The Lord has named individual articles in his Word thus: LECTURES! This name tells everything already, so that the lecture is intended for recitation and also lawfully to listening– to man's ear in consequence. And in the Word itself it is already explained perfectly, that there is considerable difference in a manner or in a way of receiving of the Word, so that a construction of our brain influences its reception.
Later in subsequent lectures, the Lord calls those for whom the Word is intended in the same manner,because he uses expressions: READER – LISTENER!

So each critic shall not overlook what is important, because they themselves are paying for it–because in doing so, the Word cannot give them that, for what it is intended, whereas their brain is no exception too, what they already prove by their behaviour.
Therefore, this time we will not make any compromises to those who in fact want only to support their spiritual laziness, even if they boast about themselves as knowing ones. In doing so, they would never realize that they themselves are the ones who dwell in error!


And those, who think that they are able to do it in a better way; they can still try to do it on their own!



*        *        *



Even if the following text is only cause for smile for us, who work on the project radio “Rescue”, it is necessary to disrupt escalating audacity of critics of the project.
They always repeat only one quotation from the MESSAGE and they use it as a stone to throw at all those who try to transform the Word into action, as it is advised to us in the Word.

This is the quotation and the stone in their hands, which, on the contrary, should be the best instruction:
“You put the Word of the Truth high on the rock,so that men have to strive if they want to reach it!
Such is the command and I act in accordance with it.”

They still quote the first sentence from the Word, but they already omit the second one – more important one!
So, what they did not understand, but they advice to do it, i.e. “putting high on the rock” -that the Lord has already made by himself – on command from the God!
This “putting on the rock” is explained in more places in the MESSAGE to us, but it is summarized relatively perfectly in following quotation:
“So I gave you my Message that contains everything, that however, forces you to co-operate in it by yourselves.  It cannot be received lazily as something that is prepared complete, but you have to pick up a complete picture for every of your questions from it by yourselves -in constructing- and you have to strive, to exert yourselves in it.
This is character of living Word which forms you, brings you up and forces your spirit to movement!
If you would like to construct some picture wrongly, out of mistake or out of superficiality, then you get stuck quickly by ensuring that there appears no harmony in it, because may be you put only one small stone to wrong place, or not in its shape so that it fits just to that picture or construction, which you strive for. This is a reason why you cannot finish it and you will always have to try it anew, till it will not stand firmly and rightly connected in front of you.
Every stone can be used to construct many pictures, not one picture only, but you yourself are forced to place it to every picture differently, because of its character, to place it always only in such way that it fits quite exactly between other stones. If an individual picture by itself gives a wholeand complete picture, then you can be confident that your work in searching was correct!
Not even one stone will ever be missing to you, not even the smallest one part; because the Message provides everything you need! Just try it while this work will not be common for you, then you yourselves will stand firmly in all creation!
I give you perfect building blocks In my Word of Message with the best cut gems, so that you yourselves could build and construct with them. They, already beforehand, are exactly adapted for everything, that is necessary for you. But you yourselves have to build the construction already; because such is the All-Holy Will of God!

The last sentence exactly expresses what is written above: “... such is the All-Holy Will of God!”
And the Lord himself has fulfilled this will!
Therefore you – who want to practice this sentence, do not try to correct HIM!

Following quotations are for those critics, who have overlooked the important instruction above, and they even overlook the next important quotations, which should have been just their stimulation for action, which they neglect and ignore, and they even find fault with people acting correctly; those who act in accordance with the Word!
“Naturally, they are accompanying effects of my mission. Thus the soil is prepared for seeding and sowing of my Word. Only when the Creation will be in a state again, in which it shall be according to Will of God, then the time for my Word will come as well. Because the pearls must not fall to hands of unworthy men again! If the Creation and all of men's souls would have been such, as they should be according to natural capabilities, then there would not come catastrophes and disasters in days of the judgment. They need not to be!”

Unfortunately what awaits us is precisely only the above mentioned scenario, which did not need to be! And it is just because of this scenario, that the project “Radio Rescue” became necessary too.

“You however, who want to follow my Word, you are prepared to step up for everything you received and to come forward with it now! You transform the Word to the act now! You walk forwards courageously. The Almighty God is with us! The Earth has to bow. Be strict and hard! The Light knows only Light itself! It can not tolerate even the smallest powder! -
And the Word of God waving spills and flows out now, in the strength of the Star, as a current above whole Earth. Whoever wants to stand against it in oppose will be thrown out, destroyed without rescue; for the almighty Will of God is that the Light will be in all Creation now and so the Justice!” 

“And my Word is taken to all parts of the worlds, it penetrates like roar of the storm, breaking what is wrong and strengthening what is right and opening gates which lead to unsuspected Light till now, at the same time! Even sooner than your thinking is ability to understand my speech rightly, it has already become a reality in many realms! My words are already living there sooner, then you understood them rightly!”

“Therefore you go now, you to whom I have already shown a way in the Word! You go out, clarify and explain my Word to all who are seeking seriously in the Light of Truth and rays of the Light will accompany you in so doing, because time for it has come!”

“When all supports amongst nations will fall unexpectedly now, belief in power of many will be lost, confidence in knowledge of intellect and mainly also when the last flash of seeming existence of man's dignity will be out then ... then your time will come, you bearers of the holy cross! You will resound, you have to resound the Truth that you got; for men will expect it from you, they will ask for it, they will demand it from you, when you will want to hesitate!
Therefore be prepared now! A time will bring mankind nearer to you! It will come to you as a matter of course through the medium of high spiritual leading! If you will not keep yourself away from this current, you will fulfill your duty! It will come to you. Be courageous, proud and free! You shall not apply for favour of people beggarly, but only to meet the wishes where people will ask you!”

“I and the Word are one! So whoever knows my Word, knows me as well. Physical seeing is not necessary in it; because he or she has reached spiritual connection with me in so doing, no matter whether he or she is aware of it or not. Man who has received my Word, has received me as well, is connected with me.”

“I send you!
Go out and annunciate and explain my Word in the Light of Truth! So that the kingdom of God comes to Earth.”

“And this fear that you do not want to admit to yourselves, in very many cases is here. Only this fear often forces you to hesitate in fulfilling of my Word! You could be too striking and conspicuous, you think in this and that and you find every possible objections before you yourselves, as a comforting apologize, for that you did not fulfill my Word and my requires completely so, as it would be necessary for holy victory of the Light here on Earth!“

It could be possible to continue in similar quotations yet!
But IT IS TO NO AVAIL for those, who are under the governance of fear!

And as we know people, one more question will arise again in someone yet: “So why the Author of the Word – The Grail Message, has, at the beginning, a command from the God to PUT THE WORD HIGH TO THE ROCK, but later the same author give advice to write shortened and simpler version of His Word?“

The answer is as follows:
When help had been offered to the people in this new Word (
The Eternal Laws, by Mrs. Natália de Lemeny Makedonová), this Word was intended for another group of spirits of men already, that is for spirits who are already exchanged or replaced on the planet Earth, and maturity of whom was different from maturity of spirits for whom the original Word was intended!


*        *        *


During the staying and acts of the Author of the “Eternal Laws” here in Slovakia, but also globally on the whole Earth- it happened that those who were near to the Word of God, but only according to their own conviction, have denied the incoming new announcement,as it happened always in the past.
Just those, who should have been helpers to the new harbinger of promising of the Word, became the most stubborn opponents!

They still have the Word in their hands, but, unfortunately, without any understanding, they acted against the Word. As a proof of this statement we are using only one - but the most important quotation from the WORD itself now:
“How far removed from the volition to ascend does the human spirit show himself to be when he thinks that for him it is all the same whether or not he knows of Imanuel, since never yet has anything about Him indeed been spoken hitherto. And they have no other reason for closing themselves with their usual obstinacy to the Revelation of and about Him at the present World turning point, instead of accepting everything only with joy and gratitude!
But I say unto you; The human beings are now forced by God into acceptance, since they can otherwise no longer rise upwards spiritually, because they must know of Him!”
So also with the great World Turning Point presently in effect comes the absolute necessity of the expansion of Knowledge right unto the existence of Imanuel, in Whom this Turning point is now fulfilled!
Either the spirit of man will force itself to lift itself up to knowing about it, or it remains standing; which actually means start of decay in uselessness for the spirit, uselessness which has been caused by inactive over-ripeness of spirit of man, that remained standing and it no longer knows how to use properlythe power of the Light that is accumulated in the spirit. So, what is meant tohelp, and would help, will hence become destruction for him, as it happens with any energy that is wrongly used.
Therefore you have to know about Imanuel now, because this time is here for you!

“Whoever now wants to still further disregard these new Revelations of God will also not be permitted to remain in Creation, but he will be effaced from the Book of Life. So does God will! And His Holy Will is now fulfilled upon mankind from this hour onwards with a might that is becoming visible to all through The Power of the Light, Which latter no one can withstand.”
(From the Lecture: Omniscienceor in 1933 edition “All-Wisdom”)

And now we shall ask ourselves the following question:

The answer is very simple, but very sorrowful too:

The keepers of the Word who are organized in the Grail movement have subjected themselves wrongly and they even still subject themselves according to the quote that is not understood, but already published here on the website and also even explained: “put the Word of Truth high to the rock...”; and it is the reason why young generation would never and nowhere been able to get any knowledge about this important Truth!

