July the 6th, 2014

Even more interesting experience


There is an unpleasant parasite well known among people, which is carrier of two dangerous diseases and it makes life more difficult to people and animals as well.  Name of this parasite is „Tick“.

Personally, I have repeatedly wondered how this annoying creature spreads in the environment and thus extends the illness, when it itself is not very mobile. Of course I understand that this parasite is actually transferred on the bodies of their victims, but these victims do not migrate long distances. More importantly, the spread of diseases transmitted by this parasite is quite rapid and exceed the moving capability of this parasite.

The help came to me in the form of answer that someone could name as “luck” but it is not the precise name from my point of view. There always has to something be done and proper curiousness must also be present in order to so-called “luck” could come into reality. Only then the desire comes true and therefore it looks as “luck” for unaware person.

My granddaughter could not go to Residential Outdoor School because she had a broken arm and went to rehab. Me and my wife took care of her during that time because her parents were at work. I wanted to make her stay with us more enjoyable and even at least partially compensate to her the fact that she couldn't go with her classmates and gather new knowledge in the Residential Outdoor School.

I saw a nice beetle flew to my nearness. I have been fascinated by this beetle for some time and I even truly admired it for its beauty, but mainly for its ability to fly. This beetle is an excellent flier and rarity among beetles. Its name is goldsmith beetle or green rose chafer. What makes it so special and remarkable? This beetle does not have to lift up its chitin elytra (wing-cases) in order to spread its membrane hindwings and thus could with them wave and fly. There are tiny gaps at the bottom part of its elytra and through these gaps the goldsmith beetle ejects its hindwings. Thus it can fairly quickly fly at a minimal air resistance and even over long distances.

This goldsmith beetle flew over the vineyard and was looking for place to land. I took advantage of it and as soon as it landed on the vine, I caught and close it in my palm hand and went to show it to my wife and granddaughter. But when I opened my palm hand I was surprised and amazed. Apart from the goldsmith beetle, my palm hand was full with the ticks. There were approximately 8 to 10 of them crawling on my palm hand. These ticks couldn't get into my palm hand otherwise but crawling down from the goldsmith beetle. So these ticks used the goldsmith beetle the same way as black passengers sometimes use the plane in order to overcome long distances.

We killed the ticks on the pavement by crushing them and my granddaughter could take a good look at goldsmith beetle. Only then I realized that all three of us had witnessed an interesting discovery, which is still unknown because I haven’t read about it in any literature. I realized that it is necessary to inform public of this fact in order to let other people verify and experience this discovery. Thus, further evidence for this discovery could be obtained. Therefore, I decided to call up the TV Markíza (very popular slovak television channel) and see if they are interested, even though I had no high anticipation, since I am aware of the program structure and ideological orientation of TV Markíza. There was only me and answering machine so I left a message about what's going on and what I discovered.

I was contacted by correspondent/editor from TV Markíza the day after. He asked me if I am able to catch another goldsmith beetle so he can film it. I told him that I still have the first goldsmith beetle but it is no problem for me to catch and film another one because I grow Asimina (the pawpaw genus – fruit tree originated from America) in my garden. This fruit is similar to banana and is even known by the name „banana of the North“. Goldsmith beetles pollinate these Asimina plants so there is a very good chance to catch another one and recorded it on the video. After the first one, I even catched four another goldsmith beetles right after they landed but none of them wore the „black passengers“. I told the editor all this and that the first goldsmith beetle was an isolated case because not every goldsmith beetle would be occupied and thus transporter of these parasites. I thought that two witnesses (my wife and granddaughter) beside me could be a reliable source to verify the discovery.

While catching the goldsmith beetles I realized that I am catching „domestic“ goldsmith beetles on the Asimina plants because they are already aware of Asimina in my garden, therefore we could consider them as „domestic“; i.e. „ours“. But the one who wore ticks, it landed on the vine and not the Asimina plant because it probably arrived from remote wine region, since it knew vine and landed on one. If it was one of „ours“ it would certainly chose to fly to Asimina plants. I also realized that these ticks have to cause some kind of stimulation or irritation to goldsmith beetle and thus forced this beetle to endure a longer flight – over a greater distance. I would compare it to a situation when horseman stimulates the horse to gallop faster and longer with hitting the horse inguen with spurs as appropriate to the rider.

The TV editor promised me that he will call again in order to arrange a meeting together. But it went as I expected because it was an empty promise from his side. Maybe he was grounded by his superiors because he personally was very interested about the discovery. Therefore, I decided to publish my experience with goldsmith beetle and the ticks on internet, right here on the Radio Rescue website so that the readers could get a right picture about us – our focus; and how we constantly seek to promote the natural laws – laws of God. These laws are everything to us because we are constantly subordinated to their effects. However, at the same time the readers should become aware of the primal goal of all of todays‘ popular media: for them it is just a show, addle and irrelevant gossips. Their area of interest are intrigues of powerful men, disasters, accidents, thefts, man doing harm to another man, but mainly political tensions and struggles. Therefore, the primal focus is on all negative information, which then also educate and thus guide the next generation, which we are increasingly witnessing.

TV Markiza boasts about its highest rankings and audience share and it is true. But it is only the result of fact that its editors/correspondents are present at every well-known event, but unfortunately each confined within the wrong position – the negative one. And since nowadays most of the population is directed in a negative direction it is a proof of what has been written. But they do not realize that the media play a crucial role in steering /guiding the society - and then such is the result!

TV editor expected of me that I will succeed once again to catch another goldsmith beetle occupied by ticks. However he didn't realize that it’s actually impossible. Even if I succeeded in doing so, it would be worthless because the ticks would crawl out from the beetle and thus left the „transporter“. So should I stick the ticks on goldsmith beetle with superglue after? That is something I could do one way or another, i.e. I could stick on beetle the ticks I picked somewhere in the grass before and this should be taken as a proof. But at the same time it would be a scam that is so common often used by those who want to „shine over others“ at any cost. But that’s not my thing. My goal was not to popularise myself but disclosure of the fact that was and still is unknown. So others could become acquainted with the discovery and it would increase the chances to proof this discovery multiple times. It is only a small probability that someone who succeeded in finding a treasure would be successful again. Therefore, it is not wise to send such a „lucky“ man to find another treasure. If I send 1.000 men to find a treasure with proper guidance the chances of finding one are very high. Powerful and influential TV like Markiza can guide people much more. The only mistake is that the guidance is mostly in wrong direction.


I’ve got another experience with the same TV channel shortly before. Both of my cases with this TV station are similar in one point:

It is relatively rare air transport system in both cases and equally rare is the evidence that may be obtained for confirmation among public.

My first experience with the TV channel was related to the fact that a famous writer and expert on UFO visited Slovakia and was also a guest in this TV. The writer was E.V. Däniken. He wrote many books on the subject of extraterrestrial civilizations. As guest in TV channel programme called „Telerano“ he claimed that the extraterrestrial civilizations as they flew and landed on our planet in the past, so they are still observing us even nowadays. He also claimed that these civilizations even promised they would return one day and this day of their return is coming. That information is nothing new for us who are participating on Radio Rescue project. But for most of the people it is something new and that is the reason for bringing this topic back to life again because everything has the same background - keep humanity in ignorance and stupidity of those significant events, even distract people with games, cultivate self-flattery and ambition in people together with many other ailments.

Substantial part of the „Telerano“ programme was devoted to this topic. Based on the interview with Mr. Däniken, the moderator even encouraged the audience to interact. Especially those who have their own experience with UFO and extraterrestrial civilizations. They should contact the TV and provide their contact address. Moderator promised that the topic would be discussed once again at the end of „Telerano“. I tried to contact them but without any success. It was only reassurance of my suspicion that afterwards came true. The UFO topic did not occur anymore during the remaining part of „Telerano“.

Together with the goldsmith beetle-ticks experience I realized that my effort was wasted even in this UFO case because the result would be the same. It would be the expectation that I would bring the aliens right in front of camera or, at least, I myself should arrive and come out from UFO. Even if I would have done so, they would call into question those staying in front of camera and claimed that they are only deformed earthlings and the conclusion would the same as with the skull of alien child.

I had an information prepared for them, which is the summarization of real event that I myself experienced with this UFO phenomenon. Actually, I was curious how would they deal with my experience. Unfortunately, I didn't learn anything. It just gave me a confirmation that information like mine, i.e. about experience with UFO is only for mockery or as interesting curiosity. But nothing real, nothing that must be taken seriously, just a canard.

Therefore, I publish the text that I wanted to offer (although unsuccessfully) to TV Markiza, now.



Words from the title of this article are true and also in Slovakia are more people, i.e. those who had – and still have contact with an alien civilization. However, they do not present it like a show, like it is presented in your broadcast programme. True to be said, the same principle, i.e. to make the show from it, is used in many books that have been written on this topic.

Why is that?

Well, because in this universe - and not just only in it, but also in those parallel worlds (recently confirmed by our science and the existence of these parallel worlds is finally the key to deciphering the question of „what is it actually that dark matter or energy, which is the most present substance in space?“) governs the wrong ruler to whom the majority of people serve on planet Earth, but also in those appointed „parallel“ worlds.

However, not for a long time!

The source for this course of events lies within the free will of every individual being here on Earth but also those in the other worlds.
But now to the point!

I really talked to the aliens. The most interesting part about this communication for me (but it should also be interesting for everyone else) is the fact that apart from Russian language I have never learned any other foreign language. But with these aliens I communicated in foreign language! I suppose it was their language (probably universal).

Once the communication had ended, I precisely remembered ergo I knew the meaning of last sentence in Slovak language but also in the „foreign“ language as well. I repeated that sentence and I was going to take notes, but unfortunately before I could do so, I completely forgot the terms in a foreign language, even the meaning in Slovak language. So I didn't know what was our topic of discussion. But this is not entirely true because afterwards I received particular guidelines, which could be perceived as my own but I knew they were not. I even know something more but it is something I do not want even I can’t disclose because it would be too unbelievable. What is even worse some people could take it as information, which would only damage the root of the problem.

After the initial contact, I communicated with them again. This time I considered myself as prepared. However, my preparation wasn't very helpful, although it brang a little „success“. After completion of communication I couldn't remember the whole sentence, same as in the past, but I remembered the last word, which I immediately wrote down. Therefore, I can still remember it now. It was the following word:

"Nafiotor" – which means „slave“ in English!

I tried to track down the origin of the language that the phrase comes from, but so far to no avail.
Afterwards, I received some kind of an inspirational hints that were still subjected to my own free will. Therefore, I was free in the way how to dispose with these hints. I will not elaborate it further because I would only repeat myself and I do not want to end up in the same way as it prevails in this domain nowadays: to present it like a show!

On the contrary, it is the most important area and actually it is the requisition for advancement of each individual on his path and how each individual ends in near future! Actually this path is common for all of us.

When they return – as Däniken and even the others claim, and so does we in the Radio Rescue!

Even the ancient promises and various prophecies claims the same about "their" return. Unfortunately, with one mistake. It won’t be: „The second coming of Christ“ but the arrival of someone else! You could say that it will be the coming of even more empowered entity because Jesus said about him: „I go and I will send Him to you!“.

There are more similar prophecies like the mentioned above but they are not just overlooked but even distorted and concealed! Those inspiration that came to me resulted in realization of the project,which clarifies for you more.

I am not going to „make a show“ from my experience. Therefore, I appoint your attention to following page:


You can find there much more if you care about the Truth and objective information.“


Thus, we have again demonstrated that circumvention the laws of nature will always bring failure to anyone who does not respect them. The man can‘t establish proper contact if he or she is oppositely polarized in his or her homogeneity, because the Law of Homogeneity always exclude this possibility. The one who does not believe in such a thing from deep inside of him or her, is unable to find an evidence of any of this. This is also the position where our current science stands. Our current science can only acquired that kind of evidence upon which desires for.

It's the same law as if those who are not able to tune in to our radio, and will argue that such radio does not broadcast because they did nothing for it to be tuned to the right and necessary frequency. But for those who struggled and looked for a connection, the radio will become a reality and also the right help.


Aliens or extraterrestrial respected natural – God’s law of free will and I wasn’t enforced into nothing.
I do the same now with you and the same principle will be applied in Radio Rescue!
The crucial step must perform everyone for himself or herself!





The 1st picture presents goldsmith beetle sitting on the Asimina plant from sideview.
After magnification it is possible to see tiny gaps at the bottom part of its elytra and through these gaps the goldsmith beetle could eject its hindwings.

The 2nd picture shows Goldsmith beetle from topview.

The 3rd picture shows the Asimina plant.

The 4th picture clearly shows the origin of the name „goldsmith beetle“.
Under the certain angle and reflection of the light the chitin elytra looks like they are of „golden“ colour.

The 5th picture shows goldsmith beetle trying to enter the Asimina flower for the sake of eat fill and also for the sake of pollination.

Following three pictures show yet another not well documented case in literature – during the midday goldsmith beetle is hiding in the cold ground in order of cooling itself.
It is highly possible that during this siesta ticks embark on the beetle as „black passengers“.

On the last pictures it is possible to see the way of flight of goldsmith beetle – chitin elytra on the body can be discerned and membrane hindwings in the motion.
Movement of the hindwings is fast – like with hummingbird.


July the 20th, 2014



The last two articles here on page require a certain amendment, which begins with quotation from the Absolute Truth – therefore, the already mentioned and the most advanced and complex knowledge for mankind:

„Any divergence would have to mean a change of the Divine Will. A change, however, would indicate imperfection. But since the Primordial Source of All Being, God the Father, is always uniform and perfect, it follows that even the slightest deviation in the Laws of Nature, thus the laws of development, would simply be impossible and out of the question from the very start. This fact requires the condition that theology and natural science must in every respect coincide in perfect clarity and consistency if they are to represent the Truth.“


Actually, this article had arisen in my mind under the cherry tree, whose fruit I tried to protect against the bird raids. Flock of birds had already stormed and robbed my other cherry tree near my house not a long time ago and this kind of arrogance made me rightfully angry. Nearly four days „from dawn till dusk“ – as people usually say, I was sitting or even lying under the cherry tree and gaining experience, even took notes and the result is this article. But mostly I was trying to re-educate birds as was the case in the past.

Actually, it started with recollection of days of my youth when only one friend of mine had a large fruited cherry tree in whole village. This friend lived just where the forrest started and where many different birds nested. Mostly those, which cause the biggest problems nowadays. But these birds did not fly over the cherry tree and did not steal at all its fruits. Thus, all the fruits remained on the tree for us – young pack of friends. Today, after a long period of hunting, which had started since I was a little boy – at first with slingshot, later with airguns and so on, I know where is the cause of our problem.

However, it was a different time. Back then, the fieldfare (the thrush family) was a bird suitable to hunt (contrary to nowadays when this bird does a lot of damage). There was a lot of hunting on this bird and it was often consumed partially because of its reportedly very tasty meat. Similarly, the house sparrow was the village „vermin“ and so we – young boys always had something to hunt on and possibility to test our weapons. Here and there, we shot also something else that caught our interest and we wanted to see the bird up close. Therefore, it was for „scientific purposes“ as Japanese justify their catches of whales nowadays.

According to God’s law – The Law of Nature, this activity of ours (and others) led to result that birds did not fly to the nearness of human settlements and fruits that were not aimed or cultivated for them. Thought-forms created by bird hunters near their home were able to make the necessary protection. But this law applied and still applies globally, also in the case of other animals, hence those with whom we have problems today - such as bear, wolf, wild boar, mosquito, tick, bark beetle and others.

Three years ago due to abundance of free time while I was guarding the cherries I composed a song. We could call it also mantra because eastern spiritual movements often used mantras since they also were aware of that law and therefore, because of this mantra the power of thought multiplied. Although the following example is rather for amusement, the conclusion nevertheless was also eye-opening for me again. Here is the text that I sang under the cherry tree:

/translator’s note:
In the Slovak version of this article at this point follows the text of song about the sparrow. The author of the song re-educates the bird in the text and explains that if the bird continues to steal the fruit from author’s garden, the bird will pay for it – the bird will be shot by slingshot or will be caught by cats. But if the bird learns to prey upon insect again as intended according to the Law of Nature, everything will be OK and the bird will don't need to worry.

After the successful defence of cherries I harvested them. Afterwards, I went into the field together with my wife and we met her brother while he hoed the potatoes. He did know nothing about my activities not even when we started to talk about it but I was very surprised when he started to sing the chorus of my song (from under the cherry tree).

I only smiled but did not say anything to him even then. One way or another, it left a strong impression on me and actually, it was again only a confirmation for me of something I have already known.

Thus, if we knew the law mentioned above and took it for granted, then our conservationists (aka forest protectors or environmentalists) would not initiate to issue such a stupid laws and regulations in order to establish a wanted balance as they would call it. I visited a friend in Moravia who owns a vineyard and is also a hunter. During the visit we also spoke about these conservationists and their activities. Smiling but also with appropriate amount of anger he criticized the valid law about the protection of vineyard against birds. When protecting the vineyard owner can shoot only at flock of thousand and more of birds and he must keep records about every shooted bird. But who is able to count the flying birds, especially starlings, which are able to do almost synchronized formation during the flight that we often admire? Implementing the objectivity of this Act is thus practically, but also theoretically impossible but what is worse, a legally enforceable option is zero. Because which expert would be able to catch up (flying the helicopter) just the specific flock of birds that was subject of shooting; calculate individual birds that were shooted and then write a suitable expert opinion for the court and the prosecution?

