January the 25th, 2018

Part 1.


In our previous articles we have already addressed a variety of unanswered questions for readers, which we responded to in compliance with the Absolute Truth. Unfortunately, these answers still remain unnoticed, meaning that those particular questions still exist - thanks to many documentaries spreading among the public as very popular though still labeled as ‘mysteries’. Therefore, we have decided to merge these questions into a series of articles, in which we will gradually provide an answer to each question. This way, the reader may gain the whole picture, thus removing all the ‘mysteries’ on the basis of this Absolute Truth. Once again it is necessary to add that the term highlighted above in bold is to be understood as ‘Absolute Truth’ (hereafter going under acronym AT) only from the point of view of Its origin, that is, of the Creator of the universe and the whole creation, Who brought us this Truth. However, from our (i.e. earthlings) point of view, the Truth will become ‘absolute’ only when we understand it ‘absolutely’. Until then, the Truth must remain for us only relative - according to our ability to understand it.

We shall base our questions and answers on the following three-part-question:
- Where do we come from? - What is the purpose of us being here on Earth? - Where do we go once we die?

The answer could just be as simple, but in that case we would not have achieved the desired result, since our ability to think already requires knowledge of all the necessary contexts as the cornerstones of our understanding.
For this reason, we have to divide this triple question into more sub-questions
that will allow us to approach the Truth:

1.         a) Is there God?
            b) Is there a representative of darkness?

2.         Does Heaven and hell exist?
3.         Why are there so many churches?
4.         Can a man live forever?
5.         Are there parallel worlds?
6.         Is reincarnation a fact or a mere delusion?
7.         In regard to how man was created, who is right, The Bible or Darwin?
8.         Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
9.         Will the end of the world really happen one day?
10.       Is there a righteous social order and will we live in it one day?
11.       Why do Vatican and other churches, governments, and science conceal information about alien contacts?
12.       What is the purpose behind visits to our earth by extraterrestrial civilizations?
13.       What is the content of the third Fatima prophecy?
14.       Do clairvoyant people really exist?
15.       What dominates over those who claim to hear voices, or to see beings, and eventually, out of impulse of those beings, are forced to do activities that are not desired or voluntary?
16.       Where do genius and talent come from?

There is a proverb, which now seems appropriate to mention, and since it is a Slovak proverb, this is a verbatim or literal translation:

“Calf, just study, and you will become an ox!”

We all have been educated, trained, or re-educated right from our childhood, but eventually we remain those oxen. Let the one to whom this previous sentence seems degrading try to answer the questions asked above with the knowledge he has gained so far. If he can't, he should let himself be educated by the AT. When he keeps on reading the following answers up to the end, the above proverb will no longer apply to him, but at the same time he accepts the proverb as appropriate. This is because once he is able to accept the following answers; he is also able to accept the above unflattering introduction as true! Anyone who is capable of logical thinking, he alone has to find out where the Truth lies!

Great and mighty is the process, yet quite natural in every stage. In this, nothing stands outside a logical development, because there is logic in all Divine activity which is perfect; and what is perfect cannot be wanting in logic.

We will begin with the first and most frequently asked and therefore very important question, which will also help in answering other subsequent questions:

1. a)  Is there God?

(Quote from the work Questions and Answers by Abdrushin):
Question no. 75:
How is it that so many people are unable to recognize the Working of God in Creation, but live as though God did not exist?

Because such people do not open themselves! But if a man cannot see any higher working in Creation, it must be due to a quite considerable accumulation of obtuseness. Such a condition, however, is not inability of the human spirit, but solely superficiality or indolence! Certainly they eat and drink, and think of gaining earthly advantages, but not for a moment do they ask themselves whence comes the origin of the beautiful Creation to which they themselves belong, and its maintenance. They take and enjoy, without wishing to seek the Dispenser.
Such people count even less before the Creator than animals, because they have the advantage over the animals that they bear within them the possibility of recognizing, and they are simple too lazy to make use of this special ability. This may seem sharp and severe, but it corresponds to the facts. In reality they are idlers, the drones in Creation, even if they are considered industrious and important among earthmen.

Answer from the work The Grail Message by Abdrushin:
Although I HAVE ALREADY EXPLAINED that a human being can never really see God, because his nature is in no way endowed with the capacity to do so, yet he does carry within himself the gift to recognize God in His works.
This, however, does not come to him overnight, nor does it fall to him in his sleep, but it requires earnest efforts, a great and strong volition, which must not lack in purity.
You human beings have had the unquenched longing for the recognition of God bestowed upon you. It is so implanted within you that you cannot find any peace during your wanderings through Subsequent Creation, which you are permitted to undertake for the purpose of your development, so that in becoming self-conscious you learn gratefully to enjoy the blessings, which the worlds hold for you and offer to you.

Therefore be grateful, you men, that the longing for the recognition of God does not leave you in peace during your wanderings. In this way without realizing it you escape all sorts of dangers in the machinery of the world. But you have not understood the longing that lies within you; this you have also distorted, making only a low kind of restlessness out of it!

And yet it would have been so easy for every man, had he but simply and modestly permitted all those gifts to mature within himself, which the Creator bestowed upon him for his wandering through all the planes of Subsequent Creation, gifts which are absolutely necessary for the development of the human spirit. He would have become great thereby, much greater and much wiser than he ever dreamed of being. But without humbleness and modesty these gifts can never blossom into abilities!
It is a childish plaything, this knowledge of which you are so inordinately proud! A speck of dust compared with what you could know, and above all with what you could achieve and what already today you should achieve! What do you earthmen know of this wonderful Creation, which manifests inviolably everywhere in its respective species and beauty, but above all in its laws! It is with dull indifference that you stand before all this greatness. Now at last, men, seek the recognition of your God in Creation, of which you are the smallest part of that species which is allowed to develop to self-consciousness through the Grace of the Creator, in fulfillment of the longing that lies within it!

But I say unto you: He who does not stand and work in the Laws of God will no longer receive help from the Light now! The condition is now the knowledge of God’s Laws in Creation! And without help from the Light the real up-building is utterly impossible today!

The believers! All you who count yourselves among the believers in God, just examine yourselves to ascertain whether the belief you carry within yourselves is really the right one! By that I do not mean the form your belief takes, whether Catholic or Protestant, Buddhist or Mohammedan, or any other form, but I mean the nature of your belief, to what extent it is living!
For God is God! And how you approach Him in your inmost self, that alone is decisive for the strength and genuineness of your belief!

The first development covering millions of years is now, for men at today’s stage of development in Creation, compressed into the years of childhood!
He who is incapable of keeping pace with this must put it down to his own guilt; he remains behind and must finally perish. The development of Creation cannot be retarded by the indolence of men, but strides forward unceasingly in accordance with the laws inherent therein, which bear the Will of God.

Question your fellow-man about the irrevocable Laws of God in Creation. If he cannot give you the right answer he is nothing but a hypocrite, who deceives himself when he talks of the recognition of God and of the right faith in God!
For in accordance with the unswerving Laws of God he cannot possess it, because in no other way can he ever attain it!
Everything in Creation strides forward uniformly without interruption in accordance with an immovable law! It is only you human beings who still do not go along owing to your delusion, your ridiculous conceited knowledge, which is lacking in humble observation!

Men, awake! Retrieve what you have been neglecting. Once more I will show you your way! At last bring life and movement into your rigid volition, and then you will find the great recognition of God which you should already have possessed a long time ago, if you had not remained behind in the progressive development of the great Creations!
Hurry up! The time of the last turning point has come when you must prove yourselves and show whether you are still able to follow on the path upward or whether you must stay behind and perish!

For substantiate imagine dependent, and for Unsubstantiate that which alone is independent!
According to human thought this gives you the best possibility to approach the matter objectively, although it can neither render nor designate that which it really is, or how it is; for you would always be unable to comprehend the “what” whereas in this way you can at least approximately envisage the “how” to yourselves.
The Unsubstantiate is therefore that which alone is independent, while all else is dependent upon it in every respect and is thus called substantiate, of which everything that is spiritual is also a part and likewise everything that is Divine, whereas the Unsubstantiate is only God!
From this you can realize that there is still a great difference between the Divine and God. The Divine is not yet God; for the Divine is substantiate, but God is Unsubstantiate. The Divine and all else that exists is dependent upon God, it cannot exist without God. God, however, is absolutely independent, if we are to use the earthly conceptions which, however, can naturally not convey what it really is, because earthly or human conceptions cannot span such greatness.
Thus heed this well, God is not Divine, but God is God, because He is Unsubstantiate, and the Unsubstantiate is not Divine, but is God!

In regards to this topic we paste here our own words from the article “Project Venus”:
On Earth, we are all dependent on the Sun, which is for us the source of “life” - one of the forms of motion of matter. All earth's resources are the result of sunlight. All the same the Sun is also dependent on the energy of the center of the galaxy – “a black hole” that is interconnected with the subtle (ethereal) universe, and therefore dependent on the Ethereal level of the Creation, which again, is dependent on the level of Animistic Substantiality in Creation that is also reliant on the Spiritual Realm, etc. At all these levels, beings are living and developing to a higher degree of perfection. Ultimately, such logical thinking must also lead them to a following logical conclusion: the very term “dependence” does indeed refer to the fact - to depend on something or someone; therefore, such dependence is only a result and not the cause that alone must be independent! Everything that is dependent must have somewhere some independent source, from which everything depends on! And that source is Unsubstantiated God Himself! Cause of all causes!

Now we continue with the second part of the first question, that is –
b) is there representative of darkness?

A gray veil shrouds all that relates to the figure of Lucifer. It is as though everybody shrinks from lifting a corner of this shroud. In truth, this shrinking back is nothing but man’s inability to penetrate into the realm of Darkness. This inability on the other hand simply lies in the very nature of things, for here, too, a limit is set upon the human spirit owing to its nature, which prevents it from penetrating this far. Just as it is unable to reach the highest Heights, is it also unable to penetrate to the deepest depths, nor will it ever be able to do so.

Those who speak of a fallen archangel, and those who speak of the embodiment of the evil principle, come closest to the truth. But this is also a wrong attitude, giving a false picture of everything. An embodiment of the principle of evil conveys the concept of the highest pinnacle, of the final goal, of the living embodiment of all evil, i.e. its crowning, its absolute culmination. On the contrary though, Lucifer is the origin, the starting point and the driving power of the wrong principle. Nor should one call the principle he employs the evil principle, but the wrong principle. Wrong in the sense of incorrect, not unjust. The field of action of this wrong principle is the World of Matter. It is only here that the effects of the Light and the effects of the Darkness, the two opposing principles(*), meet one another, and constantly influence the human soul while it is developing on its journey through the World of Matter. Whichever of the two the human soul indulges more, in accordance with its own wishes, proves decisive for its ascent toward the Light or for its descent toward Darkness.
The gulf that lies between Light and Darkness is immense. It is filled by the material part of Creation, which is subject to the transient nature of the forms, that is, to the disintegration of respectively existing forms and their renewal.
(*) The knowledge about multiple Worlds of Matter will be provided to reader in next answers.

Lucifer himself stands outside material Creation and will therefore not be drawn into the disintegration which is the fate of the victims of his principle, because Lucifer is eternal. His origin lies in a part of the Sphere of Divine Substantiality. The conflict started after the creation of all matter had begun. Sent out to support Spiritual Substantiality and further its development in the World of Matter, he failed to carry out his mission in accordance with the Creative Will of God the Father, and instead, through a willful insistence on knowing better, which came to him while working in matter, he chose ways other than those ordained by the Creative Will.
Misusing the power delegated to him, he introduced the principle of temptation in place of the principle of supportive help, which is identical with serving love. Serving love in the Divine sense, which has nothing in common with slavish servility, but has only spiritual ascent and thereby eternal happiness of his fellow man at heart and acts accordingly.

Lucifer will not wait with kindness for man to mature gradually and become strong; he will not be the loving gardener that he should be, caring for, supporting and tending the plants entrusted to him; instead “the fox” literally “took charge of the henhouse.” His goal is the destruction of all that is weak, and towards that end he works ruthlessly.
At the same time he despises the victims who succumb to his temptations and snares, and wants them to be destroyed in their weakness.

Both the principles of unrestrained self-indulgence and that of temptation are so closely connected with each other that temptation absolutely must precede unrestrained self-indulgence. They are thus the actual observance and spreading of the Lucifer principle.

The application of this loveless principle, however, quite naturally separated Lucifer more and more from the Loving Will of the Almighty Creator, causing him to be cut off and cast out from the Light, consequently falling lower and lower. Lucifer is one who has severed himself from the Light, which is the equivalent of being an outcast.
This expulsion also had to occur in accordance with existing Primordial Laws, the irrevocable Holy Will of God the Father, because it could not possibly happen otherwise.
Since only the Will of God the Father, the Creator of all things, is omnipotent, and since It is also firmly anchored in material Creation and its development, Lucifer can quite well send his principle into the material sphere, but the resulting effects will always and only operate within the Primordial Laws ordained by God the Father and must form themselves accordingly.

Lucifer would indeed be quite powerless if mankind would make the effort to recognize and follow the Primordial Laws laid down by the Creator. Unfortunately, however, men increasingly support his principle through their present behavior, and the greater part of them will therefore have to perish.

The origin of Lucifer requires that only he who is of the same origin can personally come close to and confront him, for none other can approach him. It must be a Divine Envoy, coming out of and filled with Divine-Unsubstantiality, armed with the sacred gravity of His Mission and with perfect trust in the Source of all Power, in God the Father Himself.
This task has been delegated to the prophesied Son of Man.

From our point of view it is necessary to add that Jesus was able to see Lucifer and, according to Gospels, he called him “Prince of the World”. That is, in fact, a very appropriate name according to explanation from The Grail Message, as his field of action is only in The World of Matter, that is, in the world where human spirits are developing. Our true home - the paradise, is out of his reach!

January the 30th, 2018

Part 2.

2.      Does Heaven and hell exist?

For many people, this second question is going to be a hard one to “digest” because their mind will create an insurmountable obstacle for them; i.e. they will be afraid that the answer would disturb their hitherto well-trodden and comfortable path, in which case their mind would also lose the false control!
Again, this question may seem “familiar”, yet deciphering it and therefore its essence remains unrecognized.
Everything has its origin, and consequently what will emerge are only imitations of the primary cause. In the answer to the first question we explained where the cause of everything that we observe, later lies in creation in forms of good and evil. Thus we already know the origin of good and evil!
From the good and evil, as two basic causes, their consequences are forming. We, human spirits, have assigned different names to them, including such ones as “heaven” and “hell”! These are actually aggregate terms for the derived consequences of good and evil at different levels of creation. Figuratively speaking, human spirit can experience “heaven” and “hell” already here on our Earth, which is manifested in the different quality of life of different individuals.  The differentiation in experience then proceeds even to the finer levels where we arrive after earthly death. For this reason, we must again help with quotes from the AT, and get to know the arrangement of Creation!

We now leave aside Unsubstantiated God and The Divine Sphere because they are out of the reach of the created beings, and focus our attention only to Creation where these beings act and develop. Therefore, we will only deal with the Creation that is related to us and consists of the following parts:

                                                1. The Pure Spiritual Part
                                                2. The Spiritual Part

                                                3. The Material Part
It can also be described as:
                                                1. Primordial Creation
                                                2. Creation
                                                3. Subsequent Creation (*)

This leads quite naturally to the thought that the Primordially Created Beings are in Primordial Creation, the Created Beings in Creation, and the Developed Beings in Subsequent Creation.
These designations are not wrong as such in describing the whole of Creation in broad outlines only, but when going into more detail the divisions must be more sharply drawn and expanded upon while the basic terms remain the same.
More accurate explanations show up any intermediate steps which cannot be avoided in order to present a gapless picture.
Today I will refrain from mentioning a Substantiate part, since Substantiality is present in all parts anyway; except to say that between the Spiritual part and the Material part there exists a large layer of a special kind of Substantiality which, however, need not be regarded as a separate Creation part; for in its activity this layer serves primarily to promote motion, thus to generate heat and form the Material worlds; it therefore does not form a distinct Creation part in itself.
This layer of Substantiality does not need to be named as a Creation part, but as a Creation species which, driving and forming, belongs to the Material Creation Part.

We now leave the higher levels where human spirits do not act or access, and focus our attention only to levels that relate to us and to beings there with us.

Spirit-germs! I have often spoken of them already, explaining their genesis and path. I have also said that earthmen are developed from spirit-germs. Thus it is your development, you human beings that I will describe here.

In my last lecture I spoke about a second, lower section in the Spiritual Creation-Part, in which the spiritual beings could not come into existence fully matured immediately, but must develop from children.
The developed ones of Subsequent Creation, to which you human beings also belong, do not yet originate from this part, rather they come from only a precipitation thereof, which does not possess the strength to develop itself without outside stimuli.
This precipitation consists of the spirit seed-grains, the spirit-germs, from which the developed human spirits of the Material Worlds originate.
The precipitation sinks down from the Spiritual Creation-Part and thus enters into a Ring of Substantiality surrounding the Worlds of Matter.

In this Ring of Substantiality, into which the spirit-germ sinks, there exist beings of very different species, not intermingled with each other but standing on individual planes below one another, according to the nature of the activity in which they swing.

Coming from the Spiritual, we find at the uppermost point of the Ring wonderfully delicate female beings, who, swinging in the rays of Love and Purity, receive the spirit-germs with maternal care and cover them with a cloak of Substantiality. They then forward the thus- cloaked spirit-germs, which still slumber in complete unconsciousness, into the hands of other female beings which stand nearer to the World of Ethereal Matter.
These in turn cover the germ with a second cloak, again of a different nature and corresponding with the particular environment in which these entities dwell. They then accompany the germs, which through this process have become a little heavier again, downwards to the topmost layer of the Ethereal World.

In a helping way all these delicate female beings support the lawful, automatic happenings. They are of perfect beauty and in former times were already known to many men, to whom they would show themselves here and there.
They were called kind fairies, caring for and furthering the developing human souls.
At the border of the Ethereal World there are again different female beings awaiting the descending spirit-germs in order to tend to them lovingly. There are also beings of a male nature here for protection whose activity is not of a care-taking but of a more positive nature.
Thus the spirit-germ is well tended and cared for by helpers of Substantiality while still unconsciously following its urge towards becoming self-conscious, moving ever further on-wards until it meets a density in the Ethereal World which no longer permits it to continue its journey following its unconscious urge. Its downward glide thus comes to a halt. It must linger in order to awaken to development before continuing on its journey.

In my Message I have already stated that upon becoming conscious the spirit takes on a human form, since the special nature of the spirit conditions the human form. This statement is made in broad outline. Now I must also enlarge upon this explanation and point out the fact that during this awakening to initial consciousness the spirit-germ as such does not yet take on human form but only the delicate, substantiate cloak which the spirit-germ received through the first fairy does so.
This cloak takes on human form since, in awakening, the spirit-germ already unconsciously sets this cloak aglow. Therefore, since it is set aglow by spirit, albeit unconsciously, the cloak, in accordance with the way it is being set aglow, naturally takes on human form.
The spirit itself, however, receives a human form only gradually as it becomes self-conscious in its wandering through the Worlds of Matter. The human form will be more or less beautiful depending on the nature and goal of its development. In this process the spirit’s outer substantiate and ethereal cloaks also transform correspondingly.