If the book Eternal Laws would not have been written!

Or ... if they would not give themselves to be sealed and taken into organization, which has reserved this right only for itself, what is done only in jealousness in order to prevent that someone can go through entrance of the paradise before them. Paradise, which they have already reserved only for them themselves – just the same, as it has already happened so many times!
It is just the same acting, as PHARISEES tried to keep in jealousness!
And there lies the important explanation from the title of this article!

They shall allow themselves to think, if their criticism is “bulletproof”
and if it is in accordance with that Word, which they boast themselves with?!

September the 27th, 2014


The time of today starts to confirm the Truth and the Word from all sides, the Truth and the Word which we try to bring nearer to the seekers, but also to those, who still sleep at ease comfortably and they do not allow themselves to be disturbed by anything.
A Video that is published on our website and also a text under the title: Universe – Consequence, in folder/tab “Science and Universe”, has found yet support now from the best side - that is from those whom we have called “Pharisees”, i.e. from the scientists themselves. Among scientists are also people who are not going to reconcile with fate in their cage easily, even if the cage is made of gold, but instead they search the necessary and logic connections.

The confirmation comes in another video!
(The video is situated at the end of this article)

What we have presented as something that is experienced by one of us, but not unique, is now certified by science itself, which stood on the other side of barricade in this fight till this time. There is what is talked about as the invisible and unaccepted major part of the universe, and also the environment that surrounds us – invisible ethereal matter. From this results the non-understandable, or even fantastic possibilities of experiencing and also of communication, mainly of progress in quality of man's life – being in level of eternity.
It links up to a structure of the universe, to traveling in it, but not only in it, but actually in the whole creation, and then also in our own near environment. Then such abilities that enable the link and also clarify man and everything that is alive in other dimensionsmove everything qualitatively to the spheres that are fantastic for many at the moment,about which they do not even have the slightest idea. However, some people have already been able to experience these spheres partially, and because of that they strive to inform and direct the others.

But with very poor result until now!
However, the change comes and also those who do not believe are getting help!

If now these incoming proofs will not be enough, and the Truth will still be a burden, i.e. it will only be a target of ridicule and dirt from now on, then really there is no help to those who will do that and they have to perish with their stupidity.

There is no rescue for them!

Experiences of those who have already tried it in some form and have announced about their experiences cannot convince them; even those people who caused their wandering and confusion and have today realized that they till now they had wandered,and some of them want to reverse it and make it right, these people cannot convince the non-believers as well. So who or what can rescue the doubters yet? Well, nobody else, only they themselves! These have already been explained more times.
Only they themselves have to leave the cage into which they allowed themselves to be lured and are now imprisoned in it,only from their own will. Those who lured them there have already been able to leave the cage, and they even also try to help those, who had to pay for their stupidity and who still have to pay. They have realized by themselves, what awaits them for it! When you do not believe us, who have experienced it, then you shall believe those whom you have adored till now, and who lured you into the cage. You will need to help not only yourself, but also to them because they have to atone, to repair their guilt as well; just the same as all of us, and more so you who reject the Truth today. Use these helps which are offered from all sideswhile there is still time!

There really does not remain a lot of time and therefore do not hesitate. If you will not catch it in time, you will condemn yourselves and you have to start to experience and eat the fruits of your own wandering and believe, that it will be very bitter. You yourselves wanted it so! 
To come nearer to the Truth it is still possible today to start to bring to life own under-developed equipment, just by help of the incorrectly elevated tool – intellect. That is just the same as what the scientist achieved as recorded in this video. Natural - God's laws arepeak of the logic and the logic is part of the intellect! Therefore there is no forgiveness for us! Not even for any one of us!
One important conclusion has resulted from our instructions more times already, i.e. that science is nearer to the Truth than the churches, because science is getting to know that God is real, that is as a part of something natural! This is in contrast to the churches, which describe him as non-understandable being, and so something supernatural – non-natural.

But God is the naturalness itself, because he is the cause of all natural laws,
which we can discover and learn from them!

So the scientists have confirmed and certified the intelligent unity – the cause of everything and explanation of the unknown, in more fields of natural laws, which only they themselves had at one time divided so unnaturally. In many documents they try to repair their mistakes from the past, and open that cageinto which they had lured the human society at one time,and which now has already become a pleasant environment for many. Why? Only because of the reason that the cage deprives us not only of freedom, but also of unpleasant responsibility for our actions!Many of them like it, and that keeps them in this cage of self-imprisonment.
Now we will be concerned with the newest model of our universe, in which science has already discovered parallel worlds, i.e. the finer onesthat reach to our world, and man is able to get through this barrier, which detaches them in certain conditions. It is already certified by their equations and calculations. Einstein has worked on this model of universe too, and he has called his theory: “the theory of everything”! Then science abandoned this theory and it has been replaced by “the theory of strings”, but not even this one has kept itself on the throne of science for a long time. Gradually, the last theory has pushed it away: the theory of membrane (M), or theory of parallel worlds, which already has only one mistake, but again the key mistake;it cannot give explanation of primordial origin.

(Available document: Parallel worlds,   https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x17qmgf_parallel-universes-bbc-horizon_tech).

But this last theory has got near also to the original theory once again, i.e. to the “theory of everything”! Again but except of certain small details! But they found out and confirmed that the gravitation, that is the gravity, penetrates through all of these worlds, even if in different magnitudes or quantities, and even that the gravity comes from outside, as it will be explained further too.
For certification of stated theory and of its correctness, it is necessary to state one important fact: All equations and calculations started to have right results only when scientists installed the power of gravitation to the equations, but not as a product of our gross-material universe, but just as a power which comes here, to our universe from outside, that is from the parallel world, which they have not accepted till now.
Many discussions have already been set, even conflicts of the scientists and various investigators, concerned with creation of perpetuum mobile, i.e. a machine that could create some energy from nothing. Just now, we are witnesses of the same happening also in Slovakia, as one gentleman says he managed to construct such a machine. Of course, he met resistance of conservative opinions and theories of scientists who still remain in the cages with their antiquated theories that they are unable to get rid of; even after the research in other places of the world has reached advanced discoveries, and when in a certain group of scientists, discoveries will start to change everything around us gradually.

A machine that would be able to get energy from nothing really cannot be made, but...

It is possible to create a machine that will work in a mode in our universe such that it can produce more energy on the output, compared to the amount of energy provided on the input, and the machine will work.

How is that possible?
Do not overlook underlined part of the sentence above, and link it to your considerations. So this machine will work on energy from parallel world, that is from finer levels or spheres of our universe, and in fact science has already proved it and certified it, but only certain small group, while majority remain in cage of conservative theories.

That is the reason why no one wants to trust Mr. Nemeš, and they say that it is against physical laws. Of course! When they do not accept the driving power, which drives also our universe and everything in this world is depended on it. And already we could have used this energy profitably for a long time now, were it not for the human greed. Moreover, I am afraid that the result will be the same in this case in Slovakia as well. More people in the world have already achieved it, but such success has not been welcomed.
All our considerations and theories have a starting point in a balanced state on the Earth and our universe, and all measured quantities or magnitudes have been understood in this sense. What has not been known till now is a fact that one important quantity is in reality composed from two quantities (or even more), and in the final result it has to express itself as unbalanced even in calculations and simulation programs, so in certain aspect this quantity is as superfluous. There is talk about the unknown and unaccepted component in quantity of gravitation, which cause in result, that the machine uses and changes to other form this superfluous quantity of energy.

It is also necessary to respond to a logical question; why is it so?
And then also the doubters will become silent!

And in the unknown superfluity is the logic origin.

Many have already understood and used this fact in praxis, and have constructed similar machines, but they have understood only the consequence of something again and they have used it profitably. Hover, the cause of the superfluous energyremained unknown to them, though not to all of them. There were also others, who linked to the old and already known knowledge. In fact we have not discovered anything new again! All of it has already been known, and was even used profitably in the past.
Science has certified this theory of parallel worlds even in other fields of its investigation, but it had to link to what is old again and what was known to some individuals long ago and is normal for them.

