December the 19th, 2014



Powerful people will become powerless!
Educated people will become helpless!

Indifferent people will become curious!
Some people will start to look for the TRUTH!

Powerful people will have to learn to be afraid of God!
Educated people will have to understand, that the real wisdom is only in the Word of God!
Indifferent people will find out that their lack of interest in the Truth was the biggest mistake.
Only some people will find the courage to say farewell to a wrong tradition and start looking for the Truth!


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December the 19th, 2014



We could say that the evolution proceeds in a spiral of four phases:


The spiral of these four phases is repeated constantly, and moves qualitatively towards a higher level until it reaches the Absolute Truth, which always removes all doubts. And the spiral of searching is always finished like this!

 The spiral of four phases:
The progress requires doubtfulness every time and the doubtfulness initiates protest against the present. For this reason, we don´t have to be afraid of doubtfulness, because it is part of searching for the Truth – it is progress. The spiral is going to be narrowed by our honest searching till its peak, where the true knowledge – the Absolute Truth, is settled.

And it is necessary to always act with this Truth as follows:
Knowing the Truth – Purifying the Truth – Understanding the Truth – Living the Truth!


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April the 10th, 2015




Since the number of visitors on our website is not as we expected, we decided to make some countermeasures. All today's media are using advertisement intensively, so we decided to use it as well.

The following is an Advertisement for today's human society:

  • Even the wisest word is not wise enough for the fool!
  • Diagnosis of our time is as follows: dissatisfaction - everyone has either something extra or lacks something!
  • One's enjoyment comes now only from the misery of others!
  • Faith has now become the drug for caged individuals!
  • Honesty earns you only a beggar's stick!
  • Love of neighbour is rarer than saffron plant!
  • What is useful became unnecessary and what is unnecessary became useful!
  • An optimist is one, who still has not been revealed!
  • Nowadays, there are more singers for shallow entertainment than those who speak the Truth!
  • The school is good only to rid you of your own opinion!
  • It is more reasonable to know less than the boss!
  • Politics meets the illusion of voters, but fills the accounts of those elected!
  • Democracy is when you lose freedom out of your own will!

If one finds this advertisement of today's human society biased, then he surely belongs to the cream of society. Let such one disregard this advertisement!
However, if the majority, i.e. those who live in misery also reject this advertisement, then they should think twice whether they understand the first statement!