July the 30th, 2014


Recently, a gentleman asked me a question. Since it is a question that surely troubles others in their search for Truth, we consider it useful to be published here on our website:
I would like to ask how to recognize an ordinary oracle from God’s prophet? There were many prophets in history such as Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Nostradamus, Joseph Smith, Natalia Makedonova, etc. How do I know which one is telling the truth?
All of them cannot be right because they contradict each other – e.g. Moses strongly condemns occult practices. On contrary, Mrs. Natalia Makedonova indulged herself in these practices.
And if we choose as criterion of credibility the holy way of life from the first day, only Jesus and John the Baptist (who baptised Jesus) would successfully pass the criterion. Or do you have a better criterion of credibility?

Yours, ..“.

I replied to him immediately and convincingly to my opinion but still I was not fully satisfied with my answer. Later, during the night I was able to formulate a satisfactory and simple answer from my point of view. Here it is:
„Dear Mr. ...,
It is quite easy to answer in one sentence your first and original question. However, to understand the simplicity is always the hardest. The sentence and the answer is as follows:
The moment you find unity in all those differences (as you perceive them now and therefore also in your comparison of all those prophets), then you will discover the Truth! The Absolute Truth!
But that is something you have to do on your own. Nobody else will help you to do it.

Abdrushin addresses this topic in the Grail Message, namely in Questions and Answers:
Question No. 31:
„Is Abdrushin a prophet or does he took or use the knowledge from other sources?

Despite the fact that this question is purely personal, therefore it is a question out of curiosity and the knowledge (answer) about it cannot contribute to the spiritual ascent at all, I want to make an exception and I will answer the question. I am not a prophet in the familiar meaning of this word, and I also do not take or use from any other source. I don’t need it and also I do not take from any other source as some would believe. My work is not a summary or recap from other groups or movements, too. If you find similarities in older and newer spiritual movements - it comes only from the fact they all involve a grain or seed of Truth. In fact, these grains of Truth must remain the same everywhere, and appear again in my lectures. I do create solely alone, and compile nothing into one piece from another source. Whoever cannot be content with this fact, he would not understand even if I wanted to explain it in a more profound way.
What should be verified is the work alone and not the author, i.e. I want the words alone to be checked and verified, and I want people to take/utilize the most from these words because one can gain nothing from these words and knowledge without his or her inner personal conviction. The one who brings the Word must not be the cause of such a conviction, but it must be based on an internal agreement with what has been said! That is something I explicitly pointed out at the beginning of my lectures and even more – it is my demand! Yet such questions are pointless. Furthermore, one does not quite understand the Message if he or she did not sense the process of creation during reading.“

And this is the advice from the eternal – THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!
Just let yourselves be guided by the inner desire for the TRUTH – the WORD and not by the person!





One shall realize that God the Creator and the church are not one and the same thing! The church is not as The Creator wants it to be! It is no wonder then, that the sober-thinking people rather remain atheists. When the church makes such faults, it contradicts itself and even does the opposite of what it proclaims.  God or the Creator exists! But He is of another nature and in contrast to what churches of today proclaim about Him.

His existence can be proven easily.

Just take into consideration the perfection which rules in nature. Everything is ruled only by a few simple laws, which work everywhere. These laws are what makes nature so perfect, and are what have formed it. And they formed not only nature! They formed the whole universe, every organism, every working system, and also our life, our experience, they are also the “ so-called karma” or fate, they are The Will of God! The most important of them are: the law of gravity, law of attraction, law of homogeneity, law of reciprocal/backward action, law of harmony (balance), and law of motion. Everyone has already come into contact with these laws, though, maybe under different names.

But someone had to bring every law into activity and validity; the law does not come into existence by itself!
And every power that causes effects needs to have its source as well.

Example: What is the source of the earth's gravitational force or gravity that we all know? We and the Earth are interacting with each other with an attractive force that we know and recognize, but we do not want to recognize that this force also has its source. And we still see everywhere around us clearly that every power has to have its source. And we know, if some physical action works in a small happening, it works also in a big one. So, there does not exist a power without the source of this power! The scientists know it, and it is the reason why they ask so often: “What is the mysterious power that drives the universe?” And they study hard during all their earthly life, in order to discover something that has value. Yet, it would be sufficient for them to open the Word of the Son of Man, and they would have clear and logical answers to EVERY question immediately.

Now we will try to offer another view, but as simple as the previous one. The creation is composed of various levels/spheres. They are seven. We can already observe parts of three various levels now. We see the matter as something lifeless. We see animals; a certain kind of behavior characterizes all of them, a behavior that is identical to all animals and at the same time different from the behavior of people. Animals still do not have the possibility of free will, as people have. Animals have to live in accordance with natural - God's laws. However, people can decide to live in accordance with them or not, but they have to bear the consequences of their decisions. And that is the cause of the disasters and their occurrence!

Very simply said, we see that the animal has “more abilities” than matter, as the animal lives; but man has “more abilities” than animal, as man has also the free will. So we see three grades (matter, animal, man) from which always the one that is higher - has higher abilities. So, why couldn’t there also exist the “fourth grade” that is more perfect than we are, when we still see that perfect laws are working in nature – and thus, someone perfect had to bring, create and put them into the creation? And it was not a man, because people are not perfect.