Today I offered you an entirely new picture of that plane which remains the actual starting-point for you earthmen, and which therefore plays a great role. Now you know how and where you awaken.
And this plane which mediates and enables your coming into the world, thus granting you a foundation stone for your personal existence as a human being, is also important for the mature spirit which has developed aright in accordance with the Will of God and becomes capable of ascent.
Just as here the first cloak blossoms forth in human form, so the mature spirit sheds the same cloak on this plane. In ascending this first cloak then becomes the last to be shed.
It remains behind on this plane in order to dissolve again, to disintegrate, to merge with the same species from which it first arose through the gift of the fairy.
However the cloak of a mature spirit brings along new energies to refresh and strengthen the homogeneous species, due to the fact that it had been strongly penetrated by the glow of the self-conscious spirit in the proper ascending sense and bears this glow within!
As a result this species of cloak becomes all the more powerful in the substantiate ring round the Worlds of Matter, and is able to help even more strongly with the new development and awakening of many human spirit-germs.
After the last cloak of delicate substantiality has been laid aside, the spirit as such, being conscious of itself, leaves this plane of gardens to return to the Spiritual Realm which it once left as an inert, unconscious spirit-germ, merely yielding to its vague urge for development produced by the longing to become conscious.

Let us also explain this process, that is, our development, from another angle, by again using quotes from Word of AT:
Coming from the Divine, Jesus was right in using these words because He was the only One who could overlook and really explain everything. His Message, which cannot be separated from Him personally, shows the clear path up to the Light amid the confusion arising from erroneous views. For all human spirits this means the possibility of a rising or a resurrection from the World of Matter into which they are immersed for their further development. Such a resurrection means life for everyone!
Please listen carefully: All that is base and all that is evil, i.e., all that is called Darkness, exists only in the World of Matter, both in gross matter and in ethereal matter! He who grasps this aright has gained much already.
When a man’s thoughts are evil or base he does immense harm to himself. The main strength of his volition then flows forth like a magnetic ray toward the lower surroundings, where in turn it attracts, through its weight and its greater density, ethereal matter which is correspondingly denser and thus darker, and as a result, the human spirit, from which this volition issues, is enveloped by this dense kind of matter. Also if a human mind is primarily bent on worldly things, for example if he is under the spell of a passion for something which need not necessarily be immorality, gambling or drinking, but can also be a marked partiality for anything of an earthly nature, his spirit will be covered by a more or less dense ethereal cloak through the process I have already mentioned.
This dense and consequently dark cloak prevents all possibility of the spirit rising upwards, and persists as long as the spirit does not change the nature of its volition.
Only an earnest volition and an earnest striving for lofty spirituality can loosen and at last completely detach such a cloak, because then it no longer receives a supply of strength of a like nature and gradually loosens its grip, and finally it is dissolved and falls away, thus freeing the spirit for its ascent.

It should be further explained that every development of a spirit-germ longing for personal consciousness necessitates immersion into the World of Matter. Only through experiences in the World of Matter can it so develop. No other way is open to it. The spirit-germ, however, is not forced into this immersion, for it happens only as soon as its own desire to do so awakens within it. Its own desire then impels it towards the necessary course of development. Out of the so-called Paradise of unconsciousness and thus out of its state of non-responsibility.
If men in the world of matter, through their wrong desires, lose the right path that leads upwards again, back to the Light, then they will remain straying about in the world of matter.

The entire World of Matter is suspended like a great wreath at the lowest part of Creation, rotating in an immense circle which takes many millions of years to complete. Thus in the great cosmic happenings everything not only revolves around itself, but the whole of Creation also continually rotates in an immense circle. Just as this great cycle resulted from the first process of combination up to its present state of completion, so it continues unswervingly on its course in the same manner until disintegration sets in and returns the component parts to their primeval substance. The cycle, with its primeval substance, nonetheless continues steadily to rotate in order to form new worlds through new combinations, which bear virgin, as yet unused energies.
Such is the great process of evolution, eternally repeating itself on the smallest as well as on the grandest scale. And above this cycle there stands firmly anchored the first spiritually pure Creation, the so-called Paradise. In contrast to the formed World of Matter, Paradise is not subject to disintegration.

Just as a cornfield, after a number of years, yields an ever-decreasing harvest of grain, and only receives new energy through crop rotation, so it is with the whole World of Matter. It, too, becomes exhausted after a time and must refresh its strength through disintegration and new composition. Such processes, however, require millions of years. However, even in the course of many millions of years there comes one definite year which is decisive for the necessary separation of what is useful from what is useless.
And we have now reached this point in time in the great cycle. The human spirit still dwelling in the World of Matter must at last decide to make its ascent, or the World of Matter will keep it firmly entwined for the ensuing disintegration … which is eternal damnation from which a spiritual, self-conscious resurrection and ascent towards the luminous, eternal part of Creation that stands elevated above such disintegration, will never be possible again.

Looking out from His height, i.e., looking down from above, Christ, as always, chose His words in such a way as to describe as a quite natural process the resurrection of the spirit-germ from the World of matter into which it had descended.
Try to imagine yourself standing above the World of Matter.
Below you, spread out like a field, lies the World of Matter in its many species. Spirit-germs, coming from above, now descend into the World of Matter. Gradually, over a long period of time and at many intervals, complete human spirits emerge which have become self-conscious through their experiences in the World of Matter, and which through their urge to strive upwards have been able to cast off all that is material and leave it behind. These thereby celebrate their resurrection from the World of Matter!
But not all germs rise to the surface as matured spirits. A good many of them remain behind and must perish therein, useless. —
Everything is exactly the same as with a wheat field.
Just as with the grain of wheat, all the mysterious and actual development takes place in the soil needed for that purpose, so the principal development of the spirit-germ takes place in the general World of Matter. —
With each one of His statements Christ always illustrates some natural happening in Creation.

Viewed from below upwards, there are the species of gross matter, the species of ethereal matter, the species of animistic substantiality, and the species of spiritual substance as the highest. Each of these species is again divided into many levels so that the danger easily arises of confusing the levels of fine gross matter with those of coarse ethereal matter. The transitions are quite subtle and in their working and effects, not actually firmly connected, but only meshing with each other.
On each of these levels life manifests in a different manner. Man has a cloak of each species of Creation which is below the spiritual. The core itself is spiritual. Each cloak is equivalent to a body. Thus man is a spiritual core which, in the development of self-consciousness, takes on human form, which with increasing development toward the Light, becomes ever more ideal up to the most perfect beauty, while in the case of a downward development it takes on more and more of the opposite up to the most grotesque deformations.

You do not know at all what a treasure there is for you in this creation; a treasure that can and should be found and picked up by every human spirit. It is so big, so inexhaustible that all people can enrich themselves from it, and yet it would not wane a bit. That treasure is the neutral power of God. The power does not recognize the difference between good and evil; it stands outside these concepts, it is simply a “living force”! The moment a person feels something in himself or herself, whether it is love, hatred, envy or something else, every feeling act as a key to the treasury and finds contact with this high power. Thereby the power pours into your intuitive perception and strengthens it enormously. Only through this does the intuitive perception in you become able to live and thus remain alive, regardless of whether it is a good or bad one.
Thus, through a simple, natural intuitive perception, man will control all the effects of God's power in this subsequent creation.
Only in this way does man's intuitive perception become alive and capable of forming creatively, which makes man the supreme creature in creation. So man does not have the power of God in himself, but only the key to this power through his ability to perceive intuitively. Yet in ignorance, and unconsciously like a child, he plays with fire and thus causes so much damage. But he does not have to remain unconscious! It's his fault. All the prophets, and most recently the Son of God, tried to bring clarity to this point and to show the way people should follow, how they must feel, think and act in order to go the right way!

Do you understand the happening? With your volition and mind you direct the fate of the whole subsequent creation and you are not aware of it! You support either blossoming or extinction; you bring either up-building full of harmony, or wild confusion which now fully manifests! You call it punishment and judgment, but in fact you yourselves were the ones who enforced everything that is happening now.

So consider this: God's power is lent to you, you can only manage its use, but you do not have it within you, it is not your own!
But the Divinity that is in this power is only for the good, for the Divine does not know the darkness at all. But you, to whom the power is lent, are thereby building a killers' den!
Therefore once more I urgently call out to you: Keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, by so doing you will bring peace and be happy!

When schools and churches speak of Heaven and hell, of God and the devil, this is right. It is wrong, however, to explain it as good and evil powers. That must at once plunge every serious seeker into error and doubt; for where there are two powers there must also logically be two rulers, hence in this case two gods, a good one and an evil one.
And this is not the case!
There is only one Creator, one God, and hence only one Power which streams through all that exists, animating and furthering it!
This pure, creative Power of God flows continually through the whole Creation, lies in it and is inseparable from it. It is to be found everywhere: in the air, in every drop of water, in the growing rock, the struggling plant, the animal, and naturally also in man. There is nothing where it would not be.

Thus through the activity of the elemental beings, under the impulse of the base volition of men, and through the anchoring of the threads springing forth from this volition, there also came into existence the so-called hell. The threads of the evil volition were anchored there, grew, blossomed and finally bore the corresponding fruit, which those human beings who produced the seed had to accept.

Try it, for your thoughts are the messengers you send forth, which return heavily laden with similar thought-forms, good or evil as the case may be. This actually happens. Remember that your thoughts are realities that shape themselves spiritually, often becoming forms outliving the earth-life of your body, then much will become clear to you. Thus it is quite rightly said: For their works will pursue them! Thought-creations are works which will one day await you! Which form light or dark rings around you, which you must traverse in order to enter the spiritual world. Neither protection nor intervention can help in this, because the decision lies with you. Therefore you yourself must take the first step in everything. This is not difficult; it lies solely in the volition, which expresses itself through thoughts. Thus you carry heaven or hell within you.

But what binds a human soul more gravely is the urge or the proclivity which is the mainspring to one or more deeds. This proclivity lives on in a human soul, even when the latter has passed into the beyond after severance from its physical body. In fact it will become even more pronounced in the ethereal body as soon as the limitations of gross matter fall away, because then the effects of the intuitive perceptions are much livelier and less restrained. It is such a proclivity in turn, which will define the density and thus the weight of the ethereal body.

However, since in those regions this happens only and always on a reciprocal basis, every individual will have to suffer bitterly from others everything that he himself continually tries to do unto them. Thus life there becomes hell, until such a human soul gradually becomes weary and feels repulsed by it.

Even hell itself is but a product of human spirits, existing, it is true, and also holding serious dangers and causing terrible suffering, but it is completely dependent on the volition of all those human beings whose intuitive perceptions enable the existence of hell by supplying it with power from the neutral Divine Power which rests in Creation for the use of human spirits. Thus hell is not a Divine institution, but the work of man!
He who recognizes this aright, and then consciously makes use of this knowledge, will help many, and he himself will also ascend more easily towards the Light, in which alone all real Life lies.

Radiant light! Dazzling purity! A blissful feeling of lightness! All this speaks for itself so clearly that it is hardly necessary to go into details. The less the ethereal body, i.e., the cloak of the human spirit in the beyond, is burdened with some base proclivity, with any kind of desire for material things and pleasures, the less will he be attracted by them, and the less dense and therefore the less heavy will be his ethereal body which is formed according to his volition; and through its lightness he will be all the more quickly uplifted to the more luminous regions corresponding to the lesser density of his ethereal body.
The less dense, the looser and finer this ethereal body becomes when it is cleansed of base desires, the brighter and the more luminous it must appear; for then the core of spiritual substantiality within the human soul, which as such is radiant through its nature, will shine through more and more from within as the ethereal body grows ever more transparent; whereas in the lower regions this radiant core is hidden through the greater density and gravity of the ethereal body and thus remains darkened.
In the regions of Light every human soul will, depending on the nature of his ethereal body, also meet those that are homogeneous with him, i.e. kindred souls. As only that which is truly noble and of good volition is able to strive upwards, free from all base desires, so will he only encounter that which is noble as being homogeneous with him. It is also easy to understand that one who dwells in such regions has to suffer no torment but enjoys the blessing of the homogeneous nobleness radiating from him; he feels blissfully happy and through his own activity causes joy in the others in which he in turn shares. He can truly say that he is wandering in the fields of the truly blessed. Thus encouraged, his joy in all that is pure and sublime grows ever stronger, lifting him higher and higher. Permeated by this intuitive feeling, his ethereal body will become ever finer and less dense, enabling the shining core of spiritual substance to break through ever more radiantly, finally causing the last remnants of the ethereal body to fall away as if consumed by flames, at which point the human spirit, having attained a complete and conscious personality of perfect pure spiritual-substantiality, can cross the border into the Realm of Spiritual Substantiality. Only then does he enter the Eternal Kingdom of God the Father, the everlasting Paradise.
Just as it would be impossible for a painter to portray the torments of actual life in the dark regions, so is it equally impossible for him to depict the delight which life holds in the light regions, even if these regions still belong to the transient World of Ethereal Matter before the boundary to the Eternal Kingdom of God has been crossed.

Thus, we can see from the Word of AT that it is us alone who create hell. We may, or, must experience it at all levels of our development. Therefore, we should really be dealing with the serious seeking, but also the life in the sense of this AT, which already we have had at our disposal for a long time!

February the 8th, 2018

Part 3.

3.      Why are there so many churches?

If in the course of thousands of years men had not always acted as they still do today, if they had not time and again distorted everything that was intended to help them, in order to adapt it to their human way of thinking and their earthly desires, there would now be only one uniform teaching here on earth, issuing from the Will of God. There would not be so many different creeds in existence.
All the teachings that have come to earth in the past would, united, form a single flight of steps to the pedestal on which the Truth is to stand according to the Holy Will of God, as it has so often been proclaimed to mankind in various revelations.

There would be no differences in the interpretations, much less in the teachings themselves!
For all teachings were at one time willed by God, precisely adapted to the individual peoples and countries, and formed in complete accord with their actual spiritual maturity and receptivity.
Originally they all led in a completely straight line to the Holy Divine Word of Truth, which you find in the Message. Even at those times everything was leading up to the time of the Final Judgment, which is today! The Bringers of all the individual teachings, with the exception of those coming down from the Light Itself, were Forerunners of the Word of Truth Itself.
And these Forerunners have made great efforts, very often amid intense inner struggles, to fulfill their tasks loyally, despite all the obstructions that men sought to put in their way again and again.
However, even in those days, men as always completely failed in every case, in that soon after the passing of the heralds who prepared the way, they always distorted their words, or else completely left out and withheld from posterity anything they could not quite understand.
But that which they tried to withhold, since at the time they themselves could not understand it, was actually the most important of all!

Only due to petty human thinking and human vanities did such differences and sometimes even contradictions develop from what was originally always only one and was never meant to lead apart!
Here, too, the Darkness very cleverly recognized and exploited the weaknesses of earthmen in order to achieve its goal, which is hostile to the Light.

That such evil results could ensue merely shows that the present forms of these teachings must be the work of men; for what comes from God, or what is carried out in purity at His behest, knows neither hate nor enmity!
Take this truth as the touchstone for all things! Wherever you find intolerance and malice, or even hostility and agitation against others who are not of the same faith, wherever men seek to harm those of different belief, either the teaching is not from God or it has been falsified! And such people serve only the Darkness, never the Light!

This quotation is also a warning to those who oppose the ones who, contrary to them, did not sleep through the events in 1998!

A teaching that permits this must be distorted, whatever it is called; for a teaching that has not yet been distorted will swing in purity in the Laws of God. It does not produce human beings who wish to harm their fellow-men!
Of course there are also people who, although they avail themselves of a pure teaching, then misuse it for their own ends, as you may often find in world history, and in the history of many individual nations, who are always eventually driven to their downfall through this, although here and there they sometimes appear to rise.
It is striking how those who act thus are always the servants of such teachings themselves, who since olden times have always called themselves priests or servants of God. And they have always presented these teachings in such a way that their interpretations would advance the fulfillment of their selfish desires. Through this, however, the sense of the teachings was already distorted, and without realizing it, the adherents and believers served only the temples and churches, but not truly God!
And these so-called servants of God have always jealously guarded the maintenance of their earthly influence over the faithful, and constantly sought to extend it, because to them it meant, and indeed it was, both authority and... their livelihood, their subsistence!

Only when missionaries, preachers and teachers will base their activity on the foundation of the knowledge of the natural development in all Creation, and thus on the exact knowledge of the Laws of the Divine Will, without being erratic or leaving gaps, will they really be able to achieve true successes that are spiritually alive.
Unfortunately every religion is now nothing but a rigid form, only arduously holding together its inert substance. After the necessary transformation, however, the hitherto inert substance will become invigorated and break through the cold, dead, rigid forms, roaring forth jubilantly over the entire world and among all peoples! —

So without hesitation we can say the following:
Just as many churches are there nowadays, the pure Word of God - the Absolute Truth, was distorted  as many times!


4.      Can a man live forever?

The Law of Almighty God for you is:
You are permitted to wander through Creation! Go in such a manner as to cause no harm to others in pursuit of your personal desires! Otherwise threads will be woven into the carpet of your paths which will hold you down and prevent you from ascending to the Luminous Heights of conscious and joyful activity in the gardens of all the Realms of your God!

This has already partially answered the above question - and it is completely natural, and in compliance with God's laws because answering a key question also answers other subordinate questions. Again, the order of questions in this series of articles is not random, but deliberate. That is why we are only going to broaden this question with what is substanstial.
Man has only a possibility to live forever, but it is not obvious because for us human spirits evolving to perfection, – to eternity, there is also a spiritual death, a final and decisive one. Therefore spiritual death is a conclusion of our life, - the development in the World of Matter, in case we fail and do not develop our spirit to perfection on time. So we can seriously proclaim the following: There is more at stake than just a “life” - in terms of how we understand the meaning of this word so far.

Now we will repeat certain quotes (in a different font style) from the previous part that relates to this question and also what is written in the above paragraph:
“And this plane which mediates and enables your coming into the world, thus granting you a foundation stone for your personal existence as a human being, is also important for the mature spirit which has developed aright in accordance with the Will of God and becomes capable of ascent.
Just as here the first cloak blossoms forth in human form, so the mature spirit sheds the same cloak on this plane. In ascending, this first cloak then becomes the last to be shed.

“And we have now reached this point in time in the great cycle. The human spirit still dwelling in the World of Matter must at last decide to make its ascent, or the World of Matter will keep it firmly entwined for the ensuing disintegration … which is eternal damnation from which a spiritual, self-conscious resurrection and ascent towards the luminous, eternal part of Creation that stands elevated above such disintegration, will never be possible again.”