Long time ago, the Indians of Amazonia used the help of one plant, decoction of which enabled them to penetrate into these higher and finer (more ethereal) planes. The name of the plant was ayahuaska, and it even caused certain shock in churches, at times disruption, because some new churches had arisen from this stimulus and used the plant in their ceremonies, after which they were able to have experiences in a finer level or plane.The fact that original Indians dispersed from their environment between Christian populations has caused this phenomenon.
Later, another molecule called “spiritual molecule” (DMT)was also discovered. This molecule enabled to remove barriers in our brain and made it possible to penetrate into these finer or more ethereal worlds. It is a certain kind of narcotic and it is also a reason, why still certain group of people take drugs. They want to get rid of this experiencing in our actual world and to experience in the finer ones. Many scientists, however, have realized danger of this research, because it opens a door to a chamber, which is not intended for us yet.
(Available document: The Spirit Molecule https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtT6Xkk-kzk)
Nevertheless, this research has brought certain contribution. Confirmation of various beings in these various worlds, unimaginable possibilities in speed of experience and gaining information, have left very strong impressions in all persons that have been tested with this DMT molecule. The biggest contribution, however, is the fact that these scientists start to make steps to necessary unity – binding science with spirituality together! And this is the rewardfor peace that is searched, and also union of all churches!
Danger, however, is that opening of the doors will cause more damage than benefit to some people and again we can find explanation only in the Absolute Truth – Grail Message, where it is explained that it is a limitation and so disruption of free will. That is disruption of natural way that becomes dangerous because today very dark dimension surrounds our dimension, which in fact has been created by ourselves and which negatively influences everyone who visits this sphere. Then we are only witnesses then, of how these individuals commit acts, which are dangerous forthem, and also for the society in our material world.
So the Absolute Truth provides proof of its rightness always, because its seriousness and truth grow with every new discovery. Where it is not so, the mistake is still on our side, that we were not able to penetrate so deeply to its core, to its essential. It means that we still do not understand it completely. Many people have already come to that point, in natural development that they were able to experience these higher dimensions and they also tried to give testimony. The testimony that is even more compelling and convincing also comes from scientists, and it is really deplorable that certain individuals are able to attack everything that is offered to them for help, and keep themselves in oldtraditions, which have been created by those, who have already left this tradition long ago.

In science it is a consequence of ambition of scientists who believe that they themselves are the men who will solve this mysterious and knotted problem of mankind. Unfortunately they lack the necessary humilitywhich would make it possible for them to experience it without expensive machines, and even without dangerous experiments.

Then the missing humility prevents receiving of the perfect help!
Receiving of “the directions for use” from the Constructor Himself!

There is nothing to be invented anymore!
Everything has already been perfectly invented long time ago!

Now three short quotations from the Truth will be used, which have been written almost one hundred years ago, and which describe present science perfectly and also some exceptions, which appeared sometimes for instructing of some people. These quotations are perfect introduction to the video presented below and even confirmation of this TRUTH at the same time:

“Not even the most fanatical doubter can deny existence of primordial seed and still not even one earthly eye can see this primordial-seed, because it is of another substance, it is from the ‘other world’. We can calmly call the world ethereal again.”

“It is certain and infallible, that natural science still has very low level of knowledge today, compared to whole creation, because the science holds itself only on the gross material, because the brain, in today’s meaning, is able to only go into things that are attached to space and time. The only one and of course unpardonable mistake is that followers of this science try to suppress by ridiculing everything that reaches above that, as nonexistent, except of a few scholars who have got beyond the average grade and who saw further and denied to cover ignorance with conceit.”

“And still mankind can ascend upwards only through full understanding, never through blind, unconscious belief!”

One clever saying in the conclusion:
“Man, help yourself, and the Lord God will help you too!”

In the video that is published at the end of this article, there is presentation by a scholar who “got beyond the average grade and saw further and refused to cover ignorance with conceit!”
What was already offered to us by the “CONSTRUCTOR” Himself one hundred years ago has been confirmed through scientific methods!

Video to the article “Confirmed”:

You can watch full and non-shortened version of the video – presentation with name „Ethereal body as a base of consciousness“ with all calculations and formulas on following address:

November the 30th, 2014



If someone puts in doubt the person who brought many seekers towards the Word of God, he at the same also puts in doubt the Word itself, in the eyes of all those who were brought towards the Word by this same person!
Let everyone realize that whoever acts in this manner,will be rewarded in accordance with inexorable laws of reciprocal action!

This is a message from someone who had lived those events and diligently studied the Word of God!
We do not consider the work of others as if it was our own, contrary to critics of our work in relation to us and our work;those critics who just exploit our hard work while we still acknowledge their activities, because we are concerned primarily about the Word and the Truth!
The Living Word of God gives everyone just as much as he or she is able to receive based on his or her own maturity! Therefore, any true leader cannot expect uniformity, i.e. that everyone is able to receive the same "amount of values" from the Word. However, while respecting everyone’s own free will, the true leader may raise and improve the maturity of his or her followers.

Question to ponder:
Can a kingdom, i.e. the Kingdom of the Millennium, be built without a King?






Quotation from the Bible, Old Testament, Book of Isaiah, chapter 7, verse 14:
“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”

Quotation from the Resonances to the Grail Message, lecture: Christ said...!:
“Matthew, for example, does not even see the difference between the announcement made by Isaiah, which he himself quotes, and that of the Angel, but mixes them together with a childlike innocence because he “imagines” it to be so, and is quite unconcerned as to whether it is also correct. He does not even notice that the names mentioned in them are different.
But it was not without purpose that they were so precisely named!
Isaiah prophesied “Imanuel”, but the Angel, “Jesus!” Therefore it was not Imanuel to whom Mary gave birth, nor was her child the one of whom Isaiah prophesied!
Isaiah announced “Imanuel,” the Son of Man; the Angel, however, “Jesus,” the Son of God! It is clear that these are two different announcements requiring two different fulfillments which, again, must be carried out by two different Persons. A mixing of these two happenings is impossible and can only be maintained by a human volition which deliberately ignores all basic facts.”

It's still the same with people. As people always mixed the Annunciations of God in their misunderstanding, they still continue to do so and now, for a change, the so-called “experts”ofthe Word are mixing various incarnations together. The Son of Man Himself, with His Word, confirmed the correctness of proclamation of Isaiah and, therefore, this proclamation is about Imanuel and not about Jesus!


Thus, the proclamation of Isaiah and also His own (the Son of Man), did not come into fulfillment during those two incarnations. In those times, those two proclamations were only yet to come.


December the 10th, 2014



The following article is not meant as our defence, neither the defence of the author of Eternal Laws. It is a logical consideration of a free seeker of the Truth, same as I myself once was and experienced, while persistently looking for answers to questions that the life itself have placed on my path.
Based on following examples and facts, we can come to conclusion how someone’s own conviction influences the interpretation of the Word, especially those who have the opportunity to adjust the Word, thus distort the Word,sometimes unintentionally and only due to their imperfection or lack of fairness in their work. It may also be a warning against using premature enclosures about the misunderstandings, which may also result from incorrect translation of the Word, i.e. where a “small thing” can eventually prove to be crucial. Quotes mentioned in previous article (“Promises”), which we also used in the book Prophecies in the Light of the Truth, are from the original Grail Message, which has been preserved in czech/moravian city Zlín, because Slovak translation of this original Grail Message did not exist at that time.

First a quote from the Resonance to the Grail Message, lecture “The Guardian of the Flame”:
“Above all the call will strike the womanhood once more!” – future tense

This quote is from the version of Resonances to the Grail Message, which has been preserved as the original version in Moravia in town Zlín.
I used precisely this quote to defend the author of Eternal Laws against her antagonist at that time, with whom I later co-worked on the translation of the original Word into Slovak language. And the translation of that sentence, which had been already made by the mentioned antagonist (critic of author of Eternal Laws) in Slovak translation at that time (so-called “three volume edition”), is as follows:
“Above all the call is directed to womanhood once more!” – present tense
“For this, however, womanhood must first be purified itself and rise from the swamp into which it has frivolously led the whole of mankind! And only when vanity has fallen away from her will woman again be able to perceive intuitively in the right way!”

Although the promise “once again” is retained in the sentence, the meaning was altered, so that the call can be explained as “the present - in that time” and, thus, not as “the new – promised”, i.e. the future one. But when we continue to explore the content in following sentences further, we can find that the text is about the future events prior to which the womanhood must do something and, therefore, change. Fortunately, there is another (third)quote in order to support what is written above.
But in this third case that follows below, i.e. the one that the translator did not notice because I overlooked it too and, therefore, I did not use it as a defence of the author of Eternal Laws. So, in the following case the text has remained unchanged and, therefore, in the original form as it was written.

This latter case is about the quotation from the work of Abdrushin – In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message, lecture “Cast all your guilt upon Him”:
Once more the mighty Call of Truth will reverberate over whole Earth. Then the final reckoning will come for each one through the fate he himself has woven. Men will finally receive what they have so persistently advocated in the past. They will have to live through all the errors which they sought to advance in their desires or presumptuous thoughts, or which they tried to follow. For many the result will be howling and gnashing of teeth from fear, anger and from despair.”

Based on this quotation, it is clear that future events were intended and described in the text because subsequent events did not develop according to the scenario after the call from Light at that time. That undeveloped scenario is indicated in the text and thus it is a confirmation that the text is about future events.

The latter case and, the fact that future events are described there, are also confirmed in the following text because at that time any “settlement of fate”did not happen after the Word was brought.
So, in order to prove that future events were meant, we can bring forward as affirmation the following quotations. Moreover, we can also prove that darkness has always striven to persuade every seeker that everything has already been done. Thus, following quotes are example of the attempt to interchange the future tense for the present tense.

