The following article clarifies the broadcast content of Radio RESCUE. It is also a written transcription of one of the first broadcasts of Radio RESCUE.
The goal of this part of Radio Rescue broadcast is to provide listeners information on what to do in order to survive events that have occurred and that are going to escalate even more. They will learn about the form of physical and tangible help for people who will honestly try to change in a better way. But above all, they will learn about the Word that is offered as the most important and the only help available. They will be allowed to understand the eternal Laws of God; thanks to this help. If people successfully manage to transfer these laws in their everyday lives before it is too late, they will be able to receive the implied tangible and physical help in the most desperate moments.

Now is the right time to quote Jesus through the gospel of Matthew (chapter 24) in the Bible.
The Coming of the Son of Man:
29. Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken;
30. Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory;
36. But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.
37. As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.
38. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark,
39. And they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.
40. Then two men will be in the field; one is taken and one is left.
41. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left.
42. Watch therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.
43. But know this, that if the householder had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have watched and would not have let his house be broken into.
44.  Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of man is coming at an hour you do not expect.
End of quotation.

The Son of Man – The Holy Spirit in his Word also pointed out the same words. Therefore, do not ignore them, especially the part describing the way of His coming. For more information, let us get a quotation from His Word.

Quotation from the work:
In the Light of Truth – Resonances to the Grail Message, lecture:
The Celebration of the Pure Lily, 1933.
“And the Light will proclaim it in a short time and people who do not believe, will be scared!
And the promise of the prophet will fulfill. Promise about me coming in the clouds. And they will see my name and they will recognize me!
And I will build for you the temple of your GOD and the LORD here on Earth. And I will be your King, connecting you forever with the power of the Spirit if you are able to bear in yourselves the will to rise. Come and follow me, because I am here!”
End of quotation.

What coming in the clouds is predicted in aforementioned quotation in order to be in accordance with natural, therefore God’s laws? Prediction about the coming must be true, when even Jesus himself talked about it. This also has already been explained to us.
It is necessary to know The Word of God and to live in accordance with it. There is nothing more we need.
Let us avoid chasing for “idols”, do not try to worship any “cult of man” even if he or she pretends to be someone else. Let’s seek the path to God through life. Thus, through God’s laws we come closer to Him who was sent by God as His envoy in order to withdraw the power from false rulers, and return it back to the right one.

This is the last judgment, the true revolution that awaits humanity.

Let us refer to verses from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 40 – 41:
“Then there will be two men in the field; one will be taken and one will be left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one will be left.”

Most churches overlook these verses, except one church in U.S.A. Followers of this one church are sometimes called the followers of “rip out” or the followers of ascension. They believe or expect that during final events those who believe in true Ruler will be picked up from the Earth and thus spared of final terrifying events. But even this true event was discredited and defiled by the darkness, because right in the U.S.A some false prophets deceived his or her followers (or “sheep”) to destruction, and led them to suicide.
Consequently, once again it is said: “Patience and time overcomes all things!” or “Patience is a virtue!”
Let us stick to the Word, get rid of fanaticism and especially false cult.

What or Who is hidden in the term “DARKNESS” – you will learn from the WORD itself and precisely this WORD will be offered in our broadcasts.

The last envoy from God also brought this old-new dimension into her Gospel. This last envoy from God was Mrs. Natália de LemenyMakedonová – incarnated high spiritual personality – The Primordial Queen. She operated in Slovakia and she taught the New Generation about these events. She did that with her book Eternal Laws, part I., II., III, published in Slovakia during 1997 – 1998. Her Word is a shortened version of Holy Spirit’s Word. One could even say that her version is a simplified one enriched with parables more suitable for our time.

Now follows the important message or lesson she gave in form of an answer to one question. 
Quotation from the work:

Eternal Laws, volume II.

Question No. 137.
“Q: In the book “Veštby o konci sveta” (The prophecies about the end of the world) by J. Silver, I have read in the prophecy of Kumsk ́s Sibyl that “a new generation runs from the high sky”. Do you know what it means? Will any high spirits come onto the Earth?
A: The text clearly indicates that the new generation will come back from the space onto the Earth, because they will be taken by UFO outside the Earth during the Judgment.”
End of quotation.

