It is a much more fitting name for happenings which we always see and which start to multiply themselves visibly, than the actual one – catastrophes.
The term disaster sounds better, our predecessors (who also had spiritual perception) have created it and so they formed terms for important conceptions more truthfully. A catastrophe includes also what men have caused directly by their activities. Disaster, on the contrary, is more negative happening that affected men as certain warning – threaten, thus it is an activity for our instruction. (Our predecessors have understood it as warning of force majeure!) But we are already so dulled spiritually, that we even do not see this difference and we even do not use the right term at all.

At the beginning, however, it is necessary to clarify some other misunderstanding, from the side of those, who try to judge us. It would still be in accordance with reality, when these people categorize us between those, who are spiritually involved outside of activities of the church, but the name that they have given to us – sectarian, is not correct!
However, we are involved also outside of activities of science as well, and for this reason the name is not correct.

Our effort is not to purify ourselves, but to explain things in their right sense. If some readers are going to give us the name, then it will be better for us when they use the expression: EXTREMISTS! But beware! We have to give an important notice in addition to this expression: FOR THE PRESENT TIME! And maybe also one more thing. This our extremism has to be understood only in a sense, that we try to solve and explain extreme happenings, which we can always see, but which neither church nor science can give any explanation.

SO, FROM CURRENT POINT OF VIEW OF OTHERS, WE ARE CHURCHLY BUT ALSO SCIENTIFIC EXTREMISTS, who, however, will not remain extremists for a long time!
In reality we are only people who already get to the Truth through the Word of God – “The Grail Message”. This Word can answer all “mysteries” - our “mysteries”- and everyone can simply come into contact with this Word, so does the church and science as well. But they do not want to, because they do not serve the Truth, but only their own power. IN SCIENCE, HOWEVER, MANY SERVE ONLY THEIR OWN AMBITION AND SELF-CONCEIT. They confirm it in foreign expressions and complicated language where they could speak and express themselves simply. They do not know that greatness lies only in simplicity. 

Science and also the church will convince themselves in a very short time, that we have not been any extremists, but, on the contrary, a very weak extraction from a group of those people who have already known and also try to advocate the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, which will become a philosophy for those who will deserve it; yet, a philosophy which – just as the only one, made it possible for them to SURVIVE. And the otherpeople will get perfect instructions too, THAT THEY WANDERED!
The “EXTREMISTS” ARE NOT ABLE to give you any more advice for the present time!

But, with Absolute Truth as the base, they are able to answer questions – causes of why these happenings occur!

We have already given one important lecture from the Absolute Truth on our website – “Man and the Earth”, in which the reader and listener can know a fact, that man is not the owner of the Earth, and not even a renter but only a guest!
So we are only guests, who act so cheekily towards the owner and also towards the renter, that both of them are not going to tolerate us any longer!
Other than us, there also live some other beings on our Earth, beings that we cannot see, though our predecessors were able to see in some cases. These beings have built everything we see around us, under contribution of primordial radiation, radiation of the real owner, and they also created a dwelling for us – only as guests in this dwelling. But the guests have become imaginary lords, who cause damage not only to those who rented us our dwelling, but also to Him, whose radiation we use as well. Unfortunately, we mainly misuse it against HIM himself, and also against those, who have built this dwelling, and have provided it to us only for a short time, as the guests, so that we could develop ourselves in it.


Try to imagine the same situation, but from the opposite point of view, where you would be in a position of the renter and your guests would act similarly towards you.
And still this is not our only guilt! There prevails a busy life everywhere in the surrounding universe and our acting has impact also there; that is to our neighbors. Only understanding of these connections and relations place us to complete light and characterizes us perfectly.
So this is the reason why disasters, various unpleasant personal happenings affect us, response to which we overlook, because the cause is not known. Then many people wonder, why it is possible that such happeningsalso occur in the church, as happened not long ago, where a girl was almost burned out during a ceremony.
But this occurrence is in terms of God's laws too, and mainly for the benefit of the affected people, even if it seems to be undeserved suffering for them. Only because of not knowing of these laws by those who have been affected by them, that it seems to be a punishment to them, or unfortunate incident. From viewpoint of eternity, it is mercy and thus love, which is inseparable from God's justice, and also a result of certain leadership of higher power.
The affected people, and also others – i.e. unaware people, would swear now certainly: “It is easy to say something like this by a person who has not been affected by it personally!”
But trust me, it touches everyone, and also the one, who tries to give advice as well, and he even has experienced it, but maybe in some other alternations. From this reason the effort to help the affected people and also to unaware people will be now provided.  If they accept and receive this explanation as advice for instruction, it will remain within their own decision. So here is the explanation:

But again, necessary condition for understanding is sequence in the sense of eternity and so the lawful acceptance of reincarnation, which is a reality and so a matter of course and part of God's laws. Otherwise one cannot speak about knowing the Will of God, which many proudly boast about outwardly. That is also in all churches!

Affected family has grouped together as certain collective, bounded together by eternal God's laws so that together they could go forward in this life and reach what they missed in the previous life, in which they were believers, but believers incorrectly, and so in ethereal matter – in the other world, they together had given certain resolution themselves, that in next life (i.e. in the present life) they will set aright their mistake. So they will leave past indolence of the spirit, which had led them to rely upon others in searching a way, which led to God.
But they did not fulfill the resolution and they walk the mistaken path of their previous life again, even if they bear knowledge of God in their spirits, they were not able to let the laziness of their spirit behind, and it has been shown them understandably, that they walk the wrong way again, through this occurrence, which happened in the place which is saintly for them – in the cathedral, it has been showed to them, that the church and God are not one and the same thing. Indeed God is only one and churches are many!