God’s Law – The Law of Nature addresses it very simply and efficiently. It was already mentioned before that the thought-form of man can work wonders and I have long-term practical experience in this field and have already written about it several times. The point is that the law mentioned before  extends its validity up to Etheral matter, which is still unacknowledged by humans. Even the animal has a soul and the death is not the end for the animal, just same as for humans. Soul of the animal, however, after the "death" ceases to be compact, in contrast to the human soul, and is drawn into the central mass of souls. They are different centers of souls according to maturity and intelligence of animals, that is developmentally stratified. Every soul coming into appropriate center will influence and enrich the maturity of the particular center. Unfortunately what happens nowadays when souls come into centers is following - the souls bring adverse experience for humans and even for animal itself, because it subsequently affects change in behavior of the animals, which reincarnate again from the particular center. God intended behavior of animals thus turns into wrong direction depending on how the man drives the course in his ignorance. The animal is to serve a man and he or she actually decide on animal’s fate just as a man is to serve God and God (or higher beings appointed to this task by God) decides about the destiny of man precisely according to God’s laws.

Therefore, death is not the end for a man and not for the animal as well. What varies is only „correctional facility“ or „detention center“ in which every man is classified and transferred. A present life is only a part of a rather strict detention, which may subsequently improve or worsen - based on the obtained results, therefore, exactly as we have already in various stages of detention facilities.

Now let’s turn our attention to similar problem with bears or wolves, which are starting to be annoying to humans even directly threatening his or her life. Or indirectly by denying him or her food or environmental needs.

There lives a chief shepherd in my neighbourhood. He already has health problems – his legs are swollen and he is unable to stand or walk properly. Recently even his wife, who was relatively healthy, died suddenly during the night. She was the more active one in their business activities. Albeit the shepherd receives a disability pension, on the other hand he has a family and lives a difficult life. His health problems force him to milk the sheeps while he lies on his back. Several times a bear stole him sheep. And this is not the worst case scenario because somewhere on the east part of our country the wolves were able to kill more than 50 sheeps at one time. Imagine if that happened to our shepherd who would thus lost his entire flock and it would mean the end for him. He could receive some compensation from government funds eventually, but where he would be able to buy another sheeps during the year? Sheeps that are means of survival for him and his family. It would take two years at least if he would be able to walk again. Would be able to take care of him those conservationists or environmentalists who protect more animals than humans? Those conservationists who live a qualitatively very good life because neither one lives in a cave and does not lit a candle. On contrary, they ride cars and they would like the most to see the rest of us in that cave.

Finally, the taxpayers are the ones who must cover financially the compensation mentioned before. They generally do not agree with the opinions of only a small community of conservationists and even other shepherds as well as others affected (such as beekeepers, farmers, woodlanders and others) oppose these opinions. Community of conservationists ought to cover financially their own activities – more specifically, they should be able to cover financially one activity with the profit of their another activity. They would quickly change their opinions, which would no longer be an obstacle to others.

One law consisting of one sentence that respects even the Law of God would resolve all of today's problems in the short term:
Any creature that can endanger a human on his life or property, which approaches closer than 500 meters from a human dwelling or appears in the immediate vicinity of his or her business place, may be humanely killed!  


According to the God’s – Natural law described above, the result would be immediately noticeable because the human thought-forms would cause the same effect that worked in the past – the animals would avoid human settlements. Atop of that, after some time also the new/ „next“generation of animals (which have come from a particular center of souls) would be aware of the „lesson“ gained by its predecessors and would also avoid the human settlements. Rather, the animal would only fulfill its appointed role near human dwellings in a proper way as perhaps only swallows fulfill it nowadays.
The problem would thus be resolved and for compliance with the law of God, which alone is true!

And that goes for all of our issued laws as well as with all animal problems.

Human thought has tremendous strength and our ancient ancestors knew it well and utilized it – they were able to domesticate many animals for us. They utilized this knowledge also during the hunt. We can find evidence about it in ancient caves, such as Tassili, Altamira and others. There are drawings of animals in these caves that epitomize still some kind of a mystery for our science. Humans of that ancient age used these drawings as a tool to achieve a certain state of trance, which enabled them to hypnotize the animal in such a way that the animal came towards a man from its own will and did not flee away from a man. Thus, these humans were able to hunt with even primitive weapons more that we do today with modern weapons. I’ve got the same experience and therefore I know what I am saying because I used this method, too. I have caught every kind of animal that lives in our territory and was declared as „game animal“ (or „animal with the allowance to be hunted“) but of which many are now protected.

This is evidenced by the animal itself because those types of birds and animals, which were considered as game animals, have a higher intelligence and smartness in contrary to others.

Todays’ conservationists are people who didn't work hard in life for their own livelihood but let themselves to be „feed and nurtured“ by the work of others. In return, conservationists bind down those „others“ with laws, which constrain them from their work. And yet, these conservationists do not realize the fact that without these providers of financial and material values there wouldn't be any capital for them either and thus conservationists themselves would be affected by its absence. I call all this a „passive protection“ because an active protection would require more effort from conservationists part. They would have to solve the acute issue in a way that would prove useful to protect human, animal and nature while respecting the Nature – God’s law. And thus to make a living. However, these conservationists lack the essential: Knowledge of these Laws of Nature – Laws of God. On contrary, they come up with their own laws that are unacceptable for a man, animal and even for whole complex – the nature.

For a better understanding I will use now an example from my own life. It is my story of becoming a conservationist where me – as a person who had hunted for a long period of time afterwards became a conservationist, but the active one. I ceased to hunt but I’m not against it. I became a conservationist but within the sence of God’s laws and even today I am capable of shooting a fox in the henhouse or eventually kill a mole in the garden; and even more.

In my garden together with my wife I cultivated trees that were transferred and rooted later in the forest. We also produced protective aid against animal nibbling of those trees. I also applied copyright or patent for this protective aid at patent office. Afterwards, using this patent I also formulate bioenergy protection and then I was finally able to comprehend fully the problem that I am writing about now and I also understand that it is connected with Ethereal matter. Inside my house in the fireplace I only stoke with wood from those trees I cultivated with my wife because bark beetles procreate so rapidly that they attack even the broadleaved wood and tress and thus destroy them – especially ash tree, which have not happened in the past. I am doing hygiene of the forest and burn in fireplace only wood that would become afterwards the source of further infection. Thus, my activity eliminates the effort of those conservationists who oppose the manufacturing of contaminated wood and are responsible for the situation that bark beetles also multiplied disproportionately because according to these conservationist – bark beetles are also part of the nature, which alone finds a way to cope with it. Not the nature but conservationists are the ones, which caused this situation by wrong thinking and protecting something that does not earn the protection. Because then we can protect a mosquito as well, which belongs to nature and also ticks and viruses that cause deadly diseases. The thinking of conservationists is wrong and sick same as our nature is sick and ruined by their ignorance. All because of their own ambition that goes hand in hand with the cagey vision of easy way for livelihood. Contrary to them, I advertise the active means of environmental protection, which should be a matter of course of all those who boast with the title „conservationist“. But find me such a one among them! I state all this only because to avoid being called by one of those conservationists a restless fanatic or heretic who only terrorize and mislead the public. I am just a man who studied and is still studying and looking for explanations for the observed mysteries and ambiguities. Every person should be a discoverer or inventor because each activity and profession can be improved and thus person can be useful, internally happy and experience joy. Not revile about life and even thinking about its termination alongside the inner envy of all that others have and that seems unattainable for lazy people.

In The Grail Message, which is the pinnacle of spiritual lessons, we are informed that nature, i.e. mainly animals are same as we are - the people! The spirit directs and shapes the matter!

As lazy and calculate the man is, so lazy and calculate are the animals. No one wants to work manually nowadays. It is below the level of man. At the same time man needs to „discharge“ his or her energy in useless activities that support only pride and ambition of one begets envy of others.

Where one can find today a person who would work with joy, especially useful utilizing his or her capabilities (such as talent) that were given to them by God from the beginning? Everyone is looking for activities that are admired and are source of the big profit without active intervention (participation). Whereby every human activity provides a space for a man to become useful, to improve the particular activity or even to become its discoverer. I have worked all my life with what I learned; I enjoyed my work and I discovered a lot of new and by doing so I helped to solve many different problems; but mostly I was happy. Although I worked for so little money that most of my classmates went to work to other fields or professions, which attracted bigger financial income.

Therefore, even birds do not want to catch insect, which was their primary task and predestination. On contrary, birds also prefer more favorable forage that comes with usurpation of what does not belong to them, i.e. it is the property of others. Thus, birds only imitate us – people.


For more advanced lesson I will use another example from real life when nature was a bit healthier than it is nowadays. Although this example is from the time not so distant in the past.

I already wrote in previous article about the expansion of ticks, which recently have started to annoy and embitter our lives. An not just ours but also life of animals as well. I received a lesson how ticks are expanding. Moreover, I even got the confirmation of my discovery later, while watching one documentary. The tick actually belongs to the family of acarids (or mites). The documentary showed how acarids (which are also flightless) „embark on airborne vehicle or transporter the same way as stowaways, aka black passengers embark on their own airborne vehicle – the butterfly“.

Why I write about it? Just because looking back only to the past few years the „tick“ was an unknown term in our area. I also remembered my youth, when I spent my time in nature, especially in the grass on daily basis and no tick ever leeched onto my body. The same goes with entire village, because at that time the tick was an unknown insect. To support my argument I will use my experience that happened 5 years ago. I was in the forrest with another gentleman who was at that time over 75 years old and we had snack beside a mountain stream. After returning home, while taking shower I found two ticks on my body, but this was not the first time for me. But then the gentleman called me and asked me what are those small creatures on his body, which he found while also taking shower. So I informed him what they are and to get rid of them. So, during whole his life he and his family had never seen any tick.

Then I also remembered my school times at Secondary School of Forestry, where together with my classmates I had to have collections of insects and beetles. Neither I nor any other classmate didn't have in collection the goldsmith beetle, which carries ticks on its body, as written and described in previous article (INTERESTING DISCOVERY – even more interesting experience). Therefore, this fact logically supports what have been already written and described because once the goldsmith beetle appeared in our area so did the tick.

Thus, a man makes life difficult to himself or herself and to animals. He or she turns the nature to his or her own disadvantage, causes disasters and all the evil that afflicts us.

The science has its own explanation about it:

Global warming is the cause!

But that is only the consequence of the primal cause, yet still unknown for us! That cause, which may have been already identified and removed, too. Since it haven’t happened, it is too late for the turnover because we are now in the stage, or shall we say in the position, when the inclined plane reaches an angle that will not allow a return to equilibrium. On contrary, first there must be a necessary flip and only then there will be balance again but it will be accompanied by the collapse of all that is old – everything that man wrongly created.


The Word of the Grail Message provides us again with perfect lesson:
„Nature in its perfection according to the Laws of Creation is the most beautiful gift that God presented to His creatures! It can bring only benefit as long as it is not distorted by change, and guided into wrong channels by the stubborn pseudo-knowledge of these earthmen who always strives to know everything better!“


„How will they stand when the Reckoning comes? Is it to be wondered at if the gates of Paradise are closed to mankind of such low tendencies? And can one be surprised if the forces of the natural world (The Animistic realm) finally arise and utterly destroy the works of man that were so wrongly directed?-

When it comes to pass that, owing to your incapacity, and total failure all totters and falls around you, then cover your faces and acknowledge with shame the terrible guilt you have laid on yourself! Do not try or dare to cast the blame on your Maker or to call Him cruel and unjust!

And you, reader, who would seek for the Light, examine yourself seriously and unsparingly, and then try to reconstruct your whole being, your thoughts, and your feelings again on a basis — on a spiritual foundation, one that will neither waver nor vacillate, as the narrow-minded and constrained intellectuals have done hitherto. He, who cannot do this, will be cast out for all eternity.“ –


Everything that affects us now and even what awaits us and is coming into our direction – that all is our work, the fruits we must digest. Our deeds and actions also determine the date of retribution. We must realize that the closer is train to its destination, the time of its arrival can be specify more precisely. And our train is really very close to its destination – this can be noticeable by everyone who wants to notice!

It’s a cause created by us – human spirits and this cause can’t be removed now! We can only prepare for it – for things to come! It can be only achieved by obtaining the true wisdom and elevate it to conviction.

And this is the right protection of Nature; the right science; the right service to God and the right politics. However today, everyone including spiritual leaders is govern by the service only to Lucifer who taught us to elevate tangible brain over spirit and thus all the leaders wonder and are lost.

When we fail and nothing goes as we imagine, we say that there is no God or He is unfair with us. We only feel sorry for ourselves and apologize our wrong doing. But time for such actions is coming to an end and only a fool can’t see it. A fool who let himself or herself be waddled and deceived by the calculated people. They do not know where they came from, what is the purpose of their presence here and where they will go, i.e. how their unconscious life will end. At the same time they try to hand out their apparent „wisdom“! People, look for the absolute wisdom that comes from the Creator of for us the invisible creation and even the visible world as well. Only this way you can find the longed-for calm and happiness for eternity. Or is it too little?

Today, just knowing is not enough because it can still be dominated by caginess!
Today, a firm conviction is required!

Who does not obtain it; he or she will not pass through the Judgement!




While writing this article , an interesting dialogue emerged between the author of the article and another participant of Radio Rescue project, resulting in a summary of additional information. Below, you can find the essentials from the dialogue:

I am glad that you pay attention to bark beetle in your article because this beetle has been an object of interest to me for several years already. However, I do not work in this field and have not the necessary knowledge or experience. However, my brother and sister-in-law have been friends with some young man for years. He is an educated woodlander/forester and relatively well-known conservationists who filmed – I think two movies already. At that time he was also a member of Forest Conservation Association. This association was subject of a lot of discussion in relation with the bark beetle. They argued that the bark beetle is not abundant in Slovakia; it is merely a natural part of nature and that the fallen wood is best to leave aside (to its own destiny), i.e. that the nature will deal with this wood its own and thus the best way possible. Part of a Polish Tatras was provided as a proof of support for such an opinion. After the calamity in 2004, this polish part of Tatras regenerated sooner than our part of Tatras, where timber harvesting of this fallen wood took place. I do not know much about the fact and even if I went there in person to see it with my own eyes, it would not help me to better evaluate the situation. Some argue the one way and some the other way. So how is it actually? Could you please elaborate this topic a little bit more?


It is the same with the bark beetle like with everything else in nature. When the balance/equilibrium is broken on one side, then sooner or later, it will manifest globally.

Bark beetle has also its place in nature but not in such quantity as we - humans helped it to reproduce on such an extensive level. Man once used only dry wood for heating, i.e. trees that dried up. The bark beetle had speed up that process because it only invaded weakened trees that failed to produce enough resin for defence, and thus glue up the bark beetle with this resin.

But the fact that we pollute nature and the environment with air pollutants – it led to situation when trees are not in good condition and can no longer defend against bark beetle and so the beetle reproduced disproportionately. Windstorms and other disasters of such kind also helps to deepen this distressful situation. Mainly wood from fallen trees at the ground is no longer able to produce enough resin and defend itself. This in turn results in avalanche reproduction of the originally „forest sanitarian“, which consequently becomes a pest. Therefore, it is exactly as with any other epidemic – at some point only hygiene comes as the only right solution. Hence, there is also a need for forest hygiene, i.e. help the forest be released from weakened wood that is a hatchery of bark beetle. Imagine if it were the epidemic of animals or human and cadavers should be left lying freely all around us. It certainly would not help to stave off an epidemic! The only difference is that the decaying wood does not stink! What a shame! It is the same also with this epidemic and every logically thinking person must understand the relation. Trees uprooted by wind or otherwise damaged – have to be removed. Economic aspect is also in relation with it. Our society is not so rich that we can afford the wood be left on the ground and thus discard the material that can be used for production of furniture, paper, chemical products, etc. The wood is also the gift of God to be harnessed. It’s exactly as if we let the grain harvest on field be discarded, while people are starving. Not everyone has a comfortable furniture, even there are some of us who do not have any furniture at all. Thus, we release ourselves from the values and even from labor, and yet we still have the problem with unemployment. You wrote about Poland. Why then, Poles come to Slovakia for the sake of timber harvesting? Because they lack of their own, while leaving it to rot on the ground. If we did the same, the Poles couldn’t produce different things from wood, which in turn sell to Slovaks. But if that case would become reality many Poles would be without work, too. Thus, it’s all interconnected. That is why Tatras trees were rooted up from ground – because we do not appreciate wood and the material that has grown and we let it rot on the ground. It also has a different reason and statisticians have figure it out – specifically, the most affected by disasters are those forests, which were forcibly removed from the hands of its rightful owners. Again, it has reason of the spiritual – ethereal matter substance, which our science and thus conservationists have no idea about. Consequently, we won’t have forest, but neither employment nor furniture. Unless it is made of plastic, the production of which again pollutes the environment more, and again the newly planted trees will be less resistant, etc.

Educated man of contemporary era lacks the simple common sense, which always forces a man to think practically to use all that is available. If a person stops to appreciate the values offered by nature and will want only to admire nature without reasonable utilization of it, so there will not remain even the possibility to admire, but only a nature will remain, where man is not able to survive anymore. Everything we have and see around us was supposed to serve a human spirit in its development, hence its survival. Man’s primal task was to learn how to correctly put those gifts to good use. But how can one use correctly the gifts if he or she doesn't even know the origin of those gifts? Man does not recognize the donor and therefore, these gifts are not properly appreciated. And this is also a problem for conservationists because nobody taught them that. They didn't learn about it in school and spirituality is like other area unrelated to the problem – according to them. And this has to change!

But as I said, it’s too late, now remains time only to prepare for what lies ahead.
I have already written on this subject several times in more specialized institutions of forestry, etc. But to no avail.

Still needs to be added about this bark beetle, and not just about it but also what is valid globally, one fact that is being overlooked.
Harvest time in the forest, i.e. timber harvest time is longer than a average age of man. Therefore, an individual – an expert in this field can hardly claim that he or she can form his or her own opinion, ergo get necessary experience only during his or her own lifetime. Therefore, he or she must take into consideration the experience of professionals from the past, i.e. the predecessors and older people. Therefore, the current – modern opinions of conservationists are not substantiated by any experience and we can take them as opinions of theorists, i.e. young inexperienced individuals who can’t substantiate their opinions with lived-up experience.

