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The Introductory broadcast recording, which is part of our already existing broadcast content and as the first step in our active help, has been moved in its text and video version into a newly created folder under the heading:

“What is happening?”

Gradually, further recordings from the existing archive of Radio Rescue will be added to this new folder. As to when and which ones are selected will depend on the extent and manner of the upcoming spiritual “wake-up call”, that will ring louder and louder in the near future. This is because only hard blows can open people internally and make them ask themselves the right questions that lead to the TRUTH and thus to spiritual salvation!

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July the 5th, 2021

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August the 29th, 2022



We have published the call of one spiritual awakener recently, and now we are publishing our own for everyone who becomes to ask the right questions of this time, and in doing so he shows that his spirit is awaking. Do not only look down to the ground and around us, but also look upwards – to heaven and to stars sometimes! We start with that, what we have published already:


Important advice:

Man, and also every creature in God's creation is able to be freed just through that, what is continually hided from him:

To know and to live in accordance with God's laws!


All other instructions about freedom and help are only lures of darkness!

Actual information:

Happening which we started to experience and of which many people are shocked is not anything incomprehensible for us, and it would not be anything incomprehensible for many people. This happening that is visible now, is only consequence of a cause, which we know well for a long time already, and which majority of people do not see; but worse is that they do not even want to see it. We have called attention to that cause on our web-page already long tie ago.

Here it is:

Planet EARTH has been under control of dark extra-terrestrials for a long time already;

These are in earthly and in extra-terrestrial bodies!


Now it is necessary to add instruction we have already published as well:




Global rescue in not possible anymore, but only personal, and this rescue lies in this:


It is very hard to accept our statement about the cause for a common man; it is even impossible, as he is lacking important but real input data. It is even unreal to understand this information already. Small number of human population is interested in extra-terrestrial objects, i.e. the UFO and extra-terrestrials in extra-terrestrial bodies, even if many people have their own experiences with this phenomenon already; it still remains public taboo! And almost no one knows about the extraterrestrials in earthly bodies. Nevertheless we all are beings of the same origin and also kind: Unconscious spiritual germs, which shall develop to consciousness and perfection in the materiality! So how big is the hope that common earthman is able to accept the cause in the present time? Very small!

Common earthman has many of his own troubles and activities, which are “more important”, and he has no time for things he considers „unnecessary“. But that’s just it. What he considers „unnecessary“ is actually necessary for life. Actual effort will not be directed to extra-terrestrials in extra-terrestrial bodies, because there is much information available in many documentaries, and thus it would be useless, even if these documentaries were included among conspiracy theories. We however, will strive to give instruction about extra-terrestrials in earthly bodies, of which people know nothing in reality. When we want to give instruction, we must reach above our capabilities, and above knowledge that is available. It will be only very short extraction, even if this information requires large explanation for perfect understanding. Therefore, take it only as inspiration for your own seeking and exploration. Let you consider this searching and exploration as necessary for life! And therein lies our call. Instruction that will follow has already been available for us almost for a century.  Therefore we will use quotations from this Absolute Truth – the Grail Message, In the Light of Truth and Resonances to the Grail Message; thus they come personally from the constructor of this creation we live in:

SPIRIT- germs! I have often spoken of them already, explaining their genesis and path, and I have also said that earthmen are developed from spirit-germs. Thus it is your development, you human beings that I will describe here.“


„In my Message I have already stated that upon becoming conscious the spirit takes on a human form, since the special nature of the spirit conditions the human form. This statement is made in broad outline. Now I must also enlarge upon this explanation and point out the fact that during this awakening to initial consciousness the spirit-germ as such does not yet take on human form but only the delicate, elemental cloak.

This cloak takes on human form since, in awakening, the spirit-germ already unconsciously sets this cloak aglow. Therefore, since it is set aglow by spirit, albeit unconsciously, the cloak, in accordance with the kind it is being set aglow, naturally takes on human form.

However the spirit itself takes on a more or less beautiful human form only gradually during the process of gaining self-consciousness while wandering through the worlds of matter depending on the nature and goal of its development. In this process the spirit’s outer elemental and ethereal cloaks also transform correspondingly.“

This sentence is very important for right judging of these beings, which are flying above our heads.

However, I must not yet go into these details; for, in doing so, I would divert you too much from core of the matter, whereas now I wish above all to form a basic knowledge for you, which will give you the support you need for your ascent and for perfecting your spirit for its maturity for the luminous heights.

All else must for now be left aside until the great purification is over. Until then, however, you no longer have time for details leading you into vastness that will make your head swim!

You must for now strive to save yourselves from the maze of wrong volition to know it all better; This is the most necessary thing for you to do now, as you yourselves will recognize later on.“


„But years of explanations are still necessary to get to the point that you human beings will recognize with amazement the great simplicity running through creation in thousands of different effects, yet it ever again is precisely the same in all things, developing according to one basic law.“


„There is nothing in Creation which is not formed. We have individual forms and collective forms. To the collective forms belong the currents of the species which work beside or, better said, with the special shapes or individual shapes. Each of these currents has very definite tasks which precisely correspond with their kind. We may also say that these tasks issue from the kind.

Thus it is a spiritual current which among other things also guides the spirit-germs, as long as they are unconscious, along the path which brings them to where possibility of development can begin.

On this path three things have beneficial effect for the spirit germs: first, the spirit-germs’ inner desire to become conscious has a pressing and moving effect upon them, second, the effect of the stream of the spiritual current is to carry them along, and third, the homogeneous kind of human spirits already developing in materiality has a pulling effect.“


„When I formerly stated that a very definite stage of maturity of the matter is required for the reception of spirit-germs, and that this can no longer be repeated as the maturity increases, this did not concern the whole of creation, but only individual celestial bodies such as the earth, for example.

Finally, only such human souls as were older, and which had already been previously incarnated, could come to the earth; those which have to complete their course in the closing of the cycles, but not spirit-germs, i.e., souls which have never before been in the dense world of gross matter.

But there are always parts in Creation prepared to receive spirit-germs which have already attained to consciousness of their existence, but which must first develop towards self-consciousness through experiencing.

As long as the human spirit leads a life of merely being conscious of its existence it must retain the name spirit-germ, although its cloak may already bear the human form. Only with its further development towards self-consciousness does it cease to be a human spirit-germ and become a human spirit!“


„On every individual plane and indeed on each intermediate plane, through which the current flows, beings are always set down which are appropriate to and homogeneous with the respective plane, i.e., they remain behind where they have to work since this is where they become conscious. All this takes place through the natural and most simple operation of the laws, in such a way that it could not possibly be any other way.

In each intermediate plane specific kinds of beings awaken to consciousness in a manner that corresponds with their actual strength, and they begin to work there in a forming, protecting and tending way.“


„If men of the earth would serve aright, swinging in the Will of God, the earth would actually be a harmonious albeit a coarse reproduction of Creation. It is only due to the distortion of mankind that this has not yet happened.“


„A gray veil shrouds all that relates to the Lucifer. It seems like everybody fears from lifting a corner of this shroud. In truth, this fear is nothing but inability to penetrate into the realm of darkness. This inability on the other hand simply lies again in the very nature of things, for here, too, a limit is set upon the human spirit owing to kind of its origin, which prevents it from penetrating this far. Just as it is unable to reach the highest Heights, is it also unable to penetrate to the deepest depths, nor will it ever be able to do so.“


„Imagine that the human spirits, as unconscious spirit-seeds or sparks, flow out or jump out from the boundary of the lowest region of spiritual substantiality into material creation, with the expectation, that these out flowing particles, after their wandering in the world of matter, awakened to personal consciousness, return as developed spirits to the sphere of spiritual substantiality again, after completion of their cycle. This is similar to the circulation of the blood in the physical body! The Lucifer principle, however, diverts a large part of this circulating spiritual stream, causing much of this spiritual-substantiality to become lost. That is why the necessary cycle cannot be closed, it shows as a weakening as from the continual draining of an open wound.

However, when the “holy spear” i.e. the divine power, return into the proper hand, managed by the will of the Creator, it will show the right path to spiritual-substantiality which wanders through materiality as an animating factor, and it will lead the spiritual-substantiality upwards to its point of origin, to the luminous realm of God the Father; the spiritual-substantiality will then no longer become lost, but will flow back to its origin as the blood does to the heart, as a result, the ripped opened wound, which up till now weakened the spiritual substantiality, will be closed. Thus the healing can only take place through the same spear as inflicted the wound.“


To achieve this, however, the spear must first be violently wrested from Lucifer and come into the proper hand, which takes place in the personal battle between the Son of Man and Lucifer!

Battles that will affiliate with it then, and they will extend into the ethereal and gross material worlds are but the after-effects of this one great battle, which must bring about the promised fettering of Lucifer which heralds the beginning of the Kingdom of the Millennium. These battles mean the extermination of the consequences of the Lucifer principle. These battles mean deleting of consequences of Lucifer's principle.

This principle is opposed to the blessing by working of God's Love, which is bestowed upon people on their journey through the world of matter. If men would simply have a desire to follow this God's Love they would immediately become perfectly protected from every temptation by Lucifer, and he would be robbed of all his horrors the human spirit has woven around him.“


We have already written here on our web-page who truly rules our lives and we have also called them fittingly: „children of lucifer”!

These children of Lucifer rule not only our Earth but they rule whole world of matter on many planets; it means they even rule the beyond and therefore the evil spreads so apparently and penetratingly. Is there still any remedy, meaning is rescue still possible? Here is the answer:


„Because in reality more than half of the present inhabitants of the Earth do not belong here at all, but should be maturing in much lower and darker regions!”

This, however, has been valid almost a century ago!

It is much worse today!


„So it gradually became possible for the ethereal environment of the earth to gradually grow ever denser and darker and thus heavier, so heavy in fact that it even keeps the gross material earth itself from a course that would make it more accessible to higher spiritual influences. As the majority of all incarnated souls actually belong to regions that lie much lower than the earth itself, it will therefore be but God's Justice if such souls will be swept away in order to sink back to where they belong in reality; to the region where, due to their absolute homogeneity, they have no further opportunity to burden themselves with new guilt; consequently they are better able to mature toward an change for ascend through the suffering in their spheres.”


And this experiencing is waiting for us in a short time!

But it is necessary to state, that there are also light planets,

There are even also light human spirits,

who walk the right way of development.

We, however, have refused their help many times!

Extra-terrestrials in earthly bodies

have made a contract

just right with the children of lucifer from other planets!




Those children of lucifer, now the instrument of purification, are left aside until its conclusion!

After all, the Light will not get dirty in that mud, into which we have immersed ourselves.



November the 28th, 2021



It is already more than certain that the Corona virus which humanity is now fighting has been produced by humanity itself. At the same time, humanity pursues through this virus, an objective that has been known for a long time now, i.e. to lower human population on Earth to a level which, according to their plan, is bearable. This level has been clearly stated for several years now, on the well-known Georgia guidestones. Their target level is set at 500 million people!

When this quotation seems to be fictional and utopic, one should study expressions of specialists in this field. Some of those people who worked on this devilish plan have also spoken out. Still, the person who prepared and also financed this plan is well known. We hereby present one more important connection:

The surname of the person behind the devilish plan has the following meaning in Italian language:
So isn't that the beast's armament from the Bible?

You can get information here:
(English version video)

So, if this scenario and information we are experiencing once again seems to be only a conspiracy theory to anyone, he should think logically in a direction that follows. In reality, proofs are everywhere around us, but willingness to get acquainted with them is only in a small number of people.

We will try to prove through the help of the logic that this prepared scenario is actually a reality.
The Virus that was created has thus the task of lowering the burden of human population on planet Earth to the level that is stated above. But the one who wants to put this devilish plan into reality, would not proceeed in a manner that shows he developes a virus for the purpose of a planned genocide. Instead, he invests a large amount of capital into that project, while on the other hand, he will soon after put more capital into elimination of his earlier invention – the virus, through a vaccine that he himself had already developed earlier! All the same, that would sound counter productive !

Therefore, that devilish plan has been chosen in such a way that the originator cannot lose money while achieving the desired objective, but in addition he earns a lot of extra money. And so by using humanity's stupidity, he confirms his greed and presumed shrewdness in such a way that all the money he put into reseach for the virus will flow back to him, together with a handsome profit from production of the vaccines. These vaccines will not endanger his objective, but on the contrary, they will only multiply it. And so the virus, as well as the vaccine, fulfill the mutual objecive: Genocide of humanity, to achieve the targeted level: 500 million!

So, is it only a conspiracy theory, or does it also have some logic?
The logic lies in that it is the most perfect plan on how to “rescue“ the planet.
There is a barren effort for rescue of the planet from everywhere - for appearance's sake!
There is an effort to “to rescue“ the planet, but only for the chosen ones!
But those “chosen ones“, who alone consider themselves chosen, will miscalculate now, and the right chosen ones will be completely different.
The following message will be actual for those Lucifer's children who caused it. Maybe this message will also be useful to those rightfully chosen ones, who do not know about it as well:


Why will they miscalculate now? Because they do not know the natural - God's laws, which they violate in doing so!

On several occasions, we have called for attention and even strove to give advice on what the Achilles heel is, for present-day humanity.

Man does not know himself, nor the world that he lives in, and therefore he does not know even the natural - God's laws; he has continually submitted to these laws, even when he does not know about them, but they always rule and judge us.

These are the three basic laws which maintain nature and order in the whole universe, as well as the whole creation of God:              
1. Law of gravity.
2. Law of attraction of homogenous species.
3. Law of reciprocal action.
These three main laws ensure that no injustice can exist in creation, and also that morality, which is missing so much nowadays, must be functional. So these laws express themselves in our experiencing as follows:

Everyone of us carries inside of him:

i) a “recording device“ by which he creates necessary proofs not only to his advantage, but also to his disadvantage;
ii) he also carries inside himself a policeman who will also prove man guilty on the basis of these proofs;
iii) and he carries inside a judge as well, who will also condemn man on the basis of proofs created by him alone!

