In earthly science exists a theory of construction of our universe. But this theory is not right according to reality and this consequently will not allow further development of new theories in the right direction.
        This error begets consequently many misleading theories, even engenders unfavorable opinions of experienced events encountered by many who do not belong among the scientific "elite". Observation of flying objects, which received the name of UFOs also belongs among these rejected phenomena.
        According to today’s scientists is observation of these objects allegedly unrealistic because the laws of physics (our) makes this observation impossible, since the dimension of Universe prevents it, particularly the distance in Universe, which is insurmountable for space - interstellar flights.
        It is really logic assumption and reasoning according to our theories and ideas about the construction of the universe. But really our only!
        But let our scientific capacities respond to my experience that I had with beings from outer space, and not once.
"Everybody can say something like that" – that is, what our great man of science will respond.
          But as I would continue, their knowledge would come to no use for them, same as it happened to myself once in the past. At first, I must note that I did not study any foreign language except the Russian at elementary school. I acquired a partial knowledge of this language, but today I remember only some remains of this - already at that time - small knowledge and it was the same at time, when I communicated with beings from outer space.
         Yes, I communicated with them and in foreign language, thus their speech, which I have never, at least not in this life also taught. At the end of of our communication when they were leaving I remembered meaning of the last sentence, and I knew it in both languages. But after a few minutes, I knew nothing. Neither the language nor that of what we spoke using this language.
        The contact I had yet again, and it turned out similarly, except that immediately after the communication I wrote a single word that I have from that speech still remembered and I knew his meaning in slovak language. It was a word: “nafiotor”, and in slovak it means “slave”. I tried to search about what language it was, but to no avail.
        Is there a satisfactory answer to my experience based on our knowledge and the skills? I do not consider myself some exceptional individual, endowed with extraordinary abilities, but this experience is my true reality. How does one explain my experience according to our theories? I would love to hear a satisfactory explanation.
         However, I am not going to further develop my arguments in this direction, but I will try to explain how it is possible that interstellar communication is real and has been going on for millennia, but just we earthlings are rejecting it because we go astray in our theories to the construction of the universe. But it is not the only area in which we go astray, but it is same with us almost in everything.
        But I will now focus only on the construction of the universe, because it is an area essential for these activities, and what is more, no one can accuse me of having my explanation torn away from reality. Even though I know that “the competent ones” - those who think of themselves in that way - find it not to their liking.
        Our Universe is not as large as our science in its theory explains, even defends. Of course the Universe is not small, how would anyone on the contrary thought. I have lived a long time with this my own theory, actually since the time I had the above mentioned contact. But to disclose this theory it was too presumptuous for me, same as for a layman, who already has a number of different inventions, but even more disappointments. Precisely for this reason that I am incompetent, my "novelties" - even supported by the facts confirmed with life itself so to say - those "professionals" rather refused, although they themselves came to conviction that I'm right. But my truth never fitted into ours - only accepted theories.
        Now I have decided to publish my theory actually at the initiative of someone. And that someone is a scientist whose name I can not remember, but in one documentary he actually suggested something that fits exactly to my theory. He declared exactly what I wrote before, therefore, that our universe may not be actually up so bulky. But then he did not further proceed.
         But now I want to and I will.
      Understand this model of our universe will not be easy neither for someone who does not have imaginery imagination nor he knows the basics of physics at least. But in order to follow my explanation he or she does not need to be a "respectful capacity" in this area on the other hand.
        You must be able to imagine four-dimensional mirror. The classic two dimensional you are familiar with must now be extended by dimensions of space and time. This is our universe. This mirror causes changes in space and time and all inner objects are also being changed through time and space.

        Imagine a lens that expands, but nothing that is inside it cannot get beyond its borders, on the contrary, everything is reflected back from the final boundaries that are moving in space and also in time. Thus, over time the space changes and therefore internal configuration of objects which are located within the lens. This leads to result where the same object is viewed at different times and spaces, and we also separated them as different – foreign objects, because they are in a different space, even the time and even themselves are considerably changed. Thus, one and the same object, such as the solar system is observed in many forms, in different locations of space and even time, which is actually the most cause of the change. Nevertheless we think that it is always the other object.

         Son of Man writes about our - gross material Universe (therefore about the Universe we are able to perceive) in his work In the Light of Truth, lecture No. 63 with its title - "I am the resurrection and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me!”:

       "The entire World of Matter is suspended like a great wreath at the lowest part of Creation, rotating in an immense circle which takes many millions of years to complete. Thus in the great cosmic happenings everything not only revolves around itself, but the whole of Creation also continually rotates in an immense circle. Just as this great cycle resulted from the first process of combination up to its present state of completion, so it continues unswervingly on its course in the same manner until disintegration sets in and returns the component parts to their primeval substance."

      Time is actually only some fragments of what consciousness - inteligence created and thus also had experienced. Without this knowledge would not exist actually no time.

        This argument is also properly supported via following quotation from the work In the Light of Truth, lecutre No. 2 with its title - "Awake!":

        Time! Does it really pass? Why does one encounter obstacles when thinking more deeply about this axiom? Simply because the fundamental idea is wrong; for time stands still! We, however, hurry towards it! We rush into time, which is eternal, and seek the Truth in it. Time stands still. It remains the same, today, yesterday and a thousand years hence! Only the forms change. We plunge into time, to cull from her records for the purpose of enriching our knowledge from what has been collected there! For time has lost nothing, it has recorded all things. It has not changed, because it is eternal. You too, Oh man, are always just the same, whether you appear young or old! You remain what you are! Have you not already sensed this yourself? Do you not clearly notice a difference between the form and your “ego?” Between the body that is subject to change and yourself, the spirit, which is eternal?

        Let the following fact (real, but concealed) serves as a tool for improved understanding - exactly as it is written in the work In the Light of Truth, which states that the time has kept everything, nothing is lost. Therefore there somewhere in time, we could discover our Earth in that time, and thus we could also see the dinosaurs marching on the Earth's surface. This fact actually explains one mystery that science has discovered, specifically a fossilized dinosaur tracks and human footprints beside them.  This has caused many headaches and therefore scientists prefer to hide these facts as if they were used for the intention for which they were intended - that is, as a learning tool for us earthlings.

        Aforementioned is briefly explained model of our universe, which then converts all our theories, based on the prior model. And this fact changes the view of space travel and therefore interstellar contacts.

UFO is a reality!

And this was the decisive reason why I proceeded to publish my explanation!

       Perfection and harmony reigns, therefore, not only in our gross material universe, but in the entire creation of God. This perfection includes the perfect dimensions, allowing perfect education of all creatures of Creation. A part of this perfect education is the possibility of mutual contact in each world and even among worlds themselves.
        Let us thank to Creator for this gracious grace and we should avoid to disturb it with our ignorance, but mainly with our own lust for power. The real ruler is irreplaceable!


Author of the project Radio RESCUE.


        The following photographs were taken also by the author of Radio RESCUE project. They were photographed in Slovakia and the flying object – UFO is captured on them.


        The following quote of Jesus is very suitable for today's scientific and traditional human society:
                                                               "BLIND LEADING THE LAME!"





Video embedded at the end of this article, which provides scientific but theoretical evidence about the existence of ethereal matter is a significant proof for me. Even more, I could say that this theory is flawless and confirms my advices for practical use!

Nevertheless, this theory has one significant flaw!

The scientist that is giving the lecture provides as a support for his theoretical closures some quotes, or reference to oriental, old religions. We could find bits and pieces of wisdom in every of these old religions and it is the wisdom well known and utilised by people for a long time. These are truly just a small bits, without pointing us the neecessary interconnections between these bits and more importantly, without pointing us the practical use of them. I am aware of what I am writing about. Even I myself, when I came to practical contact with this kind of matter and started to utilised it – it also led me to start studying all these old and distant religions. And I also found within them the accord with my own experience, partially.

However, they were just small bits of wisdom without the necessary context and more importantly it were all clouded by the touch of mysticism. This mysticism prevented to understand and utilise many things for practical use.

Finally, The Grail Message became the one and only true Philosopher’s Stone for me. I found simple and logic explanation for all my experience and findings within this Grail Message. Thus, my experience had been confirmed by Grail Message and even more – with Grail Message I was able to provide practical explanation for everyone willing to use my experience. Now, it makes me sad that all these theorists - scientists point and put at the first place all those useless bits and pieces from exotic and distant religions, yet overlooked full - unbreakable vessel that conceals the most precious treasure, namely the complete wisdom that provides answers to all, even those unknown questions! And this vessel full of wisdom lies close to their underfoot! Why they overlooked it?

It’s just because the wisdom stored in this vessel does not smooth and empower scientists’ ego, does not allow to build their own ambition, because this vessel comprises answers to all questions. Thus, any scientist finds no possibility to sparkle with his or her own wisdom!

Once again, this is something I lived through as one of those who could occasionally glimpse into these finer levels; and I began to understand the necessary context and forwarded it further to others for practical use. I was rejected by the scientists just because I wasn’t one of them; I didn’t possess the necessary titles so I had not been taken into notion. Furthermore, my activities undermined scientists’ own ego and they felt to be threatened.

My practical experiments resulted into formulation of “The Discovery of Natural Law”. Consequently, I signed the notarial protocol at notary’s office about this discovery in belief that one day this natural law will be truly confirmed and will be taken as the basis for beneficial use in life itself. This law is published in full text at: www.absolutnapravda.sk under the Tab "Objav prírodného zákona".

My practical utilization of this law is being supported by theoretical evidence now and this could put the law - formulated by myself, into a completely different perspective. But it only could! The obstacle remains still the same  - ambition of scientists and their enormous ego.

I will now try to align this theory with practice so that everyone can start to use it, hence even those who do not have the necessary and by science confirmed abilities, therefore those who are not clairvoyant. “My” discovery of Natural Law was built upon this fact. The ability, which all animals can use and have in common was used in order to confirm the existence of this kind of matter (finer matter, e.g ethereal matter). Even this fact has been confirmed several times in real life. For example, there were a large number of human casualties during the recent tsunami disaster in Indonesia. But all animals were able to leave the threatened territory prior to disaster and thus there were no animal casualties.

Actually, the term “my” discovery is in quotes because this discovery, which I had verified in practical life is not precisely my discovery. The perfect Word of Truth – The Grail Message was the crucial hint or stone upon which I was able to build up the complete definition of this discovery. Without the help from this Word I would be lost and wandered same way as many people before me. They all thought and convince themselves that the power, which they observed came from within themselves. They thought that they themselves are the source of this power. And everyone was wrong who thought this way.

Now follows a brief  selection from scientific theory that is supported by measurements and presented in the aforementioned (and at the end of this text embedded) video:

“The goal of my speech is the demonstration of laboratory experiments regarding the quite real bioactive kind of ethereal matter that is yet unknown to science.”
“The kind of matter, which is for the eyes and senses immeasurable and unknowable.”
“It has a spatially extensive pulsing structure of real high energy field.”
“And among other things, it can store information and re-express them not only in the biological field but also in anorganic field.”
“Clairvoyants and extremely sensitive people need not to do anything special, just only to stand up beside the samples; their arms stretched out towards these samples and then devices begin to pulsate in the meter range.”
“It represents an elementary unit of consciousness.”
“The weight exists, although not in particular spot and compact form but it has a character of a field.”
“These fields can store biological and anorganic information even re-express these information with the effect of determining the shape and structure.”
“These quanta recognize shapes.”
“They have nonlinear characteristic and that is what we need for consciousness.”
“Water proves to be a very good absorber of this form of matter.”
“But the same goes with minerals and metals.”
“And these are the living fields. Thus, all is alive!”
“Clairvoyants are able to see this kind of matter.”
“It is a mass or matter of that kind, which has a non-electromagnetic attribute or behavior.”
“This mass/matter is also gravitational.”
“There are positive and negative fields.”
“Positive fields - destructive, negative fields - constructive!”
“Wonders can be made in healthcare with these constructive – negative fields.”
“The speed of light is not a final frontier or limit for this kind of matter.”
“Consciousness always works faster than the speed of light.”
“Thus, we can communicate with beings on another planet, but you must meet two conditions: to know the frequency, and to know how to getting yourselves into the necessary state of consciousness, thus mobilized in yourselves the necessary equipment. Find methods of getting into a state of higher consciousness.”
“The ethereal – finer – subtle matter can never be found with current devices, which are based on electromagnetic interaction, because it is this exact interaction that is missing in the aforementioned matter. Therefore, financing current researches that works with the electromagnetism is wasting a money.”
“The phenomenon of life: we have a two-level structure: gross and ethereal/subtle matter!”
“Even our senses work in both levels.”
“And this field - working faster than light, connects us to the surrounding space of the Universe.”
“If the Ethereal Matter has these wonderful qualities then its origin must be even more beautiful!
And it is possible to start activate this level in your head!
Once you experience this level, you will be the one giving lectures!
Then nobody should explain the meaning of life to you, because you will be the one trying to explain the meaning of life to others.
You will try to describe what you have found there (in yourself). And this is called enlightment.“

There have been already so many who have tried to do it!
Also to help others.
Unfortunately, still to no avail!

My formulation of the Law was based on the fact that the ethereal/finer matter was obviously known for me and still I do not consider myself to be enlightened. Moreover, I was aware of the fact that a person is able to vary and affect these finer-subtle fields (aura) of plants and animals, even his or her own. And this ability opens up immense possibilities of using for a person , thus giving him or her great authority, however also the responsibility!

The verification process of aforementioned law first took place in local and modest conditions of my work and mostly in mutual interaction: human – animal – plant – habitat.

I recorded on DVD all my practical utilization of this law. DVD recordings were accompanied by documentary evidence in form of writing notes and records. Afterward, I tried to promote it all.

However, all my effort came to vain because of human constraints, man's inability to see the cause, even if this mass/matter unseen by human can animals perceive and see. Finally, animal’s behaviour confirms the existence of this matter – like in the past and also in nowadays. It’s just us – humans who remain ignorant even though the evidence lies right under our noses.

After understanding the mutual interaction (communication) between variables in nature I was constantly amazed how simply yet effectively is everything orchestrated in nature.

However, when trying to publish and promote this law (coming as my discovery) I began to collide with escalating resistance of specialists and people from academic circles. They called me heretic and my ideas worthy of burning down.

It is no wonder that over time I began to search in various scientific and non-scientific literature, so I can either confirm or refute my findings. Gradually, I was able to confirm my findings and indeed understand that I am not the first one who recognized this natural law. Others managed it before me but unfortunately with same failure, when they tried to spread knowledge about this natural law among public.

Finally, I was able to find inconspicuous but the more valuable book that was and still is for me the book, which provides the absolute knowledge – its title is The Grail Message and it is divided in two volumes – In the Light of Truth; and Resonances to the Grail Message. This book clarified the law formulated and described by me and other people before. Moreover, within this book I was able to find an answer to other questions - those questions with unclear answers at that time. Most importantly, this book provided an answer to question – What, or rather Who is the originator or source of neutral energy flowing through whole Universe.