“Try to imagine yourself standing above the World of Matter.
Below you, spread out like a field, lies the World of Matter in its many species. Spirit-germs, coming from above, now descend into the World of Matter. Gradually, over a long period of time and at many intervals, complete human spirits emerge(*) which have become self-conscious through their experiences in the World of Matter, and which through their urge to strive upwards have been able to cast off all that is material and leave it behind. These thereby celebrate their resurrection from the World of Matter!
But not all germs rise to the surface as matured spirits. A good many of them remain behind and must perish therein, useless.—”

The following quotes further advance the previous quotes from AT:
Therefore, think of the spirit as being the real essence of man, which as being the core wears many cloaks for the purpose of development and of unfolding its inherent strength, which must increase to withstand the most severe endurance test through the physical body in order to attain to victorious perfection. (*)
This applies to all those who have developed their personality in the wrong direction. They must therefore lose their personality as both useless and detrimental. It should be noted that disintegration is not the same as annihilation. Nothing can be annihilated. It is but a return into the primeval state. What will be destroyed in these lost ones is the personal “ego” they had acquired up to that time, a process accompanied by unspeakable torments.
Such lost or damned ones then cease to be complete human spirits, while the others are permitted to return home to the Eternal Kingdom of Joy and Light as self-conscious spirits, consciously enjoying all its splendour. —

In this process the form of the image of God, the form of man, acquired in the course of becoming conscious, again disintegrates. After the complete disintegration of matter back into primeval substance, that which has become unconscious spiritual substance is again set free and, in accordance with its nature rises upwards. Then, however, it does not return as a conscious human spirit, but as an unconscious seed which at some time or other, through a newly-awakening desire, starts its whole course again from the beginning in a new part of the world.

There is not one human being who could not be mature! The disparity among men is but the necessary consequence of their own free volition. The World of Matter is now transitioning from a state of over-ripeness to a process of disintegration while simultaneously drifting towards a new birth.

How long ago was it that man energetically denied the existence of myriads of colourful organisms in a drop of water, whose existence is now known to every child? And why was their existence denied? Only because man could not see them! It was not until an instrument adapted to their nature had been invented that man could recognize, see and observe this new world.
The same applies to the non-material World, the so-called beyond! First become seeing! Then you may permit yourself to judge! It is up to you, not up to the “other world.” Apart from your physical body you also have the substance of the other world within you, while those in the beyond no longer possess your gross material substance. You demand and expect that those in the beyond, who no longer have gross matter at their disposal, should approach you (give signs, etc.). You wait for them to prove their existence to you, who have at your disposal the substance of the beyond as well as your physical substance, while you yourself sit waiting with the gestures of a judge.
You build the bridge which you can build, at long last work with the same substance that you too have at your command, and learn to become seeing thereby! Or keep silent if you cannot manage this, and continue to nourish what is of gross matter, and which weighs upon ethereal substance more and more heavily. The day will come when the ethereal must separate itself from the gross-material, and then it will lie exhausted, because it is no longer accustomed to flight; for all this is subject to the physical laws, just as the physical body is. Only movement brings strength! You do not need mediums in order to perceive ethereal substance. Just observe the life of the ethereal part within you. Give it what it needs to grow strong through your will. Or would you also dispute the existence of your will because you can neither see nor touch it?

Through their reciprocal action, however, these ever-increasing endurance tests are at the same time also the furthering stages of development, in which the earth is the outermost turning point.
Thus let us simply say that the spirit is the actual human being, all else being only cloaks. By wearing them the spirit becomes strong, and through the consequent need to bestir itself it becomes ever more aglow.
The glow into which the spirit is thus transposed does not die once the cloaks are laid aside, but it raises the spirit and leads it upwards into the Spiritual Realm.
For it is just through the need to bestir itself under the weight of its cloaks that the spirit finally grew so strong that it can bear the stronger pressure in the Spiritual Realm and remain conscious, something it was unable to do as a spirit-germ.
Such is the course of its development which proceeded for the sake of the spirit. The cloaks themselves are to be considered merely as the means to an end.
Therefore, nothing changes when earth-man lays aside his physical body. He is still the same human being, only without the physical cloak and the so-called astral body which remains with the physical body and which is necessary for forming the gross material earthly body and originates from medium gross matter.

There are many people who have arrived at the knowledge of the existence of so-called astral things. But they neither know their actual purpose nor the real process of their coming into existence.

However, the astral plane contains two ways and thereby also two great basic divisions. One leading towards the heavy gross matter and another leading away from it again! The part striving towards heavy gross matter is the bridge which is necessary for the up-building in the earthly; the part striving away from it, however, is the formed expression of the thoughts and actions of the human spirits which are upon earth in earthly garments.

After having again taken a brief glimpse at these matters, we must now return to details. Thus the little elemental beings fashion the astral body beforehand as the necessary bridge for the soul, so that it is able to control, direct and move the growing body.
The soul is connected with the astral body and works through this upon the heavy physical body. Likewise the physical body with the radiation necessary for this can really bind the soul to itself only through the astral body acting as a mediator. The radiations issuing from heavy gross matter, through which the animistic pulsates, must first penetrate the medium gross matter of the astral body, for otherwise they cannot connect with the radiations of the soul, the outermost cloak of which is by then already of finest gross matter.
Let us at present distinguish only between three basic species of gross matter, although there are still various intermediate and side species in addition. For the time being we will only consider the fine, the medium heavy and the heaviest gross material substance. In this sense the physical body also belongs to the heaviest earthly species, and the astral body to the transitional species of medium heavy gross matter, i.e., to that species which lies next to the heaviest. (*)
When an incarnation is to take place this astral body is first fashioned by the elemental beings, and immediately afterwards the physical body is formed so that it appears as if both occur simultaneously. In reality, however, the fashioning of the astral body precedes the process in heavy gross matter; it must precede it, otherwise the physical body could not be completed and the soul would be unable to do anything with it.

There is nothing on earth which has not already been fashioned beforehand in an even more beautiful and more perfect way by the little elemental beings in medium gross matter!
Everything taking place in the World of heavy Gross Matter, even the skill of the craftsmen, the creations of the artists, etc., is only drawn from the preceding activities of the little elemental beings. They have already completed this and much more besides in medium and finer gross matter. There all this is even more perfect in its forms, because the elementals work directly in the laws of the Will of God which is perfect, and which can therefore only give expression to what is perfect in form.
Every invention, even the most surprising one, is only borrowed from things already achieved by the beings on other planes. There are very many such things yet, ready for men to draw upon in order to transfer them here upon earth into the World of heavy Gross Matter. (****)

It is true that after the soul has severed itself from the physical body the astral body decays along with the physical body. But this must not be taken as proof that it is therefore dependent upon it. This does not even give a justifiable foundation for such an assumption.
In reality the process is different: When it severs itself the soul, being the mobile part, draws the astral body away from the physical body. Figuratively speaking: the soul upon stepping out of and leaving the physical body pulls the astral body out with it. That is how it appears. In reality the soul only pulls it off the physical body, because a fusion has never taken place but only a telescoping, as it is with field glasses which go in and out.

Thus after the earthly departure of the soul the astral body always remains near the physical body. The further the soul then moves away the weaker the astral body also becomes; and the ever-increasing severance of the soul finally brings about the decay and decomposition of the astral body, which in turn immediately brings in its train the decay of the physical body, in the same way as it also influenced its formation. This is the normal process in accordance with the Laws of Creation. Naturally special acts of intervention also bring about special conditions and disarrangements, but without being able to eliminate the lawfulness.
The astral body, which is first and foremost dependent upon the soul, is the mediator to the physical body. Whatever happens to the astral body is also definitely suffered by the physical body. The sufferings of the physical body, however, touch the astral body much less, although they are closely connected with each other.
If, for example, some part of the physical body is taken away, let us suppose it is a finger, then the finger of the astral body is not also taken away simultaneously, but it still remains as before. That is why a person on earth can actually still feel pain or a pressure periodically at that spot where he no longer possesses a member of his physical body.

The battle for and against life after physical death is strange, often even verging on the ludicrous. He who is able to reflect and observe calmly, without prejudice and self-desires, will soon find that everything, positively everything, speaks for the probability of an existing world of a different substance which the average person of today is unable to see. There are so many occurrences which keep reminding us of this fact and which cannot simply be pushed aside heedlessly as non-existing. On the other hand, the only thing in favor of an absolute cessation of life after physical death is the desire of many persons who would thereby like to evade every spiritual responsibility in which neither cleverness nor cunning, but only genuine intuition is weighed.

We could provided more proofs through other quotes from AT, but it is useless. Rather more useful is to follow the advice from the last quote and soon everyone finds out that inside him there is “something” that does not age with the body or as years pass by, but that “something” remains the same! It will be confirmed for everyone at the moment of earthly death.

February the 14th, 2018

Part 4.

5.      Are there parallel words?

This question has already been partially answered in the answer to previous question, and now it will only need to be properly broadened.

Gradually, over a long period of time and at many intervals, complete human spirits emerge. (*)

Therefore, think of the spirit as being the real essence of man, which as being the core wears many cloaks for the purpose of development and of unfolding its inherent strength, which must increase to withstand the most severe endurance test through the physical body in order to attain to victorious perfection. (*)

The following is a summarised list of Parts of Creation:
                     1. The Pure Spiritual Part
                     2. The Spiritual Part
                     3. The Material Part

                It can also be described as:
                     1. Primordial Creation
                     2. Creation
                     3. Subsequent Creation (*)

Let us at present distinguish only between three basic species of gross matter, although there are still various intermediate and side species in addition. For the time being we will only consider the fine, the medium heavy, and the heaviest gross material substance. In this sense the physical body also belongs to the heaviest earthly species, and the astral body to the transitional species of medium heavy gross matter, i.e., to that species which lies next to the heaviest. (*)

The above list of parts of the Creation is not complete at all; apart from these there are many other levels (spheres), including in-between levels, where beings of various maturity live. The same situation is also here on Earth - they also live here right amongst us, even if we are not able to see them, or even learn about their presence. Yet, such inability does not apply to all people, and hence we should not make fun of those who can see, hear or just perceive them intuitively.

Therefore let us provide a more detailed division of the levels of Creation, again by using quotes from AT:
More accurate explanations show up any intermediate steps which cannot be avoided in order to present a gapless picture.
Today I will refrain from mentioning a Substantiate part, since Substantiality is present in all parts anyway; except to say that between the Spiritual part and the Material part there exists a large layer of a special kind of Substantiality which, however, need not be regarded as a separate Creation part; for in its activity this layer serves primarily to promote motion, thus to generate heat and form the Material worlds; it therefore does not form a distinct Creation part in itself.
This layer of Substantiality does not need to be named as a Creation part, but as a Creation species which, driving and forming, belongs to the Material Creation Part.

If you look around you in an alert manner you can immediately recognize the fact that you really have the Word of Truth in my Message; for your entire life on earth up until now, as well as the new experiencing of every moment outwardly and inwardly, will become absolutely clear to you as soon as you shine the light of my Message on it.
Not a single question remains unsolved for you; a great understanding arises within you of the working of the adamantine Laws in Creation which have so far been a mystery to you, the Laws which guide you with the consequences of your volition; and as a crown for all your effort there comes the wonderful sensing of a Wisdom, of an Omnipotence, of a Love and of a Justice that can only issue from God, Whose Being you therewith discover!

This latest quote can also be supportive when answering the first question: “Is there God?

But let us return to Creation.

And just as there was previously in the Pure-Spiritual, there is also a second section in the Spiritual which requires development, and where consequently there are children alongside those who have matured through development. These two sections together form the Spiritual Part of Creation.
This Spiritual Part is then followed by a large ring of a very special Substantiate species enclosing the Material Part, influencing it, penetrating it, moving it, and thereby bringing heat and formation.
The Material Creation-Part in turn also has two sections. The first part, the world of Ethereal Matter, forms immediately through the influence of the Substantiate, since it can be penetrated easily. The second part, Gross Matter, due to its greater density must first go through a process of development with the help of the Substantiate beings. Naturally these two basic sections also fall into many sub-divisions.
Each section of the Creation-species splits into many planes, of which each individual plane is again so varied that it appears like a huge world in itself.
However, I shall only accurately explain to you that which exists within the boundaries of your human spirit! This is already so vast that your spirit must bestir itself and make every effort continually and without interruption, in order to grasp aright even one part while here on earth. This part, however, gets you to a point where you cannot get lost easily.

There are various worlds of different species where human spirits dwell according to their spiritual maturity. These worlds are more or less dense, closer or more remote from Paradise. The more remote they are the denser and thus heavier they are.
The conception of time and space becomes narrower as density increases, as substance becomes more solid in the World of Matter, and as the distance from the Spiritual Realm increases. The earth belongs to that part of the World that ranks second in density. Thus there is still another World part that is even denser, therefore even more narrowly limited in the time–and-space concept.
The different conception of time and space arises from the more or less elastic ability of man's brain to absorb experiences, which in turn is adapted to the density of his environment, i.e., to the nature of the world in which his body dwells. Thus we must speak of different conceptions of time and space in the different parts of the World.
There are World parts which are situated much nearer to Paradise, i.e. the pure-spiritual world-part, than is the part to which the earth belongs. Those closer parts are of a different kind of materiality, which is lighter and less solid. Consequently they provide the possibility of expanded, fully conscious experiencing. Here we call it day-conscious experiencing.
The worlds of matter which are of a different nature belong to fine gross matter, as well as to coarse fine matter, and also to pure fine matter while we at present live in the world of absolute Gross Matter. The more rarefied matter is, the more permeable it is. The more permeable a species of matter is, the wider and more expanded is the field of possibilities for conscious experiencing or, let us call it the impressionability for the human spirit dwelling in the body. Experiencing can also be called a possibility of perception.

According to the nature of the permeability, i.e., according to the lighter, more luminous nature of its environment, a human spirit is able, through easier absorption, to experience in the time of one earth-day as much as in the time of one earth-year, in the Spiritual Realm itself, it can experience in the time of one earth-day as much as in a thousand earth-years!
Thus the saying: “There, a thousand years are as one day.” Hence in the wealth of experiences, which increases with the growing maturity of the human spirit.
Man can best picture this if he thinks of his dreams! In a dream lasting a single minute of earth-time he is often able to perceive, to really experience in his spirit, an entire lifetime!

This latest quotation corresponds to the frequently asked question about traveling in time!

Thus, today we will talk of The Ring of the Substantiality which forms the terminal point of all that is mobile.

Without this help your development would be impossible. You would have to remain forever spirit-germs with the burning desire to be able to become conscious through the Grace of God, the Only One, The Almighty!
You however, show only ingratitude for the necessary activity of those beings from the substantiate ring around the material spheres who are always ready to help by making the insane assertion that they must belong to the realm of legends and mythology because you obstructed your ability to see and hear them.
So often you have smiled scornfully when this matter was discussed, and you have no idea what fools you made of yourselves in so doing, and how repulsive you must have seemed to the helpers you so urgently need!
Just as the precipitation of the Spiritual is known to you as spirit-germs, so is The Ring of the Substantiality also to be called a precipitation, albeit one of a very different kind, which out of the rotation of the self-moving Creations trickles down and drips from the substantiate waves, in order to gather and maintain itself at the end of the Creations through the attraction of the similar basic species.
With this we again arrive at an expansion of the Creation concepts.
Thus, we have self-moving parts, which include Primordial Creation and Creation and then follows Subsequent Creation, which is not capable of moving on its own accord but needs to be propelled.

This Ring of the Substantiate Precipitate is below the spirit-germs, therefore below the Ring of the Spiritual Precipitate, and forms the final border of all that is mobile; for also The Ring of the Spiritual Precipitate as the last of the Spiritual, and The Ring of the substantiate precipitate as the last of the Substantiate, have their own innate movement and thus warmth, although still unconsciously in the beginning! This is important to know.
Then follow the different materialities. They are so named because they can only serve as cloaks and possess neither innate warmth nor movement. They must first be permeated with warmth before they transmit warmth, and they are again cold and immobile when the provider of warmth is withdrawn. This characteristic exists only in the Worlds of Matter.

The outermost point of its development, namely that point, which as being the furthest away from the Light, is thus also the point where the spirit, under the pressure of the heaviest, densest cloak, must develop its own volition most intensely, whereby it can and is meant to become aglow, so as to be able to ascend again, closer to the Light. In Ephesus this point is the gross-materiality of the earth.
Through this, the sojourn on earth becomes the turning-point of all the wanderings! Thus it is quite especially important.

There is much to be gained from this overview, so as one is able to get a picture of the various levels of Creation, that is, the worlds, as well as the beings that inhabit these worlds and also cooperate with each other. Unfortunately not with us -  conceited fools, who due to vanity cannot see further than the end of own nose.
And we have published only a little of what is in the AT - The Grail Message; yet it can awaken man‘s humility and an endeavor to expand his or her knowledge. However, the following text, which will now be published, will also help us. Our task is only to awaken the desire for the Truth, which can also answer all the new questions that will emerge in the mind of the seeker. However to seek and try to understand the Truth is something everyone has got to do himself or herself as an idividual!


6.      Is reincarnation a fact or a mere desilusion?

We already know from the answer to previous question that a human spirit must evolve to self-awareness and thus to perfection. But how can one who is born with a brain disorder or poorly developed senses develop to perfection
Even here there is no injustice, but only our own fault on the basis of our free will. This goes hand in hand with our ignorance that each of us has already had many lives on Earth or other planets, and even at subtle levels of creation. Again, we can find confirmation in the Word of AT as quoted below:

Questions and Answers, written by Abdrushin, question no. 34:
How is it that Christ has never said anything about reincarnation? Nor has He ever spoken of the Holy Grail.

Christ spoke only of all those things that people of His time needed to know to enable them to ascend spiritually, nothing more. But today people must have more detailed explanations, because they have indeed shown themselves to be incapable of grasping the deep meaning of the parables and illustrations given in simplicity by Christ. Apart from that, however, the Last Supper at the end of His time on earth was a Grail Act.
But these explanations go beyond what is necessary now. What men need today for ascent they have received. Whoever wants to know still more has not recognised what has been said so far, and anything further could not help him either.

Other quotations from the Absolute Truth:
But all that has its time. When he must smile about today, he will in quite a short time consider to be right and even self-evident. Therefore I say explicitly: with this short reference I am already going a little too far today.
If, for example, I now say that Schiller in his “Wallenstein” describes his own experience, that he had already been on earth before as Wallenstein, and also further back in different guise, and right now he lives on earth again, this time as a woman, this may well require a long soul activity before becoming familiar with such facts!
And when I say further that, for instance, the famous painter Raphael and also Titian are among those living today, who have no idea of the former happening and of their ability at that time, this will probably affect many a person in a strange way. Only to think that a Raphael in his present guise stands admiringly before a painting which he himself created in his former earth-life. Considering the limitation of the memory, this has even a comical, a humorous effect. (****)
And yet it is neither fairy-tale nor fantasy. Also when I say that Therese Neumann was once the thief on the cross who reviled Christ, and for that reason even today still has to bear these stigmata retroactively until inward recognition of this comes to her for the redemption of her guilt, then if not all yet very many, probably most people will doubt this and regard it as fantasy. And yet it will not be much longer till the Truth in this must be recognised!
Let us now assume that even Christ‘s disciples, who according to His own statements did not receive their Master or His Message aright at that time, have been back on earth in various guises repeatedly since then, and that even today most of them are once more among men, what conclusion must a thinking person reach in the course of this reflection, especially if he also gradually recognises the causes and effects concerning these returns?
With this many a picture of the past will collapse in to nothingness and open a view to the joyful awakening of a new, great era of the upward-striving human spirit, who will burst so many old, useless fetters, and stand securely with a free gaze in the Creation of his God, at last serving Him in it knowingly, and thus first and foremost also ... himself!

