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November the 30th, 2018



* This is how the organizers and participants of this initiative in Slovakia, who are trying to change the society, have called themselves.

We celebrated “The Velvet Revolution” (or Gentle Revolution) in Slovakia, and also in the Czech Republic. Again, a dissatisfaction prevailed and still with a desire for another new revolution. Similarly, this mood can constantly be seen around the world. In terms of activity on the Radio Rescue webpage, we became silent a little because in fact we have already addressed all issues that afflict mankind and produce friction and problems.

Therefore we would like to brush up our earlier article and refer to it. Specifically, it is one of the two videos that are mutually related and published on the main page under the name: TRUE REVOLUTION!

Even if we try to stand aloof from various predictions of the end time, just because we know that the time of foretold events has always been dependent on people themselves, it may still be advisable to point at some certain information that was recently broadcasted on TV. It was about Saint Malachy, the Archbishop of Armagh and his prophetic vision on 112 popes, when he came to Rome in the 12th century. At that time, he wrote a list of 112 subsequent popes and each one of them was characterized by a few fitting words. Allegedly this prophecy is very exact and is quite well known.
For example, a pope who was in office in the year 1875, when the Son of Man was born, was characterized by the following: “Cross from cross”. The equal-armed Cross is sign of God's Truth, thus of God Himself.
With a pope that was in office during the 1st world war comes the following eloquent characteristic: “Depopulation of the Church”. Some other translations, however, say: “Downfall of the Church” or “Religion destroyed” and it exactly falls under the time when the Son of Man began to work on his Work – writing The Grail Message, which really shall bring unity for the whole Earth, and thus also downfall of the Church in the form as we know it today.
It is not necessary to give other examples, we only say, that the last one, the 112th pope, is described as follows: “... he will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful Judge will judge his people. The End.”

112th pope is the current one!

Consider the above written only as a confirmation of words that were spoken in the video TRUE REVOLUTION, - that the right Ruler, is already very close.

We recommend to those who have desire for a change of society and try to make it more perfect, or more acceptable for man, to also get acquainted with the article published in the folder (UN)ANSWERED QUESTIONS, part 7, question no. 10: Is there a righteous social order and will we live in it one day?
A person interested may also find other articles on our webpage; articles that address topics on society and about conditions or laws, those that can ensure the right functioning of society. Herein he may also find information on what we humans are capable of doing, and what is assigned for a higher power, that is to say, for the power of the right Ruler.

November the 19th, 2018



We explained in our previous articles that the change of radiation that is promised in the Grail Message has happened through the effect of the Son of Man – Imanuel, who is promised in many religions. Also in the Bible itself, Jesus promised Him to us, as a ruler and eternal intermediary for us.
However, only a few of us have realized that it was just prophet Ezekiel who gave us a perfect proof of Imanuel's activity at the present time, so that we are able to believe it and also explain it based on the Grail Message, and hence, gain conviction which in turn helps us to remain standing in our fight with doubt, and also to accept what is new and important!

Therefore certain considerations will follow, and we believe it will help some people to win this fight!
When prophet Ezekiel in his prophesy described the flying ship that he saw, as well as the four beings in shape of animals accompanying “someone who looked like a man and sat on a throne” (that means the Son of Man), he gave us proof of Imanuel's coming and his connections that were only explained thousands of years later in the Grail Message, and which are still being explained today!
One proof of accuracy in Ezekiel’s vision is that he described the four beings who accompanied the Son of Man, i.e. Eagle, Lion, Bull and Ram, exactly as they really are around God, before God's throne. But only much later did the Son of Man explain it to us perfectly in the Grail Message!
In addition there are other connections which also confirm birth of Imanuel in gross-materiality, but in a different place other than the Earth, as well as the change of radiation which we wrote about in earlier articles under the title “Radiation”, divided in two parts.
Now we present quotations from the Grail Message, which tell us what God intends to do and what we should await:
“But first the violent storms must come, the purifying fever spasms must first pervade everything in order to destroy the old before the new can arise; and you who are to become strong enough to emerge from it, need the Grace of God to enable you to stand upright again, when, after all the storms, the new sun calls you to new life!”

“They will never reach the longed-for, necessary “New Earth”, which is promised to the seekers, and which alone can offer salvation, as the firm ground which never sways and falls.”