When man of today becomes aware of this, and he acknowledges it as the right conviction, moral value of humanity will increase, and everyone will consider deeply, if or not he violates these functional natural - God's laws. Indeed everyone can do it because his free will remains valid, but he must be aware of what is stated above: “One reaps what he sows“! That is what Jesus left us as important message or reminder. Also His gospel of love only confirmed the old law of justice, which remains valid: An “eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth“! However, it is not man’s responsibility to bring this law into operation because man lost his ability to look into those finer levels, and he does not even know the relations in flow of eternity, though the stated laws will operate perfectly by themselves. So also those children of Lucifer who cause actual problems, must account through fulfilling of these laws. Common people do not need to be afraid of injustice; also those who are suffering now and see how just childern of Lucifer are doing well, shall not doubt the effecting of these laws. The time is coming, and we are already living in it, and we are already experiencing the LAST JUDGMENT foretold by all big religions! Free will was preserved for us, upto the time of judgment, and so everyone was free to violate these laws! But that will end soon!
So, all those who know these laws as well as the fitting promises, should know that when they trust these laws, they trust God in reality, and they should not be afraid of Covid, nor the vaccine, not even what all people till now call death! The reason is that what is thus called “death“ is only the getting rid of the coarsest covering of one’s spirit, but it is not an end to life, or “death“ as they call it.
Therefore to rescue the uppermost covering of the spirit, which is not necessary for the new time in reality, is equally as childish as to rescue clothes before the man himself. These words do not say that man shall not value his earthly body, but on the contrary, he shall preserve it in a state in which it will enable the spirit to be correctly effective through the body. But he shall do it only in such a way that the spirit can remain alive to rule the body, because only he - spirit, can be eternal!
It is the same with those who strive to rescue only the coarsest covering of the Earth, because all materiality is doomed to extinction, in accordance with the natural - God's laws. In this case we again do not incite to damage the coarse covering of the Earth, because these worlds are perfectly connected and damage of one has an effect to the state of the other one. So as it is with our body, also with the Earth itself. But the right protection of that which is coarse does not lie in what all activists for rescue of the Earth are producing today. Everyone of us must be active, and even work practically in order not to damage what is material - only what is visible to us so far, but also to ennoble it. And here too, everyone writes a befitting scenario for himself, and the natural laws will return to him exactly what he sowed through his actions.
Therefore those children of Lucifer who calculatively strive to rescue only the uppermost covering for themselves, and made themselves the chosen people, will remain attached only to the coarsest covering of the Earth, which will perish with them. But it is impossible to open their blind eyes, because they decided to serve the false lord. So this message is not determined for them, but it is determined only for those who are willing to let themselves to be instructed. But unfortunately, upto now there is only a very small number of them, and it will remain so until the time the following statement will become a reality:

Powerful ones have to become powerless,
educated ones have to become puzzled,
and indifferent ones must become curious!

And this event awaits us in a short time, and no one has the power to avert it, because it is working within the perfect natural - God's laws. When the scenario of these described events comes true, we humans have already determined by our actions. And so each of us will see the fulfillment of this scenario. Either still here, in this world, or there, in a world which churches call the beyond!

So how can man rescue himself? It is explained on our webpage from several angles of vision. But it is also explained in this article. A beffiting quotation from the absolute Truth, from Word of the Son of Man, The Grail Message will give more detailed explanation:
The fundamental condition for this, however, is the exact knowledge of the God's Laws in Creation. These show him how he shall live if he wishes to be healthy in body and in soul (*), point with precision the path leading upwards to the Spiritual Realm, while also enabling him to recognize clearly the horrors which have to fall upon him, if he opposes God's laws!
(*) Soul is spirit with several coverings - bodies.



63. “I am the resurrection and the life, no man come unto the Father but by me!”
(Lecture from The Grail Message)

Coming from the Divine, Jesus was right in using these words because He could overlook everything and He was the only One who could really explain it. His Message, which cannot be separated from Him personally, shows the clear path up to the Light amid the confusion of erroneous opinions. For all human spirits this means the possibility of a rising or a resurrection from the world of matter into which they are immersed for their further development. Such a resurrection means life for everyone!
Let you listen carefully: All that is base and all that is evil, i.e., all that is called darkness, exists only in the world of matter, both in gross matter and in ethereal matter! He who grasps this aright has gained much already.

When a man’s thoughts are evil or base he does immense harm to himself. The main strength of his volition then flows forth like a magnetic ray toward the lower surroundings, where in turn it attracts, through its weight and its greater density, ethereal matter which is correspondingly denser and thus darker, and as a result, the human spirit, from which this volition issues, is enveloped by this dense kind of matter. Also if a human mind is primarily bent on worldly things, if he is under the spell of some passion for something which need not necessarily be only immorality, gambling or drinking, but can also be a marked partiality for anything of an earthly nature, his spirit will be covered by a more or less dense ethereal cloak through the process I have already mentioned.
This dense and consequently dark cloak prevents all possibility of the spirit rising upwards, and persists as long as the spirit does not change the nature of its volition.
Only an earnest volition and an earnest striving for lofty spirituality can loosen and at last completely detach such a cloak, because then it no longer receives a supply of strength of a like nature and gradually loosens its support, and finally it is dissolved and falls away, thus freeing the spirit for its ascent.
Ethereal matter must not be regarded as a refinement of visible gross matter, for it is a species quite different from gross matter and of a different nature, which in spite of it can still be called matter. It is a transition to animistic substantiality from which the animal soul originates. If humans remain in the world of mater, then they must, in the natural course of events, be dragged into the disintegration to which all matter is subject, since because of their heavy envelopment, they can no longer free themselves from world of matter in time.
That are people who of their own desire have descended into the world of matter for their development and they will remain bound in it if they do not keep the right path! They are incapable of a re-emergence from it, which is tantamount to a resurrection towards the Light. — —
It should be further explained that every development of a spirit-germ longing for personal „ego“ necessitates immersion into the world of matter. Only through experiences in the world of matter can it so develop. No other way is open to it. The spirit-germ, however, is not forced into this immersion, for it happens only as soon as its own desire to do so awakens within it. Its own wish then impels it towards the necessary course of development. Out of the so-called paradise of unconsciousness and thus out of its state of non-responsibility.
If men in the world of matter, through their wrong wishes, lose the right path that leads upwards again, back to the Light, then they remain wandering in the world of matter.
Now try and observe the happenings in the world of gross matter. Observe the formation and the decaying in its immediate and to you visible surroundings.
You will observe in the germination, growing, ripening and decaying how the process of forming works, i.e., how the basic substances combine, how they mature, followed by decomposition and how what was formed returns into the same basic substances through disintegration, that is, through falling apart in the process of rottening. You can see this in water, also in the so-called weathering of rocks, in plants and clearly in animal and human bodies. And in the same way that this happens here in small things, it also happens with great things, and ultimately in all cosmic processes. It applies not only to the gross material world which is visible to man on earth, but also to the ethereal world, the so-called beyond which, however, still has nothing to do with paradise. — —
The entire world of matter is suspended like a great wreath at the lowest part of creation, rotating in an immense circle which takes many millions of years to complete. Thus in the great cosmic happenings everything not only revolves around itself, but the whole of creation also continually rotates in an immense circle. Just as this great cycle resulted from the first process of combination up to its present state of completion, so it continues unswervingly on its course in the same manner until disintegration sets in and returns the component parts to their primeval substance again. The cycle, with its primeval substance, nonetheless continues calmly to rotate in order to form new worlds again, through new combinations, which bear virgin, as yet unused energies.
Such is the great process of evolution, eternally repeating itself on the smallest as well as on the grandest scale. And above this cycle there stands firmly anchored the first pure spiritual creation, the so-called paradise. In contrast to the formed world of matter, paradise is not subject to disintegration.
It is in this eternal pure-spiritual sphere, which stands luminously above the cycle that the origin of the unconscious spirit-germ of man lies. This spiritual sphere is the final goal of the human spirit again, after it has become self-conscious and thus also personality in the world of matter. It goes forth as an unconscious and non-responsible germ. It returns as an real, self-conscious and therefore responsible personality provided that... it does not get wandered on its necessary journey through the world of matter, therefore becoming entangled in it, but celebrates its resurrection from it as a human spirit which has become fully conscious. This is the joyful re-emergence from the world of matter towards this luminous and eternal part of creation.
As long as the human spirit remains in the world of matter it partakes in a part of this great and eternal rotating movement without, of course, realizing it. Thus one day it will at last arrive also at the boundary line where that part of creation where it dwells slowly gets near to disintegration. Then, however, it is the highest time for all human spirits which are still within the world of matter to make haste and improve themselves to such an extent that they can ascend to the safe and luminous harbour of the eternal realm, which means the right way and above all the shortest way of escape from the impending dangers in the world of matter before such dangers will be able to overtake these people.
If the human spirit do not achieve this then it will become more and more difficult, and finally too late for him!
Along with everything else he will then be drawn into slow disintegration, in which process the acquired personal “ego” will be torn to shreds. Suffering a thousand torments he will again become unconscious spirit-germs. This is the most dreadful fate which can befall a spirit that has attained self-consciousness.
This applies to all those who have developed their personality in the wrong direction. They must therefore lose their personality as both useless and detrimental. It should be noted that disintegration is not the same as annihilation. Nothing can be annihilated. It is but a return into the primeval state. What will be destroyed in these lost ones is the personal “ego” they had acquired up to that time, a process accompanied by the highest torments.
Such lost or damned ones then cease to be complete human spirits, while the others are permitted to return home to the eternal realm of joy and Light as self-conscious spirits, consciously enjoying all its splendor. —
Just as a cornfield, after a number of years, yields an ever-decreasing harvest of grain, and only receives new energy through crop rotation, so it is with the whole world of mater, too. It becomes exhausted after a time as well, and must refresh its strength through disintegration and renewed composition. Such processes, however, require millions of years. However, even in the course of many millions of years there comes one definite year which is decisive for the necessary separation of what is useful from what is useless.
And we have now reached this point in time in the great cycle. The human spirit still dwelling in the World of Matter must at last decide to make its ascent, otherwise the world of matter will keep it firmly entwined for the ensuing disintegration … which is eternal damnation from which a spiritual, self-conscious resurrection and ascent towards the luminous, eternal part of creation that stands elevated above such disintegration, will never be possible again. —
In the natural development of the whole there has, for a long time already, no longer been any possibility for spirit-germs striving to become conscious to incarnate upon this over-ripe earth-plane, because they would require too long a time to make a timely departure from this world of matter as individual self-conscious spirits. In the natural course of events the path of the spirit germs encounters only such parts of the world which are homogenous in the fact that their necessary development requires a length of time equal to that needed by a spirit germ for its development in the extreme case. Only the hemogeneity of stages of development opens the way for the spirit germ, while a more mature part of some part of the would create quite insurmountable barriers for unfinished spirit germs. Thus here too there can be absolutely no question of an injustice and a deficiency. Therefore, every human spirit is, at the same time and in the same highest state of maturity as its material environment, able to stand matured at the boundary of that part of the world of matter in which we currently dwell.
There is not one human being who could not be mature! The disparity among men is but the necessary consequence of their own free volition. This world of matter is now transitioning from a state of over-ripeness to a process of disintegration while simultaneously drifting towards a new birth.
For the fields of the human spirits, however, the time of cutting and harvesting has arrived, and with it the separation. That which is mature will be uplifted towards the Light through the effects of the Natural Laws, whereby the ethereal cloak gradually will be cast off, leaving the spirit thus freed from its burden consciously to swing upwards to the realm of a homogeneous nature, of all that is eternally spiritual. That which is unfit, however, will be retained in the world of matter by the self-caused density of its ethereal body. The fate of these latter is that their ethereal bodies remain subject to the changes now beginning in the world of matter, and they have to suffer under the most painful disintegration lasting thousands of years. The magnitude of their suffering will finally affect the human spirit in such a manner as to make it lose its self-consciousness. In this process the form of the image of God, the form of man, acquired in the course of becoming conscious, again disintegrates. After the complete disintegration of matter back into primeval substance, that which has become unconscious spiritual again, is set free and rises upwards to its kind. Then, however, it does not return as a conscious human spirit, but as an unconscious seed which will start its whole course again from the beginning in a new part of the world, when new wish will arise in it.
Looking out from His height, i.e., looking down from above, Christ, as always, chose His words in such a way as to describe as a quite natural process the resurrection of the spirit-germ from the world of matter into which it had descended.
Let you imagine, you are standing above the world of matter.
Below you, spread out like a ploughed field, lies whole world of matter in its many species. Spirit-germs, coming from above, immerse into the world of matter. Gradually, over a long period of time and at many inter-levels, complete human spirits emerge which have become self-conscious through their experiences in the world of matter, and which through their desire to strive upwards can cast off all that is material and leave it behind. These thereby celebrate their resurrection from the world of matter!
But not all germs rise to the surface as matured spirits. A good many of them remain down and must perish therein, useless. —
Everything is exactly the same as with a wheat field.
Just as with the grain of wheat, all the mysterious and actual development takes place in the soil needed for that purpose, so the main development of the spirit-germ takes place in the whole universal world of matter. —
With each one of His sentences Christ always illustrates some natural happening in creation. — —
So when He said: No man come to the Father but by my message, or by my Word, or by me, it is one and the same thing. It means: “No man can find the way except through what I say.” One expression means the same as the other. It is also the same whether He says: “Through my message I bring you the possibility of resurrection from the world of matter and with it life” or “I am, by my Word, resurrection and life for you.”
Men should grasp the meaning and not bring themselves into confusion ever anew by haggling over words. — — —

September the 23rd, 2021



The intellect is a product of the brain, the brain is an organ of the body, but the body is not alive, but it is only “animated” for some time, (*) by the spirit that is only “animated” as well; the spirit is “animated” by GOD, who alone is LIFE!

* (It would be correct to state – set in motion, instead of the term “animated”)

Although for the mind the above-mentioned is something beyond its ability to comprehend, we will try to help with a quote from Him who is competent:
Man’s CONCEPTION of life has so far been erroneous. All that he has called life is nothing but impelled motion, which must be regarded as merely the natural effect of real life.
Therefore in the whole of Creation it is only the after-effect of this more or less strong motion, which forms, matures, maintains and dissolves everything. The human intellect has investigated this motion, and it considers this motion as being the highest. Human intellect also found its limits therein; it cannot proceed further beyond this limits in its investigation because it itself is a product of this motion. As it was the highest he could know he simply called this motion “power” or “living power” or also “life”.

Life, real Life, is something completely autonomous, something completely independent. Otherwise it could not be called “Life”. Such Life, however, is in God alone!