Only the common sense and experience of ancestors were able to preserve our forests that foreigners envy us. It is those forests where all kinds of animal have survived and where a man walk around with pleasure. Let all those try to take a walk in the forest today, where wooden material remains on the ground – all those who are fans of the modern opinions of those educated conservationists.

Their discipline (science) is young as they themselves! But forestry science already has some history supported by experience of professionals, although it should be added that is missing the important – essential, which is an understanding of Ethereal Matter. Once the missing knowledge about the Ethereal Matter is supplemented, only then the experience will fit to its rightful place and all consequences that were considered as the cause will move to the correct position. But only under circumstances that the competent ones will not be ruled and driven by their own pride on their knowledge and ambition, which are characteristics that are booming right now and are the true obstacles to obtain the right knowledge. But among the conservationists are such people the most. Today, it is similar also in forestry industry and there are many individuals who don’t care much about that experience, which is really crucial for the correct acts within the forestry industry. All based upon the reasons mentioned above. That experience must be supplemented and enriched by the already mentioned „new perspective“. But neither one department of natural sciences is willing to do such a supplementation and therefore, we can't extricate from the circle of ignorance.

As I wrote before, we should not seek the capital or even the know-how at abroad. Thus, looking for the support in abroad among those who had all the animals killed (an which recommend us now to protect) just because they wanted to live on better level (and they partially succeeded in doing so). Indeed, all those who started to advise us, they envied us our forests and there was really a reason for such envy, only until we started to listen to them and imitate their own previous actions. Those conservationists should look at home (in their own country) in order to find the right formula and the right balance between man and animal; and thus exploring and learning about the domestic Nature and consequently use it to improve the welfare of their own nation, and therefore humans. But all this requires a true effort, self-denial and getting rid of those wrong ideas that are now motives – pride and ambition.

Therefore, we are still where we ended up many times before - i.e. in the spiritual area, which is equally confused and controlled by the same vices.

So what are the possibilities for repairing? The only outcome is that those animals, which men are trying now to protect, will end up exactly the same way as dinosaurs once did. And there is nothing we can do to stop it. What is even worse is the fact that we – humans now live together with animals and we will face the same course. So then what is the value of their teaching and what’s ours? They are trying to save what is no longer possible to save and the relevant - the essential what still can be saved, has no attention from their part.

We now live in time when the protection of what we already broke but also what is still intact, is secondary. It is exactly the same as if somebody were trying to protect those mentioned dinosaurs from extinction. The same extinction that consequently allowed the formation and evolution of mammals from which the human body could then eventually develop. Now we have a similar evolutionary leap that will change not only humans but also animals. Therefore, we must distinguish circumstances and thus to adapt our activities.


We must learn to distinguish between what is the result of human activity and what is a higher intention that comes from Creator.
And now, as on several occasions, it is about the higher intention.



July the 22nd, 2014

(appendix to previous articles)


Based on the last few articles someone could think that author of the previous articles hates animals. However, opposite is the truth. This is no hatred towards animals but the pursuit of its right education. Then, the activities of higher beings (which control and cause, for example the death of a person or his or her disease and other ailments and failures) could also be called hatred. And yet these beings merely follown and obey the Law of Reciprocal Action and other eternal laws, without personal bias or any malice.

Nevertheless, in both cases it is about pure and devoted service within the meaning of God’s laws!
However, those who see hate in words from author's previous articles and thus share this opinion – those are the ones who don't care about human suffering and don't feel any hurt.

From that reason quotations from the Absolute Truth will be used now, in which these laws are perfectly explained for our understanding, so we do not need to make unnecessary mistakes!
The reader should compel himself or herself to reflect on the importance of knowledge of these Natural Laws – Laws of God, while reading this Word – the Absolute Truth.


Now follows quotes from the Word of Absolute Truth, which confirm my experience, mentioned and described in previous articles.

„FOOLS indeed are you who are always questioning the fitness of the never ceasing warfare that goes on in Creation. You feel it to be cruel. This shows you to be faint-hearted weaklings — a hindrance and detriment to all advancement today.

Rouse yourselves from this apathy. This incredible weakness will gradually undermine body and spirit and cause you to sink never to rise again.

If you will but look around and pay attention, you will find sufficient reason to bless this strong fighting instinct: it serves to attack as well as to defend: it induces circumspection and watchfulness; it ensures life itself by effectually protecting the creatures from the deadly embrace of sloth.“


„If, on the other hand, an animal has constantly to be on the alert, prepared to defend itself, it will gain in every respect; its soul will keep awake; its intelligence grow keener; all its faculties will be alive and that means progress. It is the same with every creature. If it does not fight, it gradually degenerates, and the debilitated body, having lost its power of resistance, becomes more liable to disease.

A keen observer will not be astonished at the utterly wrong position man takes up towards the animal, for he does the same towards everything in Creation, including himself. His spiritual influence is everywhere harmful instead of helpful.“


And yet this is not all by any means: these forms (emotional volition), strengthened as they are by the living energy, have far more greater impact - they not only inhabit the ethereal world but direct also the destiny of all Subsequent Creation to which our Earth and the world surrounding her belongs, thus they influence Gross Matter also, for good or for evil, either building up or destroying. This indeed should open men's eyes to the utter folly of their habitual proceedings; and instead call them to do their duty and make use of their abilities for the benefit of this subsequently created world and all its creatures.

Man often asks why there should be this conflict in nature... Does he not perceive that nature in Subsequent Creation adapts itself to the example given by man? Always accepting what belongs to primordial nature (i.e. Primordially Created Elemental Beings) as that was created by God.“


„He who has reconciled himself to the fact that all is alive thus has form, whether physically visible or not, will not find it difficult to go a step further and realize that the forces of nature also have form. To these belong the gnomes, elves, sylphs, water-sprites, etc., the earth, air, fire and water beings, which have been seen by many – in earlier times more often than now. These are being influenced by the thought-forms and thus are the cause of much good and evil.



July the 24th, 2014



Wryneck is a bird that actually belongs to Woodpecker family birds and feeds exclusively on insects. It is quite a rare bird and I personally have not seen this bird since my childhood. It had attracted my interest at that time when I, together with other boys discovered how it nested in one cavity in apple tree. A strange sound came out from this wryneck hole when we approached. It sounded like hissing of a snake and young wrynecks actually produced this kind of sound as a form of protection against intruders.

In my previous article when I wrote about guarding cherries against birds I had an interesting experience with this „old friend“, unseen for such a long period of time. Down the line from the cherry tree I’ve got one apple tree on which a wooden bird nest box is placed. I found out that just right in this nest box this rare bird nested and so I could spend some time (while guarding the cherries) by observing this bird. First, I heard some pecking, coming from the nest box and I couldn’t explain to myself what this sound is or why is it coming from the nest box. But over some time I saw the source of that sound, i.e. the wryneck. Probably the bird was extending a living space inside the nest box because originally it was designed for another bird – a tit. Therefore, space inside the nest box was not spacious enough for wryneck that is admittedly slim and thus wryneck could get inside through the hole of nest box. However, wryneck has a longer body than tit and therefore, the nest box was too small for wryneck size.

Eventually I found out that parents already have cubs because they started to bring food inside the nest box frequently. First, old wrynecks felt timid in my presence and they showed their fear quite clearly, but over time they got used to me and they did not mind my presence.

During one day I received an „inspiration“, which was: „Go pick up the camera and make a video of these wrynecks“.
I did as I was instructed and I have no regret at all. I managed to record an interesting fact, which over time, i.e. nowadays has become very topical. A female wryneck flew out from the nest box, carrying one cub in the beak. Of course I was unable to find out whether this cub was dead or alive. I inclined to think it was dead because in literature one can read mostly that wryneck lies the greatest number of eggs – up to 11 eggs at one time. Therefore, I came to conviction that once all cubs are hatched and as they grow, the inadequate space inside the nest box causes the suffocation of those cubs who are at the bottom of the nest box. Thus, the number of living wrynecks is reduced to the optimal level. The male old wryneck immediately detected the change once it arrived with food. The male wryneck gave its awareness of this change very clearly. It was obvious by the loudly chatter that wryneck is very dissatisfied with the situation. After a week I found out that activity stopped around the nest box and quick observation proved it.

Afterwards, I also made observation of interior space of the nest box and there were only fly larvae, thus remnant and also proof of death of young wrynecks. The intervention of a marten or any other predator was out of question because the nest box is deep and the hole is too small, i.e it offers sufficient protection as prescribed and according to manual.

Byt why am I writing this? It is associated with those changes in nature, because as surely everyone has heard – the birds such as the swallow, woodpecker, rainbird, nutpecker, treecreeper and all others that are useful (as we call them and in fact, they truly are because they demonstrate their usefulness by their selection of food) – all these birds are now in decline. There are less and less of them.

It is already useless to elaborate on why it is so – it was already done in previous articles and it is in relation with human activities. However, it is necessary to point out that it is related to already before mentioned evolutionary leap or ongoing mutation (transformation), which is also mentioned in Bible: „the lion and the ox shall eat straw together“.

Today, we do not yet seem it possible, but all indications (that we can follow even today) suggest it. Many animals (including birds) are changing their eating habits and those that do not adjust – these animals will simply die and we, with our protection can’t change anything on it. Even many people already tend to vegetarianism, etc. Because as it was said and written in previous article:

All this is the higher intention of Creator!


We can only improve our knowledge and prepare ourselves for the predicted events! Of course, only those who are willing to do so. All the observations (mentioned before and many more) are here for us for this purpose. However, we now watch nature mostly in television and in movies and let ourselves be influenced by the improper public opinions, which lack the proper guidance about the intention of Creator, His laws, and those finer (more subtle) worlds where was created everything what we have here in our lives.

Although the essentials were provided in previous articles, nevertheless, something still needs to be added: „We must learn to distinguish when it comes to the great intention of Creator and when it is caused only by wrong human intervention!“

Those birds that were hunted or persecuted by man – they have gained intelligence and now they will more easily overcome the mentioned evolutionary leap, or at the same time we can say they will be able to adapt to new conditions. On contrary, the intelligence of birds that have been „as under the protection of man“, will decline and they won’t be able to adapt to new conditions. Birds we are writing about are exactly those „so protected species“ such as woodpecker, swallow, wryneck and others.

Finally, it is also related to the fact that there won’t be the annoying insect anymore. The very same insect that is actually the product or result of man’s wrong thinking as was already documented with the ticks and their nonexistence in the past. We can say - everything will change (and is already changing) and it will be „new“ especially for a man.

However, one more thing has to be explained, which is important and little known. Animals (including birds) do not cause worries and inconvenience to humans because of their hardship and thus the necessity of food income. They do that because of they want to cause an evil. Thus, harm the humans the same way as man himself or herself teached them. After all, there are many field cherries that can provide food for birds as it was intended from beginning. Also many other berries are seasoning on the fields, which once served as food for birds. However, nowadays birds prefer the berries, which are designated for humans and they choose to eat these „man’s“ berries not out of necessity, as mentioned before. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between a change in eating habits and when animals do harm without the need to fight for their lives. This should be separated from each other again and not consider and take as the same thing.

It is the same law and the same events that have been already well explained in previous articles, e.g. on some places man responds to radiation of thought forms and thus is forced to do evil, thus he or she acts as bad person.

We could continue in explanations but it is useless because the essence is just in the Ethereal and further – in the Spiritual. But those are the areas of interest that the darkness guards perfectly. The darkness seduce and diverts humans to sport, various „shows“ and competitions. And indolent humans happily circumvent those important lessons and let themselves very easily and with pleasure to be distracted and thus „jump on bait from the darkness“.

A proper lessons and observations only disturb us from our comfort life and spread discomfort that we are not willing to follow. But aim of this discomfort is to awaken us – our spirit, so we finally force ourselves to start looking for something more than just a ways how to have a full stomach, lots of fun, a variety of extreme excitement that lack usefulness and even more, they engender pride and envy. But all this has been written and therefore, it is pointless to continue.

Let’s get started noticing the context, interconnections and motives even there (in places or areas), where our ability to feel and sense dominates over our visual perception.
That is the True spirituality, which is no dubious theory,
but daily life!
At last, let ourselves become spiritual individuals!
It is our essence!
For acts like these you do not need any church.


July the 27th, 2014



Recent articles have their origin actually under two cherry trees, where I spent so much time that almost equals to one’s regular vacation. Many people spend exactly the same time somewhere at the beach or in the mountains. My wife gave a following name to this activity of mine: „Expensive cherries!

And I must agree with her that the cherries were really expensive, even though it is relative. Why? Just because for me personally something else was even more expensive, or better said, more valuable. To be specific, the experience obtained had the greatest value for me. Why? Because this experience was priceless useful for my inner spiritual essence and thus also for eternity.

My friend – the hunter also gave a very similar name to my activity, like my wife before him. Together with this friend and my wife we visited our other friend in Moravia. I already had mentioned this visit before in relation with the vineyards and the law protection against birds. That slovakian friend of mine (the hunter) also humorously noted about my activity that if he spent so much time under the cherry tree, his wife would splash a hot water on him. But I answered him with question: „what value are we creating right now, when we are here only for buying some product, which we couldn't get in Slovakia? Actually, we are worse off than me under the cherry tree, because I didn't spend any money under the tree, I only saved cherries. But here – in Moravia, we are here to spend some money.“

This introduction was necessary only to understand what will follow.
During the mentioned visit in Moravia and after my discussion with friends, I tried to advise them about more important values and different point of view on those activities. As example, I mentioned my other friends who fly by plane to expensive vacation location in abroad and most of the time, according to their own statements, they lay down on the beach and do puzzles all day long (and I even knew that those who were there with me can also be counted among these people). And mostly only just because to be able to boast before their friends. Yet they would be able to do the same (maybe even more efficiently) at home on the couch while also saving a large amount of money they were saving all year. Someone is even willing to take a loan from a travel agency, which then goes bankrupt and thus there is no money and no vacation. There are also other holiday goers, i.e. those who actually go on vacation for education and getting a new knowledge, but...! Although there is one problem, too.

For a better understanding now follows a parable, which is actually even something more than just a parable at its core.
Try to put yourself in the role of a man who dedicated his entire life to learn and gain knowledge and for this purpose he travelled a large part of the world in order to gain the necessary experience. His hobbies were versatile and even more – he was actually present at all new human activities, which occurred, whether it regards to space exploration, flying, photography, politics, culture, hunting, exploring new worlds, countries and everything else. All these while he was fulfilling also a higher purpose. He tried to help his people (nation), to liberate them and elevate their nation to the same level as other nations were already. These activities earned him the respect of his nation, indeed it could be said that the historic glory as well!

But as the popular proverb says: „All the glory of man as the flower of grass!
Grass could be mowed, dry out, rot at its root or even the grass clippings could rot. Animals may eat grass clippings as well as in the original state. Grass clippings could be dry out and preserve for future useful purposes. At the same time, even the dry out grass could burn or be discarded otherwise.

And this is also the case of above mentioned man and his glory, a man longing only for knowledge and perhaps even the glory. He had earned his place in history, even in the hearts and minds of his people because he really helped to raise up his nation (although only culturally and politically) and he even became a idol for many fellow citizens. But all that was not the essential purpose of his incarnation. Since he had not became aware of this essential purpose in that particular incarnation, he was prematurely called of (i.e. killed in „accident“). Although he had earned a historical reputation and even the mentioned glory by living his life, later when he had the opportunity to evaluate his previous life (incarnation) - he himself was not satisfied with that incarnation and what is more, he knew that the history will have to be corrected one day. An correction not in his favor, i.e. against him and his popularity and even he himself must correct his mistakes. However, which mistakes can be found on such a man that earned his place in history?

Although his effort was pure, he did not lead it into the right direction!

As it was already mentioned: The future will issue the right evaluation (certificate) of deeds of every one of us. And this certificate evaluates only what we have done for our unknown part of us – for our spirit and especially and moreover, what we have done for THE SPIRITUAL UPLIFTMENT of our surrounding.

The world, people, nature, family, friends an many other can be implied within the mentioned „surrounding“. But we will always be evaluated from the point of view, which indicates what we have done for our own essence – our spirit, for the spirit of our surroundings and thus for eternity. The glory has to step aside and give way to the Truth that hates glory and appreciates the modesty and humbleness, i.e. characteristics that are easily overlooked and hidden in the flow of time – in history. But not hidden in eternity and inside the most valuable item – the spirit.

So when a person will focus its activities towards this direction, i.e. to the invisible and eternal, a world full of new discoveries at every turn will start to open before his or her spiritual eyes. Thus man will cease to get bored even while lying under a cherry tree, will gain values that no travel agency would be able to secure for him or her. Even at the farthest side of the world he or she will not be able to secure those values for himself or herself, unless he or she will open his or her spirit for the Truth. That is the way how one can increases his or her knowledge and life is filled up with adventures of which he never dreamed of before. Thus, there is no need to envy those who fly half the world on each vacation because he himself (she herself) is able to fly by using such „tool or device“ that the others are making fun of and say that there is no such thing. And while he or she is internally happy, at the same time becomes unhappy because there aren't many others he or she can share the happiness with. And those who now pretend that they are happy, they do not know what the true happiness really is. We can find prove about it every day in all human activities.

And that was the purpose of the latest posts (articles).
To awaken a desire for the true knowledge in some people.

Discover in yourself the true essence of yourself!
Awaken the sleeping spirit of yours!
Thus you will get the most precious treasure of all!
Eternal happiness!



August the 4th, 2014



On July the 30th, 2014 TV Markiza (slovak commercial TV channel) broadcasted in their main „Evening News“ the short reportage about the problem of beekeepers. The problem is „melezitose (melicitose)“, which is referred by beekeepers themselves as natural disaster for beekeepers. It is related to situation when honey solidifies directly in honeycombs (prematurely, becomes violently candy, i.e. saccharifying violently)  and it can’t be extracted from honeycombs. Allegedly it happens because bees reject to gather the nectar from flowers, and instead bees focus on gathering the sweet juice produced by aphids (this juice is called honeydew), in this case the aphids larch.

