascent will never happen and we won't ever put an end to adverse orientation of our karma!

Quote from the Eternal Laws:
Expiation of karma can proceed in many forms:
1. The famous expression from the Old Testament “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” explains that man will feel the same effects of the consequences of his or her past mistakes on themself. A murderer will be killed in his or her next life; a thief will be robbed and an intemperate person will become sick, etc. Relatives and friends of the victims of violence or injustice should not try to retaliate, because they will burden themselves with similar karma. The laws will proceed - in the right time, and in the proper way. Nothing can be hidden from them or remain unpunished. Delayed punishment is quite a bit heavier. Sometimes, that is reason for the delay.

2. Symbolic atonement. If a person improves before the reciprocal action of karma reaches him or her, the karma will manifest itself only in a symbolic or moderate form.
A certain man overindulged in food, drinks, also smoked a lot in his previous life. This is a little excessive for one person, but let’s just take it as an example. Through improper lifestyle and negative inclinations, he consciously harmed his health, which tolerated these excesses without injury. In his present life, however, because of his previous mistakes, he was supposed to become terminally ill. If, during his illness, he becomes conscious of his unhealthy habits and starts seriously to seek and practically apply ways to attain good health, he can cure his disease through his effort and abstinence.

3. Pure and deep love towards a person, even if it is not reciprocated, ennobles and improves a person so that he or she forgets their own ego and becomes unselfishly giving and loving. This gets rid of many mistakes caused by egotism and indifference in the past. If, however, he or she only has eyes for their beloved and is indifferent to all other pain and sorrow in the world, they do not feel true love but only greater egotism.

4. Making efforts to do good. If everything he or she does is done with a pure intent, in accordance with Eternal Laws, the threads of negative karma are weakened and new, pure karma begins to form.
If a person endures unfavorable karma with resistance and a lack of understanding and there is no betterment and improvement, he or she does not get rid of his or her karma, but it continues, “punishing” them until there is a change. The reciprocal action, therefore, does not always include the expiation of karma.”

Quotes from the Grail Message:
“Learn to know Creation and the Laws operating therein, you men, and you will no longer need to grope and to seek; for you will then possess everything you need in order to help yourselves in the events occurring during your earthly life, and also even far beyond this throughout your entire existence!
Then there will no longer be any pseudo-scientists, for they will have become knowing ones, who cannot be confronted with anything in the existence of men which holds something unknown to them.
A surprisingly great part of those today called incurably insane, who are forced to spend their lives confined in lunatic asylums, are not insane but possessed. It is the same here as with so many things: one does not seek for it therein, and consequently one cannot find anything either in the effect of Christ’s Word, which clearly stipulates and undoubtedly demands: Seek and ye shall find!” (**)

“The efforts aiming at occult training as well as those aiming at so-called lifestyle-reform have set a high goal, the attainment of which will mean a further epoch in the development of humanity. The time when these valuable goals will be fulfilled will surely come, but presently burgeoning efforts in this direction are merely a part of the fermentation process of this new time.
While the leaders of occult endeavors, even with the best of intentions, have taken an entirely wrong road in this field unknown to them, thereby accomplishing nothing but giving free rein to the Darkness and exposing mankind to increased dangers from the beyond, the efforts of so-called lifestyle reformers reach far beyond their commendable goal with regard to the present time!
The activities of both groups must be approached in a different way. Fundamentally, psychic exercises need to be conducted on a higher level than so far. An entirely different road must be taken in order to reach the summit. The present road only leads into the base undergrowth of the beyond, in which the majority of the followers are totally entwined and dragged down by the Darkness.
The right way must lead upwards from the very beginning, and must not first lose itself in a lower environment or one that is at best on the same level. The two paths are in no way similar, and are even in their basic nature entirely different. The right way immediately uplifts the inner man, thus goes upward from the very beginning, without first making contact with the ethereal environment on its own level, much less with one that is lower. For this is not necessary, as normally there should only be a striving upwards from the earth. Therefore let me again warn you seriously against all spiritual acrobatics.”

“Most of the inquirers only wish to find in karma an excuse for themselves and their weaknesses. It is this which they long for so eagerly, that through their belief in karma they may quietly continue with their weaknesses, sometimes even ill-breeding or impudence, with the self-excuse when they consequently meet with unpleasantness that it is their karma. With hypocritical mien they love to sigh: “It is my karma which I have to redeem!” They leave it at this sighing and become tyrants in their environment, destroying all harmony even if they could change and avoid many a thing by a little self-education and by showing a little consideration for their fellow men!
They do not think of this and do not want to think of it, that they only burden themselves thereby with a karma which throws them back for centuries!

I and the Word are one! Thus, he who knows my Word also knows me. Seeing me physically is not necessary for this; because through this he has received spiritual connections with me, no matter whether he is aware of it or not. The man who has accepted my Word has thereby also accepted me, and is connected to me.
He who is connected in this way cannot be pulled away by the darkness. The darkness is unable to drag him down into the regions of disintegration where the darkness itself is now being pushed by the pressure of the Light!(*)

These quotes are a perfect lesson for all those who indulge in today's “modern” spiritual movements, without being fully aware of the construction of Creation and its Laws! What they consider as modern is in fact something that was new and actual already a long time ago; today it is even dangerous! Yet what is really truly spiritually progressive - the new, they have no awareness of it, or refuse it in their incomprehension! Their own spiritual indolence is what stands in their way and which now flourishes tremendously, consequently being always accompanied by spiritual pride.
(*) Today the cobweb of darkness is stretched so perfectly that majority of human spirits must end being stuck in it, many completely without noticing. The salvation is indeed possible only through the genuine and pure Word of the Son of Man in a way that is described in the last quote above (the quote marked with **). In the Word, that is, in the Grail Message this issue is fully explained in many lectures, yet the particular quote comes from the lecture: “Possessed”.

Finally, we need to make a certain statement due to the fact that there are some readers who first “ask” us for advice, but afterwards it becomes evident that they use their questions only as a “camouflaged” maneuver, which immediately after, they use as a means to offend us. They are those who have read just some small parts of some spiritual movement, while trying to give lessons to others.
Actually, their true motives represent certain evidence of their own inner state, which we describe in the article, and proves the fact about split personality that can make unexpected but entirely contradictory change to his neighborhood, even to himself. Hence it is a textbook example of the now so widespread decline of society. Of course, not a single affected one accepts and recognizes it; yet let them ask to watch their reactions and behaviour - but without bias. Then ask them to find a contradiction in our articles, and also a contradiction with the Word. In our articles we have already provided multiple evidence of knowledge of mentioned spiritual movements, together with our own evidence of flying objects. Either let the opponent try to provide equally convincing evidence, or even prove our own as wrong.

This article was written by someone who has studied all the known religions and spiritual movements; moreover, also most of the works of Steiner and Blavatsky, and all three versions of the Space Connection and the Indian Vedas.
However, the study was initiated by the experience with extraterrestrial objects, and ultimately with a communication with extraterrestrials. The study began only afterwards because the experience had created great desire to discover the Truth. It's been 25 years of honest and diligent study, accompanied even by many experiences that support what was learned by intellect. Only at the end of the seeking, and immediately after it became available for sale in our country, that the author of this article discovered the Grail Message. That was in 1992. Therefore, at that time it was easy to accept Eternal Laws and the new knowledge in it since it was something that I had already experienced before. I was already aware of the Space connection that was stated in Eternal Laws; in fact all its three versions. Therefore all the critics who know nothing yet, should not criticize what they do not know. The same applies to the young woman who recently burned the Quran, while she certainly doesn’t know its contents, which is also perfectly studied from our side. Every spiritually mature person appreciates all religions, because they represent necessary developmental stages. If someone wants to give lessons to others, first he should study what he wants to teach. This way one gains the conviction that in all of them, a part of Truth is present. Afterwards, one naturally rejects everything and everyone who distorts the Truth for the sake of personal gain; at the same time those who distort are the ones who reject the new and necessary extension, which is an essential part of the progressive understanding of the absolute Truth, and we are still far away from Its complete understanding, and therefore more clarifications will still follow. Let us not doze in the old because we can oversleep during our time. And nowadays all beliefs are already distorted, therefore new ones - the undistorted, have always been necessary to come.

Anyone, whose spirit is still alive, will understand this article as a means of help and not as criticism, as understood by the majority today.

In conclusion, we offer one enlightening quote from The Grail Message:
“One can safely and simply call all these so-called misunderstood people “useless” people, because they prove how useless they are for proper life in the present time, being addicted only to what is unreal, and to some extent even frivolous. They always incline to what is unsuitable for a healthy life on earth. Unfortunately the path of these eternally misunderstood girls and women very frequently leads to a life commonly described as “frivolous” and immoral, because they only too gladly, too readily and too often let themselves be “consoled” which is well known and unscrupulously exploited by a certain type of man. The fact is that these misunderstood people are and will always remain unreliable in every respect. They think themselves idealistic, but they are completely worthless, so that a serious person who harbors no bad intentions had better avoid them. Trying to help them would be of no avail. Almost invariably it will be “comforters” with evil intentions who approach them. Here the reciprocal action quickly falls back upon them, for upon the breast or in the arms of a so-called comforter the misunderstood girl or woman will again feel “misunderstood” after a few days or weeks, and will once more long to be understood, for in fact she does not really know what she wants.”


