Everyone who still has not totally walled their spirit within, i.e. the right humaneness or man's core, sees and perceives intuitively that there is an evil in the world; an evil that has grown to a colossal size. But where did this evil come from? Why did it expand so much on Earth? And who is its originator?

DARKNESS is the cause of every evil that exists on the Earth.
Only when we know our enemy, can we defend against it.

But how can we defend ourselves against snares, lures and attacks of darkness? We can do it just in one way; that is we detect it, know it, and then actively defend ourselves against its influence. We cannot get rid of darkness because the whole Earth is already contaminated by it due to our guilt, and only a direct Messenger of the Light can purify the Earth, the one who is predestined to do it, and this is the promised Son of Man – Imanuel. We, however, shall not await him inactively, but we should work on ourselves spiritually in full activity and defend ourselves against darkness in a way that we will not listen to it, and we will keep it under control.
The next lines shall serve as help for people who are seeking, those who still have not come into necessary knowing from the Word and they do not know about practices of darkness and all the evil that it does, so that if they would like to, they could achieve some “quick course” on practices of darkness, and mainly knowing how to defend themselves against it. In reality, many people even do not know that the darkness is not any imaginary, abstract concept, but a fitting name of something real, that affects us intensively in every moment, and leads us away from the possibility of achievement of eternal blissful life in the spiritual realm – in paradise, and instead, the darkness leads us to destruction and disintegration of our conscious “I”.
Surely, every one of us knows the inner silent whispering and persuading to do something wrong, to vices, or to “guiltless lie”, to small deceit or offence, which when we do, we still “cause damage to nobody” and we gain certain advantages or pleasures for ourselves. We all know and have experienced the TEMPTATION in some field of activity.
Intensive or even sick inclinations to something like passions and dependencies,are spread as well, which deprive people of strength of the spirit; people become slaves and vassals of them, and consequently cause much evil and misery in many fields, in wide surroundings.
We are also aware of the unreasonable arguments and misunderstandings with our partner or close relatives, in which the wrangle takes from us most of our strength and energy, while there was no serious cause for the arguments. But the partner reacted unreasonably and excessively, after perceiving our actions, words and intentions in a totally different light that was not in accordance with the reality.  But we shall not understand “WHY” he or she saw it in this way and “WHAT” he or she reacted to, when we do not understand the practices of darkness and mainly when we do not accept its existence and its influence to us.
We feel as if something or someone “sucked” us out, we feel exhausted and weakened after such arguments and in some other situations as well.

It is all work of darkness, which influences us in a hidden way, very intelligently and slyly. It incites us to impure thoughts and stimulates and grades all negatives in us. It exactly knows the weak points of every individual, and it uses this knowledge properly. When we discover its effecton us in some particular field, next time it tries to come in another “costume”, but its intention will not change. But if man desires for good then this would not have any effect on him or her, then the darkness also uses some other tactics. It leads man away from his or her aim in life, i.e. spiritual development, in a manner that it shifts unnoticeably to another “important aims and objectives” for him or her, just to ensure that the person would not have any time for things that are important. Even if this does not work, the darkness causes suffering to him or her, so that this morally strong person, wrestles with earthly difficulties, is slandered unjustly, and experiences various miseries and injuries from his or her environment, and just he or she is considered as the worst one in many ways, while a person who does not keep himself or herself away even from the most disgusting evil, is glad in high earthly position, in power, with good earthly provision and public reverence.


Basic information on what darkness is, and its influence.

For further explanations, let us refer to some quotations from the shortened version of the Word – from work The Eternal Laws, written by Natália de-Lemeny Makedonová:
“On Earth, and in all the worlds of matter, there is a real presence of a strong negative influence of someone who is more powerful than man. It is intuitively perceived by all sensitive and perceptive individuals. As they did not see the originator of this negative force, they  correctly assume that it is a spirit, which is called in various names - devil, satan, evildoer, serpent, tempter, Lucifer, knight of the world, ruler of darkness, antichrist, etc. No person can see him, as the law of homogeneity prevents it. This being is, as a matter of fact, of a totally different type/kind than the human spirit; it towers above men by more than one world.”

“Only he or she who is inwardly convinced that the Universe and the whole of Creation did not form on its own, or by an accident, but under the influence of intelligently controlled laws, which have their Creator, only that person can accept the knowledge about the existence of darkness and its representative.”

“All of Creation and its individual worlds were established gradually from top to bottom by the working of time and space, which are imperceptible from our perspective. At first the Creator existed alone. Gradually, from his direct radiation, the divine realm was created. Later, through Imanuel - Parsifal, the primordial spiritual and later still the spiritual realm was created. Only thereafter the animistic realm and the universe were created.”

- Here it is necessary to state, that the spirit of man has its origin in the spiritual realm, from where it goes out as imperfect spiritual germ on the way down – to the universe, i.e. to gross-material realm, (dressed to coarser bodies or covers, the outermost of which is the physical – earthly body), where the spirit develops itself through effort and work, so that it could return back to spiritual realm (to paradise) one day, as a developed self-conscious or self-aware spirit, to live forever and act there joyfully.

“People in the lower world of matter, owing to the greatest distance from the Creator, did not develop as harmonically as in the other worlds above it. That’s why the Creator sent one of his Archangels to help. Lucifer, (this is his real name), was supposed to influence them like a guardian spirit. He was to suggest his advices and helps so that people would think that it is their own conscience talking. To fulfil this task, he was armed with helpers from the ranks of Angels - beings. To be able to come down into the lower world, they had to, according to eternal laws, cover themselves with more material layers - coverings, which enabled them to stay in the lower level, above the World of Matter. These layers also covered many of their divine abilities and qualities. By taking coverings and sinking they changed from the original divine beings to spirits with their own free will, which they did not know before.

“Lucifer's task was to help people by influencing their psychic. That does not mean that he influenced each person separately. He used eternal laws according to which he transmitted certain thoughts into the world of matter, and these were, due to the law of homogeneity, attracted by people. One of his most important tasks was to improve the usage of the intellect, so that man makes his or her life on Earth easier. ... For example, he sent out the idea that iron can be used to make tools. All who on Earth were trying to improve stone tools have accepted this new idea, and also the knowledge of how to produce iron. Naturally, it took hundreds of years until the idea was put into practice.

“At first Lucifer fulfilled his task well. But when, after a while, he realized how easily people are influenced by his will, and also angels had respect for him as God’s deputy on Earth, negative qualities of the intellect - pride and vanity started to awaken in him. In the divine realm, he did not know these negative traits. The intellect does not exist in the divine realm, as it is only connected only with the physical body.