Processing of this sweet juice by bees is nothing new, on contrary it is a way how to get honeydew honey. What was not said in the reportage is the fact that honeydew honey was known as the healthiest honey with the highest quality until now, and also very rare because it hasn't been produced every year and there has never been a lot of this honeydew honey. Sometimes it happened that beekeepers had a problem with melezitose – but it was always associated only with honeydew honey, i.e. never with the honey from flowers, and never in such an unprecedented scale. It means that a change occurs in the composition of these aphid secretions, when suddenly causing such damage. It also appears that the aphids population increases recently.

Thus, this reportage also confirms what was already written in previous articles, i.e. a big change occurs in nature nowadays. The aphid secretions is changing, even eating habits of bees is changing, and the products that were until recently the best now becomes actually useless for a man.

Probably everyone knows how bees are tightly linked to the correct “functioning” of flora on our planet. Bees’ pollination of flowers allows reproduction and survival of many plants. And these plants in turn are directly linked to animals eating these plants, and finally, at the end of this food chain is the man.

What happens around us every day is a proof of that big change happening on Earth, and animals and plants can either adapt to this change or die out gradually.

As a reaction to these changes - „The global warming“ can be an constant excuse for us. But it only gives us a comfortable name and thus our attention to this issue ends. Or we can finally open our eyes and look at what’s actually going on with the Earth. This change is happening whether we like it or not, whether we are interested or not. The duty of each person on Earth is to stand in Creation consciously and to prepare deliberately for this change.

Change occurs in the mass (matter) but also in the spiritual area.
Who does not adapt – i.e. does not change inner self and awaken spiritually in due time, he or she will not be able to evolve on Earth anymore.





* appendix to article – see the article on the link below for further cases of these unprecedented changes in nature, namely the extinction of many marine species:



October the 5th, 2014




The following article is thematically linked to the post titled „INTERESTING DISCOVERY – even more interesting experience“ (published here on this website in the folder NEWS, on June the 2nd, 2014). A certain observation was described in that article where the main „protagonists“ were goldsmith beetle and ticks as „black passengers“ that used the beetle as a mean of transportation. Unfortunately, we failed to cover and back this observation with pictures taken during this observation and thus actually produce an evidence for unbelievers. An evidence that everyone is so eagerly demanding to get, nowadays. But today we can write that we have the evidence. We acquired it on place that is 130 kilometres away from the place of first observation. This area is place from which trees are few kilometres remote / away from each side.

When working in the garden (taking out the ivy that I cut before) I suddenly realized that I was staring on the goldsmith beetle, exactly like the one that caught my interest when I read the article „INTERESTING DISCOVERY – even more interesting experience“. I sprang to attention immediately, leaned toward the beetle and I saw how its legs and hips are covered with dozens of ticks. I carefully picked the beetle up and put him on the sidewalk and I ran to get my mobile phone and camera so I could take pictures. And I managed to do it.

It was interesting to observe the behavior of ticks that were of different size. When the goldsmith beetle moved a little, some ticks fell away from him. But immediately after the fall, they knew the location of their „aircraft“ and quickly rushed to get back onto the beetle. Thus, each of fallen tick had returned back on beetle during a few moments as if pulled back by magnetism. It is clear, that if ticks fell away from beetle during its flight, they are left with one choice only – to look for the next „aircraft“. The ideal would be such a one that would also provide a „food“, i.e. animals or man. That is the way how these ticks annoy life of other creatures. That golden beetle had it harsh and was very difficult for him to move with so many parasites that caused him itching.

When comparing to first observation conducted in the spring, it was now easier to take the pictures. Now the ticks were „boarding to take the flight“ but in the spring they were getting off from the beetle. The reason is understandable. While during the first observation, the ticks were sitting on the beetle after successful flight and thus they were about to get off from the „aircraft“ and be on their way, now during the second observation they were only boarding and waiting for departure. Thus, we were able to take pictures and document it.

Now, in the autumn, the temperature is changing but also the intentions of ticks are different, compared to those in spring. Back then the ticks have other purpose and fulfillment of natural laws. Now, in the autumn, the ticks are looking for the appropriate conditions for winter hibernation and thus their behavior is changed. They do not want to leave the „aircraft“ and look for „prey“ but they want to move toward the suitable location for winter hibernation and also they are „leaving the parental home“!
Therefore, it is like everything had changed and we were able to get what we needed. We obtained evidence and explanation of these annoying parasites migration over longer distances.

Furthermore, one TV documentary showed that mites use the butterflies as their mean of transportation, i.e. „aircraft“. Therefore, it is a similar case. Tick also belongs to the family of mites. Tick is only bigger and thus looking for a more robust and bigger „aircraft“.

This observation clearly shows how parasites make life difficult. I see in it a parable, which can be seen in various situations of everyday life. Just replace these two types with another ones, even bigger and bigger. Or you can replace the beetle with our planet Earth ... and leave the rest to discretion of each individual. Anyway, the aforementioned is also one of the consequences of human behaviour and his distortion of nature (as a gift from our Creator).
It certainly must be added that functioning of laws of our Creator can be observed beautifully on the circumstances of the first and then the second observation.

Nature offers us a huge resource of knowledge in which we can finally know ourselves! To recognise and know the functioning Laws of entire Creation that are explained in the Word of God. Without any complicated names and studies. You just need to want to know, observe and simply understand the happenings taking place right before our eyes.

Finally, we add two photos to illustrate the above written:



November the 11th, 2014



This article is a certain conclusion in relation to previous articles, so to speak. It consists of a brief selection of quotes from the Word itself, i.e. from the Grail Message. The aim of this selection is to explain the effect of Laws of God in Creation, the reason of necessity to know these Laws and what man can attain if he respects them. Furthermore, the selection highlights the role of those who already have recognized the Word, their responsibilities and duties. Thus, it touches directly also the issue about the intolerance among some readers of the Grail Message.

Therefore, this selection also can be an aid for more people and even for those who have not been able to reach for the Grail Message yet, or they are afraid of it. Thus, at the same time, it should be an inspiration for beginners and a tool for readers.



„This only requires a strength of volition, which in a certain sense makes man lord of Creation and master of his own fate. It is man’s own volition, which brings him destruction or redemption, reward or retribution, with inexorable certainty!

Do not fear then, that this knowledge will alienate you from the Creator, or weaken your present faith. On the contrary! The knowledge of these Eternal Laws, which we can put to use, makes the entire work of Creation appear even more sublime to us. Its magnitude forces him who searches more deeply to his knees in veneration!

Man will then never wish for evil things. He will joyfully grasp at the best support that exists for him: Love! Love for the whole wonderful Creation, and love for his neighbor, that he too may be led upward to the glory of this enjoyment, of this consciousness of power!“


„When a thought suddenly strikes you, keep it back, do not utter it at once, but nourish it; for it will condense through being retained in silence, and gain strength like steam under counter-pressure.

Pressure and condensation produces the quality of a magnetic activity, in accordance with the Law that all that is stronger attracts what is weak. Similar thought-forms are thus attracted from all sides and retained, constantly reinforcing the power of your own, your original thought, yet working in such a way that through the joining of other forms the originally produced form is refined, changes, and takes on different shapes until it comes to maturity. Indeed you sense all this inwardly, but you always think it is entirely your own volition. But you never give purely your own volition in any matter, there are always other influences as well!

What does this process tell you?
That only in the union of many elements can anything perfect be created! Created? Is that right? No, but formed! For there is really nothing new to be created; in everything it is merely a matter of producing new forms, since all the elements already exist in the vast Creation. But these elements are to be pressed into service for the way to perfection, which is brought about through union.

Union! Do not pass over this lightly, but try to become absorbed in the concept that maturity and perfection are achieved through union. The principle rests in all Creation as a treasure that needs to be unearthed! It is closely related to the Law that only in giving can there also be receiving! And what is required to grasp these principles aright? Thus to experience them? Love! And therefore love indeed stands as the highest power, as unlimited might, in the mysteries of the great Life!“


„Always bear in mind: Expressed according to our concepts, all that is spiritual is magnetic, and you also know that the stronger always overcomes what is weak through attraction, through absorption. In this way “from him that hath not (the weak one), even that which he hath shall be taken away”. He becomes dependent.

There is no injustice in this, but it takes place according to the Divine Laws. Man only needs to pull himself together and to will aright, and he will be protected from it.

You will now probably ask: What happens when all want to be strong? When there is nothing left to be taken from anybody? Then, dear friend, there will be a voluntary interchange, based on the Law that only in giving can there also be receiving. There will be no standstill on that account, but all that is inferior is eliminated.“


„But it goes further: Whatever is drawn to another spiritually will eventually also manifest physically, since everything spiritual penetrates into the gross material, whereby we must bear in mind the Law of Reciprocal Action, because a thought always remains connected with its origin and radiates back to it through this link.“


„The spirit in men is only encompassed and darkened by earthly desire, which clings to it like dross, burdens it and drags it down. However, his thoughts are acts of will endowed with spiritual power. The decision to think in a good or evil way lies with man, and he can thus guide the Divine Power to good or evil purpose! Therein lies the responsibility that man bears, for reward or retribution will infallibly be his, as all the consequences of his thoughts return to the starting-point through the established reciprocal action, which never fails, and which is quite inflexible in this matter, thus inexorable. Thereby also incorruptible, stern and just! Do people not also say the same of God?“


„It is different with him who through his decision and his volition has given rise to this movement, that is to say, who was its producer. His product remains unconditionally bound to him, and after a short or long journeying in the Universe returns to him reinforced, laden like a bee, through the attraction of similar species. Here the Law of Reciprocal Action takes effect in that every single product in its movement through the Universe attracts, or is itself attracted by, various similar species, through whose union a source of power then comes into being, which sends back as from a power station reinforced power of the same kind to all those who through their products are connected as if by cords with the assembly-point.

Through this reinforcement an ever greater density also occurs until there finally arises from it a gross material precipitation, in which the one-time producer must now live and experience to the full what he once willed, in order at last to be freed from it. That is the origin and development of the so dreaded and misunderstood fate! It is just, down to the minutest and finest shading, because through the attraction of only similar species it can never bring in the returning radiation anything other than what was actually willed personally in the beginning. Whether for a particular individual or in general makes no difference here; for it is naturally also the self-same process when man does not specifically direct his volition to one or several persons, but lives generally in some kind of volition.

The kind of volition, which he decides upon determines the fruits he must eventually reap. Thus countless ethereal threads cling to man, or he to them, all of which let whatever he once earnestly willed flow back to him. These currents result in a mixture that constantly has a strong influence on the forming of his character.“


„Many are alarmed at this and afraid of what they still have to expect from the past through the reaction in accordance with these Laws.

But such are unnecessary worries for those who are in earnest about the good volition; for in the self-acting Laws also lies at the same time the certain guarantee of mercy and forgiveness!“


„But now to symbolism! Every happening in Creation, thus in the World of Matter, must come to a proper completion of its cycle, or one might say: it must close its cycle. Therefore, according to the Laws of Creation, everything absolutely must return to its starting point, where alone it can find its end and thus be resolved, dissolved or extinguished, no longer effective. This applies to the entire Creation as well as to each single happening. Absolute reciprocal action is the result, which in turn entails symbolism.

Since all actions must end where they originated, it follows that each action must end in the same species of substance in which it arose. Thus an ethereal beginning must have an ethereal ending, and a gross material beginning must have a gross material ending. Men cannot see ethereal substance, but they call the gross material ending of every happening symbolism. Although it is visible to all, for many people the actual key to it, the beginning, is missing, because in most cases it lies in a previous gross material existence.“


„In all existence, visible and invisible to you, it is no different, but each kind produces its own kind, no matter what the substance. Just as continual are the growing and developing, the bearing of fruit and reproducing of the same kind. This process runs uniformly through everything, it makes no distinctions, leaves no gap, it does not stop at some other part of Creation, but carries the effects through like an unbreakable thread, without interruption or cessation. Even though the greater part of mankind, in their limitation and conceit, have isolated themselves from the Universe, the Divine or Natural Laws have not ceased on that account to regard them as belonging to it, and to go on working without change, calmly and evenly.

The Law of Reciprocal Action also stipulates that whatever a man sows, thus where he causes an effect or consequence, he must also reap!

Only at the beginning of every matter is man free to resolve, free to decide where the Omnipotent Power flowing through him is to be guided, in what direction. He must then bear the consequences arising from the Power that was set in motion in the direction willed by him. In spite of this, many persist in asserting that even so man has no free will if he is subject to fate!“


„11.2 Attraction of homogeneity.

Question No. 35:
Abdrushin talks about globally valid Law of Attractive Force of Homogeneous. How is then that the opposites attract each other, while homogeneous repel? It can be observed everywhere even among humans. Good women are in relationship with not quite good men, while good men have strikingly bad women, etc. Such examples could be mentioned a lot.

When I speak about globally valid Law of Attractive Force of Homogeneous, I do not have in mind small split species, as you mentioned in your question. To talk about homogeneity in the globally valid law, you must be fully aware what the term "species" really means! For example, a positive electricity is like bad man or bad woman but it is still not a complete species for itself, as applied in globally law. The positive and negative particles are mutually attracted because only together with many other particles may create a species, which then acts by attractive force on the same complete species. In addition, the different split species attraction is precisely a manifestation of  the effect of this Law of Attraction of Homogeneity, which enforces that particles belonging to the same one species must be found and bound (comes to a full circle). I will tackle this topic later anyway, once we get more closer to the earthly visible happenings.“


„This is analogous to the process of amalgamation in chemistry, where the foreign body can only be amalgamated at the exact moment when the other substance has arrived at a certain temperature. The minutest divergence from the exact conditions makes the amalgamation impossible. Here, homogeneity lies in a certain condition of mutual maturity, which apparently shows great divergencies. The reason is, that the two bodies going to amalgamate are kept in balance by two different degrees of development. The lowest degree or state of maturity in the Kingdom of the Spirit corresponds to the highest degree or state of maturity in natural substance (animism), which ranks next in order below. Only at the exact point of meeting amalgamation is possible. Through the agency of the natural energies, physical matter goes through the stages of budding, blossoming and fruit-bearing; then the fruit becomes over-ripe, falls and decays while at the same time the spiritual stays above it. The moment a section of physical matter has reached its highest state of maturity in the great revolution and comes in contact with the spirit, it can be fructified. It is a spiritual fertilization of physical matter, which becomes ardent by action of elemental beings and rises towards the spiritual.“


„In the same way as the spirit in its redundant strength attracts and holds animistic, ethereal and material substance after the fashion of a magnet, likewise but even more powerfully does influence that which has its origin above spiritual substance everything in Subsequent Creation. This is a natural proceeding, it could not be otherwise. However, this influence only resembles attraction, for, properly speaking, attraction only influences what is of the same species. Here it is a case of the power of the stronger in a purely literal and noble sense and not in the human, for man dwelling in the material world has here as everywhere else succeeded in mutilating and warping the working of this law. This sovereign power expresses itself outwardly in a sort of magnetic attraction, aggregation, cohesion, and dominion.

According to this law, men felt drawn to this mysterious, powerful Stranger from on High, although they often fiercely rebelled. The thick veils in which he was enveloped could not quite prevent some of this strange power from sickering through, though it could not freely penetrate and exercise the invincible might that it will have when its hour comes and its veils fall away. This has caused much dissension among men. The very presence of the Stranger awakened hopes of different sorts, and human-like these mostly took the form of worldly wishes, which men then nourished and fostered in their hearts.“


„Each succeeding stage is a plane on which a particular class of species link up and settle conformably to the degree their temperature has cooled off. These planes or species I have already described in my Message as the great fundamental planes of spiritual substance in the uppermost spheres of Creation, under which successively range the spheres of natural substance, of ethereal substance and finally of dense physical substance. It is natural that the higher and more perfect species are of the greatest eminence. They are nearest the source of living energy (the nature of which they more closely resemble) and are the most sensitive to its attraction.“


„What is natural (what is in harmony with Nature) responds to the attraction of living energy and instinctively grows upwards and soars upwards. In nature everything tends in the upward direction as is illustrated in every blade of grass, every flower, every tree. Thus what man's will brought about unfortunately only externally resembles what he should have accomplished.

Fertility of ideas, profundity of thoughts are replaced by emptiness which makes a show of being surfeited with knowledge. Reverential love of beauty at starting, has a resemblance to low desire, for both exhibit a sort of gushing enthusiasm, but the one is genuine and the other but a means to attain an end. Vanity substitutes real charm and place hunting takes the place of honest service, and so all is distorted that man had his hand in. It was rarely the case that his ways tended upward to the Light, they mostly led in the downward direction to darkness.

These abuses and mal-practices must be put an end to, and utterly extirpated that, in the place of this Sodom and Gomorrah, the kingdom of God may reign on earth!
All must turn to the Light, for which purpose man is the intended intermediary agent!“


„I have already explained that there are an ideal forms for all human virtues embodied in Primordially Created Primordial Beings in the Grail castle. They send their radiation in the relevant species to their incarnation down through the whole creation in order to strengthen, awake and cultivate according to its kind the abilities of all human spirits who are in the process of development. Thus, each Primordially Created Spirit acts down through the entire creation as a magnet and reach all those who open innerly to these rays of radiation and He or She supports and raises them well above average in strength and improvement.“


„In each individual disciple you see personified and represented a very definite group of earthmen. No one disciple is just like another, any more than the great groups of homogeneous species among earthmen completely resemble one another.“


“Marriages are made in heaven” indicates in the first place that already at birth every human being brings along certain qualities, the harmonious development of which can only be achieved through someone with compatible qualities. However, compatible qualities are not identical qualities, but ones that complement the others, and in complementing each other they obtain their full value. In this state of complete value all the strings sound as one harmonious chord. If one partner is made complete by the other partner, then the latter will also be made complete through the former, and in their union, that is, in their living and working together, this harmonious chord will sound. Such is the marriage, which has been made in heaven.