There is only a spirit in a human body connected with that life, but it would be better to say that it can only be!
Why? Because most people do not know about their spirit at all, and therefore such a spirit cannot make a connection with that life, and so it is appropriate to say that such people carry only a sleeping spirit inside of them, even if their mind is sharp. Therefore it will reach only those homogeneous levels, to which only his lifeless body belongs! Such a state is insufficient for obtaining the Truth, because the spirit that is alive is precisely what is important. And this is the case with most of our scientists. Therefore, it is difficult for them to recognize and accept what a person with an “animated” or “revived” spirit takes for granted, and then he or she cannot accept and actually understand such solutions as presented in the article “The proofs from the Moon”. The following more detailed explanation may be helpful. However, that will depend on his spirit, i.e. if he is able to awaken his spirit.
This personal confession of mine is necessary for a number of reasons so that there can finally be a mutual understanding of those who so far differ in their views on the state of knowledge of humanity, but first and foremost those who are trying to share a common belief, which is something that sometimes is still not successful to achieve either.
The last article, “The proofs from the Moon”, actually forced this move. It is clear and logical from the article that it is a summary of the survival of only one specific and older person, and therefore the reputation of others will remain intact and undefiled, as one might think and be frightened if he or she does not agree with something in the article. He fears a deduced conclusion, which, however, logically resulted from the facts presented in the article, as a result of documented experience. From the logical questions asked, I tried to point focus to what actually led me to my beliefs, presented in the article because it is clear from the positive answers. These questions are:

1) Do you acknowledge that extra-terrestrials are present also on the Moon?
2) Do you acknowledge that they are able to control gravity?
3) Do you acknowledge that they are able to protect their objects by controlling the gravitation?
4) Do you acknowledge that falsehood has been presented to us so far?

And if the respondent answers these four questions in the affirmative, then the conviction of the author of the article must be reached - unconditionally! But only those who have had some factual experiences that have built up that conviction can answer these questions in the affirmative. If the one who did not have such an experience answers them in the affirmative, then someone has only influenced him, so he is only a hypocrite like most of our scientists! However, the one who answers in the negative is evaluated in a similar way.
And this is the problem of all our scientific authorities, which only recognize what they have been taught, but they lack the essential, the true conviction, because they lack the necessary - their own experience! But they cannot obtain the necessary experience because they lack what is essential in their search: the PURITY! Only the one whose spirit radiates that purity, after acquiring the necessary connection, can gain such an experience! Therefore, when they want to gain those experiences and approach the Truth, or even the knowledge of the true eternal Laws of nature in their search, there must be that purity, but not calculation and search for benefits. Only the one who seeks to educate himself and strives to become a selfless giver of this knowledge to others, will then receive help in those important experiences, and also the necessary conviction, the right conviction that scientists and humanity now lack. It is missing because everyone seeks and researches only to gain benefits in the form of admiration, position in the hierarchy of power, capital, and other kinds of many benefits. Everyone has different motivations to seek, but all of them are only impure as they exclude for him the necessary connection and subsequent experience. 

“This, however, does not come to him overnight, nor does it fall to him in his sleep, but it requires earnest efforts, a great and strong volition, which must not lack in purity.”

And when the person in question cannot obtain such an experience because his impurity will not allow him, he rejects everything and also all those who had this experience. And it is caused by his inner and silent jealousy, of which he may not even know or which he does not even realize, or he knows and hides it! It is jealousy of all those who have such experiences and he envies them their experiences. Therefore, he rejects their arguments and facts, or hides them altogether, so that others do not come to know about them. The reason for all this is to ensure that he is not viewed as an ignorant person, and also does not deprive himself of false, even undeserved privileges and benefits that he still enjoys though he does not deserve them. And this is the root, even the cause, of all the evil and ignorance that now rules mankind! Those privileges should belong to those whom he has so far called only conspirators, and even hides their claims and facts, or makes fun of them. But not for long! And we are now beginning to reap the fruits of this cultivated hypocrisy in all areas! And there are many named “causes”, but the real one is still missing or is kept hidden. The real cause is mentioned in the introduction above. Their “causes” are only consequences of the right and the only one cause that was named herein! But no one can break the convictions of those so-called “conspirators”, because they have experiences that have built that firm and unwavering conviction, supported by irrefutable arguments. Our history proves how many of those “conspirators” have been wrongfully burned at the stake in the past! Today, the bribed media is used instead of burning. Actually, the so-called “scientists” envy these people because they feel that they themselves are not capable of such a sacrifice and therefore they fight against them, and so the following appropriate proverb is fulfilled:

If you are Right, no one likes you!
The closer you get to the Truth, the more people you set against you!
Which of the scientists is able to accept these words and will not be angry?
Such one has already awakened his spirit!

September the 2nd, 2021
September the 12th, 2021



After a long time, my observations of the Moon, whose results kept me awake for many nights, figuratively speaking, have now been confirmed. Now I will try to provide the results of these observations to readers, and thus to the public. I, however, have to go back in time when it all started, thus to the beginning of the eighties of the last century, hence go back in time before the famous “velvet revolution” in former Czechoslovakia. It was the time when I had my first observations of extra-terrestrials and their activities here on Earth. I will describe only two cases, though more of them followed after, some of them even more interesting. But these first two observations were special for me. The following text will make you understand why.
The case mentioned below as the first one happened actually after the case that is described below as the second one. I switched their order on purpose because the first-mentioned one is more credible for the public. Why is that? Because there were two witnesses who are still alive as I write this, and can confirm my words, and therefore nobody can accuse me of having hallucinations.

I was with a friend on a night hunt, walking on a path through the deciduous forest. It was during winter so we only had a short-term clear view of the sky. We were on the ridge of a hill, and above our heads, merely a hundred meters up, a glowing disc flew and illuminated the moon. The disc had a transparent-like dome on its upper side, but with its own light, with an orange beacon flashing on the top. But we didn't see anyone in that lighted dome because we were looking from below, so we only saw its upper part. He was also outside and had even better viewing options because he was in free space, even though much further from the object. He even said that afterwards, the object flew also back. However, we didn't see the return fly of that object since we already had had a work with the prey. The object flew from south to north, possibly slightly northeast.
The second case was even more remarkable; unfortunately, I have no direct witnesses to support it although witnesses were eventually found as I will explain. This second case began when I was sitting in a field during the night from where I had excellent opportunities to observe the sky. This interested me as much as hunting, so these two activities could be perfectly combined. Above the horizon of the hills, whose average altitude was about a thousand meters, two very strong headlights lit up in the sky about 40 degrees above those hills. They were shining down as if looking for something because they were constantly changing the angle. They were even shining in my direction, but from my point of view, not in front of the hills but far beyond. Then the lights could be seen going out, just like when you switch off the car's headlights. The next moment, they lit up again but this time much closer to me, though their rays still fell behind the hills. The distance of headlights from each other was a little bigger than is the moon's diameter visible in the sky. This fact strongly caught my attention because I immediately understood that the object must be of enormous dimensions, even that it was very distant from my position when the rays did not fall between me and the hills but maybe somewhere very far away.
In the morning, I told my colleagues at work about my observations from the previous night. Their reactions were similar to how most people react today. I couldn't expect anything else from them. However, when I came back home from work, I sat down over a detailed forest map, and from the obtained data, i.e. heights and angles, I came to the conclusion that the object had to fly 40-60 kilometers above the ground and was 25 kilometers long. Remember that information because it is important. The next morning, when I arrived at the office, the economist shouted at me with a thrilling tone in his voice: “Come, come, they've just said in the news that an airplane was watching the same object in the sky, which you spoke about yesterday”. So I waited for the news to be repeated and they said: “The Soviet transport plane flying on the Kyiv - Minsk route had an interesting observation. The pilots saw a huge object fly and even stated that it flew at an altitude of about 40 to 60 kilometers, i.e. as half of the Lake Peipus, over which it flew. And this lake is 50 kilometers long. It shone down with powerful headlights, so it was possible to recognize everything perfectly, like cars and houses.” So, in the end, also my second observation was completely confirmed. The economist, and even the colleagues, is still alive and thus they can confirm the above-written. 
And it were these survivals of mine that inspired me to say to myself that when those extraterrestrial activities are present down here on Earth, they must be observable outside as well, that is, on the moon; when they fly mostly at night, it will be beneficial to focus on that moon. That's why I bought some equipment, within my modest possibilities. I already had a computer, so I bought a telescope with 100x magnification, to which an image sensor was connected, with a magnification of 1.6. Therefore, in the end, I had the equipment with 160x magnification of the captured image. Moreover, when we add the screen of the monitor to which the telescope was connected, and thus there is even the possibility to zoom the image on the computer, these were already quite interesting parameters to observe the Moon. At the same time, I could freely save or delete interesting images on a computer. Since I was already retired, I had time for such observations, and I used every suitable condition. Sometimes even my wife got angry at me, wondering how I can still enjoy watching the same object! The point is, it was never really the same! I had a lot of interesting observations and also the departures of objects from the Moon, some of which can be found on this page. But let’s get back to our topic. 
I managed to capture a certain object on the Moon that was beyond my ability to understand, until now. However, recently I received confirmation, again from another side. That's why I decided to write about it only now. Why? Well, because I discovered a very high tower over there on the Moon that is 25 kilometers high, according to my estimation, and after comparison with the surrounding and known craters. One fact, however, was very interesting and I was not able to understand it: the tower was not always observable there! Sometimes it didn't seem to be there like it was completely missing at that place!
At my discretion, I began to relate this “tower” to my past experience and observations on Earth, confirmed by that Russian aircraft as well. I thought that the object is identical to the one I observed here on Earth and that sometimes it “parks” over there on the Moon and sometimes flies somewhere else. It also resembles our rockets on the ramp. But now, after the confirmation from the other side, another and even more fantastic consideration has begun to emerge, when it is known that there are more of those towers. I will try to acquaint you with that thought now:
We must realize that my position for observation on Earth changes with respect to the Moon depending on the position of axes of the two bodies relative to each other, and also on the angle at which the sun's rays fall on the observable object, i.e. the position of the Sun. Therefore, none of my observations were actually identical, even though I observed the same object. Now that it has been discovered that the towers are made of a material similar to our glass, we must realize that when the rays bounce off the surface of the object, it becomes observable. On the other hand, the object becomes invisible when the rays pass through it because we observe the surrounding landscape, meaning we are looking right through the object itself. It's the same as when we are looking through a normal window.
The above-mentioned confirmation, a shot of the tower, appeared in the TV documentary “Mysteries of Space” on Czech TV channel Prima Zoom, and it was in the 20th episode, which is called “The Far Side of the Moon”.
For comparison, we present below a picture of that tower from the aforementioned TV documentary and also the one that I managed to capture with a telescope, and has already been used in the article: "UFO IN SLOVAKIA, MOON Witness of the TRUTH".

The image from the TV documentary “Mysteries of Space” (production of Russia, year of production 2017).

My image captured by a telescope.

It is necessary to realize that these towers are guaranteed to have an important use, and even the fact that from the tops of those towers, reasonably distributed on the surface of the Moon, it is possible to actually observably cover its entire surface. And we all know very well that on Earth we first built tall masts to establish and maintain communication; later we replaced them with satellites in the sky, which are already in many functions today and are to help us anticipate certain circumstances and even observe the Earth and what's happening on its surface. We already have a dangerous space junk in orbit, and we are already considering how to clean that junk up there because the space junk can subsequently endanger us down below, and also other new satellites. We can also be endangered by what arrives from outer space, such as meteorites, meteors, bolides, and comets, as well as those flying alien objects. We are continuously looking for suitable technologies to avoid this threat, but unsuccessful so far. It would be better to say that only a handful of scientists are trying to prevent a threat, while the majority of them strive for the opposite direction. Some seek salvation for only a small number of the chosen ones!
And now we can deduce from the above-written that the civilization on the Moon is already technologically on such a level that it does not produce the garbage and various junks like we do. Actually, it is so advanced that its activities are hidden from our primitive technology, that is, they are undetectable. But now we need to add something important. Only those immature civilizations reveal themselves in the universe.
In addition to the tower that I discovered on the moon, another big problem went through my mind, which will also explain and add a lot to us. We need to realize how many meteorites and similar objects have flown into our atmosphere, and some have even crashed during the long period of my observation of the Moon. And then there's the second fact: The whole Moon is covered with craters of different sizes, which proves that a lot of the different cosmic material falls on it as well. It falls ... (actually fell) even more and everything directly on its surface because Moon has no atmosphere. That is the reason why I hoped that during my observation I would be able to see and capture the impact of at least one such object. Of course, I knew I couldn't see its blaze over the Moon because there was no atmosphere. But the impact of such an object is associated with such enormous energy, which we fear on Earth as well, even though the atmosphere protects us, such that when it hits the dark surface of the Moon, a flash of that great released energy would have to be visible. On the contrary, an impact on the illuminated part of the Moon, a cloud of dust would have to be visible to be released upon impact. After all, our scientists claim that when the large animals became extinct, it was after the impact of a large meteorite, and the Earth was covered with such clouds that everything remained in darkness and cold. Why then, during all that long time, why did I not notice the slightest impact of such an object on the Moon, when a pile of them fell on Earth during that time? The Moon is the most-watched celestial body in our solar system, and yet no one has boasted that he or she captured and recorded the impact of a meteorite on it. My answer is:

When we already know that a more advanced civilization lives or works on the moon,
a civilization like this is already able to discover such an object in time and even destroy it!

And precisely this fact is another proof of the presence of a more advanced civilization on the Moon!

And so we have found the use of those towers on the moon, which certainly perform more functions, and are even proof of the truth we already know: “The evolution is moving from primitive, through complex, to simple!” Unfortunately, most civilizations won't get to the simple stage but destroy themselves by then ... or the well-deserved punishment will come, which is written about in all the spiritual books. And we are on this path too! Those towers on the moon can stop all those primitive technologies of ours that are already beginning to be complex, which is why we have all the accompanying problems we are currently experiencing. The always greedy and crave-for-power rulers, who are willing to destroy everyone, even everything around them, for their own benefit, cause it. And that is exactly our present time and what we experience now!
An advanced civilization no longer produces any waste, neither energetic nor material, because it uses the free and clean energies of the universe, and is therefore indeed undetectable. It does not need any unnecessary constructions, such as roads, supermarkets, sports halls, fitness centers, and much more, neither oil, nor nuclear power, or weapons. Not even churches and mosques because they are ruled only by true service to God. But there are also civilizations that serve another master but that is also off the topic for now. Only those who produce mess can be detected in the universe. Such ones are targets for observation, same as we are because we threaten other beings not only on Earth of which we do not even know about but also at other levels of creation. What do you think ... how long we will be tolerated by the more advanced ones, whom we actually also threaten?

We should get ourselves together before it will be too late!
But late only for us ... arrogant earthlings!

We experience this circus and mess because we let our rulers lie to us, and even act as their servants and be used by them. We alone even elect them! And when someone tries to convince and teach us about our absurd doing, we either put him among the conspirators, or we lock him up in psychiatry, or silence him in another way, or even eliminate him. All that to the applause of the public, which we can boldly call a mass of fools!

So what - do these facts convince anyone?
If not, let him or her answer to which group he or she belongs!