Even if such an argument seems fantastic and unreal, the opposite is true, because large group of earthlings believe in extraterrestrial civilizations and these civilizations are a “reality” for these people. Consequently, if these civilizations are here, they surely must have a mission. Similarly, another question should be asked: “How could it be possible to rescue some part of earthlings, if the Earth would face up a global disaster?” Global disaster of such kind that even science itself drew attention to it and offers to flee into space as the only solution how to escape such a disaster.
Moreover, the logic says: “The one who has a father, the same one certainly has a brother or sister!” For some, it would be necessary to say this but in reverse: “The one who has a brother or sister, the same one certainly has a Father!” Only a child of spoiled nature thinks of something different. Also among earthlings, it is common that a mature brother helps the less developed sibling when in need.
What Primordial Queen – the author of the book Eternal Laws has already said openly, the same could be found in the following quotation. More specific – the Help will come through a man – more mature sibling, who will help those that deserve the help.
It is the law of creation that more mature one helps the less developed one.
The gross-material person i.e. a person in physical body or a mature sibling, also lives on other planets!

Quotation from the work:
In the Light of Truth – Resonances to the Grail Message, lecture:
Easter, 1932.

“Where a person strives in deep distress, quite often only a slight gift activates in him the knowledge that God helps him through a man, as it is truly done when we operate within the boundaries of gross material world. It's not even possible for it to happen in any other way on Earth. God’s help must come through man under the Law of Homogeneity.”
End of quotation.

Next is the quotation from the work:
Eternal Laws, volume II.
Question No. 158.

“Q: Nostradamus prophesied that, at the turn of the millennium, our Earth would be visited by extraterrestrials. Do you know from which civilization or star, they will come?
A: Our Earth is sporadically visited by various civilizations, from above also below. But these are small testing visits, which do not have a global impact on people. The cosmic visit announced by Nostradamus will have a worldwide character and key importance, since it will be the “coming of the Son of Man in clouds.”

Question No. 159.

“Q: I did not understand quite well, in your book, the difference between terms “the sign of the Son of Man” and “the appearance of the Son of Man in clouds”. Do they truly have two different meanings?
A: First, let us explain what the sign of the Son of Man is. It is a beaming cross that looks like gold, because it comprises primordial spiritual energy. It is the symbol of universal Truth that is coming directly from God. The Son of God – Jesus also the Son of Man – Imanuel carry within themselves this sign together with the white dove as a living symbol. Before the peak of the Judgment, there will be revealed a sign from God in the sky which will be enormous, visible on the whole Earth at the same time. It will be shown as a herald of God ́s help from above for saving of elect ones to stick at their faith in difficult times.
The appearance of the Son of Man in clouds is not only a symbol of God ́s help but its act. In the most critical moment, many flying discs will emerge, in the sky, to save the New Generation. The Son of Man – ethereal Parsifal, into whom the spirit of Imanuel will descend, will manage the entire rescue operation, on the Earth. Abd-ru-shin writes about it in his lecture “The Spiritual Planes III”:
At that time it was Parsifal Who was on earth in Abd-ru-shin, whereas in the hour of fulfilment Imanuel as such will take possession of the physical cloak of Parsifal after laborious brightening of this cloak. Only then can the full power gradually sink down into this cloak in order, through merciful dispensation, to fulfil the Divine Promises for humanity!”

Question No. 274.

“Q: Why do you say one time that the Star of the Son of Man is Comet Hale-Bopp, and at other times you argue that it is an UFO?
A: Star of the Son of Man is a summary term for many activities, like word Judgement. Star of the Son of Man has many roles and manifestations, from the most spiritual, non-material directly from Imanuel, up to material, reaching to the World of Matter, to human. Only source of origin is the same here. All of these aids are sent by the Son of Man - Imanuel to various parts of Creation and they also relate to the period of the Judgement:

* At the time when, on earth, mentioned comet was visible to the naked eye, God’s prophets and harbingers should have been awakened as a result of its Primordial Spiritual radiation. They should have reported the arrival of the New Messiah - Imanuel, origin of his mother, as well as being born in chosen nation of Slovakia, which is again led by incarnated Moses.
* When they let themselves divert from their tasks by the Darkness although I have also personally visited some of them, I am to play their role and preach Imanuel, Moses and even myself.
* The comet symbolized the near time of Great Purification, which is also accelerated by itsradiance.
* In addition to the comet, the Son of Man has sent Primordial Spiritual spaceship with UFO vehicles to Creation, which thanks to Primordial Spiritual origin shines like stars. They are able, in lower levels of Creation, even to materialize temporarily along with the crew – Angels.
* Maternal spaceship releases smaller UFOs, which move for various purposes in the whole of Creation.
* One of the UFO will fulfil the function of the Bethlehem ́s Star and appear at birth of Imanuel too.
* Comet Hale-Bopp can be likened to a gigantic rocket or satellite, which, by its size, composition, and movement, affects spiritual and material manifestations in the universe.
* This year Imanuel has descended to maternal spaceship, above the ethereal matter, and from there he does  prepare and organize the Judgement on Earth.”
End of quotation.