However, this does not mean that for each person there is only one other particular person on earth with whom he can enter upon a harmonious marriage, but there are generally several who possess the qualities to complement the other person. It is therefore not necessary to wander about the earth for decades to find this second, truly fitting and complementary part. It is only a question of exercising the necessary seriousness, of keeping eyes, ears and heart open and, above all, of abstaining from all those hitherto required preconditions for marriage. Just what is regarded as important today shall not be. Working together and having high goals are as indispensable for a sound marriage as are exercise and fresh air for a healthy body. Whoever counts on having comfort and the greatest possible freedom from cares, and tries to build a mutual life thereon, will in the end only reap a state of unhealthiness, with all attendant side effects. Therefore seek at last to enter into marriages that are made in heaven. Then happiness will be yours!“


„As I have explained, it is the dominating tendency, which shapes the form, for the activity of a spirit will not be exclusively positive or exclusively negative. The abilities, which do not become active remain latent but can at any moment be aroused. Should it, however, happen that a spirit germ develops all its positive abilities, it will so seriously influence the undeveloped negative qualities that it expels them and casts them off; then a bisection takes place. The cast off qualities are obliged to become independent, and they will naturally take the opposite form, i. e. the feminine. These are bisected germs which must unite and become one again. This process happens so seldom that it need not come into consideration.

The opinion men hold that there is a complement to every soul is true, but not in the sense of previous bisection as above. The dual soul is something quite different. I have alluded to this in my Lecture on Marriage.*(Lecture No. 25: Marriage) A dual soul is one that is the complement of another, i. e. a soul that has developed those faculties which are lying latent in the other. United these two form a complete whole, in which all the abilities of the human spirit — the positive and the negative — can work in unison. A human soul, however, has not only one complement but several, so that a man seeking his complement is not limited to one particular person. If he keeps his inner perception and sensations awake and pure, he will meet several in his life on earth. Thus the conditions required for happiness in this life on earth are not so difficult to fulfill as those find it who only know in part. It is much easier to be happy than many think. Man must first learn the eternal laws on which Creation rests. If he lives in obedience to them, he will be happy. At the present time this is far from being the case; those who are approaching Divine Truth are generally solitary mortals; but this does not mean that they are unhappy: on the contrary, they enjoy heavenly peace.“


„A single gap would be bound to render successful guidance impossible. However, there is no gap in the lawfulness of the happenings in Creation! Thus not in this either; for a single gap would cause the great work of Creation itself to collapse completely.

Thus between the guide and the one guided there exists a close reciprocal activity which is conditioned by the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

If you now wish to ask how it can become possible that at times something comes to the guided one on earth from a higher spiritual place, then these exceptions do not overthrow the Law. You need only remember that the same Law providing you with your direct guide also gives the latter a guide, and provides the latter with one again, and so on. There is only one Law forming an entire chain which must swing in this Law!

Thus it may happen that a guide from a higher place mediates something to you through this chain, or better, through the threads of this chain. This, however, happens only when very special matters are in question. But the development always takes place within the immovable laws because there are no other ways for it whatever.

It is a ladder which must be taken rung by rung, both upwards and downwards, and there is no other possibility at all. I shall give special explanations about the happenings in connection with mediumistic abilities, but these do not belong here.“


„However, a transforming of this power for passing on through the disciples is out of the question here, because a transforming of the power as such is simply not possible at all. The power always remains exactly the same, only the radiation of the particular species that is glowed through by the power also differs with the differences in species, and can thereby split into many divisions.

The power alone produces the pressure! The effect of the pressure, however, is determined by the difference of the resistance offered by the species in Creation. Only the variations in resistance call forth movements such as heat or cold, colors, sounds, attractions or repulsions, as well as heaviness or lightness; and likewise all the changes in these. The resistance, therefore, first gives expression to all the individual species! This word “expression” really shows you the process in the right light; for the characteristics of all the species are in fact pressed out by the power, that is, they come to expression by the pressure of the power; they are forced to emerge.

According to the greater or lesser strength of the resistance set up by the species, so will the radiations produced and pressed out by the pressure, and their effects, manifest in their definite individual species that develop during the process.

Visualize it thus to yourselves; The Living Power is! It becomes perceptible and noticeable, however, only through the resistance, which also calls forth and generates the pressure, causing the latter to become stronger or weaker.

And everything that manifests comes into being in the pressure. It is the basis for every formation in Creation, which must group itself around and swing in the equal-armed Cross, because this Cross is the Living Power which always remains in a balanced positive and negative vibration, the positive vibration running vertically and the negative horizontally.“


„The attraction of homogeneous throws down upon the carrier of such wish a whole flux of the identical thinking and wakes in him even stronger and greater compactness which obtains a shape of dire request, which develops into feverish effort to achieve desired fulfillment.

A dire request and feverish effort consume physical forces and spiritual as well. Consequently, it leads to illness or a thoughtless acting. Such is the result of desired effort aiming down to earthly things.

However, the correct meaning of this word so heavily deformed nowadays, is a longing search of the Light, the Truth! Only Truth by its special kind is able to elevate the spirit, only Truth never leads downwards! Only Truth is the ray that enables to carry down the blessing from the Light into every human spirit in order to strengthen and cheer up his journey on the earth.

People who carry within them this longing search for Light and Truth, they lit up like a torch in the depths of the earth. For these people only is a day of Whitsuntide graciously given. A day of restoring force from the bright heights. Others can’t be a part of this grace at all because they are not inwardly open for such grace.“


„Have you ever tried to understand correctly the Laws of God in creation, which should be followed? If yes, you would also know what I must require from you now.

You have tried to balance the spiritual with worldly values so often in good volition. This is wrong! Give everyone his or her due, such is the Law! Spiritual to spiritual, animistic to animistic and matter to matter. It shall be not otherwise if the acquired harmony should remain. Thus, I require from you a spiritual in regards to spiritual gifts that I have given you. And I will require an elemental in regards to that animistic, which can be a new force for your body. Earthly action must be bound with earthly usage, which shall occur now from this hour and which was given to chosen ones since the hour of their earthly birth!“


„All of you who wish to belong to the Grail in order to live according to my Message, take note once again of the Divine commandment that rests in the weaving of this Creation:

Based on your erstwhile desire you may journey through Creation consciously! However, you must not harm others in order to satisfy your personal desires. This alone can knot threads that must hold you down. Live accordingly, and you will then be happy and wander upwards into the Luminous Gardens of your God, there to help in joyful activity with the further and eternal development of this Creation!“


„The time will come when you will one day be free from this danger, to which many fall victim every day and every hour upon earth. You will become free through the knowledge! But then marriages will also be different, as well as friendships and other unions, all of which quite distinctly bear the name “binding”. Then all quarrels between friends will be ended, all spitefulness and misunderstandings will disappear. In observing this law, which until today has not been understood, everything will turn into the fullest harmony.“


„The constantly maligned system of social distinction and class consciousness has its origin in the simple intuitive perception of the effect of one of the Laws in Creation: the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species!

One of mankind’s gravest errors has been to pay far too little or almost no attention at all to the operation of this Law. This omission paved the way for numerous mistakes, which are bound to lead to great confusion and finally to total collapse!

This Law was intuitively sensed by all men. But whatever stands higher than purely gross material knowledge, and has no direct bearing on the possibility of earthly acquisition, they regard far too superficially and casually. Thus the most important factor for the basis of a harmoniously ascending earth-life has never been recognized, much less interwoven with the World of Gross Matter, that is, with everyday life on earth through its correct application! And interwoven with life on this earth it must be; because as long as there remains but one of the Primordial Laws of Creation not understood by men, and thereby gravely distorted or even excluded from gross material life, harmony cannot arise.

All the ancient peoples had already established the divisions between the various social or cultural classes, because subconsciously they realized the necessity, far better even than today.

Just look around you! Wherever only a few people come together this Law takes effect swiftly and surely, and in such a form as always indicates the free volition of these human spirits; because the volition of the spirit is capable of impressing itself on all forms, whether the act of this volition be of a fully conscious or a subconscious nature. Thus the form will always visibly bear the maturity or immaturity of the spirit.

Let us suppose that five people, or even only three, come together in certain circumstances, either to do some work or for pleasure. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species will very soon form two groups among them, if only in idle chatter or the exchange of views. The continual repetition of this over millions of years is bound to lead one to believe that there must be a reason that lies deeper than customary behavior would indicate.

But even from this obvious happening, men have drawn only quite superficial and, in proportion to its seriousness, really trivial conclusions; too limited, since they were formed by the intellect, which can always comprehend only the final coarse manifestations of the actual effects, but can never trace them into what lies outside matter, because the intellect itself has its origin only in the Gross Material World. And it is just in what is outside matter that the origin of all power lies, and of all the vibrations that unceasingly pulsate through the species of Creation.

Whatever has been formed on earth on the basis of this observation lacks actual life, lacks mobility! It has become wrong and unhealthy, through the rigidity of the gross material system that has come into being with every institution, and pressed all that is living into a dead form.

Man is then like a plant uprooted from its native soil, which can no longer thrive in the new ground offered, because the soil is no longer suited to its species. It is bound to wither, whereas in proper soil it would have come to full bloom and could have borne rich fruit solely for the benefit of its surroundings in Creation, for the purest joy for itself, and for the perpetual transformation of power.

This great error always holds the germ of collapse.

With the expression class consciousness nobody need point to any one particular people; for all peoples have possessed it! It must develop wherever there are human beings, but it will always develop wrongly so long as the Laws in Creation remain unrecognized, as they have hitherto been.“


„I call to you with warning one last time: Bear with each other (i.e. live side by side in understanding)! Do not waste any other hour unless you kill all the hostility, envy, vanity and sapience within you. Give a hand of help peacefully to your neighbours who are also „called ones“. For every issue, for every thing there is a way to harmony. Nobody should believe that it is only up to others when there is danger that harmony could be threatened!

It is not so. Everyone - be persuaded about yourself that it is only up to you, and not the other one! That it is you who must make a first step in order to settle everything, and not the other one. Then you shall see how easy is to put away many obstacles that you previously seemed insurmountable.

Where some caprice then appears, there is not a proper basis and such man have not recognised yet the God in all His infallible greatness. Moreover, such man have not recognised yet this grace that lies within the honor that he or she may serve Him – the Eternal and Almighty in a way, which will be the subject of envy of whole mankind one day!

Therefore, live now in full harmony! It is your task to create the holy land upon this harmony! When an another idea wants to spread inside you, so tear out this idea even before it actually can occur. Because every discomfort and discord paralyzes during the necessary fight and hinders the construction willed by God! But you must conquer the holy victory over all the darkness!“


„A great task rests therein for everyone overseas: To let each people there become great within itself entirely out of itself, through its own abilities, which vary so greatly among the many peoples of this earth. All must come to full blossom according to the nature of the soil upon which they have developed. They must remain adapted to this soil in order to unfold that beauty which swings harmoniously upon earth with the others. It is just through the difference in kind that right harmony comes into existence, and not through uniformity among all the peoples. If this had been willed then there would have been only one country and one people. This, however, would soon bring about a standstill and ultimately decay and death, because the refreshing influence of the complementary would be missing!

Here again just look at the flowers in the meadows, which stimulate and refresh and indeed spread happiness around on account of their variety!

But failure to observe such laws of development will come home severely to the peoples, for this, too, will finally lead to retrogression and collapse; there can be no upward soaring because all healthiness is lacking. Man cannot strive against those things to which he like every other creature is subject, in as much as he will never achieve anything unless he takes into account the Living Laws which are woven into this Creation. Wherever he acts against and disregards them he is bound to suffer shipwreck sooner or later. The later it happens the more violently it will occur. Thus every leader must also bear the main responsibility for that which he mismanages due to his wrong attitude. He must then suffer for his entire people, who in their distress cling firmly to him spiritually!“


„Therefore, upon you, upon the little beginners‘ circle on the earth, lies the noble duty. You must be the shining example for the new kingdom also in this! Live already now in accordance with the Laws. Through fulfillment show mostly your will, so people, who are looking for help and come up here on the mountain, can understand and see as obvious these basic principles in your manners, in your being and thus they will be able to spread them around the world. Make it easier for them by living example of yours, open their souls! At the beginning, it will be difficult to release yourselves from previews opinions, to disown wishes, which perhaps may arise as a result of misunderstanding of Laws of God. The Laws that lead to happiness and harmony only if you live in accordance to them. Consider that harmony is not to be found in a single tone but on contrary – in various tones, which flow toward one goal under the pressure of strict guidance of immutable laws.

It is not otherwise with humans. You do not want to be equal, and only then you can remember upon yourselves. Only then you can put to use your own person on the soil that is assigned to you by fate. And precisely only on this soil you are whole and stands complete. You have chosen this place with your prior existence and therefore, only from this place you can rise up with full power and without getting lost. I wish you the strength to victory!“


„However, for our consideration today let us take only those distorted souls which are already incarnated in corresponding physical bodies as a result of this distortion.

First among them the earthly womanhood in which weak masculine souls were incarnated, because in their former lives they deviated too much from the purely male thinking and activity. This already explains that in the case of such earth-women only weak male souls can be concerned. Thus it is not at all praiseworthy when a woman, contrary to the feminine nature, seeks to push male characteristics into the foreground or even to show them.

A woman of this kind is not really strong in any direction as regards her thoughts and actions, neither towards the male nor towards the female direction. She would also gain more for herself in the earthly sense if she tries to suppress the distortion.

Her experience, however, helps her to change; for she must soon notice that a genuine man never feels happy in her proximity. He finds within himself no understanding for her. Much less can any harmony arise, because genuine manhood is repulsed by everything false, thus also by the masculine striving of a woman! A marriage between a genuine man and a woman who carries within herself a distorted male soul can only take place on a purely intellectual basis. Genuine harmony will never arise therewith.

Such a woman will in any case be automatically drawn to those men who carry within themselves a distorted female soul!

Also the latter are subconsciously not taken seriously by men with undistorted souls. This unconscious intuitive perception and action, however, contains the force of truth, of reality.

However, all the consequences of such instinctive and intuitive actions, which we can describe as natural, produce an educational effect on the distorted souls who, through the painful experiences arising from their disappointments, are again bent towards the right direction, at least in many cases. But this does not preclude that later on they may ever again relapse into such or similar faults. Unless they become stronger through these experiences they will remain like reeds swaying in the wind. Much, much, however, can men now spare themselves in the future by becoming knowing in these matters. Much suffering and much time! For not until now could a soul become conscious of being distorted.

Just as it is with male souls in women’s bodies so it also is with female souls in men’s bodies. The same consequences arise for both parts out of one uniform, immutable law.

One thing which I have already mentioned in my lecture today will strike you when observing your surroundings: that strangely enough female souls in men’s bodies feel drawn to male souls in women’s bodies, and vice versa. Thus here the woman with a stronger intellectual volition and with predominant male characteristics feels in most cases unconsciously drawn to a man with more delicate characteristics.

Therein lies not only an unconscious seeking for balance, but also the great Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species is at work here!

The homogeneous species lies in the distortion of the souls! The souls of both are distorted, and through this there exists a real homogeneity, the species of which attract each other in accordance with the Law.

The attraction of the man towards the woman sexual instinct being excluded from this is the consequence or the effect of another law, and not that of the attraction of homogeneous species. For the sake of a better understanding it is appropriate if at this point I say something about the homogeneous species and explain what is to be understood by that term; for therein lies that which is decisive here.

The attraction of the homogeneous species is not the only kind which seems to have an attracting effect. There is a great difference in the process of the apparent attraction. The attraction of homogeneous species, this great Law of Creation, however, is fundamental for everything striving for union in Creation, no matter how this happens. This great Law as such is the cause of all these happenings, brings them about and also regulates them. It floats above everything and works like a motive force in them and through them in the entire weaving of Creation.

Therefore I first want to separate the species of attraction according to the character of their actual working, i.e., according to their manifestation, into the genuine attraction and into the desire for a union of split parts of a definite species, such desire being forcibly brought about by this great Law which overtops and conditions everything!

Consequently there is an attracting and a desiring for union in the working of Creation! The effects of both processes appear to be the same outwardly. The inner motivating power for this, however, is entirely different.

The attraction results from similar species which are complete within themselves, and the desire for union arises in the split species which continue to strive for the formation of a species again!

The assertion made by people that opposites attract each other but like poles repel each other is therefore only an apparent contradiction of the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

In reality, however, this holds no contradiction; for this man-made assertion is valid and correct for the process in which there is the desire by the various split species for union into a definite species of full value. But only in this! Only among the complete species themselves does there come into force the actual Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, which in addition calls forth the motivating effect of seeking union to establish a definite species of full value. It swings above and in it.

What man has hitherto recognized through his science are but the small happenings among the split species. He has not at all so far discovered the effect and manifestation of the real species, because on earth and in its nearer circle there exist only split species, i.e., small parts the activities and effects of which he was able to observe.

Thus the female spirit and the male spirit are also nothing but a split species each, which in accordance with the Laws of Creation strive towards each other seeking a union, i.e., they are only small parts which by their union in turn furnish but a part to the real spiritual species!

What is here stated, however, concerns only the fundamental feature between the female and the spiritual; whereas the soul-cloaks and finally the gross material cloaks are much smaller parts of consequent splittings from other species which, according to their particular basic species, produce a desire for union and therein show definite results.

The human being himself, for example, is no definite species, but only a splitting which carries within itself the desire for union.

But his evil thoughts or evil deeds are a definite species which attracts the homogeneous species and is attracted by it! From this you see that from a split species there can issue not only split parts but a complete species.