“He wanted to become the unlimited ruler of the world of matter, without the influence of the Creator.
Under the weight of this negative volition and later his deeds, he became heavier and heavier and started to sink into the lower spheres. When he realized his powerlessness in regard to eternal laws that have automatically pulled him down, he became angry towards his Creator and became his open enemy.

- Lucifer pulled down together with him, also angels who have followed him – from their own free volition, which they gained and in doing so, became fatal for them. They have become “the fallen angels”. So Lucifer sent towards men thoughts which have not been supportive but destructive.

“He led them away from their original goal in life - from spiritual development, by continually suggesting these incorrect thoughts, e.g.:
/The intellect is more important than the spirit. /
/The intellect shall rule over all aspects in the life. /
/Only the intellect alone can differentiate between all things. /

Sensitive individuals accepted these thoughts as their own opinions, and gradually they made them part of their lives. This is how Lucifer tied people to matter and, at the same time, disconnected them from spiritual help. By concentrating mainly on earthly matters, people began to decline spiritually and morally, and their planets began to decline with the people as well.

- In fact, this is the “hereditary sin” which is the biggest success that darkness has reached.  In reality it is deformation of the shape of man's brain, with horrible spiritual and also earthly consequences. Originally the frontal brain and back brain had the same size. The back brain received impulses from the spiritual; then it shifted them further to the frontal brain,which processed them in an earthly manner, so that spiritual objectivesbecame possible and would be doable materially. The two brains worked in perfect harmony; man was a spiritual creature, the spirit was a lord and the intellect was a tool, thanks to which the spirit ennobled matter. The spirit strengthened and developed itself through this effort. But when men raised intellect above spirit, they stopped to use the back brain and they started to prefer and to use frontal brain excessively, the natural thing happened – what was not used has underdeveloped and what was used overdeveloped itself. Men of today have a big frontal brain and a small back brain. They are already born so - and this is the hereditary sin. Due to underdevelopment of back brain, men are not able to perceive spiritually as they should.They disconnected from spiritual helps, they entangled themselves to bigger and bigger faults, and they became further and further away from the purpose of their being on Earth.

“Lucifer's power on Earth increases more and more because people, due to their negative inclinations and unwillingness to educate themselves and grow spiritually, attracted his servants to Earth - fallen angels and dark spirits from lower planets.”

“Lucifer and his helpers do not harm ordinary people in a way that they are able to notice it. They do it in an inconspicuous and cunning manner. They know that every person, according to the law, has free will which they have to respect. That’s why the dark influence is never forceful, it only suggests, whispers. People themselves analyze these suggestions alongside their opinions and volition and then decide accordingly. That’s why the consequences of negative suggestions are being felt or borne by people themselves and not by their originators.”

“Today there are many more dark than luminous spirits on Earth and in the astral.  That’s why there exists the unnatural circumstance that every person has, concurrently, a good guardian spirit and a dark one, while the dark ones are even more numerous. This decline was caused by people themselves by not taking seriously the warnings and admonitions of prophets and God’s messengers to change them.”

- For this reason, the dark ones sank deep down, they disconnected themselves from the only life-giving power – “basic or principle power, which the creation and its creatures get from the Creator, and enables them their existence.

From the book The Eternal Laws 2, answers to questions:
Why do you call the dark ones vampires in your book, although they do not drink our blood?

Blood is the most material expression of the soul in the human body. When we bleed to death the soul, bound to blood, leaves the body. Dark spirits and people who came to Earth from disintegrating planets suffer due to an insufficient amount of the principal power. They connect with luminous people and suck this energy from them in all way possible; mainly through negative and orgiastic emotions. Men then lose control over themselves and do not even know that the dark ones have, just then, sucked him or her dry.

It is still necessary to say in addition that in reality, “Anything bad is good for something, or every cloud has a silver lining”. Darkness has to serve the Light at last, because man could (and still can, when he or she has necessary support in the Word) evolve spiritually more quickly, become stronger, more watchful, active and mobile spiritually, i.e. alive inwardly, under the strokes and sufferings that darkness causes.


What situation are we in?

Actually, we are in a situation like that of a soldier in a battle-field, in the front line. The last judgment that is enunciated by the Bible reaches its climax and every-one of us has to make the last decision – on what side he or she wants to be. But everyone will bear the consequences of his or her decision. It is already in force that indecisiveness, laziness, or passivity is already a decision. Still when man is drowning, he or she either tries to swim to the coast or he or she drowns further down. If he or she takes too long to make a decision, or ignores his or her situation, he or she will drown the same way as a man who decides to swim even further away from the coast.
But one should not be governed by fear, stress, or panic or feel defenceless. Through fear and negative emotions (and also characters), man connects himself or herself to darkness, and thus gets under its influence.

The Light is incomparably stronger than darkness; because the Light is the Creator himself and darkness arose from the effects of his creatures that deflected from the Creator.
That is the reason why darkness will certainly lose,and it will be removed in the last judgment. The decision as to whether people will rescue themselves, or will be deflected together with darkness, lies in the hands of the people themselves. So it depends on every individual, if he or she moves towards darkness or towards the Light, i.e. to whom he or she connect or attunes in frequency, to whom he or she attaches them self in the “battle-field”.
Man has free will, and the dark principle is the principle of TEMPTATION, of inciting to wrong, and of leading away from knowing and fulfilling true purpose in life, from knowing the Truth, and from spiritual development. No matter how hard the darkness tries, man defends himself or herself when he or she wants to, and darkness cannot gain a victory over him or her. But again one cannot imagine it too comfortably, i.e. that you only say: “Darkness, you will not get me” and you will be a winner. Instead, it is like with a student who let's say, has a talent in maths. ‘To want’ issufficient for him to get the best grade from an examination. That is, if he wants to get the best, it is not enough to say that he will get it, and he gets it. It is a condition that he must pay interest to explanations in the math lessons, in order to learn new subject material and methodthat enables right calculation of the exercise. It is the first condition; but still not enough for him to get the best grade. He has to put into practice the knowledge that he gained, i.e. he uses it actively in homework calculations, where he adopts and exercises the gained knowledge in his own consideration and honest effort, and finally, he uses the gained ability in the examination – the test.
It is the same with the person who does not want to be managed by darkness, but he or she wants to get away from its influence.He or she needs to know about laws in creation, about existence of darkness, and about its practices and how to defend against them. Only when he or she puts the gained knowledge into practice, i.e. he or she strives to live in accordance with eternal - God's laws, and he or she will not connect himself or herself to darkness out of laziness or ignorance, only then can he or she reach the “best grade” in spiritual field.
He or she would not have to fear that his or her abilities are insufficient for the “learning material”, i.e. that the darkness that affects him or her would be stronger than he or she actually is. There is no such a thing as strong darkness. Therefore a person who is individually strong can always win over darkness.


