Dear listeners!

We consider as necessary to announce that a team of those people who are trying to bring the radio Rescue to life, i.e. to activity, are amateurs in regard to technical aspect: amateurs in the process of acquiring necessary technical skills and some experience. However, they are experienced and vetted individuals in regard to social area, mainly in spiritual and scientific areas, and are able to offer to human society what should have been clear to us long time ago, but yet, we still lack most of it. Many have experienced personal contact with an extraterrestrial civilization although they have not talked about it much so far. But the time is about to ripe!

Human society of our planet starts to experience a crisis mode, which is already sensed by many!

This malady or disorder of humanity, which already starts to be observed and properly sensed by ordinary and materially based fellow citizens, can be clarified by the team already mentioned above, so that in coming time, many should not go astray.

Therefore, we ask you to take into consideration our technical inexperience, which we want to balance by content without bias, so that the help will eventually lead to real RESCUE for some.



Radio Rescue - Video-presentation


"The healthy ones do not need a doctor, but the ill ones do."  - Jesus -

Many think that they are healthy, but they are not aware of their illness yet.

You, men, who do not know about your illness yet, you neither know that the illness will deprive you the most valuable thing, i.e.  ETERNAL LIFE!




People are used to asking this question very often! They ask it also in the case of our project Radio RESCUE. This is nothing new because there are always some people who start to doubt, and this question becomes important till the person who asked it does not find a satisfying answer – FOR HIM OR HER!

But it usually takes long to realise that the answer is in accordance with the intentions of the Light, and so it is in accordance with the TRUTH. It was the same case when man received the living WORD i.e. THE GRAIL MESSAGE, and also a little bit later when the same WORD was brought to us in a simpler form as ETERNAL LAWS, and again as it happens now when we strive to simplify the original Word of Son of Man even more, and therefore help to save some people.

The Grail Message was brought to us at a time when we still had enough time to become familiar with its complete content perfectly wellThat was before the purification!

We did not use the possibility offered, only the people who distorted the Word intentionally used the possibility, or they were successful in hiding it.


The WORD in its simpler form was brought to us in order to rescue a few people only. It happened because there is not enough time now to reaching a perfect knowledge, which we all had a possibility to own. This knowledge did not reach some people and it was not completely their own fault and this is the only reason why this new Word was brought to us. So it was a new chance also for people who are younger physically!

THAT IS THE REASON why it is possible to help some people who seek the TRUTH, only individually, by their own effort and by form of the Word which is short in content, also now, when we are already experiencing the JUDGEMENT and purification begins. That will cause:
Pure desire for complete WORD will burn up in them!
The Word will bring to life an INTENTION in them, intention that they want to live in accordance with the Word!

And this is the right RESCUE!

It is the same happening that the penitent thief on the cross experienced.
There does not remain time for anything else already. Now humanity will be nailed to the cross!
I will use the living WORD now in order to support my – only man's word.

Quote from lecture “Spiritual germs”:
"Everything else has to stay aside yet, while the GREAT PURIFICATION will not end. But you already do not have a time for details till that time, which lead to distances from which you would feel dizzy.”

Do not wait for broadcasting of the radio impatiently
... but use the remaining time to educate yourself with the complete WORD!





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Text and audio versions of lectures "True revolution" and "Man and the Earth" are available on our website in folder Archive, where you can download them freely.



You can download the Signature tune of Radio Rescue HERE.



“And waving the Word of God spills in power of the Star now, as a current over whole Earth! Whoever wants to stand against it in resistance will be thrown out, destructed without rescue; because almighty will of God is to be Light in all Creation now and so Justice!”

Imanuel – The Holy Spirit – The Son of Man - Abdrushin