* * *


It is interesting that in the next 21st episode of the already mentioned TV documentary “Mysteries of Space”, other facts were given, which we think are a good follow-up to this article and only underline the truthfulness written in it. We, therefore, want to share information again, because day by day one can obtain evidence of open manipulation of people directed to lead them far away from the real truth and real life. Unfortunately, there are still only a few who ask questions such as: “Why are we prevented from gaining the true knowledge? Why is the effort of the powerful ones of this world to hide the real truth from us?”

Let's get back to the TV documentary. At the end of the sixties of the last century in the Estonian city of Tallinn, one day a gentleman wanted to dig a well in the yard. When he reached a depth of about six meters, he came across a very hard piece of a plate. He tried to drill through it. In the end, he somehow succeeded and the water from there began to spring, as he wanted. The material seemed unusual to him though. He had managed to split a tiny piece of it that was put to chemical analysis. Once the results of the analysis were known, the situation became interesting. Scientists in the laboratories found out that we cannot produce such material with magnetic properties at all, and it cannot even occur naturally on Earth. So where did it come from?
Allegedly, the material consists of 38 chemical elements of Mendeleev's periodic table, and some of them, according to our earthly knowledge, are not even possible to combine with each other.
Although the material looks like a metal, it has the same cell structure as the plant cell structure!
The resulting composition of the mysterious material is like this: “It is a magnetic composite material reinforced with a mix of calcium-ferric-silica fibers, the matrix of which is metal glass.”
That's not all from the man's experience though. As expected, the government technicians came to his place. Probably they already knew that they came across something special, but they still couldn't say for sure to what object the plate in the ground (and the material it's made of) belonged. A Russian scientist was called in to do a bio-location on the spot to determine the shape of the underground object and its estimated size.

Here is his measurement result:
A scene from the TV documentary “Mysteries of Space”:

So even here we can find a probably crashed alien aircraft - UFO, on the shell of which was found a material similar to glass. So the reconnaissance flying towers on the Moon could be already an improved and larger version.
The fact that the material of the aircraft has the cellular structure of plants only confirms what is written above, i.e. there are civilizations that can already create alloys of materials in a natural way, so it is a real bio-industry, still unknown to us, and such civilizations do not create pollution or residual waste on a large scale.
There was also another interesting fact mentioned in the documentary. According to them, the aircraft has been stuck in the ground for several thousand years already; they also found out that the glass-like material still has a kind of unknown energy, which also affects people.
This fact also suggests something. The Japanese were allegedly interested in researching the material, and they came to Estonia. However, the American government arranged for the Estonians to simply send the Japanese home because Americans wanted to get the finding for themselves.
The official conclusion for the public was that in the end nothing interesting was found and that the material of the plate, which was so much talked about in the media at the time, was a common and well-known alloy on Earth. In the end, the public was once again put to sleep by a false fairy tale. Yet it must be added that the public was willing to accept this fairy tale on its own.

People; let us strive to use all these facts for ourselves in a correct way.
Because they prove that there is knowledge; a knowledge of the genuine natural laws of God, about which we know nothing, and there is an effort to conceal and hide them from us for a much longer time than the aircraft from the documentary lies in the ground.

Let us not be satisfied only with the consuming material “life”, which is only the poison and the deadly sleep to our spirit!
Precisely that is our goal through these articles; to awaken the spirit from its sleep, so that it may finally begin to seek for itself the true knowledge of God's laws, and in doing so gain the opportunity to save itself at the last moment!

* * *

September the 12th, 2021

We were able to obtain one more piece of evidence. Another very expressive proof and capture of the tower, which we mention in the article, has been given in the TV documentary „Dangerous heaven“ broadcasted on Czech TV channel CS Mystery on the 10th of September 2021. This time the tower was visible not against the surface of the Moon but on the horizon, so the evidence is even clearer.
A significant part of the documentary was dedicated to the Moon. However, in connection with the Moon, various lights, and objects that occur there, there was no mention of meteorites. Only in connection with the Earth and its immediate surroundings was it mentioned several times in the documentary that it could be a meteorite. This is clear and indirect evidence of the presence of intelligence on the Moon.

April the 10th, 2021




For quite some time now, we have had the following text ready as a means of help for the period that will soon prepare human spirits with the ability to pay attention to what is being offered. Had the text been offered earlier it could have been considered as dangerous and may be spread panic among people! But the time has advanced to a point where the visions and dreams described herein, either has already come to fulfilment or we are experiencing them right now in order to prepare us properly for what we will experience in the near future. Anyone who is willing to pay attention to the following text will also learn about the reason for what we experience and, why we will be going through other sufferings:

“Day of wrath” awaits us!

(You may find more information and explanation in the folder “What is happening?”)

The following dreams and visions will serve not only to illustrate and also understand, but mainly to confirm the credibility of what has been offered before:

(The Festival of the radiant star 29.12.2019)

I was sitting at the far end of the field behind my house, exactly where I had earlier recorded with my camera the spherical objects in the air. This time round it was during the day in early spring when trees do not have leaves on them. I saw a luminous object in the sky shining through the thin clouds. This object was of orange-pink colour, similar to the sun during sunrise or sunset when it is low above the horizon. But the object was not in the south or south-east like the sun but in the north-east.
The object drew my attention and I continued to watch it. Suddenly the clouds spread away for a while and I saw that there is an angel in orange-pink colour, like the sun during sunset or in an early sunrise, or like a rose flower. But it was not until after waking up the following morning that I recalled the dream and at the same time, realized that this incident occurred on the day of the Festival of the Rose (i.e. the Festival of the Radiant Star).

Explanation of the dream, now already during its fulfilment:
China is in the northern hemisphere and it is to the east of Slovakia where I live. Therefore the current coronavirus is by all accounts a consequence of this forecast in the dream. The shape of the wings of the angel in the dream confirms it as well because their shape was exactly as lung lobes; even the colour was corresponding. This realization came to my mind only recently, when I was sitting exactly at that same spot as in the dream, and under similar conditions - warm sun and also trees that had not yet blossomed; exactly like in the dream.
But even though the dream was completely perfect, this interpretation of the dream was not fully perfect. In fact, it is only today that I have worked my way to its perfect understanding, thanks to several other dreams that I have had during the past few days and in which I met with deceased persons who were previously well known in public. Moreover, the dream from the previous night was very conclusive; I met a lot of people on the main road next to the cemetery, as it usually happens during funerals.
Furthermore I felt the urge to take a nature walk, which I did. I was walking exactly alongside the place where I was watching an angel during the dream, and only then did I understand the most important thing that I was unable to understand earlier. As I said before, the angel did appear to me in the north-east, yet only now did I realize that the angel symbolized something more than I had understood. He appeared to me over the cemetery! And our cemetery is really north-east of where I was watching the angel. So now it is quite clear that the dream and indeed the angel in it foreshadowed or warned of this world-spread pandemic.

Please see the picture below with the location of the cemetery (located north-east):



WALNUTS – a vision (January the 14th 2020)

“On this day I saw the following picture: There were many walnuts fallen on the ground, but they were comparatively of small size and they were also at different stages of maturity. The few ripe nuts among them had already been deprived of the outer green cover or layer (the mesocarp and exocarp parts according to fruit terminology). Still, there were many unripe walnuts that had their outer layer either of green or brown colour.”

A fitting quotation from The Eternal laws:
Along with the development and maturing of the planet, the human spirit matures too - through several lives on Earth and its dwelling in the Ethereal World. The development of the spirit is similar to the development of a nut. The nucleus is small, shapeless and soft at first. Only through the maturing and thickening of the covers, in the form of skin and shell, does the nucleus grow and harden as well. After maturing, the covers no longer serve a purpose and they disintegrate. The spirit-germ also grows and matures under its coverings that are the soul and body. The spirit, after reaching maturity, becomes an eternal and conscious personality in a human form, and therefore it no longer needs the coverings - body and soul. They only served as a cloak for the spirit in the particular levels, in order to protect and support its development. So the spirit-germ is gradually changing into a Developed Spirit. This term indicates that, through the development, the spirit was maturing into a conscious personality. Little Elemental Beings are developing in a similar manner - gradually, not immediately. They do not have a spirit or body; they only have a soul and an animistic nucleus.

(February the 12th 2020)

In a state of full consciousness I had a vision when I was listening to the texts from the „Living Word”:
I saw one picture – a spring of pure water!

It is necessary to add one more dream to the above three visions or “images”. A dream that certainly relates to this happening, yet we let every reader for himself consider if it is true, and also to consider from which side these visions came to us. Here we give only facts as they came to us. The third vision is at the end because we wanted to keep the order in which we received the information.

A dream in between March 20th and 21st, 2020
I had a dream where I was probably in your home and I saw you carrying your pictures out of your home. You, however, did not want to throw them out, but it appeared like you only wanted to relocate them to a different place. It seemed that I assisted you in doing so. They were “old” paintings, but not in a way of being useless or unnecessary. However, the frames of the pictures were such that they are no longer being made today. They were robust, with various nice engravings and, the painting style was also as something that is no longer being made today. There were plenty of those paintings. One painting in particular (framed in portrait size) caught my eye. It had three white roses on one stem, each rose growing one above another in ascending order like the steps of a ladder. I do not know whether roses can even grow in such a way here on Earth. I admired how pure and bright the painting was, while the colours were still vivid, even though I could see that the painting is old. Since the painting was so glossy, it looked like it had been oiled on the surface. I also remember various other colours inside these roses, like at the very core of each one of them. However, once I woke up, out of all the colours I could only remember the yellow one that was inside one of those roses.

(March 25th, 2020)

At around 5.00 a.m. while wide-awake and conscious, I had another vision that was related to my previous one of January 14th.
Inside a narrow basket made of nicely peeled wicker, wider at its top but getting narrower towards the bottom, I saw some collected nice walnuts, however, this time only matured ones!
Apparently this last vision is related to my previous one, and in my opinion, it is related to the Judgment and maturity of human spirits that have already been separated from immature ones, because in my previous vision both ripe and unripe walnuts were all lying together.
In my view, this last vision cannot have any connection with the real past experience because although in the past I used to harvest walnuts a lot, we never had such a basket at home.

In the following video you may find important evidence that has been discovered recently and which is closely related with the above-written vision:


Quotation from the Grail Message – THE DAY OF THE HOLY DOVE 1929:
“Despair, dismay, and horror will soon follow, for before the first rider finishes his run, the second, third, fourth will come out among you, then in a sudden rise of fear will follow the fifth, sixth, seventh, to shatter the ridiculous human pride that required so many victims, so that for the last time, people without help, stuttering for pleading for mercy, must finally know their helplessness.
Sooner the help must not be given, so that this poison will be eradicated to the last drop. Woe to all those who conceive of earth science, on whose account there are millions of deluded people! They will be regarded as the rejected ones. Neither of them will see the realm of Light.
Woe also to the proud, for their splendour will disappear and they will stand before the Truth in an impure robe. Lost are those people who are waiting for catastrophes to know the Truth of my Word only through such calamities. Think of Christ's word about the foolish and wise virgins as a prophecy.
The bridegroom came. He arrived at an hour when he was not expected and thus ruled out the foolish virgins.”

The above-quoted words of the Son of Man addressed to mankind refer to Revelation of John – THE APOCALYPSE.

A quotation from the revelation of John:
“Revelation Chapter7
1 After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back its four winds so that no wind would blow on land or sea or on any tree. 2 And I saw another angel ascending from the east, with the seal of the living God. And he called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: 3“Do not harm the land or sea or trees until we have sealed the foreheads of the servants of our God.”

See, the day is here! It comes right now. The collapse came! The cheek blossoms, arrogance buds! Violence has arisen to a rod of godlessness. None of them will be left — none of their wealth, none of their beauty, no nobleness will be in them. ...
... They will throw their silver into the streets, and they will consider their gold as unclean thing. Their silver and gold will not be able to rescue them in the day of the Lord’s wrath. They will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it was motive of their sin.
... They will seek salvation, but here will not be any. Calamity upon calamity will come, and rumor upon rumor. They will go searching for a vision by the prophet in that time, but instruction of priest will cease, the advice of the elders will come to an end as well. The king will mourn, the prince will be clothed with despair, and the hands of the people of the land will tremble by fear. I will deal with them according to their ways, and by their own judgments I will judge them. Then they will know that I am the Lord.”

Likewise, one member of our team had the following experience/vision in February 2021.
The experience:
One morning, it was as if two numbers were told to me : “the number 4 and 8 - remember it well! It lasted only a fraction of a second (it really was so quick that I hardly realized it and I heard it repeated like in an echo)

Last dream:
I had this dream soon after recovering my previous text (with dreams and visions) which had mysteriously disappeared from my computer. It was actually a vision, and I was half-awake. It happened on March 13, 2021 around 9:00 a.m.

Here is the dream:
I was sitting in a dense forest and I saw a big black cat sneaking through the woods, like a black jaguar - a panther whose sneaking was directed from right to left! I didn't seem to have a need for a weapon or the urge to hunt; I only remained in the position of an observer. At the same time I just said to myself: “Well, they say that this predator is known to be very careful, but look, I could easily kill it now.

Explanation of the dream:
For me the black cat was and still is a real symbol, even a warning of an unpleasant experience or events; especially when the cat's movement was headed from right to left (i.e. counter clockwise)! Therefore, it was good to avoid crossing the direction of her path! Since I was able to spot her path of transition, I think that it means that unpleasant events await us, those who are not aware of the cat's path and its direction.

I hope we will see in the near future whether my interpretation of the dream is correct or not.

January the 9th, 2021


During the Christmas holidays, I switched to a TV program “by coincidence” as the pope spoke to believers quoting the following bible promise by Isaiah: “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son…”. This promise, however, continues but the pope did not say the next part! Why? The reason is clear to a knowledgeable person, but to the ignorant it doesn’t matter. However, I’m going to finish the sentence started by the pope now: “... and shall call His name Imanuel”. It is just this very name that was and still is the so-called “stumbling block” for all “dear believers” and it is a stumbling block for the pope as well, as we shall see.
But from my point of view, it was not really a coincidence that I switched to the TV channel, nor was it a coincidence that the pope chose the wrong prophecy - a promise by Isaiah. Why is it wrong? Because this prophecy is not a promise of the coming of Jesus but of the second Son of God - Imanuel! However, Isaiah had also promised us the coming of Jesus! So why didn't the pope choose the right prophecy? That's what those “dear believers” should ask him! But to defend the Truth, we also quote Isaiah with a prophecy that would suit the Christmas holidays and even the right Son of God:

42; 1-6 The Lord's Servant.
Behold, my servant,
whom I uphold,
 my chosen, in whom my soul
I have put my Spirit upon him;
 he will bring forth genuine justice to the nations.
He will not cry aloud or lift up his voice,
 or make it heard in the street;
a bruised reed he will not break,
 and a faintly burning wick he will not quench;
 he will faithfully bring forth genuine justice.
He will not fail or loose courage
 till he will not establish genuine justice
in the earth ...
... I am the Lord; I have called you for
 salvation ...