Through the bandage placed before its eyes at the time of its incarnation the newly-born child seems to be completely ignorant, and is therefore often erroneously regarded as being innocent. Yet it often brings an enormous karma which offers opportunities to release former wrong paths by living them and fully experiencing them. In predestination, karma is merely the necessary consequence of past events. With a mission it is voluntary acceptance of the karma for the purpose of gaining earthly understanding and the maturity for the fulfillment of the mission, in so far as it is not part of the mission itself.
Therefore man should no longer grumble about inequity where births are concerned, but look up gratefully to the Creator, Who only grants new mercies with every single birth!

You will now, of course, ask yourselves how it can then happen that many a human soul can be incarnated on earth alternately, at one time as a woman and at another as a man. The solution to this is not as difficult as you think; for a woman who is genuine in every respect will never get into the position of having to be incarnated in the gross material as a man.

Delicate, genuinely feminine souls are never incarnated in such unfeminine women, and thus the female sex on earth is gradually completely poisoned, since this perversity has become ever more widespread, attracting more and more new souls of this kind, souls which can neither be wholly female nor wholly male, thus spreading spuriousness and disharmony on earth.

Such changes in incarnation are then necessary because everything that is touched in the spiritual core of man must develop. In particular the present unnatural imitation of men by women, which is contrary to the Laws of Creation, as well as the pronounced intellectual work, are bound to have serious consequences for womanhood because they disturb the harmony in Creation!
All such women suppress their genuine womanliness and must thereupon be incarnated in male bodies the next time. This in itself would not be so bad, but although the circumstance is such that the soul of the woman through this distortion of her task may well work cleverly in the male body, nevertheless this is only physical, and she will never be a truly genuine man in spirit and soul! It is and remains an aberration.

Fortunately the wise Laws of Creation have drawn a sharp line in such matters as well; for through a distortion of this nature, forcibly brought about by a wrong volition, there first of all occur difficult or premature births, vulnerable, nervous children with fragmented intuitive feelings, and in the end, after a certain period of time, sterility sets in, so that a nation which allows its womanhood to strive towards an improper masculinization is condemned to slow extinction. (***)
Naturally this does not happen from one day to the next, so that it would become glaringly obvious to the people living at the time, but a happening of this kind must also proceed along the path of development.

Through his connection with the physical body, i.e. through his incarnation, a bandage is placed before the eyes of every human being, which prevents him from surveying his past existence. Like everything that happens in Creation, this is also for the benefit of the person concerned. This too contains the wisdom and love of the Creator. If everyone could precisely recall his previous existence he would merely stand aside and remain a calm onlooker in his new life on earth, in the consciousness that by so doing he was making progress or redeeming something, which also contains only progress. However, instead of helping him to advance, this would expose him to the great danger of sliding downwards. Life on earth must be really experienced if it is to have any purpose. Only that which has been inwardly lived through in all its heights and depths i.e., that which has been experienced intuitively, becomes truly one’s own. If a man always clearly knew from the very outset the exact course that would benefit him, there would be no weighing and decision making for him. He could therefore acquire neither the strength nor the independence that are absolutely necessary for him. As it is, he takes every situation of his earth-life with greater realism. Every genuine experience leaves a firm imprint upon his intuition, upon his immortal part which, newly fashioned by these impressions, man at his transition takes with him as his own, as a part of himself. But only that which he has really experienced, for all else is extinguished at physical death. That which has been experienced remains, however, as the clear extract of his earthly existence, as his gain! Not all that has been learned has been experienced. But only that which has been learned through experience becomes one’s own. All the remaining bulk of what has been learned, to which many a man sacrifices his whole life, remains behind as chaff. Therefore each moment of life can never be taken seriously enough, so that vital warmth will pulse through thoughts, words and deeds and will prevent them from deteriorating into meaningless habits.

Yet nothing has been extinguished in him, nothing lost of what he once really experienced within himself. All of it he can still call his own, as something truly gained and thus everlasting. But only that which has been experienced can arise with these words! Nothing else.
If a man pays close and careful attention with an alert mind, then he will soon recognize what is really alive within him, and what can be called dead; the soulless shells of useless memories.

February the 21st, 2018

Part 5.

7.      In regard to how man was created, who is right, The Bible or Darwin?
8.      Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

It is necessary to merge and answer these two questions together because they are related and the reader will soon find out why. Let us answer them with the following quotations from the Absolute Truth (AT):

“God created man after His own image and breathed into him His breath!” These are two happenings: the creating and the animating!
Both processes, as with everything, were strictly subject to the existing Divine Laws. Nothing can go beyond their scope. No Divine Act of Will will oppose these immovable Laws, which bear the Divine Will Itself. Also every revelation and promise takes place in regard to these Laws, and must be fulfilled in them, not otherwise!
So also the coming into existence of man on earth, which was a step forward of the mighty Creation, the transition to an entirely new, and more elevated phase of evolution of the gross material.
In order to speak of the incarnation of man it is necessary to know of the Ethereal World; for man in flesh and blood is placed as a furthering connecting-link between the ethereal part and the gross material part of Creation, while his root remains in the Pure-Spiritual.

So also with the creation of man, as the crown of the whole work, in whom all the species that lay in Creation were to unite. Hence in the Gross Material World, physically visible matter, there was gradually formed in the further evolution the vessel in which a spark from the Pure-Spiritual that was immortal could be incarnated. Through the continuously striving forming there grew up in time the most highly developed animal which, by thinking, already made use of various aids for its sustenance and defense. Even today we can observe certain low species of animals which make use of certain aids to secure and store their necessities of life, and which often show astounding cunning in defense.
The aforesaid most highly developed animals, which were swept away by upheavals that took place on earth, are today described as “primeval men.” But to call them the ancestors of men is a great error! With equal right the cow could be described as “part-mother” of mankind, because in the first months of their lives most children actually need the cow’s milk to build up their bodies, and thus with her help remain alive and grow. The noble and thinking animal “primeval man” has also not much more to do with the real man than that; for the gross material body of man is nothing more than the indispensable instrument that he needs to enable him to work in all directions in the gross material earthly, and to make himself understood.
With the assertion that man is descended from the ape “the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater!” It means reaching far beyond the goal. It raises a partial process to represent the whole. Leaving out the main point!
It would be right if man’s body really were “the man.” As it is, however, the gross material body is only his cloak, which he lays aside as soon as he returns to the Ethereal World.
How then did the first man come into existence?
The highest stage in the Gross Material World having been reached with the most perfected animal, a change for the purpose of further development had to come to avoid standstill and the danger of retrogression. And this change was foreseen and came: The ethereal human spirit having emerged as a spirit spark, then having passed through the ethereal world, renewing and uplifting everything there, it stood at the boundary of the ethereal world ready to connect with gross-materiality in order to further and uplift it at the very moment when the gross material earthly vessel had reached the peak in its development.
While the vessel which had grown to maturity in the World of Gross Matter was formed, the soul in the Ethereal World had developed so far that it possessed sufficient strength to retain its independence upon entering the gross material vessel.
The connection of these two parts now signified a closer union of the Gross Material World with the Ethereal World, right up to the Spiritual.
Only this event was the birth of man!

Such is the process with every incarnation. But now let us return to the first coming into existence of man.
Thus the great epoch in the development of Creation had come: On the one side in the Gross Material World stood the most highly developed animal, which was to provide the gross material body as a vessel for the coming man; on the other side in the Ethereal World stood the developed human soul who was waiting to unite with the gross material vessel, and thereby give a further impetus for spiritualization to everything gross material.
Now when an act of procreation took place between the noblest pair of these highly developed animals, there was incarnated at the hour of incarnation not an animal soul *(Lecture No. 49: The difference in origin of man and animal), as hitherto, but instead the waiting human soul bearing within it the immortal spirit spark. The ethereal human souls with predominantly developed positive abilities incarnated in male animal bodies, corresponding to the homogeneity; those with predominantly negative, more delicate abilities in female bodies, which were closer to their nature. *(Lecture No. 78: Sex)
This process does not support the assertion that man, whose real origin lies in the spiritual, descends from the animal “primeval man” which could only provide the gross material intermediate vessel. Even today it would not occur to the most extreme materialists to consider themselves directly related to an animal, and yet there is now, as there was then, a close physical relationship, hence a gross material homogeneity, whereas the really “living” man, that is, the actual spiritual “ego” of man, has no homogeneity with or derivation from the animal whatever.

All that was a development that lasted for millions of years. But now at last we are very near the hour when the next great epoch in Creation sets in, which is unconditional upward-swinging, and brings what the first epoch with the coming into existence of man should already have brought: the birth of the fully spiritualized man!
Of the man who has a furthering and ennobling effect on the whole of Gross Material Creation, which is the real purpose of man on earth. Then there will be no more room for the oppressive materialist, chained to time and space. He will be a stranger in all the lands, homeless. He will wither away and perish like chaff that is sifted from the wheat. Take care that in this sifting you are not found too light!

What have men contributed to the formation of this earth that might give them the right to freely dispose of it! Constantly they argue about the distribution of property without a thought of what the real owner has to say about it.

You know that everything which can take on form in the worlds is contained within the radiation of the All-Holy Light. The radiation of the Light contains everything that was necessary for the Creation of all the worlds and that is essential for its maintenance. If you wish to follow me properly, you need, from the start, to make a sharp distinction between God, the All-Holy Light Itself, and the radiation of God.

I have already explained all of this in my Message to the extent that an exact picture of this is provided. Today I will speak only of the formation of the earth. I will therefore pass over the transformations of the Light radiation and their effects, down to the world of matter and will start right off with the earth itself.
It is not easy to single out one thing from the universe to form a starting point, when everything is in motion and inseparable. Therefore, seek to understand this one sentence clearly:
Everything that is fundamental, driving, up building, supportive and sustaining is radiation!
Your desire to know must be firmly anchored in this. The pressure or the power of the Light itself forces the propelling and circular movement so that nothing can come to a standstill.
It is in this continuous movement, in combination with warming and cooling, that everything is formed, always into a very specific species, which, in accordance with the Law of Radiations could not be formed in any other way.
This may be taken as the basis for the picture which I will give.
On the way down to the points where materialities can solidify and take on form, there is much that has already detached itself in order to take on form, such as the various levels of the pure-spiritual, the spiritual and the pure substantiality. Planes and worlds could thus be formed which, while circulating within themselves, do not cross certain boundaries.
In the appropriate cooling of the radiations the gross-material rocks of the earth were able to consolidate, during which process elemental helpers, always exactly corresponding to the respective species of rocks, are consciously at work. Through their expanding consciousness these beings receive corresponding human forms.
Water, air and soil had also separated at that point.

Let us suppose that when we look at this certain part of the world all we find is air, water, soil and rock. All this was contained in the radiation of God, but only at a specific point in the cooling process was it able to coalesce through movement thus becoming materially tangible and visible.
Despite gaining visibility in the cooling process each one of these species retains a certain element of radiation so that even rock has an intrinsic radiation which at the same time holds it together.
Now the rock is subjected to the influences of air and humidity as well as to changing temperatures, particularly on its surface. With time, these influences produce changes on the outermost layer known as weathering.
Since the inherent radiation of the rock permeates outward through the weathered layer setting this layer aglow, figuratively speaking, it is being transformed through this glowing before it can be effective outwardly because the weathering caused a change in the outermost layer of rock.
This completely natural alteration of the radiation also provides it with altered properties. As soon as this change of the rock radiation has reached a very specific degree it offers the possibility of solidification of seeds for lichen and mosses which are still loosely floating in the invisible general radiation.
These seeds are attracted by the type of radiation of the weathered rock, and corresponding elemental helpers carefully combine them, nurture them to maturation, and tend to the growth of the developing plants, which in turn develop their inherent radiation in the consolidation.
When they wilt and decay their radiation in turn undergoes a change which in a certain condition offers the way for consolidation of seeds for other plants. Everywhere, elemental helpers such as gnomes, elves, etc., who were able to form under the influence of the altered radiation prior to the coarser consolidation of the seed components, are lovingly and supportively at work. These have frequently been seen by various people
And so it continues onward in the upbuilding or the process of evolution, however man wishes to name it. The transformations of the radiations offer to ever new species the possibility of consolidation and development.
Thus the most diverse varieties of plants emerge, always following the lawful upbuilding contained within and manifesting through the transformations of the radiations.
Through the consolidation of the radiations of rock, decaying plants, water, and air and soil at certain lawfully determined qualities and quantities, emerge the first animals whose gross-material seeds are also invisibly present in the general radiation.
The respective mixture of radiations suitable for this purpose magnetically attracts the existing components from the main radiation, which of course always encompasses everything. Thus it is first the seed which forms as a condensation, and not the animal, which only develops from out of the consolidated seed.
With this the mystery of the familiar riddle is also solved: which came first on earth, the chicken or the egg?
Advancing step by step, evolution then proceeded with the creation of species in accordance with the laws inherent in changes in the radiations until, finally, in a very specific state of maturity, the most highly evolved animal obtained the kind of blood radiation that offered the human spirit germ the opportunity to incarnate. Indeed, through the nature of its blood radiation at that time it attracted, even forced the human spirit germ to incarnate and, while slowly awakening in the animal body, to remodel this body in order to form present-day man, including his outward appearance, in the advancing degrees of his self-awareness.

This highlighted (bold and underlined) text testifies the reason behind the merging of the two questions above, while at the same time it is also a proof of the veracity of the AT since our science has already confirmed this fact. Actually, genetically modified organisms are already a reality, even though for now, the genetic manipulation is still performed only at the cellular level, and not the grownup organism . As a matter of fact, the egg is the largest cell.
Let the one to whom this explanation seems strange, realize that already we, humans, can create certain forms using information in the radiation. Afterall, each of us usually uses the remote control of the TV; even the TV itself is a proof of our ability to create forms by applying information in the radiation. Actually, nowadays we can transfer also three-dimensional images too. They are calling them holograms. However, each process of formation requires an intelligent program that must precede the process itself. Therefore, let us not be naive and think that the whole creation, the universe and nature, even ourselves, are only results of a coincidence, as our science claims so far. Yet at the same time it was the science itself which confirmed that without any program it is impossible to either form or accomplish the desired result, i.e. any building element and then the construction itself.

March the 1st, 2018

Part 6.

9.      Will the end of the world really happen one day?

It is only the cycle of Creation, in its continuous coming into being, disintegration and re-formation, that is eternal and without end, thus infinite.
All the revelations and prophecies, too, are fulfilled within this process. Finally the “Last Judgment” for the earth will also be fulfilled in it!

The Final, that is, the Last Judgment, comes one day for each celestial body, but it does not take place simultaneously in the whole of Creation.
It is a process necessary in that particular part of Creation which reaches the point in its cycle where its disintegration must set in, so that it can form itself anew on its further course.
This eternal cycle does not refer to the orbit of the earth and other stars around their suns, but to the great and mightier cycle which must in turn be followed by all the solar systems, while they in themselves also carry out their own separate movements.
Again, by reason of the consistency of the Natural Laws, the point at which disintegration of each celestial globe must begin is precisely determined, at a very definite place at which the process of disintegration must develop, irrespective of the condition of the celestial globe concerned and of its inhabitants. The cycle drives every celestial globe irresistibly towards this point, the hour of disintegration will be fulfilled without delay; as with everything in Creation this actually denotes only a transformation, the opportunity for a further development. Then the hour of “either – or” has come for every human being. Either he is raised up towards the Light if he strives for the spiritual, or he remains chained to the World of Matter, to which he clings if out of conviction he declares only material things to have value. In that case, through the lawful consequence of his own volition, he is unable to rise from the World of Matter, and on the last stretch of the way he is drawn into disintegration along with it. This then is spiritual death! Equivalent to effacement from the Book of Life.

Although the following quotes have already been used in the previous articles, they are also related to this question:
This applies to all those who have developed their personality in the wrong direction. They must therefore lose their personality as both useless and detrimental. It should be noted that disintegration is not the same as annihilation. Nothing can be annihilated. It is but a return into the primeval state. What will be destroyed in these lost ones is the personal “ego” they had acquired up to that time, a process accompanied by unspeakable torments.

Such lost or damned ones then cease to be complete human spirits, while the others are permitted to return home to the Eternal Kingdom of Joy and Light as self-conscious spirits, consciously enjoying all its splendour. —

In this process the form of the image of God, the form of man, acquired in the course of becoming conscious, again disintegrates. After the complete disintegration of matter back into primeval substance, that which has become unconscious spiritual substance is again set free and, in accordance with its nature rises upwards. Then, however, it does not return as a conscious human spirit, but as an unconscious seed which at some time or other, through a newly-awakening desire, starts its whole course again from the beginning in a new part of the world.

There is not one human being who could not be mature! The disparity among men is but the necessary consequence of their own free volition. The World of Matter is now transitioning from a state of over-ripeness to a process of disintegration while simultaneously drifting towards a new birth.

This separation of spirit from matter, taking place by reason of quite natural processes and Laws is the so-called “Last Judgment”, which is connected with great upheavals and transformations.
Surely everyone will readily understand that this disintegration will not take place in one earth day; for in Cosmic events a thousand years are as one day.
But we are well into the early stages of this epoch. The earth now approaches the point at which it diverges from its previous course, which must also become strongly felt in gross matter. Then the sifting of all men, which has already been prepared for some time, but which until now has only manifested itself in “opinions and convictions”, will set in more sharply.
Every hour of an earth-life is therefore more precious than ever. He who earnestly seeks, and is willing to learn, must exert all his strength to tear himself away from base thoughts, which must chain him to earthly things. Otherwise he is in danger of remaining attached to the World of Matter, and of being drawn with it towards complete disintegration. Those who strive for the Light, however, will gradually become detached from the World of Matter, and will finally be uplifted to the home of all that is spiritual.
Then the definite division between Light and Darkness will be accomplished, and the Judgment will be fulfilled.
“The World” i.e. all of Creation, will not perish thereby, but the celestial bodies will only be drawn into the process of disintegration when their course reaches the point where dissolution as well as the preceding separation are due to set in. For the earth the beginning for this has already set in and everything will soon begin to roll forward with giant steps.

This cycle of Creation, may be pictured as a gigantic funnel or a gigantic cave of ethereal matter from which an incessant stream of primordial seed, also of ethereal matter, pours forth, and in rotating movements, strives towards fresh combinations and development. This is exactly as science already knows and has correctly recorded. Through friction and amalgamation dense nebulae are formed that become gross-material, and from these again celestial bodies are formed, which according to immutable Laws group themselves with absolute consistency into solar systems; and rotating individually, they must together follow the great cycle which is the eternal one. Just as it is in the processes that are visible to the physical eye, wherein seeds are followed by development, formation, maturity, harvest or decay, which entails transformation and disintegration for the purpose of further development in plant, animal and human bodies, so it is in the great Cosmic process. The gross materially visible celestial bodies, surrounded as they are by a far larger, more ethereal environment that is therefore invisible to the physical eye, are subject to the same process in their eternal cycle, because the same Laws are active in them.