Advices on how to defend against darkness

“The biggest enemy of darkness is hearty and enjoyable laughter! It just must not be malicious laughter!”
Abdrushin, Resonances to the Grail Message, from the lecture “Ponderers”

Quotations from work theEternal Laws 2, answers to questions, Natalia de-Lemeny Makedonová, follows:
Question Number 63:
Could you tell me what the greatest obstacle is to understanding darkness?
Superficiality and assumptions about one´s own purity and perfection, which prevent the person from recognizing darkness in themselves and their surroundings.

Question number 64:
Could you briefly summarize how we connect with dark influences?
- First of all, by fear of any kind. The weakened spirit loses its own will in it and is easily led by others, mostly dark ones.

- By too much pleasure/lust without love, when the spirit loses consciousness and experiences ecstasy merely on the level of the soul and body.
- Through any over-cultivated earthly activities without the participation of the spirit.
- By lack of time, which expresses itself in hurry and stress. In such a state of mind, a person reacts impulsively, has no time to differentiate and to perceive his or her decisions intuitively.
- With inappropriate relationships and ties which take strength and enjoyment of life away.
- By too much logical thinking without the intuitive sensing component.

- With negative traits/inclinations and characters, as we attract and nourish dark spirits through them.
- Through doubts about the Truth or about a person, although the true nature of either was understood earlier. We should be clear that these doubts do not come from the inside, but the outside, from dark spirits, to weaken us. That’s why they should be strictly rejected and should not be developed.
- By all kinds of the occult and magical trainings, courses and techniques, where work is done with meditation, energies, controlling of consciousness and visualization. The student voluntarily exposes his or her spirit, which is protected by the soul and the body, to the dark influences.

Abd-ru-shin in his lecture “Is occult training advisable?” explains; clairvoyance or other spiritual abilities gained from training are not as strong and reliable as when they are a result of a natural development. These techniques were introduced by fallen angels, who thereby awakened their original, but since lost, abilities. By artificially cultivating these qualities, they trespassed against laws which forbid expression of the abilities before a person matures sufficiently morally and spiritually for them. This also caused the downfall of the fallen Angels and people and so they disconnected from God’s help and protection.

Question number 65:
Would it not be better for us not to know about the powers of darkness at all?

The majority of people really did not want to know anything about the darkness for thousands of years, and so indirectly supported its spreading to such an extent that mankind is now threatened with destruction by darkness.

Question number 69:
What should be the main consideration when trying not to surrender to the temptation of the dark ones?
Everybody should know that the spirit is not the last link in the chain of his or her life but, on the contrary, it is the controlling/managing element. The understanding that the earthly body is not the true essence of man, but only a temporary cloak in the World of Matter, which helps the spirit to develop, will assist in identifying the true meaning of life to man. Gradually you will find out what takes you away from this goal and so you will become more careful and stronger against the influences of darkness.

In addition to this article, stories and experiences from real life about the effect of darkness will follow. We believe that these stories will serve all those who seek, a lesson that brings light and understanding about the effects of darkness in our lives. Furthermore, these stories can help us to improve our own alertness and the ability to detect darkness and defend ourselves against it.
The team behind the Radio Rescue project wishes all people of good will lots of strength and endurance during the time of the experiences that we are going through now and also in the near future.



Story No. 1:

I would like to narrate to you something that happened yesterday evening.
Our daughter Eliska said that she had a stomachache. My husband massaged her stomach, but it did not help and she said repeatedly that it still hurts. Suddenly he heard dark voices in his head, saying that he should stab her and cut her in two and he will have some peace. As an answer he said that he will not listen to them. He said that Immanuel is his Lord and that they should leave him alone, in the name of the Lord. Then they became silent.
Eliska then went to the kitchen about two minutes later and picked out a sharp cutlery knife. My husband told her that she should take it back because she might cut herself. She brought the knife to him, put it next to him and said: “Father, here is the knife”. Then she ran to me as I washed my hair in bathroom and she shouted: “Mom, my father wanted to cut me”. We reproved her for telling a lie then.

My husband had been thinking about it later the same evening, and he has comprehended, that in reality she heard the dark spirits too, but she explained it wrongly. She is only three years old. We will have to pay great attention to her. When darkness realised that we defended ourselves against it, it tried to attack her. Here we have to ask the Light and her guardians for protection and send out just positive thoughts and love.
How pathetic the darkness is, when it attacks small children too.



Story No. 2
Effect of darkness on our life

The Radio Rescue has its mission, mainly in a way that it wants to show right direction for spiritual knowledge to the seekers. Willingness and volition of people to discover a desire within themselves, which will lead them on a way of knowing, are necessary for the project to be successful. Man does not gain it in any school or in any learned and adapted method. It has to burst forth from man's inside, i.e. from man's spirit.
It is very hard in during this period, because man is exposed to attacks of dark influences from all sides and in every hour of the day.