And now we repeat the most important quotation from previous article:
“This is the reason why during the upheavals already proceeding on this earth the earthly bodies too must be changed, otherwise they can no longer exist! They change with the changing workings of the elementals!”

From the above quotation, it is obvious that Imanuel shall create a new Sun, a new Earth, and he will also create our earthly bodies anew, bodies that will be without distortion of the brain – without hereditary sin!
And again in the Grail Message we get an explanation that He needs the four beings that are around God's throne. This, he cannot evade, and Ezekiel has already described it when he wrote how they accompanied the Son of Man on a flying object, long before we got such an explanation and achieved sufficient maturity for it! *
The “Old” description of flying object confirms to us the “new” explanations and promises! Or put the other way: Only in the new Messages do we find explanation for that, which was experienced and received as a message a long time ago!
So could it be marked as a coincidence?! Or is it a confirmation of Ezekiel's truth, the truth about a flying object? Mainly it is the truth of the fact that the Son of Man – Imanuel, and his heavenly army will actually come in the clouds to help us, but in a form that Ezekiel saw – with extraterrestrial civilization! So he will not come on clouds literally!

From the Grail Message:
For this reason the foundation of Creation already rests in these Animals. Four Animals which form a Square on the Steps of the Throne of God and drink, absorb within themselves, all the Creative Radiations of God. This means that they not only form a Square, but they are the Square of Creation, or the Square of the subsequent Circle of Creation.
Thus the Square of the Animals, or better said “Beings”, contains everything needed for the Creations, and for this purpose it is the first central gathering point out of the Radiations of the Divine Trigon above it, the Divine Trinity.
Thus it is only this Square of four Beings that from above is directly involved with the subsequent Circle of Creation; it is connected with it.
Of the four winged, knowing Beings at the Throne of God: the Ram, the Bull, the Lion and the Eagle, the Ram is that being which bears a human face; for the Ram holds within himself that spiritual quality in Creation, out of which the human beings in Creation form themselves and develop!

Again, we provide a certain explanation herewith:
When Parsifal was on Earth, for the purpose of bringing the Grail Message, primordially created beings from His sphere gathered around Him. We know about the Lion in the first circle around Parsifal – God’s core in the primordial sphere. But the Lion was with Him also in the gross matter as the first “chain link” to mediate His radiations. Always remember – there must remain no gap!

Therefore around Imanuel's Unsubstantiate core, beings from the sphere that lies as close as possible to His origin should also work as the first circle. Therefore the four animals who surround God's throne work with Him, because when Imanuel shall create the new Sun, new Earth, and even a new cloak for the human spirit, He needs to have mediators, who are intended for the right processing of His radiation and therefore put His will to effect. He gives them the “power” and also instruction, but He does not do it Himself, only through His faithful and unshakeable servants! It results from above quotations that just these four conscious beings before God's throne create the base for all creations, that is, for planets, suns, and animals or people. That is why new Sun, new Earth, new cloak for man, and also new animals which are promised to us in the Space Connections, will come into existence through effecting of these beings. Ezekiel wrote thousands of years ago that they will accompany the Son of Man so that we could get another proof for the Truth at present time, truth about flying objects, about Imanuel's present activity, and finally to assure us that He is the Rescuer promised by Jesus, the Rescuer Who shall come “in clouds”.
I also dwelt on another fact a while back: Why Primordial Queen, as she ran away from the “dragon” into the desert, she got two pairs of eagle wings. Why is the “eagle” mentioned, when it could have only been said that she got two pairs of wings? At that time, I understood it intuitively, though in my brain I received it as something unbelievable. Today it is also clearer for the brain, and I understand that the help of “eagle” in materiality was also promised in the Bible; and so I dare to say:
We human beings have no idea how great God’s Love is, and how great is the help we get in order that we do not have to die; even if we do not know about it at all, we do not care, and do not have any desire for it. Now I partially understand the Words: You get such great help, yet you do not deserve it!

All God's messages together create one unbreakable chain, links of which support each other, are connected with each other, and nothing can be eliminated! One gives proof for the Truth of the previous one and the next one and vice versa, and so it shall be, and so it will also continue to be!
We will again quote from the Grail Message, in order to confirm what is written above, that God's Son does not put changes into effect by Himself alone, but through His faithful ones:

“Great pain goes through all lands.