Me, together with all those who dealt with similar issues and questions so far; we all did one but very cardinal error – we considered a man to be the absolute originator, i.e. the emitter of constructive or negative energy. But man is not the emitter but only just a rectifier of space flowing energy. It means that man with his or her acting and volition only regulates and leads this energy in positive or negative direction. This does not change man’s immense responsibility for favourable or unfavourable regulation of this neutral (and alien to man) energy. The precious and immense gift man has got for usage. The gift, which he or she still fails to learn how to use properly. He or she mainly exploits (abuse) this gift so far.

Everyone, who is interested can peruse my own formulation of this natural law by reading the Notarial Protocol (extract from Notarial Protocol is attached at the end of this article). He or she will find my formulation in accordance with many parts from experimentally and scientifically validated, even measured results (e.g. like in the video that is also embedded close to the end of this article). There is one more scientific evidence regarding this law – the Kirlian photography. This photography can detects radiations of ethereal/finer matter in colour spectre and thus identifies the destructive and constructive colours. Thus it records these colours in the same way as animals can see them. Furthermore, it is also related with our abilities to treat and heal, whether with herbs or herb extracts. All this is closely related with already mentioned colours of radiation; animal aid in predicting an incomming disasters; during hunting and activities related with animal protection; with domestication of animals and with breeding and cultivation of plants.

Every hunter can confirm that animal precisely knows the time for hunt and the time for its self-protection. Animal knows this time on the basis of projected images arousing directly in the mind of a hunter.

Everyone can make his or her own attempts and tests in order to prove this finer/more subtle matter and ability to communicate on higher level of consciousness on the basis of what is written above, and yet he or she does not need to be clairvoyant. It can be simply done by using the aforementioned ability of animals or plants in goal-targeted tests. Furthermore, he or she can test his or her own skills in order to affect an environment that surrounds him or her. Therefore, the way of how he or she can affects the gross matter with the help of finer/more subtle matter but this finer matter is still superior to our well-known gross matter.

Immense possibilities of using are in offer here for everyone! Just not for the conceited person, nor for the lazy fool, who must exerts great effort to remain foolish nowadays because wisdom is offered from all directions.

Thus, even he or she, who begins to work with this finer form of matter becomes more sensitive. More importantly, by doing so such person tunes himself or herself on the finer frequencies, which subsequently forms his or her receiving and transmitting „apparatus“ that is dwarfed and it is a man’s fault. Over time, he or she finds out how is everything wisely intertwined and designed and he or she begins to be humble and thus is able to receive more and more substantial.

I would add that over time I myself have started to notice the functioning of this law in a global context, which constantly in various natural phenomenon and subsequent disasters gives evidence of this law, which is still ignored by people. I always compared my findings with an explanation given in the aforementioned book (The Grail Message). And nothing refuted this logical explanations. Furthermore, over time all events began to align in chain of compelling evidence that fits together almost with a watchmaker precision.

Even last year's comet ISON is annunciator and amplifier of the final events. It grosses up the influx of neutral energy. This energy will have effect exactly the way how humans will lead and regulate it. Everything that will come is thus the result and fruits of our deeds, which are coming back to us exactly in a way that Jesus explain in his saying: „What man sows he or she will reap multiplied by hundreds afterwards.“ It is the same law that has been explained to us many times. Unfortunately, although many times explained, still ignored.

Our ignorance is the only reason why we have overlooked the most important warnings and we still pursue the path of our own self-destruction, which reaches now its final stage, thanks to our fault. But we have to say that there is still possibility to do something for everyone’s own salvation. But it is now up to each individual only, which direction he or she chooses for his or her pilgrimage.

At this point we offer you selection from the notarial protocol. Selected parts describe the essence from aforementioned „The Discovery of Natural Law“.

Notarial protocol was written and signed in 1996 (and its amendment in 1998) in a form of affidavit of The Discovery of Natural Law. Everyone who is interested may have a look at photocopy of this full notarial protocol at www.absolutnapravda.sk/zakon.htm.

The Natural Law described in notarial protocol was formulated after more than 20 years of successful pratical tests. As a support for formulated discovery there is evidence – written in the form of forest-management records and videorecordings as well.


The neutral energy flows through whole creation.

Man is not the emitter but only just a rectifier of this energy onto constructive – clockwise energy heading upwards and glowing in purple colour.

Man as rectifier of this energy onto destructive – anticlockwise energy heading downwards and glowing in turbid yellow colour.

Rectified waves or vibrations are characterized by homogeneous attraction and create energetic concourses or centre.

These radiations – concourses or centre affect backwards the surrounding environment precisely according to homogeneity and are stored as a record in the environment.

Direct evidence may be obtained through clairvoyants, these fields/concourses can be measured with pendulum and also with sensitive scales nowadays, even colours of radiation can be measured by using Kirlian photography.

Clairvoyance of animals can be used as an indirect evidence and aforementioned energetic concourses can be found according to animal’s behaviour at certain, specific places.

This indirect evidence can actually be used virtually everywhere in the natural sciences, but I as author of the discovery practically used it in forrest operations in order to protect forest trees against animal nibbling but also in protection against bark beetles, even during hunting and in many other activities.

Historical evidence of the validity of natural law:
Jesus taught us to understand and use this law in everyday life. He used his power and this law, when performing all his miracles but even more intensively, since His origin is higher than origin of humans. All His rectifications were headed in constructive directions.

He used this power only one time in opposite direction just for our edification.

See - New Testament, the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 18-21 "The parable of the withered fig tree".

Here, you can watch the aforementioned video, in which a scientist gives the proof of ethereal matter existence. Video is in german language but it is possible to turn on the english closed captions.
In order to do so - press:
captions – the box “Slovak” - Translate Captions – select your desired language (english is the best) – OK.

    Addiction: 31. march 2022: Only shortened version of the video is still available. UNfortunately, original - longer video, has already been deteled from youtube.


Finally, it is necessary to explain and synchronize the diversity of terminology used in notarial protocol and in the embedded video above. At the same time, it will further be clarified what from human point of view may appear as various manifestations of the discussed energy/power in the ethereal matter but in fact there are only two basic manifestations.

The manifestation of the discussed energy/power is mentioned as „positive or negative fields“ in the embedded video. The very same manifestation is mentioned in notarial protocol (The Discovery of natural law) as a „constructive – clockwise energy glowing in purple colour and destructive – anticlockwise energy glowing in turbid yellow colour“.

These are two basic manifestations or rectifications of neutral energy:


What causes at first glimpse the variety and diversity is caused only by our point of view. Similarity can be found while drilling a hole with drilling machine. The rotation of drill seems to be clockwise, when viewing from above. But it is the opposite direction - anticlockwise, when viewing from below!

Thus, there are only two basic manifestations! But the scientist in the embedded video, which made weighing, he formulated these two manifestations into the following terminology, according to his own perception and equipment: negative and positive ethereal matter.

As for clairvoyants, animals and Kirlian photography – it is the manifestation of radiation in colours. For sensitive people, e.g. like myself, it was the manifestation measured by pendulum, i.e. clockwise or anticlockwise. But this rotation is only a secondary manifestation of the original direction – either UPWARDS or DOWNWARDS.




We live in a period of time when from all sides the evidence of the Truth is being provided in many disciplines and in a variety of complex and complicated theories, with better or worse results. Even we joined these activities and tried to help in this way too. However, the issue is explained in such a complicated and unclear manner in these theories that the need for simplification of everything emerges. It is possible with the assistance of Absolute Truth that we know about already. This Absolute Truth alone can bring the factual simplicity into already mentioned issue.

It is crucial to know the following:
The ethereal world, which is being discovered step-by-step by us and it influences the life in our level of matter so significantly; this ethereal world is largely our own creation.

To define – now the reduced part of our ethereal surrounding or neighbourhood that was created by someone else, the more extensive clarification would be necessary. Since this neighbourhood is not so dangerous to us, the explanation would be omitted and retained to those who will be touched or addressed by following text. Thus, they are able to extend their knowledge with the assistance of Absolute Truth afterwards.

Without knowing the ethereal world, the real solution for all our problems is only theoretical utopia that finds no usage in real life, even if an apparent ambition to replace the Truth with many redundant words could be found everywhere. But the human civilization is apparently experiencing an absolute crisis, which will perish only by our knowledge of the Absolute Truth.

Our real home is not here on Earth, nor in the continuously discovered ethereal matter – in the afterlife.

Human spirit originates from even higher levels to where he and she should return. The Home of human spirits is a spiritual realm – THE PARADISE. 

The perfect Laws of God; and the ability of spirit to learn from these Laws of God in order not to humanity be left astray were provided to us for our journey through Creation. Thus, we obtained perfect “equipment” for our journey.

Thus, every success and failure lies within ourselves.

The neutral power/energy of God flows throughout all Creation. Every human spirit can regulate this power either to goodness as well as to badness and thus transforms this power into constructive – building form or vice versa into destructive – destroying form.

The Law of God allows us to act like that. Plenitude of evidence has been submitted to us already.


We could have it so easy and simple and we even had it this way in the beginning. But during the long millenia we have abused God’s own gift – the free will by regulating the neutral power of God towards badness.

We have created powerful concourses or centre of this destructive power around the Earth in the form of various mental and emotional images of evil. And now these images beset us from all sides.

Several studies and experience make us aware that those-by-us regulated radiations are stored even as records in the matter around us.

Furthermore, there is whole army of servants of darkness to our damage. This army is led by fallen Archangel – Lucifer with many servants of his. At the bottom of this servants’ chain of evil there is a large number of fallen human spirits, which are located at finer levels of matter now. These human spirits freely submitted themselves within the structure of the army of darkness. They live also on many dark planets. But even among us people now operates large army of spirits that inclines to darkness – as incarnated and thus homogeneous to us.

They all are waiting in steady position to attack anyone who dares not serve them, meaning that he or she doesn’t want to spread the darkness that already prevails in every field of human activity. But they can not force; they may only entice, lure, subtly distract from the wanted goal, and in some cases directly attack through living human spirits, i.e. through those people who decide so for themselves. They even can lure many times through abusing of those ones from beyond the grave. And for our society these could be those uncomprehended and denounced acts that we think we know its culprit. But the actual culprit is in fact unknown or misidentified, even condemned.

The hardest times are given to those who directly decided to spread the Truth and the Light. The Son of God – Jesus is a perfect example. The whole army of darkness marched against him and abused the spirits still living in a bodies to carry out the judgement of Lucifer (knight of the world). And this army, still living in a bodies made from this crime an act of salvation for comfortable men who are following their idols into the depths by doing so.

The more important mission someone has in the service of Light, the bigger army of darkness is deployed against him.

A recent event – expectation of Imannuel’s birth can be used once again as pertinent example.

Therefore, every our decision to help the neighbour is accompanied by tough battles for human souls, even if these souls stretch out their hands more likely and willingly towards darkness. It’s an uneven battle, where the score is usually not in our favor for now.

Of course, the help in form of neutral God’s power and reinforcement via an assistance of helpers from Light is ready for all those who want to serve the Light and the Truth. Such a tough battle now takes place in the unseen ethereal matter. Actually, not just only in it but the battle already extends to our gross matter, where many can sense it. However, the cause remains unknown.

Our journey or pilgrimage throughout levels of matter either ends up with our returning home or it ends up with our perish in the world of matter and thus our dissolving together with matter into the primordial substance.

Many people now stand disinterested; they falter  and wander without no goal on their way through life even when many others suffer around them. But this noncommitted wandering without any interest is coming to an end and will not be tolerated in near future. The hour of final decision will come for everyone, regardless if he or she want it or not. Everyone will be sucked into this vortex of decision and will be forced to demonstrate what he or she prefers or which side he or she chooses. Thus everyone will be judged and classified according to colours of his or her ethereal’s body radiation.

Therefore, remember the following, you all who are indifferent and even you who are caught in the perfect spiderweb, which servants of darkness weaved for you:

Even our effort to help has its own limits!
Our commitment to serve is big!

But your unwillingness is even bigger!
Therefore, for that reason, you ought to expect the biggest help only after the suffering visits you!
The very same suffering visits us all who are trying to help you!
There are no hymns sung about us!
That is something, which is designated for the others on the opposite side for now!
Keep that in your mind and do no make it harder for us!
But more importantly; do not make it harder for yourselves!
You have to fight on your own!
We can only show you the enemy!
The biggest enemy is hidden only inside you!





The information published on this website indicate how the science is wandering. According to the Absolute Truth, our situation is much more sorrowful. From this point of view we should ask the science this following question:

Is there at least one scientist, who thinks
that the universe was created and works in terms of their scientific theories?

The answer is very simple. Even the scientists claim that more than 70% of the universe consists of something that they actually don´t know. But the reality is far less favorable to our detriment. Why?

Well, because our universe is only very little consequence of the enormous reason, of which we don´t know - we don´t see even one millionth! Thus, not even those thirty percent. Then why do we  spend a lot of money on expensive equipments to change the consequence on the reason?

Each one of us carries within himself a little "microcosm",
with which he is able to embrace that great and perfect unit!

Our universe is only a tiny ending of a big Creation of God, which is only one of twelve others. And these twelve Creations of God constitute the unit.

Then what do these conceited gentlemen still want to make up? Everything is already completely made-up!

And when the CREATOR by himself adds to this great work even the guide to use – the Absolute Truth, all quarreled communities , namely the church, science, politicians - all the Pharisees, stand united against it. And all others, common people, repeat it all like parrots. Then a knowing man who only wants to help them becomes the target of their calumniation, assaulting, ridicule and various intrigues, just because all those who have derived profit from our stupidity don´t want to loose their privileges. However, he – that knowing man, experienced it by himself and he just feel very sorry for the others!

Let´s take our rejection of the possibility of space travelling on greater distance – interstellar flights, as an example. Basically, everything is much more easier than the science thinks and makes it. Many of us have already experienced what will come next. Well, as it was noted all of us carry that needed property within ourselves, which we had transferred to the unreachable corners of our being by our own fault, hence by not using it.

The intelligence – the consciousness is not what we see so far, what we weigh, measure and investigate, but it´s just what we reject as nonexistent, thus what the scientists can´t define in our universe untill now and it still remains a mystery for them. I have already experienced it by myself again, so it is not only a sci-fi. But I will not enter the details here for now, because it would be perceived as a sci-fi at the moment. I will use it like a small parable to show that all of us carry within  ourselves an ability, which we are not aware of. I already communicated in foreign language (which I have never learnt in my current life) and it was a communication on another wavelength (frequency), which the science still rejects.

Imagine a scientific symposium, where all leading capacities of all mankind come together. Today it´s necessary that all of them should have to take an airplane and gather in some proper place, because they come from all over the world.
But our own property/ability allows us something much more  sophisticated than this.
All qualified people  could attend the meeting at the level of their consciousness, but their gross material  bodies could rest comfortably at home. They would be able to solve every problem even more superior, because they would draw from the far more sophisticated level of knowledge, which has always existed and will still exist and will be available for us. It surrounds us all, but we still ignore it.