Although Isaiah does not mention the name in this promise, it clearly belongs to Jesus. Again, this is no coincidence that in the first case (i.e. the promise) the name was given, and in the second one it is not, but it is the very wise guidance of God, who wants to have in us, human spirits, as free beings and not just robots programmed by someone!
But still, Isaiah left us a third and very important prophecy, which also went unnoticed. Yet it is a very important one and has already been fulfilled, same way as the two previous ones. Well yes! We have already witnessed the arrival of the second Son of God - Imanuel! But those “dear believers”, as well as their recognized authority - the Pope, do not know this because they are only falsely programmed robots and not freethinking beings, as God demands of us all! The Word of the other Son of God was as unacceptable to the ecclesiastical power as the Word of Jesus was to the power of that time, and so they treated It in the same way. But in order not to offend them, we will now mention the third important prophecy, which even those who are proud to be followers of Imanuel do not know. Here it is:

66; 7-8 “Before she was in labour
she gave birth;
before her pain came upon her
 she delivered a son into the world.
Who has heard such a thing?
 Who has seen such things?”

Once again, there is the same reason for not knowing this promise, which has also already been fulfilled: Even these followers of Imanuel are not free human spirits, but only falsely programmed robots that have been programmed by someone else!
These words will seem bold, even outrageous to whomever they are addressed, and will not fulfil the intention we are pursuing at all. But the Truth does not tolerate considerateness; it even excludes it! The Truth remains factual and can be borne only with purity and especially true love. Let us remember what true love is:

“True love is when we do to our neighbour what benefits him, but not what he likes and makes him happy!”

Even though we know that we may not address a single reader, and in the process annoy many, it was still necessary to write the foregoing. Maybe someone will find it useful either now or later, when future events remind us that our current path is not the right one, when we are experiencing events that can't be averted even with many prayers. Then we will understand that God's help lies just in our suffering, which is to open our blind eyes and cleanse our deaf ears.
And for those who do not understand this step and are even feeling outraged by it, once again we will quote what has already been published in the past, for the sake of our advocacy:

This Law can also be differently described, and illuminated from another angle, by saying: Whoever receives must pass on, otherwise congestions and disturbances, which are harmful and can become destructive will ensue, because it is against the automatically-operating Law of Creation. And there is no creature who does not receive.

In conclusion, we advise the followers of Imanuel, (because for the followers who only recognize Jesus it is impossible to understand), to read carefully at least the following two lectures from the Grail Message: “The Last Word” and “Antichrist”! Perhaps they will discover either what they have overlooked so far or have addressed those Words internally only to those who do not know the Word. But these advices are directly addressed to those of us who already know the Word, but continue to behave in the same way as those who do not know it!

June the 9th, 2020



Oh, you who are blinded, why haven't you wanted to wake-up! You could have been spared so much hardship. I could have brought you joyful news. But as it is, your existence must be shrouded in gray veils of deep sorrow, from which liberation and redemption can once more be granted to you only through the piercing bolts of lightning of the Holy Wrath of God!
And this Wrath will fall upon you with unsuspected might in the Holy Judgment!

Father, of all those who once promised to serve joyfully in the Light and by Your grace were allowed to go to a small earth, only a small crowd is now ready to complete the great work through Your Power! You can bestow thousandfold power to an individual, if you want.
A small crowd will do in Your Grace what 144 thousands were chosen for! But the hesitant can come to knowledge now, trembling under your wounds! A great victory is already decided for us on earth, thus fulfilling every Word that was once promised!
Let Your Name be praised now in all worlds now and forever and ever!”

“Father, let your Word become alive on earth so that death may subside now!
Father, everything is ready. Please give strength to my faithful!
Father, please, let your eye graciously rest on the circle of those who, following the call of the Light, want to fulfill their promise faithfully!

“And you who long for a feast today will then be strong enough and faithfully overcome all dangers to the end, so that I may once let you open the gate to the light realms of my Father?
You will get the strength to do so today, in this God-sanctified hour!
You shall stand like pillars of light in the darkness that still surrounds this earth.
Free in spirit, great and strong, you shall be like islands where drowning people can still be saved!

And resurrection morn it shall be for those human souls found worthy to experience the Kingdom of God here on earth. The others will remain behind in the Darkness that today still surrounds the earth, and along with the Darkness they will be hurled forth onto the course leading to inescapable disintegration, to spiritual death!

The noble mission of Son of God left two ways open depending on the decision by mankind: either for a great following of His teachings with subsequent ascent and avoidance of all that brings destruction, or for failure and continuing to rush on the downward track which had to lead to destruction. The more He fulfilled His great Mission the more clearly He saw that the decision of the great majority of mankind was inclined towards failure and thus towards destruction.

And this principle applies to every Envoy of the Light; moreover, humanity always has a choice of those two paths mentioned in the last quote above. Unfortunately, so far it has always chosen the wrong path!
It is necessary to add the following in order to avoid misunderstanding:
I do not doubt the authenticity of the path that is offered in both the Word of The Grail Message and the work The Eternal Laws, but what I doubt is humanity who, by their actions, make it clear which path we have taken. In order to clarify this, I will use a specific experience from the recent past, because now, same as back then, the majority lives in the assumption that all you have to do is join the right side.
Before the expected fulfilment of Mrs. Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova’s mission - the birth of Immanuel, I distributed leaflets (flyers) about this expected event in Slovakia, assisted by a certain group of people. Back then and as I still do today, I felt that the outcome would be different because humanity had not created the necessary conditions for the fulfilment of that act (i.e. the birth). I then shared this feeling with those people who were in contact with me, and had also assisted me in distributing the leaflets. The response was nothing but reluctance as well as doubt in my conviction. Similar to what is happening right now! Yet my doubts were not in the promised event but in the humanity that did not meet the conditions that were necessary for that promised act (the birth)!
My presentation of this opinion eventually ignited many misunderstandings or dissensions, which coincidentally, had been caused by various other circumstances; all resulting in the distrust of my person. The distrust originated in my advance warning about the non-performance of that promise; it was considered as a sign that I did not believe in the promise in the first place! But in the end, it turned out that all those who were back then so enthusiastically satisfied with their own position and even with the position of humanity in general, abandoned Mrs. Natalia upon realising that the promise had not been fulfilled. Consequently, they even rejected their own conviction because in fact, they never had any in the first place, but were only ruled by their own calculation (or caginess). Having expressed my doubts, I, on the other hand persevered in my conviction, and in addition publicly defended Mrs. Natalia in my book (Prophecies in the Light of Truth), and went ahead to explain why it happened the way it had happened.
Therefore, take now this MEMENTO as a means by which I am only trying to warn that there is a chance that history could repeat itself. My doubting does not lie in distrust of the coming event, but once again, only in the distrust in humanity, that is, in us, and hence, I try to warn against that! Let us not fall asleep again with the satisfaction that the “space friends” and Imanuel will arrange and do everything on our behalf! Equally, let us not fall asleep believing that humanity is so mature that it deserves the great sacrifice about which it does not require to do anything!



Today, we live at a time that we have been warned against in the Bible through the Revelation of John or the Apocalypse, also later reminded in the Grail Message, and lastly in the Eternal Laws; that God will hide His face in the time of Judgment! We must not forget that currently, the ethereal level is under the power of darkness, and therefore it is easy “to get dirtied with mud” from this level. Hence, we have to be especially vigilant, and always keep in mind the lessons from the Grail Message – the Absolute Truth.

The Quotation:
So it gradually became possible for the ethereal environment of the Earth to grow ever denser and darker and thus heavier, so heavy in fact that it even keeps the gross material Earth itself from a course that would make it more accessible to higher spiritual influences. As the majority of all incarnated souls actually belong to regions that lie much lower than the Earth itself, it will therefore be but Divine Justice if such souls are swept away and sink back to where they properly belong.”

Therefore the time draws near when for a while this earth must be left to the reign of the Darkness, without direct help from the Light, because humanity through their volition forced it upon themselves. The consequences of the volition of the majority were bound to bring this ending. – It is the time that John was once permitted to behold, when God hides His face. —
Night is all around. Yet in the deepest distress, when everything, even that which is better is in danger of sinking, at that same time a new dawn will break! But the dawn will first bring on the labour pains of a great purification, which is unavoidable before the salvation of all serious seekers can begin; for a helping hand cannot be offered to all those who pursue base ends!”

Many times it is difficult to tell whether what one can receive in dreams and visions comes from the good or bad side. When images from a finer level come separately to two individuals, and the images are bound to the same event, the clue on how to recognize from which side the image came could be that both images should in principle, correspond in content (i.e. the content should be the same). When they are different, it is almost certain that they did not come from the Light, but from the darkness; either one or even both. After all, nothing inconsistent can come from the Light!
But then it must be borne in mind whether or not the person in question, who acquired the image, had sought contact from a finer level by his desire. Where it came to him outside his will, and he could not influence it in any way, then he is left innocent if this vision came from the dark side. After all, no one is to blame for being soiled with mud on someone else's initiative, that is, by someone he cannot influence and thus avoid such an action.
However, it is different when someone plunges into that ethereal mud alone, of his own free will. In such a case, he alone is already to blame for getting dirty with this mud. This rule must be borne in mind now, at this time of Judgment! Anyone who did not take note of these important lessons must, he alone, bear the damage, even the guilt itself!


The Kingdom of the Millennium

People who try to serve the Truth mostly appear to those around them as those who often ask unpleasant questions. It will also be the same this time round and the question is:

“Will there be still anybody for whom the Light should establish the Kingdom of the Millennium on Earth?”

Although we know that this question will become very unpleasant for many who are waiting for this Empire to come, it is still necessary to ask this question. Actually, if we want to formulate it to the last correct detail, the question would have to be formulated like this:

Will there be still anybody with whom the Light would be able to build
the Kingdom of the Millennium on Earth?

As a proof that this question is reasonable and is based on Truth, we will quote from the Word of the Grail Message:
“At that time the meeting of the disciples coincided exactly with the actual happening! Later, it will also be celebrated here on earth, regularly and at the correct time, as the highest and holiest of all Holy Days for mankind, as the day on which the Creator perennially renews His gift of sustaining energy to Creation, as the “Day of the Holy Dove,” that is, the Day of the Holy Spirit, as a great prayer of thanksgiving to God the Father!
It will be celebrated by those human beings who at last stand consciously in this Creation, which they have now got to know aright in all its manifestations. Through their devout attitude at the exact time it will be possible, due to the reciprocal effect of opening themselves up, for the living blessing again to lead down to the earth and pour into the thirsting souls in the same way that it once did for the disciples.
Peace and Joy will then reign in that not so distant time as long as men do not fail and do not want to be lost for all eternity.

“Mankind’s good volition is of no avail unless this volition is transformed into deed. Transformed into deed by men themselves, before they step before God with renewed requests!
This is quite clearly stated in the Message as the fundamental condition. Men themselves must now prove for once, through their own energetic efforts, how serious they are about their own salvation!
Only then will the Lord in His Grace once more receive them. However, this is something different, entirely different from what even well-meaning human beings try to imagine! And more than once I have already pointed this out explicitly.”

“Safeguard all the knowledge faithfully, for never again can such salvation and such blessing be granted to the earth. As I reveal all this to you, you become the guardians of all the keys! If you allow them to become blemished or you twist only a small part, they will no longer open these secrets of Creation, and the gates will again remain locked not only for a long time, but this time they will be locked to the developed ones forever!”

“The Power is help if it is turned to good account, that is, if it is made use of! But never otherwise than in his deeds! Men must change themselves and then come, but they must not come in order to let themselves be changed!”

“Peace and happiness will then ensue because all disturbing elements will be forcibly removed from the earth, and will be kept away from it in the future. To these primarily belongs the man of today.”

The quote from Space connection (by George Adamski):
Spiritual transformation will reach only those who will be ready for it.

Prior to my arrival, the requirements of the Law must be fulfilled, which means that as soon as the people on Earth understand the Cosmic Laws, we will come physically so that everyone can understand.”

These quotations make it clear that the Kingdom of the Millennium will not be built for the people, but should be built by the people themselves. That it is us, who ought to prepare the foundations of the realm by our feelings, thoughts and deeds. Even the small deeds we do today are meant to be big things in this realm. This applies to both good and bad deeds! The quotes are also clear on what happens if we fail! So nothing is certain for us as yet, because people have so far always failed in every attempt by the Light to bring the Truth into people's lives.
Today, most people live in the belief that if they do not ask themselves an unpleasant question, they will avoid unpleasant events! But the opposite is the truth. Only when I am able to ask myself the unpleasant question will I survive the possible unpleasant events; I will live it through intuitive perception and even gain the strength to change my actions so that I can stand up to these possible unpleasant events, or even avoid them by personally ensuring that I will change!

Therefore try to understand that our aim is to help only in accordance with what is written above. We do not mean to scare anybody but only provide the incentive to each individual to do the right thing!

May the 25th, 2020




Each of us is observing what is happening on Earth already for some time. It can be said that apart from last year's disasters another “disaster” called “coronavirus” has arisen in the beginning of the year 2020! People observed the evolution of this infection, yet many of them did not think that the virus would grow to a size that strikes the whole Earth. Every one of them silently hoped that the disease does not affect him or her. But they were wrong! Unfortunately, many people do not even suspect that what is happening on Earth is the consistent fulfilment of old PROPHECIES given to us! The prophecies that point to the last great happening on Earth – THE LAST JUDGMENT! These prophecies about the Last JUDGMENT have been left for us human beings in different parts of the Earth and also in various religions.
Even though each of the individual religion explains prophecies in its own way, the essence is unified – a reference to last purifying happening on Earth – THE LAST JUDGMENT! Everybody who knows these prophecies, regardless of their religion or faith, feels that the prophecies are being fulfilled! But not only does he feel, but also really sees what is happening on Earth including the current situation in regards to the spread of coronavirus throughout the Earth. Several available sources have started to reveal the PROPHECIES, all of which point to today’s events and at the same time confirm their fulfillment!

Below we list some of those Prophecies:
- Scientists, thanks to their regular observation and measurement, found out that the magnetic field of the Earth acts quite differently than they expected, and this change has an ascending character.*  The North pole is shifting from Canada to Siberia ever faster. Some scientists are still discussing if there is an exchange of Earth poles, while other scientists say that it already started a long time ago, and they discuss how fast the exchange can happen, and what consequences it will have. It is known from several sources that in various prophecies the change of Earth poles is associated with the expected “end of the world” and the coming of the Messiah. Several sources have announced this; let's mention at least one of the most famous prophets and visionaries of the 20th century, whose name is Edgar Cayce.

