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We have lived through the happening again, which can encourage some in their conviction, and it is the proof for them that they have chosen the right path. But this proof could be even more useful to those who perceive these “some” as the strayed ones. Hence, these events could be real evidence for them to see that they are the ones who have gone astray.
And comet ISON is exactly such perfect proof.

But now everybody who does not have the necessary knowledge, swing their hands indifferently and say: “I have been caught again by the fanatics!”And for them, everything just ends with this statement.
For those who are still not satisfied with the above statement, we have the following explanation on what we have seen recently.

The track of Comet ISON and the conditions of its observation are well known and clear since the time the comet showed up in 2012. But just before its arrival, everything had started to be more complicated and unclear.
Karl Battams, a member of the NASA team established for observing Comet Ison said: “Not long after comet ISON was discovered (September 2012), it began to raise questions. Throughout this year (2013) it has continued to confuse and surprise us with its own behavior. For the past few weeks, it has been particularly enigmatic and dynamic, in addition to being visually spectacular. This morning (editor’s note: during the day of its track around the Sun on 28th November 2013) we thought it was dying, and hope was lost as it faded from sight. But like an icy phoenix, it has risen from the solar corona and - for a time at least - shines once more. This has unquestionably been the most extraordinary comet that Matthew and I, and likely many other astronomers, have ever witnessed.”*

Later Karl Battams added: “It could be a comet, or just the remains of what once was. We can't tell right now”**

Many who call themselves believers and have been introduced to the Son of God – Jesus, know and admit that only Him is the exclusive Son of God, and therefore connect the name and arrival of the Comet with Him.
Then there is another group of people, who know about the second Son of God – Imanuel, but for them the events around Him have passed, and even if not totally, certainly those events in connection with gross material happening on Earth. These are the people who did not accept the Ministress of God, the author of Eternal Laws, who at the same time was the prophesied Mother of the second Son of God – Imanuel. They did not take into consideration even the prophesied event – the birth of Imanuel in 1998, and started to take those who believed it as the wandered or lost ones.

But now the prophesied Comet did something that surprised many; first of all the scientists who think that there is nothing left to surprise them. Then those who thought that the comet should announce the second arrival of Christ because of the judgment, and that we’ll get the proof of it during the Christmas holidays. Then there are those who knew that the comet announces the arrival of the second Son of God – Imanuel, but again the reality was not consistent with their expectations.
Then there is still another group - the largest of all, of people who remained indifferent, as always! However, this group also includes many of those who know about the two Sons of God, but did not associate this comet appearance with God's plan and His two Sons.
But now the comet has given us such a big proof of the Truth, which none of the groups expected. And we can even dare to say, that we did not deserve it again.

Now we have received so much grace, which we really do not deserve!

Here are the serious proofs:
Giving real evidence to those who are still indifferent is always completely unnecessary. The following lines are only for those who want to read it.
First, we shall concentrate on the group of people who know about Imanuel and the arrival of the comet associated with His person, but are not able to explain the sudden end of the comet’s journey. It is important to say that this explanation is intended for this group only as it is the simplest one, and that is the reason why we start with it.
The happening, which we have recently experienced, is the same kind as we went through in 1998 when He, whom the comet ISON annunciated, was, we can say, born / not born. To be specific, at that time, at first we felt His birth in our world of gross matter through the gross material body of His Mother. But at the end, the final stage of His birth was realized in matter that is finer than our actual matter is, just because of our fault.
Imanuel´s Star - Comet ISON, behaved in the same way as Him during His birth. It was visible and perceivable in our matter too, but eventually it moved into finer matter, i.e. the matter where Imanuel has begun to act like the King of Creation, and the comet is His prophesied sign there.

It happened on His 15th earthly birthday!

Comet confirms the authenticity of conviction of those who believed the announced birth of Imanuel on November 28, 1998, because this date is spiritually related to this occurrence only.
But this event should be even more convincing proof for those people who know about Imanuel, but they did not believe in the announced occurrence in 1998, and rejected the author of Eternal laws - the Mother of Imanuel as well. This date again gives the same proof, i.e. that these people are unable to connect this date with anything familiar hitherto. On the contrary, the only valid answer for them now is the answer that She herself provided, but they rejected it at that time.

Now many people can ask the question: “Why should we relate this date with something spiritual?” This is true, but…
The truth is also this: How could somebody predict the concrete date - November 28, in conjunction with the big Comet (Star), which even corresponds to ancient prophecies and mainly to the prophecy which He Himself proclaimed almost a century ago, and this prophecy was related with Him. There is no simple answer without mentioning the spiritual events!
Now we will concentrate more on the problem in detail, and we will try to give the answers to those who have refused the Mother of Imanuel - author of Eternal Laws, and the proclaimed events in 1998. Various groups are mixed between them and therefore it is intended for all groups, including those who have dozed peacefully till now, or think about themselves too much.
Let us follow the events, which are already in our past, and also in the prophesied future; but only for people who have the courage and taste:

The Comet ISON has acted in a way that replicated the event in 1998.