August the 15th, 2017



Approaching the Truth always requires fulfilling two basic conditions:
1. Asking the correct, i.e. the key question

2. Finding the correct answer to such a question.

Based on the past and present experience, we will try to prove that all readers of the Grail Message have so far overlooked one fundamental problem; even more, there is none who ever asked precisely the key question that results from the text of the Grail Message.
The author of the Grail Message was not asked this question; this fact is confirmed by the work “Questions and Answers by Abdruschin”. Nor was the author of the Eternal Laws asked that question, although, if we want to be correct, she was actually asked that. It was me personally, who asked her that key question during her meeting with readers of the Eternal Laws in one Slovakian city back in 1998. I even have proof about it in form of video recording. However, I did not receive the required answer to the question, and I personally explained it to myself that the time had not yet come for the answer. Readers ask outdated questions that go beyond their origins, or vice versa, the ones that are meaningless for their present and future lives. But questions that are of the utmost importance and are related to man, his present or even future survival and development, are left unasked and unnoticed!
Yet, the present time has progressed in such a way that asking the key question is directly offered by our everyday experience. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is the case of those who have understood the Word correctly, and are able to think logically, and thus proceed in the sense explained above, in compliance with those two conditions at the beginning of this article. There is even a third condition, already indicated, which results from the two above mentioned, and that is, he or she understands the Word!

So what is the fundamental question that has never been asked before?
It is clearly obvious from the Grail Message that neither man, nor any other being who lived and worked in an earthly body, can enter with this outermost cloak - earthly body into more subtle (higher) levels of Creation; on the contrary, this earthly cloak - body of his, must remain here, in the gross-matter. It is the unchangeable and perfect God's Law - the Law of Nature!
It is clearly explained in the Grail Message that it was the same with the body of Abdruschin, and the body of Jesus as well!
So, these facts must inspire every reader thinking logically to ask one day the key question:

Where are the earthly remains or body of Jesus Christ stored?

For beginning, we must help ourselves with quotations from the Bible:
Gospel of Matthew, chapter 27, verse no. 62-66:
The Guard at the Tomb
62. The next day, the one after Preparation Day, the chief priests and the Pharisees went to Pilate.
63. “Sir,” they said, “we remember that while he was still alive that deceiver said, ‘After three days I will rise again.’
64. So give the order for the tomb to be made secure until the third day. Otherwise, his disciples may come and steal the body and tell the people that he has been raised from the dead. This last deception will be worse than the first.”
65. “Take a guard,” Pilate answered. “Go, make the tomb as secure as you know how.”
66.  So they went and made the tomb secure by putting a seal on the stone and posting the guard.

Chapter 28:
Jesus Has Risen
1. After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb.
2. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it.
3. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow.
4. The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men.
5. The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.
6. He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay.
7. Then go quickly and tell his disciples: ‘He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see Him.’ Now I have told you.”

This event is described in each Gospel but with some differences, therefore, the whole content will not be literally quoted repeatedly, but we will point out only important and factual differences and facts.
In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16: Jesus Has Risen, it is stated that upon their arrival in front of the tomb they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been already rolled away.  As they entered the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in a white robe sitting on the right side.

In Gospel of Luke, chapter 24, we can find the following text: They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them. In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

In Gospel of John, chapter 20, we can find the following text: Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance. So she came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved, and said, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don’t know where they have put him!” - This last sentence describes perfectly the essence of the whole event!
Verse no. 11-13:
… Mary looked into the tomb and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus’ body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot… .

However, now it is necessary to add that the human maturity of that time required a different way of faith as in the time of the Son of Man, and even different one, as in present time. We will confirm it with following suitable quotes.
After those quotes from Bible it is necessary to include also quotes from the Grail Message that clarify God's Laws - Laws of Nature, and are in full compliance with the logic and with past and present experience:
Now this Ethereal World is the transitional dwelling-place of the earthly departed, the so-called beyond. It is closely connected with the Gross Material World, which is part of it and one with it. At the moment of death man, with his ethereal body, which he bears along with the gross material body, enters the homogeneous ethereal environment of the Gross Material World, while he leaves the gross material body behind on the latter. Now this Ethereal World, the beyond, belonging as it does to Creation, is subject to the same Laws of continuous development and disintegration.

In accordance with the Perfection of God, as expressed in His Creative Will, the gross material body of the Son of God in turn had to be purely physical, and must therefore not be called or considered Divine. * (Lecture: The resurrection of Christ's physical body)

With this, however, the germ of disease was introduced into many a teaching and, boring like a worm, it had to collapse the entire structure. This collapse is all the more inevitable where such contradictions are made into foundational pillars, which not only cast doubt on the Perfection of God but directly deny it! This denial of the perfection of God even belongs to creeds upon which entry into the community of faith is conditioned.
Reference is made to the resurrection of the flesh, i.e. the resurrection of the physical body of the Son of God, which is quite thoughtlessly accepted by most people without leaving the faintest trace of an understanding. Others again, although fully aware of their own ignorance, accept this assertion because they lacked a teacher who could give them the proper explanation for it.
What a sad picture this presents to the calm and serious observer. How pitiful such a group of people appears in his eyes when they quite often consider themselves to be ardent confessors of their faith, strict believers, showing their zeal in ignorant presumption by impetuously looking down upon those of different opinion, while not realizing that this is an infallible sign of their helpless lack of understanding.
He who accepts and professes important matters as his conviction without question shows boundless indifference, not true faith. (*)
It is in this light that such a person stands before that which he is used to calling the highest and the holiest, which should represent the content and the mainstay of his whole being.
As such he is not an alive member of his religion who may expect ascent and redemption, rather he is but sounding brass, only an empty tinkling cymbal, which neither understands the Laws of his Creator nor himself makes the effort to recognize them.
For all who act thus it means standstill and retrogression on the road which is meant to lead them in their development and advancement through the World of Matter towards the Light of Truth.
The wrong conception of the resurrection of the flesh, like any other erroneous opinion, is also an artificially constructed obstacle, which they take over with them into the beyond. Before this obstacle, they will have to come to a halt without the possibility of progress, since they cannot get rid of it of their own accord and because a false belief tightly clings to and binds them in such a way that they are cut off from every unobstructed view towards the Luminous Truth.
They do not dare to change their way of thinking, thus cannot advance. With this the danger arises that these souls, who keep themselves thus fettered, will miss the last opportunity of becoming free and cannot ascend to the Light in time. As a consequence they will have to slide down into disintegration, with eternal damnation as their final goal.
(*) - Let this highlighted sentence be the answer for all those who would again like to criticize asking such a question and label it as arrogance.

Man’s worst enemy in purely earthly matters is indolence. Indolence in matters of faith, however, will result in his spiritual death!

It is always and only man himself who can, shall and must weigh these matters because he possesses the gift to do so. He himself must also shoulder all responsibility for everything he wills and does, whatever it may be.
This knowledge alone should impel him to the keenest scrutiny.
It is just this responsibility, which not only gives every man the unlimited right to such an examination, but even makes it an absolute necessity! If he regards it as a healthy instinct for self-preservation, then this is by no means wrong!

Resurrection of the flesh! How can flesh of gross material substance ascend to the Pure-Spiritual Realm of God the Father! Gross material substance that cannot even pass over into the ethereal substance of the beyond. All gross matter, and even all ethereal matter, is subject to disintegration in accordance with the eternal Laws of Nature. There are no exceptions or deviations, for the laws are perfect. Hence gross matter cannot, after death has occurred, ascend into the Kingdom of the Father, nor even into the ethereal beyond, which is also subject to disintegration! Due to the perfection of the Divine Laws of Nature such deviations are simply impossible!
On a small scale, all this can be quite distinctly observed in the laws of physics, for these too, demonstrate nothing but the immutable Laws of the Creator, which spread throughout this field as they do throughout all existence.

Thus no resurrection of the flesh can take place because the flesh is of gross material substance and remains absolutely bound to gross matter!
As all the primordial laws have proceeded from Divine Perfection, no new Act of God’s Will can take a form different from that which was laid down at the primordial beginning of Creation.

Consequently, when Christ came to this earth to proclaim God’s Message of Truth He was obliged, like any human being, to use a physical body, i.e., a body of flesh. Every thinking man should recognize in this the immutability of the Laws of Nature, just as he must recognize it in His physical death, which occurred through crucifixion.
This gross material flesh could not then be an exception after death, but had to remain in the Gross Material World! It could not rise from the dead in order to enter another world! The immutable Divine or Natural Laws, through their Perfection, which issued from the Divine Will, do not permit of such a thing. They cannot permit it; otherwise they would not be perfect, which in turn would also imply that the Will of God, His Power and He Himself are not perfect.
Since this remains impossible, however, as any science in Creation can observe for itself, it follows that it is wrong and that any assertion claiming that this gross material flesh was resurrected and ascended into another world after forty days constitutes doubt in God’s Perfection.

The Laws of the Divine Will or the Laws of Nature were strictly observed in the cases of the raising of Lazarus and of the youth of Nain. These could be raised because the cord connecting body and soul was still intact. At the Master’s call the soul could re-unite with the body, which was then compelled to remain in the Gross Material World, according to the Laws of Nature, until a new separation between the gross material body and ethereal body took place, i.e., until a new physical death occurred, permitting the ethereal body to enter the ethereal beyond.
However, it is impossible for a gross material body to pass over into another world. If the Spirit of Christ had again returned into His gross material body, or had perhaps not even left the body at all, He would have been forced to remain in gross matter until He died again, not otherwise.
Resurrection of the flesh into another world is completely out of the question for men, as it was then for Christ!
The physical body of the Redeemer followed the same course that every other physical body has to follow in accordance with the Natural Laws of the Creator.
Consequently, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, did not rise again in the flesh!
Yet in spite of all logic and the far greater reverence towards God expressed in this, there will still be many who, in the blindness and indolence of their erroneous faith, are not willing to follow such simple paths of the Truth. There are also some who cannot follow because of their self-imposed limitations. Others again will angrily and with full intention try to fight against it on account of their well-founded fear that their laboriously erected edifice of convenient faith must collapse.