With stupid suspicion all people stand before something incomprehensible now, if they are still able to suspect, or feel. One more time, I call to a final awakening of feelings from a wide whirl of unbearable empty superficiality! For the last time!
Ridicule and fun can calmly be an answer to it. However, soon it will become silent and illness will severely throw down all mockers.
And when gradual fear affects all people, then let them try to purify themselves through tricks of self-willed brain. They can rely on scholarly wisdom, on which they referred to so often; they can take their medals, their titles, honors, fame of doctor, preacher, judges and statesmen! Equally they can also rely on all their gold and everything they still think they have! They also can go to those who falsely let themselves be called or aspire to be leaders and prophets. – They can ask them for help as a proof of their mission – but all this will not change that what must come, even by the skin of one's teeth. Because all earthly knowledge, all humans’ strength and power, lives only in their imaginations, and it is nothing before God. All vermin of darkness will be brushed down this time! All human self-conceit will be shattered!
The few, however, who want to listen, shall listen: Contagious disease transmission can only rage where a way for it has been cleared. Flooding does not rise even one inch higher than it was determined beforehand! Fire from bosom of the earth and from above does not spread its destruction even one inch further than it is allowed. Storm rages in its determined way. And when till now firm earth wavers, when mountains fall down, new ones go up, when whole tracts of earth fall down to ruins . . . nothing happens without firm guidance of God's Will! Let it be a consolation for you.

                                                                                                             Pentecost 1929”

“Primordial spiritual leader of elemental beings, hear my last call now! The twelfth hour has stroke already, let your preparation be finished. I am prepared and human's conceit is tired now. Let you freely break forth storms, seas as well as fire. Air, water and earth shall become diseased. People do not want anything else.
What does not want to bow before God shall fall to pieces!
Sword of Light flares and throws all darkness together with creatures that serve it into abyss of decay.
It is fulfilled. Awake you people! My day has come now; my Golgotha is finished. Let you be afraid of severity of my sword that will unmercifully detach all rottenness from you, so that at least a small part of healthy wood will not become bad.
The fight has started! Joy fulfills my spirit now. Name that God has given to me, IMANUEL, shall be our call to fight. In its sense it means: “God is with us!”

Therefore, even during our suffering, the term “Love your neighbour” remains valid. If however the following question arises: “Why do misfortunes befall me when all my life I have tried to be a good person?” It will not be sufficient to comfort oneself by saying “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” Moreover, if we truly want to help our neighbour it is high time to seek the Truth.



Finally, one more question: Won’t the belief of those followers of Grail Movement (who believe in Imanuel but reject Mrs. Makedonova and also the UFOs), be weakened, when the flying saucers will start flying over their heads, and when they will also be accepted publicly? As a matter of fact, today they are already accepted publicly to a certain extent, so these followers should start thinking about what they will do at that time!

* A reader can find the vision of Ezekiel, his experience, in the article “SURELY, THEY FLY!” in folder: SCIENCE AND UNIVERSE!

October the 28th, 2018



This article is a continuation of RADIATION, part I in which we have dealt with obvious changes that are taking place around us all on our planet. We wrote about this year's unbelievably flowering plants and trees, growing number of natural disasters and catastrophic events. At the same time we have pointed out the important cause of this event, which is the change of radiation!
Now, we want to tackle this topic once again, because personal experiences and evidence we have gained repeatedly, confirm the Absolute Truth - in the Word of the Grail Message and the Eternal Laws!

Since the article “Radiation, part I.” was first published (note: Slovak version of this article was published back in May this year) many other incidents have happened. This high number alone suffices as enough evidence of our declaration about the change of radiation. More importantly, everything that has happened during this time should serve as a reason for our reflection.
But as we have already said before, official science concludes this topic with a weary phrase, which they named “global warming”. Unfortunately, as can be seen among the people, most of them are satisfied with this explanation and figuratively speaking, they fell asleep!
The Truth is that apart from our Earth, other planets in our solar system are also growing warmer. It leads to suggestion that the warming is not a matter related solely to us on our planet Earth, but it is a bigger event that is happening in the Universe, and whose real cause is either concealed, not correctly understood, or not known at all!
The issue of global warming was also subject of discussion in multiple TV documentaries. In one such documentary a concerned respondent said the following: “Changes in weather conditions on our planet are being attributed to global warming. However, the real cause is not that we drive cars, but it lies somewhere else because significant climatic changes are happening also on other planets of our solar system: Ice peaks on Mars dissolve, ice on Jupiter's moons are also dissolving. Other planets are beginning to radiate more, because they are growing warmer.”

