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March the 25th, 2018

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Part 10. from the cycle (Un)answered questions was published at the bottom of the folder
(UN)ANSWERED QUESTIONS. In this part you can find answers to following questions:

14.      Do clairvoyant people really exist?
15.     What dominates over those who claim to hear voices, or to see beings, and eventually, out of impulse of those beings, are forced to do activities that are not desired or voluntary?

December the 22nd, 2017



The most beautiful feast of the year is coming, yet a healthy human spirit must turn away with sadness and even aversion or disgust, when watching all the human activities used to prepare for this feast. The original intention from the Light, and even the greatest help for human spirits, is something that majority of people have turned into the most serious decadence. What remains are only show, commercialism and a steep downfall into great depths!
I have been engaged intensively in search of a possibility on how to bring back this feast to its original purpose, which the Light prepared for us through the birth of Jesus. I have even been looking for a way of celebrating this act with past memories, that is, the period when these holidays still had at least a hint of the right value. I decided to choose the right activities from that past experience, but at the same time, enrich them with our new ones, which have since been offered to us.

I decided as follows: - at the Christmas dinner table, we reflect back in time when we were children and our parents read Bible verses for us, and together we would also be singing songs dedicated to this occasion. After dinner, we continued to sing these songs even under our neighbors’ windows. It was a way to meet friends and have a good time together. Even though this style of celebration already bore within it only a touch of earthly pleasures, still there was at least a track of celebration of this important event from the past.
I have been searching intensively in the Word of Grail Message for a lecture that would not only be a celebration of the right person, the Son of God, but also a help for ourselves and especially for those around us. By this I mean including those who now give us such an intense hard time without their being aware of it, and thus mostly to their own detriment. Now I think I've been able to find a lecture that could be of help, that deserves to be read during this feast, or listened to because we also have it in audio format.

The title of this lecture - no. 63, is:
‘I am the resurrection and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me!’

It would be so beautiful if people nowadays read for themselves at least this one lecture that would open their blind eyes. I think that this lecture would even be able to arouse to life those who are still indifferent towards the Word, or eventually give a hard time to others in their neighborhood. Moreover, this lecture would also be beneficial to those who think they already know everything, and are always on top every situation and think that such reading would not bring them anything new. Such a common reading or listening - that alone would bring about the true connection with the Light, and surely enrich this important day with the true value.

You may find the lecture no. 63. “I am the resurrection and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me!” for free download in text version here and in audio format here.