Now that many scientists already know that the size of the Universe and the Speed of Light allow interplanetary contact. (Indian Vedas alongside with evidence in Bible and in fact in all the old writings, are proof that mankind has been aware of the interplanetary contact already five thousand years ago).  Maybe even the opponents will change their mind under the pressure of provided evidence.
Even Vatican makes comments about aliens and UFO nowadays and also some politically recognized personalities such as Paul Theodore Hellyer, a former Member of the Canadian Parliament and Canada's Associate Minister of National Defense. He spoke publicly at several places about the existence of aliens and UFO, that their existence is no “novelty”. On the contrary, their existence has been kept hidden from the public for a long time. He said that all people are entitled to know this fact, because it concerns the whole of humanity.

Now follows the quotation from one of his statements:
“I believe that even ordinary people in this world are able to comprehend information which will lead them into wider reality in the world. This information is the fact that we are living in a Universe, which literally bursts with life in various forms. It is also a very high probability that many civilizations in the Universe are much more advanced than we are.”
End of quotation.

Furthermore, he also spoke about the cooperation between the U.S. government and certain types or races of aliens in the firearm industry and the military.
During his stay at the post of Canada's Associate Minister of National Defense, he received a UFO reports. Later he got access to other important material and witnesses who confirmed this fact. He stated that the Earth is being visited by various extraterrestrial civilizations over a period of thousands of years.

Regarding this subject now follows another quotation from the book Eternal Laws, volume II. – Answers to questions:

Question No. 27.

“Q: Are all planets of our solar system inhabited by people like us?
A: Yes, they are, and those people are more beautiful, because they are on a higher spiritual level. Due to different environmental conditions and a more advanced spiritual level of the inhabitants, life there is qualitatively different, more ethereal. Only on the disintegrating dark planets do ugly deformed people and spirits live, although sometimes they are technologically more advanced. They are those who examine, dissect and abduct people from the Earth. These dark ones cannot get to any other luminous planet, only to ours, as it sank down to their plane.”
End of quotation.

Paul Theodore Hellyer spoke also about the so-called “clean energy” that would be the solution to the global ecological catastrophe towards which, its peak we are rushing constantly. According to his opinion, the technologies for operating this “clean energy” already exist, but they are being kept secret same as the knowledge about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Now let us focus our attention again on the links related to this subject in the work “In the Light of Truth”, as well as in the Bible. Statement of the Son of Man that was said in the Radio Rescue’s introductory broadcast ends with the following words: 

Now follows the quotation from work:

In the Light of Truth – Resonances to the Grail Message, The Statement.

“I will write the name of my God on him or her and name of new Jerusalem, the new City of God, which will descend from the heavens from my God - and I will write my name, the new one.
End of quotation.

Let’s notice the words: “which will descend from the heavens”.

Now follows the quotation from the Bible, from Revelation of John, chapter 21:

Verse 2:

I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared like a bride adorned for her husband.

Verse 9:
One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls, who were loaded with the seven last plagues came, and he spoke with me, saying, “Come here. I will show you the wife, the Lamb’s bride.”

Verse 10 and 11:
He carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, having the Glory of God.
End of quotation.

How do the readers of the Bible and even some readers of the Grail Message imagine this act – the city, which will descend from heaven?
It should be understood that aliens and UFO are nothing new for us human, as it may seem at first glance.
We can read in the Indian Vedas, the Srimad - Bhagavatam that Kardama Muni traveled through space in an aircraft as big as a city and he visited all the heavenly planets.
This text shows that flying city is no utopia, but it was matter of course in the distant past.
Also other proofs are accumulating such as – there were found a huge space objects near the Sun, which were about the size of not only the city but also our planet just as unidentified objects of huge proportions flying over our Earth.

The proof of authenticity of the author of the work Eternal Laws, as a direct follower of Abdrushin’s mission, hence the mission of author of the work In the Light of Truth, is the fact that after the release of the book Eternal Laws the demand for the Grail Message – In the Light of Truth had increased in Slovakia. The increase was such significant that even opponents of the Eternal Laws and its author had to confirm it. At her instigation the demand was focused mainly on the original source, which was available only in Moravia – in Zlín at that time. The reason of demand for the original source was that the author of Eternal Laws was helpful in answering the questions that had not been answered in the Grail Message, which was available at that time and we know it as three-volume edition, or edition from second, i.e. the last hand. Finally, thanks to aforementioned events we lived to see this pure, uncensored version of the Word also in Slovakia.

The process of getting to know the Word is the same as if we should get to know the tree growing alone in a field. When viewed from one side the tree is well known to us but if we take a look at it from the opposite side it is possible we do not recoginise it at all. But in this case it is not enough when we let ourselves to be advised by someone else how it looks from the second, third or another side. It is necessary to pass by the tree from all sides, and even climb over it so that we are able to recognize it even in case the tree is not growing alone but it grows in a dense forest. Many trees surround the man nowadays, hence the words of various faiths and even different sects and societies. Therefore it is urgent to address the very honest search for Truth.