A path to God does not require one to be a member of some group, but it does not harm if those who have found the right path and are firm in their conviction, work collectively.
So this occurrence is only a reminder of their own resolution to them, resolution of which they have forgotten again in this life. How they use this mercy of God, which still would be able to bring them nearer to eternal life, still remains in their own power and only they alone can change the wrongly chosen path, on which, however, still exists the right direction boards, which can rescue them – if they will not overlook them.
And it is the same with everything that meets us in our way of life, individuals as well as whole mankind. Therefore, every happening shall be an impulse for thinking and a proof that nothing is left in the hands of chance, and that everywhere rules the most perfect intelligence, and only we ourselves do not know about it, or we only imagine that we know, but we do not regard it as HIS will, because we do not understand it.

We all, however, could already know HIS will –
we have it in the perfect Word – Absolute Truth – The Grail Message!

And in the Word is hidden answer to every question, which we do not know and search.


So why do disasters come in places where majority of “believers” live and therefore, according to justice, it should not happen in these places ?!
(Except of burning girl in temple in Slovakia, we mention for example destructive earthquake in town of “Christchurch“ in New Zealand, from 22.02.2011 with many victims on life, and another strong earthquake in this same town, that happened less than 4 months later and in which only the temple of Saint John the Baptist had fallen, while other buildings remained.) Majority of inhabitants of the Earth believe in some form, but we are affected by disasters continually.
This fact forces some people to think, but majority remain careless. There are only few persons who think about the right causes.

Therefore, our radio Rescue is right now only just for these ones!
We believe that the right ones do not call us sectarian!
The other ones, on the contrary, remain indifferent to us!

In this section of site of the radio Rescue we will continually concern about clarifying and explaining of concrete, actual disasters and “mysterious happenings” in accordance with the Word of Absolute Truth. This will be a proof of rightness and perfectness of offered Word itself, for thinking and examining people, which gives answers for all questions.
The author of the work Grail Message has written the “Answers to questions” later as well, which were a reaction to slandering of his person and in which he proved the rightness of his Word in clarifying of “unexplainable” happenings and phenomena (as for example appearing of stigmata), on which no one was able to give satisfying or right answer, except Him.
And it was just because he explained the happenings based on perfect, and so unchangeable Eternal - God's laws!


*     *     *


Below you can watch two out of many videos, which are on the internet and show happenings that occur in whole Earth. Media should offer this information, but media of present time will rather inform people about politicians, personal life of famous people or about gypsies. They leave the important things aside, so that the “sheep” sleep!
After the first video a quotation from the Word of the Son of Man follows, which CHURCH should offer to people, if it would REALLY serve Him, to whom it speaks it serves.


Next video shows happenings, which occurred during 14 days (the second half of September 2013)!


“It is said that it will bring pervasive upheavals. This star, however, means much more.
It can be called the star of Bethlehem, because this star is of the same kind as the Bethlehem star was. Its power sucks the water high upwards, brings weather disasters and many other things yet. The Earth trembles and shakes when rays of the star surround it.”
                                 Abdrushin, The Grail Message: Quotation from the lecture numb. 73: „The Great Comet“                                         (Written during years 1926 – 1930! )

Next video shows happenings, which occurred during 16 days – the second half of October 2013!




Man shall realize that whatever happens in our lives is not a chance. It is the same in case of death of a young couple who were parents of 11 months old boy. The parents died in car-accident near Rabčice (Námestovo region) and it is like a “miracle” that only their young son and a driver of the second car have survived. Without taking into account who was to blame for causing this car-accident from earthly point of view (if the second driver really drove quickly and so he would be the one who caused the accident), the fact that the young couple died is still a tragedy but not by chance.
How should one proceed in order to find the right explanation of this occurrence? The church and their believers will try to satisfy themselves with an answer like: “Inscrutable are the ways of Lord.” But can such an explanation be sufficient for families who lost their children who were adults only for short time, and a grandchild survived and remained with them, a grandchild who became an orphan at the moment?

The biggest weakness of churches in relation to God's will is that they do not take into consideration a necessity of lawfulness of repeated lives on earth, through which God's love became a part of justice, and knowing of this lawfulness make it possible for us to understand what hasnot been understood till now; the flow of eternity as a developmental way of the spirit.
Surely questions emerge from the surviving relatives, and this begins with word: “Why?” – Why is it that only their children perished? Why did it happen just to their family? Why just their grandchild survived? Where did they go wrong, that something like that happened to them? What shall they change, so that such a tragedy would not have to repeat once again in their lives?
Man shall ask, because only questions and searching lead to finding the answers and to understanding the causes.
Materialists who get this information, on the contrary, mostly transform inability of providing an answer to the question: “Why?”, to slurring or hatred towards the second driver who survived the accident, and who – probably - went too fast with his car, giving the impression that he caused the accident. But not even this gives an answer as to WHY something like this happened, and WHY just the small child survived!