Jesus Himself, however, never wrote down anything, and thus nothing was left upon which one could rely absolutely and indisputably.
He never would have said or written anything that was not wholly and completely in accord with the Laws of His Father, the Divine Laws of Nature or the Creative Will. For He Himself said succinctly:
“I am come to fulfill the Laws of God!”
The Laws of God, however, are clearly evident in Nature which extends further than merely to the Gross Material Sphere, yet remains “natural” everywhere, in the Ethereal as well as in the Animistic and Spiritual Worlds. In these significant words of the Redeemer a thinking man can surely find something which goes beyond the confusing religious teaching sand which shows a way to all who are really serious in their seeking!
In addition, however, everybody can find indications in the Bible, for Jesus appeared to many. But what happened? Mary did not recognize Him at first, Mary Magdalene did not recognize Him immediately, the two disciples on their way to Emmaus did not recognize Him for hours, although He walked and spoke with them ... What must be inferred from this? That it must have been another body they saw, otherwise they would all have recognized Him at once! —


Q: Strict church believers often refer to the account in the Bible according to which, at the appearance of the Son of God Jesus, the doubting Thomas was permitted to put his hand into the wound in His side, and also felt it to be such a wound. From this they try to prove that, contrary to the explanations given by Abd-ru-shin, the resurrection must have taken place physically.

A: This is the usual convenient kind of reasoning by church believers, who simply rely for proof on Biblical passages which only in rare cases do they really understand aright, and which hitherto have not always been interpreted in the right sense either.
Besides, a reference to the Biblical report is by no means an actual proof, which will surely be at once evident to any independent thinker.
On His appearance among His disciples Jesus, like any other departed one, at first still wore only the body of finer material substance (*), and not the gross material one. To enable Thomas to be convinced that it really was Jesus, Thomas was given the grace of being able to see and to feel ethereally for this moment, thus to let his own ethereal body function.
When the human spirit is still in the gross material covering, the ethereal body sees and feels through the gross material body. This gives the impression that it is the gross material body itself that is acting. At the same time the gross material body very often also makes the appropriate movements in an outwardly visible way, it goes along with it, so to speak.
So it may be also today on quite different occasions that a person gifted with ethereal sight and touch reaches out for something, and also feels as quite natural, what others are unable to see.
It was no different with Thomas. He saw and felt with his ethereal body and its organs, right through his gross material body, the already transfigured, thus the finer body of Jesus; he therefore also saw and felt its wound when it was not the dense body of the flesh.
That is a quite natural happening which, supported by luminous helpers and forces for the purpose of convincing, was bound to make an all the more natural impression on Thomas, especially as it was willed by Jesus Himself.
But this very happening even supports quite clearly the fact that it cannot have been the gross material earthly body of Jesus, so familiar to all the disciples; for otherwise any doubt would have been out of the question from the beginning.
Therefore Jesus in His ethereal body must also have already had a different outward appearance, which admitted doubt of His genuineness through the difference from His otherwise well-known earthly body, so that Jesus still wished to give a special proof in order to remove the doubt, which had become possible through the change.
Thus whatever such zealots wish to quote as grounds for their reasoning really bears within it a proof to the contrary! People must simply give up the rigidity of the indolent desire to cling to what they are accustomed to or what they have learned, then as they reflect upon it the illuminating ray comes spontaneously from all sides, so that later they can never understand why man has not thought of it much sooner.
And he who then summons up the strength to weigh one point calmly against the other will find that everything speaks for the new and nothing for the old, which has arisen from wrong, indolent thinking or clever calculation.
Surely earthmen constantly experience enough to be able with just a little reflection to think themselves easily into these facts. Who, for instance, has never yet experienced a clear dream in which the gross material body participates physically? It strikes out or weeps, sobs and screams, moans and speaks; whereas the dream, the actual experiencing, seeing and feeling, is by no means of a gross material nature, but much more delicate and fine than even the finer material substance, as was the case with the transfigured body of the Son of God during the incident with the doubting Thomas.
And yet, during his experience in the dream, man is completely convinced that it is of a gross material nature, and only on awakening does the recognition come to him that it was different, in spite of still finding gross material proofs in his tears and other things.
Also the so-called “transfiguration” is not the change of something that exists, such as the gross material physical body, but the uncovering of it, which allows a more delicate body to emerge, through which the human spirit itself can shine more strongly.
Indeed the transfiguration does not refer to the physical body either, but to man himself who is spirit, which after laying aside its physical body, and other clouding dross clinging to it, begins to shine ever more clearly through its coverings.
A new era is dawning which will remove all doubts, and allow the knowledge of God to arise anew in purer, more living raiment, which will not lessen the greatness of the Son of God’s sacrifice at that time, but will place it in an even more radiant light, because the human spirit will have become knowing about it, and will not merely continue in a state of vague belief about it, a belief that bears no living power within.
(*) - The term “body of finer material substance” is meant an astral body. The former expression was used only because at the time of writing the work "Questions and Answers" the classification of various bodies was not clear and fully explained.

After quoting those important explanations of God's Laws in the Grail Message that touch the topic of this article, we can approach the very question itself. This question was partially indicated also in the Word, yet only briefly and marginally, because even at the time when the Grail Message was written, humanity was not mature enough for all the information that was still only about to come. Therefore, we now select one more important quote from the Word of Truth that addresses our implied problem, and therefore relates to the question itself:
You have been separated from God since the day on which the sacred curtain before the Holy of Holies was torn! From that hour on you were no longer to possess the Holy of Holies here on Earth. From that same moment forward you became confused, alone. You no longer had a connection to God! The connection was severed by humanity by this crucifixion, and the Old Covenant was destroyed. The Messenger of God, who had the curtain torn, thereby exposed the Ark of the Covenant (*) as it had lost its original meaning and value. After the murder (*), the covenant between God and mankind could no longer continue to exist.
(*) - So the murder of the Son of God, Jesus is in no way an act of redemption as the Church claims.

Now follows quotes from the Abdruschin's gravestone:
(note: the figures in following quotations mark the specific images on the gravestone)




But mark well, ye men 59. Hidden in the ground where Abd-ru-shin’s Royal Palace still stands lie sacred writings 60, which tell of these times. With them was buried a vessel filled with exquisite gems. Among these are three large, priceless. diamonds of the purest water, which seem to be bathed in the glow of fire 61. They are waiting until Abd-ru-shin again sets foot on the earth. He will wear the largest one when He walks the earth again as King. The other two will adorn the noble Women who belong to Him. Happy the stones which are allowed to serve Him! They are not cold, they are alive; below the ground, they await the day.
But until that distant time you men will no longer accomplish anything perfect 62. You will pile stone upon stone 63, but as you stand in awe before your great skill 64 a breath of wind will shatter your buildings 65. Little men, what are you without Him? Fleeting as the wave is your life 66; the marks of your greatest deeds go no deeper than the footprints of a bird in the sand 67. You were meant to blossom like flowers 68, to be enveloped in fragrance like the lotus blossom. This you forget.

In  the heavens rises the sing of Aquarius 228, a great epoch dawns, the greatest and holiest on earth.

A King will enter 268 His City, a carpenter’s son 269 (**); His Spectre is the Cross, His Realm the Souls 266.

When the holy number 280 is fulfilled for the last time, the new Star 282 will stand beside the sun 281 and moon 283, but it will outshine them both. Piecework 284 must become perfection 286, what was below it strives upwards 287, for the Holy Age of the Dove 289 has come. Happy the human beings who experience it. The vessel 288 of grace is filled to overflowing. From our Ruler’s Sword 290 gleams the Holy Sign His Spear 291 has vanquished the serpent, which always bred evil. He has banished it behind fast locks and bolts 292. Woe to the World when the Ruler has to loose its letters again!

Based on the above-mentioned quotes and logical thinking, as well as from the knowledge of the Truth and God's Laws, many answers come out. It always happens that way, even more, if we find an answer to the key and fundamental question, also answers to many side questions come out, too. So we can recap fundamental facts from the above-mentioned quotes and they are as follows:
1. The earthly body cannot pass, that is, cannot enter into the more subtle levels of Creation.
2. Therefore, it was also the same with bodies of the Son of Man and the Son of God.
3. From both incarnations of the Son of Man we know where His earthly remains are stored.
4. We do not know where earthly remains of the Son of God are stored, because we lived in the wrong belief that He entered with them into the heavenly kingdom.
5. We can deduce from biblical Gospels that the body of the Son of God was “taken away”.
6. Due to inconsistencies in Gospels it is hard to determine who did it.
7. Yet, it had to be done in compliance with God's Laws due to the very essence of these laws.
8. A place had to be chosen where the body couldn’t be desecrated.
9. However, such place was already prepared from the past event, that is in the pyramid of the tribe Is-ra where Abdruschin's earthly remains from His first incarnation are stored, even though we do not know the exact location as yet.
10. These facts will be revealed as evidence of the Truth to humanity at the final stage of Judgement.

From the above-mentioned particular quotation, taken from The Echoes to the Grail Message, we learned that it was the Messenger of God, who had the curtain torn, thereby exposed the Ark of the Covenant (*)! And it was this “messenger” who conducted this important and necessary act for the future of mankind, but also ensured protection of the remains of Jesus. (**)

Then it will be one of the main proofs of the Truth for humanity, but for a perceptive person it proofs something already now and also our logical thinking confirms it:
If we wanted to give evidence of some action,
we would try to concentrate all proofs into one place!
Such approach brings not only the advantage of the concentration of information but also the advantage of easier protection of these facts out of damage or destruction!

In the Grail Message we are also instructed about who can again do such above-mentioned act according to the Laws of God.
On many images of the crucifixion of Jesus, there are flying objects - UFOs! From many historical texts we know that contact with them has been going on for thousands of years.

The more mature human entities evolving in the material level of Creation have always provided help in the past, during revolutionary events.
It won't be different even during the final Judgement!


November the 5th, 2017



A documentary film “Zeitgeist: Addendum” (year of production: 2008) inspired the writing of this article. The creative minds behind the document, i.e. a group of thinkers and authors, came with a project called Venus. Although the project and its ideas have not arrived at the Truth itself, which means that its authors do not prefer the correct and final structure of human society (as explained in the Word), they are very close because they were able to accurately and correctly define problems of our current society. They have even rightly indicated the destination where our society is heading, and what its end will be.
They are only a step away from being able to set up and formulate the principles of a future society for humanity, and have already come close to how this future society will work by applying the principles they introduced in project Venus, mainly in the following principal ideas:

   A. The real revolution will be a revolution of consciousness! It will be conditioned by a change in individual thinking.
   B. Religions have been and are still the cause of conflicts. They will be replaced by philosophy!
  C. Politicians, the army, the police, the journalists, the banks and the money; all these are going to disappear as unnecessary.
These are ideas that we have also written about on our site more than once.