So we have the Creator and the Laws, which he put into His creation!
If we accepted the laws and lived in accordance with them, the perfection that built up this beautiful nature, perfectly working systems that are working in nature, in the whole universe, and also in our body, this would also lead our lives to happiness. They would lead our lives to spiritual happiness, which cannot be compared with intellectual happiness. It would bring us to reflection of the paradise on Earth, to blessedness! It is a concept that many people can’t even imagine today because they have already buried the spirit in them, – the intuitive perception – i.e. THAT what makes us people, and they use only the intellect instead. Such people are not even people in fact, because a man without intuitive perception is like a blacksmith without a hammer – so not a blacksmith!

And what is the funniest thing ... we replaced the spirit – intuitive perception, which has the most “abilities”, - with an intellect – matter, which has the least of abilities! And we are even proud of this replacement!

The Creator is not soft, as the church proclaims. “Forgiving of sins” can be reached only when man gets better and improves himself or herself, or through experiencing his or her own mistakes, and he or she improves afterward. Allow yourself to have a look into nature which He created; do you see softness there or strict adherence to certain laws?

The Creator is strictly objective, perfectly just, and loving at the same time. His love, however, is of a different kind than our love. His love will always take care of what is good and beneficial to us, not of what is comfortable to us. And God anchored this love, strictness, and thus the justice into the laws.

If someone falls asleep and a disaster comes, a disaster against which man should run away, then it is an expression of love when we wake up the sleeping man. If the sleeping man is lazy to get out of bed because he or she feels comfortable in it, then it is also an expression of love to pour some cold water upon him or her, in order to wake him or her up. If the person is still cheeky, then we can slap his or her face so that he or she collects himself or herself because a disaster is getting close and if he or she does not run away, he or she will die. Also slapping of the face in this case is still an expression of love.

The Creator does the same thing with us. We slept spiritually. Neither waking up nor the cold water helped us. We are even so cheeky that we killed His Sons who were sent to earth to help us. Now only the slapping of the face remains. Those who awaken themselves spiritually through it, still have a possibility to rescue themselves. However, those who will complain about slapping of their faces shall wait for the happenings that will follow; because they did not want to accept the advice offered to them, due to their spiritual laziness and self-conceit.

We can still observe the same happening in nature. Animals that are weak or lazy are removed because they disturb the lawful evolution. When bacteria attack the body, (bacteria that would disturb the development of the body), the body tries to remove them as well. And we expect, when nature acts in this way, that He - who created the laws of nature, will act differently towards us, after we denied Him so many times already, even in a moment when He gave the helping hand to us. We acted so, only because of one reason; that in our enormous self-conceit, we are not able to accept that someone who is more perfect than us exists. Let us just have a look at the world around us! It is the expression of our “perfectness”.

We all have free will and no-one will force us into anything. The Creator does not need us! We need Him because we would not be here without the SOURCE of radiations which keep the universe, planets, and also our bodies together and keep them in motion, and which “animates” us.

He wanted to help us. But when we are so stupid and bad, we get what we deserve. Those who did not want to accept the advice and followed the churchly, scientific or political leaders blindly, and do not follow the RIGHT Word of God, shall wait for the near future. But they SHALL NOT DARE to accuse and put the blame on the Creator in these words: “How could God permit something like that?”; because He wanted to instruct us in love many times, and He warned us many times, but we laughed at Him every time! We even killed his Sons!

One part of us are so “independent” that they do not even believe He exists, while members of the second part lost their individuality when they devoted themselves to church, which in reality denied and killed both Sons of God while it proclaims that it serves God at the same time. So those are two senseless extremes. Where is the “golden middle way”?
We ourselves caused what awaits us – earthmen, now! We can not reap something else from what we have STUBBORNLY sowed for 2,000 years!

We all should thank the Creator on our knees that even in spite of our so many mistakes, He offered us again a possibility, so that we could be happy one day as self-conscious beings, in his beautiful Light gardens of eternity.

This possibility is the Word of the Son of Man – THE GRAIL MESSAGE.

And we can also thank that he will throw down this distorted work of the intellect now, work that wants to suppress every intuitive perception so firmly. He will throw it down so that people awake themselves from the sleep at last and he will open their eyes so that they see what is the consequence of their decision to turn against the Will of GOD and to rise the intellect above intuitive perception! Some people probably will realize then, that they acted wrong and they will admit their smallness and they will accept and receive the helping hand of GOD.

In time of need, after the “slapping of face” and when the church falls by itself, also science and all works of intellect, and people will ask for TRUTH, the radio Rescue will broadcast pure Word of God, in which the Creator gives helping hand to mankind.

Thus HE is the only one to whom belongs all appreciation and thankfulness coming from those, which find help in His Word that will be broadcasted by Radio Rescue.


Below, we offer a link to books of author Gaspard Nesomet, books which have the following titles: “TWO BROTHERS” and “THE MYSTERY OF THE RING”. These comparatively short books, which are written logically and objectively are also perfect proof of God's PERFECTION and are proof of the existence of his TWO Sons – JESUS and IMANUEL as well.