The quotation is from the work of Abdrushin, Resonance to the Grail Message, lecture: The Kingdom of the Millennium:
That is the meaning of and the necessity for the thousand-year Kingdom of God here on earth. A sad truth, which cannot be more shaming for this mankind!

Instead, they are proud of the prophecies, in their unrestrained delusion of grandeur! The disinheritance will happen in the simplest way, in that a Will whichstands above all human volition places Itself into this Subsequent Creation, a Will sent by God for this purpose! This fact alone suffices to bind all humanity’s rights in Creation quite naturally! Thus God’s Will Itself (will be) was sent in flesh and blood which all of mankind’s volition cannot effectively oppose and which, through the very fact of Its being, will remain sole ruler and leader in Creation, because according to the Primordial Laws of Creation, everything must adjust to It, because everything originated from It, and is and remains dependent on It.
Therefore, the Will of God Itself is present amongst earth men during the Judgment. He automatically releases the Judgment for aquick resolution and will also personally lead the new up-building the way it should be for the benefit of all creatures, of the entire Creation, so that mankind may learn from this through experiencing it!
Thus the Millennium will become a school for mankind, in which they must learn how they have to stand in this Subsequent Creation, how to think and to act in order to fulfill their appointed task correctly, and thereby to achieve happiness themselves!”

However, the Will of God will not remain on earth in flesh and blood for a thousand years. Instead, after the completion of the up-building, He will go up to the Grail Castle. During these thousand years, in His stead, it will always be a bearer of His Will who is directly connected to Him, who will rule on earth. It is always a Primordial, Pure-spiritual being who simply through his nature will be far superior in wisdom and power to the human spirits of this Subsequent Creation all of whom are only developed ones. In each case he will be a knight of the Holy Grail from the Castle where he will be prepared beforehand as a sword carrier of Imanuel, the Will of God.”

The quotation is from the work of Abdrushin, In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message, lecture: The Evolution of Creation:
“A reflection of the real Paradise is to be on earth at some time under the rule of the Son of Man at the beginning of the Kingdom of the Millennium. At the same time there will be erected an earthly replica of the Grail Castle, the archetype of which stands on the highest heights of the true Paradise as the hitherto only true Temple of God.”

The fulfillment of many promises is inevitable and for mankind it is still ahead in the future! It is useless to name those promises because everyone on his or her own is able to find them.

The Will of God is the Holy Spirit – The Son of Man – IMANUEL!

Also in the last example we can see the ambition to change the time, same as in the first one. But in the last example the change hasn’t been done, even if some try to change even the person upon the advice from darkness (for both cases see the underlined text in the quotation above). Yet, everything is so clear with the help of Word – at least, for some people.
Again, I am aware that there are never enough evidence and facts for some people. Yet, it is necessary to advise those who are able to receive and most importantly learn from the advice while respecting their free will, which can’t be altered by duress. All those who call for "uniformity" should be aware of this fact. This uniformity will not come into realization until we experience and survive “the great purification”, i.e. until the segregation of human spirits in the world of gross matter is executed according to Laws of God in the same manner as in the afterlife. So, exactly in a way that is promised in those quotations mentioned above and, in fact, in the whole Word! Again, we will use the facts and quotations from the Word Itself, particularly from the lecture “Ideal human beings”:
“Strictly speaking, those people who hold idealist-communist thoughts are dangerous to mankind, because the realization of their ideas would only bring about unhealthy conditions, although they themselves only want what is good. They are like builders who carefully construct a house in their building yard, which is to be put up elsewhere. It looks trim and beautiful... in the building yard. But when erected on the actual site it stands unsteady and askew so that nobody can live in it, for the ground there is uneven and it is impossible to level it in spite of the greatest efforts and exertions. The builders had forgotten to take this into account. They neglected to properly evaluate the exact conditions prevailing at the site of erection! One truly striving for the ideal would not do this!
When put into practice ideal-communistic ideas cannot grow up from such a foundation, nor can they be anchored in or connected with it, because this foundation, human beings, are not suited to it! It is too uneven, and will always remain so, because a uniform maturity of all men on earth cannot be achieved. There will always be a great variation in the respective level of maturity of human beings, because spiritually, individuals are and will remain completely independent personalities who can only develop in different ways, since the free will to decide for themselves shall never be taken from these spirit-persons!

We can only repeat once more the sentence, already used but still very important, for all those who still arenot satisfied with all the facts hitherto given:
Once more the mighty Call of Truth will reverberate over whole Earth.”

We can also find this promise in the Bible, The New Testament, Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 14:
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations; and then the end will come.

There is a small alteration in the german translation of the Bible – the term “this gospel” is replaced by the term “NEW GOSPEL”!
And all those knowing ones, they know that the Grail Message is called the “New Bible” and the book Eternal Laws is called “New Gospel”. But since we – humans did not accept the Emissaries of Light, as we were supposed to accept, thus the Word did not spread around the world and, even the “end” has not occurred yet, although it is near.
Don’t they act as little egoists, all those who think that others, who have not yet come into contact with the Word of Truth, are already doomed and have no chance to learn from the Truth?! Such injustice is impossible in terms of God’s Love and Justice.
All wiseacres should not forget the words of Jesus: “The first shall be last!”Other righteous people will outrun many of those who now have the Word in their hands.
If we want to be righteous and accurate then we must admit that the Call of Truth has not even once reverberated over whole Earth. And precisely this is something that will have to happen because up until now the Word has always reached only local parts of Earth;the parts or their nearness where the Emissary of Light was active.

Let us not be satisfied only with what is old and outlived because a lot of new still awaits us, which will complete the old. So, even those who are aware of Imanuel should not stop. Otherwise, they might oversleep during another important event.

All those who are now calling for uniformity, make the same mistake as those communists. Therefore, they should learn from the past and events already lived through. Unfortunately, many of those people did not even know about these events because they did not experience them. That is the reason why this article was written. We – the elder ones, who lived during the era of communism, we know that real and true communist really strove for good and wanted to ennoble human society. Unfortunately, it was virtually impossible. Moreover, we must say that there werenot many of those real and true communists. Exactly here, in Czechoslovakia, we had lived and experienced this era in the most perfect way. All those who experienced the events in 1968, they know that the attempt to have a beautiful and noble reform of communism (the one, which Alexander Dubcek had wanted to conduct and even had persuaded many people about its rightness) had to fail due to bosses of communist ideology themselves. Such failure had been necessary not only due to the law of homogeneity but mainly in this case, due to the law of completing a unit because the true – spiritual homogeneity had lacked. Thus, exactly as it is explained in the above quotation and unreachable until the certain period of time comes.

So, unreachable until the time of harvest, which also Jesus promised us!
And the particular time, which is mentioned in previous sentence, cannot pass without the JUDGE, as He Himself repeated us again!