Some people has already all happening experienced by themselves and it´s a fact, that everybody could experience it as well...if! If we didn't let these important property within ourselves underdeveloped, thus if the influence of natural – God´s Laws didn't let it underdeveloped by our own fault!

Even the science has already discovered that something what is used is evolving and what is neglected is fading and eventually dying. It´s an obvious evolution in gross matter world and even in the whole creation. So those who are unable now to recognize, accept and understand the Truth, those who don´t have that needed property within themselves or those who let it underdeveloped too much, they refuse everything about the Truth and everything what is related to the Truth. Unfortunately, it is only their own fault! It´s impossiple to help them from outside and therefore the decision is only up to them, whether they will try to revive it within themselves or they´ll let it die completely.

Everyone has their own free will as a God´s gift to make the decisions!

Now many people abuse this superior property mostly unconsciously to their own surprise and to the surprise of their community whereby it brings them great troubles, even the damnation. But if we knew these God´s Laws, we would be able to explain every happening like this. And we have received the guide to use from the CREATOR himself just for this purpose – to have everything easier. But we have already refused this help.

Please, take our effort just as an advice for you to start to use that offered 




This equation is really valid: THE KNOWLEDGES = THE POWER! 
But there is another important condition flowing from this equation - the necessary harmony should rule the world, it means the LOVE AND JUSTICE should rule the world.

THE POWER and THE KNOWLEDGE demand maturity of the SPIRIT!

The mind, as a tool of knowledge in the world of matter, must conform itself to the spirit. If not, then the knowledges become the power in the service of INJUSTICE and there is a lack of LOVE.
And everybody who pushes the boundaries of the human knowledge - who wants to serve the spreading of knowledge, has to be aware of this danger.

This has been confirmed for many times in our history. Many scientists who stepped on the right path and tried to spread the true knowledge - but prematurely, were prevented from doing it by the good side at the end, because the mind overpowered the spirit at that time!
Such a path has been chosen by many people who put a lot of time to this research in the direction of progress. But some of them eventually became aware of the danger that Man of today can only abuse any kind of progress and he cannot use it. Those who didn´t realize it, they had to prematurely leave the world of matter. Let it be an important lesson for all of us!

THE KNOWLEDGE and THE POWER are in the world of matter – in service of 

And a Man of today is not able to voluntarily accept this condition – submission the mind to the spirit!
Because the mind even doesn´t know the spirit and refuse it!

Therefore, it´s predicted that the change can be invoked only by the violence caused by the external pressure.






Below, we offer a video and we decided to share it because of three reasons:

The first one is that the video gives a proof about interstellar traveling and therefore, it is related with construction of the universe too. (The construction is stated bellow.)
The second one is that it is a perfect proof again for the „parrots“ mentioned and so it is an impulse for their thinking.

The third and not less relevant reason to publish it is a fact, that it confirms trueness of word of Mrs. Natália de Lemeny Makedonová in her books „Eternal laws“ (1, 2, 3). Questions from readers of her books follow after the video as well as answers of the author. Naturally, questions refer to the topic mentioned above.

I think there are no other words necessary as introduction, since the video itself is very speechful.

The above-mentioned quotations from the book Eternal Laws, volume 2 follows:
The video, time 5:47, the man says: „By the way we discovered a base at reverse side of the Moon. ...“

„Question number 28:
Why cosmonauts did not confirm that people live in the Moon as well?

They landed at desert side of the moon, not at the populated one. It was managed from above in this way, so that the cosmonauts do not meet with its inhabitants. Our civilization did not mature for it yet. “

* * *

The video, time 13:50, ... where objects have been seen in radar, flying thousands of miles per hour, or they dematerialized and they appeared again in other place of the sky then. “

„Question number 274:
Why you say one time that Hale-Bopp comet is the Star of the Son of man and then you say that some UFO is Star of the Son of man?“

Part of answer follows, which concerns about materialization and dematerialization of flying objects and about their color too:
„... Son of man has sent primordial spiritual cosmic ship with means of transport UFO to the creation, except of the comet, UFOs, which radiate like stars because of their primordial spiritual origin. They are able to materialize together with personnel – angels temporally, in lower levels of creation. “

So these are the flying objects radiating lightly; dark colored UFOs belong to the other ones:
Question number 27
Do people like we live at all planets of our solar system?

Yes, and they are much nicer, because they are in higher spiritual grade. But the life there is different in its quality, more ethereal, because of else climate conditions and more advanced spiritual level of inhabitants. Not nice and deformed people and spirits live only at disintegrating dark planets, even if they are more advanced technically sometimes. They are the ones, which examine, anatomize and abduct earthmen. These dark ones cannot get to any light planet, only to our one, because it sank down to their territory. “

August the 2nd, 2014


In the last post we published an advice for a one gentleman – he asked the question, which spiritual movement is the right one and should be followed. As a reminder we post now the advice one more time:
The moment you find unity in all those differences (as you perceive them now and therefore also in your comparison of all those prophets) then you will discover the Truth! The Absolute Truth!
But that is something you have to do on your own. Nobody else will help you to do it.

The advice was very brief but concise enough at the same time. It needs just to be properly understood, and it is the same with each misunderstanding, confusion and even at every quarrel. The error must be sought not in various spiritual movements and material disciplines but always only in one’s lack of understanding and thus in oneself. But even this is difficult to understand and therefore some further explanation is needed.

The easiest way to do it is to use the appropriate parables as the great messenger of Truth – Jesus Christ did.
Therefore, our approach will be similar in reminder of recent past in our – human understanding, as well as our science thought and explained our Universe in not so distant, i.e. recent past.

Until recently, science recognized and claimed that the Universe consists more than 95% of so called „dark matter or energy“. Thus, from the perspective of science, the matter is just an indolent – solidified energy, because even Einstein formulated his famous mass-energy equivalence:

E = m × c² ; where:

(E) is energy,
(m) is mass,
(c) is the speed of light squared.

Thus, the formula actually shows that if we hit the mass with the speed of light squared – actually it would become energy. This „new“ knowledge of science is again something that for some spiritual movements is very well known fact already for a very long time.

But there is far more information concealed in this Einstein’s formula as our science is willing to recognize yet. We can see that the formula operates with the higher value of speed (specifically the value squared) than the speed of light. But the science recognizes (or until recently recognized) the speed of light as a final frontier and as a speed that can’t be surpassed, while at the same time it is the same value that is decisive for the acceptance or rejection of the possibility of space travel. And even whether there are or there are not those „other worlds“. Higher frequency of matter oscillation decides about matter density and thus whether our eye is able to spot and record these higher frequencies or not. And that is something that was also decisive about the acceptance of the possibility of existence of more subtle, i.e finer worlds, whereby science have considered this mass-energy equation as valid already for a long time and within this same equation also lies the hidden answer. Isn’t it funny, when science recognizes the correctness of the whole equation while at the same time the one equation term is considered otherwise? Even science will be forced to change its theories many times in future - those theories, which we can name as an „user manual or instructions“ at some point in our history, while it will be necessary to understand that those previous user manuals were necessary and were part of the development (i.e. evolution) towards a certain level of human's maturity. These user manuals were and there are instructions how to understand the composition of Universe and their proper utilization.

Finally, the science already knows nowadays that the dark matter or energy is even something more – those parallel worlds that science did not believe in their existence, and thus were unrecognised up to recently but at the same time various spiritual movements already have claimed their existence. Therefore, the „new angle“ or the look from other perspective is what was needed as a part of general advancement of human‘s maturity in order to come closer with those individuals, who already have been aware of these knowledges but perhaps under a different concept and especially from a different point of view on this concept. Actually, it’s the same with all our (human) progress.

We will continue with an already used before parable, i.e. concept, which is already in the title of this article.
Everyone has already come into contact with user manual of some device. It is not always easy to understand instructions in those manuals. What is worse, this inability to understand instructions leads to inability to understand the whole construction of the device and the means how to operate it. The device designer (e.g. computer) is the one who can give us the most complete and perfect explanation of how a device is designed and operated. Of course, it is not always possible that designer himself/herself could be present in person to provide explanation. Therefore, he or she provides us with user manual, so we can study it in order to gain the necessary knowledge to understand the device and ways how to operate it. And these manuals with instructions have been already delivered to us in various forms and ways, according to the level of maturity of each particular group of humanity.

But not always, and everyone managed properly to understand the principle and consequently the proper ways of how to operate a device – it requires a certain level of maturity from everyone. Thus, if we fail to operate a device properly – it doesn't need to be a device malfunction but usually the problem is on our side – as a operating personnel. And it is exactly the same with passing judgements about various spiritual movements – because the progress occurs all around us, and we ourselves are the only ones who are unable to follow properly and keep up with incoming information. On contrary, we file complaints on what is in good conditions and reject error in ourselves.

Actually, all spiritual movements are only instructions for a right way of living in this Creation. These instructions always had required and still requires the appropriate level of knowledge (experience), without which it is impossible to properly integrate into this Creation; live within It without hardship, injuries and various problems. Thus, be satisfied with what we put with our actions on path of our lives. Also each user manual was adjusted to the specific level of human‘s maturity – because it is impossible to explain and understand the function of nuclear reactor (or even a car or a computer) in kindergarten. Thus, each user manual requires from us a certain level of maturity. So the error is never in the manual instructions provided by the designer but always in us ourselves, because we have not ascended up to the particular level, necessary for proper understanding.

So, if the designer's latest user manual (i.e. the one aimed for the highest level of maturity in spiritual area) does not resonate with us, and we do not understand it or even we do not recognize it as „the necessary user manual“ – then let’s always seek the fault in us ourselves, and let’s return to the previous, i.e. simpler user manual, and let’s try to understand this one, at least. So, if we do not know the last TRUTH – the Word of Designer, who has left us the most complete user manual for use, or we do not understand it – so let’s not condemn the Designer or those who understand the instructions. On contrary – let’s admit that our own maturity is still not at the appropriate level, and let's return to the previous user manual, the less challenging. But we mostly act otherwise – we condemn what is pure and conceal our imperfect knowledge of the Word. We even hate those who have already recognized the latest user manual, and understand it and try to use correctly the Work we ourselves are part of.

Even more, these knowledgeable ones try to advise others so they could progress, too!

Filled with humility, we should accept the fact that if we have not recognised the last user manual, it is only a proof of our misunderstanding of previous one. Otherwise, we would certainly recognise the new user manual, and would be grateful for this new and last gift. This new user manual requires us the perfect knowledge of the previous one, thus our necessary maturity. But the ones who lack this knowledge are the ones, who condemn the new the most. They refuse own effort and they look for easy paths to glory,  to livelihood. They surround themselves with groups and turn them against each other, and hate those who on contrary look at them with a certain amount of leniency and understanding, that they are only immature and thus worthy of be tutored. These knowledgeable ones do not hold any hate against those who are of other belief, because they know that they alone were recently the same and acted in the same disgusting manner, and thus deserve no admiration but also only forgiveness. Forgiveness from the Creator but especially from all those, whom they previously did harm in their misunderstanding.

Thus, we wander for millennia and defile the pure; we fight for what is not our; on behalf of wrong belief we murder our neighbours and praise ourselves above all – this is particularly true about all those who are the lowest. Always it applies only on those who need multitudes to cover up their own immaturity, and on behalf of the power be able to commit injustice to fellow human beings – all those self-appointed leaders.

All these leaders speak about the PEACE (as it is so trendy and modern)
but in their hearts the WAR dwells!

It’s been so for millennia and we can see it on a daily basis now!


Now follows a question that was addressed to the author of above article once it was written:
Could you please further elaborate on the relation between the Einstein mass-energy equivalence and those finer-parallel worlds?

The most interesting thing about above article is the formula but especially its new understanding, which was and still is right in front of scientists‘ eyes but they somehow overlooked it just as we did. Only now comes the time to „open the eyes“ - mine as well as eyes of others, too. Whereby, the formula provides the „new understanding“ from the beginning, but the problem was and still is on our side – the people without proper understanding and therefore, we still wander in understanding the construction of the Universe.

The science (and consequently all the others under the explanation of science) recognize (or until recently recognized) the speed of light as a final frontier, i.e. speed value 300.000 km/sec; but in the formula we all take for granted the speed of light squared, i.e. 300.000 x 300.000 and that’s a huge difference.

But this formula in the construction of the Universe decides whether something is understood as a mass (Matter/material) or energy. As we already know, it’s a certain sequence where the change of frequency-speed appears to the observer as existence of different worlds or levels, up to the point where finally what we perceive as the mass (matter/material) is actually only the energy, i.e. spirit.

Therefore, for our science remained long as the final frontier the speed of light, i.e. only 300.000km/sec while at the same time the science in the formula took for granted the speed of light squared. And that’s a huge difference but mainly it changes the essence of understanding the Universe, i.e. the proportion between mass and energy and then everything else that goes with it.

October the 26th, 2014 and appendix has been added on October the 28th, 2014

(This article has been supplemented with the appendix that can be found at the end, below three asterisks)


There can be found evidence on our site that extraterrestrial objects (UFO) is real fact and therefore surely they fly. Such evidence has already been submitted a lot and from various sides, especially by those who have personal experience with these objects. Nevertheless, a large majority of human society still remains blind, deaf and indifferent. And there is a lot at stake. This ignorance is the source of all problems and ills of mankind.

Therefore, it is a matter of logic that when these extraterrestrial objects flies around here, there must be a reason – a cause for it. This reason has been already explained to us in all the old but also a new „instructions“ or messages and indeed there are many of them. However, the perfect instruction can be found precisely in those last works, i.e. in the Grail Message and Eternal Laws. But people are indifferent, lazy or too busy with nonsense, maybe a brief explanation can help them.

It should be clarified that not everything that flies in the skies and is technologically advanced, is worthy of our admiration and follow. The entire gross material universe is full of life, but in different forms, which are at various stages of maturity. But maturity should be re-evaluated in two viewing angles:

    The first angle is purely intellectual, technological, and thus easily discernible.
    The second angle is the spiritual, not exactly so easily discernible.

And here lies the reason why the maturity on our planet Earth is considered not from the right point of view. And this begets maturity that is not correct and is moving only within the ways of visible (i.e. technological) progress.

The spiritual progress in turn would allow a far superior technological progress and even the „cosmic“ progress, which is still unknown for us. It is still hard to find the right word for this progress, because it is a progress that uses the neutral power of God in the right way. This power is available in various levels of creation in various forms. It is completely waste-free energy that is observable everywhere in surrounding nature and thus allowing the existence and development of living creatures in the natural form within the flow of eternity up to maximum perfection according to the kind of their origin. And there are a lot of kinds of origin.

To be specific we must say there are beings flying in our skies which face their spiritual decline. They have problems with their own reproduction and therefore survival in a way we ourselves have been advised in spiritual messages or as we have been warned about. Finally, we can observe it in our own civilization, which starts to have problems with reproduction as well. All because of a fact that there are distorted souls in bodies that are not capable of reproduction. This is a consequence of spiritual decline and deviation from Laws of God! And this is just a beginning.

