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October the 15th, 2018



“What is it happening with our planet Earth? What is happening with nature? – Questions like these arise in many of us on a daily basis in these latter days. Also in the media it is common to find the following thoughts: “We do not have four separate seasons anymore! It’s like spring has disappeared and summer follows right after winter…” or still from other sources:“Everything in nature is different from the way it was several decades back!” Everything has really changed and quickly rushes forward. This has its cause or origin that has already been explained to us for a long time now!
In this article we would like to point at a happening in Slovakia that cannot be ignored because it particularly affects every person who has a garden and is keenly observing the surroundings. All kinds of trees had flowered so much during the spring of 2018 as I had never seen before. For example in regard to grapes, every spring I always break out sprouts which do not deliver flowers. But this year I almost had nothing to break because most one-year sprouts had not just one, but two bunches each. Even a young (small) grape under a window and not yet mature enough to bring out flowers and give fruits, had many flowers as well. Other people from various parts of Slovakia also noticed and confirmed this unusual abundance of flowering.

The cause of this apparent change is change of radiation during the Judgment period. This is confirmed in the following quotes from the Word of Truth, The Grail Message:
“But it is the Will of God that man must at last come to his senses and completely fulfill his task in this Creation! If he neglects to do so he will now become over-ripe and decay as a rotten fruit of Creation. The Divine Light which God through the Son of Man is now sending into Creation affects it in the same way as the plants in a greenhouse are affected by the increased warmth, which forces them to produce flowers and fruit more quickly.”

“This is the harvest of all the seed that has been sown through the volition of mankind since the beginning of their activity. The harvest of all that is right as well as of all that is wrong, whether the wrong once arose out of malevolence, or only out of ignorance of the Divine Laws in Creation. It will come to blossom through the increased Power of the Light and must openly show its fruits, which now during this Final Judgment, in the streaming-back of the reciprocal action, have to be accepted as reward and punishment by their authors and adherents, as well as by their descendants!”

“They must grow, and in so doing they will be raised by the Light and strengthened for further existence, if they are in tune with the Laws of this Light-Power, or if they can neither harmonize with the Light-Power, nor on that account make contact with It, they will be strengthened only to shatter themselves at the height of their growth against the Power of the light, and thus pronounce judgment on themselves. All that is wrong will consequently come to an end of its own accord through becoming visibly activated, even that which would still like to hide. Under the pressure of the Light nothing can continue to hold back, it must emerge, must come to light and must show its fruits through the deed! So that it may be exactly recognized for what it really is. And everything through itself.”

“It is natural, and conditioned by the Laws of Creation, that now, towards the end, all of the evil characteristics must bring forth their strongest blossoms and bear their most repulsive fruits, in order through this to live themselves to extinction through and in each other! Everything must come to the boiling point in the Power of the Light! However, this time only a matured mankind can emerge from the seething, those who are able and also willing to accept the new revelations from God gratefully and jubilantly, and to live accordingly so that they wander through Creation acting in the right way.“

„Look around you, men, clearly and free from prejudice: You must easily recognize the self-acting Divine Laws of the Most Holy Will, because you do have before you the fruits of your sowing! Wherever you look today you will find high-sounding talk at the top and leading everything. In the ripening process, this seed had to blossom swiftly, to reveal its true core, and then collapse as useless thereby.
It had to ripen under the increased pressure from the Light, and must shoot up as if in a hothouse, so that, in its hollowness, losing any support, it will fall and bury all who with careless confidence or selfish hope imagined themselves safe under its protection.

The time of harvest has already begun! Therewith all the consequences of untruthful speech now fall back upon the individual, as well as upon all the masses who encouraged such talk.“

This last quotation fits very well to our time and period, and corresponds to the happenings that we live with almost daily on Earth, including Slovakia where it was witnessed most recently. In actual fact, we humans will have to experience it in an increased measure until as individuals we make changes within ourselves! Most of the time and all around us, only empty speeches prevail, accompanied by noisy masses of people! But for a long time in the past, history has taught us that the Truth was never found on the side of masses. There was only a desire for power that just needed to find the right crier (loudmouth), with whose assistance and effort, it always ended up as in times of Jesus, whereby it was enough for the crier to call out: “Crucify Him!” Many of those who did not have their own opinion joined in immediately, without even suspecting why they joined. For the mission to have a respectable success it was necessary to correctly pick the first crier who would in turn, gain popularity in the process.
Therefore these unpleasant activities of displeasure are also bringing forth flowers up to fruition – of incorrect ideology, which today show themselves in the correct light! Wherever we look, everyone is in the first place unhappy with something or someone but only very rarely do a few people also turn their focus to themself. We look at the garden of our neighbor and we call out: “Look, you have some weed there! ... and it’s big!” But at the same time, it is hard for us to clean our own weedy garden!
There is a saying that goes like this: “A person, who would satisfy everyone, is not yet born!”
But we in Radio Rescue, confirm that such one has already been born, but we humans have refused to accept and continue to reject Him! He is the one who requires that at first every person must work on himself and thus change! Once again, it is His word that we now quote above in this article for the sake of our enlightenment. 
I also had a dream in connection with observing rich flowering in the garden, but the dream was not very favorable. I dreamt that while still in autumn, I gathered apples that were many in number but unfortunately, very small like cherries.
As it always happens with me, it also happened this time round that the following night I received an explanation in form of another dream.
In dreams, I think pictures are mostly used as symbolic connections. Therefore in regard to my dream, apples did not represent small fruits in reality, but as you are aware, the apple remains a symbol of human knowledge – of the intellect, and hence the fall into sin and subsequently to hereditary sin. In this dream it could therefore mean that human knowledge –the intellect, on which we have always been so proud of, leading to its growth into a high size, will finally become small, exactly as it was in my dream. It can be possible that it will express itself also gross-materially in actual apples - that they will also become small. Time will tell how the situation with apples will turn out to be.

What remains important in this observation and cannot be overlooked is the connection with the Word of Truth, which constantly fulfills and which should urge us to knowing about it, to knowing and living the eternal - God's laws, that are explained in it.

The reality that everything, both good and bad, is supported to express itself, that everything intensively brings forth flowers that develop to fruits, in nature as well as in people, proves that the Messenger of the Light, whose coming is expected in the Judgment period, is already very close.

Be on your guard, that we will not be excluded in the harvest as deaf ears – those who reject the Word of Truth, or those who are lazy and have no time for it, those who are reading it but do not strive to live it fully in every sphere, and those who refuse to clean garments of one's own spirit through lack of strictness towards one-self! 

The hour when not enough time remains for the necessary correction is getting nearer, and will arrive when we least expect it!