In the Grail Message, Son of Man says in person:
“Now comes the time when you have to scrutinizingly look around so that nothing is missed, because everything must be useful to you.”

Heed the time and also the signs that I indicate to you with my explanations. You will benefit greatly if you let everything come to an experiencing within you!”

Countless are the signs that proclaim the beginning of the Final Judgment; but men hurry past them, assuming or deluding themselves into believing that everything has already happened often before.”

“Above all, man must not be so timid, cowardly or superficial as to try and ignore the present absolutely astonishing abundance of events, be they natural or economic catastrophes, murders and suicides, political upheavals, the struggle for earthly power between states and churches, and so much more.
Never has there been such an abundance of everything at the same time as it is today. This in itself should be an indication to every thinking person of the accelerated release of events, which are visibly increasing; it should awaken the notion of a tremendous cosmic cycle coming to a close through a power higher than the will and the capacity of men and of the retribution connected therewith.
All that is false will perish in it, and only what is good will remain. The good or the false, however, as measured not by the mind of man, but by the Mind of God alone!
On their own volition, men remain so ignorant of everything! Out of fear, superficiality and carelessness, or out of conceit. Last but not least there is spiritual indolence. Even a great many of the Light-seekers cannot quite free themselves from this. In my last lecture I have already referred to spiritual indolence, which goes so far that even intellectually clever people do not really want to “think” about matters that do not directly concern their earthly ambitions!”

“However, to be able to form a judgment on this, there is first required a different kind of knowledge: The knowledge of the real task of the Promised Son of Man on earth!”

This is the reason why during the upheavals already proceeding on this earth the earthly bodies too must be changed, otherwise they can no longer exist! They change with the changing workings of the elementals! This causes changes in the radiations as well, thereby also of the climate and the development of forms and the preservation of all Materiality. Under the new ray of the Light!”

Look at what has happened with nature around the world within a short time during this year alone! Almost everywhere (TV news, internet) reports show that people have such a rich harvest in their gardens this year that they do not know what to do with it; nor can they remember the last time that they had such a fruitful year. Moreover, some crops grew even in such size and weight as never seen before, and their values were put in record books. The farmers also take pleasure in the fact that this year's harvest exceeds their expectations. Yet those who have not completely buried their sense of logic in themselves, are  at the same time confronted by the fact that it is strange, for this summer period was almost too dry for such a good harvest!
Again, it is not possible to use the argument that global warming is the sole reason for everything. Previous years were also dry due to high temperatures, but harvests were not so rich, because with less amount of water, plants and trees either did not provide such an abundant harvest, or they dried up! But suddenly it is now the opposite!
Therefore the cause must be different!

One member of our team also received an apparent and interesting confirmation in his garden and in the neighborhood of this change of radiation and took pictures of it. There may be many others who also had similar experiences but did not know the reason behind it.

The following is a narration of his experience:
“I grow garden peppers and tomatoes in a greenhouse and also outdoors, and I have found one interesting change that has not happened in the past. As you know, peppers grow hanging downwards. Only smaller varieties like Alma paprika pepper or chili pepper grow upwards, just like fir cones. But this year something has happened and even the big varieties grew upwards, up towards the Light, according to the laws of nature and as described in the Grail Message quotation below:

“To be natural, however, means to ascend, to strive upwards, following the attraction of the Living Power. For where there is naturalness everything strives upwards only, just as every blade of grass, every flower and every tree does.”
I purposely took one piece of that garden pepper that grew upwards. Even at a glance it was quite heavy so I weighed it, and its weight was 110 grams. Later we ate it. Its pulp was roughly about one centimeter and the taste was excellent. The skin (peel) was also very fine, meaning of high quality. At the end I had majority of garden peppers that grew upwards, while the seeds from which they grew, were from last year peppers that grew downwards. The interesting part is what my wife told me about our neighbor. This year she had bought new seeds of peppers and they also grew in an upward direction, and she also confirmed that she has not seen something like that ever before. So it didn't happen only to me. Initially I had thought that some garden peppers have been cross-bred with the Alma paprika pepper that grows upwards and hence the result I had. But since our neighbor had the same result, there must be something extraordinary about it, which in my opinion is again related to the change in radiation.”