These declining spiritual beings from other planets use our local resources, i.e. human and even animal bodies in order to save their own civilization, namely for the sake of possibility of their own reproduction. I’ve witnessed several times as their object were flying near places with higher occurance of roe deers. There was a notable decrease in amount and decimation in population of roe deers after these visits, as perceived by many hunters. But hunters did not perceive the true reason of this event!
The reason has already been explained but not in the context of following: „Why were visitors so interested in roe deers?

Roe deer is a good source of biological material, which allows to preserve a live embryo (germ) of their seed (i.e. kind) for a longer period of transportation towards their home planet. All because of a fact that is well known in relation with roe deer. Specifically, after the fertilization that occurs during the summer months (i.e. roe deer mating season) the germ remains latent. Therefore, the germ does not evolve during these summer months and the growth begins several weeks later. Thus, these beings use this material for their own purposes, i.e. preservation of the embryo during transport.

Of course, they have necessary government authorization and consent for such experiments and these are the well-known innuendos that refers to „little friends“ in various texts and videos, etc. It applies to experiments on humans and not on animals where such authorization and consent does not exist and is not needed. In return, these beings offered certain technologies, most of which have been used predominantly in arms industry and elsewhere as well. Many of these technologies we are using nowadays just come from them. Even they cannot violate the universal – cosmic law and act against the will of earthlings. But...! Actually, they have consent only from specific earthly dark elite and therefore, sometimes an intervention of force majeure occurred and this was as if an UFO had crashed.

It is necessary to say that the above mentioned ruling dark elite and its existing contacts are only directed by a certain group, which put itself into a position as rulers of our planet. Actually, they circumvented (bypass) the universal – cosmic law by an act when they were „freely elected“ by the majority. They even dictate this majority because it is they who own the capital and lend to governments and rulers that are broke. And all rulers are broke nowadays! Therefore, every voter must seriously think about how he or she violates the universal – cosmic law by giving his or her vote to this dark elite, which with every voter’s approval is leading the mankind to destruction and thus „sells the soul to the devil“. This is a root and essence of ancient tales which have thus became a reality „lived through experience“. A reality that nobody knows nothing about anymore and everyone believes that it is only a fairy tale. However, many rulers have no idea about the impact of their activities and only serve their own greed for power. Therefore, the awareness and edification is so important to be done in various forms and thus point the attention in direction where the darkness reign.

And this is the main reason of our effort.

The Law of Homogeneity is valid as in our surrounding universe as in the ethereal (finer) matter. It means that beings live in a group, caste, on planets and levels according to their spiritual maturity and homogeneity. Only our planet has a different situation! Here live together spirits of different maturity in order to speed up the development of immature ones. This is precisely the reason for so many and frequent activities in our skies! But the situation came to a point where dark creatures start also to control our planet and it results in descend of our planet into dark levels. This can be seen in all areas and it has been explained from various points of view and even still be explained in order to awaken dormant human spirits.

Some may observe and even come into contact with beings from more spiritually and technologically advanced planets. They utilize the Power of God in the right way and even try to consult us. Sadly, there are none that showed interest in their edification and guidance. Dark entities are only the ones who are able to find allies here on Earth. This applies especially to those who govern! There are several of those who are trying to lesson others; serve the spiritual progress. Unfortunately, they have no impact on the masses that wander on various dark ways. There is so many dark ways nowadays that is impossible to know them all and be familiar with them. It’s even worse that also majority of spiritual movements is in the service of darkness. These movements only pretend they are of spiritual nature but rather they should be called – evil! So, which way of salvation still remains? Only one.

The hard stroke of the true Ruler!

We can find lessons about what awaits us in all the old and new prophecies! It is the LAST JUDGEMENT! We will all be judged according to everyone’s own maturity and consequently categorized into proper place. We could call it: GRADUATION OF SPIRIT!

Human spirit had some time for development in the world of matter and now comes the time of accountability for what he or she has accomplished on his or her path of development. No one has been, nor will be forced to do anything by force. Only the consequences of everyone’s own action now bring and for many have already brought natural and very painful result within the effectiveness of Law of Settlement. But the cause has been put into the flow of time only by everyone’s own volition and the effect such cause have been expressed as everyone himself or herself once wanted. But some had forgotten already a long time ago what was the primal cause.

Mankind have always been led to the Truth by various ways. Once, the interstellar contacts were common and more public because education of civilization is the same as educating a child. Until the child reaches the puberty and thus is not independent until that time, the education must be thorough and exemplary in order to achieve success. Therefore, in old writings, such as Indic Vedas but also in the Bible and in the Indian Popol Vuh and other writings, we can find often a description of direct contacts with extraterrestrial – more advanced beings, which educated mankind. After the „puberty“ of humanity, i.e. after a certain level of maturity has been reached, we were left to our own development and guidance has been performed only in a „silent form“. Advanced beings had been incarnated among us – earthlings and led us to the Truth. It was, e.g. Buddha, Mohammed and others. Also direct messengers from God must be mentioned - the Son of God – Jesus, Son of Man – Immanuel and lastly Primordial Queen. But all these efforts of the Light have always been thwarted and accompanied by a dark opposition who have always obstructed and thwarted the pure wisdom and have always tried to devalue the Truth. Our Earth has a unique privilege in this direction:

It is the last one – the lowest among planets, which still belong to levels of Light.

But even here, mankind always has been willing to serve the darkness because mankind likes a lot this very tempting bait which darkness uses. It is precisely because the activities of darkness were the most intense here for that reason. The Truth has required and still requires spirit’s effort. Only the spirit’s counter pressure can keep spirit cautious and heat up to the necessary degree and oscillate its coverings (i.e. bodies) which enable the spirit to act and survive at all levels provided. Therefore, any help is to no avail without spirit’s own activity! Thus, without any forceful persuasion everything remains in a state of counseling and assistance, for which the desire and initiative must come from within each individual, thus from his or her spirit that awakens.

All those who were able to wake their spirit then are trying the same thing with their neighbors and are unhappy how dismissive of these efforts are utilized. At the same time even they themselves feel the same when they realize that until now they were also the same and belonged among those whom now they try to help. Now they realize that the decisive impulse needed to wake up they can’t withdraw from anyone, but they can only help to revive this impulse. Therefore, consider every our activity towards this direction as gentle push which must be afterwards followed by everyone’s own volition that is revived by the desire of everyone’s own spirit.

Mankind is divided into various groups and each group requires a different approach because each spirits has a different equipment and premises. One can see creatures of nature (i.e. elemental beings) and therefore his or her task is to inform and educate about these beings the related group of human spirits. Others can see and communicate with beings from outer space and it is already a large group nowadays because many have met with these flying objects. But the darkness prepared baits and lures everywhere and thus for each group. Therefore, each group must be informed in terms of Truth and thus the Word that was provided to us, i.e. to all groups.

Not blaming each other and fragment the forces but complement each other!

That is the message from us, activists behind the Radio Rescue project to all those who just create quarrels and disunion.

Today, unfortunately, the situation is such that call for unification is only act of calculation in order to exploit the finer abilities of individuals of that group in order to attract – alter those individuals of other group, based on own given evidence. But one should realize that today as evidence is applied only what is exactly or mostly verifiable and heads the desired direction. Surely, today we can meet more people who have experience with extraterrestrials than those who have experience with elementals who live together with us here on Earth. Thus, actions and life of elemental beings is still considered as stories from legends and fairy tales. Then there is some evidence of the Truth: The finer sensibilities must move forward the boundaries of human knowledge, i.e. they must be practically useful for real life and not just for reverie which is to no use.

The Word itself, on other side, advice us that humanity is like a blooming meadow which only by heterogeneity of its flowers can elevate the individual and consequently also the whole. Therefore, there is no single coloured meadow.

The effort of every true reader of the Message, indeed anyone who feels oneself to be in the service of Truth, should therefore bear this knowledge and lead the seekers towards the Word of Absolute Truth but without jealousy and to his or her own group. Different groups always explain this Word according to their homogeneous manner but only a mutual complement can carry within itself the right harmony!

Let’s use this example and let’s stop to transform our neighbors to our own image. Then the outcome will be soon visible because hitherto calculation and hypocrisy will disappear. Let’s behave like those flowers on meadow where each flower retains its peculiarities while all together fulfill the same law and the will of the Supreme – aspiration up to the Light! Even if neither group openly does not admit it, the Laws of God confirm it and act according to our inner conviction but not the one we show to our surroundings.

Let’s act according to what we really feel!
And don't be shy to open internally!

One important misunderstanding must be explained. This misunderstanding is the source of most major quarrels and the main reason of intolerance even of those spiritual movements that should already be like an oasis of peace and calm.

It has been mentioned already in the previous sentences that Universe is full of different kinds with their specific, i.e. different purposes. Law of Homogeneity also has been mentioned. This law is valid and creates vital connections. But we must not forget another important law that interacts and is seemingly contrary to the aforementioned one. It is the Law of Completing a Unit or kind! This law acts on contrary, i.e. it shows that the opposites attract each other!

And the inability to distinguish between those two laws is also present among readers of the Word and causes many quarrels. The stumbling block is that sometimes what appears to us as a complete kind, it is not a complete kind and viceversa. For example, a person does not constitute a complete kind but one of his qualities is already a complete kind. Therefore, let’s draw an emblematic analogy:

Complete kind = humanity – meadow – (human) quality = Law of Homogeneity
Partial kind = person – flower – uniformity = Law of Completing a Unit

For example, a fidelity, as a human quality, is a complete kind but man himself is only a partial kind. Therefore, fidelity is subjected to the Law of a attraction of Homogeneous but man is subject only to the Law of Completing a Unit.


* * *


At the beginning it must be said that it is sad that the ones who belong to the readers of the Word actually knows a little about this Word and they are asking evidence of what is already clear to majority.

We have received several responses to the article „Surely they fly“ from readers of Grail Message. Each response touches the issue of extraterrestrial civilizations in relation to doubts whether there are also extraterrestrial civilizations that are spiritually advanced than our earthly civilization and in particular whether extraterrestrials really fly in UFOs in our skies. Or more precisely, the question was: „Where in the Bible or in the Grail Message is written about it?“

Not coincidentally Lord has provided this information at the end of NOVEMBER because it has its own and very important reason for all knowledgeable people. But to explain everything, it would be an interference in free will and therefore, everyone on his or her own will have to look for all other pertinent information because it has to come from within each individual spirit. Furthermore, this is also related to already mentioned disagreements where one must tolerate unequal maturity and this must be taken into account.

Here are the required evidence:
work of Abdrushin - In the Light of the Truth - The Grail Message, lecture for November the 29th, 1931

„Given the fact that I speak to you from here, so my speech is not designated only for earthly people who are so cumbersome in their spirit but much more for the billions that inhabit finer levels of the Universe. They are aiming to approach towards Light, coveting my Word in order to live according to it in joyful gratitude.

Population of the Earth is negligible. Therefore, it does not matter to me whether earthlings listen to my Word and whether they tend to open to it or whether they remain closed inside. I only FULFILL! I anchor the God’s Will to the gross matter with my Word, the Will of God which is undistorted and ineradicable!

And my Word is lifted into all parts of the worlds and it penetrates everything and everyone as crashing storm which breaks what is improper and strengthen what is right. While at the same time it opens the gates that lead to hitherto unimagined Light! Even before your thinking is able to understand my speech correctly, this speech has become already a reality in many realms! In there my words are applied already into life even before you understand them correctly!

All that you can hardly observe here in this gross matter, it arises immediately in the finer and lighter realms as the heaviest type of sword strikes or as a soothing balm, as healing oil and as a liberating release. It all depends on the type of realms and souls. And that is the reason why it can be observed very clearly that you earthlings strive so little, here at the source. Exactly here, where for that purpose you receive quite a special strength for your spirit's agility. All worldly parts can clearly notice that you do not use the given power mostly at all for the purpose, for which you are here at the hill and thus close to me. On contrary, many want to decelerate this power and retain present everyday life at the highest position in their actions and thinking.

There are thousands of them from other parts of the world who stand around you without understanding and unknown to you. Thus, they sadly leave in disappointment because they wanted to learn from you; attracted here by the force of Light! They assumed as quite obvious that they will find here everything as exemplary, as a basis for the Kingdom of the Millennium.“


Bible, Old Testament, The Book of Isaiah, Chapter 66: 15 – 16
„Isaiah 66:15 For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, ...

Isaiah 66:16 For by fire and by his sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many.“

It is necessary to draw attention to the highlighted part „his chariots“ in the verse 66:15. Try to think what kind of chariots of Lord they could be? Explanation is provided by another prophet from the Old Testament. His prophecies fit into our days and what is even more important and interesting is the fact that he managed to describe the well-known modern technique by his vocabulary, which did not have the necessary terms at that time to describe this technique. This prophet is Ezekiel! He had his vision at the river Kebar.

Bible, Old Testament, The Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 1: 4 – 28
„Ezekiel 1:4 And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.

Ezekiel 1:5 Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.
Ezekiel 1:6 And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.
Ezekiel 1:7 And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf's foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass.
Ezekiel 1:8 And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings.
Ezekiel 1:9 Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.
Ezekiel 1:10 As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.
Ezekiel 1:11 Thus were their faces: and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies.
Ezekiel 1:12 And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went.
Ezekiel 1:13 As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.
Ezekiel 1:14 And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning.
Ezekiel 1:15 Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces.
Ezekiel 1:16 The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.
Ezekiel 1:17 When they went, they went upon their four sides: and they turned not when they went.
Ezekiel 1:18 As for their rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes round about them four.
Ezekiel 1:19 And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.
Ezekiel 1:20 Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.
Ezekiel 1:21 When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.
Ezekiel 1:22 And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creature was as the colour of the terrible crystal, stretched forth over their heads above.
Ezekiel 1:23 And under the firmament were their wings straight, the one toward the other: every one had two, which covered on this side, and every one had two, which covered on that side, their bodies.
Ezekiel 1:24 And when they went, I heard the noise of their wings, like the noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, as the noise of an host: when they stood, they let down their wings.
Ezekiel 1:25 And there was a voice from the firmament that was over their heads, when they stood, and had let down their wings.
Ezekiel 1:26 And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone: and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness as the appearance of a man above upon it.
Ezekiel 1:27 And I saw as the colour of amber, as the appearance of fire round about within it, from the appearance of his loins even upward, and from the appearance of his loins even downward, I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and it had brightness round about.
Ezekiel 1:28 As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice of one that spake.“

This description is made in the nomenclature (terminology) of a man whose vocabulary is not sufficient to describe such technical equipment as Ezekiel saw in front of him. And this description is exact beyond our expectation because Mr. Blumrich patented omnidirectional wheel based on this description. A wheel which can move in different directions while the wheel itself does not need to turn itself to direction of movement.


Furthermore, according to this description, flying ship model was made which accurately fits within the construction structures discovered in Lebanon.


Ezekiel’s description of flying machine proves that these flying machines had been seen and observed in the past and are seen even now.