This immense ethereal environment has likewise been created from the primordial seed, it takes part in the eternal cycle, and is finally also driven towards and sucked into the rear end of the aforesaid gigantic funnel, where disintegration takes place, in order to be thrust out again at the other end as primordial seed for a new cycle.

Now this Ethereal World is the transitional dwelling-place of the earthly departed, the so-called beyond. It is closely connected with the Gross Material World, which is part of it and one with it. At the moment of death man, with his ethereal body, which he bears along with the gross material body, enters the homogeneous ethereal environment of the Gross Material World, while he leaves the gross material body behind on the latter. Now this Ethereal World, the beyond, belonging as it does to Creation, is subject to the same Laws of continuous development and disintegration. With the setting-in of decay, a separation of the spiritual from the material again takes place in a perfectly natural way. According to man’s spiritual state in the Gross Material World as well as in the Ethereal World, the spiritual man, the real “ego,” must either move upwards or remain chained to the World of Matter. The serious longing for Truth and Light will, by virtue of the change it works in him, make each person spiritually purer and thus more luminous, so that this condition must naturally detach him more and more from dense matter, and drive him upwards in proportion to his purity and lightness. However, he who believes only in the world of matter keeps himself bound to matter by his conviction, remaining chained to it, and thus cannot be driven upwards. Through the deliberate decision of each individual, a separation therefore takes place between those striving towards the Light and those connected with the Darkness, in accordance with the existing natural Laws of Spiritual Gravitation.
This separation is the Last Judgment!
Thus it becomes clear that one day there will be a definite end also to the possibility of development through the purification-process in the so-called beyond for those who have departed this earth. A final decision! Men in both worlds will either be so far ennobled that they can be uplifted to the Regions of Light, or they will remain bound in their base nature through their own volition and thereby be finally hurled down into “eternal damnation.” This means that together with matter, from which they cannot detach themselves, they will be drawn towards disintegration, will themselves suffer painful disintegration, and therewith cease to be personal. They will be scattered like chaff in the wind, crumbled to dust and thereby they will be erased from the Golden Book of Life!

An effort of a magnitude far beyond man’s power to comprehend has been necessary for the Judgment that is now at hand. But it works precisely so that in reality there are no delays... except for those points where human volition is required to co-operate. Men alone, with foolish obstinacy, forever try to remain outside every fulfillment, or even to malevolently interfere with its accomplishment... in earth-binding vanity.
But fortunately this was taken into account after the great failure of mankind during the life on earth of the Son of God. Through their failure men can only make the earthly path of the Son of Man more difficult up to a certain point, forcing Him to wander on by-ways and make detours, they cannot, however, prevent the happenings ordained by God, nor in any way postpone the predestined outcome, for the backing of the Darkness, which gave them strength for their foolishness, has already been taken away from them, since the bulwark of intellectual activity behind which they take shelter while shooting off their poisoned arrows, will soon collapse under the pressure of the advancing Light. Then all will collapse around them, and no mercy will be shown to them after all the harm they have constantly created in their evil thoughts. Thus the day so ardently longed for by those who strive for the Light will come not one hour later than was originally ordained.

It is not up to human will to someday elect the Son of Man sent by God, but the Power of God will uplift Him at the hour when a helpless, whimpering mankind begs for deliverance. Then all blasphemy will cease, because horror will silence these mouths, and they will accept willingly all the gifts the Creator offers His creatures through Him. But he who will not accept them from Him shall be cast out for all eternity.

The Mission of the Son of Man is the continuation and consummation of the Mission of the Son of God, since the Mission of the Son of God could only be a transient one. Hence in the continuation and completion it is at the same time a reinforcement of Christ’s mission.

Men! When the hour comes in which the purification and winnowing must take place on earth, in accordance with the Divine Will, then watch for the promised, in part supernatural signs in the sky!
Do not then allow yourselves to be confused by those men and also churches who have already long ago surrendered to the Antichrist. It is sad that until now not even the churches have known where to look for this Antichrist, although it has already been active among all of mankind for so long. With only a little alertness they should have recognized it! Who can possibly act in a more anti-Christian manner than those who at the time fought against Christ Himself and finally even murdered Him! Who could have revealed themselves in a worse and more obvious way as being the Antichrist!
They were the leaders and representatives of earthly religion; the true teaching of God, as revealed in and through the Son of God, did not fit into their own structure. Indeed, the true Message of God could not be reconciled with it, since the structure set up by the earthly priests and dignitaries was aimed primarily at earthly influence, earthly power and expansion. They proved quite clearly thereby that they were servants of the human intellect, which is directed solely towards earthly knowledge and earthly power, and is hostile and obstructive to anything that is beyond earthly comprehension! Now since God as well as the spiritual remain completely outside the range of earthly intellectual knowledge, it is actually the intellect which is clearly the only real obstacle! Thus, by its nature, it is opposed to all that is Divine and all that is spiritual! And therefore, as a logical consequence, so are all those men who accept their intellect as being the highest and best thing, seeking to build upon it alone!

Being negligent in this will now be your Judgment! – The Divine Insignia will not appear above a church, nor will any earthly church dignitary bear the sign that proves that he is the Messenger of God! But only He Who is inseparably linked with the Signs, Who therefore also carries them with Him, living and radiating, as once did the Son of God when He dwelt on this earth. They are the Cross of Truth, living and radiating within Him, and the Dove above Him! They will become visible to all those who are blessed to see spiritual things, so that they may give testimony to all people on earth; for there will be among all peoples those who this time will be permitted to “see”, as the last Grace of God! — — —

When I speak to you from this place, it does not mean that my speech is intended only for earthmen who are so clumsy in spirit, but it is intended much more for milliard others, who live in lighter levels of the universe. In their striving towards the Light they have a desire for my Word in order to live in accordance with It in joyful happiness!
Number of inhabitants of this Earth is neglectable. That's why it is not very important for me, if these earthmen listen to my Word, and if they open themselves for It, or if they remain shut. I FULFILL! I anchor God's will into this gross matter through my Word, the will that is undistorted and which cannot be rooted out!

Thus the Great Judgment comes about only through the increased pressure of a Divine Ray, passed on through an Envoy from God incarnated in the World of Gross Matter, to Whom God has given a spark of His Living Power. Only that which swings aright in the Laws manifesting the Power of God can withstand the pressure of this Living Power-Spark, which naturally cannot be as strong as the enormous pressure of the Living Power in God the Father Himself! That which swings aright will be strengthened by this pressure, but not to the point of white heat, for which the radiation of the power-spark is insufficient. The radiation of the power-spark, however, is amply sufficient to unhinge all disturbing elements, thrust them out of their false movements, and crush and disintegrate them. Thus the Great Judgment of God follows quite automatically and in no wise depends on an arbitrary act of the Divine Envoy. It is simply the result of the Law of Radiation, which was bound to come into being in consequence of the radiation of God’s Power; for all that moves aright, in thought and in deed, radiates a violet color in the World of Gross Matter.

In this wandering the earth was the turning-point, being the outermost boundary in the World of Gross Matter, for due to the spiritual nature of a few men it still offered an anchorage for this. Thus the earth is the last planet that can be saved, although it already belongs to the Realm of Darkness. Whatever lies even lower in this respect than the earth, i.e., whatever is encompassed even more by the Darkness, is left to disintegration, to which all darkness is bound to fall a prey with everything it holds fast.

We can copy many similar quotes from the AT, but quoting more of them is unnecessary since those that have been published so far can serve the purpose of creating the right image by a reader. At the same time they are the basis for quotes which will follow, or can be an inspiration for a reader to seek the Word in its complete version.

March the 5th, 2018

Part 7.

10.      Is there a righteous social order and will we live in it one day?

The end of the world as it was explained in the previous article (Part 6) is something we do not need to be afraid of right now. However, its beginning is right ahead of us, which we can characterize as the purification of creation, that is, sifting of human spirits according to their maturity and emplacement onto appropriate levels and planets. This current question has already been partially answered in previous articles, and now it will only need to be properly broadened with appropriate quotes again from the AT:
The Holy Judgment of God! A great purification, deliverance and redemption from all evil that for thousands of years has continually tried to poison life on Earth! All evil will have to come to an end so that a new beginning can set in! This is the omnipotent will of God which I proclaim, and so will it happen!

Now when the visible signs of the Judgment appear and fear grows, start asking people and seek what these signs probably mean to them, and many voices will arise immediately to comment on  these events. Some will be the voices of satisfaction, comfort, warning and admonition; others will prophesy unhappiness or promise happiness. The Word of the Message, however, stands unshakable and majestically above all of those voices; the Word of the Message which is visibly coming to fullfilment all over the earth!
And finally, men on earth will also notice it. But the doubts will not go away as the weeds of mistrust were rooted too deeply by the minions of Lucifer. They were able to act untill today, trying to poison humanity such that it could no longer be saved, but could only fall as a sacrifice to them at the last moment.

There is nothing on earth, you men, which you could offer as a balance in gratitude for the fact that God liberates you from the vermin of the Darkness, which you yourselves have reared through your wrong volition!
If only you would at least take the trouble to comprehend that the battle of the Light against all Darkness is not a joyful one for the Light, but a wrestling down and annihilation of all manner of loathsome filth, during which the majority of mankind, for whom this liberation is intended, and who gain from it in every way, even side with the poisonous Darkness so as to make the path of the Light Bringers more difficult through their base way of thinking!

And when the great purification begins man will have no time to rebel this time, or even to stem this happening. The Divine Laws of which man so much likes to form a wrong picture will then take effect inexorably.
It is just in the frightfulness of the times, the worst which the earth has ever experienced, that humanity will at last learn that God’s Love is far removed from the softness and weakness which man presumed to ascribe to It.
More than half of all the men living at the present time do not belong on this earth at all!
Already for thousands of years men have sunk so low, and live in such dense darkness, that through their unclean volition they have built many bridges to dark spheres which are far below this earth-plane. In these dark spheres live those who have sunk low, whose ethereal weight never permitted the possibility of their rising to this earth-plane.
In this was contained a protection both for all those living on earth as well as for these dark ones themselves. They are separated by the natural Law of Ethereal Gravity. Down below they can give full vent to their passions, and all baseness, without doing harm. On the contrary. There, their unrestrained indulgence strikes only those of a similar nature whose base way of living in turn affects them in the same way. Thus they suffer mutually, which leads to maturing but not to further guilt. For through the suffering, self-loathing may awaken in time and with it the desire to escape from this region. The desire gradually leads to an agonizing despair, which may finally lead to the most fervent prayers and therewith to an earnest volition to do better.
This is how it was meant to be. But through men’s wrong volition things developed differently!

Like a legend it floats in the minds of many people who know of the prophecy, but it is vague, without form, because no one knows how to come to the right conception of it!
The Millennium! Wiseacres have tried again and again to put forward an explanation of how this great period of peace and joy that is implied in it is going to be realized. But it has never yet been possible to come any nearer the truth! They have all gone wrong because they have assigned far too great a role to earthmen, as always happens with everything men think. Moreover, they approved of and built upon existing concepts, and thus every one of these theories had to be regarded as wrong from the start, no matter what its nature.
And then man forgot the principal thing! He did not take into account the condition that was also foretold, that before the thousand-year Reign of Peace everything has to become new in the Judgment! That is the essential foundation for the New Kingdom. It cannot be built up on the existing soil! Everything that is old has first to become new!

The time is up and inexorably the last stroke of the cosmic clock will soon reverberate through the worlds to announce that the twelfth hour is now fulfilled. That will be the end of all wrong human volition. A new time is dawning, in which the Will of the Almighty alone rules!

The meaning and purpose of the Message from the Light, through me in the fulfillment of God’s All-Holy Will, is the necessary extension of the knowledge for the humanity who wishes to survive the current turning point necessitated by the Laws of Creation, in order to be capable of and permitted to contribute to the new, God-willed Kingdom of Peace now being built through the Omnipotence of God!

And since in the Kingdom of the Millennium there shall only be service to God as the foundation for all work, as the fundamental condition of being permitted to exist at all, you can well imagine what the outcome must be, and what is in store for such humanity! It is something which even the most serious among seekers, or among those who think they have already found, are unable to imagine. And yet it will become deed, far-reaching, sifting, and judging!

Man’s work born of the intellect is always subject to disintegration as long as it does not bear the Will of God within it, therefore is not in accordance with it. This is the sword which hangs over all of man’s activity! Which forces him to obey the laws of God. For this reason everything now collapses within itself; and then... the Judgment of God comes! The sifting of all spirits! After having been forced to experience the collapse of all of their false works!

The Laws of God, thus the Will of God, do not concern themselves with the opinions of these earthmen, which they have laid down in their mundane laws, even though the whole world has now considered them to be right. Whatever is not in harmony with the Divine Laws, there also the blow of the sword will now strike! Judging in the process of redemption!

Learn at last, you men, to know the Laws of God in Creation, and you will be helped!
Yet to do this, you would have to exert yourselves, and give up the demanding attitude to which you have become accustomed as a result of your conceit, which is hostile to God! Then, distrust would not today rule among all mankind and brandish the whip over you! Distrust is solely the fruit of spiritual indolence. If your spirit were only astir in the way demanded of you by the Will of God, and if you had not set up in place of your spirit the earth-bound intellect, which must remain only a tool of your spirit, then distrust could not have gained the prominence on earth that it holds today.

There is no other way except one, in which the Laws of God in creation show clearly! The whole creation is the speech of God, in which you have to seriously strive to read. It's not as hard as you think.

Had you listened and adapted yourselves to the Divine Laws in creation, in humble acceptance of all of the gifts therein, which is equivalent to acting in accordance with these laws, you would already today be living in paradise on earth. Free from worry and strife, you would not even know envy and hatred, greed and lust for power; in short, you would be human beings!
Happy human beings who, vibrating in the radiance of the Light, continue in the upbuilding of the Kingdom which belongs to God.

The constantly maligned system of social distinction and class consciousness has its origin in the simple intuitive perception of the effect of one of the Laws in Creation: the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species!
One of mankind’s gravest errors has been to pay far too little or almost no attention at all to the operation of this Law, thereby paving the way for numerous mistakes, which are bound to lead to great confusion and finally to total collapse!
This Law was intuitively sensed by all men, but whatever stands higher than purely gross material knowledge, and has no direct bearing on the possibility of earthly acquisition, they regard far too superficially and casually. Thus the most important factor for the basis of a harmoniously ascending earth-life has never been recognized, much less interwoven with the World of Gross Matter, that is, with everyday life on earth through its correct application! And interwoven with life on this earth it must be; because as long as there remains but one of the Primordial Laws of Creation not understood by men, and thereby gravely distorted or even excluded from gross material life, harmony cannot arise.
All the ancient peoples had already established the divisions between the various social or cultural classes, because subconsciously they realized the necessity, far better even than today.
Just look around you! Wherever only a few people come together this Law takes effect swiftly and surely, and in such a form as always indicates the free volition of these human spirits; because the volition of the spirit is capable of impressing itself on all forms, whether the act of this volition be of a fully conscious or a subconscious nature. Thus the form will always visibly bear the maturity or immaturity of the spirit.
Let us suppose that five people, or even only three, come together in certain circumstances, either to do some work or for pleasure, very soon the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species will form two groups among them, if only in idle chatter or the exchange of views. The continual repetition of this over millions of years is bound to lead one to believe that there must be a reason that lies deeper than customary behavior would indicate.

With the expression class consciousness nobody need point to any one particular people; for all peoples have possessed it! It must develop wherever there are human beings, but it will always develop wrongly so long as the Laws in Creation remain unrecognized, as they have hitherto been.

The unhappy dissensions and divisions among the various parties are not the result of a wrong political system, but merely the perpetuation of a wrong class system, which in its rigidity and distortion could never lead to harmony among the mankind of this earth!
Take also Creation’s Primordial Law of necessary Movement, and you will recognize that the self-satisfied and placid middle classes were bound to suffer the greatest harm of all. — It was simply the releasing of the necessary Primordial Law of Movement!

Intellectual activity, however, is not also at the same time spiritual movement! There is a great difference between them.
But the envy and hate of the lower classes go much deeper. In its intensity it strikes the intuitive perception and with it the spirit. Thereby it increases spiritual movement even in those who belong to the physically idle!
Since feverish activity offends against the Primordial Law of Creation as much as sluggish movement, disharmony was eventually bound to set in like whipped-up billows, exactly corresponding to the driving and self-acting operation of the Primordial Law! It simply could not have come about otherwise!
I am purposely speaking here of the upper, middle, and lower social classes, for this was the fundamental division. And that is where the mistake lay. These classes, which are really necessary, should not operate below or above one another, but side by side, each class operating as a complete whole, as an indispensable species which is intended to mature to full blossom and bear fruit in Creation, in order to bring about great, indeed the greatest achievements, upon the soil suited to its particular kind, which soil alone will enable it and equip it with the necessary power to do so!
Just look at the individual races on earth, you men! You can learn much from this. Within itself, each race can ennoble itself, mature and grow great and strong; however, when two races mix, only the deficiencies, weaknesses and faults of both races are reproduced, resulting, with but few exceptions, in a boundless aggravation of all the faults, and rarely in anything good!

Even your much-quoted saying: “All men are equal before God” will very soon vanish, with its hitherto wrong interpretation, if you persist in comforting yourselves with it according to your idea of the words!
The saying as such is quite correct, but hitherto it has been wrongly interpreted! Here again the Diving Laws in Creation do not permit such an indolent interpretation.
It is quite correct that before God men are equal, regardless of what already lies behind them. But to stand before God, that is, to reach the steps of His Throne, is possible for a few men only. In his superficial habit earth-man does not consider this weighty circumstance; instead he tries to persuade himself that absolute equality in spirit prevails before God. He makes no attempt to consider the specific reference: “before God.” He simply ignores it, and clings to the word “equality” in the sentence.
Quite apart from the fact that in this being equal before God there also lies an allusion to the futility of earthly honors before all the Laws of God, which make no distinction when a human spirit passes over from his gross material earthly cloak into the Ethereal World, as to whether he was a beggar or a king, a priest or a pope on earth, before God he is a human spirit and nothing more, who must answer personally for his every thought, for his words and for his deeds, then an even higher meaning lies in these words.
Before God means to be before the steps of the Throne of God, that is in the Spiritual Realm, the Paradise, which lies below the steps of the Throne. This is the most significant factor in this sentence, but man continues to disregard it. It is the most difficult, because a human spirit in Creation only reaches this place before God when he has atoned for everything which has burdened him in this Creation in the way of guilt and wrong things. Everything, even the last speck of dust! Not until then can he “stand before God!”