Within those ideas they rendered the essence, which is in compliance with the Absolute Truth!

Their efforts to help is also in compliance with the Absolute Truth, and thus is led in a way that is desired from the Light, that is, towards a neighbor - the whole human society, thinking primarily not just about one's own benefit. Many of those who are already aware of the Truth, and yet were unable to bring it into life, that is, to act accordingly upon the knowledge that the Truth provides, lack such approach as people behind the project Venus. On the contrary, a rescue of their own person remains a leading motive, as is the case with most believers.
Yet, people behind the project Venus do not know that the Constructor of the Universe and Creation itself was already among us. In His Work He provided for us explanation of the whole Creation together with all necessary connections, and did not establish any new religion on Earth, but only a nature-philosophical association. Similarly, He also taught us about the future realm that people will live in, and in which only the Laws of Nature - Laws of God will rule!

He has thus brought to us the Absolute Truth, which we, however, are no longer able to accept as absolute, because we lack the absolute understanding of it. Absolute is therefore only from the point of view of its origin - the Creator! Thus we were already being taught who we are, where we come from, why we are here, where our home is, what world we live in, and on top of that we were also being taught about all the necessary interconnections.

Another thing that the Venus community has also correctly defined is the fact that humanity on Earth is dependent on nature and its resources. Their only mistake and shortcoming, though a fundamental one, is that they remain in the position of only being materialists who reject the existence of God, and seeing the rescue of mankind only in gross matter that allows man through technology, to break free from the present misery and suffering. So, they have not yet been able to raise and direct their ideas to levels above the gross matter! And that can be their great advantage! For we also reject the image of God as is being offered by churches because in reality such God does not exist, and He Himself confirmed this fact in His Word. However, to invoke the necessary change of consciousness is impossible among unevenly matured human spirits who live on the planet Earth, especially when most of them originated from dark planets, and are therefore not able to make such necessary changes. This change cannot be put in life because the power lies in the hands of those spiritually immature individuals who cannot be changed! Upon this fact one can see the idea of Venus community as the same utopia as the foundation of communism was. Until a time that is close ahead, their effort is as fruitless as ours. It's the only reason why it is worth to address that issue, and even more to prepare mankind for it! People in the Venus community consider logical thinking that has led them to today's knowledge, as important. But if they really did go on with that logical thinking, they would also gradually reach the last level of knowledge that they still lack.
On Earth, we are all dependent on the Sun, which is for us the source of “life” - one of the forms of motion of matter. All earth's resources are the result of sunlight. All the same the Sun is also dependent on the energy of the center of the galaxy – “a black hole” that is interconnected with the subtle (ethereal) universe, and therefore dependent on the Ethereal level of the Creation, which again, is dependent on the level of Animistic Substantiality in Creation that is also reliant on the Spiritual Realm, etc. At all these levels, beings are living and developing to a higher degree of perfection. Ultimately, such logical thinking must also lead them to a following logical conclusion: the very term “dependence” does indeed refer to the fact - to depend on something or someone; therefore, such dependence is only a result and not the cause that alone must be independent! Everything that is dependent must have somewhere some independent source, from which everything depends on! And that source is Unsubstantiated God Himself! Cause of all causes! And they have not yet recognized this cause; they do not accept it, even though with their knowledge they have come so close to it. Nor do they know that within themselves, they also contain the eternal seed of the spirit that develops in gross matter on different planets, according to their maturity. Similarly they are not aware that in the previous life, they were incarnated on a planet that was on a technologically advanced level, where they did not live in such a mess as we do here on Earth. But the purpose for which they live in it now and here is to wake themselves up to the true awareness of their spirit, a knowledge that is still missing. Nevertheless, from their previous life they remember that the society must function upon a different ground. The name of their community can give a good hint where they lived in their previous incarnation, and from where even Nikola Tesla and others like him came from. (*) Right here in this mess on Earth some of us were able to awake and thus become aware of our own eternal core; in doing so we found out that the life - the intelligence, does not originate from what we can see and touch, but it originates from what others do not yet recognize and what is invisible and intangible, yet it is as real as what we can see. It is necessary to know that God and the Church are not one and the same! God is the perfection, the naturalness and the logic, which all the laws that sustain Creation and the Universe originate from; God is all that they too are seeking so hard, nay, even longing for, although still unconsciously. He is the author of the perfect program that we are gradually discovering!
People in the Venus fellowship also pointed out to and describe the existence of evil even though only unconsciously, and therefore inaccurately. This is because they have not yet understood that the cause of evil in the world is precisely the evil that has a concrete form of a being who has already taken control over all the religions on earth, and even more, in form of conflicts among them. This evil precisely overshadows, or makes it impossible to know the Cause of all causes, the only SOURCE OF INDEPENDENCE - GOD! It is these religions that nourish materialism, as they are a deterrent example that prevents the knowledge of true God! Every spirit with an honest intuitive volition must avoid such “spirituality”! Yet even the spirituality and the church are not the same! A “spiritual science” will govern in the future and will teach us to know and live the eternally valid laws of God. In it, there will be a combination of the spiritual knowledge together with the knowledge about the nature, and this will be the true change of awareness. But this must be preceded by the purification of the Earth from unevenly matured human spirits, as the Creator of the Creation Himself in his WORD - THE GRAIL MESSAGE, promised it!

For those who have not yet heard about the Venus project or somehow are involved in this project, we will try to give some concrete examples of what has been written above.

- Financial system and money, whose value as such is literally made of “nothing”, should cease to exist in the project Venus, and the economy should be based on the natural resources of our planet, in accordance with its possibilities and potential. Earth resources should be available to all equally, and their use should be in accordance with laws of nature, hence harmony-friendly, fully ecological and efficient. Artificially and then deliberately created “shortage” for the purpose of “profit” should disappear, and on the contrary, considering the possibilities of our planet, there should be “sufficiency” for the purpose of the well-being of all people. Likewise, all advanced technology should serve the good of all.
As we wrote before, however pure those ideas might be, at this point they are certainly unrealistic due to unevenly matured human spirits, now present on Earth.
To understand what is written above, again it is necessary to accept and understand the existence of more subtle levels of Creation than the one we currently live in.
The authors of the Venus project also correctly describe how society and home forms and educates children. However, they believe that when the correct education is in place, and the society will live in well-being and have sufficiency of everything, violence and crimes will gradually disappear.
Any given day we can see in the media that such assumption is incorrect: The greatest crimes, even oppression and wrongdoings that affect masses are committed by those who now live, in the eyes of an ordinary man, in an unimaginable well-being, and indeed, who should lack nothing at all to live a happy life!
However, if one becomes acquainted with these more subtle worlds through the Word of Truth, we will understand that children are not born as “blank papers”.
We will also understand that all of us have already lived several lives before and have gone through the development of our spirit and have it either partially developed and hence equipped with longing for the Light and all that is good, or some still have it underdeveloped and strongly suppressed, such that even a good upbringing and education will not suffice to direct oneself in the right direction.
The spiritual decline of society in general allowed incarnation (birth) of spirits (people) that were supposed to be born on other (lower - darker) planets that are going through disintegration; hence they (spirits) do not belong on Earth. On the lower planets, they would have had a chance to purify themselves of their past sins, and by living in harsh conditions they would have had a chance to understand their wrongdoing and mistakes. However, here and now living on Earth, they indeed feel good, yet they do not develop but instead they do evil and harm others - and this would not change despite having “sufficiency” of everything, hence the desired reformation via Venus project. The evil present among us is however like a cobweb, highly organized and with its hands spread up to reach even inhabitants of other planets, moreover reaching up to a more subtle levels of worlds of matter; finally on the top of it is the real being, by whom all the darkness is managed and organized - a being known from the Bible as the prince of the world - Lucifer.
It is only through our own fault that the evil has grown to such an extent that now we cannot help ourselves. Darkness is all around us, and unfortunately, even in us. It's not present only in bad people, meaning it does not show itself only through committing the evil things, impure thoughts and volition to do harm. Its manifestation is also vanity, lack of humility, self-admiration, wanting-to-know-better, but also indolence and many others. Also, ignorance is the instrument of the darkness, because the knowledge of the eternal - God's laws, the knowledge of the structure of Creation, along with the desire for the Light - these are the values that disarm the darkness.
Darkness isn't active only in the gross matter that we see, but also in more subtle levels of matter, from where it influences us, and in its manifestations we, individuals and society, are experiencing increasingly intensified so-called inexplicable violent attacks, increasing suicide rates, etc.

That is the reason why the promised Purification - Last Judgement, is inevitable and necessary, and during which time the promised saviour and future ruler Imanuel, having incarnated into the world of matter, will fairly judge human spirits and classify them as either:
i) those who will still be able to complete their evolution in the world of matter and then live in the spiritual realm - in paradise forever, or
ii) those who have failed and their personalities will cease to exist, so they will no more be able to cause harm and disrupt the harmony in Creation.

Now follows confirming quotes from The Grail Message:
“We may equally well and justifiably explain that the spirit is the real human being, which must develop in various cloaks from germ to completion, since it always carries the urge to do so within itself.
The outermost point of its development, namely that point, which as being the furthest away from the Light, is thus also the point where the spirit, under the pressure of the heaviest, densest cloak, must develop its own volition most intensely, whereby it can and is meant to become aglow, so as to be able to ascend again, closer to the Light. In Ephesus this point is the gross-materiality of the earth.
Through this, the sojourn on earth becomes the turning-point of all the wanderings! Thus it is quite especially important.”