Bible, Old Testament, The Book of Daniel, Chapter 7: 13 – 14
„Daniel 7:13 I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.

Daniel 7:14 And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.“

Bible, New Testament, The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24: 29 – 31
„Matthew 24:29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

Matthew 24:30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
Matthew 24:31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.“

Resonances to the Grail Message, lecture To the Celebration of Pure Lily (September the 7th, 1933)
„And the Light will annunciate it within near future and people who do no believe will be scared! And the promise of a prophet will be fulfilled that I will come in the clouds and they will see my name and they will know me!

And I will build for you here on Earth the temple of your GOD and the LORD and I will be your King who will forever bind you with the strength from the Spirit if you bear the will to rise in yourselves.
Come and follow me, for I am here!“

Finally, the last quotation from the same work of Abdrushin - Resonances to the Grail Message, lecture Christmas
„The connection was severed by humanity by this crucifixion, and the Old Covenant was destroyed. The Messenger of God, who had the curtain torn, thereby exposed the Ark of the Covenant as it had lost its original meaning and value. After the murder, the covenant between God and mankind could no longer continue to exist.

The Word alone remained behind as a rescue rope leading to salvation for those individuals who wished to make use of it for their laborious climb upwards in order to reach more luminous heights.“

Try to answer the following question:
Who tore the veil in the temple in Jerusalem and emptied the ark of the covenant after the crucifixion of Jesus?!

Furthermore, we refer you on video on our site in the folder (Tab) called „Science and Universe“. In the same folder the author of the article „Surely they fly“ provides also his photographies of UFO in Tatra mountains. He has also another proof, videorecord from Vomperberg on which an UFO is captured as it flew above the pyramid which contains the remains of Abdrushin.

So, what counter evidence are opponents able to provide on the other hand?
All misunderstanding is the result of fact that the opponents lack important information and excessive snobbery has power over them.

Quotation from the work Eternal Laws:
Could you tell me what the greatest obstacle is to understanding Darkness?

Superficiality and assumptions about one ́s own purity and perfection, which prevent the person from recognizing Darkness in themself and their surroundings.“

And today, at the time of Judgement, darkness influences us all! It wants to divert everybody from the Truth!
This should be kept in mind and all coming events and everyday living experience should be verified by Word!

But first, one must know the Word and this requires a sincere, sustained and in particular (independent) individual search!

February the 21st, 2015



Now, many readers probably think that there is an error in the title of this article and the proper title should be „scientific and technological progress“.
However, the error is not in the title but for now in our way of thinking, searching, finding and in our deeds! Since the majority is familiar with the person of Jesus, we can start to build our construction of knowledge from his period of time and his teaching.

Therefore, Jesus taught us: „Be like children!
Anyone who had or has a child or even a grandson now, has probably noticed that child has a lot of questions: „Why?
Recently, one of my grandsons brought me in confusion with that question because he asked „Why?“ a lot. When he was not satisfied with the answer, he asked „Why?“ again and again. Even before he was able to pronounce letter „r“ correctly he was rarely satisfied with the first answer. Mostly, this answer produced only another question. I would have been able to answer also those other questions, but the truth is that his level of understanding would not have been able to evaluate my answers properly! That brings us to a compelling reason why even humanity had to be educated in stages and thus gradually, step by step! Even will be in the same manner!

And that is the message from Jesus which hasn't been understood correctly!

We should ask questions „Why“ also in adulthood and shouldn't be satisfied with the first answer, because such an answer is surely not definitive and correct, i.e. the true cause, but only a marginal effect.
We tried to explain many things on this website, some of which are going to be present also in this article but in a slightly different context and therefore, we won't repeat ourselves completely.

The ones who are supposed to bring and transform the teaching of Jesus into everyday life, i.e. pastors - parish priests - pharisees, they do not act in that manner at all. They ignore their duty by not paying attention to spiritual progress. On contrary, they remain in old and ossified definitions, created only by them themselves for the purpose of easy livelihood and power.
Then, the result was and still is the following:

The Old Testament's Pharisees therefore did not recognize Jesus!
The New Testament's Pharisees did not recognize Son of Man!

The pharisees of Grail did not recognize the Primordial Queen!
Neither the pharisees of Eternal Laws understand correctly the true legacy aimed for them and therefore, there can be no harmony.
Yet, all Messengers of God promised us followers that will come once the Messenger is gone!!!
And all the promised followers built their work on the Word of their predecessors!

We did not recognize either them or the Word they preached and yet, their WORD was always based on the WORD of their predecessor. The same predecessor, which also promised the followers.
Nevertheless, the pharisees ranked those Messengers as false prophets. Just because they jeopardized that easy livelihood and power of pharisees. As mentioned already, pharisees devoted considerable attention to scientific and technological progress. The attention is excessive and immoral up to the point, where they watch pornographic images of children on the internet and even worse - they distribute these images further and abuse the children practically.
No wonder that the results of their actions engender the chaos that we experience on daily basis and education of this kind is really suitable for the majority? Then, as the cover they produce a masking rumble in the form of various "charitable" actions, various referendums and visits that should save their reputation. However, the aim of all these actions is to keep their "sheeps" satisfied in order to avoid the loss of their resources, which keep them in a position that suits them the most.
The spiritual leaders of different churches (which are so many in numbers that there is none who is acquainted with every one of them) should not be the only ones, which feel concerned. The above written is malady of everyone of us, because we all bear our share of blame on this happening.

Now, many will protest: „How can I intervene in this happening and how can I change the direction humanity runs towards?"
Again, it is very simply but very difficult at the same time for contemporary man. But it is only a man's fault because contrary to present time, it might be really very easy for us!
Yet, to put things right, it would be enough if we only do the following:
Give the right answer to children's question „Why?“, based on the Absolute Truth we have already obtained. This would be the start point of gradual recovery of human society and, in doing so, we will get rid of all current mistakes that are the cause of today's forms of suffering and disasters and catastrophes we all experience nowadays.
The scientists would also be able to find all answers to their questions in the Grail Message, the questions they ask now only out of their current ignorance, too. However, only true humility and disposing of ambition is necessary in order to overcome the current ignorance!

Simply put:

We all ignore what is essential for us!

Finally, we get to the title, which should define our time.
Our time!“

Later, as it will continue also the title will change.
Today, there are more individuals among scientists than among priests who can fulfill the criterion, which Jesus reminded to us: „Be like children!“
A scientist, which is really a genuine scientist, often asks the question „Why?“ until a pride, ambition, selfishness and other maladies take control over him after some time. But when he remains a humble scientist then he can find the laws of nature in his acts. Moreover, he will come to a point where he understands that these laws are not the result of chance and finally he will be able to recognize the Creator of these laws. A childish curiosity remains in him, although after some time he succumbs to improper upbringing and influence of his surrounding. Now, some have already reached the level of the proper curiosity, yet they are not in position where they can alter the direction of flow, which drags humanity towards catastrophes. Only because they lack the essential elements: money and power!
Then, there is another group, which also came to the RIGHT knowledge! They are the ones who worked between mankind in the past, and which might be called prophets. They are human spirits who have undergone a long evolution already, and were incarnated many times on Earth and even beyond the Earth. Through their own experiences they acquired the needed progress, which allows them now to help others. Or, they are even of higher origin than majority of human spirits, whose origin lies only in the level of developed spirits. The preceding group can include even others, but first we must quote from the Word of the Son of Man:

Both ancient and modern paintings often portray the disciples of Jesus - the Son of God with tongues of flame on their heads, so that their figures resemble lighted candles, burning restlessly.
This representation comes originally from artists who were either clairvoyant themselves and reproduced spiritual pictures shown to them in this way, or who have adopted descriptions given by clairvoyant persons.

Nevertheless most earthmen think that here, only the artist’s imagination has chosen this form of representation. In this case, however, the paintings depict the truth quite well, so far as it is possible to portray it in picture form.

Therefore I wish to speak of it today, because even the present day disciples, who as such are inwardly alive, bear on their heads the same flame, which at times may become clearly visible to many clairvoyant people. Not to all, for the gift of clairvoyance is distributed in various ways.

This is done by bestowing upon the developed human spirits a spark from the Pure-Spiritual, in addition to their spiritual part.
This spark shows itself as a tongue of flame on the head, only however if he uses the spark and is not perhaps too indolent to do so. Only when used aright does this spark flare up and work in accordance with its nature. It always remains apart, it may indeed be joined of attached to the spiritual, but can never be merged with it.

As the Primordial Spiritual in Creation swings by its nature, according to the Law, above the Spiritual, so does it also stand and remain above the spirit of the disciple in Subsequent Creation, without entering into him; for the Primordial Spiritual is not perhaps purer or stronger spiritual, but it is a completely different species standing by itself, and therefore having a consistency altogether different from that of the Spiritual.
An attachment is possible between these two species, if the necessary conditions exist for such a transition in accordance with the Laws in Creation, but not a fusion.
That is the reason why the Primordial Spiritual spark appears as a tongue of flame above the human spirit.
However, I will not content myself with merely explaining the process which the artists portray in their pictures; but I will go further and also give you the reason why the disciples receive a spark from Primordial Spiritual Creation, why they need it; for they too would not receive it unless it were really necessary.
The disciples are to be mediators between the Son of God incarnated on earth and earthmen. They are to spread the Divine Word, to live exemplary lives according to the Will of God, and be the first to put it into practice on earth.
For this they need a greater power of perception, which will enable them to absorb the high meaning of the Word of God, and thus to understand the Envoy from the Light.
For this purpose alone all the disciples receive from the Pure-Spiritual Realm, a spark that enables them to receive the Message from the Light on a higher level than that of the developed human spirit on earth, because through the spark they are enabled to come a small step closer to the Divine, being uplifted spiritually out of Subsequent Creation for a better recognition.

This tongue of flame works in two different ways, on the one hand as a funnel for the human spirit standing beneath it, and on the other as an aerial. I thereby indicate two kinds of receiving, while the aerial reflects the active or positive reception. Something has to be poured into the funnel, while the aerial itself holds on to what it comes in contact with in a very definite way.
The funnel receives the word as a form, and the aerial absorbs it as the power-radiation.
The effect on the disciple is now as follows:
In spite of the connection, the flame retains its nature for itself alone, just as the human spirit on earth also preserves unchanged the nature, which belongs to it.
Yet whatever the flame on the head of the disciple is able to receive also swings vibratingly in the human spirit, who then passes on to earthmen what he has perceived through being attuned to the vibrations! He passes it on according to the nature of earthmen, because in accordance with the Law of Creation there is no other possibility for him, hence earthmen are able to understand him through their spiritual homogeneity! Thus it appears as though the power and nature of the Word have been transformed, because the disciple passes it on in a different way from how he is able to receive it. Yet his spirit has not received anything directly; but in the vibration of receiving by the flame above it, it has only been able to perceive intuitively what the flame has absorbed.
Without this more finely perceiving flame, the human spirit of the disciple would not be able to perceive any more than other human beings.

Man must thereby realize the immense importance that attaches to the disciples in their various characters as bridges to humanity, which must be neither broken off, but used to the fullest extent.
They are bridges of entirely different kinds, which mankind need on account of their composition, so that the Word with its Power can reach them. For this reason the disciples are not perhaps chosen as being equal in their personal characteristics; rather are they totally different one from the other. They are different in education and character, in their earthly knowledge and earthly position, and even in their spiritual maturity. These differences are necessary; for they provide the bridges to the various groups into which the mankind has divided itself.

Each disciple receives the Word and the Power according to his own nature, and passes them on accordingly, thereby touching that group of mankind who are homogenous to him. However, the disciple must perfect this his own nature to the greatest maturity, so that he may be an example to those of his kind!
From this you will obtain a faint idea of God’s Wisdom, which surveys, in love, all that exists, and knows how to help accordingly. However, this will also explain many things that puzzle you, because you were not able to understand the reason for this or that action.
In each individual disciple you see personified and represented a very definite group of earthmen. No one disciple is just like another, any more than the great groups of homogeneous species among earthmen completely resemble one another.
Thus, the entire group of disciples together will also personify the whole of earthly mankind … after the Judgment! For only then can mankind receive the proper help through the disciples. Only then will the drawbridges, which today must still remain up, be lowered.
What counts in this matter is the individual creature as such, not necessarily as a race or a member of a nation or even as the Luciferian product of a power hungry intellect, called a “party” which is one of the most destruction bringing channels of Luciferian volition.
Before God nothing like this counts.  There only the creature as such is what counts.  And as the individual creature is within itself, so and not otherwise will it be valued in Creation and before God!
Nor does it count whether a human creature is Catholic or Protestant, or whether he belongs to any particular denomination; he is valued solely as a human being in himself. His thoughts, his volition and his actions are that which is decisive before the holy Laws of God!
The man-colored little cloaks in which the intellect has tried to clothe the soul on earth will be torn off before the Judgment of God; for they are but loosely wrapped. What has tried to conceal itself beneath them, however, will be revealed by the Ray of Light!
The selection of the disciples ensures that , for each human being on earth, there will be a disciple who can transmit the Word and the Power to just this human being in his particular nature, and therefore anyone who seeks and anyone who pleads need not go away empty-handed, as soon as he really strives to find the Word. Spiritually he will absolutely obtain a connection to the disciple who in his nature stands closest to him; he can even meet up him if he honestly wants to in order to receive from his also the last thing, i.e., the sealing!
Such is the care from the Light. At present you see only the beginnings of it, and therefore you cannot yet receive a complete picture. Yet the time is coming when you will stand amazed to see that, even today, the whole foundation for it has been exactly formed, and that only some individual stones have still to be fitted into the remaining empty spaces with the disciples still to be called, in order to complete the wonderful mosaic on which the great Kingdom of Peace of the Thousand Year Realm is to rest. This has been promised by God, and can only be created by God alone, never by the human species, even if many a person thinks he is called to do so.

Again, the above mentioned quote can provide a lot of answers for a serious searcher, who is still able to ask the question: „Why?“
Therefore, one should not forget the highlighted text (bold style), which shows that even today they are those (and maybe their number will rise) who deserve to be called disciples, i.e. they are not part of any school, any church. Only personal assumptions of each individual are required and they are needed to be met.

Even Primordial Queen had and even has disciples, who unfortunately forget the important warning. That is, a disciple should not interfere with the work of another disciple, which is appointed for another group, because humanity is divided into groups according to their maturity and capabilities. Such is the reason why disharmony governs nowadays. Therefore, observe your neighbourhood, do not be afraid to have doubts and dare to ask the question „Why?“. Yet at the same time, do not try to impose your opinion to members of another group, but let each individual decide, which group he or she will join.
However, if you find your own group, try to live according to Word and try mutually to clarify this Word and remove any doubt with the right questions: „WHY?
We already explained before that every wish of man can come true, if man is truly honest in his desires and genuinely seeks the Truth.
Again, this article is only a mean to help those who have overlooked the above written quote from the Word, i.e. the very same Word they already possess and try to live according to It. That is the reason why the necessary harmony is lacking, a harmony under the unified leadership of the Word.
I will now use my own experience how I came to contact with the Word. That experience of mine is not meant as a piece of advice, but only as a mean of defence against those, who try to advise me and others similar to me. I will provide my experience briefly:

I often asked the question "Why?" during my everyday stays in the nature.
I received answers that moved my perception beyond boundaries of gross matter.