Now let us explain this happening from a point of view of eternal God's laws:
God is just and fair, and his perfect unchangeable laws are just as well. All that a man does,what he feels and thinks, will return back to him or her. It is a law, which Jesus explained to us in the words: “Whatever man sows, that he shall also reap.” It had also been explained to us in olden times thus: “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”So it is the same law explained by the Absolute Truth –The Law of Reciprocal action. This law settles everything justly, man only should learn to live in a way that he or she does not pay for it, but should utilize it for his or her own benefit.

But not everything manages to return to us in this life - which we experience now. Something still returns from previous lives. This explains why childrenare born into poverty or wealth, with illness or in good health, into complete or incomplete families, and it also explains unexpected tragic happenings as well.
In the accident narrated above, the surviving relatives from both families of the married couple, and the deceased young couple as well, (but in their case, not directly in the physical body anymore) now experience the pain because of separation from people whom they love. And it is just this pain which comes to them as a fruit of what they sowed, because they all have caused pain to others in their previous life, in a way that they, in some manner, caused separation of people who love each other. It had to return to them in a way that they experience the same now, so that they get free from this guilt. When they accept this retribution as deserved, i.e. in humility, without complaining of“unjust fate” and they search for explanations, this will make it clear for them, they will avoid new guilt from wrong attitude at the same time.
God's Laws, however, are so merciful that they provide also possibility of softer atonement of guilt, and even, in certain circumstances, this atonement can be only symbolic.
There are more possibilities. The first one – when man becomes aware of his or her guilt as something wrong, regrets it and makes it right (if it is still possible) and he or she avoids to make another one.
The next possibility which in reality weakens or pushes off every bad effect of reciprocal action, is when man manages to learn God’s eternal laws through his or her own effort, and he or she strives to live in accordance with them with all his or her strength. Therefore, he or she raises himself or herself spiritually higher, and when effects of once-made guilt in form of suffering arrive to him or her, they are not able to penetrate him or her (according to law of homogeneity), or they express themselves only partially, weakened.
In this case it would mean, that if dead parents and surviving relatives changed their direction in time and they strove to manage to learn God’s laws and lived in accordance with them, they would have survived the accident – with higher or smaller complications and separation would be only for time of recovery in hospital;or another temporary separation would happen. If they became spiritually advanced significantly, the closure would happen only symbolically in a way that, for example, young couple would miss a train someday, or their car would stop working and so they would be late, consequence of which would be that the family would not meet at agreed family lunch, but they would meet later.
In regards to children, one shall realize, he (she) is not any “new creature” but is a human who has already been on Earth several times as well and, he (she) brings many skills, experience and guilt with him, which he shall atone in this life, in order to free himself from them. One of them is also that he shall grow up in substitute care – of grandparents, without knowing his own parents. They shall enrich each other and understand their own mistakes, which connect them as souls.
His parents died because they had an opportunity - to achieve the explanation of God's laws in the Word if they strove and live in accordance to them if they wanted, but they did not do it, so the reciprocal action of their guilt towards the fellowmen hit them in full strength and it cost them their life. The child didn‘t have an opportunity to know these laws in this life yet, because it is still small, and therefore it survived, in order to get this possibility and so it could atone its one-time made mistake.
Despite of the big pain of this hard lesson, one can find therein a strict but just, helping love of the Creator again. The old parents (from both sides) who will take care of the children now still have a possibility to “start anew”. They can ask questions “Why?” due to pain - broken and open heart - questions to which they will find answers if they want to. So, they can change their direction through new knowledge and help the child through proper upbringing that is built on a new base.
It is help for dead parents too, because through disentanglement of their guilt, they become free from it through experience and they can continue in their spiritual development with new knowledge on the “other world”.
This tragic event can also lead everybody from the region and from neighborhood of the families, which have been touched by it somehow, to thinking and searching. In asking “Why?” they have a chance to start looking for the right answers and at the same time understand that churchly “explanation” on which they relied before is in reality, only a helpless act to turn away the conversation without providing a satisfactory answer.
Let this explanation be of help in a way for those, who will have a desire for understanding.
At the same time it is a repeated proof that one can find an answer to EVERY question in the Word because it takes from the Truth, and it has been given to us for help and salvation.





Our publication of explanation of car-accident that affected young family in Rabčice already has its ... continuation? You will realize, it was not a continuation, but something completely different!
It is necessary to mention in introduction that two members from working team of the Radio Rescue worked on explanation of this case and two others knew about it. Those who knew about it did not participate in formulating the explanation and they worked on something else.

When this explanation of the car accident was published on our website and thus available for readers, an interesting situation followed. Another member of our team, who did not know anything about these activities, shared his experience with us. This experience again explains a lot, but it is necessary to state that again, it isonly for a knowledgeable man!
He shared his night experience – “dream” with us, in which he had experienced an event even before it later occurred in our grossest material level. It was related to what will attract interest to many of us, and we even decided to use it on behalf of the Truth. Yet it also confirms many other things that will be clarified after publication of this experience, but again only for some people. This happening could even be a great help and in reality it is a gift of God for all of us who deny being only the “parrots, i.e. the ignorant ones“. But it is a gift mainly for those who are directly affected by that car-accident.

Now the experience itself, the “dream” was as follows:
I have been somewhere with someone, in quite good mood. Suddenly I was in a car, but I had a feeling, as if it is some armored personnel carrier. I felt so cheerful and pleasant. Suddenly I looked ahead and I saw a small child sitting in a car that was in front of us. Unpleasant premonitioncame together with a question: “Is this my son?” And the premonition of something unpleasant grew... “Something will happen” - I thought.