    Word of Truth must answer each of our questions and get rid of all doubts.

Now we live in period of time, when ancient but also recent promises come to fulfilment.  This is already reflected everywhere but especially in the predicted way.
Let us not forget that each one of God’s Emissaries “did not copy” his or her predecessor, hence he or she did not want to imitate the predecessor. Therefore, he or she had to be recognized by His or Her true followers on the basis of the Word brought by Him or Her, and on the basis of the followers’ own feelings. Thus, the Word of God was important first, and only then did the emissary’s identity arise by itself.

Here are some of the Promises from the Light:
Quotation from the work:

In the Light of Truth – Resonances to the Grail Message, lecture:
He, who for the sake of another, does not wish to know my Word, 
him I will not know in the hour of his need!

“That is why for every earthman, now comes the hour of his extremity where he is in dire need of the Word!
The Word and I are one! Thus, he who knows my Word also knows me. Seeing me physically is not necessary for this; because through this he has received spiritual connections with me, no matter whether he is aware of it or not. The man who has accepted my Word has thereby also accepted me, and is connected to me.
He who is connected in this way cannot be pulled away by the darkness. The darkness is unable to drag him down into the regions of disintegration where the darkness itself is now being pushed by the pressure of the Light!
This decisive moment will be, for every human spirit, the hour of his extremity!
If he does not live firmly in the Word, the thread that holds him securely cannot be tied; his spirit continues to stray randomly, if indeed, it does not actually attach itself to the darkness and, together with it, sink into the horror. In such cases, even those spirits, who are otherwise always willing to help, have to stand by idly.”
End of quotation.

Quotation from the work:
In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message, lecture:

“Only one basic condition is essential for every listener: earnest seeking for the Truth. He should examine the words and let them come to life inwardly, without regard to the speaker. Otherwise he derives no benefit. All who do not aspire to this are simply wasting their time from the start.
It is incredible how naively the great majority of people cling tenaciously to their ignorance on such questions as whence they come, what they are, and whither they go!”
End of quotation.

Regarding the preceding quotations it is necessary to stop for a while and add something. UFO mentioned phenomenon should not be a mystery for all those Truth seekers. At the same time it should not become some kind of idolatry and also should not even tempt seekers towards fanaticism.
Therefore, it is important to add the following:
Look for no connection with aliens and do not expect to be rescued by them, but look for a connection with the Son of Man through His Word in the spirit. If you cling precisely to the meaning of the preceding quote, then you'll get the right contact! This way you will avoid a major disappointment and perhaps even deception.
The right connection comes without applying any favoritism, privilege or obtrusion. Do not trust anyone assuring you of offerings from space. The true rescuers have not provided any assurance of offers as yet. Why? - Because they themselves do not yet know who is going to be worthy of such an offer. Nevertheless, everyone by them self can obtain it with the help from Word and consequently by him or her living according to eternal laws. Only through them is help offered to everyone, which can lead to the right contact. This way you surely won’t be disappointed. Do not try to bind yourself to any leader, because now we live in a period of time, which is described in the Bible as the time "when the Lord covers his face!" One popular proverb describes it perfectly: 

“You may ask for advice from others, but hold on to your own feelings!”
Consult – YES! Let yourself be guided – NO!

Whoever already owns a Word of Absolute Truth, he or she should be thrifty even with the consulting!

Although the true rescuers have not provided any guaranteed offer yet, it does not mean that they have done nothing for our salvation. Quite to the contrary, we can find evidence on this matter in the material written by George Adamski, which was published in Slovakia under the name "Space connection".  Adamski was a contemporary of Abdrushin at a time when the book In the Light of Truth had been in the process of writing for mankind. The work "Space connection" was published in several editions in Slovakia. The output, however, differ from each other in content, particularly with respect to the No. 62, which is the most important one.

We now focus our attention especially on this paragraph No. 62 because through it we are able to understand much more.

The oldest version of this book that was published under its title “Gift of the Spirit” in Slovakia in 1994 in the publishing house called “Brieždenie – (in English: Dawn)”. In this version, the paragraph No. 62 is formed as follows:
“Old Testament was the first book, New Testament was the second book and the third book is in the process of being written for you!”

In the second edition of this book that was published in 1996 in the publishing house called “Eko-konzult”, the paragraph No. 62 came with a modified text as follows:
“Old Testament was the first book, New Testament was the second book and the third book will be written for you!”