Today however, things have not yet come so far. Fear still reigns everywhere! It is true that mankind are reluctant to admit this, but nevertheless fear rules their actions; for already hatred reveals itself! But the actual origin of hatred is fear! Whatever is attacked out of hatred is invariably also feared. Such is the way of men on earth.
Real hatred arises only from fear. Never from anger, and not from indignation, which in turn brings forth holy wrath. Nor can hatred arise from contempt or disgust.
And since fear is beginning to reveal itself in hatred, the end is no longer far off; for this fear now arises in earthmen through the pressure of the Light, which they cannot escape with their trusted and habitual intellectual subtlety, that now fails them for the first time in thousands of years, because it is powerless against the Living and Omnipotent Will of God! —

Men, awake in your experiencing, so that you need not be lost in it! For soon there shall arise a humanity that swings knowingly in the Primordial Laws of Creation, so that the disaster which results from wrong living remains averted, and only peace and joy can reign on this earth plane. For your salvation, and to the honor of God!

This Law of Homogeneity is valid in whole creation, and therefore in the afterlife as well. Earth is the only place where due to fault of humans this law was violently distorted. Therefore, Earth is the only place where non-homogeneous human spirits live side by side, mixed together, and that is the cause of intolerance and disharmony. Nowadays, this problem can no longer be overlooked, which is cleary visible in inability to solve the migration crisis. Hence also here we suffer from our ignorance of God's Laws that exclude the non-homogeneity and coexistence of non-homogeneous spirits. By Laws of God each one of us was placed precisely on the spot that favors him in his spiritual growth in the best way. Therefore, he should not seek for himself the benefit at the expense of his neighbor, which is happening very often nowadays, and migration only confirms it. Exaggerated regret and empathy are not in accordance with God's laws, and in understanding of that also lies a solution to the migration crisis, which we haven't been able to solve satisfactorily so far!

We can confirm it with another quotes from AT:

The tenth Commandment:
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, nor his farm, nor his cattle, nor anything that is his!

It is as though an unquenchable desire races over all men, white, yellow, brown, black or red, to envy his fellow-creatures for what he himself does not possess. Better expressed: to envy him everything! This envy already contains the forbidden coveting! Transgression of the Commandment is thus already complete, and becomes the root of many evils that cause man’s rapid downfall, from which he frequently never rises again.

Where is there obedience to the Tenth Commandment of God one would wish to call out warningly to the nations! With merciless greed each one of the earthly states strives to gain only what the other possesses! They shrink neither from individual murder nor from mass murder, nor from enslaving entire peoples, only in order to raise themselves to greatness thereby. The fine speeches about self-preservation or self-defense are only cowardly excuses, made because they themselves feel distinctly that something must be said in order to somewhat mitigate or excuse these monstrous crimes against the Commandments of God!

Tear the ignoble coveting completely out of your soul! Consider that a state, too, is only made up of individuals! Eschew all envy and hatred towards those people who in your opinion possess much more than you yourselves! Indeed, there is a reason for it! But the full blame for your inability to recognize that reason is yours alone, in that you have voluntarily forced upon yourselves the enormous limitation of your ability to comprehend, which was not willed by God, and which was bound to appear as the consequence of your wretched adulation of the intellect!
He, who in the new Kingdom of God here on earth will not be content with the position allotted to him through the effects of his own self-woven threads of Karma, he is not worthy of being given therewith the opportunity to atone with comparative ease for old burdens of guilt clinging to him, and at the same time also to mature spiritually, so as to find the way upwards to the home of all free spirits, where only light and joy reign!
In the future, every malcontent will be relentlessly snatched away, as a useless disturber of the longed-for peace, as a hindrance to healthy ascent! But if there is a kernel of good still within him, which guarantees a speedy transformation, then he will remain subjugated by a new earthly law, for his own good and for his last salvation, until the recognition about the absolute rightness of the wise Will of God arises in him; rightness for him also, who only out of the short-sightedness of his soul and out of self-willed stupidity could not recognize that the bed in which he now lives on earth is solely of his own making, as the absolute consequence of his entire existence hitherto, of several lives in the beyond as well as on earth, not the blind result of arbitrary chance! Then he will at last recognize the only thing he needs for himself is precisely what he experiences and where he stands, also the circumstances into which he was born and everything connected with them!
If he works diligently on himself he will rise up not only spiritually, but in the earthly sense as well. However, if he defiantly wants to force a different path for himself, ruthlessly and to the detriment of his fellowmen, then this can never serve him to his true advantage.

However, if men would live on a basis of true love, as is willed by God, this condition alone would provide the impetus to alter many things among them, in fact everything! No man who is inwardly base would then be able to exist any longer, much less gain any success here upon earth. A great purification would set in immediately.
Men who are inwardly base would not enjoy earthly honors, nor would they hold office, for intellectual knowledge of itself shall not suffice to place them in authoritative positions!
Thus the fulfillment of duty would then always become an absolute pleasure, all work would become enjoyment, because all thinking and all working would be completely penetrated by true, God-willed love, and bring in its train not only an unshakeable intuitive perception of justice but also loyalty. Loyalty which as a matter of course remains unchangeable in its essence, and does not consider this as a merit that must be rewarded.
This is the nature of all activity in the future God-willed Kingdom of Peace on earth, however only after the Darkness has been eradicated. —

Man will receive his training for this during the Millennium, which shall become the Kingdom of Peace and Happiness, the Kingdom of God on earth. Owing to his exacting desires man again misunderstands what this means, because in his conceit he can no longer form anything in the right and healthy way. The expression the Kingdom of God on earth calls forth a tremulous joy in the ranks of all those hoping for it. They really think of it as a gift of joy and happiness which will fully correspond to their longing for tranquil enjoyment. Actually however, it will be a time of the strictest obedience for all mankind!
Today nobody is willing to accept the fact that therein lies a demand! The expression “The Kingdom of God on Earth” however, means nothing other than that only God’s Will prevails there, absolutely and unalterably! That man’s volition and desires must at last completely subordinate themselves to the Will of God!
Peace and happiness will then ensue because all disturbing elements will be forcibly removed from the earth, and will be kept away from it in the future. To these primarily belongs the man of today. For it was he alone who caused the disturbances in Creation and here on earth. But after a certain hour has struck no disturbing one will be able to live on this earth any longer.

Such is the care provided from the Light. At present you see only the beginnings, and therefore you cannot yet receive a complete picture. Yet the time is coming when you will stand amazed to see that, even today, the whole foundation for it has been exactly formed, and that only some individual stones still have to be fitted into the remaining empty spaces with those Disciples still to be called, in order to complete the wonderful mosaic on which the great Kingdom of Peace of the Thousand Year Realm is to rest. This has been promised by God, and can only be created by God alone, never by the human species, even if many a person thinks he is called to do so.

However, with their conceited, superior and mocking smile, with their arrogance and looking down upon others less deeply enslaved, they must sometimes appear to all spiritually alive people like poor, sick fools who, in spite of all pity, must be left to their delusion, because their limited understanding even allows facts that prove the contrary to slip by without making any impressions. Every effort to bring about an improvement must simply prove as fruitless as trying to heal a sick person by hanging a new and resplendent cloak around his shoulders.
Today materialism is already past its climax, and now, failing everywhere, it must soon collapse. Not without also tearing down much that is good. Its devotees are already at the end of their ability, and will soon become confused about their work and then about themselves, without perceiving the abyss that has opened up before them. They will soon be like a flock without shepherds, one not trusting the other, each pursuing his own way, and yet still proudly looking down upon others. Not thinking matters out carefully, but merely following old habits.

People cry and moan, they see with disgust how the excrescences of materialism take on scarcely believable forms today. They beg and pray for deliverance from the affliction, for improvement and recovery from the unlimited downfall. The few who have managed to save some stirring of their inner life from the tidal wave of the incredible happenings, who have not suffocated spiritually in the general downfall that deceptively bears the name of “progress” proudly on its brow, feel like outcasts and backward people, and are also regarded and ridiculed as such by the soulless followers of modern life.
A laurel wreath to all those who had the courage to refrain from joining the masses! Who have proudly stayed behind on the steeply sloping path!

He who today, for this reason, still considers himself unfortunate must be a sleepwalker! Open your eyes! Do you not see that everything that oppresses you is already the beginning of the sudden end of materialism, which at the moment only appears still to rule? The whole structure is already collapsing, without any assistance from those who have suffered and must still suffer under it. Intellectual mankind must now reap what for thousands of years they have produced, nourished, reared and acclaimed.

Humanity has long been looking for a social order that would be just, where people would really live happily within it! Yet, we haven't succeeded because we still circle about what has been offered to us during thousands of years. Our straying goes hand in hand with a few fools, greedy for gain, whose number is growing every year, and who are constantly trying to replace the true ruler to whom everything belongs, and who gave everyone equally.
But it is so simple: We just need to get rid of materialism that rules everywhere, especially in churches where it should not be present at all! Materialism has enslaved mankind with the help of great vice, which is greediness, and which humanity is no longer able to discard. Only God's intervention with the aid of more advanced brothers can help us with it. Further explanation will follow in answers to next questions.

March the 11th, 2018

Part 8.

11.      Why do Vatican and other churches, governments, and science conceal information about alien contacts?
12.      What is the purpose behind visits to our earth by extraterrestrial civilizations?

As in some of the previous questions, it is best to merge above two questions and answer them together since they are mutually related.
To start with, it is necessary to follow what we already know from previous answers. There are two essential circumstances that we can not avoid:

        1. God creates, keeps and changes creation by means of radiation!
      2. The law of homogeneity must always be respected and therefore concrete changes can only be made in synergy with this law!

Again, we can find confirmation in the Word of AT as quoted below:
This is the reason why during the upheavals already proceeding on this earth the earthly bodies too must be changed, otherwise they can no longer exist! They change with the changing workings of the elementals! This causes changes in the radiations as well, thereby also of the climate and the development of forms and the preservation of all Materiality. Under the new rays of the Light!

This change of climatehas already been noticed by our science that has already named this phenomena with the now overworked expression the global warming. Yet, the true cause lies somewhere else and any man with logical thinking can now make the right judgment! The climate change is also connected with all the negative changes in nature, as well as with the extinction of some species, and the whole process will only escalate.

As it realy is, where a man is in dire need, a very small gift will often bring to life the awareness that God helps him through man, as long as it relates to grosss materiality. In any case, it cannot happen otherwise on earth. According to the law of homogeinity, God’s help must come through man.  (note by Adrian – this quote is from the lecture in Slovak version named as „Easter 1932“)

Now it is necessary to point out what has already been written in the previous answers, in terms of related content:
More than half of all the men living at the present time do not belong on this earth at all!
Already for thousands of years men have sunk so low, and live in such dense darkness that through their unclean volition they have built many bridges to dark spheres which are far below this earth-plane. In these dark spheres live those who have sunk low, whose ethereal weight never permitted the possibility of their rising to this earth-plane. (***)

In the end, after a certain period of time, sterility sets in, so that a nation which allows its womanhood to strive towards an improper masculinization is condemned to slow extinction. (***)

When I speak to you from this place, it does not mean that my speech is intended only for earthmen who are so clumsy in spirit, but it is intended much more for milliard others, who live in lighter levels of the universe. In their striving towards the Light they have a desire for my Word in order to live in accordance with It in joyful happiness!
Number of inhabitants of this Earth is neglectable. That's why it is not very important for me, if these earthmen listen to my Word, and if they open themselves for It, or if they remain shut. I FULFILL! I anchor God's will into this gross matter through my Word, the will that is undistorted and which cannot be rooted out! (***)

It is clear from the above quotes that in the universe, and even the whole of creation, we are not alone. Quite to the contrary, there is a whole chain of beings that help each other and thus evolve and mature themselves so that they can at last be loosened from the world of matter, into which they only had immersed temporarily for the purpose of development. Therefore, apart from us, that is, the spiritual germs evolving here on Earth, there are also spiritual germs evolving in the whole visible universe, yet of different spiritual or intellectual maturity. It is not always that these two types of maturity move along harmoniously and concurrently but many times there is a certain disorder and disharmony, which results in consequences already clarified in previous answers. However the law of help applies here, where the more advanced spiritual beings help the less advanced. The help is understood to be an activity in accordance with the willingness of the beneficiary to accept this assistance. Otherwise it would be an intervention that is not in accordance with God's laws.

Visits from extraterrestrial beings have so far served different functions for us as well as for visitors themselves. Today it is a public secret that the US has a treaty of cooperation with a certain extraterrestrial race that contains two essential points:
A.     Extraterrestrials will offer some technologies, which only serve as tools of power and influence.
B.    In return, they are given the opportunity to kidnap humans and animals for research purposes, but must return them alive and without the possibility of memories related to kidnapping.

For a while the treaty was respected by both parties, but later the extraterrestrials ceased to fulfill the treaty. Taking advantage of being the more powerful party, they did not bring back many people, and they also killed many animals for the purpose of trials with the aim of saving their own civilization. As it is clear from the quote from AT, any civilization that ceases to live in accordance with cosmic - God's laws is condemned to extinction and cannot reproduce. That is the reason why for the sake of survival they seek to form their own hybrids. Many people have already had the experience of this kind that they have been kidnapped, especially women, and they have also seen their own - alien offspring.
There were, and still are, the cases of people who voluntarily come into contact with extraterrestrials! Briefly - this is an answer, which actually would require a longer text, but for which there is no room. What is necessary to add is only the fact that according to Eternal laws extraterrestrials can kidnap only their own people, who in their previous incarnation as the inhabitants of these extraterrestrial planets, promised to be helpful through the act of being an object of kidnapping in human body on our Earth, and that the kidnapping was the purpose for which they incarnated here. Today, in their present life on Earth they do not remember the promise anymore, however extraterrestrials who originate from the planet of their previous incarnatation have them in their records. (*) - so it is exactly the way it was explained in previous answer related to reincarnation.

We can confirm what is written above with other quotes from AT:
You know that radiations out of the Light divide and separate into very definite sub-species. On each further plane going downwards a new sub-species is ever again severed, i.e., detached in the cooling off. This sub-species could not sever itself under the still existing stronger pressure reaching to this particular boundary, and only through this further cooling off and subsequently reduced pressure or degree of heat was it able to loosen itself and make itself independent.
Every such severance or detachment simultaneously results in a new formation of the severed species into a corresponding substantiate form. This process takes place automatically according to the Law of Creation. Thus there arises a whole chain, with its various additional links of helping and building substantiate beings, of which I have already spoken to you.

Since I have already given the knowledge about Primordial Created Beings there must also exist Subsequent Created Beings or Created Beings, because I have also talked of Developed Beings, and it is only this group to which the human beings on earth belong.
These Created Ones, of whom I have not spoken so far, inhabit spheres in Creation which lie between those of the Primordially Created Ones of Primordial Creation and the Developed Beings of Subsequent Creation.
In the beginning stages a Created One would occasionally incarnate in the maturing tribes of the evolving spirit germs here and there in order to guide and provide the connection to the next step in the necessary upward striving of the Spiritual. These were the great Turning-Points there in the times of the beginning.
Later on came the Prophets as Divinely gifted ones. In this way the Infinite Love worked from out of the Light to help and assist the human spirits with ever new revelations whenever Creation was in the appropriate state of maturity, until finally parts out of God Himself came down so that mankind might also receive the Sacred Tidings about the Divine and Its Working. This was so that mankind would not fall victim to disintegration in the stagnation of over-ripedness associated with a particular point which had been reached, which would have to happen according to the self-acting laws in Creation, since continual upward striving is a basic condition for continued existence in Creation.

The Son of man could have provided us (and also our science) with more knowledge in the AT, but did not although it was His intention to do so. It didn't happen due to our own fault, because once again the church was more likely to associate with the envoy of the darkness - Hitler. Subsequently, the Son of Man was imprisoned and his work (AT) taken away. The Son of Man has therefore not established any new religion on Earth, but on the contrary, a natural-philosophical association! Leaders, however, leaned on the wrong side and also dragged humanity there. When it began to happen, the Primordial Queen appeared in Fatima in order to provide the third Fatima prophecy to warn mankind, (more about this topic later on); so it was not Mary of Nazareth as the church claims. The effort by the Light through that act was useless again and therefore we have survived the first phase of great purification on Earth in two world wars, during the presence and the work of the Son of Man on Earth, and also because we did not recognize Him or even His Word, which we rejected together with His person, just like it was with Jesus - the Son of God. Churches, politicians and also science stick to this set-up path until today because now they can no longer confess that they are on the wrong side, serving “the prince of the world” - Lucifer and his cohorts and planets that are condemned, just as they themselves, for decomposition.

And therein lie answers to following questions:
Why can‘t they acknowledge and publicly talk about extraterrestrial civilizations?

Because the one who is in power can never promote the one who is more powerful, because he would degrade his own power!
That's the first reason! For even their extraterrestrial “allies” from the dark planets are more powerful than them!

The second reason is that it would come to light that governments and the church are both on the wrong side and therefore lead the whole mankind to perdition! And that is something they cannot afford to accept! Yet in silence they prepare us for the final event, but in a form of a threat for us through a stroke (interference) from the universe, which we ought to be afraid of. Actually, this threat apllies only to them! Those who live in accordance with Cosmic laws or honestly seek the Truth have nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, they may welcome the incoming events as a form of help.

That is also the reason why Primordial Queen, who had given us the message in Fatima and was later incarnated on Earth personally, provided us also with the important and until that time concealed information. Morever, she also corrected information that was in the meantime distorted in the Word of AT, that is, information that came directly from the Son of Man. That is what was experienced in Slovakia during the years of 1997 - 1998, but once again only by a few!

There was one other higher spirit incarnated here on Earth during the presence of the Son of Man. His name was George Adamski and his mission was to prepare us for the final part of the Last Judgment alongside with the Son of Man; specifically to inform us that this event will engage extraterrestrial civilizations from the (more developed) Lighter Planets with which our leaders have refused to cooperate, and instead, have preferred the other - dark side. So Adamski's message was also distorted, even concealed.
Primordial Queen reminded that us one more time. In fact She alone was the one through whom the last promises were supposed to come into fulfillment. She also published for us the Space Connection as received before by Adamski. This Connection, i.e. the Message, originates directly from the Judge Himself, appointed for the last judgment and who will come with the heavenly army”, as it is promised in the Bible. A few lines below we provide this Space Connection in its purified form.

For the sake of a reader who may wonder how we received two messages from the same person at the same time, another quote from AT is needed:
As King Imanuel in the universe, as Parsifal for the Primordially Created ones and in the spiritual realm, and finally, as the Son of Man for the world of gross matter on this planet Earth;  three in one, working simultaneously, a Divine mystery. It is a process which is incomprehensible to developed human spirits, in which the primordially created ones, however, already have a part; for they, too, are able to work here on Earth while, at the same time fulfilling their service in the Grail Castle on high.