Suddenly a big cloud of dust rose up in front of that car, as if something pushed the dust from the backside of it. I already knew what had happened. I only prayed for the child, nothing and nobody else interested me, as if I was there only for the child. I was not afraid myself even for a while, at all. A collision set in, the car went into a skid and I was still looking at the child, whom I saw from behind and I prayed so that it only scuffs his side of car.
And it happened so. I was next to him. I knelt on one knee and I kept him in my arms softly.
It was as if he slept, but two things happened simultaneously; In a moment the child was as small as 25 cm doll and it was naked, bloody from face to breast, then in another moment it had normal size and in matter again. I kept him and I was happy that I am next to him. It was love and I knew that I have to wait.  I waited patiently and I also prayed.
After a while he moved in my arms and he opened his eyes. His eyes were strongly dark-brown, bizarre in some way. I already knew he was all right.
And I know nothing more...

“My brain started to work in the morning and I reviewed the dreamfrom a differentpoint of view, wondering if it was my sonwho had passed on. I occupied my mind, but I was quiet. I only said to my wife, that I had a “dream”... When she asked me what dream I had, I only told her: “No, let it be, do not ask...” She did not ask anymore. I was quiet and I asked questions inside me and I tried to connect things together in order to discover what this dream may have a relation with. It could havea logic in relation to my present son, but I did not perceive intuitively that it is so. The inward perception came only when I read about this happening on website of the Radio Rescue.”
“I would like to say in addition that when I found something about this car-accident on the internet, and I saw a photograph of the baby, it was totally clear. And it was not a dream. It was stronger experience of reality as is that I am actually writing on a computer.”

“How can something like thatbe considered a reality, and how is it possible that it is as if this event happened two times?” There exists a simple explanation for those who may ask this question. Again, these explanations come from the Truth contained in the Grail Message. The seeker can read in there that happenings in finer spheres or levels of creation always precede happenings in harder – denser levels. And this gentleman was able to perceive intuitively and to participate on what occurs in a finer level, (and so it is being prepared for denser level, in which it will happen later as well), only because he was somehow related with the child, i.e. he was connected with him - from a previous life.
What do we say in conclusion? Only one thing. The man who had this experience did not know about the real happening at all – i.e. about the fact that the car-accident happened after his dream experience!

His next expression confirms it:
“I read the article on website of the Radio Rescue, where you explain the tragedy in Rabčice. I did not know about this accident, but when I read the article, every cell of my body stood at attention.
I had a dream last week. It was not a dream. It was a consciously experienced reality, while my body slept, reality which was hard for me. I woke up as if exhausted energetically in the morning, but I felt humility, some satisfaction.”





The information about young 7-year-old boy from eastern Slovakia, who wrote a book, which was published, was recently broadcast. This fact really surprised people in so far as it was broadcast in headline news.
Yes, it is very substantial and unusual, when we think about the children at the same age, who usually try to learn how to write, and this boy has already published his own book.
Maybe some people can´t explain it. “How is it possible?” they say “I know very well-educated people, but their children are not so special, indeed. Well, maybe that boy has been lucky and he has inherited this skill.”
ButGod´s justice does not accept accidents. So how is it actually?
For a start, it is necessary to add something. Every man, who lives on Earth, is composed of the spirit – the substance of his “own self”; of the soul which passes to the “other world” after his earthly death, where it serves another development of the spirit as its cover; and of the physical gross material body, which we wear as our outermost covering during our earthly pilgrimage.

And now here is the promised explanation:
The boy was a writer in his previous life. But not just any writer, he was a writer who put the whole of him into this profession or hobby, which means he wrote from the bottom of his heart, from the joy, from the emotion, simply said. And these emotional experiences remain in a man forever as his property, because they are written in the spirit, which is eternal.
This (emotional experience) is different from rational knowledge, which is left behind, and the spirit does not take it with him into “afterlife” once his current physical body dies. Therefore, in terms of eternity, only emotional experiences are valuable as the only true possession of the spirit.

This boy was a writer in his past life and he has brought his “art” to this life as well. Because of the fact that a man leaves only his body, andthe soul and the spirit go further, his art has stayed within himself, because he survived it and it is written in his spirit. Of course, the writing skills stayed within himself “afterlife”, on the “astral world” or on the “other world” too (it doesn´t matter how we call it), and also after repeated embodiment – reincarnation. As soon as he learned to write, he continued in writing books.
But from where has he taken the themes? To answer this question we must first ask the question in another way: Where is the essence of the ability to write books, which this boy cultivated in his previous existence, and which actually every valuable writer has?
It is again that “equipment” which we carry in ourselves, but most of us left it underdeveloped. The writers live in the astral - at some level, where they go after leaving their gross material bodies in order to improve themselves further because everything in Creation strives for improvement. But in this astral world there are not only the writers, but also mental and emotional forms related to authorship created by all people on Earth, or there. This centre is as big as one whole world, and serves as some headquarters on which all writers from the entire material universe can join and draw the inspiration and skills from it. Whether the inspiration and skills are those related to writing - for example, the ability to write poetry, drama...; or the inspiration such as the theme of their works etc. Seeing that every man has his astral body beside his gross material one, so according to the Law of Homogeneity, this connection is possible in certain circumstances. And these particular circumstances are that we must be in a state of receiving.