I found a practical way of using and mutual blending of these various matters.
I encountered objects and also beings from those other worlds.
Only after these experiences and situations I lived through, I discovered the Absolute Truth
Therefore, it was not difficult for me to recognize the extension of the Word in the form of the work titled Eternal Laws, even to recognize the very own Envoy of the Word, because I had personally experienced already in the past what she proclaimed.
Therefore, where others felt dissuaded, I felt conviction based on my own experience from the past.
Thus, she only confirmed my own experiences!
Therefore, let someone dare to implicate her as a false prophet in my eyes!
But first, that someone should ask the unpleasant question, which even Jesus advised us!

When humanity asks the right questions, it will receive the correct answers, because there does not exist a correct answer to wrong question. Therefore, as first, a question has to be corrected. As long as the humanity does not begin to accept the finer matters that precede and are the cause of all that is here and well-known, people will not move forward and will not reach the correct maturity. This is the reason, still unrecognized by us, which will bring humanity closer towards the scientific - spiritual progress. Although it would be more accurate to write: spiritual - scientific, because the spirit is the essence and we can call it also the cause, for now. The spirit is also the essence of man himself.
There will remain only the spiritual progress, which will continue forever once we truly know the Creation, all its laws and if we try to live in accordance with them.

For more complete understanding of the subject of this article it is necessary, again as many times before, to provide a practical example - a parable from life. The most discussed issue in Slovakia in february 2015 was the referendum* as a tool to protect the family against the influence of "immoral" sexual abnormalities.
And again in this activity, as in all others, the ignorance is expressed and the essence - the cause is overlooked and we focus our attention mostly on irrelevant consequences. It means that we aren't asking questions long enough and in the right direction in order to reach core of the problem, i.e. the cause.
The following text will not attempt to influence, will not be focused as a reference for subsequent action, but must be understood only as an example to explain or even as a way to search for causes and thus defend the Truth itself.
Those sexual abnormalities, often found now among people, are not diseases - disorder of the body, but something else. Asking the right questions would lead us to a fact that if we accepted the existence of finer levels above gross matter (those that we still don't recognize) we would come closer to understanding the essence.
Science has already made a necessary step and some individuals has found out and finally recognize those parallels worlds that surround us, and in which we are actively employed. Therefore, the science finally confirms those truths that are already well-known in spiritual movements. Unfortunately and again, well-known only to a minor group, which doesn't have the power to change things in better direction. 
The new Word of Truth - The Grail Message taught us that spirit is the essence of man, covered by several covers, each of a different matter - world. And spirit covered with covers is called soul. Thus, when it is already stripped top cover - the body. The spirit and the soul can be by type of activity simply male or female. What sex is the soul, in such a material body is incarnated. Thus, either as a man or as a woman. However also following can happen - when changing the type of activity of the soul, this particular soul becomes distorted - changed and thus the initial gender is changed to opposite one, which consequently results in choosing a different gross material body. The distortion of soul lasts as long as it decides during following incarnations to return to original gender, i.e. to fix the distortion of its own.
However, also following can happen - already distorted soul live sometimes in body that is not distorted gross materially yet, although already is headed towards this distortion. Thus, in today's "normal" family can already live a distorted soul! Do the initiators of the referendum know about this possibility?
Now we come to our problem that western civilization doesn't recognize multiple incarnations and even doesn't have a clear knowledge about the essence of man. Therefore, we don't know the cause of all subsequent action! So how can we make the necessary correction?
The correction lies in following steps:

    1. recognition of reincarnation
    2. knowledge about the essence of man and the correlation: spirit - soul
    3. knowledge about the distortion of soul as the core of the problem
    4. take following action consequently:
           a) avoid the possibility of soul's distortion
            b) avoid incarnation of distorted souls

Therefore, the spiritual progress according to steps 1st to 3rd would have to happen for practical implementation.
As for the socio - political direction, we should have to combine human laws with those, which are eternal and valid in all creation, i.e. the correction steps in 4a) and 4b).

However, if someone tried to put these correction steps into life he would faced all groups that are now in quarrel and they want to do corrective actions on behalf of ignorance. They would all unite against the Truth, because the Truth would rid each quarreled group of their current privileges, but mainly their ambitions and ego and thus would humiliate them. But that is exactly the thing we miss! These true corrective steps would be against the will of all concerned groups of present time.

So this is the spiritual progress in practice!

Above written are only human words and therefore will now be attested by the Word of the Son of Man:
You do not wish to fulfil the word “Become like children!”, and thus there remains as the last of all help for your salvation this one way only — the knowledge of Creation!

You must at least know so much about it that you are able to adjust yourselves to the lawful swinging, which will uplift you and lead you along, or which in destroying you flings you as chaff far out into disintegration.

If you look around you in an alert manner you can immediately recognise the fact that you really have the Word of Truth in my Message; for your entire life on earth in the past, as well as the new experience of every moment outwardly and inwardly, will become absolutely clear to you as soon as you illuminate and regard it from what my Message contains.
Not a single question remains unsolved for you; a great understanding arises within you for the working of that which has so far been a mystery to you, of the adamantine Laws in Creation, the Laws which guide you with the results of your volition; and as a crown for all your trouble there comes the wonderful divining of a Wisdom, of an Omnipotence, of a Love and of a Justice that can only issue from God, Whose Being you therewith discover!

You can work yourselves laboriously out of the swamp of your intellectual conceit with the true knowledge only, for you can now no longer become children in spirit. Today you lack every capacity to devote yourselves to high guidance without contradiction, in a childlike and confident way, without worrying; for the misguided and too highly-strung activity of your earthly intellect no longer permits this!
Thus there is only one way left to you for your salvation — the path of true knowledge which leads from faith to conviction!

With the Message I have given I wish to help you to proceed along this path! But do exert yourselves to absorb this knowledge inwardly, and to keep it alive so that you will never again lose it but take it along with you on all your paths!

Learn, you men, for it is high time!

Word of the Grail Message is really a panacea that can cure all the illnesses of mankind.

Everyone can become a disciple of this Word, no school or academic title is necessary. Only everyone's own internal values are required together with a great desire to service!

A child judges all things impartially, i.e "purely" without interference of his already own thinking!
Today's adult is not able to receive childlike and therefore he is left only with a hard studying. That is the reason why sacrifices and help from the Light are needed and these are find and explained in the Word and can be obtained even by adults. These are the aids mentioned in the first quote that can still bring some adults to child's perception.

However, these aids are still not understood by us, to our detriment!

Let us remember:
There are only two ways for mankind:


* Editor’s note: A referendum on same-sex marriage was held in Slovakia on 7 February 2015. Voters were asked questions on three issues:
- Do you agree that only a bond between one man and one woman can be called marriage?

- Do you agree that same-sex couples or groups should not be allowed to adopt and raise children?
- Do you agree that schools cannot require children to participate in education pertaining to sexual behaviour or euthanasia if the children or their parents don’t agree?
A fourth question on registered partners was rejected by the Constitutional Court.

February the 24th, 2016



Human spirits are divided into five main groups according to their maturity:
1. Unconscious-indifferent, without the desire for knowledge.

2. Unconscious-curious, with a thirst for knowledge.
3. Believers, but in unnatural God–fabricated by Churches in the name of power.
4. Intellectually advanced – these have excluded God from their lives, believing that they are the rulers themselves.
5. Spiritually knowledgeable of Absolute Truth in all necessary context, and the natural God-the Creator of creation, its structure and creatures living in it.

Group 1. Unconscious-indifferent, without the desire for knowledge.
The first group is noticeably the most numerous and it covers all those who take life as only a part of everyday survival in the easiest and simplest form. Among them are many different subgroups and change for them is possible. However, for some, only due to some fierce experience, at the initiative of which some still have a chance to start in the search for Truth!

Group 2. Unconscious-curious, with a thirst for knowledge.
The second group is relatively small compared to the total number of human spirits living on Earth. However, it is precisely this group that may yet save itself if members of this group become aware of and recognize the Truth, the true nature of God, function of natural-God's laws and learn to use them to his or her rescue. Their advantage is they do not need to be burdened with wrong traditions and false teachings.

Group 3. Believers, but in unnatural God – fabricated by Churches in the name of power.
The third group is the second largest group, moreover, in some parts of the earth even the biggest one. But their level of knowledge generates most problems and tensions, because their activity is purely aimed to gain power and their servants are soaked with caginess and the longing for a cheap profit and advantage; albeit in securing an easy entrance to Paradise, if nothing else. The whole group is manifested by internal lack of freedom. There are also a large number of different groups and sects among them, which mutually fight each other and spread discomfort of various kinds, on behalf of the conviction of their true faith. This group has the highest credit for all kinds of conflicts across the globe. It is useless to name them and address them in detail, because for all the same reasons common for this group that we have been repeatedly pointing out and explaining, and will do again in the future. We can also include politicians among members of this group, because they are also driven by faith in power and love to tend to different faiths, according to the number of voters in each religion.

Group 4. Intellectually advanced – these have excluded God from their lives, believing that they are the rulers themselves.
The fourth group is very specific; indeed, one could say that it permeates especially the third group. Moreover, the fourth group seeks to take control over the previous two groups, even take control over the last one – the fifth group. For someone who already knows the Absolute Truth, this group is actually from the perspective of eternity the most numerous one and yet, at the same time, only the least known, acting cunningly, using smart baits. That is the reason for the most attention given to this group in this article. For others, this group is completely unknown, even the members themselves are not aware of their own ignorance, thus posing a great danger to themselves and the environment. Therefore, we will focus on this group in particular, and will try to bring the genuine knowledge for members of this group and call attention to the aforementioned danger. This new knowledge will appear as unbelievable for all preceding groups, even fantastic, not real, all because of their own indifference, or, conversely, lack of freedom in their own search for Truth, i.e. because of indifference of the first group and the lack of freedom of the third group. In addition, this group actually in some form permeates all preceding groups, even trying to seep into the last one, and activity of this group interferes with our everyday life in the most penetrative way. Their dark web is stretched over the whole earth and every activity that might lead to salvation. In their hands is power, and even the rational knowledge as a tool of power.

We have paid attention to that issue and aforementioned group several times already on our website, however, without proper evidence and without evidence of doubtless activities of the group itself. We pointed out that our issues range far from our Earth and yet, at the same time, their influence can be sensed very close: internally in everyone!
This time, something has changed. We came over some material. We will not reveal its source due to protection of all those searching for Truth, since it could pose a great danger for those, whose level of knowledge is not sufficient yet, and it might lead them onto wrong path. At the same time, revealing the source could pose a certain danger to one who provides such information.
However, facts from the mentioned material are provided below in comprehensive and unprejudiced way.
One regular day, while listening to audio recordings of the Grail Message for the needs of project Radio Rescue, I had a vision. My eyes were closed but I was fully conscious. So, it had to be my eyes of ethereal matter that perceived the vision, as many times before. I saw the following picture:
I saw a large black bird fly on the bright sky, which then shattered into many pieces as if the bomb had exploded in it.

The credibility of this vision can be confirmed by six witnesses whom I immediately informed, although at that time I did not know the meaning of that vision.
Two days later, a friend of mine sent me an e-book via e-mail. A book I started to read immediately, because it was interesting for me indeed, and I felt it was related to my vision; otherwise I would have let it go unnoticed, because I had no need to search further and elsewhere anymore. My belief, even everyday life reinforced my view that nothing can surprise me anymore.

The book was edited and had footnotes by a curious man, who was aware of the infamous UFO crash accident in USA, New Mexico, Roswell, in July 1947.

Dead alien bodies were found at the crash site together with one, which was still alive. As a member of US Army, present at the crash site, there was also a nurse, who afterwards exclusively became able to communicate telepathically with a live alien from another world. The alien was allegedly a female, even though it had no external reproductive organs. Nor does the body need to consume food, hence, the absence of a mouth and organs for digestion and excretion. It had actually communicated that it does not need atmosphere to breathe, as it is supplied with energy from the sun, from the cosmos. Reportedly, its body is neither biological nor mechanical; eugenics (*) is the closest description from our human point of view. Aliens are able to produce their bodies precisely as needed, according to function the body performs and the targeted environment. It - the alien (from now on in the text described as “she”) had the body of a pilot of a flying spaceship designated for our area, and it is controlled by her thoughts.
(*Eugenics is generally targeted crossing of the human species to enhance certain properties. Today it is a science that deals with improving the human gene pool.)

The nurse at the behest of the army commanders formulated questions; her role was close to conduct an interview with the being and everything had been recorded in writing. Nevertheless, the being was not willing to answer the questions, especially those about the construction of a flying machine, the exact location of her home, and even claimed that this information is for us unnecessary, because that part of the universe we still do not even know (*). On the other hand, she said they have bases on our moon, and even in the asteroid belt, that is between Mars and Jupiter, as the low gravitation of these asteroids is suitable for their bodies, which are very fragile. In addition, she said that information we request from her are worthless for us, because we lack not only the knowledge, but also necessary resources and most of the material needed for construction, and that they themselves had strived over millennia until they were able to produce such materials.
(*Note of the author of this article - This information is true, because it is part of the gross matter universe, but of a more subtle level, that is, undetected by our senses and also instruments.)