Another person who is trying to assist with the project of Radio Rescue can confirm this fact:
“My present occupation is a parcel delivery agent. One day I was delivering a package to a customer. Then I saw peppers in her garden that also grew upwards. So I asked her if she had had an experience from previous years with garden peppers growing in an upward direction. Her answer was negative and added that it was her first time. She was also very surprised that I was interested in such a thing in her garden.”

This change of radiation, in form of increased fertility, can also be observed on walnuts and their abundant number. Usually the number of walnuts from one tree was hardly sufficient for someone’s own consumption and leave something for sale, but this year they are so many that a number of walnuts harvested from one tree is as if from two trees, and in some cases like from three!

Another experience:
“For a long time, we have a pear tree that grows every year. In each year, most of the time its fruits were green, until right before the peak of their maturity when they became yellow a little. However, this year they had already turned red by the time they were half-mature!

A further proof that this year is strange (since it is possible to observe certain changes in nature) is that interesting happenings have also appeared in the woods. We have a dry season in our area but still the mushrooms grow in large numbers. Together with my wife we went to pick mushrooms. The season was really dry and this was evidenced by the fact that a well from which we usually draw water had completely dried up, meaning that the water did not rise or flow at all, yet we picked so many mushrooms like never before. Most importantly, majority of them were edible Penny Bun mushrooms. Due to the dry season many of them had no worms.
Once I saw on TV a gentleman who had found a mushroom that had grown with another smaller one on its cap. So it was like an entirely smaller mushroom had grown on the cap of another one below it. Later to my big surprise, and right beside the well, I found three mushrooms the type of which I had never seen or heard of before in my life. They were even different from what I had seen on TV. All the three that I found beside the well were double-decked, i.e. there was one stalk with two caps, the top cap above the second cap (see the picture below). Since the third mushroom was tiny and even dry, I left it in the woods.”

Therefore, if nature now gives such fruits of its volition, try to imagine what it will be like when even the fruits of human desire become more and more distinct.
It will be a judgment that we will carry out ourselves!

One day, when some of us stand with sad eyes in front of the bare Truth, which uncovers one's true inner-self, perhaps some of us may sincerely wish to change ourselves. We may as well wish to act in a way that the neighbors won't be forced to suffer for our mistakes. Finally, having the knowledge about the laws of God, i.e. The Eternal Laws, we may wish to act in a way that is useful for neighbors and for the creation we are allowed to live in.

This knowledge also prevents us to “knock on the wrong door”, or looking for the Truth where It does not exist (as it often happened in the past). We should know the laws of God, and therefore understand the fact that man does not need a mediator between himself and God. He only needs “instructions for use”, that is the pure Word of Absolute Truth. That alone will help him, for only this Absolute Truth can perfectly and without misinterpretation, teach him how to change and where to seek help.
Now is the time to say that in the Grail Message it is explained that there permeates through the whole creation a neutral principal power in the form of radiation which creates, preserves and maintains everything, and which comes only through the Son of Man! The sun is the mediator of this radiation for the planets of our solar system in our gross material universe! Therefore, the change of the Sun itself logically had to precede the changes we now see and feel here on Earth. And there is only one way that this change of the sun's radiation could take place, and that is the presence of the Son of Man near this cosmic body, because He is the only one who carries this ability in Himself!
That is the reason for the increased activity near the sun these days.