The other version was published also in the monthly UFO magazine 1993/3 and its second part in 1994/6 and it was this version where paragraph No. 62 was suddenly paragraph No. 50.
The last version, which appeared on the Internet address  and its propagator is the Czech Ivo Benda,  paragraph No. 62 is completely omitted. Why is that?
It is strange, isn’t it? The book was in the process of being written for us in 1994, in 1996 it was promised to us that the book will be written for us and afterward there was no mention at all about the book.
We were informed about this important book from the Light, which was included among the books of the Word of God. Overtime, the servants of darkness began to censor and adapt to their own intentions this channel from Light, reflected most obviously on the most essential information.
Even in the Space Connection we are reminded of the need to know Cosmic – God’s laws and this is very closely related to paragraph No. 62. It is because of pointing out in the paragraph No. 62 – where we can find these laws being explained. Knowledge of these laws is the most important prerequisite for spiritual growth of man. Therefore, the darkness pays the most effort to exclude humans from knowing about the explanation of these laws. Darkness diligently tried to conceal the paragraph No. 62. At the same time it did not realize that without this paragraph the whole message is actually illogical for a perceptive reader.

Further evidence of censorship is actually contained within the first Slovak edition of Space Connection. There, it is indicated that Mr. Adamski received the message in 1967. However, Mr. Adamski died on April the 23rd, 1965. Therefore he couldn't receive the message in 1967, but he must have received it earlier, prior to his death.
Based on the evidence that has been provided, all indications are that in the original message coming from Adamski, the paragraph No. 62 was as follows:

“The great things are about to come. Old Testament was the first book; New Testament was the second book. The third book has also been written for you already!”

Alternatively, there is still a possibility that first version is correct, which states: “…the third book is in the process of being written for you!” It depends on exact time, when Adamski received the message – the space connection.

We do not imply that the message also states the title of the book. That would be interfering with the free will of man. The Son of Man himself declared, “…the Word should not be brought to anyone. It should be lifted up high on the rock in order that man himself will be forced to strive”. Everyone should look for this book on his or her own.

Now, with the following quotation, we provide further proof that the “Space Connection” is altered already and the same had happened to the Word of the Son of Man. The following quote is from the book In the Light of Truth”, the lecture “The Lord’s Prayer” published by the publishing house “Hlas Zlín”.
However, Czech and Slovak three-volume editions of the book “In the light of Truth” do not contain this lecture.

Quotation from the work:
In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message, lecture:
The Lord’s Prayer.

“There have already been three opportunities for man to recognize the Will of God! Once through Moses, who had been enlightened for that purpose. The second time through the Son of God, Jesus Himself, who bore the Truth within Himself, and now for the third and the last time, in the Grail Message, which again has been drawn directly from the Truth.”
End of quotation.

If we compare this quote with a quote of paragraph No. 62 from Space Connection, then we ascertain ourselves about one more truth.
We can see that these two quotes come from a single source. And this source is the Absolute Truth! The conformity of these quotes proves it.
Why had darkness made changes in this paragraph No. 62? Mainly because it wanted humanity not to search for the most important book! Or at least, only after this book had been changed! Of course, darkness worked most intensely on making changes in this book, or at least tried to despise this book. Therefore, two versions of the book “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message” appeared eventually, and many debates arose regarding the authenticity of each version. Darkness knew very well that one original, right version coming directly from the Lord (author) is located in Moravia, part of former Czechoslovakia. Therefore, false Imanuel had appeared in Moravia and wrote a false version of the
Grail Message”.

There are surely some listeners or readers who have already read the book Eternal Laws, which also includes the Space Connection part that is going to be broadcast soon. Someone from these listeners maybe will ask the logical question: “…why the author of the book Eternal Laws did not include paragraph No. 62 as part of her message within this book?”
This question can be answered very simply and logically: “The author wrote the entire book precisely about this paragraph No. 62!”

Therefore, explanation of God’s laws can be found only in her book or directly in the Grail Message that she points out. This is also clear evidence that she was close to “the source of living water” and she let us drink from this source.  She did not seek the irrelevant what people have already spoiled and she did not try to fix it but she told us the essential, all that is important – all that is new!

Now let’s turn our attention to the second volume of her book Eternal Laws where the author addresses this issue.
The quotation from the work:

Eternal Laws, volume II.
Question No. 315.