The nurse had to sign an oath of confidentiality under threat of death for herself and her family. She respected the oath, once seeing what happened to those who didn't. Editor of the book had called her for the first time eight years before she sent him the material, but at that time, she had not wanted to speak with him at all due to possible aforementioned threats. Nevertheless, eight years later she changed her mind and sent him material with the classified information, i.e. recorded interviews with the alien. It happened at time when she as a nurse, and at the age of more than eighty, decided willingly to end her life by euthanasia, at the initiative of her past experience with the alien and thus this important testimony made public.
So, it was from these recordings that the editor was able to compile the book, in which at several places declares that information contained within the book can be perceived almost as unbelievable for ordinary person. Thus, it is up to each individual how he or she accepts and processes that information.
At first, introduction to the book reflected positive vibrations in me, additionally supported by the important graphic Sign used throughout the book which I have already known very well, but then everything turned exactly according to my vision.
Below, the reason of a change in my inner feelings is provided in brief, but more importantly, we will explain the real danger behind this book for majority of people. However, such one who is aware of the whole construction of Creation, the Creator Himself, His Laws, needful connections and all beings living in this Creation, such one should resist the danger. Perhaps, it should be noted that the danger is present here mostly for those who are not fully knowledgeable of all aspects of Absolute Truth yet. But there are not so many of those, who fully understand the Truth. And that is the reason why this book brings more danger than profit.
She - the alien being, once trained in English only for the purpose of forming the accurate telepathic images, since it has no organs of speech, could read many of our books upon her request. She continued with reading even during the night since she didn't need to sleep and was even able to remember everything she read. Then, she managed to give some lessons in response to our misguided history, and even managed to establish a telepathic contact with their base in the asteroid belt and receive information from them, thus forwarding the message that aliens have been monitoring us for a long time, and our planet had been under surveillance even before we have appeared on its surface. Another information was related to their age – they live a long life, not just only sixty or seventy orbits the Sun as it is common for our race. Contrary to us and our inability to remember previous lives, they do not suffer from amnesia when they change their bodies. (Note of the author of this article - their spirit incarnates only from the astral level into a new body, i.e. from a level that is still part of the gross matter). The incarnation is deliberately directed according to the designated needs and tasks that need to be fulfilled. Moreover, many of them were incarnated into biological bodies and lived on our planet in the past, but when they died and thus left the body, they were able to remember everything they experienced during the earthly life. Thus their rational knowledge continuously grows hugely compared to us.
Many of our reasonable thinkers, scientists, and even many of the rulers were from their group, even reportedly Ferdinand was also their man, who consequently was shot dead in Sarajevo and that triggered World War I. Moreover, Nikola Tesla and many others were also from their group. They call themselves „JE – BYT“ beings because they know that their essence is spirit, which is eternal and can live many times in different bodies. It is the same with us, only we are not aware of this possibility of change (although in our case even more often since our average lifespan is shorter), and we suffer from the aforementioned amnesia, i.e. the loss of memory of previous incarnations. Our planet is considered only as a prison for a certain area, i.e. a correctional facility.
She explained that many from their group were incarnated and operate in various old and even present realms or countries, e.g. Lemuria, Atlantis, Babylon, India (where she mentioned also the reference to Vimana flying machines), Egypt (with mention of prophet Ezekiel and flying machines that are referenced in Bible), realm of the Incas and many others. She also mentioned that an antigravity technology was allegedly used in the process of building pyramids; lasers and other similar devices were used for cutting and shaping stones. Many of these devices are also depicted on the walls in pyramids but we - humans do not understand the true meaning of those pictures among many other things.
Her species almost perpetually fought with race of other beings and they called them „Old Empire“. This fight, accompanied by destruction of many powerful atomic weapons in the distant past, is mostly the reason behind extinction of animals and species in our history. Actually, very similar opinion is already formulated by some of earthly scientists, yet they are still considered as very primitive in the eyes of aliens, because they know almost nothing about the Universe, concept of time, or even about their mutual contexts. More importantly, our science still knows almost nothing about the spirit, which is everything, because spirit is present and operates everything as a great magician and as an intelligence that infinitely grows and thus enlarges the perceivable universe.
Everything that the alien said could seem as correct and even necessary from the point of view of someone who is aware of the Truth, if it were not for the significant dubious conviction of those „
JE – BYT“ beings. Many thinkers and seekers of the Truth on Earth, and as we can see also many in whole gross matter universe, succumbed to this very dangerous misconception. The same almost happened even to myself during my own search for the Truth and discovery of the laws of nature. It was at that time when I realized my strong ability to influence the matter with my self-aware spirit, and even with my other body – that of a finer nature, of which I was also aware. It all became obvious through my personal experience in a form of ability to perceive and receive information without using my gross matter body. Other human spirits living on Earth also have such ability, yet they do not necessarily need to belong among those „JE – BYT“ beings.
However, there lies a crucial and very significant danger for everyone with such abilities. And that is the so-called Achilles heel of these beings, and all their supporters or individuals incarnated on Earth. They have excluded God, and as the pinnacle of intelligence they take only a spirit as the origin and source of the forming energy. They use that energy as magicians, rational rulers over matter, and therefore they see themselves as sovereign rulers over the fate of those beings, which have not yet reached their level of rational knowledge. Nevertheless, they do not know that their spirit is only a mediator, which rectifies the primal – neutral POWER OF GOD. This energy only by cooling down and by greater distance from the primary source - God, could give rise to the weaker, i.e. spiritual energy. Thus, those levels, where they are now active, are not also everlasting and eventually will come to an end, albeit it will happen in a longer period of time compared to our level. Therefore, what they use is not the source of power itself, but with their own free will they only manage to direct and rectify the neutral energy of God! Just as we earthlings do. They are so proud of their own intelligence, which they use to create their thicker bodies, yet they already forgot that even their original and worshipped bodies had to be created by some intelligence as well!

Thus, the aforementioned book tends to raise and educate quasi-spiritual atheists!

Such approach is wrong and in contradiction to Laws of nature, therefore Laws of God. It only proves well-known fact that such activities come only from those who desire power but are not willing to serve. In other words, it represents a denial to serve in the name of a false freedom. It is a denial of a fair ruler and ambition to replace Him with someone else. It is the same problem as we earthlings also experience - we are changing rulers in the elections in the hope that we choose the right one who meets our desires and thus is acceptable for us. But as soon as the election is over we soon realize that we again did not choose the right one! The true ruler has long been in power – He is the Creator and Provider of all things we can use on our paths – this applies equally for us and also for alien beings, which no longer need to eat, drink and even talk. They forgot the important saying: „In the beginning was the Word!“ That such approach is only activity and effort of dark ones, fallen angels who were to serve the true ruler, but succumbed to the influence of false one, confirms precisely the fact that they are aware of their subtle bodies, about which they think that are eternal, and even more, they think about their bodies as those that govern all, because only in such subtle bodies they arrived into world of matter. However, only afterwards they were able to create and also learn how to use the body, with which they can directly influence our gross matter.
This influence expressed itself perfectly as a false one through that nurse which communicated with the alien being. She allowed the nurse to experience those moments that many of us have experienced as well. That is, the nurse was able to feel so-called „touch of eternity“ in a way that she was able to step outside the material body, and thus she was able to communicate with the alien being only on a „consciousness“ level. However, it was only the astral level. It was this „touch of eternity“, albeit not correctly understood, that consequently led her to decision to commit a suicide and thus leave her earthly body, since she was informed by the alien being that she is also one of „JE – BYT“ beings and after her earthly death she would return to them. On the other hand the fact remains that there are many among us who serve those alien beings completely without even realizing it; in many cases just due to the fact that they were also allowed to experience the touch of eternity through activity of their astral body.
Had I not discovered the Word of Creator and thus received the important guidance, maybe I would have ended up in the same way as the nurse did. Indeed, I believe that many of us could originally belong among those „JE – BYT“ beings, and some of us may even have come here on Earth in order to fulfill our service upon their governance, but we were able to rescue ourselves with Word of Absolute Truth – The Grail Message and thus „change the team and its colours“.
It would have been very interesting to offer the alien being The Grail Message and see how it would have influenced her. At that time she was here on earth, The Grail Message had already been written; unfortunately it had been unknown in America, as it still remains unknown even today and even in the country where it was written.
For each logical thinking being that really honestly seeks the Truth, The Grail Message would have to act as a balm that heals all wounds of ignorance, which still cause discomfort, pressure, and pain in soul, but also in brain. Or vice versa; The Grail Message would have to act as the poison that kills everything old, heretofore incorrect but considered as the truth!
Finally, even the alien has left its body consciously, because earthly military chieftains opted for violence as a way to get the requested information. However, it was to no avail, because she left the body earlier and she even informed in advance that she no longer needs it, and they can do with it what they want. But she added it would be to no use for us, just like the flying object.
Should we condemn now the decision and activity of those military fanatics, because in their activity they actually prevent to spread further the aforementioned wrong opinion? Or, on the contrary, should we thank them?
One way or the other, The Word of prophecy comes to its fulfillment: Darkness will destroy itself! It will be the work of Light through its radiance.
The alien being was able to communicate with the nurse even after it left its gross matter body. The alien being was also the one who persuaded the nurse to end her life, and also to publish their interview and story in order to spread the seed of darkness on Earth among those who would willingly accept it.
Thus, violation of God’s laws and influence of darkness manifested itself also in this suicidal act, because committing a suicide is act against the Law of God! Unfortunately, in a similar way as it already happened many times in the past.
This discovery of mine (confirmed by my vision), in regards to the story of the nurse and the alien being, is another confirmation of how darkness can lure.
If it was true that the nurse was one of „JE - BYT“ beings, then she would not have suffered from amnesia, that means by lost of her memory, and she would not have become a catholic in her ignorance, as she had said she was. On contrary, she would have conducted her task consciously and in accordance with the explanation of the alien being, i.e. just in the same way as it is done by other alien beings of homogeneous origin. But in reality that suicidal act led the nurse only to enlarge the number of followers of these alien beings. These followers are always in need of dark servants, because they represent a fuel, a source of energy, which dark servants use in their activities. The book of alien – nurse interview, was also intended to fulfill similar function, and indeed, it fulfills among those who jump to that bait.
An important thing should be noted here: aforementioned amnesia, which on one hand is something we are upbraid for, on the other hand it also has one great and valuable asset, which just this alien and all beings of darkness miss or omit – it enables to forget previous or current wrong „team colours“ and thus enables us to change our path and away from darkness, i.e. change the wrong colour for the correct one. It's the same as if you had a virus in your computer, which has to be completely reset! So, the very ability that aliens and others are so proud of, and we are blamed for being not able to use this ability is at the same time their greatest weakness! Likewise, we do not need to despair because many of our experiences are retained as permanent information in our spirit, which are essential and important for new decisions and changes of direction that arise from our own volition.

Group 5. Spiritually knowledgeable of Absolute Truth in all necessary context, and the natural God-the Creator of creation, its structure and creatures living in it.
There is no need to pay attention to the last, a.k.a 5th group from the classification in the beginning of this article, because we do it on the page constantly, and we even advise where it is possible to find the Word, in case someone is interested.

What should we learn from this story?

It is the following:
We still have the opportunity to change the team colour, i.e. the group, because we still have a free will! As it was with the nurse who allegedly came on Earth as one of those „JE – BYT“ beings, but during her life she became a deep-rooted Catholic. Based on her experience with interviewing the alien being, she then again changed her belief, this time back to the first one (i.e. that she was „JE – BYT“ being). If she would not have had the experience with alien she would have remained Catholic all her life and therefore she would have changed her „team colour“, although actually not really! One way or the other, the „team colour“ of darkness remained on her and due to her ignorance she was just scoring goals into the wrong net. And there are many of us who are often doing the same.
Both of them (alien being and nurse) acted upon their thirst for knowledge, and from their behavior I have gained impression that if they would come into contact with the Word of Absolute Truth, they both would have been able to change their dark team colour for the right one – a light one. Same as I did, presumably, although I do not know exactly what kind of team colours I had worn during my past incarnations. I have confidence that their spirit, longing for knowledge, would have only benefitted from knowing the Word, in which it would have found all the missing information. Even „smarter“ aliens must miss the original source of energy, which they consider their own. In this particular case even they are victims of brainwashing, same way as the alien being described our brainwashing. Sooner or later everyone finds out that it is so!
This story is a perfect example of how dangerous the imperfect knowledge might be, not knowing all contexts, thus missing the important view from outside – from the standpoint of the Absolute Truth. But we have been granted with this grace (Word of Absolute Truth), which we received from the Creator Himself, because maturity of mankind has allowed it. Let us use this grace, it is high time! This is the only RESCUE for all of us, evolving in Creation.

At the end, and as a proof of Truth, a quotation from Eternal Laws follows:
In the gross material Universe and the astral plane, Lucifer disposes swarms of loyal servants who are not only fallen beings – angels, but also spirits and people. They do not know the Eternal Laws nor wish to recognize them because they solely believe him. It will be too late when dark spirits will recognize that they are being caught in a trap without any possibility of return, because the Eternal Laws operate inexorably on low planets, as well. After death, they will become heavier for their sins and will fall so deeply as not to be able to return upwards to the Earth and to the Paradise at all.
Through these unknowing servants and through the fallen angels who also incarnate as men with "the mission", Lucifer spreads wrong ideas, distorted opinions, also evil on earth when necessary.


September the 14th, 2019



Today’s science does not want to accept interstellar visits, just because it does not understand the construction of the universe or even God’s creation itself, and also by taking the speed of light as the only final or highest speed. This speed, however, is only valid in our materiality, or in our dimension of the universe. It is also funny that in the equation of c=mc2 science breaks this principle because it accepts also the speed of light squared, so not just 300 000 kilometers per second, but squared. And this is a big difference. However, even this speed is also not final, but something completely different is, and which in science is considered a taboo! 
But when we want to clarify the problem of traveling through the universe, the creation, or through time as well, we must completely change our view from theorems that until now have been considered valid and which we accept as correct and built our wrong theories on them. This is a problem, which hits all our activities and spheres and hence gives our lives a hard time.

If only we would be able to get rid of the primary cause, the fight for conservation of the planet, fight for purity of environment, manifestations and strikes for higher quality of life, dissatisfaction with every new government that we alone have recently voted in, and all other present commotions would either stop or appear in completely different connections. Unfortunately we do not want to get rid of it, and rather we allow ourselves to be admired for pointing at the consequences only, and we feel big and valuable in doing so. If we could decide to leave these wandering theories and wrong principles that are valid in present time, we would not have to hide anything anymore, lie to followers, beg for necessities of life, dress up yellow vestments for demonstrations and protests, break window-cases and burn up cars, not even destroy anything, but we would at last start to build permanent values. But first our two ideological pillars would have to basically change: science and church, which produce not free people but only their own slaves.

One principle instruction will be necessary to include, as proof of words written above. This instruction completely changes our view on what is valid now, but it is just that what is right and what comes from the Absolute Truth. It is given not only for common man but also mainly for our “famous” science and church. It will be one answer to an important and which could change all our erroneous thinking:

What is energy? And what is gravity?
Question number 29:
What is energy and what is gravity?    

These questions are premature; for they will be dealt with fully only in later lectures. However, I will answer them by giving at least a very brief outline.