We now want to point out one event that we think is closely related. At the Sun, a fleet of large extraterrestrial ships appeared on April the 10th, 2018. What is unique is the form these UFOs appeared, and which is also the best evidence of Truth! It was the shape of an isosceles cross (i.e. cross with beams of equal length)!
Here is the link to the above-mentioned event near the sun:

As always, it is necessary to confirm it with a quotation from the Word of the Grail Message to help us understand the context:
“He who stands in the Power and in the Truth” is what is said of the Son of God. The Power is the Will of God, the Holy Spirit. Its visible form is the Dove. The visible form of Truth is the spontaneously radiating Cross. Both were seen living on the Son of God, because He stood in them. Thus with Him it was a natural and self-evident manifestation.
The same will also be seen on the Son of Man! The Dove above Him, the Cross of Redemption behind Him; for He again, as the Bringer of Truth, is inseparably linked with them, “Who stands in the Power and in the Truth!” They are the unmistakable signs of His genuine Mission to fulfill the prophecies. They are the signs that can never be imitated. They are indestructible, warning, and, despite the terrible gravity, they are at the same time promising! Before these alone all Darkness must retreat!
Look upwards! As soon as the inexorable harbingers of His coming have appeared, clearing the way for Him of the obstacles that human conceit heaps upon it, the bandage will fall from the eyes of many who are granted the grace to recognize Him thus! Then, forced by the power of the Light, they will have to bear witness openly.
Not one of the many false prophets and leaders of today is able to prevail against this; for in the two sublime signs, which no one but the Son of God and the Son of Man can bear, God Himself speaks for His Servant, and all human wisdom must fall silent at once. —
Watch for that hour, it will be nearer than all men think.

Those above-mentioned experiences lead us to an important happening that had to precede, otherwise the change of radiation could not be done in the described way. It is the confirmation of a method of fulfillment (and fulfillment as such) of the promise of the coming of the Son of Man, Imanuel, to the last Judgment, about which, in 1998, Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova wrote in her book “The Eternal Laws”; and only through her, who at that time incarnated as the Primordial Queen, His Mother, was the promise fulfilled!
Unfortunately, those who were supposed to act as helpers for this event became its opponents at the instigation of darkness. They did not understand at all this important event and the facts perfectly explained in the Grail Message, and they became not only grievous opponents but also complete spiritual illiterates. Logical explanations in the Grail Message, which describes the above-mentioned event, have been totally ignored. The evidence that supports her mission as the Envoy of Light was used to the contrary, that is, to discredit Her, proving that they either do not understand the Word, or are under the total control of darkness!
It is necessary to add that the book “The Eternal Laws” is the Word clothed in a new gown and written in a more suitable way for our time and maturity of human spirits. However, right in there a seeker can find supplemented and clarified information that at the time of the coming of the Son of Man in clouds He will have help from other spiritual and materially more advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, because the helping hand will not be able to be given directly from our Earth, since it will be largely devastated at that time. These extraterrestrial civilizations are the ones that in the Bible are referred to as “the heavenly army of angels of the Son of Man”. Likewise, we can be sure now about the true meaning behind the words of Ismael about “the chariots of the Lord”. Also, let's not forget about Ezekiel, who had a vision at the River of Chebar, and he perfectly described, using vocabulary of the time he lived in, these chariots alongside their crew! Finally, even these extraterrestrials gave us some time ago the Message. Therein, in the Message, we can find instructions on what we need to change first, and only then is their help possible!