However, as the history has proven, the communist bosses saved the situation in favor of communism in 1968 – with the use of force and army! Yet the Laws of God settled the situation in 1989. Actually, no! The Laws did not settle the situation because a mistake occurred again. The same people conducted the big change in 1989 that had ruled before. They needed to legalize the accumulated finances, which they gained dishonorably, and, prior to 1989 they had been forced to hide that money, and in doing so they had questioned their own ideology. They were the same ones who had again abused this ideology because their inner thoughts (i.e. their own free will) had dictated them to act in that manner. In order to conduct coup d’état they used only ignorant bawlers, who didnot know whose interest they fulfill and had no idea how they were to be rewarded. They found out the “true value” of this reward much later, when many of those who wanted to be free and travel around the world, became homeless. Those homeless, who nowadays do not have enough means either for travelling or for covering the cost for living, hence now live under the bridge.
Hence the need for awareness and information supply, which may help those who truly seek the Truth and yearn for true freedom. Remedy can happen only through the alignment of spiritual maturity and it is the only direction, which this awareness follows – because the essence of man is the spirit. Unfortunately, there are many directions and various spiritual paths that man can follow nowadays. Thus, the Absolute Truth must shelter every area of human knowledge, must answer questions coming from every direction and (spiritual) path and must provide a “drink” of refreshment for all seekers. Of course, only if they really desire for such a drink?! But as there were only a few true communists, there are also only a few who really desire for such a drink!
Hence the necessity of awareness about the life in the surrounding universe and even on the planet Earth itself, awareness about the life hitherto unseen and unknown by humans, although there is a certain group of people who already know about it. Also here lies a certain danger for unaware people. Thus, unawareness may become a tomb for many people. Therefore, let us not judge those who know about these things and they even try to help and warn against the seducement. The darkness is waiting together with its servants and instruments for seduction in the nearby universe and even at the finer levels of the Earth. The level of technological advancement is not a criterion for the true progression; indeed it is often quite the opposite.
Even science proves the old Truths nowadays and also confirms that our past was not as primitive. Indeed, the opposite is true – that old knowledge begins only to emerge nowadays and thus may become an instruction manual and inspiration for us. For example, it has been found out that ancient Egyptians did not have any character for death in their alphabet. They only had a sign for a certain time sequence, similar to our sunset and sunrise, in which a certain sequence was assigned for a time outside of our world.
Tribe of Dogons from West Africa is allegedly a separate group of Egyptians. Even nowadays, its priests have a certain cosmological knowledge that has surprised many scientists. We may say that culture of Dogons did not become extinct and we can learn a lot from it. If you ask scientists a question "How many elementary particles do we know?" they would allegedly answer "more than two hundred". Yet, a Dogon priest would allegedly answer "two hundred sixty-six". Dogons, long before scientists knew that Sirius is a binary solar system and this is not the only example of their knowledge by far.
One scientist described problem of humanity, namely the problem of science with a high-accuracy: “We have many scientific disciplines that are ‘playing only on their own playgrounds’ and make up their own theories. But we do not have such a scientist who would know and could combine all this knowledge into one complete whole, and only that whole would provide us with solution and the true knowledge. We lack the alleged context!
But...! This scientist doesn't know that we have such knowledge already for a long time. Unfortunately, this knowledge is still rejected mostly by these very scientists because their self-esteem and pride do not allow the option that there could be someone else who would be able to provide such answers, which they lack. Actually, the author of The Grail Message once said that He is giving us the necessary context, which is able to provide us a comprehensive picture about the Creation we live in, and which is the work of God. And it is precisely so! It is the user manual from the designer himself!
The same problem, which causes misunderstanding in science, is also reflected in spiritual movements: Each group is playing only on its own playground and is ruled by its own self-esteem!
Therefore, it is no surprise how some people may condemn those who have experience with extraterrestrial civilizations and, moreover, accuse them that they have gone astray, while they are the ones who lack that particular experience. However, if they had such an experience they would certainly change their minds. They donot even understand the Word alone, which provides us with all contexts, even those, which they lack in order to understand. The fact that they do not understand the Word, they demonstrate by their satisfaction with distorted version of the Word, andprimarily by their call for uniformity there, where it is impossible to reach one.
In the undistorted version of the Word we were being advised that even in the gross matter must come the segregation of human spirits on the basis of their maturity. Such event will happen because the planet Earth is in the servitude of darkness. Still, if Earth should be rescued together with some of its inhabitants, it shall be exempt from those who already belong to darkness, moreover, to darker planet, which after all, once used to be their home. The rectification is impossible to happen without segregation and violence because no ruler would give his power voluntarily. Therefore, it will not be a smooth - velvet revolution. It will be a revolutionary leap where a spirit (i.e. the true and the most inner essence of man) will become a ruler over humanity! The fact that humanity still has not experienced this event is more than clear to all the knowing ones. More than clear to them is also the identity of the one who is intended to conduct that event; our“space brothers” have also affirmed it in their “space connection”.
This space connection is also available for your edification and in addition, originates from the same source. Thus, it is again the same and also the unknown Word! This transformation of man is associated with great danger for those who may remain unaware and may incline to the wrong side once they see a more advanced technology that will want to help. Indeed, it already provides help but on the wrong side and towards false leaders who now lead mankind into perdition. Many are trying to advise and warn ignorant or indifferent ones who still deserve it. There are still quite a lot of moral people but unfortunately they are very indifferent at the same time, hence, such a result. Advices are useless! Here, every effort is futile when the spirit itself doesnot want to know anything and is satisfied with things as they are. Or, it is striving again for wrong revolution like many times before, and the results are yet to come. We have already tried all paths and there have been many attempts for correction. Yet, we still show no interest to follow the only correct path because this path requires our big change. And there is no one who is willing to undergo such a big change. Everybody wants to change only others but not himself!
Alternatively, many spiritual movements behave proudly and haughtily on the assumption that it is they who are already knowledgeable because they know the Word of the Son of Man. But nowadays, it is not enough because even this Word is not so new today. Moreover, it was distorted due to our fault,and we do not recognize now the very same Word, only in a new robe. And many are incarnated here and now, just because of this Word in new robe! I, myself dare to write it because in my previous incarnation I also didn't recognize the latest version of the Word at that time. I was satisfied with the previous one, but it was insufficient from the perspective of the Light! Therefore, I am very careful now in judging the Word. I am aware of the big responsibility if we condemn what we do not know because we are not sufficiently diligent while searching for the Truth. This experience forced me to walk through all the playgrounds and find uniformity within them - The Absolute Truth. However, it does not mean that this uniformity should be imposed on everyone. Meantime, it is sufficient not to produce hatred and quarrels.
At last, stop praising only your own playgrounds and try to look at others as well, so that there would be no need for you to blush because of the blinders, which you put on yourselves or allowed othersto put them on you, and now these blinders hinder your sight. I still claim that humanity haven't got rid of geocentric theory and is still under its influence, although in a little more modern form. Yet, the whole Creation is available to humanity through the provided knowledge and even all the necessary context, i.e. the valid laws that operate therein.
It is striking that even those who try to teach others and, thus playing the experts of the Word, only provide with their arguments the evidence that they do not understand the Word. These are the ones who do recognize the establishment of the Kingdom of the Millennium but they think that God – Father will build it solely alone. But this opinion is not based on an understanding of the Word but quite the contrary.

If it was possible to happen this way then there would be no need for God to become Triune!

There is enough evidence about it in the Grail Message but it is sufficient enough to quote only one from the lecture “God”:
“God the Father and God the Son are two, yet in reality only one! And the “Holy Spirit”? Christ Himself said that sins against God the Father and against God the Son could be forgiven, but never those committed against the “Holy Spirit”!

Does the “Holy Spirit” then stand higher or is It more than God the Father and God the Son? This question has occupied and worried many a soul and confused many a child.
The “Holy Spirit” is Spirit of the Father Which severed from Him, works separately in all Creation, and Who like the Son, remains closely connected with the Father and one with Him. The inexorable Laws of Creation which spread through the whole Universe like a network of nerves and bring about the unconditional reciprocal action forming man’s fate or karma... are of the “Holy Spirit”! or more explicitly, are His activity!

And his name is IMANUEL!

For those who know, this quote contains everything and there is no need to add anything more.
As mentioned above, it is not necessary to provide evidence, because the WORD IS!
Everyone may have the copy of the Word and it's only up to him (her) how he (she) explains the Word for himself (herself). Nevertheless, the Truth remains the Truth, which is Absolute - in terms of its origin. Only from the perspective of the recipient it becomes most times the untruth, due to its misunderstanding. But in this case we should look for the mistake in ourselves, even if we consider ourselves as knowledgeable persons. I am aware that I am not an exception so I tend to avoid the leadership. My goal was and still is to draw the attention to the Word - The Absolute Truth and defend it but also together with my own belief, which I constantly control with the Word. Since I walked with the Word a long and arduous journey of searching, I offer my experience but at the same time, I want to remind that:

Everyone on his (her) own shall search for the Truth!
There is only one LEADER!
And he is also the right JUDGE!

The conclusion to this article is a spontaneous inspiration for contemplation, to all those who seek the Truth:
What should be the ideal way of spreading the Truth if we want to cover the whole Earth? Several artists - visionaries, have already answered this question and one can find this answer in their paintings but also in their words and texts. For some, even our previous article (Promises) provides also answers of such kind. Moreover, we can find advices in Space connection provided by our space brothers. So, we should also do our best (as some of us already do) and the help will be offered to us. That is exactly the already known way of and can be reachable all over the globe and, is accessible for everyone in Eternal Laws, and, for the very same reason is also commemorated by us. And that is exactly the above-mentioned global action of spreading the Truth!

The invocation of adjustment must occur because THE UNTRUTH HAS BEEN SPREAD THIS WAY FOR A LONG TIME ALREADY!

At the very end, only following four advices from the “Space connection” are neededbeing mentioned:
“I am Alpha and Omega for this Earth. I am real although I come to you from heaven. I will free you from your misery. I will bring you peace.”

“New Generation has many reasons to be happy no matter what others will happen. Those who will be returned to Earth get a new way of existence. Those who will die, they will continue in a development in the next incarnation on lower planets.”

“My arrival will be revolutionary; nothing will remain from what exists now.”

“On Earth, you will be lucky to live for one thousand years. I will be always with you, and I will show you the way of development.”


January the 11th, 2015


The author of Eternal Laws produced the highest number of adversaries at the very end of her work and life, when she revealed her identity. However, the same had happened to every envoy of the Light, i.e. to Jesus, Imanuel and lastly to Primordial Queen.

But the revelation about her identity was necessary at some point in time!
Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to understand the promised happening!