Energy is spirit! I must still go much more into the actual subject of spirit; for spirit embraces almost all the unsolved questions of our present-day science. Spirit also has many gradations, which could not be taken into account until now because nobody knows it, for this mankind has not yet recognized “spirit” at all.
Spirit is so many-sided in its gradations that in these many gradations it has brought forth all the errors about which men still rack their brains in vain.
What the exact science have called energy is therefore spirit. Not, however, the kind of spirit from which the self-conscious human spirit formed itself, but a different kind.
Today just briefly about it: The Primordial Beings radiate in the Spiritual Creation, that is in Paradise, in their volition. These radiations are also spiritual, but a gradation downwards, because they are not direct radiations of the Holy Spirit, of the Divine Will, but radiations of the Primordial Beings created through the Holy Spirit! As a spiritual gradation downwards, these radiations now surge across the boundary of the Spiritual Realm like rays, and stream through the other parts of the Universe; but in spite of the gradation, being spiritual they still carry within them living power, which has not only a thrusting and pressing but also a magnetically-attracting effect on a different non-spiritual environment.
The magnetic attraction-power of these spiritual currents, however, is not of such great strength as that of Primordial Creation, which holds the entire Universe. Thus it is that the currents forced out from the Spiritual Realm can always draw to themselves only small particles of a different environment, and are thereby covered by them, which process divides the originally uniform currents. Such a spiritual current is thereby split into innumerable minute particles in the natural course of events, because the coverings of what has been attracted have a separating effect. These coverings, however, are only very minute, thin layers of the various kinds of environment, because the individual small spiritual particle of a current has also only a weak magnetic holding-power, corresponding to its minuteness. In this way electrons, atoms, etc., gradually come into being.
But the way there is infinitely long. This too I shall briefly outline today. Picture to yourselves: The radiations of the Primordial Beings, in their activity of volition, press beyond the boundary of Paradise. They enter the Animistic Realm as magnetically-attracting strangers. The animistic itself again consists of many gradations, which for the time being I want first to classify into three basic species only: into Fine, Medium and Gross Animistic Substance, quite apart from the basic kinds of Conscious Animistic Substance as the highest of this kind, and Unconscious Animistic Substance.
As the spiritual current enters the fine species of Animistic Substance, the covering, called forth by the magnetic power of the current, takes place at once through this Fine Animistic Substance, whereby at the same time an eager movement immediately sets in. This process of covering appears as though a hostile army is falling upon this intruder, the spiritual current, whereas in reality it is only the spiritual element, in this alien nature of its new environment that causes the movement through its inherent magnetic attraction-power. Thus attracted, the animistic rushes towards the spiritual at breakneck speed. Simultaneously with the process of covering, the dispersal of the current takes place. There is no intermingling of the spiritual with Fine Animistic Substance, but only a covering of the spiritual by Animistic Substance. The core is a spiritual particle, covered all over with Fine Animistic Substance, which is held by the magnetic attraction-power of the spiritual core.
In spite of the covering, however, the spiritual core retains its magnetic radiation, and penetrates the fine animistic covering with it. But during this penetration warmth is generated, and a change takes place in the radiation of the spiritual particle. Through the connection, the radiation comes forth different from what it was at first, and in this change it acquires an influence on Medium Animistic Substance.
At the same time, through the process of the attracting of Fine Animistic Substance, a compression of the individual components of Fine Animistic Substance in the covering, thus an accumulation around each spirit particle, has taken place; and this compressed accumulation brings about a reduction in volume of a specific compound in relation to the other still free-floating loose environment of Fine Animistic Substance. As a result, this compound is no longer held by the attraction-power of the Spiritual Realm, of Paradise, at the same height as the parts that are still loose. With this compression there is a further withdrawal from the always uniformly-working magnetic power-station that rests in the nature of Spiritual Creation, of Paradise. And at the same time it is a turning-point in the motive power of what has happened up to then.
The process must be keenly observed: Through the activity of the volition of the Primordial Beings, radiations come into being. But mark well: These radiations are not the volition itself, but only accompanying factors of the volition, secondary effects of the main stream of volition. Nevertheless these side effects, unchecked by the originator, still receive so much thrusting-power that they are forced beyond the boundary of the Spiritual Realm, and there, through the magnetic attraction-power inherent in them by virtue of their spiritual nature, they bring about the effect that I have just described. The main stream of the volition of the Primordial Beings has nothing to do with this; it always directly affects only the intended goal. Much more powerfully, more consciously. I shall speak about this some other time.
The instantaneous covering of the spiritual particles forced across the boundary immediately prevents them from flowing back automatically into the Spiritual, because the layer of Fine Animistic Substance thrusts itself in between, or rather, is held in between by the spirit particles’ inherent attraction-power. Thus the first process of withdrawal from the magnetic centre was one of being forced out as a side-effect of some conscious volition. With the first covering, however, something contrary at once sets in as the originator of the onward movement: the having-to-distance-itself-further through the condensation of Fine Animistic Substance due to attraction, in relation to the hitherto-existing environment of the other still uncondensed Fine Animistic Substance. From the onwards several factors always contribute to the urge for movement. With each further covering a new factor is added.
Here again it must be interpolated that every single species in the whole of Creation is individually adjusted in a quite specific degree, stipulated by its nature, to the attraction-power of Spiritual Creation, fundamentally always attuned to the looseunconnected, thus not compressed particular species.
Ethereal Matter is therefore adjusted to a different degree of the attraction-power from Gross Matter. But in turn also different from Animistic Substance. Thus it is that, with the covering of the spirit particle through compression of Fine Animistic Substance, a different degree immediately sets in for the attraction-power of the Spiritual Creation, which allows the covered spirit particle to move further from the point of attraction.
This process is repeated with each new covering. It is called the Law of Gravity, which actually is anchored in the particular possibility for every thing to move further away from the natural attraction-power of the Spiritual Creation! This possibility of moving further away is subject to the particular consistency in its various changes.
With regard to the further progress I can be briefer:
The compressed covering of Fine Animistic Substance brings with it, under the above-mentioned effects, what according to our concepts is called sinking, whereby it approaches Medium Animistic Substance, for which by this time the radiation of the spirit, which has been changed by the covering, has again just as magnetic an effect as the spiritual particle previously had on Fine Animistic Substance. Here again it should be noted that the direct, thus the unchanged radiation of the spirit particle, could not affect Medium Animistic Substance as strongly as the radiation that has been changed by the covering of Fine Animistic Substance. Only this can have such an attracting effect on Medium Animistic Substance that it immediately places itself as a further covering over the covering of Fine Animistic Substance, and is held by the changed attraction-power of the spirit particle.
With this begins the same process as in Fine Animistic Substance, and here too the radiation of the spirit particle is once again changed in that it is influenced by the two coverings. So it goes on into Gross Animistic Substance, thence into Fine, Medium and Gross Ethereal Matter, again and again receiving new coverings of the various species, until eventually it enters Fine Gross Matter, therewith placing that covering around it. From there it proceeds into Medium Gross Matter, and only then into Heave, that is Coarse Gross Matter, which in its loose state corresponds absolutely to the gross matter of our body and our visible surroundings. But it is only here that they now become all that is known to the present-day exact sciences – electrons, atoms, etc.
The driving energy, however, is only the core in everything, the minute spirit particle, which as the lowest gradation in the Spiritual Realm belongs only to the secondary manifestations of the volition of the Primordial Beings in the so-called Paradise, the Spirit-Centre of Creation.
As it is presented, the description is naturally still very one-sided; and practical application can only be derived from what is stated when the Laws of Homogeneity are also applied. In doing so the coverings must first of all be considered; for each covering is subject only to the Laws of its species, which is equivalent to saying that the sprit particle can only operate aright where its particular outermost covering is within its homogeneous species. Thus with the gross material covering, only in Gross Matter, and there too only in the very definite particular species. With its ethereal covering, only in the homogeneous species of Ethereal Matter. In the animistic covering, only in the particular species of Animistic Substance.
Hence it naturally follows that what we have designated as the Law of Gravity, namely the possibility of moving further from the attraction-power of the Spiritual Realm, always predominantly affects only the particular outer covering, that this is therefore decisive for the whereabouts and for the strength of the direct activity. The keys to open the gates into other species, as from Fine into Medium and Gross Animistic Substance, as also into the World of Matter, are the changes in the radiations of the spirit particle, which always arise through further coverings. Without these changes neither a transition nor an activity through attraction would be possible. What is spiritual would therefore have to remain completely ineffective if it came directly into the World of Matter without a transition, because through this there would be no possibility of any connection.
Finally one thing more: It therefore follows from my explanation that the spiritual by itself is not subject to the Law of Gravity! It knows no weight, and as soon as its covering are detached will always have to ascend or fly irresistibly upwards, into the Spiritual Realm, which is not subject to the Law of Gravity as we know it.
To avoid errors, I wish to point out that the spirit seed-grain of a man is a totally different species of the spiritual from the spirit-currents described here. Moreover, it has much more power of attraction, and also exercises this to a certain degree directly on the covered spirit-particles. Many a listener will now be able to image that the nonetheless vast diffusion of spiritual species in Subsequent Creation, hence also in our parts, in being freed from the heaviness of the environment carry within them a tremendous buoyancy towards their spiritual origin; and thus, combined with the attraction-power coming from there, help to give the entire Universe that support, and to stipulate that course, to which everything must adhere.
The field is so vast that today’s small survey must be divided into many lectures in order to introduce the listeners and readers properly. But in spite of the apparent complexity, in the end everything only comes back again to the utmost simplicity. The deviation of the human spirit alone, through the suppression of its spiritual receptive ability, forces me to lead listeners over years of lectures through the wearisome trails of the intellectual ways, because everyone, without exception, has become lost in the undergrowth.
The massing of the described particles into celestial bodies, with the resulting accumulation of magnetic power of the spiritual contained therein, which in addition to the great power-centre of the Spiritual Realm acting on them have in turn among and within them their own – and naturally in comparison with the Spiritual Realm far weaker – centres of attraction, which in the great distance from Paradise as the main centre can also work separately among themselves, although they always remain suspended in the influence of the main attraction-power of the Spiritual Paradise, will be a series of lectures by itself. Likewise the massing into human, animal and plant bodies.
Knowledge is power! This is a much-used saying, but for this a different knowledge is needed from what people imagine they already possess today. It is spiritual knowledge, not merely intellectual knowledge! The exact sciences have not hitherto achieved anything special in this, and all others lose themselves with uncertain groping in the realm of the countless deficiencies of the lower regions. Only he who knows all the mysteries of Creation can bring the World of Matter to blossom, or lay it in ruins.

In addition to what was written earlier, we must add a few quotations from a certain lecture of this Absolute Truth:
“THERE have been many enquiries about the meaning of my expressions gross matter and ethereal matter. Gross matter comprises everything that man can see with his earthly eyes, and what he can feel and hear physically. This includes what he can see with the help of earthly aids, and with whatever further inventions will enable him to see. As for example things he sees through a microscope. Gross matter is only a specific kind of Matter. The great field of all that is Matter, however, comprises several kinds which are fundamentally different from each other, and which therefore never blend with each other.
The different species of matter lie on top of each other as the lowest part or as the very end of Creation. As with every sphere in Creation, it begins with the lightest species at the top and descending downwards ending with what is heaviest and densest. All of these kinds of matter serve merely as helping tools for development of everything that is spiritual, which immerses itself into them as a seed immerses itself into a fertile field. Just as a seed immerses itself into the soil so that it could germinate and grow.”

“As I have already said, the different species of matter cannot be blended, but they can be bonded and combined through help of animistic substantiality in multiple ways. The resultant bonds and combinations produce heats and radiations. Each individual species of matter thus produces its own specific radiation. This blends with the radiations of the other species with which it is combined, and together these form a wreath of radiations which is already recognized today and simply called Od or radiation. Thus every stone, every plant and every animal has its own radiation which one can observe and which, according to the condition of the body, i.e., the cloak or form, is quite entirely different. Therefore it is also possible to observe disturbances in this wreath of radiations and recognize points of disease in the cloak accordingly.
Thus wreath of radiations gives each form corresponding environment which creates protection in defense, but at the same time forms a connecting bridge to its broader environment. Except that, it affects the inside in order to play a part in the development of the substantiate core in the coarsest sense; for in reality there are many more things which contribute to the overall activity in Creation which I may only explain very gradually, step by step, in order to make it easy for serious seekers to penetrate the Laws of Creation.”

The combination of radiations is of much greater significance than mankind has been able to discover up to now. Not even a tenth of its real purpose has been suspected as yet!
The essence of the wreath of radiation is decisive for the wave strength, i.e. what vibrations it shall receive from the system of radiations of the entire universe. The hearer and reader should not superficially pass over this, but penetrate deeply into this thought, and then he will suddenly see all the nerve-strands of Creation spread out before him. He shall learn to evaluate and use them better.”

“The key to the art of living is in it, and also to the step-ladder of spiritual ascent. For the meaning of this step-ladder, or the so-called stairway to heaven, is nothing but a simple tool which one is to use. The meshes of this network of radiations in Creation are rungs of this ladder. In it lies everything, all knowledge and the last secret in Creation.
You who are seeking reach into this network of radiations! Consciously, but with good volition, and humbly acknowledging your God who gave you this wonderful Creation which you may master as in child play, when you, at last, will want honestly and throw off all scientific conceit. The false burden must first be cast down from your shoulders and from your spirit, before you can stand upright and free yourselves.”

“But in moving forward we must from today on say: Life in the World of Ethereal Matter “stands above earthly conceptions of time and space” for in the World of Ethereal Matter there is also a conception of time and space, but it is of a different nature again and adjusted to this fine materiality. Indeed, the conception of time and space is to be found in the whole of Creation, but it is always bound up with the nature of the species concerned! Creation itself has its limits and thus a concept of space is valid in it as well.”

“It is the same with all the basic laws which uniformly permeate the entire Creation; in their effects they are always influenced by the particular kind of Creation and are dependent on its specialties! Therefore the consequences of a particular law must manifest themselves differently in the various parts of Creation as well, which has led to many misunderstandings, to contradictions and doubts in the uniformity of the Laws of Creation or of the Divine Will, and also to the belief in arbitrary acts by the Creator. Basically, however, everything consisted and consists only in man’s ignorance about Creation itself.”

And now we can clarify the relationship between our topic and the text published here. The marked and highlighted passages [in bold and underlined] are important for understanding what our science does not understand till now and even reject just because this breaks its traditional stereotype. This rejection has made it possible for science to lie to the public for so long, and to take advantage without having any right to do so. This way and in reality, it leads humanity into destruction through all the inadequacies in our civilization.
Thus every planet, constellation and individual objects, have their own radiation for themselves, and this radiation is characteristic and unique for each object. Therefore it is enough to understand these radiations and in fact we can say to know frequencies of these individual objects, for example of our Earth, and tune ourselves to this radiation, therefore to this frequency and the object. For example in our case it is UFO together with its crew, and it immediately appears close to or directly on the planet Earth. But still this is not enough, because:

Hence it naturally follows that what we have designated as the Law of Gravity, namely the possibility of moving further from the attraction-power of the Spiritual Realm, always predominantly affects only the particular outer covering, that this is therefore decisive for the whereabouts and for the strength of the direct activity.

The law of gravity, thus controlling of gravitation, is in fact the miraculous driving power, which does not allow our science to sleep, and it is the cause of refusing the possibility and ability of UFO movements or transfers. Tuning to necessary frequency alone causes the necessary transfer, or it annuls gravitation and the object changes not only the position but also kind of dimension - matter.
One clever man said: "We considered fifty years ago, from which planet of our solar system UFO arrives. Ten years ago, we asked from which constellation, and today we ask from which dimension it arrives?!"  
Answer is very simple, as they arrive from all considered areas!
Also various beings that we do not see live among us on planet Earth, as planet Earth disposes of many dimensions as well!

Let our clever science start arguing against what is written here now, and when it succeeds let it continue lying to itself and also to everyone else. But already there are more people among us, who do not trust it anymore, because they know how it really is and they also know that we are constantly deceived, because these knowing ones have their own experiences as well as contacts, and so these stupid words have no effect upon such people. It will not take a long time before these “scientists”, who are basking in glory now, will be ashamed of the knowledge they spread and also defend, as they enforced it on others through universities of today.