Here are a few important points from this message called “The Space Connection” that relate to all the important things we are trying to draw attention to in this article:
* I am Alpha and Omega for this Earth. I am the True One who has come to you with the grace and peace of Heaven. I am He who will free you from your distress. I will bring you peace.
* One of my closest lived on the Earth as an ordinary earthling. I used him as an instrument. His message to mankind is of enormous scope and significance. He was not the only one contacted. Those contacted are carefully selected and they precisely follow our instructions. Therefore, their work is limited by the boundaries of these instructions. (Additional question: What do you think whose Message is pointed out here?)
* Many people, on Earth, will be surprised when they meet face-to-face one of our women, whose origin is not terrestrial. (From our own experience, we should now be able to tell who the Woman is!)
* A new era is born, preceded by the labour of birth.
* Transformation will take place, not only spiritual but also material.
* The emergence of superhuman aid in crisis is differently expected around the world, although it concerns the same aspect, according to the Bible “the second coming of Christ”, or “appearance of the Son of Man in the clouds”.
* As the negative events speed up, great suffering will occur. This is necessary and must not worry you. No one can escape my will in meeting his or her destiny.
* You must know, understand, and implement Cosmic Laws in everyday life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is to occur now on Earth in those who strive for it.
* Spiritual and physical changes are closely related and will therefore run simultaneously.
* Things will happen on Earth, which will appear to many to be cruel, but which are only natural because they will lead to spiritual purification of humanity.
* Events will soon gain such speed that only those who have understood will be involved in our plans. Do not let outer things confuse your minds, because spiritual development is now primary.
* I promise you that each spaceship will be within one tenth of a millimeter exactly there, where is supposed to be before we start our rescue operation.
* If we were to come at this present moment to make the change we intend to do later, not ten years would elapse before mankind would have fallen back to exactly same level as it finds itself today. Therefore, the change will be made no sooner than after mankind reaches the threshold of despair and hopelessness. It will understand its situation, to which it has led itself, by new spiritual knowledge.
* The name of the message - “Space Connection” means that by a cosmic salvation mission the Earth will at the right time be connected with higher universes.
* Fire will be used as a cleansing agent; it will strike and burn the Earth and purify it.
* You will spend one thousand happy years on Earth. I will always be with you, showing you the way to develop.
* Science knows about the great changes that have occurred in the evolution of plants and animals, but is unable to explain their happening. These changes were called mutations, consisting of rapid leaps upwards. A similar change - mutation, will now also happen to mankind.
* According to the Bible I will come in the clouds with a heavenly army.

Isn't it also interesting that a few weeks ago seven different space observatories were closed? These were mainly those that focus on observation of our Sun and allow the public to participate on those observations by using the available web cams. Is there something happening around the Sun that those powerful ones do not want to share with public? If so, such an activity is also another proof that the current powerful rulers stand on the opposite side of the Incoming One, whose arrival has been long promised and prophesied!

Only darkness and man alone cover the Truth before the sight of man! The Light never acts this way! Only man himself has beclouded his sight to not discern Light and Truth!

October the 15th, 2018



“What is it happening with our planet Earth? What is happening with nature? – Questions like these arise in many of us on a daily basis in these latter days. Also in the media it is common to find the following thoughts: “We do not have four separate seasons anymore! It’s like spring has disappeared and summer follows right after winter…” or still from other sources:“Everything in nature is different from the way it was several decades back!” Everything has really changed and quickly rushes forward. This has its cause or origin that has already been explained to us for a long time now!
In this article we would like to point at a happening in Slovakia that cannot be ignored because it particularly affects every person who has a garden and is keenly observing the surroundings. All kinds of trees had flowered so much during the spring of 2018 as I had never seen before. For example in regard to grapes, every spring I always break out sprouts which do not deliver flowers. But this year I almost had nothing to break because most one-year sprouts had not just one, but two bunches each. Even a young (small) grape under a window and not yet mature enough to bring out flowers and give fruits, had many flowers as well. Other people from various parts of Slovakia also noticed and confirmed this unusual abundance of flowering.

The cause of this apparent change is change of radiation during the Judgment period. This is confirmed in the following quotes from the Word of Truth, The Grail Message:
“But it is the Will of God that man must at last come to his senses and completely fulfill his task in this Creation! If he neglects to do so he will now become over-ripe and decay as a rotten fruit of Creation. The Divine Light which God through the Son of Man is now sending into Creation affects it in the same way as the plants in a greenhouse are affected by the increased warmth, which forces them to produce flowers and fruit more quickly.”

“This is the harvest of all the seed that has been sown through the volition of mankind since the beginning of their activity. The harvest of all that is right as well as of all that is wrong, whether the wrong once arose out of malevolence, or only out of ignorance of the Divine Laws in Creation. It will come to blossom through the increased Power of the Light and must openly show its fruits, which now during this Final Judgment, in the streaming-back of the reciprocal action, have to be accepted as reward and punishment by their authors and adherents, as well as by their descendants!”

“They must grow, and in so doing they will be raised by the Light and strengthened for further existence, if they are in tune with the Laws of this Light-Power, or if they can neither harmonize with the Light-Power, nor on that account make contact with It, they will be strengthened only to shatter themselves at the height of their growth against the Power of the light, and thus pronounce judgment on themselves. All that is wrong will consequently come to an end of its own accord through becoming visibly activated, even that which would still like to hide. Under the pressure of the Light nothing can continue to hold back, it must emerge, must come to light and must show its fruits through the deed! So that it may be exactly recognized for what it really is. And everything through itself.”