She aroused suspicion and even aversion with her statement among readers of the Grail Message at that time. To conceive (and be pregnant afterwards) from the Holy Spirit and thus without act of procreation in the gross matter - this act was considered as impossible by the readers of the Grail Message. They found the "evidence" about this impossibility in the Grail Message, i.e. in the Word of Son of Man, the Holy Spirit Itself.
From the perspective of an ordinary reader it can truly be perceived that in the Grail Message it is really written, that it is impossible to conceive a man without act of procreation in the gross matter! We should not overlook the following: It's a description of conception of a man! It is also the same even with the conception of Jesus - the Son of God!
But man with a live spirit and with a properly functioning tool - a brain will understand, while he carefully seeks and also comprehends the Word of Son of Man - the Holy Spirit - Imanuel, that within this written Word is also the correct explanation, which does not contradict the happening described in Eternal Laws.
When the Holy Spirit wrote and explained an act of procreation, the human maturity was still not sufficient enough to enable Him to write openly about the act of procreation from the Holy Spirit, because even His person was still unknown to mankind. It would be a step to far in the knowledge of the Truth at that time. Yet, by understanding his Word, we were supposed to obtain the knowledge, which would enable such a progress during fulfillment of these promises in the future, that the reader honestly seeking the Truth will be able to understand the coming events upon the basis of knowledge hitherto provided.
Within these promises was also further intention of Light: reaching the proper maturity during own searching of Truth, which consequently leads to classification and the sorting for the sake of coming Judgement!

Now quotations from the Word follow. These quotations were intended as help to improve our comprehension when the time of promises and their fulfillment comes. Finally, the above-mentioned act of procreation from the Holy Spirit is explained at the end of this article!
You already know that everything, which can be formed in various worlds, lies in radiation of the all holy Light. The radiation of Light contains all that is necessary for the creation of all worlds and it cannot be omitted in order to maintain all those worlds. If you want correctly follow my explanations then make a clear distinction between God, i.e. all holy Light Itself and God's radiation.

Thus God not only uttered the Words “Let there be Light!” according to human conceptions, but it was simultaneously a deed! This was the great happening when Imanuel was sent out or born out from the Divine Sphere! The placing out of a Light-Part from the Primordial Light in order that this Part might radiate and illuminate independently beyond the direct Radiation of God. The beginning of the great development of Creation was the simultaneous consequence of the sending out of a Part of Imanuel.

Thus the great deed was a sacrifice of love on the part of God, Who severed and sent out a Part of Imanuel just in order to grant a conscious enjoyment of existence in response to the perpetual petitioning urge of the spiritual.

And there the Primordial Queen of womanhood has Her being and has a throne in the Grail Castle of the Divine part! Only with the rise of Parsifal, the part of Imanuel, did She temporarily reside, shrouded, in the highest gardens of the Pure-spiritual part of the castle, close to the border of the Divine.

Parsifal is linked with Imanuel by a tie of radiation, at the same time also by a tie of radiation with Elizabeth, the Primordially created Queen of womanhood in Pure-spiritual, as His Mother, and thus He forms the permanent anchorage through the radiation connection.
Elizabeth was created as the first blue flower under protective care of radiation of the Eternal Ones - the Immutable Ones, i.e. the Elders and Guardians of the Grail in Divine realm. She is the queen of all womanhood and, therefore, she is also called Primordial Mother. However, this has nothing to do with earthly human term "mother".

Subsequent Creation could come into existence through the activity of the Pure-spiritual Primordial Beings. In descending the process is always a constant but weaker repetition of the Primordial Creation, which proceeds according to the respective laws. As a matter of course the nature of the happening changes according to the respective transformation of the Laws.

In the Holy Light Castle which surrounds the actual Grail it is absolutely impossible for any of Its guardians to be found wanting, because Parsifal remains present therein; in Whom an Unsubstantiate part of the Light Itself is anchored, which was guided down from out of Imanuel through the Primordial Queen Elizabeth at the Word of God: Let there be Light!

Leaving behind Herself a creative life, the radiating Primordial Queen grows into immeasurable, huge dimensions. Human mind is not able to comprehend how big She is in everything. That is Elizabeth, the Primordial Mother of creation, the Queen, the purest of all, the only One.
In Her vicinity it sounds as singing of billions blissful voices and yet it is as gentle as single breath.
Only radiation is present in Her vicinity and with Her.

It sounds sings and murmurs and beauteous holy Lights whirl increasingly with more power. These Lights envelop with a living cloak the activity of Primordial Power, which resides on golden Divine gardens; those Lights maintain, act and clothe the Will of God in Primordial Form.

The Son of Man is also an Envoy of God and has issued from the Divine Unsubstantiate. Before beginning His Mission in the World of Gross Matter, He, however, was incarnated in the World of Pure-Spiritual Substantiality, and was thus closely connected with that spiritual species in which the seed-germ of the human spirit originates! Thus the Divine Unsubstantiate core of this second Envoy comes nearer to the origin of the human spirit, thereby gaining greater protection and direct power against it.
For in the utmost heights of this same nature of the human spirit, there lives for everything in existence a perfect ideal of what the evolution from out of Spiritual-Substantiality holds. This also includes the eternal, Pure-Spiritual-Substantial ideal of all femininity, as queen of womanhood as it were, with all the living virtues. Each female spirit germ bears the unconscious yearning within it to emulate this pure living ideal in its most noble form. Unfortunately, during the journey through materiality, this subconscious yearning often degenerates into vanity, which, in pretense and in self-deceit, is meant to replace much that never came to life, although it was yearned for. However, this yearning becomes more conscious during the ascent to the Light while still in the fine-material world. As soon as the base desires begin to fall away this yearning breaks through more and more vigorously in order to finally invigorate and energize the virtues. The magnet and the focal point of this noble yearning for the female virtues is the queen of womanhood in the eternal Kingdom of the Father, the Pure-Spiritual-Substantiality. The Divine-Unsubstantiate core of the second Messenger of God was now embedded into this Spiritual-Substantiate ideal of womanhood and raised by her as the Spiritual-Substantiate mother in the eternal Kingdom of God the Father with the Grail Castle being the home of His spiritual youth.

Elizabeth, the Primordial Queen of Womanhood, embraces in Her perfection all the virtues and all the qualities.
The radiations corresponding with Her nature proceed from Her further downwards within the Region of the Divine, and also emerge into the Pure spiritual Realm, where there are the many gradations of all the Primordial Beings.
At each stage downwards the radiations are split into various individual species, which are forthwith embodied in the substantiate as reproductions of their origin, i.e., as reproductions of Elizabeth, the point of origin of these radiations. This takes place in the Substantial and in the Spiritual, because both kinds of radiation emanate from the Primordial Queen and are united in her.
Their forms mould themselves exactly according to the very definite and individual kind of the radiations, which they embody and are themselves. Therewith naturally various deviations occur in the appearance or in the manifestation of the reproductions, which always clearly and distinctly express that which the nature of the particular radiation contains and produces.

The Lord sent the Son of Man as the fundamental pillar of the new bridge towards whole creation. Upon entering the creation, i.e. at the highest initial border of the Pure-spiritual, thus primal creation, the sacrament was carried into effect in the Grail castle. This sacrament brought together the Son of Man with the Pure-spiritual. The Primordial Mother Elizabeth was assigned by God as a mediator. She reigns as the Queen of womanhood for the whole creation in the Grail castle. She is a virgin, which has already been promised by Isaiah in order to bring the Son of Man, Imanuel into the creation.

On the way down towards places where various kind of matter can be compacted and formed, many has already been separated for the sake of formation as a various levels of Pure-spiritual, Spiritual and Substantial. This is the way how various levels and worlds were formed, which circle in themselves and thus cannot exceed a certain boundary.
Helpful elemental beings, such as gnomes, elves, etc., which used to be often visible for many people, always act everywhere in this work. These elemental beings can be formed before the denser precipitation of seed parts, under the influence of changed radiation.

Upon the merging of radiation of rocks, decaying plants, water, air and soil and upon their precise and certain amount and kind, the first animals are formed, whose gross material seeds (conceptuses) are also present and invisibly resting in the main radiation.
The specific and to that purpose suitable mixture of radiation pulls out magnetically existing parts from the main radiation, which comprise everything. Thus, a conceptus is formed firstly as a precipitate and not an animal. Animal is evolved only afterwards from the seed precipitated before.
This also puts an end to speculation about the ancient riddle - what was there first, a hen or an egg?
Evolution then continued according to this lawful way of formation, based on the changes of radiation and rising from one stage to another. Finally, the highest developed animal in quite specific stage of its maturity had produced such a radiation of blood that allowed human embryo, which was attracted and even forced to be incarnated under the influence of that specific radiation of blood. Thus, the human embryo had slowly awakened in animal body and had changed this animal form in order to form a human being also from outside together with ascending stages of self-awareness.

At the earthly death of such a hero the animistic beings guided the animistic radiation-part of the heroism to Valhalla, the uppermost Castle in the Animistic Ring of Creation, whereas the spirit had to go to the plane destined for it. Despite this, if the spirit had been active in the good sense, both parts remained connected with each other by means of threads.
These two parts were only separated when the spirit stepped downwards, so that the animistic part could not be dragged along. Otherwise the two parts flowed together again at earthly incarnations.
This attribute of heroism is a special gift for earthman, the reception of which is prepared through a definite maturity of the spirit concerned, as well as through a definite path thereof.