* https://thebarentsobserver.com/en/arctic/2019/12/earths-north-magnetic-pole-heading-russia/
* https://www.macleans.ca/society/science/say-goodbye-canada-the-north-pole-is-moving-to-russia/

- UFO larger than the Earth spotted near The Sun in the shape of a circle with an isosceles cross in the middle:
The object from the video link above reminds “Lord's chariotsdescribed by prophet Ezekiel, about which we already wrote on our web-page, e.g. in the article called “Surely they fly“ placed in the folder “SCIENCE AND UNIVERSE“. More news like this one about UFO is now available. It is necessary to investigate not only their authenticity but we need to realize also the fact that some of those objects come from the light side and others, on the contrary, come from the dark side! Again, we wrote more about this in the article mentioned above – “Surely they fly”.

- Changes of the Sun
We did not find the corresponding page in the English language, so we hope that a seeker can get at least approximate information with the help of some translator program or tool.

- Red heifer” has been born in Israel after 2000 years.
After 2,000 years, a “red heifer” was born in Israel, which is given in Christianity, but also in Judaism, as a warning that the “days that the Earth has not yet experienced” are very close. Moses and his retinue used ashes from a red heifer for purification.

- Until now, it has been stated that in the Dead Sea, due to the high concentration of salt in the water, organic life does not occur, and the name of this sea was derived from this. This is no longer true because plants have begun to grow right on the salt-covered islands, and even fish appeared in the water. It is also interesting that the prophet Ezekiel predicted that before the end of the ages and the coming of the Messiah, life would appear in the Dead Sea.
Ezekiel 47, 8, 9:
He said to me, “This water flows toward the eastern region and goes down into the Arabah, where it enters the Dead Sea. When it empties into the sea*, the salty water there becomes fresh. There will be large numbers of fish because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live.
* According to the above-written, the water comes from Jerusalem, and only the Dead Sea lies between Jerusalem and the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, this prophecy can only apply to the Dead Sea, and the fact itself, i.e. “life in the Dead Sea”, is very eloquent!

Photo of the red heifer and of a life in the Dead Sea you can find here:

- The following fact is also interesting. A pigeon was reportedly sitting on the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem when a snake appeared and scared it.
It is said that the locals explain this by saying that the symbol of a dove that flew in front of a snake indicates that we are living in dangerous times that immediately precede the coming of the Messiah.

Furthermore, on another* page it is possible to read:
“It comes after several other incidents at the Temple Mount that have been interpreted as religious signs. Four months ago a large piece of stone fell from the Western Wall, almost crushing a woman who had gone there to pray.

One cabalist - or mystic - interpreted it as a sign that the Third Temple should be built, because the stone fell the morning after Tisha B’Av, which is a fasting day to commemorate the destruction of the first two temples. The construction of the Third Temple is supposed to predict the Messiah's coming.
Shortly afterwards, a large cloud of dust billowed up from inside the Temple Mount Compound, surrounding the Dome of the Rock** for several minutes. One rabbi suggested the dust revealed a conflict, taking place on the spiritual plane.”
** Dome of the Rock is the most famous monument of Jerusalem.

Another prophecy from Ezekiel also speaks for itself and points to the present time and the impending PROMISED time:
“... See, the day is here! It comes right now. The collapse came! The cheek blossoms, arrogance buds! Violence has arisen to a rod of godlessness. None of them will be left — none of their wealth, none of their beauty, no nobleness will be in them. ... ”
“ ... They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be considered as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to rescue them in the day of the Lord’s wrath. They will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it was cause of their sin.”
“ ... They will seek salvation, but here will not be any. Calamity upon calamity will come, and rumor upon rumor. They will go searching for a vision by the prophet in that time, but instruction of priest will cease, the advice of the elders will come to an end as well. The king will mourn, the prince will be clothed with despair, and the hands of the people of the land will tremble by fear. I will deal with them according to their ways, and by their own judgments I will judge them. Then they will know that I am the Lord.”
“... and God said to him, “Go throughout the city of Jerusalem and put a sign of cross on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it.”
“... man, what is this proverb you have in the land of Israel: ‘The days go by and every vision comes to nothing’? Say to them, ‘This is what the Lord says: I am going to put an end to this proverb, and they will no longer quote it in Israel.’ Say to them, ‘The days are near when all visions will be fulfilled. ”
“... Wail and say, “Alas for that day!” For the day is near, the day of the Lord is near! It will be a day of dark clouds, a time of doom for the nations. ...”


Prophet Isaiah:
“... See, the Lord will come in fire, and his chariots are like a whirlwind; he will bring down his anger with fury.... For with fire and with his sword the Lord will execute judgment on all body. ... ”
“... Woe to those who draw punishment upon them like an ox with cord, and sin like heifer with rope, to those who say, “Let He hurry; let him quicken his work so we may see it. The plan of the Holy One of Israel— let it approach; let it come into view, so we may know it! ... Therefore the Lord’s anger burns against his people; his hand is raised and he strikes them down. The mountains shake, and the dead bodies are like refuse in the streets. Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away, his hand is still upraised. ... ”
“...People will oppress each other— man against man, neighbour against neighbour. The young will rise up against the old, the nobody against the honoured. ...”

Matthew's Gospel chapter 24, verse 29, 30
“Immediately after the distress of those days “ ‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly powers will be shaken. Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the nations of the earth will mourn and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. ”

- The Hopi (a native American tribe) have published their secret prophecies in year 1949. They are inscribed on crystal tablets more than 1600 years old. According to them, an apocalypse awaits us.
The apocalypse warning predictions are as follows:
“There would be a cobweb built around the earth, and people would talk across this cobweb.”
“People will travel by flying houses in the sky.”
“A sign of life would appear in the east, but it would tilt and bring death. It would come with the sun. But the sun itself would rise one day not in the east but in the west.”
“When women have children without men.”
“The woman will wear men's clothing, and the secrets of women, which should always cover the garment, will cease to be secrets, they will show and reveal it everywhere. Then come wars and destruction. The more people ignore the commandments of the “Great Spirit”, the more signs He will send to humanity in the form of natural disasters.”
“You're going to see a time in your life when men are going to become women.”
“You're going to see a time in your lifetime when the human beings are going to find the blueprint that makes us (DNA). They are going to cut this blueprint. They're going to make new animals upon the earth, and they're going to think these are going to help us.”
According to their predictions, natural resources will be depleted and a modern famine will occur - the last struggle between good and evil will arise, which will cleanse people's hearts and eliminate all unworthy beings from the earth's surface.

- Sibyl:
“A comet will appear in the sky three times! The first time in the north, the second time in the south and the third time in the west of this country. Then the earth begins to tremble and almost all the people bleed. First people living in the mountains, then in the valleys, and last will be those who will live by the various seas and in countries where it is eternal cold. People will not even see the other signs, but I know that then the sun will shine bloody and appear in the west instead of the east, and the stars will shine day and night. Then the LORD will come down to the earth and judge!”
“A comet will reappear over Europe. One will already be so learned then that the manifestation will be explained as a normal phenomenon in heaven. But it will not be so. Many people who read the old messages will know that the time of evil is coming again and will prepare for it.”
“Thou shalt not cope with the male sex, meeting with him as with a woman: it is an abomination. So it is commanded. But immorality, rooted in almost every country, will also spread in those times, especially in the northern countries.”
“The lie will become the truth! There will be falsehood between husbands and brothers! There will be more falsehood than sincerity. Belief in the Lord in those days cannot be spoken of at all, because God will be nothing, but gold will be everything! Only he who has money and wealth will be considered a good man, and he who has gold will even be considered a wise man, though wrongly! Bad, very bad times!”
“There will come a time when people will not pay attention to the time of fasting, an inconvenient time, but even in these periods they will indulge in various dances and parties! When the whole night is in full swing and the women come to these dances topless!”
“People will create devices that no one has ever dreamed of to this day! Mysterious cabinets, from which various sounds will come and bring everyone in astonishment. The whole Earth will be full of iron and wires. People will travel on land, underground and in the air! No distance will be great for them! They will build houses to unprecedented heights made of metal, stone, various glass and marble! They will get heat and light from the water! Capture lightning to use its power to their advantage! Conquer everything: wind, water, and sun! They will become extremely conceited and ungodly!”
“It will be a time of such vices (depravity) that the people will not even know how to dress! Women will look like owls! They will expose their bodies from head to waist, only to please lovers and arouse in them fornicating lust! They even will know no other way around (They even will not know to do it otherwise at that time)! For the sake of fornication, they will commit everything: murder and deception!”
“Then comes the time when women will wear their hair short as men. But they will never stick to just one type of hairstyle: once their hair will be curly, sometimes smooth, then full of various ornaments and finally rolled up in a tulle! You will often find that you do not know whether a woman or a man is standing in front of you!”
“A dress she will consider gorgeous today will be thrown away as worthless tomorrow! Not because the dress was bad, but because she could come up with some other dress to lure and attract men!”
“Wives will deceive their husbands, and men will not be better than women! And when young people live together for a short time, they get bored of it soon, they leave fate aside and break up!”
If at that time a compatriot rose from the grave, he would not even believe how his descendants live! He would be ashamed of how someone could go down like that! These obscene habits will greatly affect the women who will be living at that time! As I have predicted about other nations, so it will be in this nation that women will pretend to be a virtuous, although they will not be for a long time, because many will lose their chastity even before she has become a woman! Therefore, they will cease to be good mothers and become only - female animals! It will not be better even with the young men, who will carry a bouquet of virtuousness in their hands, but instead they should carry a bouquet of nettles! They won't be any better! Husbands and wives will not be faithful to each other, they will deceive each other so often the wife will not even know if the child she has just given birth to has with her husband or with a lover!”

- Andrew Thomas, a writer and researcher, studied the eastern spiritual directions of Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism. In his book Shambhala - Oasis of Light, he also addressed the coming of the Messiah (although as a follower of Eastern doctrines he envisioned the reincarnation of the Buddha or a highly enlightened spiritual being) and in this context, he wrote the following in his book:
It will be the last quarter of the 20th century, the cross period of the history of this world. Mankind should get prepared for the advent of Arhats (those who have attained high spiritual knowledge and the state of nirvana) and Maitreya (Messiah - a high spiritual being). Hence, once the Sphinx in Giza announces its warning, we must be prepared for great events. Everyone on this planet will have a chance to manifest free will: to choose between Light and Darkness, Fraternity, and Egoism. Maitreya will show the way, but humanity will have to choose and follow that way on their own.
Humanity is at the crossroads now and must choose between the way to the abyss of moral degradation and the way towards the stars. This is the time of the ever-deepest crisis. If people fail to hear the warning and keep following their former way together with the Prince of Darkness, the Cosmic Hierarchy (Beings of Light) will accept the challenge, and the Radiant Sovereign of Shambhala (Shambala - in Tibetan Buddhist tradition a mythical or promised kingdom) will destroy all evil on this planet. Peoples of the Earth should understand the time of crucifixions and soft prophets who preached to enthusiastic crowds is now gone. We are living in the time of Arhats who will speak via lightning, thunder, and shower of stars! The Age of Shambhala has come!”

- In the Bible we are warned that in the time of Judgment, many false prophets will come to lead people astray. Therefore, it is important to answer the question: “WHO shall be the promised, expected MESSIAH? How shall we know Him?
The prophets and clairvoyants predicted that the great teacher of the Age of Aquarius would abolish all differences between the three major religions of the world and prove that the CORE of all religions is one and the same TRUTH, one God. The boundaries between religion and science will disappear because people discover that everything, including matter, is a movement of waves and that there are only differences in frequency between manifestations of spirituality and manifestations of matter, but basically everything is from a single source of power - God. The era of Aquarius is to bring this new knowledge.

- The most important prophecies of Muhammad concerning our times and the coming of the Lord, whom the prophet called Hazrat Mehdi, or Master, are found in the books Bihar-ul-Anvar and Nadis (or the Book of Light). The Prophet Muhammad had visions in which he saw more than 300 signs by which it would be possible to know the Master.
Muhammad predicted that the Master would appear in the last decades of the age of Hijri or Hejira when the world would be full of violence and immersed in materialism, and the worship of the spirituality would almost disappear. Most of humanity will already be the product of “discrimination”, people will act like criminals, will be dependent on evil, and will worship wealth and power instead of God. The growing number of earthquakes will underline the deplorable state of the world and people will die seemingly without cause.

- The prophecy from the Indian Vedas, the predictions of the coming of the “Lord”, found in the “Srimad Bhagavatam” in the first canto, the second part, chap. 10:
“Therefore, the earth or any other planet or universe is the absolute property of the Lord. The living beings are certainly His parts and parcels or sons, and thus every one of them has a right to live at the mercy of the Lord to execute his prescribed work. Nobody can limit rights of other man, or animal, unless he did not get Lord's permission to do it. King, or ruler, is representative of the Lord, who shall control fulfilling of Lord's will. These kings have full responsibility for rule of the world, to which they get knowledge from authorities. But at times, due to the influence of the ignorance mode of material nature (tamo-guna) or the lowest of the material modes, kings and administrators come into power without knowledge and responsibility, and such foolish administrators live like animals for the sake of their own personal interest. The result is that the whole atmosphere becomes surcharged with anarchy and vicious elements. Nepotism, bribery, cheating, aggression and, therefore, famine, epidemic, war and similar other disturbing features become prominent in human society. And the devotees of the Lord or the faithful are persecuted by all means. All these symptoms indicate the time of an incarnation of the Lord to reestablish the principles of religion and to vanquish the maladministrators. This is also confirmed in the Bhagavad-gíta.”

We can find confirmation of it also in Chapter 11th, in the same canto.
“Unfortunately, influenced by the deluding energy, the living being becomes a false enjoyer under the dictation of the modes of nature. Puffed up by a false sense of becoming God, the deluded living being increases his material strength by so many activities and thus becomes the burden of the earth, so much so that the earth becomes completely uninhabitable by the sane. This state of affairs is called dharmasya glánih, or misuse of the energy of the human being. When such misuse of human energy is prominent, the saner living beings become perturbed by the awkward situation created by the vicious administrators who are simply burdens of the earth, and the Lord appears in this time by His internal potency just to save the saner section of humanity and to alleviate the burden caused by the earthly administrators in different parts of the world. He does not favor either of the unwanted administrators, but by His potential power He creates hostility between such unwanted administrators, as the air creates fire in the forest by the friction of the bamboos. The fire in the forest takes place automatically by the force of the air, and similarly the hostility between different groups of politicians takes place by the unseen design of the Lord. The unwanted administrators, puffed up by false power and military strength, thus become engaged in fighting amongst themselves over ideological conflicts and so exhaust themselves of all powers. The history of the world reflects this factual will of the Lord, and it will continue to be enacted until the living beings are attached to the service of the Lord.”