Let me give another hint here: There lies a very definite and immutable limitation in the attraction of homogeneous species. This also holds a greater power which is anchored in the basic law. The desire for union on the part of the split species, however, contains a greater freedom of movement granted through weakened power. For this reason split species can unite in various ways, and thus result in changing effects and forms.

Today I can only give a brief illustration of this because all these points vary a thousand fold and we should find no end. Unless I open up for you a very definite path in this, which is adapted to your human capacity, you would never be able to receive a really well-rounded picture of the happenings in Creation!

Therefore you must also follow me slowly. You must not try to go one step further before you have inwardly absorbed everything I explained to you correctly and ineffaceably; for otherwise you could and would become helpless on your way despite my guidance. You will derive no benefit from an unconscious following.“


„However, I must not yet go into these details; for I should divert you too much from the basic features, whereas now I wish above all to form a basic knowledge for you, which will give you the support you need for ascent and for perfecting your spirit, to mature it for the Luminous Heights.

All else must still be left aside until the great purification is over. Until then, however, you have no more time for details leading you into distances that will make your head swim!“


December the 29th, 2015



I would like to share my own experience in relationship between man and animal with you. In order to rivet attention of new readers to eternal – God´s laws again, because If man know them he can find answer to any question and right direction of his path leading to eternal happiness. Nevertheless, I also turn upon readers of Word – The Grail Message, who will find themselves in my kind of distortion and breakout my path and I hope it'll help them to turn back to right way.
When I was 17, almost 18, it was fault period in my life. The book Eternal Laws has changed my life, because it has given me answers to questions which were bothering me and it´s given me a clear direction of my life - the spiritual development by learning to live according to eternal – God´s laws. To live according to them means to know them, so I gradually started getting to know them by reading and searching them in Eternal laws and consequently in The Grail Message too (later in undistorted The Grail Message and Resonances to the Grail Message!).

In this time my spiritual awakening began and it brought after-effects of accelerated purification off karma, so one painful occasions after the other happened in my life. I made few mistakes in that year, which I regret now, but I revealed them and changed myself after all and I think I held on quite well. Except for one trap of darkness, which I didn´t recognize, because it resonated with my softness!
In that year my mother bought a dog. Me and my brother didn´t want it, we didn´t see the point of having a dog in flat, a hunting race additionally, but she made her decision. And when I saw that we couldn´t change her mind, I started to look forward to doggie as well. Finally it turned out that I did most of care and training and I even welcomed it.
And here is the problem which has dragged on me for years. I set unhealthy upon a dog and I gave him excessive care. He was obedient, but he´s become solicitous and when he should have stayed alone at home, he cried - whined. Mother began to consider the fact that we should give him away, but I set face against it so he stayed. So he became a "child" of which constant care was needed. Meanwhile, I graduated in another city and after return home I became independent and started to live with my partner. And dog stayed with me and my husband and my mother towatched him when we weren´t at home.
And then working on Radio rescue came. It filled me up with inexpressible happiness – to participate in spreading of Word. I did and I still do everything what is in my power, and with pleasure. Sometimes I was doing very well, sometimes I felt the pressure of darkness and sometimes it was very hard to do this work – which means that the darkness influenced on me through something. I was searching what I did wrong, where the darkness can influence on me. In Word it´s says: „Evil can´t come closer, unless we call it!“
Then I started to feel that my relationship with my dog is not right thanks to impulses of my brother and husband. I wanted to change it but I still didn´t know how to do it. I asked for help and the answer finally came to me in spite of that everything was in God´s Word for the whole time. Everything is there, but we, people, don´t see it, because we don´t search equally.

Here is an advice of my friend, who gave me an impulse: „Dear Simona, I need to go back to our conversation about animals, because we didn´t understand each other. I´ll compare it to our Radio, which is working only on Mhz frequency. But most of radios broadcast on kHz frequency and therefore those who have receiver only for kHz frequency can´t tune our Radio. And you think your dog influences you and causes it and you feel sorry for him and put him to the fore, but it´s not good, because the real reason of it is you. Animal belongs to Unconscious substantial realm, so he communicates on different electromagnetic area and he has different equipment than man, even though the communication is possible on gross matter level. Animal can see only pictures of our forebrain, thus phantoms and demons, and he reacts on astral bodies of spirits and here are darker levels, which can directly effect on animal. And the problem is that you build and develop communication channel for frequency of lower level thus Unconscious substantial realm and therefore homogeneous pictures bear on you backwards. So majority ignore and get rid of that right electromagnetic area for communication with conscious spiritual and spiritual entities because of the impulses of darkness. And this is a stumbling block. In any spiritual books you can´t find advices and instrustions for contact between spiritual and unconscious substantial entities, in which we usually make mistakes and we turn a love for our fellow to love for the unconscious substantial entity, what is more comfortable for us, because animal doesn´t have free will and it is always devoted. Then spiritually formed man gets to know the right relationship with animal and he doesn´t wound the animal unnecessarily and he doesn´t superordinate him. And this is the reason why people appreciate more dogs than humans. Ad also this is the reason why animal feel to be a master so it attacks a man, what once was not in common. It´s our distortion, not animals´. Because we have created their distortion! And we should learn from their present behaviour. So I tried to advice you to not build your relationship with that lower entities so intensive, but to focus on communication on higher levels. Nevertheless love for the man has different values and electromagnetic areas than love for the animal. You will get rid of this problem only with this view and you´ll gradually gain required equipment. I know it´s easy to advice and harder to make it happen, but I´ve experienced it as well and I had to give some habits up as well.“

Finally I started to recover. First two days were the worst. Disposing of wrong habits really hurts. Maybe it´s similar to the pain when your arm is dislocated. When it should be manipulated, it hurts, but then it´s better than to stay out of joint! I remember when I woke up in the morning I felt inner pain as if somebody draws some ropes off my chest (wrong connection was cracking). And I said to myself - what happened? What does it hurt so much? And suddenly I got it – no cuddling with the dog and no fussy care of him anymore. But immediately I hesitated – „Oh, no!“ And immediately after: „How come no?! It´s not in accordance with God´s will, you know that! So what do you want?“ And then the answer from the deepest inners came: „I want to live ONLY according to the will of our LORD! It´s the only thing what I want!“ And since then the changes didn´t hurt. I were in some situations, which seemed to me funny, because my effort to change myself was sometimes clumsy. Will and effort were tireless, I always thought about naturalism and I search the answers to my questions in Word. Here I would like to advise readers something, what I learned during my adolescence. Truthfulness is the most important thing on spiritual path. Maybe you would say that the most important is good will. You´re not wrong, but I give priority to the truthfulness. To be honest to yourself  and to see your own motives, emotions, acting – such as they really are. It´s not always an easy look, but we can reveal a weed, which is still within us, only in this way. If I don´t put light on it, I can´t see it and draw it off – while there´s still time! This should have priority, because it´s not possible to love the TRUTH and live in LIE! That man who love the Truth, he yearn for Light, goodness and he live over LOVE, the highest emotion! And here is our problem, we are so distorted that we don´t know what is true love. Instead of it a softness or flush of gross matter senses mean love for us! And as we already wrote, some people don´t love any fellows, so they „buy the love“ – buy a dog. In one theatrical play it was said truthful, when homeless person said that people feel nothing when they see a man in misery. And then they go home and cry during watching a sentimental film about dying of dolphins! Looking around is enough. You can meet chiuauas on street, which can bite into your ankles when you don´t pay enough attention and if you would resist, their owners will be able to scream on you. Animals are members of families! They are belauded and distorted by us, people! Some of them are attacking, some of them are fussy and some of them don´t have wealthy self-confidence and they are full of fear. Our neighbours have big dog. They are very nice people, but quite silken as well. When their big dog stays with another man, he is scared to death. Some couples have a dog instead of children! Even they talk about them in this manner. There is a very common sentence among „doglike“ people: „Only lover of dogs can understand it.“ It´s true, but it should sounds like this: „Only that person, who has distorted relationship between a man and animal, can understand it!“
When our dog suddenly had two tumors, we decided to spend him. He was already quite old and we felt that this is the time to let his soul go. At first I consulted it with my fellows, but I asked my guardian spirit for help and advice as well. Then I had a wonderful vision. I saw honourable animals - unicorns. They had so much charm, pride and strength that I was stunned. Because of this vision I realized that my feelings are right. When our veterinarian came to our house in two days, our dog welcomed him with waggy tail. He asked: „Is he so happy?“ and we answered: „Yes, but he has proliferous and decomposing tumors on his skin and many warts, which are growing and there are other ones to create. We can´t let him like this and delaying doesn´t make sense, we want to save him from suffering.“

Veterinian snicked back and he refused to spend him at last. I´m not angry with him, because I understand him now, but in that moment I was very annoyed. After our conversation he decided to do it, but he didn´t really want to do it. Unfortunately, our time for operation was over and he was supposed to travel, so finally he didn´t do it. At the same day we visited another veterinian, but he looked at us as at tyrants with question why we want to do it even though he is not mortally ill. On the other day my husband went on business trip and after he came back we visited third veterinian. He also refused it. We were hopeless. We thought we should visit a veterinian in the village who possibly has wealthy horse sense and understands that 14-years old dog with tumors needs this kind of help.
After all we were so exhausted that we allowed veterinian to operate him. But we ended up in the same situation in about four months later. And attitude of veterinarians were the same as well. But we, especially me, were already different, much more stronger and relentless. The first veterinian felt indebted to us in some way, maybe he understood something thanks to this experience and therefore he fulfilled our request without refusal.
Our deformity can be seen also here. When animal is old and ill, we act as if it was a man and we act in the name of commandment „Thou shalt not kill.“ But it´s not related to animals, of what evidence is, for example, that Jesus ate the paschal lamb! Some people are even vegetarians so they overleap necessary development and do harm to their body and development of their spirit. While other people eat meat, but they wouldn´t spend their pet even if it writhes in pain and dies for a long time. It´s a selfish love, because they prefer not stay alone without their animal to the goodness for animal itself.
Between man and animal there is still a huge difference! The essence of man is the spirit that comes from the Spiritual world, while the animal has animal - grouped soul that comes from Substantial world, which is lower level in creation, and more precisely animal soul comes from lower part of that Substantial world – from Unconscious substantial world! An animal doesn´t have free will, which means that it has no responsibility for their decisions as a man who bears the consequences of his decisions here on earth. Therefore, if animals suffer and die, we help them when we shorten their suffering.
It´s, of course, not the same when we talk about a man and euthanasia, because this would be a murder, breach of the commandments that would be paid dearly to both, murderer and victim. The murderer would be killed in this or in the next life (due to the law of reciprocal action) and the victim would lost opportunity to expiate or understand something here on earth, what would be certainly missed in his further development!

That wise friend who helped me so much, wrote me also this: „Simona, I knew that your dog die soon, because when the dog has tumor, it goes then quickly. In the past, tumors were not so often, because dogs used to fulfill their mission and even people used to make them useful. Time, which you devote to dog and it´s not useful for him, it´s useless for a man as well. And that, what people call love for the animal, seems benefit for them, but from the view of eternity it´s waste of time and mainly waste of progress in development. Even though a man always find a way to excuse their actions. I judge it from behind, thus without emotions, which always go with this kind of actions. And I felt similar with my dog, even if I still took my dog as a necessary assistant, which compensated my limitations in gross matter world, thus my imperfect scent or fast legs. Therefore I had my completion next to me when it was needed. Maybe it could seem as a sort of caginess, but just The Grail Message gave me the truth that every creature in creation develops and has to be useful. If it´s not useful, it cannot progress and it lags in its development.“

LAW OF MOTION applies for all creatures. What moves, what is used, it develops and what doesn´t move, it degenerates until it becomes completely scrubby. We, as human spirits, we should have elevated our earth with all its creatures which develop here together with us! However, we have achieved the very opposite!

It is high time to realize it and begin to straighten up!

Readers can see in this article, how different activists of Radio Rescue are. These are people who are at different spiritual level with different experience. But greater common goal unites us - fulfilling the last promise – mediation of knowledge, Word of Truth, to searchers in crucial moments. Because Word of Truth explains all laws of life very clearly and therefore ONLY THIS could be salvation of people!

We are united by willing to serve the Lord and live according to his laws! We are united by that which should unite all of humanity in all worlds and with all creatures!
Stronger element always helps the weaker one and then finally peace will flourish in creation and we all will learn from each other and help each other!

The promised Kingdom of the Millennium will look like this. Blessed are those, who will manage to develop and who will be able to live there.
Try hard to have opportunity to deserve it!


February the 18th, 2016



Dear readers and future listeners!

We would like to start this new year more cheerful, but unfortunately, the lived reality forced us again to give an objective answer to question, which was asked by medias in new year, but again snidely, even if lot is concerned, because it´s about our being - non-being!

The question was: "Were you able to do little more last year when it was one second longer, as the Earth rotates slower and slower?"
Indeed only mockery emerges from the way how this question is asked, even if it´s based on truth, because atomic clock has to move a second backwards every year, because rotational speed of the Earth is slowing down.

But this fact is not in derision at all!

To clarify this matter we´ll use the Word of Absolute Truth, thus instructions for using, coming from the very designer of Creation and our universe as well:
„EVERYTHING in creation is motion. This motion, inevitably caused by pressure of Light, produces a heat and provides forms. The motion wouldn´t exist without Light. Therefore, a man can imagine that motion near the Light has to be even faster, more powerful than further away from it.

Actually, the motion becomes slower, more cumbersome and lazier because of retreating from the Light, and eventually this issue can lead to stagnation of all forms that were created before, when the motion were more vivid.
It´s not talking about the light of some constellations, but about the Primordial Light, which is a life itself, thus God!
To complete the picture of what is happening in creation we want to center our attention on Earth which today rotates further away from the Primordial Light than it was used to rotate many million years ago. The Earth has been indulging in weight of darkness more and more through people, who departed from God in their ridiculous arrogance by excessive unilateral cultivation of mind, which is and will always remain facing downward to gross matter. Actually the mind was given to people for that purpose, but provided that they are able to receive clearly all radiations and impressions from above, from Luminous Heights.

I said if something is further away from the Primordial Lihgt, starting point of pressure, which originates the motion, it moves slower.
And so it is with Earth at this time. Due to earthly people its rotating has constantly moved away and thereby motions has become slower, more and more lazier and therefore many things are in a state of beginning rigidity.

Also stiffness has many levels, in the beginning it´s not easy to notice it. Even during its development it´s almost impossible to notice it, unless a bright ray can stimulate more thoroughly observation.
It´s difficult just because of the fact, that everything, what lives within circle of  constantly slowing motions, is drawn into increasing condensation at the same time, which leads to rigidity. Yet it´s not only human body, but everything, thus man´s thinking. It´s going even to the smallest details. Also all concepts, even those relating to sense of speech, are changing and shifting stealthily.

Man can´t observe it with his fellow, because he himself is drawn into the same lazy vibrations, unless he alone will try to fight his spiritual path up with his strongest volition and tenacity in order to get at least a little bit closer to the Light, and therefore gradually his spirit will become more active and thus lighter, brighter, what would influence earthly recognition as well.“

On our website we´ve already explained that the Earth actually gets to the state of rigidity and it´s moving away from the Light. It´s also supported by equation and number 108, which is important for our Earth, even crucial for life here on Earth. It has been proven by equation that the Earth is located on further track from the Light and thus from the Sun!

Every logically thinking person, who has basic knowledge of physics at least, knows what kind of two basic forces keep our earth in harmony, thus in balance. It's gravity and centrifugal force! If one of them begin to prevail, it leads to instability and balance is disturbed!
Gravity has been increased by the fault of human spirits in matter world, but on the contrary, the centrifugal force has been decreased because of reducing speed of rotates of Earth by our fault as well. So the result is an imbalance, thus the primary reason!

And now we follow consequences here caused by this reason and which we feel them as calamities, disasters, earthquakes, changed climate, effects of changed flows and everything what goes with it. And there is no little of it:
Just now during these holiday, there are many people in north-west England unhappy because their homes are under the water, as well as in Scotland and Wales.

In many American states there are many floods, and even tornados, reputedly as never before. Turkey experienced a snow blizzard that are very rare in that region. And we can continue with similar events, but people become blunt in the face of misfortune of others, and now it´s common that this kind of events are becoming an ordinary and oblivious event vanishing in noise of celebrations and fireworks.

The fact, that this important CAUSE is overlooked by science and even it´s not associated with mentioned slower speed of rotates of Earth, can have  only two reasons:
The first reason may be the one that followed rigidity already affects their brains and thus they can´t see the truth in right connections!

The second reason is that, as always, all relevant information and instructions are hushed up and covered from the public in order to not worry and start to be interested in Truth!

- Not so many needs are necessary and therefore useful in human life! Food is necessary, but one group of people doesn´t know what to eat because of their lust, while many people on the planet starve. And qualitative land is used for useless human activities, which only destroy the environment. And it´s similar with water.

- Housing is also a fundamental human need, but small groups used to expand in flats, which are too big for them and then they are useless environmental burden, while many people have to live under the bridge, because that greedy group took them everything what they had.

- Only our wrong ideology can produce so many homeless people, even we can daringly say that the reason is warped religions and politics, which are already united, as it´s confirmed now by arriving migrants to Europe.

- We protect nature more than man, thus human spirit, who has received a nature as a gift from the right donor in order to grow his own essence - the spirit, properly. And this protected nature will cease to exist just because of our  undeveloped spirit.

- Conservationists want only others to protect nature, but they are drowned in luxury and they drive expensive cars, which are produced for them by those, who can´t afford even basic food and needs for living.

- The education of children must lead towards right values necessary for life, not to only to use each other. Today young people and adults fade only in unnecessary entertainments and even they are educated in this sense.

- Examples for them, as politicians, churches, science and culture must not only preach water and drink wine, but they must be an example also in practice and must prove it every day.