I dare to say that everyone who is informed just a little bit should know what the darkness is. By now we should know how to detect and distinguish its influence. There is the same principle again - one cannot learn it. Man only needs to make an effort and to long for it very much. We have to realize that the darkness is part of our life in experiences of usual days, in contacts with people, in hours of worry, happiness and sadness. We have to accept it because that is the only way we are able to fight with the darkness. The whole planet is surrounded with dark energies, which have to perish now in time of purification, so that the Earth could purify itself from this poison with the help of animistic beings. Mankind wanders in wrong ways as in agony, and majority of people are not even aware that what they live is something that cannot be called life at all.
Now I would like to share with you my experience connected with dark influences. I live in a marriage for many years, in a marriage about which I thought that it is a common marriage. Activities like upbringing of children, material securing of family and work did not allow us to recognize that our souls vibrate in totally different levels. It happened in a time, which I call “in a time before”. In a time before I read The Eternal Laws from Natália de Lemeny Makedonová, in 1998. This book has brought me to the Grail Message. And from then on everything just happened. In conviction that I will give a hand to my husband and give him a Bread of Life, I started to tell him my impressions, explain the Laws and I started to point out wrong manners in our life. He was passive for a few years, he was neither in favour nor was he against it.
But the year 2008 came and brought the turning point. My husband changed totally. He started to condemn my faith, he made fun of me, he insulted not only me but also the Lord and I was in despair. I did not know why he was so bad. I tried to communicate with him but it was to no avail. He acted normal in all other life situations, but when I started to talk with my children about spiritual things, about God's laws, about purification, his reaction was full of anger, screaming and maligning. It took me a few years till I understood that the dark ones have caught him in their clutches and they want to destroy my life through him. I have been thinking about divorce but if I did it, I would never experience how the attack of darkness starts, how man who is under its influence changes, how his outward appearance, voice, gesticulation of body also changes. The more furious he was the calmer I was, in inner pray, asking God for mercy for poor spirit who allowed someone else to express himself or herself through his body. How sad was a sight on him when they left him. He always became ill or had a small injury. But he never realized that it was his fault and he always found mistakes in someone else. And a conviction is already in me that nothing will change even until his present life reaches its end.
It makes me sad because I wanted to help him but he refused my help. He does not fear “the passing to the other side”, his credo is: “Once I am there, I will deal with it then.” Poor spirit does not understand that he will experience everything he did wrong when he leaves the gross-material body here. There isn’t any intellectual smartness that would be possible on the “other side”.
Darkness attacks in every second. Our life is a way, on which we walk towards our fates. When we walk in the right way, the darkness waits patiently in the corner for that moment when we lose balance upon our anger or wrath. Then darkness erupts in its dark poison. If it happens too often, we step down from the right way while being not aware that we turned towards the dark streets. We are responsible for our life. We should be aware every day that we live on enemy soil. When our thoughts are directed to goodness, to love, to devotion to God, to willingness to help unselfishly then these thoughts will break through darkness and so they help in purifying of the planet. Nobody can say that darkness has no influence on him or her, because he or she lies to himself or herself in doing so. It is a proof that darkness holds him or her firmly, and it does not want to allow him or her to realize that there still exists some other life, i.e. life devoted to God. We are devoted to God when we try to live in accordance with his will, when we try to know his laws, to understand composition of creation, to find our own way, to get rid of our mistakes and leave them behind, and to start to live like a New man, who is suitable to New era, which already knocks at the door. There isn't much time left and therefore, my friends do not waste your time; start to change yourselves. Purify your inner part through personal purification and then your body will change as well. It will purify itself from illnesses and it will start to receive energy, which will uplift him or her in time of need, and so it will rescue him or her from fall.



Story no. 3
Personal experience with the darkness and its influence

I would like to describe my experience with the darkness and its influence not just as isolated experience, but I would like to describe the influence within a longer time period, so that readers could make a picture how intelligently the darkness works. During that particular time, it tried to deprive me of strengths for spreading the Truth, of my conviction, of my friends and in reality of everything that has a real value for me.
After I recognised the Truth in books ‘The Eternal Laws’ and ‘The Grail Message’, and after experience that the God's laws really work, a conviction had arisen in me and I declared: “Nobody can ever convince me, that this is not the Truth!”

I had continued to gather necessary experience for some time, and then I started to work for the project ‘Radio Rescue’, i.e. for spreading of this Truth.
This is what darkness tries to prevent the most. I experienced it already in the first months of the work. Suddenly, I often heard one sentence in my head: “You still don’t have confidence!” This thought was in my head, or better said, this thought was given to my head in fulfilling of everyday duties, in work for the radio and I was sure that it came from darkness, because I did not agree with it internally, and so something like that could not arise in my head as a result of my thinking.
I read in the Grail Message about value of conviction and its importance maybe two months after this dark whispering had started. But then, the darkness came with a new sentence: “If you had the conviction then the darkness would not whisper to you for such a long time, so you do not have it.” And I accepted and adopted this sentence. But it was a great mistake, because I gave my hand to darkness in doing so and the following sentence sounded in my head immediately: “If you do not have the conviction then you did not adopt the Truth at all.” Thus, the darkness had then evoked feelings of fear in me. Then a fight started; my own, inner fight. On one hand, I was internally sure that everything that is written in these books is the Truth and on the other hand, I fought with a question, how it is possible that the fear from not havingconviction seized me? “If you had a conviction, you would not fear” sounded in my head. This fight cost me a lot of energy and time, which I shall and could spend for spreading this Truth. It lasted a few weeks in me and it sucked energy for living, for spreading the Truth, for laughter - from me literally and, I even had no willingness to eat. A desire for the Light was the only one thing that remained inside me. This desire drove me to move forward and forced me to read the Grail Message every day, because I perceived this Light inside me while reading about it, and so I perceived also relief and I gained strengths. It was the only light moment of the day. Whenever I said that I will not listen to this dark whispering, it started to sound in my head for such a long time, until I did not accept it even for a short while in my ‘weak moment’ and despair seized me again. Finally, thanks to the help from the Light, I achieved that I was able to say to myself – no. I achieved to say, that I will not concern myself with myself any longer and I started to continue working for radio Rescue, i.e. to help the others.
But the darkness came with a new sentence: “Hurry up, because you missed a lot at the battles, so you should make it right.” I accepted the sentence again. It sounded rational to me. Despite the fact that I read about harmony between giving and receiving, about its importance and even about its necessity in the Word of the Lord daily, I did not live in accordance with it again. I gave and gave but I did not provide myself an adequate time to relax. When I did something else than working for the project, darkness always whispered me how much work I missed and that I should hurry to continue in my work. There, it is visible how intelligently the darkness works. It hides behind the most guiltless activity: Desire for unselfish help to others according to the Will of the Highest. But the result of inner disturbance and restlessness, which darkness evoked in me, was that I was continually in stress and such condition deprives man of strength. The consequence was that I made lesser work and sometimes even with mistakes, to which I had to return in order to make it right later.
It was another mistake, another trap to which I caught myself in. In addition, the darkness ensured that many earthly troubles came to me and I started to live in stress.
Despite of my biggest effort a negative influence of this expressed itself also in work for ‘Radio Rescue’ naturally, in a way that I suggested or made some things that weren't right. When it happened, darkness immediately stroke with the full strength again:
“You will fall.”

“Others trusted you and you disappointed them.”
“You are not able to do it, look how many faults you make.”

These voices sounded in my head and fear wanted to seize me again. And it succeeded to seize me, because when I made such mistakes so visibly, I started to realize that something is really not right. And I realized that I acted wrongly from the beginning. In spite of a fact that I read the Word, I did not live in accordance with It. This time, however, I made a strong decision that I will not listen to the whisperings and I denied them at last. But effort to get out of the stress and effort to stop to listen to dark whisperings took much more energy from me and caused much more damage than if I had not listened to their first suggestion at the beginning.
This experience of mine can serve as advice for many people.