“Q: What do you say about G. Adamski who apparently visited spaceships and communicated with their crews? Did he meet real aliens?
A: These were not people of other planet but Beings from the Star of the Son of Man. Even he was one of them. He was incarnated on Earth with a mission, and after his completion, he returned to them. During his life on earth, however, he was not aware of his spiritual origin, but he fulfilled his mission anyway.
Also, little children of Fatima, having seen the revelation, and then died, were Beings of the Star of the Son of Man. Therefore, only they could see the spiritual body of Primordial Queen. In adulthood, they should have played the role of contact men with Star of the Son of Man. Its crews are Primordial Spiritual and Divine Beings who live above the Ethereal Matter in the present. Thanks to their high spiritual origin they can easily and quickly materialize and dematerialize simultaneously with their vehicles in various levels of Creation.
Imanuel, after his own descent, now lives with them in the parent spaceship and prepares interplanetary aid from higher planets for the Day of Judgment.
Adamski was supposed to familiarize the general and professional public with the existence of higher alien civilizations and their influence on our Earth. As Abd-ru-shin ́s contemporary, he should have met with him in person during his life on earth, but the darkness was permanently impeding to, and thus it did not come about their rapprochement and cooperation.
Adamski addition to technical knowledge about the construction of spaceships, according to his book “Inside the spaceships”, gave to humanity also a spiritual message from Imanuel received via Orthon, one of the Star of the Son of Man ́s beings. This message is called Space Connection. Later, various media of Borup ́s Spiritual School in Denmark added falsehoods also twisting of the message to it. Thereby original, very brief message has lost power and persuasiveness.
I have got instruction from Imanuel to take only the essential and true out from available sources (I used book “The Gift of Spirit” by P. Mulford, and one Czech samizdat). I am supposed to put it in my readers’ disposal as Imanuel ́s message. The message is filling gaps in my books about the way of rescue of New Generation. Perceptive reader senses that its author is Imanuel although dark influences replaced him, in books, which were written of this short message, with Jesus in order that people just expect his re-arrival.

Now follows the Space Connection received by George Adamski:
Today’s man is in a hopeless and an extreme situation, in which he got himself. All human systems hopelessly have failed or stuck to such a degree that they give not any more possibility of ensuring for the safety of humans. Science and technology have reached such a degree and speed that a spiritual-human understanding is not able to keep up with them simultaneously.
In the world, there is on the horizon, nuclear war, which, in extreme consequences, would cause complete annihilation of life. According to events in the world, it seems that humanity knows no escape from the impending disaster. However, also other factors are that indicate a possibility of rescue. The help would be brought by a different and more advanced technology than terrestrial. This perspective may seem fantastic to them who hear about it first.
If we look into the Bible – the Revelation of John – and, what the apostles spoke with Jesus about the last days of humanity, there we will find a clear description of our contemporary world and the manifestations of nuclear war and its consequences, as well as metaphorical symbols and signs of mass movement and evacuation of humanity out of Earth.
Development of world events before the approaching end of the world will not initially be beneficial for mankind, however, due to the fault of itself. Thanks to the giant rescue mission from space, there will be introduced a wholly new way of life on Earth, with a culture based on a much deeper understanding of the Cosmic Laws than Earth has reached up to now.