“If now when the ring of all the past happenings closes, then the reaping, the harvest, and the separation will take place for part of the cosmos, the first one to have matured in all of creation. Never since the creation of the entire World of Matter has this ever occurred before, because our part of the cosmos precedes all others in the eternal cycle; it is the first to have to experience this!
And that is also the reason why two thousand years ago the Son of God incarnated on this earth. It was a world event that took place on the most mature first part of all materiality, but which will never repeat itself, because for the ensuing parts the effects that took place here will always continue on. Therefore it happens that this part enters as the first into a new happening which has never been before, but which will subsequently always repeat itself. It is the falling apart of formed materiality that occurs as a natural result of over ripeness.” —

“Man’s work born of the intellect is always subject to disintegration as long as it does not bear the Will of God within it, therefore is not in accordance with it. This is the sword, which hangs over all of man’s activity! Which forces him to obey the laws of God! For this reason everything now collapses within itself; and then... the Judgment of God comes! The sifting of all spirits! After having been forced to experience the collapse of all of their false works!”

Quote from The “Space Connection”:
“My plan is perfect; everything has been carefully prepared for this action. Each will be placed in the position, to correspond with his or her spiritual level. In my Father’s house, there are many dwellings. I have a place for everyone, but it must be established some grading of individuals.”

In the above quoted Space Connection, which originates from the same source as The Grail Message in regards to the aid to humanity, there is also written the following:
“If, at this time, we made the change that we intend to do later, it would not last even 10 years before mankind falls back on the same level as now. Therefore, the change will only take place when mankind will be on the verge of despair and hopelessness. They will understand their condition which they have led themselves into, only through the new spiritual knowledge.”

The above paragraph from the Space Connection is also confirmed in The Grail Message:
“You must recognize the treasures you have always ignored and rejected, again and again! In this nothing shall be mitigated for you! Even if all of you would have to perish thereby! For if help is given too soon your poison would rise up again with you and permeate the world, as has happened so often.”

- After the act of Purification, and once we become aware of the finer worlds other than the one we now live in, further development of technologies will come, based on cooperation with other beings, first and foremost with the so-called beings of nature - the Elemental beings (like the fairies, gnomes, elves, etc.). Currently we think about those beings only as fictitious characters from fairy-tales. But in the Word of Truth, their origin, their work, and the necessary cooperation with people in order to bring everything around us to flourishing, is once again explained logically. Cooperation with those beings is under way, even though sometimes not at a conscious level. However, once the awareness of people about the mutual cooperation with those beings goes up, it will lead to even greater flourishing of their joint efforts.

- Cooperation will be established also with more advanced civilizations of people from other planets; advanced not only technologically, but spiritually as well. For as it is written in The Grail Message:
“Scientific investigation and discovery through the intellect always advances steadily; if spiritual investigation does not keep pace with it, it must in time be shaken violently and begin to waver, because the balance necessary for harmony between these two different kinds, which are meant to go hand in hand, is lacking. The end will then be the inevitable collapse, because intellectual science lacks the necessary living spiritual support; for mysticism cannot give this to intellectual knowledge.”

At this point, we would like to mention another documentary film that is also related to this theme. Its title is “The Babushkas of Chernobyl” (year of production: 2015). The story is about grannies coming from an area near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The whole area was evacuated, with no allowance to return due to the toxic radioactivity following the Chernobyl catastrophic nuclear accident in 1986. Yet despite the ban, some as these grannies returned to their homes in the exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear power plant and have resided there - semi-officially, for years. The government finally allowed them to stay at home. One of the main characters in the documentary, after the explosion of the nuclear power plant, worked as a nurse in the hospital and she fell ill with thyroid cancer due to irradiation. However, she cured herself and is healthy today; the data of the harmful substances in her body remain within acceptable boundaries, despite the multiple years of life in a highly radioactive environment. The Chernobyl vicinity is still considered as one of the most toxic land on Earth, yet a group of people, mostly women who came back, reaches an advanced age in good health condition. The doctors are saying that the significant reason behind this lies in some psychosocial component, for those who left and were forced to live elsewhere died, or are now less healthier than those who returned home.
But what exactly is the psychosocial component and why are there healthy people, who according to scientific knowledge would have died of the disease a long time ago? The science is not able to explain!

Science aside, the real-life story of these grannies is nothing but a beautiful example of the fact that even though someone lives in the toxic part of our Earth, but internally vibrates with the eternal - natural - Laws of God, he or she can transform matter in an "unthinkable" way. Their (i.e. grannies’) spirits shape matter, with the help of forces of the substantiality ring that are set into motion by their spirits. Thus, it is a proof of the existence of finer levels of Creation. These grannies live in such harsh conditions, they are old, and have various pains due to their old age. On the other hand, their lives are filled with all day hard work (they live mainly from crops they sow, or what they find and pick up in a local forest, or what they hunt down), but are genuinely happy when the sun shines upon them, when their vegetables and fruits grow up, and which others would not dare to eat because it could be harmful, yet they take all these gifts with gratitude and humility. They are hardworking, cordial, hospitable, well-wishing; they like to sing and have a sense of humor! Now, let us learn a wise word of one of them:
“One should live where his or her soul desires”!
But he who has not become aware of his true potential yet, and has not uncovered his own soul, can hardly understand that.

In conclusion, we will paraphrase a quote that originates from the Venus community, and which they try to advise others with:
“One to whom a mistake is proved, should celebrate and not become angry,
for in there, lies a possibility to move forward.”

We hope that they alone are able to accept this very own counsel addressed to others, and that it is not just a tool for them to promote their own opinions!

As for us, we are fully able to accept it, because we can identify with it. It is the very same wisdom that helped us to come along those experiences, which created in us our today's conviction!
So far and through constant serious seeking we have not been able to find anything better!

Only the one who was able to accept the Absolute Truth was able to appraise his errors, and give up upon his own half-truths that ruled over him as conviction!
And he also wants to share with the neighbor the joy of his own celebration of Truth!
But the celebration must be done by everyone alone, on his own!

(*) In connection with planet Venus, we have found a video on YouTube. On this video are depicted and displayed images from Venus surface (originally taken by Magellan satellite, or also referred to as the Venus Radar Mapper, launched in 1989), and are transferred into 3D objects using PC graphic programs. The contours of artificially constructed buildings are framed in these pictures! Let the reader alone connect the dots here and draw a line!
Here is the link to video (in Spanish language only but has the option to use auto-generated subtitles in a desired language, though they may not be 100% correct):

January the 4th, 2018



We live in a time when on the internet, as well as in multiple documents, various groups are presenting their opinions, advices and approaches on everything that is unexplained, all wrapped in cloaks under the same name -‘mysteries’. Yet for some people, the so-called mysteries ceased to be mysteries, or at least partially, because they have their own past experiences that formed their convictions and clarified the particular mystery. We have already clarified these individual mysteries here on our website, trying to tear down cloaks of these ‘mysteries’ based again on our own past experiences, but so far with very little success.

This time round we will compile the following article in form of a discussion among four people. Each one will represent a whole group whose members had the same (or very similar) experience that formed their convictions. The first three participants of this discussion stick firmly to each of their own conviction, rejecting any experience and conviction of any other participant. Our main objective by means of this article is to point out that practices such as presented by each of the first three participants (as representatives of a particular group) are becoming very dangerous to themselves, and it is a fact that they are not aware of it. We also have another reason: We literally feel sorry for those who endlessly and in despair bother themselves with questions that for others are not questions anymore because they already know the answers to those questions, and therefore those who bother themselves in this way could also have known those answers, if only they had been willing to listen.

The first participant of the discussion is the materialist representing the opinion, which was presented in the previous article under the name PROJECT VENUS (published on November the 5th, 2017). Therefore, there is no need to describe it further, but we recommend reading that article in order to get a whole picture.

A participant who had an out-of-body experience, either as a result of some disease or injury, represents the second group. He is convinced that death is not the end, and that consciousness - the intelligence, comes from what we don’t see, and hence we do not recognize that man has a soul. In the TV documentary called ‘The Unexplained’, in its two-part episode –‘Journey of the Lost’, there were testimonies provided by many who had such out-of-body experiences. Later, they also came into contact with the book written by Rober A. Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute. He also worked out the system on how to get out of the body through a certain procedure. There are also other procedures or practices used to achieve the same goal. In this institute, such practices have been routinely used since then, and individuals are traveling through the finer worlds where they encounter the souls who lived on our world in the past. Then they even search in the chronicles and registers for evidence of the truth of their experience, and are successful in finding them. So, it’s impossible for a materialist from the Venus group to contradict such experience of an individual who has undergone such out-of-body experience. On the contrary, if he dares, he alone can visit that institute and gain his experience in this area by undergoing such a procedure. Finally, in doing so, he'll be able to appraise his errors. So, what argument can such a materialist provide in face of such offer? None!
In that document, one of the people with the out-of-body experience said the following: “I always wondered where I came from, what I'm here for, but especially to where I'll go from here once I die?!? At least now I know where I'll go to!”
This quote of his is very important and even educative, but unfortunately, for the person concerned, still very imprecise or even dangerous! Why? We will learn more about it from the text near the end of this article! (*)

The third participant in the discussion will represent those who had experience with extraterrestrial visitors and have either been abducted by them, so they have had involuntary contact, or vice versa, i.e. have experienced contact on a voluntary basis. Some have had an unpleasant experience and others the opposite. Nevertheless, both of these groups have one thing in common - They have been shown pictures of what awaits humanity! And that is the base for opinions of the third participant in the discussion.

Now we will only use the two arguments that were presented in the TV documentary about alien contact titled “Unexplained Mysteries: Touched by an Alien”:
People, wake up and change! The sandy playground you're polluting does not belong to you!”
The man who said this sentence in that documentary, and claimed that it was told to him by extraterrestrials as a form of a message, saw images in which he learned that humanity, in the form we know it, is standing before its end. And that this end is in very near future. He saw great geological changes, atomic explosions, fires, and great human suffering. At the same time, he was assured that he had nothing to fear!
Those involuntarily abducted have learned that the experiments that they were part of, as well as attempts to crisscross breeding, are done because these extraterrestrials have a reproductive problem, and therefore those experiments are necessary for them. More details are given towards the end of this article (**)

Finally, the fourth participant of the discussion will be the one who united his various experiences in mutual coherence; he gave up upon his half-truths and allowed himself to be educated by the already offered Absolute Truth, that is, The Grail Message.