One can see here how tirelessly, despicably and intelligently the darkness works. It is enough to give a hand to the darkness only once. A moment of incaution is enough and man connects to darkness, and the worst thing is that one even does not know about it. Or more precisely, man cannot comprehend it with the help of intellect, because intellect is a tool which darkness uses for reaching its goals, one can comprehend it only with the help of spirit that is in intuitive perceiving and mainly in God's Word.
Dark ones will always confuse and argue against the truth, but they will never give anything else, more complex, clearer and more logical explanation, because arguments and reasoning against the Truth do not exist! The effects are always hidden; they will always evocate fear, unrest, stress, uncertainty and so on. These dark suggestions or whisperings are never in accordance with intuitive „voice“, with intuitive perceiving, with Truth, but are in accordance with some intellectual „cleverness“ only, through which darkness smartly diverts its victim away from the right way, in a manner that the person concerned even does not notice that he or she is under their influence. He or she thinks, that the „clever“ thoughts are his or her own.
In addition, the effect of the laws can be seen in this experience. Trueness of statement of Jesus Christ: “You reap what you sow.” together with additional explanation from Imanuel: “Good always produces good, while evil has to produce evil lawfully” is clearly provable in this experience of mine.
“Is it possible, that I do not have a conviction?” It was one thought, one question I adopted and it activated whole chain of backward effects, which lasted as long as I did not learn from them and throw the darkness away again. But it brought me much of needless harm.
I was able to remain standing only due to the desire and longing for the Light, because if I did not have such desire inside me, I would have succumbed to darkness and its whispering, certainly. This desire, kept by regular reading of God's Word – The Grail Message, was the most important support for me; it was the “driving force” and my rescue.
We can find the confirmation of Imanuel's Word here again.

I quote from ‘Recollections of personal meetings with Abdrushin’from Otto Ernst Fritsch:
“Abdrushin once said the following words to me very sadly, up in his room, in Kipsdorf:
“No man would need teachings of Christ, if man lives in accordance with what was given to inside of every spirit of man in the same measure, i.e. desire for the Light! Whoever does not suppress longing for the Light inside of him or her will not only get all but also everything! He or she will be pulled up as if with the help of invisible rope and knowing after knowing will rise up in him or her, athousand fold! If spirit of man would receive to his or her inside only one Christ's sentence and made it alive, this spirit ascends upwards and does not need my teaching too. ” ”



Story no. 4

When the book “The Eternal Laws” came to my hands when I was seventeen, it was the fulfilled dream and the biggest inner desire of mine, literally. It was a great relief in the first place and mainly indescribable happiness for me, to know the Truth and the fact that what strongly pulled and attracted me inwardly to noble ideals from when I was a child and in adolescence, even to a point of being considered “naive” and from “another world”, is a reality.
Alongside this realisation, I started to consciously recognise the darkness and its influence on our lives. Discovery of the darkness was a great blessing for me. I got the answer at last, WHY my mother, who on her own and through self-sacrifice took care of us from my early childhood, was able to be so cruel sometimes. 

At times she was considerably moody and it really did not bring feeling of safety at home. But this is not what I want to write about. Once, probably when I was fourteen, I came home and I said to her that I started to feel bad in the bus and I fainted. She started to shout at me after that. I protested and asked why she shouts at me, when I still did not do anything wrong, that “other mums would...” and those were the words that caused the fury in her and she hurled herself upon me and beat me badly.
Even when I was younger, she humiliated me literally and, she blamed me, e.g. how it is possible that I do not have menstruation yet, when two of my friends already had (I was 11 years old at that time). When I told her, it's not my fault; I only added “fuel to the flames”.
She told me with disgust on my eighteenth birthday (I understand it in a way, that her fear of ‘losing me’, preceded it), instead of congratulation, she wished me that I will never have a daughter like me.
She always attacked me in this way on the most sensitive places. My brother experienced the same along with me and so we came to conclusion that she ‘is not psychically all right’ but only sometimes. We explained it to ourselves at that time. Also a scholar psychologist in high school said the same thing. I had visited the psychologist so I could say everything that oppressed me, when it became‘too much’for me to bear.
Every time when the fury got over to my mother;moodiness, fear or other negative emotions preceded. She had more abrasive voice then, another mimicry and what was the worst thing – after that - she ‘pretended’ as if she did not say and had not done this and that. She only remembered some of my reactions when I defended myself and finally she interpreted it to herself in a manner that I was the bad and cheeky one who acted excessively. There was nothing to say on it. I perceived inside of me clearly that she does not remember what she did, that she does not know it and, it evoked pity for her in me always after anger and, it is why I always forgave her and a conflict passed in silence.
Thanks to the book The Eternal Laws and thanks to The Grail Message that I read just after it, I UNDERSTOOD finally, what really happened with her.
A dark spirit (alien, deceased dark man), who talked and acted instead of her, took control over her physical body for some moments. Sometimes it was alternately – it was the time when she remembered my reactions, but she did not remember her acting. So the worst thing she had ever done to me – was not made by her. It was a great relief and I felt pity for her even more.
But the fact that moments like those did occur, was only her fault and she was responsible for it. She was a stubborn materialist from the moment I can remember and she did not want to hear about any life after death or about anything spiritual. She respected believers, she even said they are happy people because they have it easier in their lives, but she is a realist and she knows that everything ends with death. Moreover, she did not want to see the proofs which also science has already brought in regards to this topic. The result of her fixation only on matter, and the fact that she did not develop her spirit, is that her spirit became weaker and sometimes could be pushed out by another spirit, i.e. by a dark conqueror. Thus, when fear, together with other negative emotions or incurable burdensome sorrows and wounds from the past were added inside her, a connection was enabled.
Then a thought came to me. If she is my mother and certain homogeneity connects us both then what if something like that happens to me, as well!? This idea was horrific. It motivated me to work even more on myself, on spiritual development, briefly - strive to live fully in accordance with eternal - God's laws, without making any compromises and cunning offsets and detours.
Today, I do not fear anymore that something like that can happen to me, because I know I do not give any impulse or allow it to happen and I even have no intention to act in this manner. But it does not mean that darkness does not affect to me. It attacks me in form of doubts about myself mostly. There are thoughts like “you are not good enough for that and that.” For example for the project Radio Rescue as well. There, I fought with this problem at the beginning. Then I thought that I already left it behind. Later I wanted to do something very quickly, so that it could be done as soon as possible. I intellectually entangled myselfin but because of the rush, I did not do it right. The project did not suffer from it because another person instructed me on the right path. Then I realized where I made a mistake and I also learnt how I could correct it. I finished the work properly after that. But my hardly acquired self-confidence broke apart and thoughts started to haunt me - that I am not sufficiently mature in spirit in order to be able to act among those who want to spread the Word. That I certainly disappointed others, but mainly I disappointed our Lord. This thought started to torture me literally. I felt physically weak at last, sucked out;I had no doubts that I gave my hand to darkness. That deprived me of energy and it was my fault. Finally, I turned against it and I got rid of the burdensome thoughts. But due to the weakening, I caught a virus easily and I was forced to be bed-ridden.
At the same time I was constantly realizing that it must be the influence of darkness, but at first I was unable to get rid of it. It is like electricity shock; you know you want to detach, but it’s not possible. When you catch a thought that comes from darkness, you must not start to evolve it. When you catch it, it is hard to let it go and it cannot be made without injury.
I found out that when such thoughts of doubts aboutmyself appear, I easily pushed them away and say to myself – “I work as best as I can, and when someone else who can make it better comes, and so is more suitable for this, I will gladly leave the work to him or her.” Or as oneof my friends says: “The one who only sits and does nothing; such one does not break anything, but will never learn anything.” But mainly, if I do something in good volition then I do nothing wrong. And I can still learn from my mistakes. I also understood, just as it is not up to me to judge the others, neither shall I judge myself. I shall only have a good volition, I shall be honest and true to myself, I shall not fear from continually discovering my own insufficiencies and mistakes, and I shall work on them joyfully. So the positive creative approach to which I strive in my interaction with others, I shall also apply tomyself and not put the blame on me and to be sad because of it; to grieve or even to feel pity about myself. So, there will be no more pondering about meor drawing attention to myself and to my spiritual maturity or immaturity. Pondering presses the spirit down, as Abdrushin explained in the Grail Message, in the lecture “Ponderers”.