This joyful Message is supposed to know everyone who is interested in compliance with Cosmic Laws and to understand these things. Here, it is:
* I am Alpha and Omega for this Earth. I am real although I come to you from heaven. I will free you from your misery. I will bring you peace.
* My man of my closeness has lived on Earth as a normal inhabitant of the earth. I used him as my tool. This, his message makes immense importance and impact for mankind. He was not one and only with whom we have connections. We carefully select all of them, and they follow our instructions precisely. Therefore, their work is limited by boundaries of these instructions.
* Orthon is the intermediary between Adamski and me in order to make the connection with Earth. The whole event but is managed by me, through Orthon. I will not use my real name for now, until it comes my day!
* Many people, on Earth, will be surprised when they meet face to face with one of our women, whose origin is not terrestrial.
* A new era is born, before which the birth pangs go.
* I am always with you; I am Path, Truth, and Life.
* Humanity is on the threshold of full-scale transformation in its thinking and ethics.
* Everyone gets the light of Truth when the time comes. Nobody can avoid my will. Nothing can prevent me to finish my work.
* There will be introduced an entirely different way of life that you are hard to imagine.
* Nothing on this earth can stop my plans.
* Everyone has the absolute freedom; no spiritual pressure will be exerted on anyone, and nothing will be imposed on anyone.
* Connections that I have made with Earth, they are perfect and straight.
* When the keys get into the right hands and the gates are wide open, then my expression becomes act.
* Mankind will not be attacked by other civilizations; we would not admit it. It will be attacked by its own means and errors. Only in the extreme situation, mankind will understand its mistakes and powerlessness, and it will accept our cosmic assistance with gratitude and understanding.
* Time of our arrival is not possible to be exposed to humanity. It is our secret, and it will remain so until our arrival. Those who are involved in it do not know time of our action also - I only know the exact hour. In any prophecies, there is not given a precise time.
* Transformation occurs not only spiritual but also material.
* The appearance of superhuman aid in crisis is expected around the world differently, although it is the same aspect, according to the Bible “the second coming of Christ”, or “appearance of the Son of Man in the clouds”.
* Events, which were predicted ages ago, are now before its fulfillment. I have taken the rule over the Earth. I am the one, about whom there was written and spoken. I will show everywhere on Earth.
* Major world events will pick up fast speed soon. Do not let a panic affect you. Trust me; the thing is in my hands.
* When negative events will be accelerated, intense distress will set in. It must be. No one can escape my will, in fulfillment of his or her destiny.
* The whole world will become hot hell of which will raise my Kingdom as bird Phoenix.
* My plan is perfect; everything has been carefully prepared for this action. Each will be placed in the position, to correspond with his or her spiritual level. In my Father’s house, there are many dwellings. I have a place for everyone, but it must be established some grading of individuals.
* The elect ones; do not let themselves have doubts about my assistance. Nothing was left to a chance.
* You must know, understand, and implement Cosmic Laws in real life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is supposed to occur, now on Earth, in those who strive for it.
* Spiritual and physical changes are related closely together; therefore, they will be run simultaneously.
* Spiritual transformation will reach only those who will be ready for it. The others would misuse new capabilities and damage my space plan.
* The man believes that their telescopes can see a large part of the Universe, but they can see less than one millimeter.
* On Earth, there will become things that will seem to be cruel for many; however, they are a natural process, because they will cause spiritual purification of humanity.
* Soon, events will pick up so speed that only those who understand will be included in our plan. Do not let outside obstacles overwhelm you, because spiritual development is paramount now.
* We will provide assistance to all those who understand the new age.
* Those who do not want to accept a new spiritual knowledge will bear an enormous spiritual and physical suffering, because it helps them to spiritual growth.
* Today, massive explosions of nuclear weapons do not yet sound on Earth, but I tell you that they do not be long in coming. In the meantime, we must be ready for your rescue.
* I promise you that each spaceship will be within one tenth of a millimetre exactly there, where are supposed to be before we start our rescue operation.
* Prior to my arrival, there must be fulfilled the requirements of the Law, which means that as soon as the people, on Earth, understand the Cosmic Laws, at that time we will come by physical way in order that everyone can understand.
* Your Earth is not the only inhabited by human beings in this solar system. There are more planets there than human science admits.
* If, at this time, we made a change that we intend to do later, it would not last even 10 years, and mankind would fall on the same level as now. Therefore, the change will be taken place only when mankind being on the verge of despair and hopelessness. Their condition, to which they themselves have led, they will understand by the new spiritual knowledge.
* Everything and everyone will be transformed so suddenly that no one identifies themself either. It will be a historic leap.
* The name of the message - “Space Connection” means that, in due course, there will be connected Earth by Space rescue operation, with higher worlds of matter.
* At critical junctures, turn your attention to plea for Space help, for the success of which I guarantee. Turn your thoughts to God.
* I will do such a thing regarding the Earth, about which mankind has never dreamed. For one second, the earth will stop rotating on its axis. From that moment, it will be entirely changed; the map of the Earth will be quite new.
* For those who failed in school life on Earth, time of learning has elapsed. They will not develop further, since they have fallen behind.
* The world will get from us a common language.
* New Generation has many reasons to be happy no matter what others will happen. Those who will be returned to Earth get a new way of existence. Those who will die, they will continue in a development in the next incarnation on lower planets.
* My arrival will be revolutionary; nothing will remain from what exists now.
* Today’s technical knowledge of people is so perfect that even murdering has reached the degree of perfection. When a helping hand was not given to humanity from above, all beings on Earth would be lost.
* Fire will be used as a cleansing agent; it will burn earth and cleanse it.
* On Earth, you will be lucky to live for one thousand years. I will be always with you, and I will show you the way of development.
* Free Will was given to man, and; therefore, he or she themself also must come to God, out of their Free Will. Do not force, therefore, my words upon those who do not want to hear them.
* The Church was established on Earth in order to herald my words. However, it led my work poorly. It was not mine; only some people in it are mine. Church faces its end.
* Only true believers, not blindly faithful, will create my church, which will be established on Earth by me. It will not be only a house close to the road, where people go on Sunday. It will form a part of daily life. Everywhere, there will rule only smile, happiness and justice.
* I am already weary of priestly vestments; I want to see rolled up sleeves and activity. No one who only reads and prays with huddled head honours me, but who is willing to act and help.
* All religions will merge into one, because only those purest, capable of spiritual transformation, will be saved.
* In the new realm man will not be old in his or her seventies. He or she will live as long as their ancient ancestors lived - six hundred to one thousand years. The physical body will be capable, under the influence of developed spirit, in certain phases of age to regenerate – renew completely.
* The Government of the future age will be entirely different from the present. The World will be managed from one place. Only those will govern who achieve full spiritual understanding and will redistribute it to others so that everyone can go in infinite love and wisdom.
* I will come to people physically in order for them to get a better understanding of God.
* Earth will enter a higher state of consciousness. Moreover, consciousness of the whole galaxy will be lifted up.
* When the person returns to Earth, it will be empty and bare. No human Being would be able to live here when additional help from above was not provided.
* If you live by the Cosmic Laws, powerful article always will help the weaker. Then, even you will help lower worlds that are under you.
* In the Millennium man will raise themself to such a high spiritual level that later will not need a physical body, which is today. The earth will gradually be lifted up higher, and the person will become a purely Spiritual Being too, and thus better understand their God.
* Man will get new knowledge in space out of Earth.
* Your plants will be much nicer. Animals will live in harmony, because your consciousness will no longer threaten them.
* Prayer “Thy Kingdom come” will be filled in the New Realm.
* He or she, who will listen to my voice and believe that I am one who is supposed to come, will witness from outer space how the earth will be cleaned by fire. Then he or she will descend back to Earth and will live with a new understanding in daily contact with me.
* Science is aware of radical changes that have occurred in the evolution of plants and animals, but it could not explain how it happened. They were called mutations, which consist of rapid jumps up. A similar change - mutation - will become of humanity now.
* Spiritual understanding will not be quite perfect yet, but will be lifted so high that life in comparison with the current will become a paradise on earth.
* Millions of people will be raised to a higher rung of life, where everything will be done quite differently.
* Because people have Free Will; there was allowed to them to go so far, up to self- destruction, for seeing what they created in their misunderstanding. Our assistance will be provided to all those who preparing for it by knowledge of Cosmic Laws and plea for help to God. When you reach the highest level of despair, then we will arrive physically.
* According to the Bible I will come in the clouds with the heavenly army.
* During the half year after the disaster, the Earth will be again regenerated and capable of new life.
* The Law of karma is that every action returns to its originator. Thereby it, there is automatically managed school life. People collect their experiences by means of mistakes that they do. The key to liberation from karma is knowledge of the Laws of life.
* I announce to you my help now in order for you to be ready and confidently waiting for it. We show our faces to nobody, without a preparation, even nor our elect people, our own people, who live with a mission on Earth.”
End of quotation.