- Rivers, lakes, forests, air, must stay clean and they would be clean if we would follow the instructions of God and form only useful and not useless things. Just useless things and forms destroy useful ones. A scientist rather invents an automatic trash floating on the surface of the ocean to catch substantial material and liquid waste, what seems amazing to conservationist, instead they both think about the cause of it, who have threw that garbage into the ocean!

- Cupidity has prevailed so much that man already appreciate more money than those useful things, which he should only buy with money. The capital is frozen then and can´t go into circulation, whereby a stagnation and even an unemployment occurs. And money are spent only on unnecessary service and not in necessary and useful production.

- So we´ve got into a vicious circle, in which we turn and waste our energy, as when a dog is chasing its own tail. This circle will be interrupted only by our total exhaustion, or by the owner of everything, who will disturb us in this activity by force.

- Wrong idols are built, which outgrow into cults, by which a man loses his own identity and becomes unfree. It´s already reflected in all sectors, but especially in churches, culture and art. Then it looks like in programs on New Year's Eve, when humor becomes only embarrassing shamelessness. And admirers show admiration, even if there is nothing to admire. They do it only because of false respect to these idols.

- A cosiness of home has been replaced by luxury, cold spaces and rigorous shapes reminiscent of modern office or warehouse for equipments more than the place where a man should find the necessary recovery and recharging his creative energies. And also a mess in households has become very common, but nobody realize that it simultaneously creates the mess in their minds.

- Product and appliances of poor quality are produced, which must be often changed because repairation is either impossible or more expensive than purchasing a new one. So garbage constantly increases that we don´t know where to store it. Rich countries make a junkyards of poor countries and think that if they don´t have garbage in front of their eyes, they´re not involved in it anymore.

- The sense of beauty is deformed, we surround ourselves with kitsch, even perversion, we accept everything what is offered on the market and we must have what others have, because we still want to be modern and don´t want to perceived that we´re inferior or that we can´t afford it!

- Many parents buy everything what their children want, just because their neighborhood has it, or just because they want to be modern. But they don´t realize that they do harm to their children by this kind of education because they pamper them and they won´t value anything. And moreover, they don´t protect them as they could against negative influences of neighbourhood, which harass them through uncontrolled using of the internet as well.

- People serve the things which should serve them. This happened because they have advanced the cold mind confined to matter over the spirit - feeling, genuine humanity. The servant has become the lord.

Culture of speech is on the decline. We take foreign words, abbreviations, literary language is hardly used. We don´t have good vocabulary and good articulation is already rareness in the media.

- People do not understand each other when they communicate. It´s because people already don´t make images about what they say or hear. Just this making of images is work of the spirit and now, unfortunately, it´s rigid and asleep. Many people aren´t able to communicate verbally, face to face, electronic communication made them completely blunt.

- Most people even don´t think independently. Appropriation of foreign ideas without thinking, reflection and honest search is wide-spread generally.

- The concept of woman and man has been deformed. Women behave, dress and already look like men and men are softened and lack the basic man´s skills and virtues. This deformation has caused the wide-spread infertility, but this reason is not sought, but science tries to solve it by the artificial insemination. Making love of two loving people of opposite sex accompanied by feelings is replaced by tubes and cold mind.

- Many mothers don´t have their milk to breast-feed their children. Artificial food supplies that what was certainty once.

- Various food intolerances and allergies are common now, as well as celiac disease. Our bodies are unable to digest the diet without difficulties which was the essence of food for people. On the one hand, it´s because of already poisoned environment, fertilizers and sprays, but on the other hand it´s because of the excessive sensitivity of people, who has separated themselves from the laws of nature and they „can´t already digest“ the confusion arose from it internally.

- Not only „senility is a disease“. Increased morbidity is a widespread phenomenon, while the cause of diseases and patient's own responsibility is not sought, but only aftereffects are removed and symptoms are suppressed.

- Bees are dying. They won´t pollinate and help the reproduction of plants. Plants, animals, and us at the end of the food chain, will die, too. Everything reminds a dying planet that is moving away from the source of its strength, which starts to decompose and disintegrate.

- Man feels by heart that we have moved away from the nature and that we have to make this imbalance right, but the mind, always ready adviser, preaches us to bring the nature to our houses instead of approaching the nature by ourselves. We lock the animals from nature in cages, for our own  pleasure, and we mistakenly call it love!

- People have already invented the cars controlled by thoughts. But they don´t take an advantage of knowledge of the force and make up the ideas to uplift the Earth by their pure thoughts. We don´t use communication at finer levels and the fact that animals perceive our thoughts is nonsense for us. But rightness of this communication can be confirmed by any experienced hunter and it´s confirmed by the car controlled by thoughts as well. Why wouldn´t a living creature do what machine can do? Well, all machines function only on the basis of observed laws of nature! And a man, as the highest creature on Earth, would be able to do much more, if he developes himself properly!

(Information about mentioned car find here: https://www.aktuality.sk/clanok/311253/cinania-maju-revolucne-auto-da-sa-ovladat-myslienkami/ )

- Humankind prefer to invest in research of the way how to move to another planet on time, when our Earth will be devastated so much that it won´t be possible to live here, than to stop the most damaging impacts that don´t cost any our self-denial.

- A woman has became and made herself an object of sexual satisfaction. The woman who irritates sexual instinct the most, is considered as the most beautiful one. Virtues as purity and gentleness of woman is already not in demand and they are usually the target of ridicule for man. The worst thing is that even a woman herself doesn´t seek these virtues and so instead of her ability to connect a man and the whole Earth with Heights and to create a bridge to these Heights, she leads them down.

- A man who can satisfy the sexual instinct as often as it´s possible and with as many women as he can, is considered as the genuine one. Beside this he is rich, intelligent and powerful, so he can afford the luxury and entertainments without limitation.

- The relationship between a man and a woman based on true love, built on a common aim of aspiration for higher ideals, is only a rare exception now. It´s replaced by debauchery, calculation, hypocrisy and cunning manipulation pursuing only their own profit. It is also supported by many "good" books and magazines dedicated to this purpose.

- Every science and every church guards its owns reserved space jealously. The universal Truth is not sought. We don´t want to see that everything is connected with everything. Mutual attacks, swaggering  and exaltation confirms that it´s about rivalry and not about the pursuit of the common good and development. And when the universal and absolute Truth, giving answers to all questions, earthly and spiritual, clearly and without gaps, in the work of The Grail Message was brought to people, it was rejected by all of these groups or it remained unknown and unnoticed.

People! Doesn´t a nature speak to you clearly? Why don´t you want to see truly?! Well, everyone knows that the land gives mankind an abundance and wellfare, when it´s sown properly! And manciple sows! So where are you, manciple, when nature produces the fruits of disasters and catastrophes?

People are so blunt that they hide their heads in the sand like an ostrich  because they fear to look in the face of reality and act. And just this will cause them much more bigger damages.

The fact that Earth rotates slowlier and moves away from the Sun, and even the Moon moves away from Earth, were predicted in already mentioned and quoted work over 100 years ago. And this is really happening now, what is confirmation of the rightness of this work!

It's also proof of the rightness of mission of Mrs. Makedonová, who were disclaimed by many people just because of her explanations of extraterrestrial life and its help for us when we´ll be in need! But some people are beginning to change their views, because their life shows them that they didn´t live quite correct and now another confirmation has come. In the Universe connection it´s clearly said:

"I'll do with the Earth, what humanity has never dreamed of. The Earth will stop rotating about its axis for one second. From that moment everything will be completely changed, there will be completely new map of the Earth."

For every thinking man, it has to be confirmation and pretty strong impulse to think about it!

But today, unfortunately, this can be an impulse only for those, who aren´t trapped in darkness too much yet and stiffness within them doesn´t have reached the point where they are not able to feel or think.

It's also that stiffness within people and darkness around them, which prevent them to seize the Word and begin to find answers to questions of their existence - life and death, because these questions are very actual today and they´ll be more and more actual day after day!

Maybe there´s no so much time and sharp ray of Light will enter this dense darkness! But it will be very painful for all those, who like to be covered in the dark. And also for those, who think they have the light, but in fact it's dark! Just this Word is the best touchstone of considering  what is light and what is dark, because it was brought for us from the Light.

Therefore it´s the highest time to change ourselves and throw away those trinkets energetically, which attract people by sweet scent that people follow blindly and they don´t realize that it blows out of the marsh, in which there´s no happiness and no real life, only death!

Whether also these words are not confirmed by everyday life?!
Let´s everyone answer himself and let´s everyone to behave according to it!

Neverthless we´ll give you one more advice so that someone can´t start to move in the wrong direction:

There is no need to save the Earth, or repair the weather, because it's too late!
It is necessary to rescue the people, their inwards!
But everyone has to do it alone!
Again the Word from the Constructor of Creation was given to us for help, let´s use it!


Parable – an experience!

For several times we´ve already talked about the fact that man gradually cultivate the wrong attitude to animals and nature by stagnation in spiritual development (most recently in article Pets dated 9th December 2015 and previously in a number of posts placed in Natural laws folder). And now we´ll tell you about recent experience of a member of the team of Radio, which he has acquired during his stays in forest and in contact with workers and hunters of the place.
In the beginning of the forest these workers have a container, in which stock of feed is stored (mostly peeled corn grains). But on this container someone drew a picture of a hunter with a gun, but barrel of this gun is bent and aims at hunter backwards. The painter probably believed, that he promotes peacefulness and love for animals and pointed out that hunters are just ordinary murderers of animals. He underscored this picture with „suited“ comparison, according to him: „You kill animals = you kill yourself.“

Now let´s leave aside the fact, that the author of this painting and statement placed his creation on an object, which is not his property and in which the feed for animals, welcome and needed especially now in winter, is situated, so the meaning of this creation is in straight contrast with this container of feed. But let´s focus on the meaning of mentioned statement, concretely that hunter, eventualy forester, is murderer, who kills animals for his pleasure of trophies and saturation of his body by meat, in order to demonstrate the rigidity of our knowledge.
We don´t want to say that among hunters there are also those, who see only these aims in hunting of animals. But because of our own experience we can responsibly say that most of them provide one important activity by their forest profession and hunting, whih is denounced by „animal lovers“ so often – maintaining the healthy balance where some animal species don´t have their natural predator, which would naturally regulate their amount and at the same time keep them in required vigilance, thus in a motion, that is a condition for progress.

Also thanks to wrong human interventions in nature, whether directly or indirectly through legislative measures, there is overgrowth of some animal species that then cause a notable damage to human property. For example bears, eventually wild-boars and their increasing "invasions" to places in neighborhood of people and it often ends with confrontation with a man. Nevertheless, the fault is not on the animal´s side, but on people´s one, because of our lack of understanding and denying the existence of the finer world around us, the world of thought-forms and emotional creations, which effect on animals in turn and they are able to perceive these forms.

The other side of this coin can be observed much more easily and subsequently learn from it and understand in what a real work of forester or hunter consists. It's only about balance mentioned above, thus active intervention where an imbalance can emerge what is to the detriment of all involved.
Only in the course of correct activities of man, which depends on knowledge of his role in creation and laws that keep the creation, there is nature with its inhabitants to serve the man, to be hepful in his living and especially in his progress. And then a man would help nature to proceed and refine backwards by his correct interventions. Mainly a man should learn how to use these entrusted gifts. But how can he use these gifts, when he doesn´t know even their origin? He usually doesn´t know even the giver indeed so he can´t appreciate these gifts properly. And this is a problem of all conservationists, whether the real ones with titles of their „profession“ or just the so-called, who think and act by what they've seen on TV or heart from other „experts“ without knowing the necessary connections. Because these required connections are not teached in schools, so a spirituality or everything above earthly senses, is like an another area unrelated to this problem. However, it´s necessary to change it fundamentally.

In our forests there already are many animal species that aren´t original, such as fallow deer, mouflon, even deer. On the contrary in the places where they live there is a lack of predators who would keep them in balance.
A man brought them here into our nature - forest due to diversify the environment, but also our menu, because it´s necessary to realize that when this happened, supermarkets didn´t exist and even, fortunately, confused conservationists! But if these animals had an opportunity to their natural development, their status would increase so much that it would be at the expense of the forest itself and therefore the environment. Those who painted that picture on the container didn´t plant a lot of trees in the forest or even didn´t grow any of them, so they don´t know how much effort it requires and what kind of damage an animal overpopulation can inflict.

Even farmers can confirm what damage the animal overpopulation can do and these „conservationists“ haven´t contributed by their work for any piece of food, wchich they consume every day.
And then it sometimes happens that farmers have to choose a sorrowful method – poison the animals, which we´ve seen several times. Therefore their work depreciates, because they have to poison the products – food, meat, of their work. So we balance from one extreme to an other and it´s just because of our  ignorance.
Both views are wrong and out of natural and God's laws. Let's learn to know them, and then we can achieve balance and peace, what we apparently miss now!

To confirm what we wrote above we´ll use the Word of Absolute Truth again, where it´s explained perfectly. Firstly, we should briefly explain the difference between man and animal.
„The animating core of man is spirit. The animating core of the animal, however, is only animistic substantiality.

A spirit stands far above an animistic being; the inner origin of man is consequently much higher than that of the animal, while both have only the origin of their physical bodies in common.“

„The essential difference between man and animal, therefore, lies solely within. An animal can only return to animistic substantiality after casting aside its physical body, whereas man returns to spiritual substantiality, which is far higher.“

Finally, In the Word we can find an explanation of correct man´s relationship to his environment that surrounds him, and therefore to his nature, but also an explanation of our mistake:
„If Matter is not permeated by Substantial, it´s nothing. Until now we´ve observed only connecting Substantial with different types of Matter. And this provides arable land for the spirit again! Substantial concatenates, connects and revives the material; however, the spirit controls both, substantial and material.

As soon as the spirit thus spiritual delves into his development animated by substantial, matter and substantial as well are subordinated to him, because of their nature. 
Therefore the government is entrusted to spiritual in the most natural way. It´s sad, if the spirit uses it wrong or incorrectly!“

„If, on the other hand, an animal has constantly to be on the alert, prepared to defend itself, it will gain in every respect; its soul will keep awake; its intelligence grow keener; all its faculties will be alive and that means progress. It is the same with every creature. If it does not fight, it gradually degenerates, and the debilitated body, having lost its power of resistance, becomes more liable to disease.
A keen observer will not be astonished at the utterly wrong position man takes up towards the animal, for he does the same towards everything in Creation, including himself. His spiritual influence is everywhere harmful instead of helpful.

If the warfare going on in Creation that so many call cruel, had ceased, matter would have long since petrified and decomposed. Warfare has the effect of preserving both body and soul, and is certainly never destructive, although it may appear to be so on the surface. There is no other agent that would arouse and keep matter in health and activity, for man, in his foolish misconception, has diverted the current of that quickening spiritual force which was intended for this purpose so that it cannot operate as it should!“

To ilustrate what we´ve written above we´ll add one more indicative experience from the farm, where the owner tries to breed utility animals and subsequently treat them in a way, as our ancestors did. On a door there is a short story which happened on this farm. We won´t quote it all here, but we´ll capture its esssence. Here it is:
One day on the farm a lady complained how dirty and skinny are those animals, as if they are abused and starved. And the owner of this farm said to her: „We breed utility animals here, which don´t live like the most distorted  four-legged "darlings" with you at home, but they live in a stall. They get everything what they need. The fact that they are skinny, is a natural consequence of the end of winter, because most animals are like this on the score of eating of lower capacity of food. It´s the same in the whole nature that lives in natural cycles. Only man is used to be replete and fatty after winter, because he has excluded himself from the laws, which are valid everywhere around him.“

We could continue with similar stories and guidances, but it´s useless right now, because we´ve already pointed the essence of the problem out. Nevertheless, most people are disturbed from their comfort by these guidances and observations. But exactly these kind of moments should awaken our spirit to begin to notice the connection with that, what we don´t always see but we feel it.

Then maybe we´ll come to conclusion that would be humorous, if it had been not so bitterly true. Namely the fact, that the mentioned inscription on the container with food "You kill animals = you kill yourself" can´t be further from the Truth, but by the reverse of the equation to "You kill yourself = you kill animals" we get the statement, which is on the contrary dangerously close to the Truth nowadays. The more we muffle our own true self, our spirit within us, by progressing rigidity, the more we actually kill our spirit, we move away from the right path and the more we hurt in the end – "kill" also those creatures whose evolution depends on us. Again we find the most eloquent explanation and guidance in already mentioned Word for so many:
With the ability he was equipped with, man could have made this world a Paradise. He failed to do this, and now finds himself in a world distorted in every way by his own actions.“


April the 18th, 2016


We would like to assure our readers again about the correctness of our actions and words on website of Radio Rescue by a certain actuality. It´s not just a theory, it´s not only a desire for captivation and attention of audience and it´s certainly not an effort for any benefits, profits or advantages at all. For us it´s really only about a help for fellows! Even beside our own self-denial.
All followers or visitors of our website can only gain a lot, and they will always find only confirmations of the offered Truth in their living and even proofs of science itself, but also of all churches, until they (the observers) will actually be able to free themselves from dogmatic propositions and theories.

In life itself, every day they will find only the evidences of this TRUTH!

Nothing can find you unprepared and therefore nothing can surprise you, when you have really understood this Truth. And this living is so wonderful, that there is nothing more beautiful what a man can find on his journey of everyday life. Trust us! We have lived through this and we live through it every day! There are old people among us, who are in the autumn of their life, but there are also young ones who have everything ahead of them. Now, it´s meant only within material body, because the old ones know and feel every day, that their spirit is eternally young and therefore it´s the same as before, but now it´s even superior because of the gained wisdom that has made them enormously happy. Only their body is sometimes unable to follow their young spirits!

In order to give an evidence on our experience confirming our words, but especially the Truth itself, we´ll direct you to an important scientific discovery:

Following this evidence you´ll learn a lesson that some person isn´t actually always free in his expressions and we can daringly say that he becomes a servant in the service of another issue! And a big mistake is that mostly unconsciously! And we´ve already pointed out that those reasons extend beyond the Earth!