(The Message to Mankind)
received by George Adamski

Today's man finds himself in a hopeless and extreme situation, which he has got into by himself. All human systems have failed or stuck to no end to such an extent that they do not have the possibility of ensuring the safety of humans. Science and technology have reached such a degree and speed that a spiritual understanding of humanity is not able to simultaneously keep up with them.
The world faces nuclear war, which in extreme consequences would bring about the complete extermination of life. According to events in the world, it seems that humanity knows no escape from the impending disaster. However, there are other factors that indicate the possibility of salvation. Help could be brought by a different and more advanced technology than terrestrial. This perspective may seem fantastic to he who hears about it first.
If we look into the Bible – the Revelation of John – and what the apostles spoke with Jesus about concerning the last days of humanity, we find a clear description of our contemporary world and the manifestations of nuclear war and its consequences, as well as metaphorical symbols and signs of the mass movement and evacuation of humanity from the Earth.
The development of world events before the approaching end of the world will not initially be beneficial for mankind, however, through mankind’s own fault. Thanks to the giant rescue mission from space, a whole new way of life will be introduced on Earth, with a culture based on much deeper understanding of cosmic laws than Earth has ever reached up to now.
This joyful Message is supposed to be known by everyone who is interested in observing cosmic laws and understanding these things. Here it is: 

This short selection is the evidence for some about the fact that even this channel was originally created by the Light and was assigned as a help for all seekers of the Truth. Consistency of information in their crucial parts serves as its evidence.

- I am Alpha and Omega for this Earth. I am real although I come to you from heaven. I will free you from your misery. I will bring you peace.
- Everyone gets the light of Truth when the time comes. Nobody can avoid my will. Nothing can prevent me to finish my work.
- New Generation has many reasons to be happy no matter what others will happen. Those who will be returned to Earth get a new way of existence. Those who will die, they will continue in a development in the next incarnation on lower planets.
- On Earth, there will become things that will seem to be cruel for many; however, they are a natural process, because they will cause spiritual purification of humanity.
- Many people, on Earth, will be surprised when they meet face to face with one of our women, whose origin is not terrestrial.
- The Church was established on Earth in order to herald my words. However, it led my work poorly. It was not mine; only some people in it are mine. Church faces its end.
- My church, which will be established on Earth by me, will be created only by true believers, not blindly faithfuls. It will not be only a house close to the road, where people go on Sunday. It will form a part of daily life. Everywhere, there will rule only smile, happiness and justice.
- My arrival will be revolutionary; nothing will remain from what exists now.
- On Earth, you will be luck to live for one thousand years. I will be always with you, and I will show you the way of development.
- There will be introduced an entirely different way of life that you are hard to imagine.
- Nothing on this earth can stop my plans.
- You must know, understand, and implement Cosmic Laws in real life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is supposed to occur, now on Earth, in those who strive for it. (*)
- When the keys get into the right hands and the gates are wide open, then my expression becomes act.
- Mankind will not be attacked by other civilizations; we would not admit it. It will be attacked by its own means and errors. Only in the extreme situation, mankind will understand its mistakes and powerlessness, and it will accept our cosmic assistance with gratitude and understanding.
- Time of our arrival is not possible to be exposed to humanity. It is our secret, and it will remain so until our arrival. Time of our action is not known also by those who are involved in it - I only know the exact hour. In any prophecies, there is not given a precise time.
- Everyone has the absolute freedom; no spiritual pressure will be exerted on anyone, and nothing will be imposed on anyone.
- Connections that I have made with Earth, they are perfect and straight.
- Transformation occurs not only spiritual but also material.
- My plan is perfect; everything has been carefully prepared for this action. Each will be placed in the position, to correspond with his or her spiritual level. In my Father’s house, there are many dwellings. I have a place for everyone, but it must be established some grading of individuals.
- The name of the message - “Space Connection” means that, in due course, there will be connected Earth by Space rescue operation, with higher worlds of matter.
- For those who failed in school life on Earth, time of learning has elapsed. They will not develop further, since they have fallen behind.
- All religions will merge into one, because only those purest, capable of spiritual transformation, will be saved.
- Science is aware of radical changes that have occurred in the evolution of plants and animals, but it could not explain how it happened. They were called mutations, which consist of rapid jumps up. A similar change - mutation - will become of humanity now.
- Those who do not want to accept a new spiritual knowledge will bear an enormous spiritual and physical suffering, because it helps them to spiritual growth.
- The appearance of superhuman aid in crisis is expected around the world differently, although it is the same aspect, according to the Bible “the second coming of Christ”, or “appearance of the Son of Man in the clouds”.
- According to the Bible I will come in the clouds with the heavenly army.
- I promise you that each spaceship will be within one tenth of a millimetre exactly there, where are supposed to be before we start our rescue operation.
- Your Earth is not the only inhabited by human beings in this solar system. There are more planets there than human science admits.
- The Law of karma is that every action returns to its originator. Thereby it, there is automatically managed school life. People collect their experiences by means of mistakes that they do. The key to liberation from karma is knowledge of the Laws of life.
- If, at this time, we made a change that we intend to do later, it would not last even 10 years, and mankind would fall on the same level as now. Therefore, the change will be taken place only when mankind being on the verge of despair and hopelessness. Their condition, to which they themselves have led, they will understand by the new spiritual knowledge.

- You must know, understand, and implement Cosmic Laws in real life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is supposed to occur, now on Earth, in those who strive for it. (*)

(*)“Old Testament was the first book, New Testament was the second book and the third book is in the process of being written for you!” – (*) This important paragraph was excluded from the Space conection!

There have already been three opportunities for man to recognize the Will of God! Once through Moses who had been enlightened for that purpose. The second time through the Son of God, Jesus Himself, who bore the Truth within Himself, and now for the third and the last time in the Grail Message which again has been drawn directly from the Truth. – Similarly, just like the above mentioned paragraph was excluded from Space Connection, this quote was also excluded from the Grail Message, i.e. from the Word of the Son of Man. (If you compare excluded paragraph with excluded quote from the Grail Message then you can clearly see that they are mutually consistent). Why is it so???!!!

Here lies the message for us - how important are the cosmic - eternal - Laws of God!
But there was an effort to conceal the reference to those books, where we are supposed to look for those Laws! Even more, as written above, certain paragraphs were excluded from those important Messages.
And that is also the reason why Eternal Laws that are valid in creation were provided to us once again directly in form of a book, as the last promise and help!

If now when the ring of all the past happenings closes, then the reaping, the harvest, and the separation will take place for part of the cosmos, the first one to have matured in all of creation. Never since the creation of the entire World of Matter has this ever occurred before, because our part of the cosmos precedes all others in the eternal cycle; it is the first to have to experience this!
And that is also the reason why two thousand years ago the Son of God incarnated on this earth. It was a world event that took place on the most mature first part of all materiality, but which will never repeat itself, because for the ensuing parts the effects that took place here will always continue on. Therefore it happens that this part enters as the first into a new happening which has never been before, but which will subsequently always repeat itself. It is the falling apart of formed materiality that occurs as a natural result of over ripeness. —
It is accomplished! The way to the Light and thereby to eternal life for individual spirits has been shown! Human spirits may now consider for themselves in this final hour which path they wish to take: either to eternal damnation or to eternal bliss; for according to the Divine Will they have the free choice!


March the 14th, 2018

Part 9.

13.      What is the content of the third Fatima prophecy?

Now we can say that in Fatima, it was not Mary the mother of Jesus who appeared, but the Primordial Queen - All-mother. But here again we must be aware of the fact that She, like every other higher being that incarnates into the gross materiality, had to use multiple cloaks of substantiality covering the innermost core. In fact, each such cloak is an autonomous being acting at a different level of creation. One more thing – unity, or coexistence of both the Spiritual and the Substantial must also be in place. 

Since there is also a lot of misunderstanding about what is written above, let us again find confirmation in the Word of AT as quoted below:
Elizabeth, the Primordial Queen of Womanhood, embraces in Her perfection all the virtues and all the qualities.
The radiations corresponding with Her nature proceed from Her further downwards within the Region of the Divine, and also emerge into the Pure spiritual Realm, where there are many gradations of all the Primordial Beings.
At each stage downwards the radiations are split into various individual species, which are forthwith embodied in the substantiate as reproductions of their origin, i.e., as reproductions of Elizabeth, the point of origin of these radiations. This takes place in the Substantial and in the Spiritual, because both kinds of radiation emanate from the Primordial Queen and are united in her.
Their forms mold themselves exactly according to the very definite and individual kind of the radiations which they embody and are themselves. Therewith naturally various deviations occur in the appearance or in the manifestation of the reproductions, which always clearly and distinctly express that which the nature of the particular radiation contains and produces.

The above quote is very important because it caused a lot of misunderstanding in 1998, and it still causes because it proves at the same time the importance of knowing the full, original word of the Grail Message. In the “second-hand” or post-war edition, this quote is missing.

Elizabeth is the very foremost Divine-Substantiate embodiment of radiation, the form of Pure Divine Love, which as the only one therein took on the most ideal womanly conformation. Thus She is the Primordial conformation of the radiation of the Love of God which, as the first, is embodied in Her!

You who are able to see after your eyes have been opened through the discipleship which gave you a spark of Pure-spirit, are gifted to behold her at times. And now you will understand why you always see the face of Elisabeth shrouded by a more or less dense veil! The veil is not in front of the face of the Primordial Queen, but it is placed before your spiritual eye, which is not capable of beholding the Divine clearly, but only as if through a veil, at times when it is meant to see, and is specially gifted for this.

For the readers, we now publish the concealed third prophecy of Fatima, which was revealed by the same one who originally dictated this prophecy to three children in 1917 and which was consequently hidden by the church. We publish only a part of what is essential and whose consequence awaits us, though humanity has overlooked it. Due to our fault, the prophesied happening had to be altered and once again came into fulfillment in a slightly altered way than expected and as promised. As always, mankind has a choice and the free will to make decisions is retained, hence two scenarios of fulfillment are always prepared. First one comes into fulfillment not sooner than humanity obey and believe; the second one when the opposite happens - when humanity does not believe and therefore fails. However, in this article we do not intend to address the events of 1998, nor show our disappointment, regardless of how these two things are mutually related. We only intend to focus on what preceded them. The clarification of the event itself requires a long and comprehensive explanation, as well as knowledge of more information, and even certain experience.

Below is the selection from the Word of Primordial Queen, that is, from her work Eternal Laws (hereinafter EL):
According to the Bible, many false revelations and prophets are supposed to appear close before the Judgement.

But how can people recognize them, when the Church interprets them incorrectly in order to hide from them the pure teaching of the Sons of God, who explain the Cosmic Laws in many different from the way the Church authorities do?

What are the intentions of the author of the false revelations?
His aim is too distinct - to distract attention from the genuine God’s revelation in Fatima. It occurs to nobody that the rest of the revelations do not come from God but from the greatest illusionist on Earth, who uses his superhuman magic abilities for leading people away from the true knowledge.

N.B. Most of these fake revelations are only holograms created by activities of dark extraterrestrials from their flying objects. In addition to these, there are other false revelations, the ones the author of the EL identified as those created by earthly magician. But there are also other revelations, which the Primordial Queen identified as genuine!

How do the true Fatima revelations differ from the false ones?
The revelations in Fatima differ from all other revelations by these three facts:
1. The content of their messages is quite different from false revelations. The dark church priests and writers have distorted the original Fatima messages and conformed them to the content of the other false ones so that the difference not appear to be too great. The most important - third message, which announces the birth of Holy Spirit on Earth, could not be changed by the Church; thus, the Church has rather hidden it from the public for almost forty years!
2. In the Fatima revelations the spiritual appearance of the Primordial Queen - the real God’s Mother took place, and not the appearance of the Virgin Mary and Jesus like in the other, false revelations.
3. The revelations in Fatima were accompanied by extraterrestrial phenomena, which are not in the false revelations because the terrestrial magician cannot imitate them. Though he can work with human imagination and impose his illusions - images of spiritual persons, he is not able to move with a celestial body - the Sun because only the Creator can perform this. Just before the revelation of the Queen in Fatima, the Sun started to oscillate in several directions and its 15 minute dance was observed by all present people; not only by those who saw the revelation but also the non-believers as well. This proves that the movement of the Sun was not an illusion but a reality.

What does the Church try to hide from the public?

Church and God are not identical notions!
Before his death, Jesus announced to his Apostles that after him, close before the Judgement, the Rejoicer would come, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit in order to instruct people about God’s Truth. No one of the ancient prophets did announce Spirit of Truth before, because his coming was a compensation for the prematurely finished mission of Jesus. In spite of this fact, this part about the next God’s help has always been described in the Bible, and it is still there until now (The John´s Gospel, chapter 14, verses 15 to 26), Church interprets its clear content in different ways, however, not as a description of the coming of the real God´s person to the Earth. Only after Jesus death, is the coming of the Holy Spirit to Earth confirmed also in Apocalypse.
In the year 1875, Abd-ru-shin incarnated into the most spiritual nation; in those times, it was the German nation. His name, when translated, means Son of Light, i.e., Son of God. He has written the book “In the Light of Truth” with the subtitle “The Grail Message”. The author has brought, down onto the Earth, the complex knowledge about the Eternal Laws and about the composition of Creation, which was unknown and incomplete until then. Although he has explained in the book that he came to the Earth with the mission as the Spirit of Truth, i.e., the Holy Spirit - Imanuel, the Church authorities did not want to accept his work and person. How could they, when he has directed attention toward the fact that they distorted the teaching of Jesus and how they mislead their followers to the false ways by doubtful interpretation of the Bible?
The Church also “crucified” the second Son of God through the denial of the Spirit of Truth, even if not physically, but at least morally, what has the same effect according to the Eternal Laws.

The Spirit of Truth should have been announced by selected people in advance like Jesus before Him, so that spiritual seekers might recognize him as The Holy Spirit announced by the Bible. Unfortunately, they forgot about their tasks because they did not awaken spiritually in a sufficient way.
After failure of the announcers, The Creator wanted to compensate people for the frustrated help with an unearthly way - the revelation of the Primordial Queen. She appeared, for a short time in a Portuguese small village in Fatima in 1917, in order to announce a message that, on the Earth, there lives and works Spirit of Truth, announced by Jesus, who would write the New Bible. Although she had already announced it in her first message and repeated it every month, i.e., six times, the false Church authorities ruined this God’s help by hiding and distorting its content.

When the dark representatives of the Church deceived the world again and made the recognition and the work of the second Son of God impossible, The Creator announced a new coming of the Holy Spirit to the Earth in the role of the future King of the Millennium. This message was submitted by the Primordial Queen in the Third Fatima message. The oldest of the children, Lucy, should have written it in the letter and given it in 1917 to the Pope in a closed envelope so that it might not be misinterpreted. His successor should have opened it and made it public to the world only in the year 1960. The new Pope together with some Church dignitaries, have opened it, but they have never announced its content to the world.

Given the above evidence, let each reader make his own picture of whether this explanation of the third Fatima prophecy is more credible than the one the Church has offered so far.
The Church has “published” this prophecy several times already, but always in a different form, arguing that the last is finally the genuine one. This way the church only convicted itself for not telling the truth before. Such approach logically raises the following question: “What was the reason for that?
The reason had to be serious when it was done this way, and the concealment itself is indeed another fact that confirms the importance of this prophecy!
Only important information that reveals serious problems needs to be kept secret!
It is the same problem as in concealing extraterrestrial activities. Therefore, information about the important person who was to bring true learning to human beings on Earth had to be concealed, and the same goes for all activities related to the true knowledge of mankind. Therefore, all inventions and similar activities that would help to eliminate both ideological and also technical and ecological problems on Earth are therefore kept secret and their inventors are always silenced. Ignorance is the only thing, which makes a man vulnerable and easily controlled. This is the key element for all those who now put themselves in position of rulers and try to substitute the ONE TRUE RULER. That is the reason why they conceal all help and important information.


March the 25th, 2018

Part 10.

14.      Do clairvoyant people really exist?

Quotes from the AT:
For a long time I have hesitated to answer the various questions about clairvoyance, because anyone who has read my Grail Message aright must be completely informed on the subject; provided of course that he has not read the Message as he would read a novel, to pass the time or with preconceptions. Rather, he must have delved deeply and earnestly into It and must have made every effort to fathom the deep meaning of each sentence as such, and also of each sentence as an integral part of the Message as a whole; for that is how it was intended from the outset.

For this, the spirit must be awake. Superficial people will thus be automatically excluded.
I have repeatedly pointed out that a particular species can only be recognized by the same species. Naturally the species referred to here are Creation species.
Viewed from below upwards, there are the species of gross matter, the species of ethereal matter, the species of animistic substantiality, and the species of spiritual substance as the highest. Each of these species is again divided into many levels so that the danger easily arises of confusing the levels of fine gross matter with those of coarse ethereal matter. The transitions are quite subtle and in their working and effects, not actually firmly connected, but only meshing with each other.
On each of these levels life manifests in a different manner. Man has a cloak of each species of Creation which is below the spiritual. The core itself is spiritual. Each cloak is equivalent to a body. Thus man is a spiritual core which, in the development of self-consciousness, takes on human form, which with increasing development toward the Light, becomes ever more ideal up to the most perfect beauty, while in the case of a downward development it takes on more and more of the opposite up to the most grotesque deformations. In order to avoid any errors I wish to mention especially that the gross material covering or body is not subject to this development. It is involved for only a short time, and on the gross material earth-plane can be subject only to very limited changes.
Man on earth, that is, man living in the World of Gross Matter, bears the cloaks of all the species in Creation simultaneously. Each cloak, each body of the different species, also has its own separate sensory organs. The gross material organs, for example, can function only within the same species, i.e.,the gross material species. A more refined development provides the possibility, under the most favorable conditions, to see up to a certain degree of finer gross matter.
People engaged in these matters call this finer gross matter “astral”, a concept which is not even really understood by those who introduced the term, much less by those who repeat it. I use this definition because it is already known. However, as is typical in occult research, this term serves only as a sort of collective term for everything that is known and felt to exist, but is not yet correctly understood, much less explained. All of the pseudo-knowledge that occultists have established up till now is nothing but a great, self-created labyrinth of ignorance, a rubbish heap of presumptions produced by intellectual thinking, which is inadequate for these things. Nevertheless I wish to stay with this much-used term “astral.” That which men see and mean by “astral” however, does not even belong to the World of Ethereal Matter, but merely to fine gross matter.
The investigators, filled with human presumptions, have not yet stepped beyond the World of Gross Matter in these fields, but have remained in the lowest species of Subsequent Creation, and therefore make much ado with all kinds of “high-sounding” foreign words! They do not even see with their ethereal eye, but merely to the ethereal world with the transitory perception of the gross material eye. This could be called practice clairvoyance, or partial clairvoyance.
When a human spirit lays aside its gross material body through physical death, naturally the gross material sensory organs are also laid aside, because they belong to the cloak concerned. Thus earthly death is nothing but the stripping off of the outermost cloak or shell which enabled man to see and work in the World of Gross Matter. Immediately after the human spirit has cast aside this cloak it stands in the so-called other world or, more precisely, in the planes of the World of Ethereal Matter. Here it can only work with those sensory organs of the ethereal body, which has now become its outer shell or covering. Thus it sees with the eyes and hears with the ears, etc., of the ethereal body.