This is just a brief selection of the happening that explains a lot and we can discover even more evidence in the Word. However, to understand the promise, the above mentioned selection is sufficient enough for everyone who is able of serious effort and his spirit has not become completely lost in matter and intellect. Rationale of that promise now follows and it is in accordance with Laws of God:
The Word explains unquestionably clearly that all forms within creation originate from the radiation of the Holy Spirit - Imanuel and from His negative counterpart - the Primordial Queen!
These radiations had dipped into space without the Light and life and had formed all levels, which are described in the Grail Message. Thus, worlds and creatures were formed. They longed for awareness and improvement. Since they are known from the Grail Message, there is no need to enumerate these levels and worlds.

However, it is necessary to point out the following. God appointed only a person of the Holy Spirit as a source from which all forms in Creation originate. But for this to happen also another part is inevitable - the negative female substantial form, which always interacts.
Therefore, everything that has a form in Creation had been formed from this radiation. It means, also our Earth in gross matter and consequently the body of human being, in which the spiritual conceptus of human being dipped in also as the product of the Holy Spirit for the purposes of development. Afterwards, its spiritual form was also formed. 
Finally this whole development is already stored in the form itself to subsequent reproduction, i.e. in the act of procreation of all that what was formed by the Holy Spirit before. So it is a program created by the Holy Spirit and Primordial Queen, which subsequently is repeated automatically at all levels.

Two fundamental conditions result from the above written:
1. Only the person of the Holy Spirit is assigned for creating all forms in Creation!

2. The presence of a negative - female part is necessary for this act of creating all forms!

However, a third condition for the promised happening should be listed here. It is the presence of spiritual and substantial (elemental) radiations as well as forms, which co-operate on this happening. The last paragraph of quotes from the Word of the Grail Message is precisely about this and proves it. That co-operating substantial form bears that name - The Swan Maiden.

From above mentioned conditions it follows that only the person of the Holy Spirit can be formed that way!

Now follows some facts in regards to the very act of procreation, which took place in 1998.
In whole Creation, in all its levels, the program of formation operates now, which manifests itself in the gross matter of Earth as a natural law of reproduction. It is already stored in all existing forms. Therefore, precisely for that reason, the incarnation of a negative (female) being in matter was necessary as an antipole to radiation of the Holy Spirit. She bore within herself forms of all levels in order to be able to form personality of the ONE who has formed all previous forms already. And this form also had to be formed in all the previous, already formed finer beings.

The conclusion from above quotes is the fact that egg is formed from the radiation at the earliest and is located into suitable and only for him intended "soil", where it evolves. The suitable "soil" for formation and evolution of the form of the Holy Spirit in gross matter as well as in whole Creation was the form - the being of Primordial Queen. She had to be incarnated in gross matter in advance for the sake of fulfillment of the above-mentioned happening and promise. And Her statement is in accordance with the above explanation and at the same time it proves that the promises, Word of Truth and the happening itself were true.

Therefore, the presence of Primordial Queen in matter was necessary
for the sake of fulfillment of this happening and promise!
Thus, this happening was neither usual but at the same time nor impossible!

This happening may not be a mystery for us anymore because even man himself can create forms with the help of radiations and it is already a common part of our lives, used everyday. Radiations coming from space and which originate from the Holy Spirit contain modulated information that we do not fully decrypted yet and we do not know their function, since we still reject instruction from the very designer of Creation - the Holy Spirit!
The one, who can understand correctly the act of conceiving Imanuel, can also understand the authenticity of the person of Primordial Queen and finally also HER WORD! But foremost the Grail Message!

For those who think that above explanation is too complicated to comprehend, we provide a simpler one:
Human gross matter body is the result of formation of the Holy Spirit and of negative - female counterpart. That principle of formation rests in human bodies as a certain program.

For our understanding we must be aware that this development took a long time!
However, we are instructed in the Grail Message that there is a certain event within the working of God and we could perceive it as a miracle!

Two quotes from the Grail Message now follow:
Miracles such as many of the believers in God imagine them to be do not exist! These believers consider a miracle as something that happens outside the Laws of Nature, even something contrary to all the laws of nature. It is just in this that they perceive the hand of God! They think a miracle is something possible only for their God, Who thereby shows His special Grace and for which He uses His Omnipotence.

First of all, in Divine Activity lies absolute perfection, without fault or gap. And perfection demands the strictest logic and absolute consistency in every respect. Consequently, a miracle can only happen with flawless consistency of events. The only difference is that, in the case of a miracle, the process of development, which according to earthly conceptions would require a longer time, proceeds in the usual manner, but with such tremendous rapidity, either through the special power granted to a person or in some other way, that because of all the extraordinarily rapid development it can be called miraculous by people, in short, a miracle.

Man is the result of event, or formation, which thus took place under natural - God's laws and human form is the evidence of such formation. If the same event is accelerated thanks to the working of God's power up to the point it becomes a miracle, the result is the process of formation, which we have witnessed in 1998. But as already mentioned, those two conditions explained above are required for such miracle to take effect: only the person of the Holy Spirit can be formed that way in matter and, only with the presence of Primordial Queen in the same level of matter!
Again, the above explanation is neither bragging nor empty sapience. It is only our defence against insults and slander. At the same time it is also a protection for those who produce such insults and, in doing so, they knot dangerous threads for themselves in reciprocal action.

As an aid for better understanding we provide one important answer to question:
Question No.37:

I use a pendulum in my seeking. Not in ordinary way but within the context of serious research. I am confident in my results and I know that I can count on them without reservation. Thus, beside others, I concentrate my research on Christ, Moses, Buddha, all that with significant results. Finally, I did not exclude the person of Abdrushin from my research. Therefore, I know who he is. In addition, I know many others who are gifted in different directions and, they also know who Abdrushin is and they do not let themselves to be confused. When answering a question whether Abdrushin is an oracle, he constantly refuses these kind of questions and regards them as curiousness. At the same time he provides an answer that is surely correct from the point of context and corresponds to Truth but however, the answer should be still much clearer. Therefore, hereby by this letter I am asking Abdrushin the following: Why Abdrushin rejects these humanly legitimate questions, why does he not confess publicly to what many people know already?

Because I do not consider it necessary! Truly Called Ones will always know about it in right time, i.e. in time they will be in need to know about it and it will happen even without my intervention. However, those who think about themselves as‘Called Ones’ but are not, they do not need to know about it.Besides, important is the WORD and not my person. Replacing Word with person necessarily distracts part of the attention from Word towards person. While the knowledge about me is neither harmful for the Word nor for the author of that Word, it is certainly harmful to those who want to embrace the Word unaffected and as a whole. Only this is the reason I will not answer such questions before the new era comes, expectations of which does not require a lot of patience anymore. Whoever wants to hear, he hears anyway. Others could not be helped even if you meet them more than halfway. Thus at least, they will be spared of possibility to create new bad karma by their thoughtless deriding, which would have to bitterly regret later.

Let that quote be a warning for all those who judge quickly and without serious and honest effort to recognize the Truth. To all such ones we have already provided an advice here on our website: that it is always preferable to remain ignorant person than adversary, when it comes to judging a personality of Emissary of Light, which eventually is forced to disclose Its identity in order to help honest seekers and also even in order to understand correctly experienced events!
Many of today's adversaries should have been in fact helpers of the Emissary of the New Word. However, as always so far, they were satisfied only with the old one!
The Word Itself again confirms the fact that we always try to formulate our advices in accordance with Word:

The one, who is not able to follow the Grail Message in his spirit, it is better for him to go impassively his own way like trying to be smart and showing "flashes of wisdom" in judging and explaining Grail Message; because the time will come when he would like to think of better days and behaviour but it will be too late, since his current childish bragging is a millstone for him, which drags him down. – –

We could also write:
The one, who is not able to follow the Eternal Laws in his spirit, ...
... and furthermore the remaining part of that above quote can be also used here with the same validity. Therefore, the quote remains as a very good advice even for the New Word! We used advices from the Old Word since the New One is, unfortunately, not topical for them... .

Any ordinary person of the 21st century should try and explain for himself from the perspective of time he lives in, the following promise: "the coming of the Son of Man in the clouds".

Question No.80:
A question already answered leads me to put another one: It should surely be easy for Abd-ru-shin to throw light on all the weak points and faults of the churches or sects, through which their attacks would probably cease out of prudence.

Answer (only a small part):
It is man’s most sacred duty to move forward in the recognition of God, as well as in his spiritual development. Any hindrance in this, and any shackling to what exists, is standstill, which brings about retrogression. Scientific investigation and discovery through the intellect always advances steadily; if spiritual investigation does not keep pace with it, it must in time be shaken violently and begin to waver, because the balance necessary for harmony between these two different kinds, which are meant to go hand in hand, is lacking. The end will then be the inevitable collapse, because intellectual science lacks the necessary living spiritual support; for mysticism cannot give this to intellectual knowledge.

At the end, there follows one quotation as a last effort to help. It is a constantly overlooked warning and its author is the most competent one and, is also recognized by those who at the same time overlooked the most of that particular warning.