And the reason of our help lies just here in order to obtain this voluntarily lost freedom that generates a lot of suffering, misery and procreates the LAST JUDGEMENT predicted by all churches, but confirmed by the Absolute Truth!

Classification of human spirits by their own maturity!

Don´t let yourself to be controlled, fight for your own freedom, because you´ll end up where are those to whom you give a power over you now. You´ll lose an eternal life, and even you´ll obtain a spiritual death by decomposition with those whom you still worship inside of you or you just serve them unconsciously. For the beginning you won´t obtain the spiritual death itself, but a life on a planet, which is already now intended to it with its people. And this applies not only to still living people here, but also to those who already abide in the other world, because spirits have been already classified there as well according to their maturity, thus to their own deeds here on Earth. Nobody will avoid this happening! Just as it was promised in all churches and a Bible: „The Son of Man will judge all the living and the dead!“ But only all spiritually living people and dead ones, because there´s nobody else!
It´s clear that politicians are influenced from outside, because it flows from the mentioned scientific proofs, and just this influence will bring up the final events. Horrific events for the most, because it will beget terror and horor, but just because of a misunderstanding of majority, and it will terminate physical lives of many people.

What a pity that these scientists didn´t measured priests, rabbins, and even all spiritual leaders of various churches and sects!
Just then they would remain in awe and unfavorably surprised; so surprised that they would start to doubt of the correctness of their discoveries!

But these discoveries would be just completely right and in accordance with the TRUTH, because it´s confirmed by the very fact that GOD is the only one, but there are many churches.
However, all churches are in the foreign and incorrect power! But none of them will admit it and just this produces daily conflicts that are served in media daily as well.

Now we´ll not give you more extensively explanations and many other proofs of it, because we do it consistently here on our website and we will continue, indeed. And everyone can find the TRUTH offered by us on recommended website and address.



To follow what is written above, I would like to call readers' attention to a woman and to a danger, in which she is, if she doesn´t know the eternal laws and she doesn´t use their effect fully.

Speak nothing of her high task and responsibility arising from it!

I will began with our recent experience.
I was on the phone with my brother, and I heard that he was upset. We had a deal that we should supervise his children on the other day afternoon, because he and his wife wanted to go to a meeting. He canceled it, however, because he had quarreled with his wife. Later I wrote him that if he need to make a clean breast, me and my husband would welcome him and would listen to him. He thanked, but he didn´t accept our offer. On the next day, however, he called and asked me if we´re at home and if the offer is still valid. He was considerably exhausted. In the beginning, he didn´t wont to talk about it, so we didn´t smell about it. But then he started.
 His wife, who is otherwise a good woman, is sometimes in different states when she is nervous and she acts like she wants to cause a conflict and she apparently provokes him. We understand it like that at least. It´s kind of state of moodiness that usually results in conflicts. They have two children and they´re waiting for the third child. Sister-in-law was unpleasant to children and she was about to go out with them. It escalated until my brother said that when she acts like this he won´t let children to go with her anywhere. She can go out alone, if she wants, but children remain at home. It ended up with a scene when his pregnant wife stood in front of the door of the flat and kicked that door wildly. Children were stressed and cried. Their mother went for a walk and my brother tried to turn it into positive and he and children prayed together for their mother as they all go to church.

In the evening, she felt sorry and apologized to him and he told her that he forgives her, but it's not easy just to pull the switch and he needs to spend it yet. And then it became more tangled again and an atmosphere at home was further unpleasant. My brother was unhappy, it wasn´t profitable for children as well and even my sister-in-law wasn´t very happy, for sure.
When my brother visited us and he stayed alone with my husband for a while, he asked him if I have sometimes this kind of moodiness too. Because it´s a widespread opinion and an experience of men that most women are like that.
When my husband said that never, he was surprised and didn´t want to believe in it. But then my husband reminded him that after all he used to live with me, even at the time when I was almost adult, so he knows me as well.
This doesn´t mean that now I'm somehow exceptionally spiritually mature, or that other women, including my sister in law, are bad. All this has the cause in finer worlds and even though this time I won´t explain this problem completely from my personal experience, however I'm still a woman and I have experience in functioning of negative principle from the finer realms – on us, gentler - women. But above all, I see it now from the necessary – contexts.

So, who is looking for an answer to a question WHY do many women have these kind of „inexplicable states“, although some other time they are good, devoted and kind, read carefully.
A woman has a finer soul than a man, she has different essence. Thanks to her more sensitive substance she receives vibrations from the higher worlds easier, but also from the lower ones. She has an ability - literally to connect man and the whole later creation with heights. She creates a bridge to the higher worlds, so she stands about half a degree spiritually higher than a man. The man is linked with a matter more closely than a woman, he is supposed to protect a woman and utilize inspirations positively that she brings him from above and so transform his earthly surroundings creatively. If women had been real women and men had been real men and both sides had stroven to Light, we would already have a paradise on Earth for a long time. Everything fits together perfectly in creation, everything fills up and works together, everything supports a growth - unless we disconnect it and thus disturb the right cycle.

Today, however, we, humans, already stay so apart from natural - eternal - God's laws, that we don´t even know what is natural, right and what is not. We must learn about it again. We have contaminated the finer world - ethereal matter, that surrounds us, with emotional and ideational forms of hatred, anger, envy, and perversion, literally. This finer world has become heavy and nasty mud, which iinfluences all of us and suffocates us now. Real human spirits, especially dark ones, are in motion there, who also affect us. We allow them access to our planet under the influence of the Law of Homogeneity and so they incarnate here on Earth, thus they are born here as earthly people. Therefore, it is so much evil in the world.

And now if the woman's gentler soul doesn´t protects herself intensively and doesn´t work on eliminating her weaknesses and mistakes and on natural building virtues – if she doesn´t connect her soul with these virtues, she connects herself with the dark – negative ones, so easily. These ethereal forms whether a good ones or bad ones, influences a man as well, but they affects on sensitive woman's soul much more, well not for nothing it´s said: „When a woman is bad, she is worse than a man.“
This effect of ethereal world on a woman is even more intense at the time just before a menstruation and sometimes during it too. In medicine it´s called a Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It includes a physical fluctuations (water retention, gluttony) and mental fluctuations (aggression, anxiety, depression, sometimes leading into a suicide). The cause of PMS, however, remains unknown, and doctors don´t know to heal it, they just remove the consequences! They recommend a healthier lifestyle to improve this state (less sugar, more exercise ...). In tough cases, they prescribe a contraception, so they block out a woman´s cycle and the woman actually doesn´t have a menstruation for few months, neither these problems as well! This is our science, we invade something what is natural instead of acknowledgement of Ethereal world and its impact on us. And besides there´s no mystery, everything can be explained and resolved by the right knowledge and naturally.

The menstruation is not only a natural cycle that allows a reproduction, but it´s a great blessing for her, when she strives for spiritual growth. She can use her givennesses and abilities variously in different stages of the cycle.

The core of a man is a spirit. It is covered by a substantial cover, then by an ethereal cover and finally by a gross matter cover – physical body. Few days before the menstruation the gross material cover, the ethereal one, and also the substantial one are ready for a motherhood. These covers or components of woman´s personality - are heading to its climax.
Unlike a woman a female animal has only an animal soul as its inner core, that comes from the Animistic realm, it doesn´t have the higher spirit from the Spiritual realm. Therefore, maternity is the vertical stage for female animals. But it´s not the same for a woman, because her role and influence extends much more higher. The motherhood is a culmination only for covers of her spirit.
These outer covers of her spirit heads to their peak, so a radiation of her blood changes, what connects her with finer worlds, which affect on her stronger at this time. A woman, connecting with virtues, throws her weaknesses away more easily at this time, „cleans her blood“ faster, so she can more progress spiritually. But a woman who neglects her development, becomes even more vulnerable under the impresson of the ethereal surroundings in this period. Therefore she rages wildly and provoked by finer forms she does what she would never do.

Pregnant women, as well as my sister-in-law now, run through many changes which connect them with a finer world. At the beginning a developing embryo in a body of woman is tangible and developed by substantial functioning, a soul of a child gets closer to its mother, but it doesn´t dwell in her body yet. From the beginning of a pregnancy a „bridge“ for an anchorage of a soul forms so that the soul of a child can be incarnated – embodied into the body of mother, in the middle of pregnancy. This is that „mysterious radiation“ which a man feels beside a pregnant woman.
Pregnant women have a huge responsibility, because her decisions who she meets and with what she surrounds herself, determine what kind of a soul incarnates in a forming little body. Because of an unknowledge and neglect of  this responsibility also dark people have been born on Earth, who belong to lower decaying planets. And the fact, what kind of spirit incarnates in a little body in the middle of a pregnancy, or is just about to incarnate, has a major impact on mother´s feelings and actions. If a light spirit incarnates, mother´s feelings are beatific and pleasant, but if a dark one, her feelings are the opposite, negative. So when my pregnant sister-in-law rages without sense after the middle of her pregnancy, it can indicate something. Moreover, when she didn´t avoid any company in the first half of her pregnancy, on the contrary, she didn´t protect herself against some group of people among whom could be dark people too, who could create a necessary homogeneity for the incarnating of a dark spirit. This unfortunate consequence  could happen, because of her constant visits of churches, where are people of all groups, large meetings with many friends and still active life in a Christian community.
A radiation of blood of a pregnant woman changes as well, what is related also to many tangible changes.

In The Grail Message stays: „I will tell you the main purpose of a human blood immediately: It should create a bridge for a function of a spirit on Earth, thus in gross matter world!“

„A spirit or a soul contributes to the formation of a blood, but neither the spirit nor the soul can´t affect directly outwards on earth by the blood. The difference between them is too large for this action. The soul, whose core is the spirit, is too soft even in its thickest composition. Outwardly it can manifest itself only by a radiation of a blood.
The radiation of a blood is actually an own bridge for activities of a soul. And this is valid only when the blood has a certain composition suitable for a concerned soul every time.“

In the future, people will see these and more detailed connections, which won´t resist to this understanding.

I know myself that I´m more sensitive in some period of my cycle. But I don´t hurt anybody, even I´m not moody, because it´s something that I´ve already got over during my past lives and in my childhood I received a warning lesson to not forget how it is when a woman hurts her surroundings. In the first place I try to live without hurting my fellows. And if a dark can´t "grab" me because of anything, it can´t catch up me to do this, it's all the science.
Therefore, I use my greater sensitivity in a positive way and I feel changes in my body, which affect my soul. It's like a sexual instinct to which a menstruation is closely related. Its expression and application is in accordance with natural - God's laws, it´s also subject to certain phases and it´s also natural and supports the development of the spirit itself. But the managing spirit of man must stand above the matter, it mustn´t be under the control of the matter. Then it brings  only joy and blessing. But when the sexual instinct is mixed with something impure - dark, when a pure love of two adults of the opposite sex doesn´t stand above everything, it becomes unnatural and decreases the spirit down. All matter around us should and can only support us, but when we distort it and disrupt a balance in something, it brings us only loss instead of benefit.

I remember few years ago when my spiritual support was weaker, I felt depressed and anguished during this period. I felt a pressure of the Ethereal World stronger, but I didn´t let it out, so it bothered only me, those "parasites" drew my energy sometimes. Therefore I can understand how it is to be in a state, with which you´re not satisfied, but at that very moment you can´t stop that flow.

I want to give you, women, an advice how to get to the state when you don´t hurt anybody around you anymore. The only thing that will really help you - and all people, is to know the God´s - natural laws and live according to them. And I want to give men the same advice. And as regards your „halves“, it´s certainly respectable, when you try to understand your wifes and know to forgive them for this kind of spree. But it shouldn´t end only with this. Both sides should try to know the real causes of the problem and to resolve it. Because otherwise the situation escalates, so that the only passive prayer for mother to be better and calmer – won´t be already sufficient. Indeed, my own brother can´t see it and he hasn´t understood yet that his whole-hearted prayer has been heart and the help – The Grail Message and Eternal Laws, that needed support, which brings him a rescue, is near at his hand. Than everything would be better because of the right knowledge and effort to correct it. This kind of behavior is typical for us, people, we ask for help, and when it arrives, we reject it, because it doesn´t correspond to our ideas and requests. My brother will not find this needed advice in church, the people there will ignore or maligned these Writings and talk nonsense about them. They don´t support an independence of believers, they don´t support a spiritual motion and growth, but they stay with dogmas and total passivity.

Thanks to the real knowledge my brother would understand that their elder daughter has sometimes different emotional states, because she´s very sensitive and a dark ethereal matter affects on her very intense! They wouldn´t need advices of psychologists, they would achieve the changes by themselves and they would be able to help and protect her.

It´s known that in God´s Judgement Furias will be released, and they will destroy everything, which they´ll be able to catch up. Furias are etheral units that have arosed from the wrong emotional volition of people. We are already in The Judgement and even everything indicates that we´re going down the hill - to the final. What will happen to someone, who doesn´t know how to defend himself from Furias now and he sometimes rages under its influence, when it will become suddenly more intense?!

For the beginning some basic advices are here. From the book titled Eternal Laws 2 written by Natália de Lemeny Makedonová:
Could you briefly summarize how we connect with dark influences?

  • First of all, by fear of any kind. The weakened spirit loses its own will and is easily led by others, mostly dark ones.
  • By too much pleasure/lust without love, when the spirit loses consciousness and experiences ecstasy merely on the level of the soul and body.
  • Through any over-cultivated earthly activities without the participation of the spirit.
  • By a lack time, by being busy all the time and through stress. In  such a state of mind, a person reacts impulsively, has no time to differentiate and to perceive his or her decisions intuitively.
  • With inappropriate relationships and ties which take strength and enjoyment of life away.
  • By too much logical thinking without the intuitive sensing component.
  • With negative traits and dispositions, as we attract and nourish dark spirits through them.
  • Through doubts about the Truth or a person, although the true nature of either was understood earlier. We should be clear that these doubts do not come from the inside, but the outside, from dark spirits, to weaken us. That´s why they should be strictly rejected and should not be developed.
  • By all kinds of the occult and magical training, courses and techniques, where work is done with meditation, energies, controlling of consciousness and visualization. The student voluntarily exposes his or her spirit, which is protected by the soul and the body, to the dark influences.

Abd-ru-shin in his lecture “Is occult training advisable?“ explains; clairvoyance or other spiritual abilities gained from training are not as strong and reliable as when they are a result of a natural development. These techniques were introduced by fallen Angels, who thereby awakened their original,  but since lost, abilities. By artificially cultivating these qualities, they trespassed against laws, which forbid their expression before a person matures sufficiently morally and spiritually. This also caused the downfall of the fallen Angels and people and so they disconnected from God´s Help and Protection.“

Firstly a woman fell down and gave an apple from the tree of knowledge (she became vain and started to act calculatingly because of a cheeky mind) to a man, but the man took an apple and ate it willingly! Therefore, even though the woman herself, with all what was given to her and what she has done with it, is the most sorrowful creature in creation, the man, who also went off the path, doesn´t have a right to point fingers on her, because he went off the path as well just by his own will thus he as a human spirit is also guilty. There´s nothing to blame each other, indeed! Just - ourselves! And also a judging others doesn´t belong to us. Let's set a mirror, it doesn´t matter if you´re a woman or a man, and let´s straighten up!
And now the woman is supposed to be the first to come back to her true path by living according to the laws of creation and to lead the man where she should have led him – thus the woman is supposed to restore a pure bridge in herself and connect him with Luminous Heights. And man shouldn´t wait for the change of women, but he should change himself as well and thus help women in their improvement.

Who understands it, he knows where he should find it and what to do, but who doesn´t, for him the last chance to wake up is in close and difficult emotional experience, which is promised that it´s closer than we suspect!


April the 21st, 2016



Our readers may remember the article called "Rigidity". There was explained, where the cause of weather changes and many natural disasters and catastrophic events lies. Now we´ll give you a brief supplement of the article that actually surfaced later at the instigation of an event, that can be some evidence or an impulse for further reflection on rigidity of our thinking
Mr. Jurčovič during his weather forecast (on Slovakia's TV channel) on 20th January 2016, as always, mentioned something from history of meteorology and on that day he reminded a scientist William Ferrel, who was born on 29th January 1817; and who pointed to two forces that keep our Earth in balance, thus a gravity and a centrifugal force, which have a major impact on the formation and direction of movement flows, and subsequently on the climatic zones on Earth. An author of the original message didn´t know anything about this scientist and his instruction.

But it´s worth a thought, that these important and significant discoveries of  wise individuals from the past, has eventually fallen into oblivion and now they´re ignored somehow or even overlooked as if on purpose, because they could give a warning stimulus that could be uncomfortable for the most of us. And when this happens in branches of science, how much worse it can be in natural or spiritual sciences, where not easily demonstrable questions are issued. Just how we have let this important discovery fallen into oblivion, we´ve let the most important Word – instruction on all natural God´s laws: The Grail Message, fallen into dust!

It´s impossible to conceal or bypass these laws, because they will be always reminded to us, until we´ll start to respect them or we´ll die in ignorance!

When it´s scientifically proven, that a rotational speed of the Earth slows down, it means, that a Coriolis force becomes weak gradually, and on the contrary, the gravity grows, the result must be logical, and thus the flows and weather too has to change. Therefore, a primary cause is not in phrasal proposition: "It´s a result of global warming!". It´s necessary to look for this cause there, where a wise man brought us a hundred years ago, and then thanks to him we obtained the knowledge from the Absolute source!
And we´ve already learned from this source that result of our ignorance is our rigidity, which still increases, because we recede from the Light, thus from the source of all existence - from GOD!

It´s not necessary now to convey it, because we did it in the mentioned article, and a complete explanation of it can be found in also mentioned book. This additive article is necessary for us only to take a think seriously about how we are manipulated intentionally or in right of the confirmed rigidity.