“It is natural, and conditioned by the Laws of Creation, that now, towards the end, all of the evil characteristics must bring forth their strongest blossoms and bear their most repulsive fruits, in order through this to live themselves to extinction through and in each other! Everything must come to the boiling point in the Power of the Light! However, this time only a matured mankind can emerge from the seething, those who are able and also willing to accept the new revelations from God gratefully and jubilantly, and to live accordingly so that they wander through Creation acting in the right way.“

„Look around you, men, clearly and free from prejudice: You must easily recognize the self-acting Divine Laws of the Most Holy Will, because you do have before you the fruits of your sowing! Wherever you look today you will find high-sounding talk at the top and leading everything. In the ripening process, this seed had to blossom swiftly, to reveal its true core, and then collapse as useless thereby.
It had to ripen under the increased pressure from the Light, and must shoot up as if in a hothouse, so that, in its hollowness, losing any support, it will fall and bury all who with careless confidence or selfish hope imagined themselves safe under its protection.

The time of harvest has already begun! Therewith all the consequences of untruthful speech now fall back upon the individual, as well as upon all the masses who encouraged such talk.“

This last quotation fits very well to our time and period, and corresponds to the happenings that we live with almost daily on Earth, including Slovakia where it was witnessed most recently. In actual fact, we humans will have to experience it in an increased measure until as individuals we make changes within ourselves! Most of the time and all around us, only empty speeches prevail, accompanied by noisy masses of people! But for a long time in the past, history has taught us that the Truth was never found on the side of masses. There was only a desire for power that just needed to find the right crier (loudmouth), with whose assistance and effort, it always ended up as in times of Jesus, whereby it was enough for the crier to call out: “Crucify Him!” Many of those who did not have their own opinion joined in immediately, without even suspecting why they joined. For the mission to have a respectable success it was necessary to correctly pick the first crier who would in turn, gain popularity in the process.
Therefore these unpleasant activities of displeasure are also bringing forth flowers up to fruition – of incorrect ideology, which today show themselves in the correct light! Wherever we look, everyone is in the first place unhappy with something or someone but only very rarely do a few people also turn their focus to themself. We look at the garden of our neighbor and we call out: “Look, you have some weed there! ... and it’s big!” But at the same time, it is hard for us to clean our own weedy garden!
There is a saying that goes like this: “A person, who would satisfy everyone, is not yet born!”
But we in Radio Rescue, confirm that such one has already been born, but we humans have refused to accept and continue to reject Him! He is the one who requires that at first every person must work on himself and thus change! Once again, it is His word that we now quote above in this article for the sake of our enlightenment. 
I also had a dream in connection with observing rich flowering in the garden, but the dream was not very favorable. I dreamt that while still in autumn, I gathered apples that were many in number but unfortunately, very small like cherries.
As it always happens with me, it also happened this time round that the following night I received an explanation in form of another dream.
In dreams, I think pictures are mostly used as symbolic connections. Therefore in regard to my dream, apples did not represent small fruits in reality, but as you are aware, the apple remains a symbol of human knowledge – of the intellect, and hence the fall into sin and subsequently to hereditary sin. In this dream it could therefore mean that human knowledge –the intellect, on which we have always been so proud of, leading to its growth into a high size, will finally become small, exactly as it was in my dream. It can be possible that it will express itself also gross-materially in actual apples - that they will also become small. Time will tell how the situation with apples will turn out to be.

What remains important in this observation and cannot be overlooked is the connection with the Word of Truth, which constantly fulfills and which should urge us to knowing about it, to knowing and living the eternal - God's laws, that are explained in it.

The reality that everything, both good and bad, is supported to express itself, that everything intensively brings forth flowers that develop to fruits, in nature as well as in people, proves that the Messenger of the Light, whose coming is expected in the Judgment period, is already very close.

Be on your guard, that we will not be excluded in the harvest as deaf ears – those who reject the Word of Truth, or those who are lazy and have no time for it, those who are reading it but do not strive to live it fully in every sphere, and those who refuse to clean garments of one's own spirit through lack of strictness towards one-self! 

The hour when not enough time remains for the necessary correction is getting nearer, and will arrive when we least expect it!