- Now follows a LESSON which I came across only after writing this story of mine. It was not from my own head but it came from another person, but I investigated it properly andcame to conclusion that it is fullyin accordance with the Word, and that it is truthful and the name is appropriate for the main problem:
I have to confess that the reason why darkness attacks me in this way i.e. in self-humiliation is that I am so interested in myself and in self-valuation.
But when I already know the Absolute Truth, which I discovered in the Grail Message, the right approach should be that I use it as a measure and criterion for investigation of everything that comes to me; such that I shall control any new activity that I start with this Word. If I do not find any disagreement, it means I am on the right path.
So, I shall not try to direct my effort to work on myself, but always to work on something (i.e. to aim fully to this activity) that should serve the Truth and mainly fellow human beings. And then there will be no time for thinking whether I personally went forward or not. Thus, the dark ones can only look for a way on how to stop me in performing these activities.
And in regards to my mother, I like her, but I am not able to help her anytime soon. She alone must want it. I can be there for her and show her the way once she shows the willingness to know about it. Now it is mainly the suffering in her life that shapes her. I wish her and all others who are in similar situation, and even all those who still do not strive for spiritual turn-over to utilize the turning point - the culmination of judgement, which is already about to happen and which will bring us the predicted tribulation. I wish them to utilize it as the necessary impulse for detachment from darkness and asa step forward towards the Light.



Story no. 5
The intense efforts of the darkness and its forces

With joy, but also with the great humility, I am very glad to tell you about my experience with the darkness and its forces.
I was born to the parents who did not give me an opening to some spiritual knowledge, but they demanded creditable achievements in the way of earthly standards. They led me to the success, perfection and discipline. I don´t judge them indeed, because they raised me in their good will and in the best way they could.  However, I always felt, there is something more than this life. I often asked myself: "Where the soul of a Man goes after the death? There cannot be darkness and nothingness after all!" I was convinced that God exists, because the idea of the absolute vacuity scared me. Furthermore, I believed and I still believe that Love is the purest and the most beautiful emotion, though I was swaying among the various imitations and earthly variations of Love. And just because of the great disappointment in partnership, I got to The Grail Message.

I was interested in the questions about God and faith since my childhood, but somehow I couldn´t talk to my parents about it and I´ve never read the Bible. Even after several visits to church I convinced myself that a Man doesn´t need any mediator or a priest in connection with God. Therefore, The Grail Message is the first book with so essential spiritual content I've ever read and felt.
I started to read it during the journey home by train. I was diving into the first few chapters and I stopped to perceive big amount of fellow travellers in the open train wagon. I felt intense flood of pleasure, positive energy and opening knowledge. It was strong and uplifting. Until at a certain moment …
Suddenly, at the beginning of the next chapter, my inner joyful feeling found itself in a furious battle with dark thoughts. From second to second my delight in the heart replaced the fear and helplessness. In my mind I saw death and acts of murder all around me. But in a “reality” people around me in the train still read their books, fashion magazines or watched a movie on their computers calmly.
I didn´t know how to stop all those dark visions. I wanted to run away somewhere else, but I couldn´t. I realized I was in a train for at least another three hours. I was completely in a cold sweat and the intense influence of the darkness still continued. I tried to close my eyes and forget the visual impulses of terrifying thoughts. Unfortunately, it didn´t help me. I was very scared because I had never been in a state like this and never had such horrifying thoughts before. All the more I already knew the power of humanthoughts, about which I read in previous chapters of The Grail Message. “I don´t want to hurt anybody indeed, I want to do the good,” I repeated to myself.
After long torturing minutes I got up and went to a small separate room in the train and I called my mom slowly and shakily with dismay on my face. I tried to tell her everything about what happened and was still happening. Understandably she was afraid about her daughter and she advised me notto read this book anymore. But it was not enough for me. I said to myself, that I can´t stop reading it, and I don´t want to.“This is not happening only because of this book, because at the beginning I had a wonderful feeling.” I just felt it was right not to put away this book, and moreover, condemnation of this book would be a wrong decision.
However, my mother advised me to call the people who had already read The Grail Message although it was quite late. So I called two great and inspiring people working for the Radio Rescue. So my greatest thanks go to them, not only because they calmed me down and explained to me the hitherto unknown events, but also for their constant support, help and their valuable advice. After our long conversation I realized that these terrible thoughts were based on the efforts of the darkness trying to stop my spiritual awakening and growth. Actually, the darkness is afraid of losing a follower – an ignorant, unconscious and easily influenced soul and spirit.
I spent another few minutes in that train room and suddenly my friend from my early childhood showed up. We started to recall our childhood time and talked about everything else until we arrived in our hometown. And finally there were my parents at the station.
I am not saying that the dark forces stopped attacking me at that moment. They started to use my weaknesses - especially the self-dispraise and uncertainty in my own decisions, thus in the established spiritual way. But I tried to fight with them. I was looking for a joyful feeling in daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and so on. I put myself to lots of activities and focused on many things and beside that I was praying for being strong to resist the darkness, turn it away and defeat it. I was meeting with people with whom I felt comfortable and I was looking for the possibilities to hearty and joyful laughter; because this is the greatest weapon against the darkness, evil and against any dark thoughts.
I have returned back to The Grail Message and I still read it. This experience convinced me there is darkness and dark forces all around us, they constantly attack us, but we can face up to them resolutely and fight with them; and if we really want, we will win.
I found out as well that The Grail Message is not ordinary book for free time reading, neither for the long train journey. Ever since, I always read it alone with the most open heart next to the burning candle.
Last but not least, I realized that this is not a common book, but it is a book about the Truth of life, Man and Creation. And the darkness does not like the revelation of the Truth. But there is nothing in the way to stop a Man who tries to find the real Truth, to live according to the Truth, to know the Eternal Laws, and himself as well.