Our discussion was therefore based on the mysteries arising from experiences narrated in each of the above cases. In summary, it went as follows:
Each of the first three participants of the discussion vigorously defended their own conviction that was also confirmed by experience, and sought very little to listen to the others. For some time the discussion led nowhere and finally got stuck. That is when the fourth participant seized the opportunity; he stepped into the discussion and spoke as follows:
Gentlemen, try to understand each other and try to listen to me for a while as well. Each of you has a partial truth and I believe you all experienced what you claim, because me too, personally have experienced all that you have experienced. However these experiences aroused in me many other questions, or we might call them mysteries that I also have experienced much more in comparison what you have presented and experienced. These have opened up other horizons to me, and consequently have enabled new and wonderful experiences.” (Note: the text, which now follows, is written from a point of view of personal experience of this fourth participant that is also the author of this article).

Then I went on: “I then began to look thoroughly for answers, but not just for one mystery, but for all that I had experienced. For a long time I had been lost in particulars without seeing the whole picture and I still lacked the necessary connections that would remove at once all mysteries that I had experienced; moreover, at one push I also obtained explanations for other new ‘mysteries’ I had not yet experienced but I knew about them from the literature that I had already studied and from the experience of others who disclosed them.”

At once, the first participant, the materialist, interrupted me and said: “So, you are against technological progress and you think our development is misguided and we ought to live in a primitive way?”
I realized what lies behind his question and in order to inspire him to think, I began my reply in the following way: “First of all, it will be necessary to draw your attention to your own contradictions in the belief that sufficiency and prosperity is an instrument of destroying crime and misery - i.e. a modern slavery. You yourself claim in your document (described in the article ‘Project Venus’), in the first part, that a few individuals and debt financial system for the benefit of monopolies enslave all mankind. Yet at the top of it, there are just people whom already live in your preferred well-being. So, why didn't the well-being make them a better people? I am not at all against progress because it is a natural part of human development, but I am against progress that is not in accordance with the laws of nature, i.e. laws of God. I also walked the same path as you do now; I am also author of multiple inventions, patents and innovation suggestions even in directions that are not related to my profession. Actually, it makes me quite an atypical exception, because I am a forester by profession. After some experiences, however, I left this path of designing inventions because I understood that this is not a fundamental problem of humanity that can save it. Man has already been able to misuse everything, and even the simple instrument like sickle could either save a man and thus be used as a means to provide some food for him, or a man could be killed by it. Truly, the arms industry is the first where the most advanced technologies are used, and the whole development of technologies is advancing mainly in this sector.

I will only mention one of my activities outside my profession, even though they were more:
More than thirty years ago at my shack, I already had a wind power station that allowed me to watch TV and listen to radio. I was thinking of using all that equipment as a means of my subsequent communication with the extraterrestrial civilization with which I had some initial experience at that time, but then I was missing other experiences and those connections mentioned previously. I even had it solved up to a point that when the battery was sufficiently charged, the excess amount of wind energy produced was used for heating.”

Then the one who had contact with extraterrestrial civilization spoke out, provoked by my words.
“What experience do you have with this extraterrestrial civilization?” - he asked.

I said, “I have multiple experiences of various kinds, mostly of a pleasant nature; some of those contacts were also performed in a way of discussion, similar to one we are having now. But at that time I still did not understand many things, and in many cases I disagreed with them, the extraterrestrials. But since then I've gone through the long journey of seeking. Moreover, looking back now I know that it was me who was wrong then. I may divulge you one interesting little experience, however of essential nature. At that time I communicated with extraterrestrials on a more subtle (higher) level, that is, outside of my gross matter body, in a foreign language I have not studied in this current life, because apart from my native language I only know a little Russian, on an elementary level. However, in their presence and on that level where we communicated mutually, I had also known another language. It turned out that it was their language and we were able to understand each other. But once being back in my gross matter body, I forgot after a while what the last sentence of our discussion was. After the second encounter, while still having a memory of it in my head, I was able to write down at least one word that I remember even now. The word is ‘nafiotor’ and the word ‘slave’ is its English equivalent. After that I tried to find out what language that word comes from, but to no avail. But as you may see, already at the time of my communication with them the slavery was the subject where the discussion had been led. The slavery, that you yourselves are trying to eliminate, and which unfortunately prevails in many ways in our society even today, and will still prevail for some time. Till when? This question has also been answered in the previous article called Project Venus.”

Right after these words of mine the participant with an out-of-body experience spoke out, provoked by my words as well.
“So you acknowledge the existence of the soul and you had the out-of-body experience?” - he asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “I had multiple experiences of this kind but it was always beyond reasonable wishes, yet in accordance with my inner intuitive perceptive desire. I even know those who can do it by their own will, in sync with reason, even being able to choose the purpose of their visit, without any tools and procedures. And here I must warn very strongly against using any tools to achieve this out-of-body experience because it is very dangerous. Again, my warning is based on my experience because in one case I was seriously threatened, since in the more subtle levels there are many souls that are very strong and trained to do harm through similar practices. After all, that is their intent and the aim of their endeavor. For haven't you personally met with possessed people? Many of them either suffer greatly or commit terrible bad deeds beyond the reach of their own will. There are others who have experience of this kind, that is, with souls manifesting here in our level of matter, and some of these people even try to provide help to some of those affected this way. Therefore, using of any tools to achieve this out-of-body state has to be hindered, for a soul can be stuck to you that may cause you great problems, and as it is known in many cases, it even led to committing murder or suicide.”

Yet the gentleman who asked the last question still hasn't been satisfied and continued with following question:
“So you warn against using technological tools or devices that enable us out-of-body experience, and thus contact with souls from the beyond. Yet, if a yogi had reached the state of out-of-body experience, for example, using a meditation, that is, without using a technological tool, would you have considered such approach as safe?”

“Not at all,” was my answer. “Any help that is used to reach such state may be called as an approach by using a tool, and therefore is unnatural. In the book Eternal Laws, part II., it is written about various ways how we can open ourselves to dark influences, and one of them is the following one.” I quote from that book:
“By all kinds of the occult and magical training, courses and techniques, where one works with meditation, energies, controlling of consciousness and visualization. In doing so a student voluntarily exposes his or her spirit, protected by the soul and the body, to the dark influences.
Abd-ru-shin in his lecture “Is occult training advisable?” explains; clairvoyance or other spiritual abilities gained from training are not as strong and reliable as when they are a result of a natural development. Fallen Angels, who thereby awakened their original, but since lost, abilities, introduced these techniques. By cultivating these qualities artificially, they trespassed against laws, which forbid expression of these qualities before a person matures sufficiently morally and spiritually. This also caused the downfall of the fallen Angels and people and so they disconnected from God’s Help and Protection.”

The gentleman, however, had the need to defend his actions, and I believed that he was honest about his efforts. He said, “I admit that our approach - using devices for conscious out-of-body travel - is unnatural and seems to bring great risks. But what about the second side of the matter - we are doing it for the sake of helping frightened souls. Isn’t our help worthy of such risk?”
I responded: “I guess, I still haven't explained it in a way that you could understand me. Imagine that as a foreigner you come to a country you do not know at all and there are people who came before you, and you try to get to a specific place that you consider as the final destination for them, while at same time this destination may not even be suitable for those specific people. How can you be a good guide in an area you don't know, and only you alone put yourselves intentionally into this ‘guide’ position?”

But the gentleman still kept on his ideas of help and went on: “But who will help them if not us? Will they still wait and be stuck there? We want to help them!”
“Regarding this, all I can add is following”, I responded. “You do not need to worry about them because no one in creation is left without help. Eternal - natural - God's laws, organize everything so perfectly that everyone gets exactly what he needs and deserves. The waiting or straying of those souls in the finer levels you are visiting would not have been possible if they, during their life on Earth, had longed to know the Truth; the same one Truth we have had here for a long time, and perfectly explained in the works mentioned above. Therein, the human spirit is instructed how to live on Earth, so that after leaving this planet he will not have to stray in the finer levels. Therefore, with regard to the desire to help, it needs to be realized, but naturally and therefore consciously, where we are now. At the moment, you also are in the gross matter of our Earth and there is enough opportunity to help the people who are here with us! Natural assistance to the people on Earth involves everything, starting from just helping a person crossing the street with a heavy bag to the most essential one - mediating the Truth to those who wish for it. All those who already have come closer to the Truth here on Earth should do the mediation. And this is also the help, but natural, for those souls in the afterlife.” - After this I closed the topic.

(**) It is also necessary to warn against rational attempts to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilization as there are also beings living on other planets, and it must be added that they are at a much higher technological level, while at the same time spiritually on the decline. Such civilizations, are abducting earthlings for the purpose of tests and at the same time out of necessity, since they have a problem with reproduction. We, as humans, are beginning to have the same problem, since we are spiritually declining as well. This problem affects every civilization that does not develop spiritually and therefore does not live according to God's laws that will always manifest everywhere! Usually those who are objects of those tests are those who gave consent for the sake of helping the planet they once lived on. In any case, the free will must be respected by these civilizations as well. This is another law of God. All these lessons can be gained here on Earth. Precisely this is what has changed me because I have discovered the Absolute Truth in which these laws are explained, not partially but explained in all contexts that have removed the existing mysteries. I have one advice for all those who already have experience with extraterrestrial civilization, since one of them, an advanced one, has provided us with an important message and has also been available for a long time under the name: ‘The Space Connection’. It should be noted, however, that today, each aid from Light, that is, from Truth, either is partly distorted by dark entities, or perfectly hidden. For serious seekers I can advise that the text of this message (i.e. The Space Connection), provided by the space brothers, can be obtained in a pure form in the book of Eternal Laws, part II, by Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova. This book can be really useful for all serious seekers, because it is a shortened version of the Grail Message, that is, the Absolute Truth, enriched by the new information we have received because even the original and pure Truth (i.e. The Grail Message) has already been distorted.