Now let us again quote from the speech of Paul Theodore Hellyer - a former Member of the Canadian Parliament and Canada's Associate Minister of National Defense:
“Young people around the world should be encouraged and led with lofty ideals.
We should be directed to the new reality in which we all live in harmony, even with our extraterrestrial neighbors, and of course part of the plan should be the maintenance of peace in our world. Simply speaking, we must become spiritual people and be introduced into practicing a principle that all religions throughout the world have in common.”

End of quotation.

And at the very end, there is one more substantial quote from the book “Prophecies in the Light of Truth”.


Beautiful and fertile vineyards we got to rent. We were instructed on how to cultivate this vineyard in order to be beneficial to its master and also to our own benefit. We sealed all this with Laws in a contract. However, we badly farmed the vineyard. We did not send the rental fee to the Lord and we ignored His Laws. When the Lord sent his messengers to collect the rental fee, we decried and stoned His messengers. He sent us His Son for our salvation and remedy, but we insulted and nailed Him to the cross.
Even after all this, He still had mercy on us and came to us to remind and explain the laws and the contract. He granted us with a strict and harsh lesson to our rescue. However, we did not recognize Him and we did not care about his Laws and the contract.

Rental period is coming to the end! Eternally valid laws remind themselves to us again!
Let's use the last chance to salvation and respect His messengers because they are proclaiming His coming!

He is coming to purify the vineyard; to condemn borrowers and establish new farmers!”

End of quotation.

* The book ETERNAL LAWS is also available for free download as the audio recording on the following link: HERE
The password is: "radio" (you can type this password into the empty box positioned above the phrase "Odeslat" written in the pink-violet box; or you can change language version of the page in the upper right corner by selecting the appropriate flag sign in the navigation bar)

The paragraph No. 62 of the Space Connection contains information that is the most complete evidence for those who criticize the effort to spread the WORD OF TRUTH in the form of Radio “Rescue”.
The Light produces no secret regarding the Word and hides nothing before seekers of the Truth. Only darkness hides and distorts the important lessons and information.

This fact should be a lesson for many who think that their advices come from Light and therefore they are in service for Truth. 

As a matter of fact, why has the WORD OF TRUTH already been brought to us so many times before?!?
Because we have been hiding and counterfeiting it permanently!