According to the scientists, nothing is clear yet and everything is still open. But for us, there came an answer already.
In 1998, Imanuel was incarnated in our level of matter, but not exactly the same one as we live in, i.e. where our Earth was placed at that time. The birth took place in a finer level of matter; the level which will become our reality in a time of His arrival.
Thus the comet did not disappear and it will not disappear, but it has remained in that level of matter, which will be visible when it will all happen. We verify this statement with quotations from the work of the Son of Man, In the Light of Truth - the Grail Message:

“Viewed from below upwards, there are the species of gross matter, the species of ethereal matter, the species of animistic substantiality, and the species of spiritual substance as the highest. Each of these species is again divided into many levels...(7). The transitions between them are quite subtle. Man now has a cloak of each species of Creation below the spiritual. Each cloak is equivalent to a body.”

“There is nothing on earth which has not already been fashioned beforehand in an even more beautiful and more perfect way by the little elemental beings in medium gross matter!”

“The events in finer levels precede the events in our gross matter.”

“Primordially Spirits and the divine entities can incarnate and function at several levels!“

“This is the reason why during the upheavals already proceeding on this earth, the earthly bodies too must be changed; otherwise they can no longer exist! They change with the changing workings of the elementals! This causes changes in the radiations as well, thereby also of the climate and the development of forms and the preservation of all Materiality, under the new rays of the Light!”

"Even if earthmen will make the earthly path of the Son of Man more difficult up to a certain point, forcing Him to wander on by-waysbut now it will be the will of God, that will highlight Him in the hour of fulfillment."

“It was promised that foot of Envoy of God does not enter into the dust, which have existed. The term dust is used here instead of gross matter world!”

“I will come soon!”

“But first the violent storms must come. Purifying fever spasms must first pervade everything in order to destroy the old before the new can arise. And you who are to become strong enough to emerge from it, need the Grace of God to enable you to stand upright again, when, after all the storms, the new sun calls you to new life!”

Foot of Envoy of God does not enter into the old world of gross matter!”

Proofs given by these quotations are not new, because they were used immediately after the promised birth in the book ‘Prophecies in the Light of Truth’ where this happening was explained clearly.***

Imanuel will come down to Earth after the “Purification”!

Thus, when the followers of the Grail Movement claimed that Imanuel would not come to the Earth, and therefore refused Imanuel´s Mother, they were right to a certain extent. He was not come to the Earth as it was then! But He explained it all to us in His Word very clearly. It is evidenced by the above quotes from the Grail Message.
It means that here we only have a short explanation of the happening, which we have experienced again, but we will go through its after-effects!
It is an important proof - but again only for some people! The others, who are more self-conceited and “more educated”, have to stand aside till the promised time mentioned in the above quotes!
Thus the comet replicated the event which people who showed interest in the happening experienced in 1998. It does not matter whether they were followers or opponents.
Therefore the promised end of the event (the birth), did not happen on the Earth as it should have been, but outside of the Earth. The wise ones already know why it had to happen that way. It did not happen in the world of gross matter where we use our senses, but it happened in a finer level of gross matter. And soon the Earth will be in this level, and we will have to adjust our senses. We are gifted by gentler or finer senses, but we are not able to use them yet. To be specific, the Earth and its people already have a cloak of that matter now, though we are yet to experience the events in this finer matter. However, there are some among us who are already capable of such experience now.
Even the materialists or the scientists already accept the perfect effectiveness of Natural laws. They finally understand there is nothing useless; for every form there is a purpose and moreover, all forms are multipurpose.

Why are we expecting the opposite in such momentous events then?!

It´s necessary to use a comparison for more clear understanding:
Imagine that someone orders you to accumulate a large amount of some material substance, and consequently again orders you to put a bigger part of this substance back to its primary position. Maybe a human son has often experienced these kinds of orders, from his father or someone else, which has excited resistance to those activities or even to that person.

And now we expect the same absurd actions from someone, Who is the Absolute perfection - GOD!
In 1998, we expected that Imanuel would have to incarnate to our dense level of gross matter and then afterwards, He would need to get rid of His useless body of our level of gross matter! Nevertheless, we are the ones who should have ascended by our spiritual awakening up to that level - medium gross matter (i.e. the level where Imanuel was born – the finer level, or level of less thickness or density compared to ours), together with our planet. And there we would have been able to consciously perceive and experience by senses of the body of that level. If this had happened, Imanuel would have been physically born on Earth and we would have perceived Him in that level of matter, which we (and our Earth) would have experienced as the outermost one (or the last when viewed from up down, like experienced now in our earthly life). Since we did not prepare a suitable ground for His birth on the Earth, He was born on another planet, which has already fulfilled this condition i.e. it had a cloak of medium gross matter as its outermost level.
Our living in the near future will take place in another, finer matter. Some of us will not even notice that it happened, even that it is already happening, because we lack the important view from outside.
Haven´t we already noticed that our current bodies are not as dense as our ancestors had? Indeed, it is sufficient to compare us with older generation!

According to the above explanations, it seems the comet did a useless act as well – by first appearing in a cloak of the denser matter (i.e. our gross matter). However, in case of the comet, it is a natural phenomenon, which corresponds with natural, cosmic laws.
And there was even the second reason that was supposed to be a new grace of God for us, and it really was. For some time, the Comet was visible to us in the gross matter level of our present daily consciousness - to experience it again (thus as a reminder of 1998 events); to wake up some people and to encourage others in their conviction.

It was therefore necessary to make a difference in the importance of these two events.

Therefore, let us prepare ourselves for the 18th EARTHLY birthday of Imanuel – it will be very interesting!
It will be essential to everybody´s life!

*     The quote taken from the website:

**   The quote taken from the website:
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