Imagine that every headquarters has its own frequency in the astral. The frequency for writers is different from one for musicians, which in turn is different from the scientists etc. If someone wants to be connected to certain headquarters, he must start to think about it – to be tuned to the frequency of the receiver and then just accept.
But there can be a better explanation. An author of a book starts to deal with something intensively and thinks about what he wants to write, or only about the act of writing. Seeing that everything in the Creation has its form, the thought or volition creates the form at astral level as well – a sort of its kind. The more energy he puts to this form, the longer he leaves it to grow within himself, the stronger is the astral form itself and therefore the greater is the ability to connect with the headquarters. The connection between the creator of this thought-form and the headquarters also gets stronger. Thus he can draw more from this headquarters and therefore can gain the theme or anything that he needs for writing from there. And the longer he is attached to the headquarters, the more “beaten” is the path of the inspiration from headquarters to him, but also from him to the headquarters. And this is the skill of our writer, that the path to the specific headquarters and from it is already “beaten”. But he had to wear this path by himself in his past – it means by intense writing and attaching to this headquarters. 
It’s good to add that the headquarters for writers has many departments and levels. An author, who wants to write about love, ideals or about the human goodness, is attached to a part different from the author who wants to write horror stories. And also, if there are two writers wanting to write about love, the one, who is superior within himself, he attaches to the higher level, than the second one – according to the Law of Homogeneity. But if the superior writer draws something down from the higher level, hence he connectswith some form from it, and then this form will be available to anybody else who can reach it, also for those who are less graceful. And actually everybody develops and improves themselves in this way.
Truthfulness of this happening can be verified by many cases from the past, thus from the before-internet time. There were many cases that two scientists from different parts of the Earth dealing with the same subject “came”to something at the same time, independently of one another. We can often observe it in our every-day life.
It’s also necessary to point out the implementation of the Law of Balance. This is felt in such a way that when a potential recipient wants and thinks about writing the books, his will and thoughts gain the forms, which are connected to the headquarters, where he comes up with something, by the Law of Homogeneity. And only then can the author receive or draw something down. So he must give something and then he can receive. It’s the same law, which we can see in breathing in and out, eating food and excreting, in every natural system, human relationships and in the whole universe, just everywhere. The Creator himself, the Creator of the Eternal Laws, and of everything that we see everywhere, explains this law in The Grail Message. The Law says:
“The proper receiving goes only with giving.”

Otherwise there is no balance and the result is the fall.
We do not inherit the mental and spiritual qualities, as many people believe! That would not be fair if the children inherited defects or spiritual and mental abilities from parents. The Creator wouldn’t allow this. We inherit only our body – thus the cover, but the spirit remains still for himself – as an individual.

It is the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species, which attracts people with common qualities and facilities to each other – thus the parents and their children as well. If these facilities are good, similar people incarnate to support those properties. But if they are bad, people incarnate in order to become aware of them and to dismantle them.
However, it doesn’t have to be only the Law of Homogeneity, which connects the people, but also some “unfinished circles” from the past.
Maybe we should add that the science has already admitted the existence of the reincarnation and also all religions did the same in the past. The Christian church believed in it till the 6th century, too! And even Jesus Christ spoke just about reincarnation, when He spoke about the “resurrection of the body”.
The Creator speaks to us through His Creation and Laws functioning in it every day. He shows us His Love and strict Justice every day too.
You must just start to look thoughtfully and you can understand many things and happenings.





Bridge Overtoun in a Scottish village named Milton was labeled with the nickname “Bridge of suicidal dogs”. It is known because many dogs have already jumped down into the abyss under the bridge. The Stone Bridge was built approximately in the year 1862, but the earliest record of dog suicides are dated in the 20th century of 1950's. The exact number of dogs which perished in this way is not known, but it is said they were at least 50, though they couldalso be about 600. Of late, these cases are recurring more frequently than before; approximately one dog per month jumps down, and that is the reason why a noticeboard is fixedjust before the bridge, informing owners that they have to keep their dogs on leash.
Dogs start running suddenly, they jump over high wall or they climb on it and they jump down headlong into abyss 15 meters deep. They always choose one exact place on the bridge in principle – i.e. a recess on right side of the bridge. Dogs, which had survived the jump, tried to jump again next time they had an opportunity. Majority of suicides happened during sunny day and that certain breeds of dogs prevailed mainly – those with a long nose such as labrador, golden retriever, collie or doberman.

History and legends about this place are as follows: John White – owner of a house parts of which are connected with this bridge, had initiated building the bridge. The house was a refuge for Nazis during the Second World War, but later converted to a maternity hospital. Two religious organizations used the place in the second half of 20th century. A certain man killed his small son in 1994, in a way that he threw down his son from the bridge according to local legends. Then he tried to murder himself, but he was not successful.

So the questions are:
Why do dogs commit suicide by jumping from this bridge? Why do they try to repeat it, if they survive? And why only certain breeds of dogs prevail in these cases?

Explanation of scientists:
Scent of minks, which live near the bridge, could be the cause according to scientists. According to them, that would be the explanation why suicides happen mainly during sunny and warm days, when scent of minks spreads better than in usual humid Scottish weather. And it would explain also why a certain breed of dogs (with long nose), which have been mentioned above, prevails among victims.

This explanation by scientists has big gaps. In reality it is not an explanation. Dogs’ sense scent of minks in other places too, but they only jump from this bridge.