Interestingly, Buddhist prophecies say that when the world devours the deepest possible evils, that is the spiritual darkness, then the Master will come to fulfil the prophecy contained in the Qur'an:
“Oh, humanity! A time for recovery /from illness of egoism/ in your heart, determined by Lord, has come and Knowledge and Mercy for those who believe.”
Most people, however, will regard the prophecies of His coming as a canard (an unfounded rumour or story) but it will be true. This great spiritual master - Hazrat Mehdi, Master - will be the Master of the time, the embodiment of heavenly bliss and a refuge for the helpless and the rejected, the Father of mankind and of those who seek God Who protects. He will be full of empathy, he will be a friend and counsellor to those who seek him, he will show them the “direct way” to God. To everyone he will be like a brother “as if he knew them very well.” He will be full of noble feelings, he will overcome all obstacles, and whatever he desires will come true. He will not establish a new religion, but will instead teach the most important truths that will underlie all religions, for he willpossess the common wisdom of all prophetsbecause he will love all prophets and saints, and “the knowledge and essence of all religions (will be) in His Heart.”
The prophecy goes on to say, “He will distribute Spirituality among the people in the morning and in the evening”, through conversations and (literally, darshan means the presence and sight of a holy person, or how to breathe the same as a holy person). In this way he banishes lies from the heads of men, frees their bondage from the ego, healing and destroying “satans” (remember, Christ said that the real bondage of man is “the bondage of sin”, caused by the desires of the ego).
Hazrat Mehdi appears to Muslims (that is, believers of God, or literally “the one who submits to God's will”), and brings back the Truth to the world - i.e. “Islam”, meaning “ancient or first religion”, Sanathana Dharma, an ancient wisdom that teaches inner peace and redemption by submission to God's will. The word “Islam” literally means “submission to God” and is based on the Semitic word “s-l-m” (to be a whole of Alam - i.e. calm or peace).

He will keep the law (laws and spiritual commandments) of Moses, Joseph, Jesus, and Muhammad”, then fill the earth with peace and usher in a new era of spirituality, uniting the world in brotherhood. For the last twenty years of his life, he will be the ruler of the whole world.

- The great visionary Edgar Cayce, and before him Nostradamus, repeated the prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad. They both predicted that at the end of the present age, a new Messiah would appear on Earth — a true Redeemer and an avatar who would return lost mankind to the path of peace and spirituality, teaching mankind the Truth of the Spirit (that is, not only in body but also in spirit that we are immortal); He will teach the unity of all Creation (that is, that both we and all creation are only different faces of Divinity and are connected to each other and to the spirit of one God).
Edgar Cayce predicted that he was the one through whom many are called to prepare the way forHis day on earth. Cayce goes on to say, “Already in 1958 We will see his (the Master’s) light in the clouds”, and the beginning of his reign will start in 1998. In addition, Cayce, repeating the words of the Prophet Muhammad, claimed that the Messiah would unite people from all over the world and all faiths and crowds would converge around Him like clouds in heaven:
“He will walk and teach everyone. First the groups, then the whole masses, and His teachings will last a thousand years. Only then will material changes occur”. The same is repeated by the followers of Zoroaster, the Persians, who claim that the world as we know it today will last 12,000 years. The great prophet Zoroaster was to appear around the year 1000 BC and foretell the coming of a Messiah called Saoshyant, who would unite the world in Truth and Peace. This united world is to emerge at the end of the 12th millennium, that is, around 2000 A.D.

Nostradamus set-up a similar time frame, where the arrival of the new King is predicted for A.D. 2002:
“He will be born in times of unrest and darkness to do good. An incarnate teacher of ancient wisdom (Sanathan Dharma) will bring back the return of the Golden Age. The Prince of Great Understanding and Mercy will bring peace to the world and its people. He will reveal the true nature of death and life when these are restored in the midst of mercy.”

- The great master Sri Aurobindo also foretold the coming of the Lord on Earth and how this coming would cause a spiritual revolution and be a huge evolutionary leap through a change of consciousness, baptising the soul, and bringing a truth that would “release the Spirit”. As a result, humanity will realize the existence of the soul in itself and in nature, grant it its proper place, and thousands will hear His voice and turn to the Spirit. At all costs, they will desire to live in obedience to His spiritual laws. Sri Aurobindo described his vision as follows:
“When a superman is born / avatar / he will be the king of Nature...”
His presence transforms the world of Matter; brightens the fire of Truth that illuminates the night of nature.

- Muhammad claimed that the Divine Light would radiate from the Master and his garment would “spread the Light among men”. He also described his appearance and finally describes that thisHoly Spiritwill have a dress right up to his heels and it will be the colour of fire, i.e. it will be red-orange, as predicted by other visionaries.  


The Lord, Son of Man, new Messiah, Great Spirit, Master, Maitreya, Hazrat Mehdi, Superman, Holy Spirit, Saoshyant … and as Jesus called him, The Prince of peace! But his real name is:





Experiencing this time when we are “threatened” by the coronavirus is perhaps the last GREAT MERCY OF GOD for us in order to awaken our Spirit and to begin to seek the TRUE VALUES of human existence! It is maybe the last opportunity to seek Him and begin to take an interest in HIS DIRECTIONS, HIS LAWS that He has established for us! And, thanks to the knowledge of these LAWS, we begin to live and to approach HIM, and with the knowledge of HIS LAWS, have a chance to save us, to save the EARTH! The present TIME is perhaps the last chance to immerse oneself and search for the TRUE values of LIFE! It should not be wasted in cycling, fooling around in front of the camera at home, taking selfies, etc. It is the time for SEARCHING THE WAY TO RETURN BACK TO GOD!
Think about all the events, about experiencing this time, why it happened, and what is it that it warns us about, and re-evaluate your life so far in the silence of your home.

It is possible that we will not get more opportunities to RETURN TO GOD!!!


(a vision received just around Easter, 2020)

The Vision: I saw an “open book” held by a bright being in its hands, as if showing it to me. I didn't see the face of that being; I just felt that he was standing behind the book and actually holding it in his hands. The book had a golden edge, and so were the pages. The book seemed to be opened in the middle. In front of the open book and on the left side there was a red rose in the air. On the right side of the book there was something written on a page in large, nice writing. Since I didn't see it clearly I don't know what was written there. Yet only two lines were written on the whole page. It looked like a quote or a verse. I was wondering about which book he was showing me. Is it the Word (i.e. The Grail Message)? Eternal Laws? No, it couldn't be any of those two since the pages were not filled with writing from top to bottom, but there were only those two lines. And then it had a golden edge! So, what book is it? And then it struck me; it's the BOOK OF LIFE! But why did the being show me the book open, and why was there a red rose in front of the book? What is the reason behind it? The rose - it's the manifestation of LOVE OF GOD, and Jesus is LOVE OF GOD. This holiday (Easter time) is about him. And what about the Book of Life?
So I sat down and immediately looked for the lecture that has “Book of Life” within itself. I found the lecture named “Easter 1935. (Book of Life)”. When I read the lecture I said to myself that it is completely suitable for the present time, as well as for the current article with the name “GOOD FRIDAY OF HUMANITY”!
Dear friends, I do not know if I understood the received “vision” correctly. Please find attached that lecture and please consider its content. I think that the lecture “Easter 1935. (Book of Life.)” is appropriate for the present time, especially this year's Easter, when we can experience such events as the coronavirus, the fulfillment of prophecies, and the arrival of the Comet. This lecture should be a strong dot at the end of this article. A dot that in fact is the very WORD of OUR LORD!”

The above-mentioned lecture now follows:

Easter 1935
(Book of life.)

Today you are expecting joyful news from me, since it is Easter, the feast of resurrection, which is being celebrated!
Though the zones of the earth with which we are familiar are preparing themselves, with their age old faithfulness by offering to the inhabitants new vitality, by providing new nourishment, raising hope and even fulfilling wishes, as they have always done, willingly swinging in all of the Laws of God, this time nevertheless, humanity will not be blessed with God's Grace as in the past, for the wrath of God is upon them in Judgment.
Today is that Easter which has to lead humanity of this earth to the deep sorrow of Good Friday in the just balancing of eternal laws!
Mankind, you have not paid attention to the calls from the Light! Only in the willing acceptance of and adherence to the Holy Word of God could you have saved yourselves in time! As always you only mocked it, laughed and scoffed at it, now accept the reward!
You will learn to pay heed to God’s calls, to observe them gratefully, to obey your Creator! For there is no other path available to you, except for the fall into dissolution, into eternal death!
This is the only choice remaining for you, which you must make. However, if you still want to live in obedience then you must have the sincere volition for this and ask for it in purest humility, otherwise it will not be granted to you any longer. For too long have you frivolously or even maliciously toyed with the most precious treasure that God has given you on loan.
The greatest amount of effort is now demanded of your volition! Even as the Darkness moved over Golgotha when Jesus, the Living Light, departed from this earth, so is it now moving over all of mankind, balancing and returning to them the great suffering they inflicted upon the Love of God in the cruel way of the cunning intellect, which is utterly incapable of any intuitive vibrations, and which, as Lucifer’s most powerful tool, was sacred to you!
Now try if you can, you human beings, to protect yourselves with your intellect against God’s All-Holy Wrath! Defend yourselves against the Omnipotence of Him Who graciously left to your use that part of Creation which you have devastated and defiled like a stable of the most depraved animals, so that only suffering and misery can still dwell therein, because all peace and joy flee before your wrong actions and dark volition, and all purity conceals itself in horror.
Try to hide from God’s inflexible Justice! It strikes you everywhere in the inexorable execution of Divine Will, without remitting anything of the enormous guilt with which you have laden yourselves in your self-willed obstinacy.
You are judged even before you are able to stammer a single word of excuse, and all petitioning, all supplicating, all blaspheming or cursing avails you nothing; for now you have unpardonably wasted the last respite for soul searching and turning around merely on fostering your vices!
This is what the Easter that we celebrate today holds! I do not tell you this as a warning; because it is too late for that. Far be it from me to continue to admonish you as I have done for years. You are only to think of it in the coming experiences! For this reason I state once more what this time has in store for you. Perhaps the knowledge of it will help to alleviate some of the suffering, although it can no longer prevent anything.
You know it is the clearing of the great debt with which you have voluntarily burdened yourselves, since nobody has forced you to do this. If through my words you can come to recognition in the suffering, and if thereby a yearning for Light and for Purity arises within you and forms a humble petition, you may still be granted salvation as you are sinking; for God’s Love is ever watchful, and these last Words of mine about this have not been in vain if only one among the falling ones thinks of it in time and in humility.
Therefore this is the best I can give to you for this feast of Easter!
A true Easter will blossom for you only after the Judgment of the Lord is over. Then I will speak to you again and tell you of the new life, which the Lord will grant only to those who willingly swing in the sacred Laws of His Creation, to those who will keep His Mansion, in which you are but guests, free from all activities that are hostile to the Light, and who will not again wantonly devastate the beautiful gardens in whose splendor and purity they shall rejoice evermore in order to grow strong therein!
Oh, you who are blinded, why will you not awaken! You could have been spared so much hardship. I could have brought you joyful news. But as it is, your existence must be shrouded in gray veils of deep sorrow, from which liberation and redemption can once more be granted to you only through the piercing bolts of lighting of the Holy Wrath of God!
And this Wrath will fall upon you with unsuspected might in the Holy Judgment!
However, the Judgment is different from your conception of it. You know of a Book of Life that will be opened by the Judge of God at the appointed hour for each one!
The Book of Life shows the names of all creatures that have come to life, and nothing else.
The inscribed pages belonging to the great Book of Life however, which show the pros and cons of every single thought and every single deed of the individual, are the souls themselves, upon whom has been imprinted all that they have experienced or done in the course of their existence.
The Judge can clearly read therein all the pros and cons. But again you also have a wrong idea about the reading. This too is much simpler than you try to imagine.
The Judge does not order each soul to step separately before Him, before His Judgment Seat, but in the Name of God He sends the blows of His sword into the Universe! The blows of the sword are radiations, which go forth and strike everything in Creation!
Recognize the great simplicity and amazing naturalness! The Judge does not send the rays consciously or intentionally to this one or that one; no, He simply sends them out at God’s Holy Command; for it is the Power of God, nothing else but His All-Holy Will could work in this way!
Thus the blows of radiation, or the radiations, penetrate all of Creation, however, with a force as has never before.
Nothing can hide from the effect! And thus, in the Law of the Working of Creation, the Ray of Divine Power strikes every soul at the appointed hour.
When the Divine Ray, which is not even visible to the human soul, falls upon it, everything that still clings to it must come alive and become manifest and active, thereby closing the final cycle, which either presses the soul down or raises it up.
Whatever wrong or evil such a soul has already been able to shed in the course of its existence, through redemptive experiences in accordance with the Laws of Creation, is obliterated in such a way as if it had never been; thus it no longer clings to the soul and is no longer imprinted upon it. The soul is freed from it and pure, and therefore can suffer no harm from it.
Only that which has not yet come to the closing of its cycle, and therefore still clings to and is connected with the soul, is driven forthwith to the closing of its cycle in the pressure of the Light, in that as it comes to life and reveals itself as it attempts to become active, it in so doing also receives the blow it deserves.
The actual blows depend entirely on the strength of the individual volition which, being released in the reciprocal action, is directed against the soul as the point of origin! Everything, be it good or evil, is now strengthened by the irresistible pressure of the Light and thrust back to the starting-point, to the soul.
And everything which otherwise, in the labored movement of the dense, solidified environment of all the human souls on earth, might still have required many thousands of years to close its cycle, is now compressed into a few months owing to the increased driving movement caused by the power of the blows from the Light, unexpected by mankind.
Such is the manifestation of the World Judgment in its simple naturalness! This time it is the “Last Judgment”, so often proclaimed to you! But its manifestations are entirely different from what you thought. Former proclamations were given to you in pictures, because otherwise you would not have understood them at all.
By means of the Grail Message, however, your knowledge of the working in Creation is expanded, and therefore more and more can be revealed to you; for today you are already able to understand it through my Message.
The sword-thrusts of the Judgment-Day strike as Light-radiations of the Holy Wrath of God into Creation, and flow through all the channels that have already been formed through the automatic working of the Divine Laws in Creation, and which are based on all the intuitive perceptions, thoughts, volition and actions of men as points of origin.
The judging rays are therefore guided with infallible certainty through these existing channels to all souls, which they then impact in accordance with the condition of the respective souls in such an accelerated way however, that their entire existence is brought to the final closing of the cycle of all past activities within a few months; and in exact accordance with their actual condition these souls will be uplifted or cast down, invigorated and strengthened or destroyed!
Such is the Judgment! Today you are able through the Message to understand the process thus described.
Formerly you could not have grasped it, and therefore everything had to be revealed in simple pictures, which correspond more or less to the operation of the process.
And these blows of the Last Judgment have been dealt! They are already on their way to you, to everyone one in Creation, no matter whether he is with or without his physical body.
The first blows have already reached you, and everything that still clings to your souls is revived.
But also the final blows, bringing destruction or upliftment, have been flung out with an all-overwhelming severity to complete the purification upon this earth!
Already they are rushing towards mankind, and nothing can check them anywhere. At the exact hour appointed by God, mankind will be inexorably but justly struck by them!
The last from the Will of God in the Judgment has been fulfilled therewith! Pray, you men, so that you will not have to be lost therein

Blessed are you that you can become knowing; for thereby you also receive surety on your paths through the Creations, you know the way and the goal exactly! That will give you strength, joy, peace and at the same time protection and even higher volition for the good!
Holy power of God be with you who wish to pursue the right path in gratitude!