At this point, it is necessary to point out an especially important fact. The topic of extraterrestrial civilizations is now very current. In regard to this topic many documentaries were shot, even though many of them led to dead ends - because the fundamental questions (like “Who are they? Why are they here? How will their presence affect humanity? How should we behave? Do they come with help or vice versa?”) still remain unanswered once the movie ends.
In fact, all these questions are answered right in the aforementioned ‘The Space Connection’ brought to us by the good, i.e. the light ‘space brothers’. Mr. George Adamski is the one who received this message from them and put it into the written form. I saw many documentaries on the subject of extraterrestrial civilizations, yet the important lesson from Adamski’s ‘The Space Connection’ has not yet appeared in any of them.
How is it possible? Because mostly, what is not necessary to distort or hide usually contains insignificant information and half-truths. Even the advanced technologies that people have invented, and are in compliance with God's laws, become inconvenient for the Dark Elite, and therefore it is impossible to bring them into life. It is also the same case with every effort to make the Truth visible! For everyone this should stand as a proof where one really needs to seek the Truth! Surely not in people who are paid for spreading the information – it’s their source of living! They only disseminate the information that suits their supporters or employers and they labeled this truthful information as ‘conspiracy theories’. In the near future, however, they will become aware that it’s quite the contrary!

Such a flawed human behavior has already caused most of our straying, while with every change the enthusiasm in the crowd grows that we have finally found a recipe for our problem. Again, the most perfect example is the recent experience when we, Czechs and Slovaks, had celebrated the feast of ending the totalitarian regime (note - as a reminder of Velvet revolution in November 1989) and the change towards a supposedly liberty. All the speakers were enthusiastic during this festive day, and they praised how we finally experienced the freedom of speech. Indeed, we experienced the freedom, yet only for a short time, that is, it lasted very briefly. Today, the situation is that someone who really knows what freedom is, would rate this act as follows:
During communism, we had really gone astray, but we must add that it was only because we were forced; yet today we have strayed out of our own free will! But according to the laws of God, straying out of free will is a greater sin than enforced straying! So with that in mind, do we have a reason to celebrate? The future will show us how we were wrong about that and we will be ashamed of ourselves. The fall of communist totalitarianism was necessary in the sense of God’s laws, since the judgment lies upon mankind now and everyone must freely manifest himself in it! I had foretold the fall of communism three years before it actually happened, but no one had believed me then, and similarly, nobody believes me now. The process of natural development - the pressure of God's laws caused the fall of communism and will also cause the fall of materialism! I once said, still during communism: “You can’t know dog’s true nature for sure when it’s restrained with a chain”. Therefore, the ‘dog’ had first to be unleashed from the chain.
The velvet revolution that we so joyfully celebrate was therefore not a true revolution. History has confirmed it, as well as main protagonists of that revolution, who have so far been proud of their actions, and have been honoring their merits, yet are now dissatisfied. Communism was only one branch hanging on the tree of materialism; another branch is capitalism and also ‘democracy’! The true revolution for humanity is still ahead of us and will not be velvet! It will be a revolution of the spirit, which is confirmed by the following text:

Intellect is only a tool of the outermost cloak of the spirit - a gross matter body, and as such it is not meant to cope with eternity. In regard to Truth and wisdom in connection with eternity, only real experiences coming through intuitive perception is decisive for a man. Anything that man only learns is worthless in terms of eternity, for all his knowledge will extinguish when his brain ceases to function. The tool of the spirit in the World of Matter is the rear (i.e. small) brain – it has become atrophied because it has not been used properly, and therefore people who do not have it at least partially developed are not able to get the important information even through their experiences.

We will confirm it with quotes from the Truth:
As I have already pointed out once it is the task of one portion of the brain substance to receive what is spiritual like an antenna, while the other portion, which produces the intellect, transforms what has been received for use in the Gross Material World. Conversely the frontal brain that produces the intellect is likewise supposed to take in all the impressions from the World of Matter, and so transform them such that the back brain can receive them and use them for further development and maturing of the spirit. Both parts, however, are intended to work together, for it has been so decreed by the Creator.

If he wishes to awaken he is compelled first to “transpose the signals”. Place what is now above, the intellect, into the place given to it by nature, and restore the spirit to the highest position. This necessary transposition is no longer quite so easy for the man of today. —

The intellectual man of today is no longer a normal human being, for he lacks any development in the principal part of his brain which is associated with being a complete human being, since he has allowed it to become atrophied for thousands of years. Without exception, every intellectual man has only a crippled normal brain! Therefore brain-cripples have been ruling the earth for thousands of years; they regard the normal human being as an enemy and seek to suppress him. In their crippled condition they imagine that they accomplish a great deal, and do not know that the normal human being is capable of achieving ten times as much, producing works of a permanent nature which are more perfect than the present efforts! The way is open to every really serious seeker to acquire this ability!

The harmonious co-operation of both parts of the human brain, which absolutely belongs to a normal human being, is definitely impossible for the present-day intellectual men, who are called materialists. —

To be a materialist is by no means a compliment, but evidence of an atrophied brain.

Nothing of this can now be changed any more, but one must calmly let the naturally developing collapse come about. Then, however, will be the day of resurrection for the spirit, and of a new life! The slave of the intellect, who has held the reins for thousands of years, will thus be done away with forever!

All this was a development that lasted for millions of years. But now at last we are very near the hour when the next great epoch in Creation sets in, which is unconditional upward-swinging, and brings what the first epoch with the coming into existence of man should already have brought: the birth of the fully spiritualized man!
Of the man who has a furthering and ennobling effect on the whole of Gross Material Creation, which is the real purpose of man on earth. Then there will be no more room for the oppressive materialist, chained to time and space. He will be a stranger in all the lands, homeless. He will wither away and perish like chaff that is sifted from the wheat. Take care that in this sifting you are not found too light!

The above quoted words from the Truth are confirmed by true events and experiences - those who suffered head, that is, brain injuries have begun to discover in the course of time unknown abilities; some have become the healers and their lives have changed - they have become more spiritual and started to perceive death in other contexts. I know what I’m talking about since I have one experience also related to this topic. However, that experience is so incredible that publishing it would be counter productive.

(*) Now it is necessary to return to the warning marked with the one asterisk, as the gentleman in question has not yet gotten the right answer to his question: “To where will I go once I die?”
The answer is present, but again only a complex one, that is to say, it answers all three of his questions raised in a time he was still ignorant. Those three questions are of fundamental nature and every human spirit should raise them for oneself. Even in the Absolute Truth they are given attention, and therefore I pay increased attention to them as well:
1. Where do we come from?
We come down from spiritual realm - the Paradise, however only as unconscious spiritual germs, which, in order to get consciousness, have to leave the Paradise and descend into lower - coarser levels where gradually we awake to consciousness. We are therefore evolving in a foreign environment that belongs to the ‘domestic’ beings, which live here. We are only guests here! This fact is also the answer for that gentleman to whom the following was implied: “The sandy play ground we’re polluting does not belong to us!” (***)

2. What is the purpose of us being here on Earth?
The planet Earth serves just as the place for our perfect awakening to consciousness, as the outermost (the coarsest) turning point where we need to get the necessary instruction - education - the consciousness of the spirit, and begin our journey back home to Paradise! A more detailed explanation on this subject can be found in quotes from The Grail Message in the previous article (Project Venus).

3. Where do we go once we die?
And now we get to the danger or imperfection of the partial knowledge of the gentleman who thinks he already knows where he will go once he dies. The level, on which he will arrive with the help of his tools, is still a gross matter world and is therefore not eternal, contrary to his own core – the spirit. Even his soul is still material and therefore is not eternal as well, even though is of a finer material substance. These levels that he enters using his tools are still subjected to the decomposition of matter, and thus his core - the spirit does not develop itself this way but only pendulates in transient world of matter, which in near future will go into decomposition in a way that was indicated to people that were contacted by those extra terrestrial civilizations. This level serves only as a ‘waiting room’ for next incarnation of those who have not utilized their lives on Earth properly and have to repeat again the ‘class in school of life’. That is why the separation (or classification of human spirits) awaits humanity; the separation that was also explained in the previous article (Project Venus), and also about which some extraterrestrials warn us - those who are aware of it. Earth is the only place where souls of vast difference in maturity live side by side. Actually the situation evolved to a point where dark souls reign our world. So in compliance with Eternal Laws, they have to be transferred to planets homogeneous to their maturity. A big change awaits planet Earth - a mutation. There were already multiple of them in the past, but the upcoming one is a crucial one. It will be a shift to more subtle levels that will not be available for many souls! I know this already for some time. Sadly, this fact also could have been known already to all earthlings - if they, in the name of their ambition and self-conceit, had not strayed only in the world of matter, and if they have let their spirit to take control over their actions instead of being active only through the uppermost (outermost) cloak of their soul. However to achieve this, humility is necessary together with courage and mainly getting rid of many own half-truths, as it was again explained in the previous article. Therefore let us learn to appraise our errors! However not only in our words and through acts of our body, but above all through deeds of our spirit!

(***) Planet Earth is a permanent home for the development and operating of beings that we do not see, but here they operate and direct all the laws of nature in our world of matter! (Occasionally some people can see them, or some can communicate with them.) Planet Earth is also a permanent home for animals.