Surely, everyone has already met this concept, or at least a majority of people, even if not directly (actively and personally), but at least passively, i.e. they have heard of it, or even they saw it in one of many films, which have already been made on this topic; but again without adequate results. Therefore let us say in introduction what the concept means according to our actual theories, i.e. how the science defines it:
Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis which often marks chronic illness of soul which variously influences behaviour, thinking and emotions. The concept schizophrenia has its origin in Greek words σχίζω (schizó) = separate, and φρενός (phrenos)= mind; and in translation it means divided mind. State of schizophrenia is controversial mainly because of insufficiency of objective criteria for diagnosis and consequent difficult in sufficient investigation or insufficiently defined state. But the investigation indicates that genetic and social influences are important contributing factors. Often, but usually wrongly, one supposes that schizophrenia includes split personality.”

We people are interesting identities. As soon as we have a concept defined and we also have a respective name for it, we satisfy ourselves and then we live in conviction that the problem is solved. But the opposite is the truth, and just the title of this article is perfect example for our instruction in this direction, and also for revealing and detecting this weakness of man.
If we know the reason, or the cause in the case of schizophrenia, which then produces the inevitable consequences, i.e. something that follows after the cause, then we would reach quite different results, which in turn would remove the original cause and thus the problem of all who suffer by this “disease”!

The expression is in quotes because in reality it is not a disease, but quite a natural happening that was quite normal for man at one time, but it atrophied in time because of our guilt and it is the reason why we look at people who still dispose of it as sick people. It is just the opposite in reality! Cases of the same nature in children that were observed so often certify it as these cases are quite common, but they are classified in the wrong category as well.
So adults experience it less often. What is worse is the fact that many adults arouse unnaturally in them this ability to perceive (see or hear) other worlds or levels of matter, often by the support of certain substances, which we classified under the folder ‘narcotics’. In other words - these are drugs and medicines, which wake up the sleeping centres in our brains. Rarely, some individuals have this ability as well but without the help of narcotics, and so this ability is kept in them naturally - genetically from past. So the latter is in accordance with what our medical science has already discovered.
Certain molecule has already been defined in researches today, which unblocks the centres in our brains that have been blocked in the course of time and by our guilt. It also got a name: “the spiritual molecule!”
People to whom the molecule was injected during researches had experiences that were very emotionally pleasing to them. Others were unexplainable as they experienced what they referred to as their own previous experiences in another world. They knew certainly that they themselves had experienced it some time back. Not surprisingly, many old and natural nations and tribes use many kinds of plants that have these abilities, so that people could get to that world and gain more information which is also necessary for their survival in this world of matter. This information is used mainly in hunting and also in cultivation of plants and even in natural healing.
But while in this state of mind, mainly the substances that helps to reach it becomes dangerous for our science and civilization, because we do not know the cause; but what is worse is that the substances become habits and a person who is affected or stricken in this way becomes dangerous for society. This is because the affected person often acted totally differently compared to how he or she acted till then under the influence of the brain that still was blocked, and the actual rules which our society established; but here it shows immediately that our society is also composed of other individuals who act according to completely different rules, and the problem is therefore “in our world”, as one used to say.
How can I be convicted that this explanation is right, i.e. that I do not only try to bamboozle the readers too? Because I can support it by my own experience - because I achieved to enter to this world sometime as well, and experienced what is impossible to experience in our world. And I reached it without any supportive substances. But there are many experiences of this kind everywhere around us, but as already stated, we have names for these experiences and so we assume it is solved for us. But the affected or stricken people are witnesses that nothing is solved for them because those who judge them do not have these experiences, and this is the reason why they shifted them among diseases, and it is the biggest mistake. Reportedly it is a disease of the brain, and that the experiences that they have, and even the persons who they meet there, are in reality only product of their ill brain.

But how can the brain create happenings and even persons,
which it never experienced and never knew in this life!?

It is still impossible because you can have in your camera, mobile phone, video camera and archive, only that what you have already recorded before! After all, such is the discovery of exact science. So why does it contradict itself? But the worst thing is that it also already ignores own discoveries by some people, who belong to above stated group as well, but are in the category of scientists who are concerned ‘only’ with general science so far, i.e. in the one which did not get specialized name yet, and so, practically, it cannot influence any happening in special disciplines of the science as well.
I experienced it personally, because scientific professional body did not accept my conclusions and discoveries from forest praxis, even when everything was documented. My detections and discoveries which were even certified by them in praxis were refused ‘silently’, because the cause was different from the opinion they actually had, and from definitions acceptable to them. I have often said wittily: “The science affirms and certifies now what I propagated twenty years ago, and we will put it into our lives only when I will already live in that world for twenty years, in which our ‘schizophrenics’ live now!

And it so happens in all professions – scientific field in this case, even if pieces of evidence about existence of ‘Parallel worlds’ and even about soul of man were already given in general science.These pieces of evidence have already been published in this web-page too, and they still remain available. Many various films were made, even biographic story of one scientist, who was ‘affected’orendowed in this way because of his finer experience, who later formed a theory for which he won the Nobel Prize.