The transitional or partial sight into the intermediate planes is given to facilitate adaptation to the respective species. Through a certain tension caused by extraordinary conditions of the physical body, the gross material eye may be able to get a small glimpse of the intermediate plane between gross matter and ethereal matter, while the ethereal eye in the beginning of its activity may also, upon looking back, obtain partial sight of this same plane where fine gross matter joins coarse ethereal matter. This partial sight provides a certain support to the human spirit on its transit so that it need never feel completely lost. This applies to every border between two different species. Animistic power currents, the magnetic quality of which has a holding and binding effect, ensure that the two different species of matter cling to each other and do not form a gulf because they are never able to merge.

Man should therefore be mindful of the fact that gross matter can only be “perceived” by what is of gross matter, ethereal matter by what is of ethereal matter, animistic substantiality by what is of animistic substantiality and spiritual substantiality by what is of spiritual substantiality. No intermingling is possible.
However, there is one thing: a man on earth may here and there behold with his gross-material eye, and, while still in the flesh, open his ethereal eye, at least from time to time. That is not simultaneously, but consecutively. When he sees with his ethereal eye his physical sight is wholly or in part inactive, and vice versa. He will never be able to see truly ethereal things with his physical eye, nor gross material things with his ethereal eye. That is impossible. (****)  Statements to the contrary would only be based on errors springing from ignorance of the Laws of Creation. They are delusions to which such people fall victim when they assert that they can recognize ethereal matter with their physical eyes or spiritual substantiality with their ethereal eyes.
He who considers all of this rightly, and tries to picture the process clearly to himself, will recognize what indescribable confusion must at present exist in evaluating clairvoyance, that it is virtually impossible to obtain reliable information on this subject as long as the governing laws are not made known, which is something that cannot be done through manifestations or revelations in spiritist circles, because neither the revealing nor the manifesting souls from the beyond have an overall view, but must always move within the limits of their own respective state of maturity.
It is only possible to achieve an orderly explanation of the wonderful weaving of Subsequent Creation if there is an all-embracing knowledge. Otherwise it is impossible. Men, however, in their well-known morbid presumption to know never recognize this, but take on a hostile attitude toward all such teachings from the start.

Thus, among clairvoyants there is seeing of fine gross matter, seeing of ethereal matter, and seeing of animistic substantiality. Always with the eyes belonging to the same species. Spiritual seeing, however, has remained closed to men, and it would have to be an especially called one, who for a specific purpose was so gifted that he could open his spiritual eye while he was still on the earth.
But the countless present-day clairvoyants do not belong to these. Most of them can only recognize one of the various steps of the World of Ethereal Matter, and in time perhaps more. Thus their ethereal eye is opened. It happens only rarely that the eye of the animistic body is also able to see.

What then becomes visible to you are always only the final effects of a preceding spiritual-magnetic process, which takes place continually and uniformly according to a firmly established order.

But this is not so, for the astral body – I still want to retain this known designation for the sake of simplicity – must precede everything which is to be formed in the heavy gross material substance!

These, however, are not images but prototypes of things in heavy gross matter. Without them nothing whatever would or could form in the World of heavy Gross Matter! That is the difference.
According to earthly conceptions this field of medium gross matter could best be called the workshop for models.

So every piece upon the earth, even the earth itself, has a co-operating model. Some of those who are allowed to see call it the “shadow,” while others, as already mentioned, call it the “astral body.” There are other lesser known designations for this, but they all mean the same thing. None of them, however, hits upon that which is right, because it was again considered from the wrong side, whereas there is no knowledge whatever about the origin.

Like everything on Earth, every unfolding event comes to life first through the desires and thoughts in the workshop of the finer gross matter, only to manifest itself in solid forms in the densest gross matter, ... .

The above quotes provide enough explanation to enable the reader understand that the ability of clairvoyance is possible. Through individual experiences by many among us, we were able to ascertain that this ability truly exists. Cast away, therefore, any envy, taunts and hatred, if you are incapable of opening your eyes or ears of your finer body. More about this will be described in the answer to the next question.
So, know this - a clairvoyant who is able to look into a more subtle level is actually looking into the future, because everything that happens in our world of gross matter is only a copy of events in the more subtle levels!
But the same goes also when looking into the past, because out of our own impulse the elemental beings create the finer levels that await us later. So, it is correct to say that nothing is lost in creation,  but on the contrary, everything is equitably recorded!


15.      What dominates over those who claim to hear voices, or to see beings, and eventually, out of impulse of those beings, are forced to do activities that are not desired or voluntary?

Quote from Questions and Answers, question no. 33:
Can a person possessed by a demon be healed?

A human being cannot be “possessed” by a demon at all! This is impossible, for quite natural reason alone; because the core of the human being is spirit, but a demon is an entity, once harmless, yet nourished through the volition of the human spirit till it became a demon. And since spirit is higher than an entity in its consistency, the entity is unable even temporarily to push aside the spirit, a necessary condition for possession. However, the human being can be demoniacally influenced! That is a very different thing; for in order to be influenced the person concerned must be deliberately accommodating inwardly, whether occasioned through his action, thus a process working from without inwards, or through his own volition, some propensity which he has acquired and thus turned into a characteristic. In this case he first opens himself inwardly to this evil influence, and then works under the influence towards outside.
To be demoniacally influenced, therefore, cannot happen without one’s own volition. For this reason a cure or help is made very difficult. This condition is also much more dangerous for man himself and for his surroundings, because he acts in a more calculating, malicious way, in full consciousness.
A possessed person, however, is intermittently or continuously really “possessed” by a malicious, low, thus dark human spirit in the beyond. This means that during the period of possession his own spirit within him is pushed aside and paralysed, while the intruder takes possession, even though only in part, of the body and its brain function, but completely so of the day brain. This crowding-out can take place because the evil one is also spirit, therefore not an entity, but ever again only where the person’s own spirit has given the possibility for it. This can happen in various ways. Either through too great a laxity, that is, indolence of his own spirit, or by dallying with those in the beyond, as through table-turning, etc., as well as through a number of other happenings, such as shock, fright or fear, a condition which for brief moment paralyses the strenght of the person’s own spirit.
But here again there are so many variations in the process that it cannot be answered according to a plan or only cursorily. I would have to write a special lecture about it, but today I only present the rough outline, which can give the right picture to those who ask about it.
Being possessed can be cured easily and quickly. Naturally not by spiritists, not by clergymen, not by exorcism and the like, nor by those with a part knowledge – all that is of no account in Creation – but it must lie in the power of one called for it, which is far stronger than that of all the malicious spirits concerned, who often have an enormous energy at their disposal. But just as these evil ones receive additional strenght from the darkness, so a pure spirit in pure faith receives powers from what is luminous and pure in addition to his own, through the simplest prayer before acting.
Being possessed can thus be quickly cured, being influenced with much greater difficulty. It can safely be assumed that very many people in mental institutions are only possessed, not ill. In time they will naturally perish physically in the process; for the body is unable to endure this excessive spiritual pressure for any lenght of time.

In all these cases, however, people who are considered as being “possessed” in this way are completely innocent! There is no trace of possession, even less of the demons which one seeks to exorcise. All this is but childish prattle and medieval superstition, a remnant from the time of the witches. In reality only those burden themselves with guilt who in their ignorance due to erroneous conceptions and superficial opinions want to help.
It is in lunatic asylums that the possessed can be found, and more than people imagine. And these can be cured! In the Millennium they will be cured.
Today, however, these pitiable persons are still simply regarded as insane, and no difference whatever is made between the really sick and those who are possessed, because as yet nothing is understood about it.
The lack of understanding in these matters is due solely to the ignorance about Creation. What is lacking is the knowledge of Creation, which can provide the foundation for the recognition of all happenings and of the changes within and around man, i.e., the foundation which leads to true knowledge, to that future science which has no need to grope about with pitiful efforts in order therewith only to arrive at a theory, which in many cases and after decades proves ever again to be wrong.
Learn to know Creation and the Laws operating therein, you men, and you will no longer need to grope and to seek; for you will then possess everything you need in order to help yourselves in the events occurring during your earthly life, and also even far beyond this throughout your entire existence!
Then there will no longer be any pseudo-scientists, for they will have become knowing ones, who cannot be confronted with anything in the existence of men which holds something unknown to them.
A surprisingly great part of those today called incurably insane, who are forced to spend their lives confined in lunatic asylums, are not insane but possessed. It is the same here as with so many things: one does not seek for it therein, and consequently one cannot find anything either in the effect of Christ’s Word, which clearly stipulates and undoubtedly demands: Seek and ye shall find!

Indeed today the word “possessed” is still heard and found always and only where there is no question of it!
And wherever it is appropriate nobody thinks of using it.
However, here also the expression coined in the human word has already unintentionally and at the right place hit upon the right thing; for you will find many in the lunatic asylums of whom it is said, with a shrug of the shoulders: “He is only possessed of a fixed idea, but otherwise seems normal!”
Here again men unintentionally hit upon what is right, but without themselves giving it any further thought.
However, not only this type should be called possessed, but also those who have a fixed idea and so-called lucid hours or moments, and who talk irrationally all the time may be possessed. In reality they are not always sick. —
As an example let us now consider one of the many cases where a young girl is regarded by her surroundings as possessed, or where at least she is suspected of it, because in her presence some such peculiar things suddenly occur, the origin of which is not known. (*)
There are many different and possible explanations which correspond with reality, but not a single one is consistent with being possessed.
In the house concerned a human spirit may be earthbound through some cause or other; for in all cases it can only be a question of human spirits which have departed from the earth. Demons or the like are utterly out of the question in this matter.
Through some deed such a human spirit is perhaps bound to the house or only to the place, the spot. Thus it need not necessarily have done something during the period when the house existed, but it may have already been before then, at or near the spot where the house now stands.
Sometimes this spirit is tied to the place for decades or centuries, either through a murder or through some grave act of negligence, through harming some other person as well as through other happenings, many of which can bind a person.
Therefore it is not absolutely necessary for it to be connected with the people inhabiting the house now. Despite its perpetual presence in the house it has at all events never before had an opportunity enabling it to manifest itself in the gross material on earth, which now only takes place through the girl on account of her special, but also only present, peculiarity.
This peculiarity of the girl is a matter all by itself, which merely gives the spirit the opportunity of expressing its volition in the gross material world in a certain way. It has otherwise nothing to do with the spirit.
The cause of the peculiarity lies in the radiation of her blood at that time, the instant it has a very definite composition. It is from this that the human spirit without a gross material earth cloak derives strength for carrying out its desires to make itself conspicuous, which often develop into irksome bad behavior.
As I have once already pointed out every person has different blood radiations, and this blood composition is changed several times during life on earth, whereby the type of radiation of the blood also changes at the same time. Thus in most cases the singular effect some persons exercise in being able to set free the unusual happenings occurs over a very definite period only, i.e., temporarily. There is hardly a single case where it lasts during the whole earth life. Sometimes it continues only for weeks or months, but seldom for years.
Therefore when such a happening suddenly ceases this does not prove that the spirit concerned no longer exists or is released, but in most cases it has suddenly no further possibility of making itself conspicuous in such a crude way.
Consequently it is by no means “exorcised” nor has it vanished, just in the same way as it may have already been confined to the place for a long period without people ever noticing it. Moreover it remains just as imperceptible to people as their permanent spiritual environment. People are never alone in reality.
With this example I have given only one possibility for consideration, in which the spirit is bound to a particular place.
However, it can also be a human spirit chained to a person living in the house, chained through any of the happenings which have so often been mentioned in my Message. It need not involve the particular child which through its blood composition offers the temporary possibility for earthly visible activity. The real cause may also be the father, the mother, the brother, the sister, or some other person living in the same house or merely frequenting it.

But the person who through his blood radiation temporarily offers the opportunity for this manifestation need not be connected at all with such an affair. It is, of course, possible that he is linked with it through some former guilt or, alternatively, that the spirit is bound to him. All this is not excluded. But on no account is it a question of being possessed!
Were a person possessed by another spirit, i.e., should an alien spirit periodically or continually make use of a body not belonging to it for the purpose of manifesting on the earthly gross material plane, then the physical body concerned would itself have to carry out everything that happens, such as throwing, hitting, scratching, and destroying, or in whatever way it is expressed. (*)
As soon as someone is possessed the alien spirit concerned will always work directly through that physical body with which it has been able to connect itself, of which it has partly taken possession and which it uses for its purposes. It was only through this that the expression “possessed” arose, because an alien spirit takes possession of an earth-man’s body, appropriating it in order to work with it in an earthly gross material way. The spirit also lays claim to the possession of the physical body alien to it. And this body is then “possessed” by the spirit, or we may also say it is “occupied.” The spirit places itself within the physical body, possesses it or has periodically possessed it. (*)
It is quite natural that the process of taking possession occurs first of all in the brains. Those earthmen to whom this happens are then described as being insane or not normal mentally, because there are often two different human spirits quarrelling and fighting to use the brains.

(*) - It is therefore necessary to distinguish between being “possessed” and when a spirit from the other world only uses appropriate blood radiation so that it can manifest itself. Man himself, through the indolence of his spirit, is the cause of becoming possessed. Yet when an another spirit is manifesting itself only by means of the appropriate blood radiation of a living person, it's not the fault of that living person. However, this living person can modify and change his blood radiation to some extent.

Indolence or weakness of the spirit is always due to one’s own guilt, though mankind is unable to recognize it. This condition is again a consequence of the domination of the intellect, which oppresses and confines the spirit, stifling it. Thus it is the result of the hereditary sin, which I accurately described in my Message together with all its evil out-workings, one of which is also the possibility of becoming possessed.

You have mismanaged the bounty which God in His Love made over to you. All those servants who have thought only of themselves and never of their Master will now be expelled! And all those who sought to make themselves the master. —
You men shy away from my words, for you do not consider severity Divine! But that is only your fault, because until now you have imagined everything Divine, everything that comes down from God, to be tenderly loving and all-forgiving, since that is what the churches have taught you!
But these false teachings were only intellectual schemes aimed at the mass capture of human souls on earth. In order to catch something, a bait is needed that is attractive to everything at which it is aimed. The right choice of bait is the main thing for each catch.
Now as this was intended for human souls, a plan based on their weaknesses was skillfully devised. The lure had to correspond to the main weakness! And this main weakness of the souls was love of ease, the indolence of their spirit!
The church knew very well that it was bound to achieve great success as soon as it showed much leniency towards this weakness, and did not require it to be overcome!
Recognizing this aright, it built for earthmen a broad and easy road that was ostensibly to lead to the Light, and displayed it enticingly to these earthmen who would prefer to give one-tenth of the fruits of their labor, go on their knees and murmur prayers by the hundred, rather than exert themselves spiritually for even one moment!
Therefore the church took the spiritual effort away from men, also pardoning all their sins if they were obedient outwardly and in the earthly sense, and carried out what the church required of them in mundane ways!
Whether in the way of church attendance, confessions, in the number of prayers, in tributes or in donations and bequests, no matter what, the church was satisfied. They left the believers under a delusion that everything they did for the church would also secure them a place in Heaven.
As if the church could allot these places!
However, the achievements and the allegiance of all believers links them only with their church, not with their God! Neither the church nor its servants can take away from or even forgive a human soul one particle of its guilt! Just as little are they permitted to canonize a soul, and thereby interfere in God’s perfect eternal Primordial Laws of Creation, which are immutable!

I say to you that men can in truth only serve God with just that which did not come to life through the churches: With their own thinking and independent investigation! Everyone must journey alone through the mills, through the mechanism of the Divine Laws in Creation. And therefore it is necessary for every man himself to become acquainted at the right time with the nature and function of the mills.

It is also due to the indolence of the spirit that people are willing to accept regular and ready made teachings from others. The indolence also lies in the satisfying thought that it is a sign of great virtue to remain within the faith of the parents without subjecting it to a personal thorough and careful examination.

The greatest blame on the indolence of the spirit lies on shoulders of the Churches because they fell asleep and stagnated in the advancement of the spirit, and thus lost contact with Laws of Nature, as well as with science, which also fell into rigid forms when it became influenced by strayed spirituality! Exactly in accordance with the following quotes from AT:
Past schooling having to do with the knowledge about the Creator stood on feet far too weak, or better said feet weakened by men, for it to remain capable of keeping pace with the intellect, which quickly grew stronger through its one-sided cultivation.

He who is incapable of keeping pace with this must put it down to his own guilt; he remains behind and must finally perish. The development of Creation cannot be retarded by the indolence of men, but strides forward unceasingly in accordance with the laws inherent therein, which bear the Will of God.

Scientific investigation and discovery through the intellect always advances steadily; if spiritual investigation does not keep pace with it, it must in time be shaken violently and begin to waver, because the balance necessary for harmony between these two different kinds, which are meant to go hand in hand, is lacking. The end will then be the inevitable collapse, because intellectual science lacks the necessary living spiritual support; for mysticism cannot give this to intellectual knowledge.

From these quotes every logically thinking man must understand and conclude that human beings living on Earth are influenced by, or are in communication with other different beings. Sometimes some people may see them. Some call them extraterrestrials, for others they are spirits or demons, or even devils. Some are able to communicate with elemental beings, which was quite common for our ancestors who called these beings gods. In all previous questions, enough answers were given on who or what we may come into contact here on Earth, and that life is all around us. So we do not have to look for it in the depths of the universe, but in ourselves, but no one is willing to do it.
In any case, each one of us here on Earth has already been an extraterrestrial before. In addition, present extraterrestrials living on other planets are exactly equivalent beings with us, that is, equally evolving spirits who have come down in the world of matter for the sake of their development, and can be more or less developed than we earthlings. But there is a difference. In this part of the Creation, only on planet Earth do spirits of different maturity live side by side, that is, dark ones with light ones mixed together. Whereas all other planets are completely in the region of either darkness or light, and the same applies to their homogeneous inhabitants.

The following quote from AT gives the most reliable testimony:
The outermost point of its development, namely that point, which as being the furthest away from the Light, is thus also the point where the spirit, under the pressure of the heaviest, densest cloak, must develop its own volition most intensely, whereby it can and is meant to become aglow, so as to be able to ascend again, closer to the Light. In Ephesus this point is the gross-materiality of the earth.
Through this, the sojourn on earth becomes the turning-point of all the wanderings! Thus it is quite especially important.
And it was just here on earth that the spirit was fettered and walled-in by men themselves through wrong volition, under the influence of the creeping Darkness. Thus at the very point where it was meant to achieve the most resplendent radiance through the most intense, animated activity, the spirit was compelled to inactivity from the very outset, which brought in its train the failure of mankind.
Therefore, the activity of the Darkness is most intense at this turning-point which is so important for the human spirit, and consequently the battle is fought here. The end of the struggle must bring the complete defeat and destruction of Darkness if humanity on earth is ever to be helped again at all, so that they will not be lost completely.
Thus the activity of the Darkness has always been most intense here on earth, for it is here that the turning-point of the wanderings of the human spirit forms itself; and secondly, it was easiest for the Darkness to interfere just here, since it is here that man is furthest away from the origin of the helping power of the Light, and can therefore become more easily susceptible to other influences.