If you knew how long a grief could push you down for the acts you committed in callosity and even in judgmental arrogance, then you would probably be more prudent. I wish you could see how bitter is the regret of those who condemned the person, who is in kindness of Light and is in service of the Lord without being aware of what such person really is from “inside”. If you were in constant alert and full of selfless love, then you would recognise a misery of those remorseful ones who do not see any remedy to what they caused. Precisely the same for those who in turn have to see how their wrong opinion bears still a bad fruit of condemnation and insensitivity. Never again should you yourselves dare to judge without true knowledge! And to know everything - that is something you will never be able to achieve. Everytime you judge another, you judge yourself. It will strike you back because you were not appointed to judge your neighbours.
Watch out! What you can expect must be terrible. When you attack the servant of the LORD, it is the same as if you would attack the Lord HIMSELF! Have you clarified this in your mind? And those who are truly in the service of the Lord, who are truly obedient only to His Will, you cannot see. They are often precisely those inner, silent ones, those who do not stand in foreground but have reached a high degree of inner devotion to the LORD. They are prepared to undergo every sacrifice, learn humility, which makes them able to fulfill their service. Those who fulfill their task only ostensibly but in fact they are not in the service of the Lord at all, must step aside! He will uplift the most capable and use their gifts regardless of their previous position among you. Refrain yourselves from any judgement! It is not for you. And if you uttered a false judgment before, seek redress now, while you are still on Earth! It is much easier here than in the other world (afterlife). You can save a lot in doing so! So, act in accordance with it!


November the 9th, 2015


Now it is time to make a statement openly, which accommodates supporters as well as opponents and enemies of our website, because both groups and their actions have begun to spread.
For those who support us and try to help us, it´s important to say that everything for potential service of Radio is already ready, except forthe fact that we lack an expert who would put everything into perfect function and necessary quality. But we believe that later at the proper time, for which we are preparing, we will recruit him, because circumstances will open eyes of many people. Until then, unfortunately, we have to stay out of service, because that group of opponents leading the society has started to be very anxious about our preparations in order to save them as well. Today they don´t know and don´t want to know yet that just for themthis rescue will be the most important in a very short time!
We don´t condemn them, even though we are sad because of their current damage, but we know that we acted similarly lately. Human ignorance has procreated a lot of evil and indeed, it could be said that majority of it.

Today´s false leaders who have led human society to current state of contrastive frictions, wars, religious conflicts and disagreements have many conveniences and opportunities to influence a public opinion so completely and globally. And on the contrary those who want to help and would be able to save the society, have to stay illegal, as it has always been in history, and they are still haunted even in today´s hypothetic democracy, because our ideologies have created an era when everyone trembles for everyone and it´s very easy to put a label ‘terrorist’ or ‘pest’ of society on anybody especially on those individuals who endanger those false leaders still deceiving and fanaticizing the crowds.
Even our activities start to be dangerous in this sense and we start to have some problems, which force us to be in a state of peace and latency, if we want to accomplish our resolution successfully. Then those who only want to damage unjustly, will be the most ashamed because our help is made just for this kind of people. Today they don´t know yet, that they are on the wrong side and serve the wrong lord whereby they think and even believe that they are in service of that right one.
Therefore, we would like to request all those similar to leave us with our conviction which has never been and will not to be contrastive and we will never harm anyone neither impose anything as it happens today and as they act today. And then, when our time will come, everybody will be allowed to choose his own path freely and choose his Lord! Until then, we´ll stay in silence! Therefore, let them not to be afraid of our silenceWe´ll speak only when they will have nothing to say about what they have created.


Our open words on our website of Radio Rescue are also not forced onto anyone so far and it´s left to free will of everyone, whether they visit our website, demonstrate interest, or reject it. We don´t visit any homes as many groups and sects do, even we don´t do demonstrations and don´t organize any public meetings where we would spread our belief. We respect free will of each individual completely! It´s very sad that even today, those who stay with the TRUTH must shelter themselves with their conviction. It is unbelievable that after all lessons from the past, the essence of man – spirit, still stagnates and even declines;even if there are opposite loud exclamations from all sides and in various speeches and even religions. Calculating mind has fooled our sleeping spirit and just great despair and suffering will awaken us.


We cannot harm anyone, because henceforward we will be in silence until our time comes. But, when you convince yourself that we stay with the Truth, only you alone can gain the most because the Truth will be here for everyone. So why are you afraid of us? And whom do we harm? You harm only yourself! You can´t harm us, because we are with the LORD OF CREATION!




August the 6th, 2016


In our activities, preparations for the right time for spreading the Word of Truth and our effort to cooperate we often face to some kind of reluctance arising mainly from a fear and doubts about if our chosen activity and its form is correct.
Several groups of human spirits are involved in similar activities, exactly as it´s mentioned in the Word itself that a humankind is divided into many groups just according to their maturity.

Many people accept valuable texts from the Light as a media, but again just according to an instruction from the Word. But these texts themsleves say that a word „to have“ doesn´t mean to understand neither to live according to it!
Various media also receive something very valuable from the Light, thus from some superior assistant, who is aimed at a true service by the Light. There are wise advices as well, but they can´t be compared with the Word itself, thus the Word of the straight emissary, who acts or acted on Earth. They lack straight experience among us - vagabonds!
Even though these receptions are also valuable encouragement for others, but they can´t exceed the LIVING WORD itself by their value!
This is the true reason why a direct incarnation of all God's Emissaries from the Light was necessary!

But the media usually are not able to understand what they actually receive and even to behave according to their receptions. But what is sometimes worse, they start to be proud, or reputed superiority, which restrain a purity in their activities, and even the other reception. And we are warn against this danger in the Word!
For all similar people there is a perfect instruction in a first quote directly from the Word. Now here are some quotes for all those who are trapped in fear that prevents them to join the Light.

Men indeed have the word, but not the understanding of it! And that, after all, is the main point in everything. Even knowledge is of no avail where understanding is lacking!
Therefore, you must now go forth, you to whom I have already given the way in the Word! Go forth, explain and interpret my Word to all who are earnestly seeking in the Light of Truth: the rays of my Word will accompany you; because the time for this has come!
Thank the Lord when He helps you with His blows that must strike you too in the reciprocal action. Pray and be ready at the hour of humanity’s highest distress, to herald the Word which I have given to you.
Go forth, proclaim and explain my Word in the Light of Truth! So that the Kingdom of God may come to this earth.
Go forth, proclaim and explain the Word in the Light of Truth to all human beings who yearn for It. Be examples to them always so that God’s Kingdom may come to this earth also!
What I proclaim to you today is tantamount to pushing open the gates for the World Judgment! The Lord spoke these words of momentous significance to humanity: “Now is the time for the Word to be proclaimed openly and freely to all the world, in all parts of the Earth since the cosmic clock is about to strike the 12th hour!”
Do not hide! The Lord wants you on His Earth, and all who, together with you, follow the Word of God. You are designated to build up God’s Kingdom here on Earth as is pleasing to Him! His blessing is upon you.
For you the redeeming Word has anchored Itself on soil hitherto indisputably leaning toward the Darkness. Now you must endeavor to grasp It if you still want to save yourselves from falling further. The opportunity for this is given to you through the anchoring of the Light.
Today I call out to you: Henceforth, no one can come to me but through the Word! The Holy Word alone opens the door to me, you men! On Earth and in the spirit. Whosoever wishes to come to me must already carry the Word of the Message within himself, incorruptibly, faithfully and irrevocably! Take this with you today, for your guidance!
The disciples are to be mediators between the Son of God incarnated on earth and earthmen. They are to spread the Divine Word, to live exemplary lives according to the Will of God, and be the first to put it into practice on earth.
For this they need a greater power of perception, which will enable them to absorb the high meaning of the Word of God, and thus to understand the Envoy from the Light.
For this purpose alone all the disciples receive from the Pure-Spiritual Realm, a spark that enables them to receive the Message from the Light on a higher level than that of the developed human spirit on earth, because through the spark they are enabled to come a small step closer to the Divine, being uplifted spiritually out of Subsequent Creation for a better recognition.

Rescue! Salvation!
But in the midst of turmoil and thundering roar of the collapse, the WORD rings out! Victoriously It resounds through the lands so that those who honestly strive for It may still save themselves.

And this is that condition that every man should try alone to know the Word of the Lord as the only salvation! But if in doubt he misspends this last possibility, such opportunity will never again appear and this moment, which can bring him a salvation, will be lost for him forever.


Now let all critics of our actions try to find better and more effective way of spreading the WORD, as that one, which we want to use and it´s even ready – a radio!
We don´t violate the Lord's commandment: "Everyone who wants to hear the Word, he must exert himself to get It!"

The Word will be within reach for everybody, but everyone must try to get it!
The way of spreading the Word at the time of Jesus or at the time of the Son of Man would be a relic today. A written form of the Word is still available, but a form of “trembling over all countries” is definitely better for the final events and for our time – as it´s promised in the WORD itself!
We´ve exhausted all our possibilities, nay we are able to spread the Word to a big part of the Earth. Even so we´re sure that our possibilities will be redoubled with a help of the Light when a right time comes.