It still remains a “mystery” why a calm animal can get out of control suddenly and it runs “like a fool”, jumps over the stone-wall and it hurls itself into abyss – according to some statements of owners of dogs. Animals still have a natural instinct of self-preservation! It does not allow a dog to jump from such a height intentionally. If someone would like to explain that the dog does not see the abyss behind the stone-wall, and the dog will realize too late, then, how can such a person explain that dogs which survive the jump – try to repeat the action?

Explanation of “mystery” according to Eternal Laws:
From facts described, it logically concludesthat there is something much stronger than dog's self-preservation instinct, something that allows – or more precisely, even forces the dog to act in this way.

What is it? It is “something” that is able to control the dog, and also what the dog does not have, as well as other animals. Dog has a soul, but man has something higher in himself or herself as his or her own essence – a spirit, whose natural character is free will. Animals do not have this free will, it subjects itself to man and it conforms itself to man's influence, out of its naturalness.
Man guides the basic power, which streams in creation, through every vibration of his or her inward wanting and thinking, and something comes into being continually by doing so. When his or her inward perception and thinking are generous and good, then “good” ethereal formations arise, but when his or her intuitive perceptions are negative – “bad” ethereal formations come into being. These accumulate themselves into centres, then – according to law of homogeneity - they affect everywhere they find homogeneity. They remain connected to their creator at the same time and they affect him or her then, according to law of reciprocal action (effecting). These forms of thinking and inward perceiving remain also “attached” or saved as information in the earth - in stones, irons and in water, or in a place where these components are. (We devote ourselves to this topic of ethereal matter and of saving information– also from viewpoint of researches and proofs of science in this field, in detail on our webpage in the folder ‘To critics-pharisees’.) 
That is the reason why some places have uplifting affect to us and other places have unpleasant affect. For example previous torture chambers evoke oppression in us, because formations of inward experiencing of all the horror that happened there remained attached – inscribed in that place.
Evidently, formations of inward volition – inner experiencing and thinking of self-murderers are attached to this OvertounBridge. Either a tragedy happened in the recess – i.e. a jump of a self-murderer, apparently even also of more people (even before the year 1994), or stone material used for construction of the recess of bridge in which all that happens, has its origin in a place where such horrors happened repeatedly and so they remained inscribed in it strongly. So these formations are present there in the ethereal matter and because of that reason, they effect the environment.
Man, as a creature with free will, perceives these formations when he or she is sensible, but the formations are not able to force man to jump down, if man does not want it. It could happen only if a person is considerably weak in his or her spirit and subjects himself or herself to these forms easily.
But the animal without free will is subject to influence of man fully.
So these formations influence a dog strongly when the dog goes around the place, the dog succumbs as if on a strict command, it subjects itself literally and it does what this formation represents. Simply it is stronger than self-preservation instinct of the dog. Whales and dolphins commit a self-murder from the same reason. We - people manage animals seemingly indirectly in this way and we influence them according to what we are – how we perceive intuitively and think.
That is the reason why the dog which jumps down first time but survives, jumps down again when new possibility arises. Because self-preservation instinct does not help the dog there, not even its bad experience and instruction can help, power of the formations of man's volition - is stronger.
And why specific races of dogs prevail? It is not because of their long nose, but because the breeds of dogs mentioned are characterized by higher intelligence. While intelligence measured in this way is according to statements – from viewpoint of “ease to train”, so it is defined as “ease of being managed by man”. And a dog that is easily manageable by will of man is a dog that can be managed easily by formations of inward perceiving and thinking of man. Therefore a dog with such characteristics is easily subjected to creations of man – creations, which remain for example in that specific place - the bridge in Scotland.

And so the “mystery” is solved. Words that have already been mentioned on our website also confirm that as long as weonly consider as real the heavy gross-matter that is visible to earthly eyes, our knowledge will remain limited, and we will continue to refer to natural happenings as mysteries; natural happenings which we could easily explain!
At the same time, this story points toa great responsibility that we bear for every thought and inward perceiving which arise in us; yet consequences of them reach much further, and they have either destructive or uplifting effect, always according to the kind of our volition.



We begin with two stories in the introduction of this article.

Incident 1.

One boy named Jack Leininger was very interested in aeroplanes from his early childhood. His father decided to take him to an aeronautical museum when he was only two years old. The boy started to knock at the undercarriage and wheels of the first aeroplane. When his father asked him what he was doing, he said, “I am doing preflight control”.
Nightmares arose in the boy after their return from the museum, and he dreamt that the aeroplane is burning and falling down, and he could not escape out of it. The pilot was the boy himself! These nightmares increased.
When the boy was three years old, he started to assemblean aeroplane with his mother. He corrected her that the thing that she referred to as a bomb was an additional fuel tank!
On advice of a psychologist, the parents started to talk with the boy more often about memories or images, which started to rise from his dreams. Nightmares subsided, but memories from the previous life started to appear. The boy recalled them mostly in half-sleep.
The boy remembered the type of aeroplane in which he flew, and also production defects of these aeroplanes, which historians and also pilots confirmed later. The boy also recalled the name of his aeroplane carrier – ‘Natoma’ and also the name of his friend – Jack Larson. When his father, Bruce, found out that an aeroplane with such a name really existed, and the veteran whose name the boy gave was still alive, it was a shock to him. He proclaimed: “If it did not happen to me, I would not have believed it! “They went to visit the veteran - previous friend of the boy. Another surprise awaited the father - the boy identified his formerwar colleagues from photographs on the war. The veteran remembered then, that the aeroplane of his friend had indeedbeen struck and came down burning. So he confirmed the memories of the boy.
The boy’s father – Bruce, was even able to find a sister of his one-time pilot and of course they went to her. Small Jack surprised them there too, because as soon as he saw her, he shouted: this is Anne, my oldest sister!” He remembered also that he used to call her Ruth one time, i.e. the fact that Anne confirmed. “It is really interesting, he knows many things about me, even the smallest details”, she admitted.
Later, the boy recognised some veterans at a meeting of veterans who served in the same aeroplane carrier sixty years earlier.
By this time there was no one who doubted the fact that this small boy was really a pilot in his previous life.