March the 28th, 2020



... One March will start the final happening that was announced by prophets and in the Bible. It will start with a horrible disease that will appear very suddenly, and during three weeks it removes 2/3 of humans. It will be only then when humanity realizes that humans are standing in the judgment! Humanity did not know it before! People will doubt the fairness of God because only so-called “good” people will leave; meaning those about whom Christ said that “half-hearted will be cast away”. These are all human souls that did not develop themselves (spiritually), people who are not good enough so that they can enter the One thousand year Empire (i.e. The Kingdom of Millennium), yet they are also not bad enough so that they sink to decay. These so-called “good people” who are not able to act badly because they are too half-hearted, and do not do any good because there is no desire for the Light in them. The despair that no one can imagine will burst among these people. “How is it possible” - they will shout, - “that God takes away only good ones from the Earth?” Thousands and thousands will commit suicide. Still, doctors and scientists will have “an explanation” also for that. It is an infectious bacillus or virus that was not discovered by then.
Then thousands and thousands of people will go mad - this will be evoked by the radiation of the Light. The doctors will claim also in this case that it is a virus that attacked the brain. But no doctor in the world will be able to help! All human souls that will be taken away at this time will not be lost yet. They will get a chance to mature on other planets before the last Judgment will start there as well. The Earth is the only planet, where human spirits of different maturity can meet. There are also other planets where they can live. Earth, however, is the most important planet, where all radiation from individual parts of Creation meets. When these half-hearted ones will be cast away like Christ says - only then will the final fight start. Then the Light and the darkness will stand directly against each other for the first time. And this final fight will last only a few months.

I cannot describe you the horror that will break out in whole humanity then. All humanity will be left clearly without God's help then. It will be the time of which it is spoken, “that God will cover His face”. But every believer can go with trust through this period, the saint period.

We began this article untraditionally - by starting with a quotation; yet those who know the Absolute Truth are also aware of the above-written promise or prophecy like some people call it.
Now, publishing this prophecy cannot be no more considered as “dissemination of alarmist message”, when it is already fulfilling. I hesitated, wondering if the time for its publication has already come but after the publication of my dream and visions, and also now, after having a new dream that was clear and related to happening that we wrote about here on the webpage, I decided to publish it because it can be a hope for many, including those affected ones themselves, and mainly for those who are now leaving (dying) and even those who will only leave later.

The new (the latest) dream:
While walking in the forest, I met with some hunters who, with the help of a dog, had been searching for a bear that they had shot and wounded. Sadly, they had given up after an unsuccessful search, and they were now on their way back.
However, through my initiative and leadership, they resumed the search for the same bear by following its footprints. Soon after, we managed to find the bear; it was still alive and obviously aggressive and defensive. I had to intervene, and I managed to kill it.

And based on this dream I decided that I publish the prophecy. This prophecy is not complete of course, because the other (remaining) forecasts that are contained within could already be considered as dissemination of alarm message. But that published part confirms its rightness in actual happening. According to some people, it did not start exactly in accordance with the forecast and not even with my original dream, in March, because in China it had started sooner and also I myself had the dream (published in the article „Dream”) already in December 2019. But this „prophecy” was originally prophesied and enounced in Europe almost a century ago, and the events have started in Europe exactly in March.
Even if this year's March is not going to be exactly the one that is mentioned in that prophecy, and there is another March waiting for us, consider the current one as help and gift of God, because by this we obtained time for our rescue, to prepare ourselves for that forecasted one! Only under the pressure of this conviction and the dream about the bear, I reached the determination to publish that prophecy!

There are always people who will doubt and criticize; yet for such ones, no help is possible, even not necessary. Help is necessary only for such people who take seriously and honestly not only the rescue of the body but also their spirit. Following on the previous article, some may now already understand the following:

Nothing we experience now or will even experience later happens accidentally, on the contrary, it happens exactly in accordance with natural - God's laws!
And this is the cause of all causes, the consequences of which we experience; yet nowhere in media or neither from politicians, scientists, priests, doctors, nor ideologists, we get an answer to it

Search for these eternally active laws yourselves; you will reach the answer by yourselves then!

March the 26th, 2020



Let us start with one provocative question directed to us by several people: “You praise yourselves constantly on the webpage that you solve problems of society in the sense of natural, or God's laws. So, can you now show us what recipe you offer readers for today's crisis?
As the author of the article, I will answer this provocative question in the same way I answered one man who asked me a similar question a while back, though in relation to another issue. At least he was satisfied with my answer at that particular time! Time will tell if readers are going to be satisfied as well.

Even though we have already been clarifying the cause of causes from other angles on this webpage, it is still not enough for a reader to adjust himself correctly and be able to apply the advice in other connections that are relevant nowadays! But the essence remains still the same!

 At that time I answered him as follows:
Our problem is that we solve any problem that arises only from a position of the consequences, but not from the position of the cause!

Who is now able to ask, or even think about, why the dangerous virus has appeared at this particular time? And why specifically corona? All those who now solve only the consequences would answer in a sense that the virus has simply mutated to its current form and it is a common process. Yet such an answer is satisfying only to those who do not accept the higher or finer dimensions (levels) of matter about which we wrote so often on our webpage! 

And such an answer did not satisfy the man I mentioned earlier, and therefore he asked me the following similarly provocative question:
So where do we find those genuine causes you are talking about?
Of course when a question like this is asked, it is not possible to use the evasive answer any more that was constantly used till now and which today’s public consumes so easily! Therefore a proper answer had to follow, which would satisfy the man concerned. And I chose the following answer:
If you have a television at home, it is not incomprehensible to you that you are able to choose your intention simply by pressing a button of the remote control. Thus you are able to choose the option that suits your own desires! The essence lies right there - in changing of a channel executed by someone who wants to fulfill his own desire!
His reaction was as follows:
So these causes are the result of someone, who is able to call them up by the remote control?
Yes! Exactly!” I answered him.
But again there arises another quite important but hardly identifiable problem; so once again I was confronted with the following question:
So who causes problems that we constantly experience? Does devil exist as well?
We will not analyze that question now because it has already been explained on our webpage many times before and everyone who is at least partially acquainted with some spiritual movement knows the answer. I just add that he considered my answer to his question as satisfactory.

However what needs to be answered is that today it is not easy to recognize the direction from which comes the cause we are experiencing now. Why? Because the Earth and even human spirits, are all now in the time of judgment, which was foretold in all religions; even the intention (i.e. all the misfortunes, catastrophes and diseases humanity experience now) is the same for the Light and also for the darkness! And while the motive or the cause is different for both superior hierarchies (of Light and darkness) from the point of view of Truth, the consequences we experience are equal.

The Light strives to purify the Earth for the purpose of setting the next ideology that consequently shall change every future happening on it; while the darkness strives to survive as long as possible, even to keep the old and outlived system. The darkness strives to protect “those of its own” and the Light does the same!
So far the darkness is winning because it does not feel as compulsory to abide by natural - God's laws, while on the other hand, Light must abide by them and even It strives to bring humans closer to them. To achieve this, even from the point of view of the Light, it can be reached only by human beings going through the greatest suffering today. Therefore we should expect even harsher experience in the near future. Such a proclamation is not given to scare someone, but it should be received as helpful advice. And that is what we do continually here on our webpage too; we are bringing readers closer towards the natural laws mentioned many times before, and whose origin is in the finer spheres of matter!

So now try to also look at the latest problem of humanity (i.e. the coronavirus) in connection with the function of natural - God's laws; only in doing so can you obtain the undistorted or correct answer, that you cannot obtain from any politician, virologist, doctor, scientist, priest, ideologist, and all others that have a mouth full of empty speeches. Unfortunately they only solve the consequences, which will not eliminate newly arisen problems, whose number will only increase in time.  They do not solve the cause because they do not accept those finer dimensions of matter. Unless we start to accept those finer dimensions of matter, towards which we have been trying to bring you closer to on our webpage for a long time now, the number of problems will only continue to rise.

Our effort is so far without any results. Nevertheless, the time is on our side and those who refuse the advice given here on the webpage have to understand that we are not the conspirators who mislead the public, but it is actually the other way around!

March the 23rd, 2020, UPDATE: a new text added on April 2nd, 2020



The Festival of the radiant star 29.12.2019

The dream:
I was sitting at the far end of the field behind my house, exactly where I had earlier recorded with my camera some spherical objects in the air. This time round it was during the day in early spring when trees do not have leaves on them. I saw a luminous object in the sky shining through the thin clouds. This object was of orange-pink color, similar to the sun during sunrise or sunset when it is low above the horizon. But the object was not in the south or southeast like the sun but in the northeast. 
The object drew my attention and I continued to watch it. Suddenly the clouds spread away for a while and there appeared an image of an angel in orange-pink color, like the sun during sunset or in an early sunrise, or like a rose flower. But it was not until after waking up the following morning that I recalled the dream and at the same time, realized that this incident occurred on the day of the Festival of the Rose (i.e. the Festival of the Radiant Star).

Explanation of the dream, now already during its fulfillment:
China is in the northern hemisphere and it is to the east of Slovakia where I live. Therefore the current coronavirus is by all accounts a consequence of this forecast in the dream. The shape of the wings of the angel in the dream confirms it as well because their shape was exactly as lung lobes; even the color was corresponding. This realization came to my mind only recently, when I was sitting exactly at that same spot as in the dream, and under similar conditions - warm sun and also trees that had not yet blossomed; exactly like in the dream.


Walnuts – a vision (January the 14th 2020)

On this day I saw the following picture: There were many walnuts fallen on the ground, but they were comparatively of small size and they were also at different stages of maturity. The few ripe nuts among them had already been deprived of the outer green cover or layer (the mesocarp and exocarp parts according to fruit terminology). Still, there were many unripe walnuts that had their outer layer either of green or brown color.”

A fitting quotation from The Eternal laws:
Along with the development and maturing of the planet, the human spirit matures too - through several lives on Earth and its dwelling in the Ethereal World. The development of the spirit is similar to the development of a nut. The nucleus is small, shapeless and soft at first. Only through the maturing and thickening of the covers, in the form of skin and shell, does the nucleus grow and harden as well. After maturing, the covers no longer serve a purpose and they disintegrate. The spirit-germ also grows and matures under its coverings that are the soul and body. The spirit, after reaching maturity, becomes an eternal and conscious personality in a human form, and therefore it no longer needs the coverings - body and soul. They only served as a cloak for the spirit in the particular levels, in order to protect and support its development. So the spirit-germ is gradually changing into a Developed Spirit. This term indicates that, through the development, the spirit was maturing into a conscious personality. Little Elemental Beings are developing in a similar manner - gradually, not immediately. They do not have a spirit or body; they only have a soul and an animistic nucleus.


In my opinion, the dream and the vision should have a prophetic meaning for the future happening that is awaited by many who know the Word.

Accordingly, the year 2020 will be a breakthrough year and it is necessary to state the following:

The year    2020 = 2 + 2 = 4
Imanuel – His age in year 2020 is 22 = 2 + 2 = 4

Number 4 – there are four conscious animals under God's throne that are basic radiations for creation.
Number 4 – is the number for the human spirit as well, who is active in four spheres of creation:
1. Spiritual realm – the realm of origin and also the place of return, thus the home of human

2. Animistic realm – the realm of development of spiritual germ, its covers, i.e. the human soul.
3. Ethereal matter – the afterlife, where the spirit waits for a new incarnation.
4. Gross matter – the realm of the turning point for a human spirit, where a spirit has to mature in order to be able to return to its home – to Paradise, into the realm of spirit. He or she came out from there like an unconscious germ on its journey down through worlds.


 The Vision
(February the 12th 2020)

In a state of full consciousness I had a vision when I was listening to the texts from the „Living Word”:
I saw one picture – a spring of pure water!


UPDATE – March 30th, 2020 (added a new dream and a new vision)

It is necessary to add one more dream to the above three visions or “images”. A dream that certainly relates to this happening, yet we let every reader for himself consider if it is true, and also to consider from which side these visions came to us. Here we give only facts as they came to us. The third vision is at the end because we wanted to keep the order in which we received the information.

A dream in between March 20th and 21st, 2020
I had a dream where I was probably in your home and I saw you carrying your pictures out of your home. You, however, did not want to throw them out, but it appeared like you only wanted to relocate them to a different place. It seemed that I assisted you in doing so. They were “old” paintings, but not in a way of being useless or unnecessary. However, the frames of the pictures were such that they are no longer being made today. They were robust, with various nice engravings and, the painting style was also as something that is no longer being made today. There were plenty of those paintings. One painting in particular (framed in portrait size) caught my eye. It had three white roses on one stem, each rose growing one above another in ascending order like the steps of a ladder. I do not know whether roses can even grow in such a way here on Earth. I admired how pure and bright the painting was, while the colors were still vivid, even though I could see that the painting is old. Since the painting was so glossy, it looked like it had been oiled on the surface. I also remember various other colors inside these roses, like at the very core of each one of them. However, once I woke up, out of all the colors I could only remember the yellow one that was inside one of those roses.

(March 25th, 2020)

At around 5.00 a.m. while wide-awake and conscious, I had another vision that was related to my previous one of January 14th.
Inside a narrow basket made of nicely peeled wicker, wider at its top but getting narrower towards the bottom, I saw some collected nice walnuts, however, this time only matured ones.

Explanation of the vision:
Apparently this last vision is related to my previous one, and in my opinion, it is related to the Judgment and maturity of human spirits that have already been separated from immature ones, because in my previous vision both ripe and unripe walnuts were all lying together.
In my view, this last vision cannot have any connection with the real past experience because although in the past I used to harvest walnuts a lot, we never had such a basket at home.