In order to support my words, I will use a real experience, which I chose from many others, from some people that I know and who are affected by this happening, or better said, whoserelatives are affected by it:
“Thank you for your quick response. I can say the following about my brother-in-law: He was the husband of my younger sister and a very good man. He and my husband were similar in character and understood each other in every way.None did anything without involving the other one; they even bought a common vineyardwhere they spent most of their time.
My brother-in-law enjoyed good health until the time he started havingfamily problems.Mysister had started her own business that was not doing well. She needed more money which she demanded from her husband.This made him increase his drinking and within a short time, he became ill with bronchi. He did not seek medical attention and he later died during sleep. My husband went to the cemetery often in order to ‘have a smoke with him’.We knew this was dangerous.Later he started to go to the pub more often (now he does not drink at all).This happened after the year 2008. My brother-in-law had died in 2001 (yes, my husband had a problem with it already for so many years, because he was not able to reconcile himself with the death of brother-in-law).
Another incident that happened about two years ago frightened my husband a lot after which he only goes to the cemetery only during day. He was sitting next to the grave of the brother-in-law, smoking and thinking of the time when the brother-in-law was alive. He sat at the grave side until late evening. Suddenly he heard his name called and no doubt it was voice of the brother-in-law. He raised his eyes, but only a little bit and he saw a man standing in front of him, dressed as a football player. (Brother-in-law used to play football.) He had red shorts and yellow T-shirt with number 5. He said to my husband: “Look at me.” My husband looked up and saw his face. Then he said to my husband: “Miro, I want to tell you that very bad things will happen to all of you. Now give me your hand.” My husband straightened his hand as in a trance and he felt how the brother-in-law shook his hand. Then everything disappeared. He came home totally frightenedand cried a lot. He was short of words and only repeated that he saw Laco, butat first we did not believe him.For a long time he was unable to calm down. I thought it was more probable that some other spirit, maybe from the cemetery or from the pub, had glued itself upon husband. Everyone loved my brother-in-law, my children adored him.
My husband fell down from scaffold one month later, and broke 5 of his vertebras. Later he had a dream in hospital in which brother-in-lawtoldhim that he is the one who had removed the pins from the lower part of the scaffold, so that he would fall, die and join him (i.e. brother-in-law). My husband healed probably after one year,but they classified him as a total invalid, or handicapped in health.
This sorrow for brother-in-law lasted for years. It all changed for the worse in year 2008 when he started to be more and more aggressive. The experience at the cemetery was in the year 2011, and the brother-in-law had already been dead for ten years. My husband is very perceptive, he cries even when a thought of brother-in-law comes to his mind. I thought it happens because my husband was very sad for him. He even said to me that he also wished to go away. Now I realize you could also be right. Thank you.”

During preparation of this article in order to publish it, asignificant occurrence happened and it proves exactly what hasbeen written and explained here. It also totally corresponds with concrete experience and continuous sorrow for a loved person, who influences happenings in our world of matter too.
It refers to Czech singer Iveta Bartošová who acted under impulsion from the finer world as well. We were witnesses of similar stories, and we shall still be many times in future. So we shall try to take advice, to take lesson from them and to work on ourselves so that we are able to recognize and know the cause itself, which we always ignore.           

It is necessary to say something in addition to the experience mentioned above, i.e. about the man, who fell down from scaffold. He is the husband to a woman that I know; she is a reader of the Word. This accident was caused by his and our ignorance, as well as interference from the other side (finer world of matter). Now he is in a wheelchair due to the reason described briefly in the story above. He suffered after the other side induced the fall from the scaffold. The man in the story does not use drugs, not even alcohol, so nothing from things that are helpful in making contact with finer worlds of matter. So it is just the same as what the scientist had experienced; scientist who won the Noble prize through help from the other side.
So, we can gain experience from this story, how behavior of people who are sensitive to the other world can be dangerous in the present time because we do not know the cause, the natural law. We do not know the fact that because of guilt of man, the other world is mostly in power of the darkness, and so no help comes to us from there, but only damages and suffering.
It is also necessary to say that the man in this story becomes aggressive sometimes – in moments when he is not completely alone, i.e. when he becomes “possessed” temporarily when the other foreign spirit takes control of his physical body. In moments like these his outward appearance changes adequately. So it is a perfect example of the “disease” described above! He had agreed to undergo a medical treatment, but... the result will never be positive unless the real cause is removed! That is until he himself learns about the natural laws and the fact that his condition is not any “disease” but a natural happening that is common for some other people too. However, such condition is very dangerous nowadays because the Earth is still in the power of darkness.
He should also become aware of the fact that what he experiences is real and not some hallucination. Moreover, those (deceased ones) who live over there - on the other side and may have influence on us, know even less than their relatives that still live on Earth. Last but not least, those still living on Earth suffer from bad influence of those from the other side. These deceased ones may even “think” that they have already passed the hard experience (i.e. the physical death), and are therefore authorized to give advices to those still living in physical bodies on Earth.
However, these “clever” ones do not know that something much worse than what they experienced in death awaits them, i.e. that also spiritual death exists, which is final death for those who do not know about the eternal laws and so they continually cause damage through their behaviour from the other side, contrary to their belief that they offer help. But they even make it all harder for themselves in doing so, as they support and nourish soil for spiritual death.
On the contrary, they themselves could learn from those who suffer here by their knowing and effecting of God's laws, which have been explained to us sufficiently in this direction too, and so everyone who is concerned in this happening could have profit by it.

There is still need to add the following: The fine matter expresses itself in mentioned man in two ways which we could name as an active way and a passive way.
The passive manner is when the spirit from the beyond or from the other world attacks a person living in gross-material body, but only in expressions as if of whispering and of strive for giving advises. All the same, this activity is dangerous too, and sometimes the person that is stricken in this way cannot refuse it, and he or she lets himself or herself to be ‘advised’.
Then there is more dangerous form, i.e. the active one. In this form a spirit from the beyond is able to take hold of the will and the brain totally, and consequently the spirit is even able to take hold of all body of man living in the gross material world, who is completely ridden of free will. Actually the spirit that is stricken in this way loses free will to make a decision and according to the laws he or she loses even also the responsibility. Although a partial responsibility also remains in his or her personality (as if he or she was not alive), sufficient activity in spirit could therefore have stopped this from happening.With this knowledge, already the judicial system would have adopted different conclusions and positions. Unfortunately, it is shifted forward to the near future so far... maybe.
It is important to know one more little thing yet: Many people who could be classified as schizophrenic live among us, but they used this ability not as illness and their damnation, but just the opposite as certain blessing and advantage. Let us go back to the scientist and his Nobel Prize again, and even also the well-known scientist Albert Einstein who pumped his knowledge and formed his theories with help from the finer sphere. I have it confirmed through my own experiences too, and still there are many other people who have it, and we can thank this ability of some people for the many inventions and discoveries, even to all in reality. Just so little things are decisive in it: To have sufficiently strong spirit, that does not let him or her be led away from his or her own aim or goal, and to know the laws, i.e. to know what really happens!
If our specialized science in all specialized fields took recent discoveries of general science into consideration, those that are about reality of parallel worlds, ethereal case of the body i.e. the soul, which has its experiences also outside this world of matter, we would be able to make a big jump forward, many ‘mysteries’ would be explained, which would become real directions and practical experiences, which would at the same time delete all our doubtful and mistaken theories. We would experience everything as right and real!

So let us not underestimate our ignorance about natural - God's laws!