This article is an extract of what is important from an article which you can find in full (but only in Slovak language) on the address:

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Incident 2.

A small boy by the name Cameron was two years old when he started to talk and describe how he lived on the island of Barra in his previous life. But the strange fact is that he now lives at a totally different place together with his mother and they had never visited Barra Island. He described a white house with view to the sea, the beach where he used to play with his siblings, and a black-white dog, which he liked very much.
He was already five years old and he always drew their house on Barra Island.He talked about parents from this house and also about the fact that they had three toilets at home. He also remembered a big black car and a secret small door in the garden, which led to the sea. He remembered his experiences and playing with siblings and his mother from Barra Island. He was repeating the same since he was a child.
They finally went to Barra Island and everything was exactly as the boy described! They found the house in spite of some difficulties. Three toilets were there, awindow with view to the sea and evena secret small door in the garden that had been described for so many years. The boy knew every corner in the house, he showed them rooms and he acted as if he was at home, literally. They have even found an old relative (old lady) who had photos from that past time and they too correspondedexactly to the description of the boy. And even the black white dog was on those photos.
The only one thing to which this old lady did not remember is if the description of boy's dead father is really identical with the reality.
After the visit to Barra Island, the boy no longer desires to return there, and memories ofhis previous life withered away slowly as he grew up.

You can read whole article (in Slovak language) on the address:

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Today majority of people do not want to accept existence of reincarnation. They do not want to, literally, and they have to defend against it, because in fact everything testifies that reincarnation is real. And it is not just testified – science has already confirmed existence of reincarnation for atheists. For believers, it is a necessary condition to accept reincarnation as natural part of life if they want to speak about perfection of the Creator, i.e. also about His justice; because there cannot be any thinking about God's perfection and justice without reincarnation.
Others accepted it, but they think we will return here, on Earth eternally. But this is a great mistake because the Earth will not be here eternally, as it is subjected to the law of creating, perishing and re-creating as everything that is material. Next proof of falsity in this statement is the fact that even if we could return to the Earth eternally, we start to stagnate if we cannot shift higher. It as if man was to go to the nursery school only for all his life. And something like that is not possible in Creation of God, because whatever does not move and whatever does not become more and more perfect is eliminated! The law of movement determines it, and we see it in nature and also in life around us every day.

It is also not possible to be a man in one life and an animal in the other one, as some teachings proclaim. The law of homogeneity prevents it. Animals are of a different kind than we are – we, who would like to call ourselves people.
Majority of people would even recognize the reincarnation and believe it, as it explains many issues that are “unexplainable”, but again one big barrier stands in the way here – the fact that society does not accept it, and it is comfortable for people to march with the masses. It is also similar to the time when people were burnt if they proclaimed that the Earth is round; that it is not the center of the universe, also when people were able to heal with help of herbs, and so on. I hope that this will awaken those in comfort zones, when the mass that heads to destruction will become silent because of experiences that will force us to kneel down, and to ask for forgiveness of all that we have done wrong in the course of thousands of years here.

So what is reincarnation, how does it touch everyone of us and why don’twe remember our previous lives?
Mrs. Makedonová – The Primordial Queen, who is also the Primordial Mother of Creation and mother of Imanuel – Son of Man – The King of a thousand year Empire will answer it.

From a book The Eternal Laws 2:
(Articles from press)

“You work with the concept of reincarnation in your book as with accepted certainty. In this relation I remember an interview with one Slovak public agent who said: ‘Even if I lived some previous life, I do not remember it. And if the other one awaits me now, it is nothing certain. So how can it influence my life now, here on Earth?’. What do you think man gains from a fact that he or she lived and will live more times, when he or she does not remember anything of it?

A condition for acknowledgement of reincarnation is the understanding of one of eternal laws – the law of backward effect or Reciprocal action. It means in praxis, that whatever a man does, or how he or she thinks and experiences happenings, it returns back to him or her as a boomerang, whether it is in material or immaterial level. This reciprocal bond has such a sense for man, that he or she becomes cleverer through his or her own mistakes, and so he or she becomes more and more perfect. If we lived only one life, it would be very depressing and senseless, if we do not get another chance – new life, in which we can make right our faults and mistakes.
We carry all our wins and failures from previous lives in our subconscious and we act and make conscious or subconscious decisions in actual life according to these experienced skills. So justice and possibility for becoming more and more perfect lies in law of backward effect. Bad acts and thoughts return back in the same quality as good acts and motives. Therefore it is senseless to say that God punishes or is unjust. We punish ourselves in not knowing of eternal laws in reality, because we ourselves have brought their backward effects. Only reincarnation – repeated life on Earth - offers possibility to learn from them and to develop oneself.