Planet Earth is today under the influence of beings from the darkness, and therefore all information is formulated in such a way that humanity is directed deliberately in the wrong direction. Dark beings are in control of monies, weapons, science, information and therefore masses! That is why information that originates from Truth is labeled as ‘conspiracy theories’!
Just think: The time we’re living in today was just a conspiracy theory three hundred years ago! If, at that time, someone had told that one day people are going to fly, or ride in carriage without horses, or use all the devices that we consider as a common matter today, such one, in a better case, had been considered crazy and for laughter; however, in worse case, he had been mostly killed as a ‘devil servant’ and today we shake our heads in amazement how something like that could have happened then. But the truth is that it is happening in our time as well. Again, there are those who are laughing at things they do not even know and are far beyond their comprehension - whether it is related to technical or spiritual field. Take one simple example with human microchip implants. A plan for human microchip implant as a means of their total enslavement was revealed some decades ago, but immediately after, as an act of defense from the darkness, it was labeled as conspiracy theory. Moreover, many people assured themselves in belief that such a small chip cannot be made, that it is simply a delusion (or hoax) that someone invented for fun. But now, microchip implants are ‘a matter of course’. Those who were laughing on this subject in the past are acting now as if nothing had happened; they do not want to admit their narrowness, and some of them might even be willing to undergo a procedure of microchips implantation into their body despite the warnings from ‘conspirators’. Even though many conspiracy theories have become a reality that cannot be contradicted, many people are still circumventing around the offered help. Therefore, let’s examine and think about what is coming our way without automatically putting everything aside with a smile on our face.
Humanity got itself into this position only through own free will but also with the participation of others, that is, the dark beings that are now prevalent on Earth. Yet we always have had a possibility of selection and free decision-making! The blame remains on our shoulders.


August the 28th, 2019



Many scientists from various scientific fields, as well as common people, have started to realize that our civilization on planet Earth is moving in a totally false and wrong way. Various explanations about the cause of this state appear here and there, but unfortunately, these are always only related consequences but not the cause!
, it ends up in a well-worn phrase: “It is the consequence of global warming”! And once the “enemy” of mankind is found and marked with such a phrase, everyone is satisfied. Thereafter, every so-called expert who finds the recipe on how to eliminate this enemy is then looking for an opportunity to outshine everyone else and convince listeners and readers that only he alone is the right “doctor” or saviour of mankind, who knows the only genuine medicine. At the utmost someone more courageous appears, who understands and also points out that it is actually a natural phenomenon that comes only as a result of the fact that the Earth is overpopulated, and it is not constructed to carry so many inhabitants as it carries now.
There is a joke that goes like this:

The Earth met with Mars and Mars asked Earth: “How are you doing?”
And the Earth replied “I am not doing very well because I keep getting a lot of people!”
Mars advised “Don’t worry; time will take care of your problem. I know what I’m saying because I was once in that same situation”!

It may sound like a black humour from us but unfortunately, it is not a joke, but a reality that awaits mankind. A rescue could still be possible, but people would have to change themselves completely, and be instructed by the absolute Truth, that came from the Creator of the whole creation including the universe and the Earth. Unfortunately, it is completely impossible because humanity has had this Truth for almost a century now, but it does not care about it at all. There is also another crisis possibility of short-term rescue if the powerful or wealthy ones became as modest as the majority, and give up what is not necessary to life. Thus, the Earth would then be relieved of many morbid burdens which these people cause to Earth today. But still, this second possibility is also impossible because this is the dreamt-of equality that mankind fights for eternally, and this equality is also not in accordance with the natural and so, God's laws.

These God's laws that work uniformly in all creation and in all happenings that we observe in small ways here on Earth, also evolve the same way in the great circulation which the Earth makes together with the whole solar system; circulating around the centre of the galaxy. This causes changes in radiation that influences all happenings in the universe. This in turn creates the global changes that we can consequently observe and which also caused the great mutation jump that for example brought extinction of the dinosaurs, arising of the mammals, and also the fact that the Earth receives us - human spirits, who also get environment and conditions for evolution of our spirit that we needed for a certain period. Now, however, the Earth gets to a stage where radiations effecting upon it due to their change, will gradually also cause only a natural happening – the decaying of all that is material since the time for evolution to maturity has ended. Also, the conditions for a new stage will arrive, i.e. the mutation jump (as our science calls it) that awaits everything in the creation or better said, in our part of creation. In that part that was already supposed to be mature in evolution! It was supposed to, but unfortunately, due to the fault of no one else but we, the people, it is not! So here is given truthfulness of the joke, and our near future described. This is the cause that also produces the only frequently repeated consequence – global warming.

For this reason, all effort and strive to rescue what is determined to be decayed is completely useless and fruitless. On the contrary, it is necessary to focus attention to that which the natural or God's laws has prepared for us in the further progress of man's spirit. Then all activities of protectors of nature and the striving of scientists are only efforts to draw attention to stupid people, who do not know these laws at all, but they present their stupidity as wisdom, thereby causing the greatest harm that is of no help for planet Earth. Mainly they are of no help to people but to the contrary, lead to eternal destruction, therefore to damnation. Therefore let us give up what is transient, and start to search there, where the rescue is promised to us, in that which is eternal! Start to search in eternal, which is completely natural! Let us become beings of the  spirit, but not only followers of various masses and leaders who have gone astray, who do not know the Truth, and if they know they often hide it, or they distort it on purpose.

So only one single possibility of rescue remains available to us, which we have pointed out so many times on our web-page, and that is: To know natural laws and then to live in accordance with them!

Since till now, this advice has not been heeded and nobody cares about it, we shall now try to give a view on the situation of mankind from a bit different and openly intimidating angle, which is easier to understand for everyone. It is also easily accessible to everyone equally because it is personal and already we have all experienced it and we will still experience it yet again, equally for the young ones and the old ones, rich people as well as the poor.

All our problems come from that reason which has already been given above, but we will lighten it firmly on our experiencing now. To date, all that we have appreciated as right and good is unfortunately false, wrong and bad, because our eyes have been covered with blinkers that do not allow us to see into the paths that are necessary for our travelling through life in the right ways. There are two events in the life of everybody, that were necessary for him to be able to become human – earthman. These are birth and death! And not a single person can avoid these two happenings! But when a man is not clear in these two concepts or experiences in life that are the most important, then he cannot be clear in all other things that consequently also belong to his experiencing. That is why we have to clarify mainly these two events, and only then can we come to all other things that consequently belong to experiencing of man.

The birth is not a beginning of man's being, and the death is not his end!

It is comical, even sad, that our scientists try to understand and find out how animals perceive their dead, while they themselves wander in totally false ways in that same case. And it is just in this that they miss an important understanding, which is the alpha and omega of all consequent knowledge.

When a man becomes clear in these two events that concern him, both of which he had already experienced many times before, only then can he start to know other things that belong to his life. Planet Earth is only a temporary transient home, where a man should learn how to live aright so that he can then advance to where his home is, the home that he had left earlier on just for that purpose; that is to learn how to live aright. Every one of us has already gone through many classes of this school of life. However, many people do not know about it because during the school-holiday that they spent in fine materiality, they only played or idled, or rather skipped school just the same as they do here on Earth, and therefore they returned even more stupid than they were when they left. As a result, the majority enters even a lower class than was the previous one! So can we wonder how it looks on the Earth today?! Earth became a planet that we could name as “special school” where less successful students return for improvement. Virtues like faithfulness, morality, purity, justice, modesty, truthfulness, etc., are no longer known concepts in this school and they were replaced by the opposite  -bad habits that prosper in all areas, also in the so called “spiritual”! 
It has already been written in our website:
“Every one of us carries a camera within, by which he creates proofs for or against him. He also carries within a policeman, who convicts him on the basis of these proofs. And he also carries inside a judge who condemns him on the basis of these proofs as well.”
When this rule resulting from natural or God's laws becomes appreciated with conviction, and so an accepted fact of everyday life which will direct all experiencing of man, thenmorality of humanity will ascend so much that neither policemen nor judges will be necessary because everyone will act in accordance with this Truth, this rule. 

We’ll try to clarify what is mentioned above with one example from life:
One rich man, who owned all that one is able to imagine and what is possible to own today, got a terminal disease. Until now he was not willing to part with anything from his wealth, either to others or even in support of good and needy activities, or even to help in spreading the necessary Truth through his wealth. He was also not willing to spend anything from his wealth in order to search for the Truth by himself. But now he is willing to give up even all his properties in order to regain his health; unfortunately, all his wealth is useless since his illness is incurable. 
While in hospital he meets one poor elderly man, who is also in a similar situation and awaits his end. However, this poor man is only poor materially and owns some knowledge that overwhelms the rich man. He learns that this “poor” man is looking forward to leaving this world because he had earlier on experienced a return from the afterlife, and is aware that death is not the end but only a beginning of something new. 
This knowledge impresses the rich man so much that he now offers what the poor man wishes just to mediate this knowledge to him and at least to give him hope, that he too is not completely lost. Then he will only receive information that also those who take care only about gross materiality, therefore about the body as the clothing of immortal spirit, and who did not care about the true living body of the spirit, can correct their behaviour. However, they will correct it somewhere else, if the conviction they actually have can create the necessary connection that can lead the seeker to this wisdom, which consequently leads the seeker to the path which can lead him to desired eternity. That is a desire by so many on Earth, but they think that the accumulated properties, and also the money with which makes it possible to buy spare parts for this gross material body today –  clothing only, will help them to reach it. They, however, avoided what is important, what is necessary for eternity in doing so, they never had a time for it, and yet it has been available to everyone for a long time!

In fact, all those who are not aware that actually true life does not start by birth and does not end with death, are regrettable wretches who can never reach actual Truth in their searching. They can never reach what is yearned most from the inside, even if they flatter themselves that they have everything and that nothing can surprise them anymore; that nothing can endanger them, and they do not need anything else to achieve their true happiness. They are only regrettable because they do not even know what true happiness is. 
There is no possible help for him who did not understand the example of the rich man with the terminal disease. He can contentedly continue enjoying his dishonestly gained wealth until the time comes when he will find himself in a similar situation as well. We can also wish everyone that he meets such a materially poor person,  who is able to give him the right direction that will satisfy the desire of his unknown spirit, a desire that he fulfilled just in the wrong manner.