From the book The Eternal Laws 1:
“If it was useful or necessary for man to remember his or her previous lives, he or she would remember it. Only strong inward and emotionally deep experiences from previous lives influence man and his or her opinions and make him or her more perfect. For example people who experienced war as a victim, they do not remember how and by what they suffered, but they know in their subconscious that the war is terrible and they do not wish it.
If man knew everything that awaits him or her in his or her life in advance, he or she would not exert effort to make decisions by his or her own and he or she could not develop free will. Man will know future or his or her previous lives when it is necessary for him or her, even if he or she would not like to. Man will not know it if it hinders him or her, even if he or she would like to.”

Abdrushin wrote in his Grail Message:
“If everyone could remember his or her previous life exactly, he or she would remain only silent observer in his or her new earthly life, observer who would stand aside, being aware that he or she reaches progress or atone something in which lies progress as well. But no progress would be possible for him then just because of this reason, but more likely it would bring him or her great danger of fall and sink.
Life on earth must be really experienced if it is to have any purpose. Only that which has been inwardly lived through in all its heights and depths, i.e. that which has been experienced intuitively, becomes truly one’s own.  If man would always clearly know the exact direction that is beneficial for him or her in advance, he or she would not have to consider, not even to make decisions. In so doing he would not reach any strength, any self-support / independence again, qualities which are absolutely necessary for him or her. But he or she must take a stand to every situation in life more seriously in this way. Every real experience burns unforgettable imprints to the intuitive perception, to that what is immortal, what men take with them as their ownership in their transformation of being. Men take it with them as a part of their own, that already is transformed according to the imprints, which have been experienced. But they carry only what really was experienced, everything else perishes with earthly dead. The experienced things, however, remain as matured main content of earthly existence, as its profit!  What has been learned does not belong to what has been experienced; only that which has been adopted through experience from things that have been learned becomes one’s own. All other mass of learned things fall away like chaff, things for which many people devote all their earthly existence. That is the reason why man should take every moment of life more seriously, so that strong warm of life pulsate through man, no matter if in thoughts, words or deeds and so that man does not fall to empty habits.”

The folk proverb: “The mills of God grind slowly, but surely” says so properly about this weaving of necessary reversible effecting in all creation, whose unchangeable laws bear God‘s justice in them and they even fulfill it. It pours, flows and streams, spilling out to every people without taking into account if they wish it or not, if they submit themselves to it or they defend against it. They have to *accept* it, either as a just punishment and so forgiveness or as a reward and so elevation/uplift.”
- If man grumbles about it or rebels against it, it will always return to him or her, because he or she did not take any lesson from the experience!

“Many ones are scared from it and filled by fear of what still awaits them from past in reversible effecting of these laws.

These worries, however, are unreasonable for those, who take good intentions seriously; because secure guarantee of mercy and forgiveness is in automatically effecting laws at the same time!”

This forgiveness takes place in the most natural and simple way again and it is possible for every man to reach it. How people can reach it is explained in the books The Grail Message and The Eternal Laws and whoever really is interested in it, can read it there.
Well, these people remember only things that they really experienced, as it results also from the stories, only the things that left imprint in their souls. Everything else that was preserved by the brain, i.e. what was learned, was not alive and it remained there. From this results that only experiences ofintuitive perception = of spirit, that are deep impressions, have real and eternal value for man. The intuitive perception is always spiritual, because brain is not able to perceive intuitively. And we are here - in matter just because of these experiences of intuitive perceptions, because we mature through them. Everything else rushes without effect or will serve only as a mediator to evoke happenings that are able to cause such deep impressions.

And as it was said: “Man will know future or his or her previous lives when it is necessary for him or her, even if he or she would not like to. Man will not know it if it hinders him or her, even if he or she would like to.”
It was profitable for those boys. Nightmares ended to the first boy when he remembered his previous life. He met people from the past after that. Either it was desire of former war-pilot to return to his one-time family, or some promise he gave, or something else, we do not know it, but closing of the cycle had to come and it was necessary to happen in this way to the boy.
The second boy became satisfied only after a visit to “his” former house. He also had to return there because of closing of some old cycles. He could not move forward without it.
So the law of reciprocal action works in our lives in this way. Therefore we should pay attention to our thoughts, words and deeds, because we will have to live through all of that.
The Earth has to disintegrate after reaching of certain maturity / ripeness, just the same as an apple from the tree, every stone or body of plant, animal or man, so that the evolution does not stop and new forms with fresh power could arise. This point of disintegration has already set in! Therefore it is necessary for people to detach and unbind themselves from the Earth, so that they do not have to be drawn into disintegration with it. When they strive only for what is material and when they direct their volition only for earthly pleasures and properties, they bind themselves to the material – i.e. to the Earth by their free volition and they cannot elevate themselves above the matter when it comes to its disintegration now. So they will be drawn to disintegration with it, it is the same as spiritual death, which lasts for thousands and thousands years and it is the most terrible thing that man can experience. They themselves wanted it so! Therefore every man should accept and receive the Truth and start to keep spiritual activity in harmony with the material one. Because if there is no harmony and it does not regenerate, it has to lead to the fall, to the end and we can see it in regard to human relations, economy, nature, simply everywhere.
Such is the Will of God and it also has to happen in this way!

- - -

In conclusion, we add one more video, which is connected with reincarnation too and also with the fact that we bear experiences from previous lives in us as our ownership. We describe in more detailhow the “carrying forward” of artist capabilities happens in the article titled “Young writer”, which is foundfurther down.